Big Brother 17 – WEEK 5 OBB Power Rankings


The general trend is a weakening of everyone’s game, this week got messy. After the Jason blindside a lot of interesting power shifts occurred. Basically the lion share of the blame for the blindside fell on Shelli and Clay making them a major target for the one side of the house. Whether that side can win a competition then formulate a plan is doubtful but at least they are talking about making a move and have identified the snakes in the house.

This week’s biggest downward movers were Shelli, two points and Jason four. Shelli had taken the lion share of the blame for being the mastermind behind the Jason blindside. She’s also being seen as having a major part of controlling the HOH for the last 4 weeks. She’s a target and she knows it which is affecting her Social game negatively. As Jason put it Evil personified. Jason knows the game better than anyone but socially he wasn’t as good. He only really made connections with one group: Meg, Jeff, Da, James and Jackie group. He spent too much time sleeping and slinging insults at everyone not in his inner circle. His group was unable to win competitions and formulate any kind of resistance to the other side of the house. They lost their number advantage.

The biggest increase this week was Austin, Liz, jmac, and Vanessa up 1 point. Everyone was targeting Austin and the twins last week but somehow they were able to recover. Vanessa gained a point for largely coming out of this HOH with few people targeting her. Post first Blindside of the year Vanessa came out looking pretty good. We’re witnessing Jmac social game improves as he starts making connections with fringe players while trying to maintain their inroads with the heavy weights. (Much like Steve is doing)

As always the scoring breakdown is at the bottom give us your take on the rankings in the comments below.












You are employing your tried and true HOH tactic. Make up a lie pin it on someone get them out. +1 for not having Jason’s blindside all on your hands







Socially and Strategically killing it but good things can’t last forever. You’re now a target people know you’re running the show they’ll be coming after you before your meat shield.







Shelli’s the general you’re the field commander. You and now a potential target for some people on the opposite side of the house but lucky for you Shelli is the bigger target.







You’re popular with everyone outside/inside the house.. Please win a HOH so we can see you play.

Liz (Julia)


4 (3)



10 (9)

Your social game is improving, When Julia comes in get ready to be a target but rest assured Austin will move heaven and earth to protect you.







Building relationships with the fringe players and heavy weights.  Everyone says you’re a target but you really aren’t, win some HOH’s I wanna hear “Get to steppin”







You’re likable and funny on the feeds, Social game is alright, strategy middle tier. Doing pranks makes feeds fun. I swear you have things figured out more than people give you credit.







You were given a second chance.  +1 having a horseshoe up your butt. -1 for still being clingy with liz







What can I say you won HOH, got dethroned now someone in your alliance goes home. You want to make big moves but like Meg I’ll believe it when I see it.




 2 (4)



You almost pulled it off and got Austin out this week. You’re big mouth got you in trouble. Not building relationships with anyone other than your goblinkin and not winning comps was your downfall.







You say you want to make a big move. I’ll believe it when I see it.







You are participating in the BB17 live feeds.

Our scoring criteria is as follows
There’s three main categories, Entertainment value, Social Skillz and Strategy/game with each category ranging from 1-5 with a 0 value being used for exceptional cases. A bonus category is also added worth 3 points for those special scenarios that don’t fit the 3 main categories.

1/3 – Entertainment
0- You’re not entertaining – I turn the feeds off when you’re on
1- Offensive, Rude, unlikable are some words that could describe your behaviour on the feeds
2- Maybe you’re laying too low. Right now everyone on OBB is joking about not knowing your name
3- Neutral
4- You’re a likable person and showing it on the feeds
5- You’re making these feeds Very fun to watch

1/3 – Social game
0 – Your social game is non existent go back to blogging in a basement
1 – Most of the house dislikes you. You’ll see yourself a target soon
2- You’re building some relationships but not enough to keep your ass safe if you or our close few friends don’t win a comp
3- Neutral
4- You’re building a lot of relationships but also some enemies
5- Most if not all the house likes you. Nobody has thrown your name out there as a target yet

1/3 – Strategy
0- Strategy .. HUH? what does that mean
1- You have a short term plan that will get you by the next 20 minutes
2- Your plan is to to make it to Jury to get the stipend
3- Neutral
4-You have a Short term or Long term plan and a couple ideas plans on how to execute it
5- You have a clear plan for the short or long term and a clear plan to execute

+/- 1-3 points can be awarded to players that has done something incredibly awesome or stupid. Maybe they turned their game around after being universally hated or squandered away a strategic asset because they couldn’t keep their mouths shut..

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Is Shelli…trying to be a Neda…only planning to cut Clay before he might? (If they make it that far)

Pinocchio Obama

Very interesting Simon. I think your right in that as of now Vanessa is the only 5 in strategy and that gives her the edge as the best player in the house so far but I think JohnnyMac has done a great job of laying low.


I agree. I think Vanessa is HIGHLY intelligent and that affects her negatively because she seems to overthink everything….still…she is on top so I can’t dis her for that but I think it makes the game harder for her. I totally agree with your rankings….although you may have been to kind to Becky. She is just plain dull and the medic should probably take her pulse


I know Van is the ultimate puppet master/strategic player so far but I am rooting for the dark horse,the #1whack street boy,guitar enthusiast,dentist extraordinaire JMAC. Want him to start making moves in this game! He has yet to piss people off, has done his share of comp throwing, but want to see him take out big threats in the game once the opportunity presents itself or once the other side(Van & crew) begins to self destruct. Go JMAC, please make this season interesting & not a total one sided domination!


Scratch that…I’m wrong


No I’m right ….she would love to pull a move like that in the final 3

brotalk to human dictionary

I agree the best Becky has done is participate in feeds occasionally. but in terms of entertainment, if 1 is rude and offensive on feeds and 2 is lying too low with a who’s that joke…. shouldn’t she have a 0 or a 2? or am I missing her wearing pillow cases on her head and burning crosses on the lawn while i’m asleep?


Offensive, rude and unlikable are words that “could” be used to describe for a level 1.

brotalk to human dictionary

I agree she’s boring. There’s under the radar, then there’s can’t even show up on episodes if they’re nominated for eviction.
No offense was intended in asking. Just thought maybe there was fire to the racist smoke Audrey via Jason was blowing week one, and I had missed it.


I think Becky’s positioning is poor but outside of the 6 they all are to some degree. I liked her convo with Jason on BBAD. She isn’t a complete airhead. I really think Meg should be alone on the bottom with Jackie and Becky about equal.
Were starting to see another side to Vanessa’s game. Dumping on Clay/Shelli and getting no complaint from them looks like her big strategy as long as they hold power.
Next week sadly Steve or JMac are going before jury. I think the Shelli/Vanessa divide ultimately starts getting talked about.. They both have to know the other is between them and 500K.


Nope – JMac wins HOH ultimately, and either Vanessa or Shelli go home – I wouldn’t want either in the jury to boot. If ONLY enough people could see this!?! A girl can dream.

Honeys Undercutt

Dawg or Simon I have a question, this last week Steve told Vanessa he had something about himself to confide (privately) away from cameras, was this picked up anywhere on the feeds and if so, what was it?! Thanks for all your hard work!


Great question…forgot about that with all the drama taking place. Please let us know. Great job on the site guys! Appreciate your hard work, effort & dedication! ????????????????????


Not sure who would give me a thumbs down for thanking Simon & Dawg but ok, your cool


I got your thumbs down & another finger to give right back at ya troll. Can guarantee you got mad about a comment I made on your post & now ya want to be a coward by giving me a thumbs down really? Only a true loser would thumbs down a comment giving respect to this site for a great job. Go be ignorant & troll elsewhere.


Every post will have at least one thumb’s down. I think it’s the same person doing it. Who knows why…


It’s about his youtube stuff..or that he’s not really socially awkward ..that’s all.

I survived last seasons BB

I think giving Becky and Meg a 7 was very generous Simon…Imagine being in any kind of alliance with those two geniuses…lol


Nice black colored font we have…


These rankings with added commentary are amazing.


I also think James has more figured out then we realize. I personally think (especially after this week) that him saying he don’t believe Audrey about the alliances last week was a front. And it’s working because guess whose name isn’t being thrown out as an immediate target.

Escaping the Others

James is an interesting player in that he is a decent liar, but also has the uncanny ability to tell the truth at exactly the right time. This has made him appear much more trustworthy than he actually is.

I think James has done well to make himself appear non threatening despite his ability to win comps. He also has great control over his emotions, so no one is worried that he’ll go on some ill advised revenge kick (unlike Jackie whose barely concealed rage has put her in a must win situation this week). Depending on how the week shakes out I think he is in the best position to escape misfit island and get a fresh start.

The biggest issue with James is that he isn’t much of a strategist. I think his best bet long term is to get either Shelli or Vanessa to want to keep him as a number to dismantle the 6th Sense. I am also interested to see what kind of strategic mind Julia brings to the table. The twins and their deranged man beast may very well emerge as a force in the second half of the game. James is on decent terms with them all and has no other allegiances, so a final 4 deal could make sense.


Good insight. But James’ biggest downfall is not strategy, it’s vulgarity. He could stand to lose that.


This love fest with Shelli & Clay; Austin & Liz is driving me batty!!! Can we have a season with no showmances?? A season with a ton of backstabbers, fighting, blindsides…… What’s up with all the “love”. ????


Idea for next season:
Divide the house into two teams = Men vs Women

The women compete with each other, and the woman who comes in last place in the comp is evicted each week.

The men compete with each other, and the man who comes in last place in the comp is evicted each week.

When there is one man and one woman left standing, they compete against each other, and the winner from that comp wins $500k. The loser from that comp wins $50k.


My idea for next season is to have the house already divided into alliances at random.
You can create sub-alliances within your alliance but no merging of the preset alliances.
That eliminates the smart ones versus the clueless, the floaters versus the players and the strong versus weak imbalances we have been seeing the past few seasons.
This season, it is only a handful of players versus the summer campers. Losing Da and Jeff hit the summer campers hard.
Not sure just what JMac and Steve are doing strategically but socially, they are in a good spot although Steve needs to bond with more than just Vanessa.
Austin and Phoebe are just hanging out by the pool; not sure what Ursula will bring to the table but do know she will be on the side of the house her sister is on. How amazing would it be to see the twins go against each other?


Unfortunately it looks like goodbye to Jason
Wish it was Austin!!!!!


Simon, your comment about Becky cracks me up. Too true. Is she the first BOB holograph?


Steve: Run away from Liz. Run far, far away. Every guy she flirts with gets evicted. Jace = gone. Jeff = gone. Austin = Target
Stay away from Julia too. Go hide behind your mommy = Vanessa.


I wish Jason could reenter the game


I want vanessa to be on the block this week


Vanessa is great, I hope she wins! I doubt she makes top 5 though…too much of a target…


Jason and crew weren’t playing the game. They were on vacation.


vanessa always throw someone under the bus
now what if john an Austin win hoh who will be the pawn
to me she not trustworthy she turn on Austin before he started
to like liz she turn on Jackie she lie about jeff she did Jason wrong it
should be vanessa going home I cant wait that’s why I want Austin an Jackie to win hoh
so they could talk about vanessa


Jackqueen for HOH!


Is it possible that the BB Takeover was put on pause because there has been enough drama by the players without it?

Lemon balls

BB takeover . what an epic fail. It would be nice to know when the twists where to happen beforehand to ensure production isn’t trying to rig something.

Ya right

Zoo Take Overtwist

What do you mean? We’ve known for quite a while they would release another giant snake in the house. It seems like it might get really interesting with two of those slithering around.


You should give Liz a point for the mesmerizing hula hoop GIF.


So its your opinion on who are the strongest, lol okay simon…..


What happened to Vans LGBTQ reason for not wanting to vote out Aud. She talks about not lying but she is the biggest one about not being a poker player. And to bring in her dead comment to Jasom made me puck. Jason goes..I AM DONE….And Lis is a p teaser.


I really hope Johnny Mac really does see what is going on and will be the one to make big moves, but I am afraid he has been misted by the royalty and will continue to be their pawn. It really is hard to know what he is thinking. I really wish someone would flip and take Becky out tonight. It isn’t that I like Jason, I just don’t want to watch Shelli and Vanessa steamroll to the end. I miss the non BOB format. I think the game would have been very different without it. The cast was good, but the BOB favors the alphas being in power and the others as pawns and backdoor targets. Just because a contestant can’t win stupid competitions doesn’t make them unworthy of winning. Dr. Will never won a competition, survived the block, and he won the game anyways. The same strategy got him to final 4 and set up his chilltown ally for the win on Allstars.

With the BOB, nobody on the outs wants to stick their neck out because 4 people get nominated. So they just obey the HOH and hope they don’t go home every week. The people that they could align with to flip the house are their adversaries in the BOB and POV, so they don’t align because they are all on individual survival mode. If HOH tells you to throw the BOB, they do it. BOB leads to pointless scheming all week long. Any scheming between competitions is really pointless, the only scheming that means anything is what happens after the POV ceremony. The BOB is the worst innovation to the game ever, and there have been some really bad twists over the years. I can’t believe they tried it again this year.

Jody H

Yes! I think it would be a very different outcome without the BOTB. It really puts the Kabosh on more subtle gameplay. You have no choice but to try backdooring as the rule rather than only for big blindsides. It removes a big portion of possible strategies and I hope once they remove it they NEVER bring it back.
Different alliances could have gotten the chance to form and others might have been able to join together. But they really are left scrambling to not get picked off.


I think Becky still should have lost bonus points for being naive about the game/Shelli and not trusting JMac…yet. AND losing 3 comps, but she feels bad enough about that as it is. Then again, barring Jason, she’s had the WORST week and her chin isn’t on the floor, so maybe +1 for that.


Love this idea, Simon! Wish these would have been done in seasons past. Love all the quick asides/remarks you and Dawg do also! Much better than having to sift through lengthy blobs or past-houseguest hatred towards the ongoing season.