“I got scared.. I tried to do things on my own and it blew up I F’d up.. I’m a f-ing number for you”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 17-42-34-810_jpg

5:38pm LIz and Austin
Austin wants her to try and cover for him about lying for voting to keep Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-03-31-215_jpg

5:45pm HOH Vanessa, Shelli and LIz
Vanesa telling them about Austin’s conversation with Jason when he outed the twins and said he doesn’t care if Julia leaves next week.
Liz tells them she knew he was doing that he thought it might provide them some safety.
Liz likes Austin but she doesn’t feel the same way as he feels toward her. She knows Julia doesn’t trust Austin she told him when they switched.
They tell her the house wants Austin out and Austin wants to split up the twins. Vanessa says Austin told her Liz will never be fully loyal to them unless Julia was out of the house.
Liz – that’s disgusting

Shelli chimes in says Austin made a deal with jason
Liz says Austin wants her to try to cover up that he voted out Audrey he’s trying to blame it on steve.
They tell Liz the entire house knows the target is Austin. (See liz’ face)
Liz says he’s not trying to defend Austin but she knows Austin has her back.
Liz – you guys just don’t know how much I’m not attracted to him at all
Shelli says Austin told them they kissed
Liz denies it
They start hammering her with Austin hate.
Liz – if he goes out we’re down an alliance member. She says the jason thing was him trying to protect her. She 100% didn’t know he had plans to break up her and her sister.
Vanessa says Austin’s wrestling name is Judas and Judas is the person that betrayed Jesus “Is that the person you want to work with” (Solid reason right there)
Liz says she loves AUstin’s personality “At first I thought he was my friend” She’s not interested in him physically.
Vanessa says Austin is a vote on their side

Liz – he’ll never move to the other side he’s vote on our side..
Shelli – We have to keep Austin another week and send Becky home
Vanessa tells them not to tell Austin anything. .
Shelli – Liz did you and him vote to keep Jeff here
Liz – Absolutely not I was not the vote..
Shelli – could it be Judas
Liz – hmmmm… coulda been Judas.. he really f***d up with this last one

Shelli says the Diary was asking her if she’s worried about Clay “ASking me if the house is going to protect him and stuff” Feeds cut..
Liz says the whole house is saying “Get out Steve” she feels it’s a ploy
Vanessa – AUstin is the target it’s a ploy
Liz says if they keep him they have to keep the information down .
Vanessa asks if she can survive being in the house with AUstin.
Liz says she can just doesn’t want to sleep in their

LIz says she’s not attractive to his beard, tattoos but she likes her muscles. She says her mom was right Straight Guys and Girls cannot be friends.
LIz – I don’t even want to be in the Jury house with him cause he’ll creep up to my room and try to have sex with me.. I’ve been in a really tough position with him.

Liz says her sister doesn’t like Austin. “I just want to sleep in the bed with you tonight”
Liz is going to tell AUstin she doesn’t like him “I’m a woman and I don’t need him mother f***er “
Vanessa tells her Shelli her and Clay have her back she doesn’t need Austin.
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-13-00-130_jpg
Shelli listening in on what is going on downstairs.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-14-47-118_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-29-15-389_jpg

6:13pm – 6:30pm LIz is going to tell Austin that her and him need to separate because they are making each other targets.
Vanesa and Shelli say the whole house wants Austin out they call him the head of a 3 person monster.
Liz feels bad for AUstin because he was trying to keep her safe

Vanessa points out if he didn’t win the HOH it would have been Vanesa dn Liz on the block right now.
Liz says james threw the BOB with her
Vanessa – not to target you

Shelli – Jackie is talking to me a lot less than she usually does.. and she talks to Becky a lot more
vanessa – she’s a million percent they are working together
Vanessa explains jackie got drunk and isn’t as loose lips as she should. Vanessa knows from this conversation Becky and Jackie have a final 2
Shelli – Becky has got to go

Vanessa is going to pull up Austin and give him one more chance and if he does lies again “I’m going to win HOH again and put you up front door style”
Vanessa – we need to get James, Jason and Meg on board
Liz – you do you have to put up Clay replacement
Vanessa – it’s going to have to be Jackie .. To guarantee the votes?
Liz – JohnnyMac will vote for Becky
Vanessa thinks Jackie will already be pissed at her for getting Becky out.
Shelli – I don’t think you should put Jackie up, You can put up John
Vanessa – I have a deal ai wouldn’t put up John again
Liz – Meg
Vanessa – they will vote out meg
Shelli doesn’t think so
Liz about Becky – She’ clearly on the other side
Vanessa says she could put James up
They tell Liz to make everyone know she’s pissed at Austin.
Shelli says tomorrow night they’ll fill people in on the new game plan.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-28-44-771_jpg

(Austin patiently waiting downstairs as the HOH discussion plan out his future in the game)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-44-49-087_jpg

6:33pm HOH Austin and Vanessa
Austin says he didn’t want to say anything in front of Sheli but he was the one that voted to keep Audrey.
Goes to explain why he voted to keep Audrey. “I was scared” he did it so they could pin the vote on Steve incase they lost power this week.
Vanessa says he did some really stupid shit. She starts to cry “you lied to me”
Austin – what did I do.. was it about my conversation with Jason .. you don’t think I said everything.. He asked about the twin thing
Austin – I’m trying to protect them this week yes .. I’m trying to keep the twins.
Vanessa says he fu*ked up there was a real possibility he goes up

Austin – I fucked up
Vanessa says he told the biggest mouth in the house that he knows about the twin and he made a giant target out of himself because of it.
Vanessa – are you fucking stupid that was the worst move ever..
Austin – I believe him I trusted him

Vanessa asks him what his tattoo stands for, ask if it’s Judas you’re wrestling name (that is not what he told her)
Austin – Jeanette reid Pilla OK that is what it stands for.. it really does..
Feeds cut

VAnessa – why did you sell Liz out to jason you made a deal to get out Julia next week
AUstin – I did not make that deal
Austin – I got caught up and I got scared.. I tried to do things on my own and it blew up I Fucked up.. Austin says he knew something was up with her because the Dr was asking him questions
Feeds cut

Vanessa – I’m not stupid you think i wasn’t going to figure this out
Austin – I thought it was all water under the bridge my priority was getting the twins through the week It worked they’re staying
Vanessa – straight up you were the backdoor target
Austin – it was me
Vanessa – everyone is saying steve steve steve he was the decoy for you .. everyone wants the head of the three headed monster gone.. that’s you
Vanessa says everyone was bullying her to do this.
Austin – are they still trying to bully you .. Please vanessa please
Van – I’m going to make an enemy out of everyone
Austin – I ams loyal to you over EVERYONE

Vanesa – you were a friend to me .. they all think i’m up here telling you you’re going home
Austin – I am a friend to you I thought these things had nothing to do with our alliance I thought my conversation with Jason was a smart move for our alliance.. obviously I can’t trust him. .
Vanessa – he told everyone

Austin – you are still my number one.. why can’t our sixth sense work now the twins are coming in
Vanessa – I gave my word
Austin – to put me up
Vanesa – i gave my word
Austin – I would sacrifice myself to you
Vanessa – i can’t believe you
Austin – please don’t do this to me Vanessa..
Austin – I fell in love with a girl..
Vanessa says he’s the biggest target in the house
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-48-22-085_jpg
Austin – that’s on me let them take me out.. Dr has been asking about that conversation I knew something was up
Vanessa says every one of them downstairs is stabbing him in the back. Austin says let him stay and take them out.
Vanessa – you’re only shot.. I need a reason to get Becky out.
Austin – I made an emotional fucking decision

Vanessa – the worst part is I actually believe you.. I realize.. you have feelings for her and I get that you aren’t a bad person..
AUstin says he’s been with Vanessa since day one he meant it.
Vanessa says he lied to her and the twins..

AUstin says he trusted Jason and that side of the house thought he liked him as a person .
Vanessa says none of these people in here are his friends they are all clamoring for him to go home.
Vanessa asy everyone but LIz, John and Steve knew he was the target this week.

AUstin cannot believe the Diary Room was asking him about that JAson conversation so much,.
He tells her there’s 5 of them against them and 7 of them. He doesn’t know why they all just stick with their alliance. They can’t trust the other side.

Vanessa say Clay and Shelli agreed for Clay to go up because they were in on the plan to get AUstin out. Austin says he feels stupid he was cheering them on during the POV, he was trying to rev everyone up to save Clay.

Austin tells her he was trying to show Jason he wasn’t “So f****g close” to the twins., “I wasn’t trying to sell anyone out”
Austin – you have to understand I have to make it to jury at this point,.. talk to me please.
Vanessa – you got to campaign to Shelli and clay and to liz get them onboard.
Vanessa says he’s gotta get James and Jason.
Austin says he can’t get them they’ve already stabbed him in the back they won’t listen to him. It’s a waste of time for him to try.

Austin – We still have the numbers I wasn’t trying to betray us.. please Vanessa I need to stay in here I have a big brother tattoo. I wasn’t supposed to be here and I’m here and I met this girl.. I don’t care let me get to jury I will take the bullet for you I will take the heat for you.
Vanessa – ok go talk to Shelli and Clay you need to convince Shelli, Clay and liz.
Vanessa – I was being a friend to you
Austin – I was being a friend to you .. I was 100% I had no clue I was doing little things to help all of us.. I thought I’m distancing myself with Vanessa..

[envira-gallery id=”124042″]

Vanessa – I don’t trust the other side
Austin -You can’t’ trust the other side Oh My God
Austin – the decisions I made in here I can’t go back.. I know you’re here to win
Vanessa – If I don’t win, my life will be OK it’ll OK like yours
Austin – I want to help you, the twins and Clay/Shelli
Austin tells her this is him being honest and real he know she’s not scumbaging him.
Vanessa – I thought we were friends you lied to my face
AUstin – I was scared.. All those fucking things.. I’m nervous in front of a crowd.. I still let fear run my life I let fear run my life.. this is me
Vanessa asks about judas
AUstin says week one wrestling camp they said he looked like Jesus, fuck no Judas.. feeds cut..

Austin – I’m a f**king number for you
Vanessa- I’m a target for them
AUstin – I’m a bigger target
Vanessa – i’m giving them a reason to put me up
AUstin – I’ll give them a big reason to put me up i’ll start fights up there.
Vanessa – what’s the play here
Austin – Jason for lying promising he wasn’t going to leak that information,.,. he’s going to put up clay and shelli the moment he gets the chance to .. why give him the f*cking game .. he betrayed me we were having an emotional conversation.. I went to him I thought we were having a friend to friend conversation..

Vanessa – Jason is here for a paycheck.. I’m not here for a paycheck you are not here for a paycheck.. everyone else but John is here for a paycheck.
Vanessa – I need a target
Austin – Jason
Vanessa orders him to talk to Shelli and Clay they have 24 hours to figure it out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 18-54-00-720_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 19-35-47-029_jpg

7:35pm Sheli and Clay
Shelli says she’s worried how close Jackie and Becky are

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Austin's Hated On too much

Here’s my take on the austin/liz situation: i think its unfait to call austin a creep when he’s clearly made his feelings known to liz and liz continues to lead him on but she goes up to the hoh room and says things like she doesn’t like him and he’s so wierd. I honestly think its unfair to austin, honestly instead of trashing austin to the house, go tell him that you’re not interested and stop playing with his feelings. Austin then goes to Vanessa and begs her to make jury just so he can stay a week longer. I also find it so ironic that shelli can pass judgement on austin/liz but completly believes that her and clay have a shot at a relationship outside the house (yeah right).


Austin is totally a creep because he doesn’t even notice Liz cringe every time he touches her. The fact that he had to hold her face to kiss her totally gives away she did not want that kiss. Is she leading him on? Yes, and that says a lot about her character too. He’s already talking about falling in love with her. And he has a tattoo of another girl he was “in love with.” He’s just a trainwreck when it comes to girls. It’s a slap in the face to real BB fans when all he wants to do is get to jury so he can try to force himself on Liz. It’s so gross!


I know. i think it would be beneficial for the both of them to just nip this in the bud NOW. he basically said he threw his past relationship away by pursuing Liz (more or less) and that’s his main motivation now. he wants to get alone time with her in the jury house, off-camera. Meanwhile Liz is afraid to be in that Jury house with him and she is repulsed by him. i think it will spare this schnook some more humiliation (than he already has suffered/will suffer) and save her from any more discomfort. I mean can you imagine when he realized that he has been played for a fool this whole time? i’m sure he won’t want to be in the jury house anymore

Meanwhile Liz

I haven’t seen too many comments about it, but then I didn’t read all of the comments when it was noted about Liz saying, “Clay is in the way of $500,000.” Austin and everyone else are no different. Girl wants that money whether she has to be a Jehovas Witness or Stripper to get it.


How do we know he wants to get to jury to force himself on her? Because she said it? Liz is a lying attention seeking ****. She loves the attention and is going along with it all until it doesn’t benefit her anymore. I think she only cringes because of the cameras. From what I saw she clearly puckered her lips and kissed him back. Go back and look at the GIF. Who does that when they are sooo not attracted to the person? Some of you are acting like he’s some kind of predator while she chooses to lay in bed next to him and allows him to touch her. He can’t read Liz’s mind. She needs to open her damn mouth and TELL HIM if she doesn’t like him or his advances. Bashing him to the other house guests is beyond childish.


Because Austin said he wanted to get to the jury house with Liz so he could tap that azz. He wants to have alone bedroom time with her…no camera’s. Liz seemed pretty shocked at the time. Guarantee Liz will marry someone for their money.


When BBCAN Zach was playing Ashley people were saying she was so stupid, now that Liz is playing Austin, Liz is still the villain? People are just not used to seeing girls control the men, I for one thinks that Liz is doing a good job leading him on, he is a meat shield and is a loyal ally/number for her. What’s wrong with that? They are playing big brother where emotions are part of the picture. Reality is, Austin has this made up world that she is in love with him while Liz is clearly using him for her game. She clearly watched how Amber turned Caleb down and got evicted, at least now we know that she is a game player.

PS. I still want Austin to go home because it gives more excitement to the viewers and he is a delusional creep.


Liz definitely isn’t a villain in my opinion.But it’s not like she’s not giving him signals. Her not really seeming interested or whatever isn’t a signal than saying it. He hould have came to play and not and not play The Harlequin Romance Edition of Big Brother. But for her own conscience it’s time to shift her strategy. He sounds pathetic and I’m not even sure if she’s is aware how pathetic he sounds among other people when she’s not around.


Like I said in my earlier post, Liz is dragging him around, playing him. Derrick did that to a lot of players last year but did he get hated for “fooling” the houseguests? No, he was immortalized as one of the best players to play big brother. Liz has said that before entering the house she would get into a showmance and that’s what she’s been doing. Is it wrong and unacceptable if she is doing it outside the house, of course, but inside the BB house all bets are off, people are swearing in bible, parents and their freaking lives but her tugging austin’s heartstrings is wrong? What’s so different with him pleading to Vanessa a while ago to save him?
Last year Amber told Caleb that she just doesn’t like him that way. She ended up getting the boot, I remember even on Julie’s interview that it was emphasized that that is her downfall. If Liz shuts austin down do you really think that he will not target her next?

This is almost the same case as with Neda, people are hating on her because she is playing Jon and is tinkering on voting him out, then in the end when Jon cut her off, he became a hero.


Derrek wasn’t laying in bed with and kissing other house guest then running to the HOH to bash them because a target was on their back.

GeekSquad McGee

When it was Final 3, Neda couldn’t even look Jon in the eye. He had a realization that she wasn’t going to take him to the end. He might have taken her if it weren’t for that final mistrust.

Anyway people didn’t dislike Neda for her gameplay, but because of her attitude and the things she would say. I wasn’t a fan, but she definitely was a good game player.

She got far on luck though. Canada’s HOH, among other things, helped bring her into power. Personally I think Naeha might have been just as good a player as Neda, she just had some bad luck while Neda had good luck.

GeekSquad McGee

When Liz learned that she would be the pawn against Da’Vonne, she cried about to Austin. And he did everything he could to make sure they put up Meg instead. At that point she realized he would do anything to protect her. So why wouldn’t she lead him on to keep herself safe? That’s what Big Brother is; it’s about manipulating people.

Not everyone in the house is smart like Vanessa. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Liz is using her strengths, and Austin’s weakness, to her advantage. And if Austin is gonna be a fool, he may as well be her fool.

Personally I don’t mind the dirty gameplay. I prefer a season of competitive people who will do whatever it takes to win the game.

people don't like cheaters

i think people are bothered by the fact he has a girlfriend and how he is publicly disrespecting and ultimately humiliating her on national tv.


It’s stupid of people to judge without even knowing the full story. Nobody knows the status of that relationship but Austin and the woman involved. Where is the proof that she is somewhere feeling cheated on, disrespected, and sad because of what he’s doing? She could be happy in the arms of another guy right now. People need to mind their own business and focus on what’s going on right now. Vanessa is stupid IMO. She is playing Shelli and Clay’s game instead of her own. Next week she will be up on the block and an ally short.


IMO the difference between these two couples is that Shelli and Clay they are both attracted to each other while Austin is the one playing the fool assuming that Liz likes him as much as he likes her. It was clear to me that Liz was not into Austin, but he is so desperate to have sex with her he doesn’t see it. He is not thinking with the right head.


My problem with him is even falling for her in the first place instead of keeping his eye on playing the game. He’s very juevnile. But Liz has definitely lead him on to believe it was more and seems to have bitten off more than she bargained for especially if she does like him as a person in a platonic way. What a mess lol


I’m not a huge clay and shelli fan either, but I can say this. Clay and shelli were on the same page the entire game. They always had the same goals, and consistently shared thoughts and info. On the other hand, austin wanted to split up the twins, while liz is trying to take advantage of his immaturity in order to gain a shield. Just my thoughts. Feel free to disagree.


There’s something off about Shelly, I can’t figure out what it is, she’s certainly not young but she has these subtle ways of showing that she is kind of immature or maybe that’s not the right word, just not very developed mentally. Chasing after Clay like a school girl and just clinging to him like a knight in shining armor when he is just a kid, or not having a stable career, almost not even acknowledging the age gap and how weird it is or that Clay has latent homo sexual tendencies, I don’t know. Can’t put my finger on it.


It cracks me up that people are making such a big deal about the age difference. He isn’t a child – he’s 23. My father was 23 when I was born, plus I have two older brothers. JLo started dating Casper when he was close to Clay’s age and she’s 18 years older than him. It’s not that big of a deal. (I mean, it’s not for me, but I’m saying it’s not as if Shelli is 33 and having a thing for a 16 year old.) Not to mention the fact that nothing has really happened between them.

BTW, Jeff and Jordan have a 9 year age difference AND she was only 22 when they met. I don’t remember anyone making so many negative comments about their age difference.


To me the situation between him and Liz doesn’t even matter anymore. Once they are out of the house, both will realize how ridiculous they were.

I strongly dislike him because of his shitty personality.
– Calling people juvenile things behind their backs (Dadbod, Nerd-…)
– Accusing people of doing things he himself is doing (Jeff: stalking Liz etc.) and making violent remarks (wanting to break his neck)
– Always pointing out other people alleged flaws to make himself look better (James: shortness, Steve: nerd)
– Bullying Steve (I know Steve gave him permission, but he started doing it unpromted in the first place & saying he was tempted to shove Steve into a locker during a comp)
– Cheating on his girlfriend
– Being soo dismissive of Julia (When Shelli said she liked her he said “Im glad someone does…” – WTF?!)

I do not get how anybody can cheer for him. He is an insecure narcissist. But if there’s anybody that still roots for him, please tell me why. I want to understand.


yes exactly, thank you for noticing.

If Liz doesn’t like him, then why is she doing everything to show him that his feelings are reciprocated. He isn’t going around doing a Caleb, who had absolutely the opposite of encouragement. He is being led on, encouraged, and not contradicted by Liz herself. maybe she doesn’t understand what she is doing, but he’s making it very clear in actual real words how he feels, and what he is doing.

she doesn’t even pretend she is not saying anything because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

shelli seems to be pushing to get Jackie out. Is it because she sees Jackie upstairs hanging out more with Vanessa? Is it because for the first time in a long time, shelli isn’t sleeping in the HOH room? lol

in any case, i kind of prefer that austin and vanessa appear to have cleared the air and that he did come clean, and explain his actions. and to me, really, the onus is on vanessa to tell him when someone is talking about him and against him. it’s bb, people lie, she never even gave him a chance to respond to other people’s accusations, she just assumed these people she has not aligned with are telling the truth. like they don’t have an agenda to drive a wedge between her and her meat shield? that’s paranoia bb HOH at work there, and she should have been smarter about it.

not saying he’s the brightest bulb out there, cuz he is pretty gullible and makes more than one mistake, but he did run things by the twins before he spoke to jason, he talked about it for a couple of days.


Thanks so much for the updates, I’d buy the feeds but its SOO ANNOYING that production cuts the feeds when it gets interesting, it’s like you’re paying half the money to watch fish move in a tank


I knew Vanessa would not backdoor Austin. Vanessa is basically Audrey without the mental illness. I am hoping that she’s the next one evicted along with Clay and Shelli following her right afterwards.


Noooooo vennessa, why you gotta open your big mouth for? Austin needs to go omg!


Im literally dying. Is this a blast to watch?? Im having so much fun reading about it from here. Vanessa and Austin are both having a meltdown. So will vanessa back track or she telling austin what he wants to hear?

I really would rather not see jason or jackie get put up. Or johnny mac. But dang vanessa is giving me anxiety.


Holy crap looks like Austin might stay!!!! This season is CRAZZYYYY I love it lol


This is amazing.

gREAT tv

Wow, this season is great, i love it, best season since BB14


I know people may not like Shelli but she is actually good at this game. She always goes through these scenarios about whats going on and usually she is right. She knows who is close to who. She is very observant. She give her allies good advice. Clay is riding her coat tails. I feel like clay would go before her too. Just pay attention to her convo with Austin and Clay in the hammock room after Austin talks to Clay.


I think it’s more paranoia with her than anything else.getting rid of someone because you see them talking to each other (Becky) is not playing the game strategically. At this point, and providing she gets her way, that would only surface the alliance she is in, thus drawing the line in the sand. With that said, we know how power can shift so what they do this week, could definitely have its consequences next week. It’s a roller coaster of a year!


Not really, she’s decent at comps and has aligned herself with a man who people seem to like, she doesn’t ruffle feathers either, I’ll give you that much, but as far as observation and insight, she kind of regurgitate or goes along with whatever people in her alliance tell her. Vanessa tells her about the twins then ALL Of A Sudden she notices all these differences, Vanessa points out Becky and Jackie getting close, now ALL Of A SUDDEN she is worried about them, before that she was saying she loved Jackie. Vanessa is the observant, and She’ll just happens to be close to her.


shelli? the girl who is insisting that “other side” has an alliance that clearly doesn’t exist. if by alliance she means people that really like getting along? then yeah shelli is right, but unfortunately the only thing shelli has shown from what i can see is the exact same paranoia that audrey had/has. shelli hasnt busted/outed any alliance and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know who is with whom, Shelli is with Clay, meg has jason, becky and jacki get along, liz has austin and her sister, i mean? what am i missing here?

i don’t see what good perception shelli has actually been able to demonstrate to make her a good player? the only thing that would make her good is the fact that her alliance has been in power for now 4 weeks straight, other than that? nope, shelli isnt really doing jack IMO. vanessa has done more than shelli, if you’d ask me.

GeekSquad McGee

Shelli’s a smart player.

Clay is underrated though. He’s good at manipulating people outside of his alliance. And he makes some smart observations. Probably a beast in competitions though he hasn’t shown it yet.

He’s not as smart as Shelli or Vanessa but he’s still among the better players in the house and has a good chance to win.


You missed a few choice things I read on Twitter such as this pathetic line: Austin to Vanessa- I’ve made decisions in here that affect my life. I need to be in jury. I need to let this happen with Liz. Please.




You just knew the pure BS was coming! Austin skates by as this is all production so it doesn’t look 1 sided which the house clearly is. Season is going to be unwatchable at this rate. the outsiders will vote out Becky…. just yawn! We are getting lied to constantly by these douche bags.

BB Drafter

So much for Austin getting put up. Damn it.


Vanessa will never win this game playing like this and she isn’t even good enough to wash Derrick’s clothes (because there have been Vanessa-Derrick comparisons here this season). I don’t think getting rid of Austin was ever the right move for Vanessa but she is a f.cking disaster.

I get it that are a lot of Jason fans but from a game perspective if the 6 sense HGs gets rid of Jason it makes things a lot easier for them. With Jury and the end game in mind Jason is the best choice, not Becky or Jackie.

I still don’t care because Team #JohnnyMACandSteve


Very true. Derrick was very cautious when choosing targets. At times he came close to targeting a troublesome ally, but then thought better of it and stuck with his numbers. Vanessa is all over the place, trying too hard to play everyone for her own safety. Derrick kept himself safe from the other side by being the low key buddy of the house, rather than making haphazard deals that are bound to catch up with any player.


What a joke Vanessa is now Austin is going to stay hopefully Julia gets him out next week


That picture of Austin says it all. Desperado!


Come on Vanessa give Austin a break. Your taking out your own and the rest of the house will laugh at you as you do it. He’s had your back!!! Other wise you will go down next and no one will have your back.


AUSTINSHATEDONTOOMUCH …. I agree with you 100%. I couldn’t have said it better. I have said it myself on this site before, that Liz is not an innocent in this whole thing. She has been around the block more than once, and I am sure knows how to handle unwanted attention. She was using him at the expense of his feelings for her. She out and out lied to Vanessa about voting for Jeff to stay, so in my opinion is as bad if not worse than Austin in this situation.

the coreys

I’m worried how close becky and Jackie are says the one with the closest relationship in the house (besides twins, duh)

These people aren’t very bright


As “blood on your hands” is a common term in bb, i’m gonna go ahead and call vanessa lady macbeth. She’s already seeing Jeff and Audrey’s blood on her hands, and now she’s gonna get more no matter who she puts up. I think it’s driving her insane.


Vanessa sees an upside to backing down from Austin because keeping him leaves him front and center as a target, which is what she tried to do with Audrey before.

But this time it’ll burn her with the rest of the house. All her tough talk about loyalty and any future promises will be worthless from that point on.

Very crucial moment here. I don’t see her winning the game if she puts up someone other than Austin.


Agree! I think this makes Austin stronger because he has the twins Shelli has clay and Vanessa well not only has no one her straight shooter talk now has cost her her word and she’ll be number one target for the other side. Especially for Jackie and Jason because even though they shouldn’t have, they trusted her this week and she promised them it would be Austin or Steve


why would anyone send a guy to jury who will never vote for you over one of ‘his’ twins?
If one of the twins make it to jury, they’ll automatically have two votes…so stupid

Main Main

I have no problem with Austing going home on thursday. but im so sicking of Vanessa, Shelli and Clay run the house.

Butters Mom

I knew it… this is twice now that Vanessa has changed the target that she got the entire house in on wanting out. She has become predictable.


Looks like Becky is headed out the door. Somebody please put up Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay! This is boring!

Like...I'm Jackie

Is it just me or is Vanessa acting like the godfather of the big brother house?

Holy fruit loops!!

The entertainment has been through the roof since HOH! These people are really somethin… Thank you so much Simon and Dawg!


If Austin manages to get off the block, as much as i want him gone, would be frickin hilarious lol

the coreys

Austin isn’t even on the block bruh


It used to be you knew who was on whose side and what the alliances were, but not anymore. Alliances form and keep flipping on each other every other second, I can’t figure out who is really with who. Plus it’s getting really boring having unilateral votes, forget what the “house” wants and start thinking for yourselves and what you want and what will be good for your game and get you to the end. I notice they haven’t put coup de tas or diamond vetoes in lately, b/c they probably know it will be a waste since everyone is so determined to go with the house. This leaves production with the task of trying to create and contrive drama, but even that seems to fail with everyone seeming to compare DR session notes.

The golden power of cheeto

This is some emotional shit. 2 posts ago I said Austin was officially screwed. Now he’s got a shot to stay. Alliances almost never work on this season.

Lame AF

Yet another hopeful begining to a week, being shotdown by kill-joy shelli clay & vanessa.

can these ppl be more boring? no.


Oh God Austin is pathetic. And what makes him think him and Liz will end up in Jury together? One may be evicted before the other and from what we know Jurors can only communicate or even see each other during filming only. Send this creep home! Also can production stop, good God!! Shelli was saying they were asking her about the house turning on Clay and now she’s ruining everything to protect her son.


If they put someone other than Austin up then the lines will officially be drawn. Vanessa isn’t going to want to take the sole blame for this and will expect Shelli/Clay and Austin/Liz to have her back. Everyone else is expecting Austin to go on the block.


Totally agree!


your 100% incorrect!
This will be a Jeff moment tomorrow. She put the blame on someone and convince the house they need to go up. Then offer the olive branch that they can stay and Becky go. I think Jackie is a snake play and she would have to be the target not Becky. A Jason nom as an example might be very savable. Anyone but Austin is a terrible game move.
I didn’t read any where is Shelli on board with this I’d be very surprised if she and Clay would be happy. Twins in that’s 4 people alliance Clay/Shelli will be on the outside looking in if they aren’t careful. Vanessa is a lying sack of douche and anyone working with her doesn’t see won’t see the Mack truck doing 60 hit them either.


The Sixth Sense has no sense… One second they are evicting Austin and the next second you have Shelle rooting to evict Becky and Vanessa talking of putting up Jackie to secure the votes… What happened to the Steve plan should the Austin plan not work out? If this happens, the only thing this will secure is the other half FINALLY realizing that Vanessa’s word is “crap”.


How old is Austin? He is acting like a schoolgirl experiencing her first crush. He has also started to sound like a valley girl. I hope he doesn’t go anywhere….he is too entertaining. Becky the bore needs to go.


Dam … Vanessa n Shellie are screwing this simple eviction up
wtf are they thinking … drama drama drama
It’s way to early to expose their alliance
The other side is nearly clueless
I really hope they come to their senses before they blow their game


Honestly, I am not a fan of the 6th sense alliance, but for Vanessa/Clay/Shelli’s game getting rid of Austin is a bad move. Austin is stupid but he is a number for them. They will only be powering the other side of the house. Jason, James, Meg, Jackie will run this game

Austin's not sooooo bad

I bet under all that hair Liz might be pleasantly surprised! She says she loves his personality and the muscles but not his looks. I hope there is a comp where someone has to cut there hair and it’s Austin.
Hmmmm……….short hair, clean shave, contacts……. yep, I bet she would change her mind!
And yes, I think he’s being a little obsessive, but I also think he’s kinda sweet and just fell too hard too fast.


Wow…talk about a voice alone in the wilderness. He’s creepy all over, under and over his hair, looks and personality. Judas, for crying out loud? How about Jerkus.

Captain Crunch

If Vanessa doesn’t put Austin up i think she’ll be the #1 target for the other side of the house and she better hope her alliance wins next week or she’s going up.

Just imagine

I can’t think of many scenarios that would be better than this gold… Oh wait;

Becky wins POV
Uses it on Becky
Vanessa replaces Becky with SHELLI!
Much tears & so hilarious!!!

… But it would be nice if Austin left. Too bad they’ll waste it on Becky.


Every year I think they can not find dumber people to play this game and every year they prove me wrong. Then again I’ve never been in the BB house, I might become just as dumb, if I were.


OMG, thats exactly what I was thinking.

Like...I'm Jackie

Is it just me or is Vanessa acting like the godfather of the big brother house? I’m surprised she didn’t make Austin kiss her ring!


If Liz had been honest with Austin when he first became interested in her, and told him she wasn’t attracted to him, he would have left her alone. Instead she lead him on, and he made a fool out of himself and blew up his game and the twins game. She is saying now that she was scared he would do the same thing to her that Caleb did to Amber. She has no one but herself to blame for the fact he is obsessed with her. She lead him on. She flirted with him. She slept in his bed and cuddled with him. She let him put his hands all over her. She let him pick her up and hold her in his arms. What did she think was going to happen? Hello!!!! You can’t act that way with a man and expect them not to want you. She acted like a tease and now it’s blowing up in her face. He isn’t blameless in this. His first clue that he was being played should have been the fact that Liz flirted with Jace and Jeff. Now my question is this? Why did Liz flirt with Jace and Jeff? Was Liz afraid that Jace and Jeff would stalk her like Caleb did Amber? Austin and Liz didn’t have a showmance, they had a HOEmance. Liz acted like a hoe and cuddled up to whoever she thought would keep her safe. She wasn’t scared, that was her strategy. She admitted to Julia she was whoring herself out to Austin for protection from him.


Yet another interpretation swamped in the culture of male entitlement, and even if you are a female you’re buying into it. A female should be able to flirt just as much as a male without being subjected to misogynistic labels. As for sleeping together and cuddling, a lot of the HGs do that. The fact that she’s accepting the attention doesn’t make his obsessiveness over her any less creepy, esp with the comments he’s made to James about sleeping with her. Clay doesn’t treat Shelli that way or talk about her in that manner, even though they are obviously an established couple with mutual attraction.


Please tell me they’re not wasting an HOH on Becky??? Why is Shelli all of a sudden threatened by Becky? This show is dumber by the minute. I hope anyone but Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Austin, or the twins win HOH next week. This is turning into the season of Amanda McRae and Andy where every week is predictable only one side stays in power and the other side has no chance.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Damn it…..I am sick of Vanessa and Shelly. Shelly with her “Shit changes…” and Vanessa considering back-dooring Jackie??? That’s a shitty move and hopefully will make Vanessa a walking bullseye. I’m ok with Becky leaving but for Austin to get a pass? I HATE it. He is begging this girl and it has zero to do with the $500k. Shame on Liz…she really is “whoring herself up…”

There needs to be a shift in power and soon or the rest of this season is going to be predictable.

Dr. Will

Yawn, these little kids really suck at this game. Stellar casting job Grodner, you must’ve been blinded by your gut or desperate to get back to the dinner table when picking this cast of people. Rule 1: never develop feelings for your showmance aka ho-mance / Rule 2: always keep the biggest target in the game (Audrey) / Rule 3: Watch my seasons (BB2 & BB7) and get a clue about how to play this game because I’m half man, half amazing and the best to ever play Big Brother.


true about your skills at bb

Thanks for the spoilers Simon!!! xoxoxo


So, true about your skill at BB.

Thanks, Simon for updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twistin with the twins

well its official game on…these people are officially about to go knee deep in the muck and mire of Big Brother.


OK, so now Vanessa is making a deal to keep Austin till jury. And the target is Becky, no Steve, no Jason, no James.. you could see that one coming. And Liz doesn’t want anything to do with him…using his feelings for her game. So sad, Who is really playing the game here? Not Austin, from what he told Vanessa.


Shelli is the real godmother here. Did y’all see how smoothly she saved Austin? It was like 2 minutes of talking and then Vanessa spends about 3 hours processing it.

Also, I think Liz is a much savvier player than anyone is giving her credit for. Seems to me she likes Austin enough to tolerate his affections and is playing it off with everyone in the house like she is not that into him. If she was really that turned off she would have not rushed upstairs to save his ass as quick as she did.


Here we go. This backdooring really is not going to happen and they’re going to continue to pick people off. Who wants to bet the rest of the house STILL won’t piece this alliance together.