“Shelli is evil personified.. that’s what Lucifer looks like .. She’s a demon a demon”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 18-40-39-041_jpg

6:38pm Clay, Jason and Jackie
Clay – you’re hearing from my mouth we did know right before.
Jackie asks him if he wanted their group of 8 to work.
Clay wanted to he was onboard.
Jackie – obviously people didn’t feel that way.. was it just her
Clay – I’m not going to say that.
Clay says Vanessa is by herself maybe a bit with Austin but that is more a personal thing
Clay – I haven’t lied to you guys I’m not going start now
Jackie – It’s looking like you’re in an alliance now..
Clay – Like with Austin and the twins.. we need them in this game to be expendable. Me Vanessa Shelli we trust each other .

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 18-49-15-762_jpg

6:48pm Becky, Meg and Jason
Becky crying saying she agreed to go up because she thought she was up against Austin..
Jason – Becky don’t worry I’m not campaigning
Becky – I’m going to go lift something
Becky leaves..
Jason and Meg agree it’s funny watching everyone covering each others game.
Meg thinks Jackie had the best idea pull everyone in a room and talk it out.
Jason just likes to sit back and listen to it all it unbelievable.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 19-32-40-477_jpg
7:00pm Vanessa, Jackie, Clay and Shelli
Jackie – are you worried if I win HOH
Vanessa – I would love not to be worried
JAckie – in your gut are you worried
VAnessa – that’s a damn good question
JAckie – you are you were when you set Jeff home.. if you are worried you would put me up..
Vanessa says she’s a straight shooter and during the HOH JAckie put her up with Liz. Vanessa knows she’s was going to Liz but why put her up.
Vanessa says what happened this week is not her fault it’s not what she designed she just happened to be in power when this happened.
Vanessa says the majority of people in this house want Jason up over Austin.
Vanessa says she’s a genuine person and she realizes that due to her action she will udnerstand if Jackie is piussed asks her if she it.
JAckie says it’s not.
Vanessa – Austin breached my trust and I’m over it
Jackie – we’ll I didn’t breach your trust.
They agree not to target each other.
Vanessa asks if she wants to make a deal. Jackie doesn’t need to make a deal she just wants them to trust each other and not put each other up they’re good.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 19-31-54-481_jpg
7:28pm Jackie asking her what’s she doing next week. Vanessa says she can’t play in the HOH she’s going to lay low. Jackie asks what she should do if she wins HOH. Shelli chimes in says it depends on who wins the other HOH.
Jackie asks all the targets they had planned aren’t targets anymore
Clay chimes in says targets change every week
Jackie – I guess I’m not a target
shelli and Clay chime in say they haven’t heard jackie’s name used ever as a target.

Clay tells her Austin is always going to be a target.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 19-35-56-684_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 19-21-44-404_jpg

7:08pm James, Meg, Jason
Jason – Shelli is evil personified.. that’s what Lucifer looks like
Meg thinks Vanessa is telling the truth.
Meg tells them JAckie will be the next target.
Jason – vote one of these b1tches for my honour, I voted Audrey out for Da
She’s a demon a demon.. you can tell she was in a sorority
Meg wonders if Clay can get separated from Shelli
Meg – if you take her out what happens to him
Jason – he’ll try to hid.. there could be revenge.. you’re going to get more revenge from her.. that’s her main puppet.

Jason brings up Shelli saying Tiers of loyalty. Now Vanessa, Clay everyone is talking about tiers of loyalty.
Jason – I’ll fart in your mouth and show you loyalty
Meg about Clay – He’s trying to scoop me up too, but I think Shelli would want me gone.
Jason – I wouldn’t be surprised Johnnymac wins.. or steve wins
James – Johnnymac isn’t on anyones radar.

Jason says he’s going to bust something open on Thursday “you guys really all dumb i’ll see you in a bit when you all hand shelli the cheque.. bye”
They agree Austin has every intention to in the HOH. Vanessa saying he’s not is BS.
Meg asks who do they take out. James says Shelli she controls too much of the house. It’s critical to get her out before Jury because she’ll manipulate the votes.
Jason – She’s the scariest by far
Becky joins them James has left.
They tell her it’s all Shelli not Vanessa, “Shelli is the house”
They talk about the bull sh1t reasons they were told by Clay, Shelli and Vanessa
Jason – we were fed a big plate of bullsh1t.. what Audrey said when she left was true
Becky thinks Vanessa didn’t mind Austin leaving when the blood wasn’t on her but when Jackie was dethroned and Vanessa became HOH it changed.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 19-51-02-719_jpg

7:49pm HOH Jackie and Vanessa
Jackie saying she’s loyal to Vanessa she’s close to James and Meg but she’s working with Vanessa and Clay/Shelli.
Vanessa says there’s 4 sides in the house, ‘There’s a corner we have in common.. the steve twins section of the house”
Jackie says everyone downstairs is saying that the alliance is true.
Vanessa says there isn’t she’s built up trust with Shelli and Clay because they’ve won the back to back HOH’s
Vanessa says it’s good to have a solid group of people and work with them.
Jackie – I thought we had that
Vanessa – we did.. (Awkward)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 20-10-21-198_jpg

7:52pm Backyard Shelli, Clay and James
Shelli says she had nothing to do with putting Jason up.
Shelli – Meg said I lied straight to her face.. I certainly didn’t lie.. i never looked at anyone face and said I didn’t know this was coming”
Clay – from a game perspective I see where vanessa is coming from it makes sense.. personally we all love Jason.. I know she’s torn up about it.
Clay says Vanessa woke up this morning and decided it was jason instead of Austin, “We’re not going to come down and share that information.. to people we trust.. we felt that was Vanessa’s job”
Clay reiterates him and Shelli had no part in Jason’s selection but they agreed on it this morning as a game move, “WE have not deals on the table with anybody”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 20-13-11-637_jpg
7:57pm Jason and Meg
Jason saying Shelli is a demon. Jason says when she gets the power she needs to take out Shelli/Clay all those minions those floaters will move to the power and vote them out.
Meg – What about Double eviction
Jason – Throw them both up there..
Jason – tell people c’mon think he’s nothing without her
Jackie joins them. Say it wasn’t fair they never gave jason a chance to give his points.
Jackie – i wanted to see how they were all going to act together.. it got weird
Jackie – I guess they really didn’t know until last night, they weren’t sure it was going to happen
Meg – they all decided though I don’t any of them.
Jackie says this changes everything instead of going to final 8 they all have to fight and win,.
Jackie leaves.
jason – they must be naive to think i’m the only person targeting them.. unless this is really about separating you from me
Meg – there’s a whole thing with them and james, you and me.
Jason – like us 3 vs them two
Jason says Shelli and Clay won’t even look at him, they are doing a sh1tty job of hiding it wasn’t them.
Meg – he confuses me.. I have to play their game right now and that annoys me
jason starts to cry “This was my chance to change “
Meg – it will change
Jason – not 1/2 million dollar change
Shelli comes brings up some tears and says she never knew this was happening.
Shelli gives her reasons why Jason is going up trying to look innocent and trustworthy
Meg starts to cry.
Jason starts to cry wonders why Liz and Austin won’t even look at him what did he do to piss everyone off.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 20-31-49-225_jpg

8:21pm Hammock Becky and Jackie
Trying to piece together what is going on in the house.
Jackie – I don’t know why we put a group together if there was so many question marks.
Jackie – it was a group to get to the final 8 we all had the same gameplay
Becky – it would have made us safe until double eviction
jackie – what was happening
Becky – ever single person is going to through this HOH.. so many people are nervous for double eviction.
Becky – we all know Big Players go home on double eviction..
Becky – This week I want to win and go for a easy target like Steve
Jackie says she’s good with Vanessa ‘I have to be”
Jackie says Meg and james are not good with Vanessa, Clay and Shelli JAckie asks where is she with them.
Becky – I’m at the mercy of the house
Becky says when she won HOH it kept her safe she talked to the right people and that kept her off the block for a long time. She’ll make a similar play if she wins again.
Jackie – I feel like i’m playing on defense now.

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Clelli sucks

Only if Jason knew to keep his mouth shut and not tell everyone every single piece of info he gets, he would be sailing this game

Shelli's Sick

I’m watching this After Dark and we’re finally seeing Shelli’s true colors. We’ve seen signs off this, but she hasn’t had to sweat yet. Now that she is a little she is just doubling down. She just sat there and swore to God that she had nothing to do with this. She is scary two faced. I’m so so sick of her. I wish Meg would get up and deck her in the face.


The more Shelli and Clay try to cover their own asses, they deeper the grave they are digging for themselves.. they should just leave it alone and shut the hell up. Seriously.


Clueless Clay has told everyone that they were safe with him?
So if Clay wins HOH then he has no one to put up.
Clay seems to be scared to win win HOH … that’s about right
Maybe Shellie will win it for him
Being a woosy is no way to play
This puts their alliance down by two players in the next HOH
I hope he accidentally wins HOH like Kevin in BBCA 3


Clay, Shelli and Vanessa exposed their cards too soon by protecting Austin. Instead of playing kumbaya they went on offense too soon and painted a target on their back that was not necessarily there. They were expecting Jackie’s team to attack Austin and the twins but with the way they were blindsided I think they would rather work with the twins rather than them. Clay and shelli had been playing that floater game perfectly but they completely throw their safety net to Austin.


Like it or not Meg, Jason, Jackie, and James are finally going to have to play the game! Jackie’s mad cause she thought she could lay around doing nothing until final 8. They still don’t even recognize the alliance in its entirety. Dumb da dum dumb DUH!


@Well… :
I just hope they don’t win HOH and squander the opportunity to make a big move by targeting someone like Steve or Johnny MAC.


That’s my fear. If anybody other than Clay/Shelli/Austin/Liz win, the other side still doesn’t make me believe they will directly (or indirectly) target that group. They’ll just keep nominating their own until they are each evicted.

As much as I hate the backdoor option, I would love to see Clay/Shelli squeal under pressure when they are on the block that way with no options left.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Unfortunately that may happen. It happened last year with people like Donny and Nicole (as their side was getting picked off one by one they kept “voting with the house”, somehow not realizing they were going to be next). That same lack of observation seems to be affecting Meg, James, etc. People like Jackie, Becky, and Johnny Mac THINK that they are in good with the power couples so I could easily see them being persuaded to put up one of the “easy targets” – and obviously that would be a huge mistake because their numbers are reaching critical mass. The other side of the house can still do some damage if they win a couple HOHs and use the opportunity to take out some of the dominant players like Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa. But I just don’t think they’ll be smart enough (or brave enough) to do that if they get the chance. Hope I’m wrong – I would like to see things even out a little bit between the sides.


First, Jackie better be bs-ing cause if she still wants to work with vanessa and the sixth sense after everything, I’ll be so depressed. Secondly, WHY IS JASON NOT CAMPAIGNING? I know it’s his friend on the block but it’s also 500,000 DOLLARS. And you can still get enough votes to stay. C’mon bruh.


Could be that he’s just waiting until closer to eviction so that any campaigning he does doesn’t have time to get reversed…right now he’s gathered a lot of information about who knew and who didn’t. If he takes some time to think about it and then use that information on Wednesday he’s got a chance.


Couldnt vanessa give jason a break and atleast take him to jury and let him make $13K??? I mean, your boy used to work at a grocery store. Also, he is a major fan where as, last year, austin turned the show down and now the only thing he wants is to do is go to jury to bang liz. Come on!!! Give jason a power to save himself!!!

Chill this Town

can’t believe the thumbs up for this comment

you must also believe that the jury should factor in what someone does outside of the house in regards to winning the game. we can’t have someone WITH money getting MORE money!!! no no no.

we need to give the game, and the higher earning spots to those who are the most needy!!!!!!

seriously, this drives me nuts….

Right On!!!

If you want to get paid, get to work!


Shelli is a high price hooker , she makes lots of $ .
Clay is just her boy toy .


Jason is incapable of effective campaigning. He likes to run commentary, endless commentary about the House, about Big Brother, about past seasons, about past players. Oh yeah, and he likes to sit on his ass and smoke lots of ciggies. That’s Jason in a nutshell, bitches.

Jason's Laugh

I feel bad for Jason but he kinda put himself there by not shutting up. Hope Shelli gets the boot next


Jackie is a moron if she thinks she is in the big alliance. Vanessa is only telling her that because she can’t become HOH and doesn’t want to be put up!!!!!

Random Thoughts

– I feel bad for Jason. He really loves this game and I don’t think he was given a fair shot.
– I find it odd that Vanessa felt some blowback from making up a fight with Jeff and then went about a similar method in her second HOH. Then she whines about how difficult it is to be HOH. Of course it is when you are scheming without any basis to the scheme.
– Shelli & Clay hedging their bets with all the players in the house is backfiring on them. Inevitably, they will take the hit for betraying the rest of the house.
– My favourite player by far is Jackie. She has guts and isn’t a “yes” person. Kudos to her for standing her ground and saying what is right in spite of her being outnumbered. Hopefully she can wedge herself in between the 6th sense.
– Can’t wait for Julia to come in and spill the beans on Austin’s desire to split the twins.



the game might get interesting if we could DELETE Meg, Becky, James and Johnny.


How did he not get a fair shot? He had the same chances as everyone else as soon as they walked in. That’s like saying Audrey didn’t have a fair shot… or jeff or Jace. Seriously, he made his own bed just as they all do.


Jason not getting a fair shot? He got a fair shot like the rest of them. Should have played smarter. Sucks he’s going home, but he should’ve kept his information to himself instead of babbling seconds later.


I still don’t think Clay and Shelli are in any significant danger

Run Clay!

Wow! Here we are a few feeds later and “the other side” STILL doesn’t get it!!! Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Austin and the twins are a group! Have been! Why do they think they would want to work with them, the rest of the game is easy for them! Just pick Meg, James, Jackie and so on one by one. Done deal! Don’t have any sympathy for them either cause it couldn’t be more obvious!


@ Run Clay! :
It is difficult to admit that you have been duped. I think they just find it easier to accept the BS reasoning that the other side gave for putting up Jason. I think Jackie has wised up, but she is really difficult to read. I can’t tell if she is buying what Clay, Shelli & Vanessa are telling her… or if she is just pretending to be onboard with everything in case she doesn’t win the next HOH.

Run Clay!

Yeah I see her on AD sitting there chewing on the inside of her mouth (nervous habit, I do it too) you can tell the wheels are turning inside her head!


If she has a plan in the works, I hope she keeps it to herself. James, Jackie, Meg and Jason seem like a strong four but all of them would throw one of the others under the bus if it could give them one more week in the house. She needs to think long and hard before sharing information with anyone in that house. Jason is going to leave this week, so she needs to focus on winning the HOH.


the game would drastically change if there’s only one HOH for now on. That would create a power shift that is needed immediately.


Jackie is out in the backyard talking to Becky. Becky says if she wins HOH she will target Steve. Wait…What?!
If Jason, Jackie, Meg and James paid closer attention to the comments Becky makes, they would realize that she isn’t with their side of the house.


Becky is in such a vulnerable position right now and has to give very little information. I don’t think she is 100% with the other side.


If Becky won HOH next week, would she put up Clay and Shelly? I don’t think she would. She considers herself a part of the Shelly / Clay alliance, but I think she knows that if the group needs to get rid of someone she’ll be the first to go. It might be smart of her to just play the game week-to-week. There could be a major shift in power, and she needs to make sure she survives it.


I’m heartbroken for Jason. When he told Vanessa about being abused as a child and he can get through this made me cry. This game means so much to him. I hope there is a twist or something happens to give him another chance.


She may be a ruthless player, but I believe Vanessa when she said she could and would help Jason outside of the house – no one in there knows what she’s really about outside of the game and she can’t tell him because God knows he’d run his damn mouth. I hate the way she has to ‘find a reason’ to put people up but I think it’s because she plays so emotionally. It’s clear she’s a Jason fan and that this was a game move for her. I want to think Vanessa will make sure Jason’s life changes when the game’s over.


I have a feeling that Megalodon’s only game play is hoping that someone else boots out Shelli…so that she can sink her blood-red, gaping, toothy maw into Clay…and ride him to the end. Can’t wait for Shelli to sniff this out and go on the defense. It will be so wonderfully awkward. No one comes between her and her twin-brother-reminding man-child!

Ariana Grande stinks!

“Jason – Shelli is evil personified.. that’s what Lucifer looks like”

Hear hear!


Shelli just needs to be taken out and ridden a few miles in the morning. Then towel down, a good brush out, some oats and an apple. She’ll be all right.


LMAO im crying tears cause i visualized your comment! XD I can’t stand Smelli!

BB eve r

Those stupid outsiders , get together!


I told you nay sayers not to count Vanessa out yet. THe house isn’t even really mad at her….they are mad at Shelli. This is pure gold I tell ya. Vanessa is a beast


People keep giving Vanessa points for beating a bunch of DUMB houseguests. Its equivalent to saying an adult is the best basketball player in the world because he beats a bunch of children in a game to 21. IMO She is not a beast. Personally I think she is being manipulated by her alliance. She would NOT be doing this well in a game full of All stars.. she would not even be doing this well in a game with second tier players from some of the older seasons. The majority of those people had the ability to critically think. As BB continues the players get dumber and dumber. SMH… this generation. They are the first generation ever to not be smarter than the generation before and their life expectancy is shorter. I’m not a Vanessa hater. I don’t like anyone in this game really. I just can’t see why most people can’t see that she playing against some idiots. Some of these people still doubt an alliance. LOL!! I hope Jackie is just playing along. She can’t be this stupid, can she? I would love to see a house meeting about now. With Shelli and Clay still lying there could be a real possibility it could split the 6 in half. If Jason was smart he should force one. He has nothing to lose and it would be pretty dam entertaining.


Funny Vanessa is not being called out on this, but Shelli and Clay were too phoney trying to cover their tracks! Fake crying? Bitch please!


I’m ready for some major drama! A big house fight (non physical) would be great right now!!!! Come on peeps start calling each other out! Somebody call Shelli and Claybutt out! Production give them some alcohol please! We all know the truth’s come out when people drink!!!!

Random Thoughts

Don’t forget! This is the summer of Takeovers! Except for last week. And this week.


James please stop smacking and crunching in your microphone!!! Aside from being annoying, it makes me wanna go grab a bag of chips!!!


I have the strong feeling that there are TWO sets of twins in the Big Brother house. I think Clay might be playing with his twin brother.

Eric CA

Sometimes I think the same thing… sometimes Clay is a very submissive Straight Boy… lets face it that boy is no Alpha he is a sub. My guess is that he has always been popular and a bit sheltered (Mamma’s boy) and he has not had that much conflict or called on stuff before. He has to be liked because he has never experienced, not being liked (to his face) .

then there is the other Clay who is… well I’ll say it gay. He might be Bisexual just not out yet. I really don’t see passion with him and Shelly. There just isn’t any there. I think they are more girlfriends than girlfriend & boyfriend.

I have thought one twin is straight and the other is gay… quite often with him. I swear to god I think I can remember him checking out Jace, Jeff, Johnny Mac and Jason a few times…. then other times look at Jackie or Becky…. All I know if he is twins… neither one has passion for Shelli, they are just friends.


@ Eric CA:
I am glad to hear that I am not alone. Clay’s personality seems to change from week-to-week.


The twin twist has me giving everybody a side-eye…I thought JohnnyMac might be an identical,then I thought Shelli and Clay might be fraternal twins,….this whole thing is messing me up. There can only be one James?( she says hopefully)and Jason is pretty unique.Great twist, but i hope they are playing another twin twist that we have to figure out ourselves!

another name

couple little things. not a big deal.
when Jackie says it’s not fair Jason, they didn’t let you give your points..
sorta like they had a house meeting for hours and locked him out? oh no, that was last week.
Jason saying shelli’s the demon. same demon she was when she sent da’vonne home. and he still wanted an alliance with her.
what they’re saying is true. their grasp of the big picture is a little fuzzy, but what they’re saying is true.

Shelli's Fangs

Hey everybody, Jaws is on AMC!!! No offense Simon and Dawg, but these people are getting hard to watch. I’d almost rather watch a shark terrorize a town full of people trying to vaca!!!

Ian's Beer

Since Liz is hiding behind her big, hairy, meatshield, “Cousin It”, it will be interesting to see how this plays out when the more practical twin, Julia, comes into the house!


@ Ian’s Beer:
Liz knows that Austin will fall on his sword for her, so she will stick with him for as long as she possibly can…even if it means sacrificing her game. Julia will want to establish herself as an individual in the game, so she will probably seek out a parachute alliance in case that 6 person alliance falls apart. That will be Jackie’s opening. Once Julia enters the house, Jackie needs to be on her like sunscreen. Maybe Jackie can flip things in the house and finally break up that Shelli / Clay alliance.

is it just me

hey now dont insult cousin it like that
beside he is more of an igor or lurch


Meg “why am i always the last one to know? LIGHT BULB………….because your not in their alliance.


There are 2 ways of Jason staying in the house.
1) Special Veto
2) Big Brother Takeover!
No one from the “other side” is going to clue in anytime soon!


Big Brother rewind? Last week didn’t happen so let’s try that again…could be dramatic although it wouldn’t affect Meg.
I know I’m not the only one thinking “Shut up, Meg! open your eyes and you might get a 500k surprise.”

Game Over

It’s going down! I’m yelling timber…you better move you better dance!!!

Run Clay!

Clay, when you get out of the house you need to ditch diva Shelli. I get that you’re trapped in the house with her right now but when the shows over you need to pull the leech from your leg and run! You’re too young to put up with that pretentious sh*t! Go find a nice down to earth girl your age!!!


I know I’m the unpopular opinion on here, but for the love…Meg and James were throwing comps. If either one of them had stepped up and really tried to win like Jackie did, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Meg, stop crying and start playing.
I wanted Austin gone and I’m hoping that Jason somehow turns this around and sends Becky home (though I like Becky – just like Jason more). Also not a fan of how cocky Liz has gotten lately so I’d love to see her in the ‘outta here’ queue. All that said, I’m loving how Shelli is becoming the #1 target. She’s been playing an awesome game but finally tripped. Let the game really begin…


@ Simon:
They simply were not taking the game seriously. Some of these houseguests do not understand how much time and energy they need to invest to get far in the game. While you are napping, an alliance is being formed. While you are snacking, a backdoor plan is being put in place. As you empty your bladder in the restroom, someone has just agreed to throw a competition. This is Big Brother. These houseguests need to take the game seriously. You need to be dreaming game strategy. The soles of your feet should be sore from walking from room to room eavesdropping on conversations. How many houseguests are dog owners? You should know that.


What I see is James, Jason, and Meg with no real social game even though they are social. They waited for someone to come to them to tell them what the “house” was doing. By that time, whatever plan was in place had momentum and no one bucked the trend.
They sat around waiting to win HoH before doing anything. They didn’t realize that the game started the moment you walked through the door. You can’t wait too long to get your group together and define common targets. Even when Jason and James were the HoH’s they didn’t try to capitalize on it, particularly James.
Being a fun guy rarely gets you 500k.

another name

SO let me get this straight, one group Jackie, Meg, Jason and James thought they were going to get the other side to take one of their own down, and sit back a laugh. Problem is that this group just picks the WRONG side to play their game with. That’s on them. And Meg even though she is nice she is dumb as a rock and her crying, blah blah blah. I’m sick of Jason always calling every female a bitch, Jackie acts like a snob and James is just crude. From the blogs here they were saying we don’t talk cr@p about anyone , WHAT!! Jason is the worst. Add to that they all stink in comps. Same goes with the twins’. I have a feeling Johnny Mac can take this thing, and he can win comps.

another name

agree with a lot of what you have to say… but who are you? lol.
surprised no one got offended when Jason called shelli a c-word on the feeds, that one got a lot of hate when Frankie said it last season, but hey, people like Jason and don’t like shelli, so all’s fair I guess.

Top Gun

SO let me get this straight, one group Jackie, Meg, Jason and James thought they were going to get the other side to take one of their own down, and sit back a laugh. Problem is that this group just picks the WRONG side to play their game with. That’s on them. And Meg even though she is nice she is dumb as a rock and her crying, blah blah blah. I’m sick of Jason always calling every female a bitch, Jackie acts like a snob and James is just crude. From the blogs here they were saying we don’t talk cr@p about anyone , WHAT!! Jason is the worst. Add to that they all stink in comps. Same goes with the twins’. I have a feeling Johnny Mac can take this thing, and he can win comps.

Austin's nasty!

He is always stroking the chin hair! Me wants to cut it off! I would do it too if I was in there and leave the scissors and ball of fur next to Vanessa!


It’s so funny how much my opinion of everyone has changed. Jason is a whiner…needs to go. Shelli and Clay, america’s sweethearts….gross. I don’t like them at ALL anymore. Vanessa is playing the shit out of this game, however, I think that she just sealed her fate by not getting obnoxious schizo Judas out of the house. Judas is like Caleb…scary stalkers. Meg cries about everything…I say give the $$ to JohnnyMac!!

When is double eviction??


Jackie doesn’t have a friggen clue Vanessa is covering her ass in case Jackie wins HOH. If she doesn’t win they’ll turf her so quickly she won’t know what hit her. And what’s with Becky wanting to make the play of getting Steve out. Brain dead!

another name

imo, Becky says she’d take out Steve because he’s the only player everyone seems to give less of a f#(k about than her. Nothing to do with loyalty, everything to do with least resistence. And she’s saying it to Jackie. if Jackie blabs then becky isn’t being disloyal to either ‘side’ just to another outsider. still, she should shut up. the only saving grace for becky in that situation is Jason says far worse to steve. to his face.


That train wreck, Becky, is on my last nerve! She got into the BigBrother House, sat around for a few weeks and finally puts together a strategy…Target Steve??? Okay girl…go back to what you were doing before! Fold those clothes at Abercrombie and Fitch…that’s a good girl!


Dang! Shelli needs to shut the frick up! Can hear her loud a*s mouth over Jason and Jackie talking! Talking about her brother looking like a cross between Adam Levine AND CLAY! She’s a whack job!!!!


She’s got a freaky obsession with her brother! She needs to go talk to James he’s down with stuff like that!


I give up! Becky told Jackie she wants to put STEVE up!?!?! I can’t stand this 6th sense bullsht but Meg, Becky and Jackie are some dumb ass biches. I’m starting to WANT 6th sense to continue to dominate just so the other side can see when they get out how they were all a bunch of blind ass idiots. Meg is the WORST.


Can’t see any magical twist to save anybody it would have been announced. From what I understand meg, jsmes and Jayson sit in bed all day. It’s important to observe people, this something that obviously wasn’t done.


It’s too bad that these people can’t figure out Shellie’s insecurities and use them to freak her out! A few well placed comments about how she isn’t coming across very well to viewer and she will freak!

What to do

If I were Jackie I’d go work my charm on Johnny, James and Steve, connect with Meg and Becky and totally flip the script! Instead she’s in the HOH room trying to get on Vanessa’s good side and we have to listen to her incessant rambling and look at that damn green beanie on her head! Seriously Jackie if you can’t figure things out you need to go!!!


Oh well! No hope for the other side, just have to wait till the 6 alliance start eating their own! The other side are just deer in headlights!


Did people forget this is big brother??? Who the hell cares if jason is a super fan. How many other super fans have been voted out and no one cared? Every year people complain about how people scheme, lie and do what they have to. Not understanding that is the point of all this, It’s called a game for a reason. So to pretend that your moral compass would be the same in that house as it is outside is a joke. Hell even production has no compass when they interfere and set it up so someone they like wins.


LOL am i the only one laughing at the fact that jason and company think meg can actually win an HOH?? hell will freeze over and shelli’s twin will come join them before that happens. and even if meg does win an HOH she will probably get controlled/manipulated by vanessa/clay to make her HOH meaningless.

Now then.

Oh my. Vanessa is good. Somehow no one blames her for anything that goes on. I’m pretty sure she is primarily responsible for not putting up Austin, not Shelli, and everyone is blaming Shelli. And everyone keeps saying she’s a “straight shooter” and she’s not. She’s sitting in a really good place right now.

I can’t understand why Liz is so high in the “likability” standings. She drives me nuts! I can’t stand the long, dragged out speech. Her voice is so annoying, in my opinion. Gah.