Veto Ceremony Results! Jason “I should steal my 4 cigarettes back from the bit*h!”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 12-26-45-476

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11:40am – 12:20pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto Ceremony. As the veto holder Clay used the veto to remove himself from the block. Vanessa then nominated Jason as the replacement nominee. This was a blind side as the original target was Austin however Vanessa switched to wanting to keep Austin and get out Jason. This move officially draws a line in the sand as Meg, James, Jason were left in the dark. Jackie also didn’t know but it was so she wouldn’t tell the others.
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12:20pm Backyard – Jason tells Clay that everyone already gave Becky their word they would vote for her. I’m not some major strategist that will be able to work my way out of this. Just so you know work with Meg. We were going to roll with you. You can trust her, she will be honest. Good thing I got dressed up, I almost didn’t! I should steal my 4 cigarettes back from the bit*h! Its okay, I already won by being here. I have to go back to being unemployed but… f**k! Meg comes out crying. Meg says that alliance lasted a long time. Jason says shout-out Dark Moon! Jackie says obviously I was played for a f**king fool! This is all my fault. I’m sorry I put you in this position. Shelli says Vanessa is an honest player.. she was definitely on board with Austin as the target. Becky agrees. After the BOB things spiralled. Jackie says doesn’t Vanessa think her place is a little riskier now because of this. Meg says there’s definitely a lot more going on than we know about. Jason says whatever lets have fun tonight. BB can we get some alcohol? I’m not going to go out like a bitter bit*h! I got one more week than I thought I would. Jason says I don’t even have any dirt on Becky. I can’t even say anything bad about her.

12:25pm – 12:50pm HOH room – Vanessa tells James that a part of the puzzle was that you corrected the name and tried to win the BOB. Vanessa says I was backed into a corner and made to pick a side. Vanessa asks James why did you correct the spelling? James says she counted it out before we even corrected the “i” and realized she was missing a letter. James says they were already on to me throwing it .. so I had to protect my game. Vanessa says I understand that. This is not easy. This was really hard to do. I had to go with the majority of the house and what they wanted. Everyone I talked to wanted him up there. That line in the sand is drawn. It’s pretty obvious. Vanessa says that loyalty is very important to me. And someone could exploit me for that. Thank goodness I’m not the one to put the cracks in the foundation. And you know who I’m talking about. James says I don’t know where the cracks are at. Vanessa says its not your fault that this happened to Jason. I had to make a choice and unfortunately I had to blind side Jason. I don’t think he had any idea. James says he didn’t .. neither did Jackie, Meg or I.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 12-26-16-411

12:50pm – 1pm Meg hugs and talks to Johnny Mac. Johnny says he had no idea. I thought it was going to be Austin all the way up until she said Jason. Meg leaves and talks to Becky in the other bedroom. Becky tells Meg that everything has fallen a part since I volunteered to go up. I had no idea it was happening. Becky says second time I am f**ked. I volunteered to go on the block. Meg then talks to Clay in the storage room. Clay asks if he knew. Clay says he got a bad vibe last night. Meg says she’s more mad that she feels like she’s been lied to. Jason joins them and hugs Meg. Jason asks if he should go talk to Vanessa. Meg says that Vanessa isn’t even doing damage control. Clay tells Jason to just go ask what happened. Meg says I’m not ready to talk to her right now. Jason says Yeah I’m not going to right now.

In the living room – James tells Liz and Austin that Meg keeps getting all her guys ripped away from her. She should have chosen the right guys. I’ll probably be shacked up with her next week.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-00-58-340

1pm HOH room – Liz talks to Vanessa. Liz says she is so happy. Everyone is scrambling down there. Vanessa says its fine put me up, I’ll have allies on my side. Vanessa asks if Meg was crying. Liz says yes. Wow Meg you actually have to play that game now. You can’t be carried along. They need to not play like the victims. I’m not even going to talk to anyone. I knew this was coming and I’m not going to say otherwise. Jason you need to go home. You tarnished my name.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-05-04-076

1:05pm – 1:15pm Bathroom – Shelli says that Austin was so weird during the meeting. He was sitting staring at Jason. Jason says I’m sure he had to do with my demise. James says that someone threw me under the bus. Jason tells James I did nothing to sell you out this week so you can buy whatever their selling. James says I don’t know what to believe. Jason says I’ve been loyal to all these f**King people and never said anything bad about any of these people. James says well maybe you should go up and talk to Vanessa. Jason says I will but I’m not going to go up right now and feed her grapes. James says that Vanessa said that Meg and Jason were agreeing with what she was saying. Meg starts crying and asks what things? She says I don’t know why you would believe what she says. Meg leaves crying. James tells Jason I don’t know why you’re not up there?? Clay asks James what was said. James says that Jason was talking sh*t about me and clearly the alliance wasn’t a real thing. She said that Jason was bad mouthing me. Jackie asks what did she say he said? James says she said she wouldn’t say until after Jason was gone. Jackie says no there’s something wrong with that!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-27 13-13-19-863

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Grenade yo! BOOM


remake of CLUELESS starring MEG, with Becky, John, James, Jackie, Steve, Jason/// Straight to DVD.


Becky, John, and Steve all knew. Sounds like you should star in Clueless!


So Van is saved from herself. It never made sense to get rid of Austin. It always made sense to go after the other side of the house.

Clay/Shelli/Van/Liz/Austin are dominating, and the others seem oblivious. The 5 will now become 6 with Julia, and unless they win comps the other house members are screwed.


Wonder how long it will take them to realize that Audrey actually told them the truth about the sixth sense alliance.


How much clearer could it be?


Take Cover!
This is straight from the mouth of a BB lover.
Jason what you didn’t git,
Vanessa popped you like her nasty little zit!

Chill Town

That boom you say you heard was Vanessa’s game ending. Chompers aka Shelli just got Vanessa to put the target squarely on herself, instead of her and Clay and will make it much further than she should. Instead of watching the war between sides Vanessa put herself square in the middle of it, that’s called bad gameplay. However she has hope because the rest of this cast sucks at the game as well. Rules to winning this game: Never win HOH or any comps, have a solid 2 person alliance, lie to everyone in order to form sub alliances with the rest of the house, agree to every deal, then stab everyone directly in their chest. Make them hate you, make them love you either way they are thinking of you and math at gives you control over them. That’s how the best win this game and the best is the puppet master Will Kirby.


Dr. Wil rocked, but none of these clowns are in the same league as the ultimate puppet-master.

Dr. Will

You couldn’t be more right. I’ve got a twist for production, bring Chill Town into this house before the show gets cancelled. We’d love to split another 500k.


Vanessa saying that Jason tarnished her name…..Vanessa tarnished her name all by herself!


Boooo! Jason keeps the game fun with his humor. Zzzzz when he goes. 🙁

Johnnymac is the best

Vanessa has clearly proven that she can’t be trusted. And now she is trying to blame James for Jason going up seriously? I hope this bites her in the ass and Becky goes home!

Wowie Mandel

I have no doubt production had a hand in this once again. This show is all about ratings and a big ex wrestler grooping a ditzy blonde makes for good t.v.
Vanessa tries way to hard to make it happen and I’m actually wondering what was in it for her


for her….. 500K USD less taxes 🙂


Vanessa will never win now. She has screwed herself into a hole with all of the lies shes told and deals she has broken. She couldve waltzed to the $$$ just like Derrick did but shes proven she is no Derrick. Epic fail Van, epic fail.


I’m pretty sure Vanessa doesn’t believe her own lies and pretenses, but she sure carries them off with conviction and without remorse. It’s a despicable trait.


I think what is “in it for her” is keeping a number for her side. Putting up Austin and having him get voted out would have been the real bone-headed move. Meanwhile, the King and Queen keep their castle clean.

Wowie Mandel

You have a point vera. But at final 6 (clay/shelli/twins /austin and her)she doesn’t have anybody. She could of had the twins to herself.


Saving Austin is going to come back to bite Vanessa in her ass.
She could have gotten rid of Austin who is flaky, a blabbermouth, untrustworthy and really has no loyalty/allegiance to Vanessa.
He would have been replaced by Julia coming in the game, so where is she losing in numbers?
She needs to be questioning where she stands with the twins as Liz is the one who blew her plan up with the BoB.
To me, it looks as if Vanessa has burned her candle at both ends, blown her game up and may try to go the crazy route to stay in the game because at this point, she is both a comp beast and totally expendable.
I may be wrong but that’s my opinion.


Don’t understand the love for Vanessa. She’s self-righteous and annoying. Like, fucking OWN your decisions man! Everything she does is all, ‘I had no choice, you lied to me!’ I get that most of the people on Big Brother have never actually WATCHED the show…or else maybe they would know that lying is the fucking point. And the fear of ‘getting blood on their hands’ is that? This is a newer BB phenomena. a) these people are not going to jury and b) no blood? no $500k (unless we’re talking BB11 in which case..). Love this season so far, but am not into the dried vanilla wafers we’re being left with as everyone with personality walks out the door. I like Shelli and Julia as much as I can, but holy shit, can we say ‘basic boring bitches’?!?!?!

The golden power of cheeto

When Jason said that big brother opened Pandora’s box with all the stuff that they let Audrey do last week, he was pissed, now he’s going stir up some shit.




Sick of Jason always referring to women as btches. It is really uncalled for. He ain’t gangsta and now it seems the head btch has flipped on you and sent you packing.


I love the excitement. I am over Liz and her pissy reaction with Austin. They are shitheads!


Good job Vanessa. Now we can see if the other side has any kind of working plan.


Jason was the only hope the other side had…now it’s steamroller and be boring as shit!


Agreed. I think it’s going to get very boring with him gone. I think by now, most of the viewers are tired of always seeing Austin and watching him go all bug-eyed for Liz. Also, it is strange how everyone does Vanessa’s bidding…. “Austin, go and eavesdrop”, “Steve, see what intel you can get”, blah blah; not many of them think for themselves and their own game. It will be interesting to see how this week pans out but I do think it will start getting boring soon. So much for what started out as an interesting season.

Has anyone seen UnReal the TVshow? I bet behind the scenes with production are much like what happens on Big Brother.

The Hammer

The next four or five weeks are going to look a lot like last year, with one power player (Vanessa or Shelli) calling all the shots. None of the players outside the Sixth Sense have a prayer at competitions except for maybe James, all the others will be picked off one by one. At least the Sixth Sense will have to turn on itself and fight like cats and dogs when the other side of the house has been completely steamrolled out the door, that should be fun to watch.


Don’t like Vanessa or the 6th sense, but this was her best move. Jason is a threat and a number on the other side. However, they could try to get out Becky. She is a major floater and a strong competitor. Jason needs 5 votes. Meg, James, Jackie is three. Steve, Jmac are floating and I don’t think would take out Becky. Only way I see is if they get into Vanessa’s ear, she’s so flip floppy and she rallies the troops to vote out Becky.


Steve a tool…won’t do shit …he’s gonna keep suckling vanessa bitch ass…get her the f out!


but he has voted against what he was supposed to do, so you cannot rely on him to vote any particular way.

however there is no way johnnymac will vote out becky. he might feel bad about voting out jason, but he isn’t keeping that guy over the girl he is sweet on. jackie is unlikely to vote for jason, she will probably stick with Becky anyway. Becky isn’t a floater, but she isn’t on any particular side and she can win comps, and has won comps. to me an HOH winner is not a floater.

in one of the other day’s recaps, i read vanessa saying, while shelli and liz are in the room, about how they didn’t have anyone who could win out an endurance like Jason (and i guess Jackie) can.

I can’t imagine that the lighter weight Liz and Shelli, who are similar body types and haven’t shown that they are not capable, would feel very flattered that vanessa doesn’t think they could win any endurance comps lol.


Calm down Jason.


What a pile of BS seriously. The other side of the house just sits around waiting to get picked off! It’s BB16 with more drama b/c of the lies the HOH’s are telling us feeders. Otherwise it’s the “spring lambs” going to slaughter week after week.
Swell…… we wait til Thursday for another HOH comp then BOB Friday followed by the always popular 2 HOH saying lets work together your safe! And an always surprising throw the BOB that sets right up for Van/Shelli to run the week.
Even in this thread we read people talking about game move and whether it was good or not. Really folks look at the season. Those left on the outsiders were deemed the least dangerous, poorest players. DA and Jeff early evictions and the soul of that side was gone. James little pee shot was Jace. In hind sight what a wasted HOH that was cementing James as a buffoon! Not one has game just talkie, talkie and mostly among themselves.
It does bring us to Steve and Johnnie Mac. JM popular with Shelli/Clay and Steve obviously with Vanessa. About Steve 1st…. Some folks comparing him to the Wee fella I don’t see it. His game a lot closer to Andy the rat in relaying info but no alliance so certainly no Rat boy but a lot of Shelly(13). Could be dangerous in another season but Van to smart to not use him then dispose of him before F4 as an example
Johnnie Mac may have fan appeal, I’m a fan, but he picked the wrong group in Shelli/Clay. Van will get both of them plus JM too. Nessa has 6 strong until she decides 5 then she’ll pull Steve in then likely take out JM on a lie(who would have thought).
One of the few interesting things is the season has had very few pure strength comps. The guys aren’t dominating or dominant for that matter. I believe that will effect how Van plays it going forward. Unless the outsiders get Austin, I think she keeps Austin til Shelli goes. That’s the only F2 she could lose at this point. Vanessa just needs to pick off a few more outsiders so Clay has no one to work with after Shelli gets backdoored. Lots of fun when they turn on each other after the BOB thing is over maybe. I cannot see Van/Shelli/Clay F3 there is 500K at stake.


Seriously. Andy elevated the scurrying rat strategy to an Art Form. Future BB historians will recognize his genius. Steve is a squirrel, at best.


though i would like to see the other side of the house actually win something, this season has been so much better than at least the last five or six, because the main alliance has at least two strong players that will clearly be targeting each other once we get down to six or seven. every other recent season has had players like dan or derrick dominate and you just needed to look at them to see who goes home.

vanessa knows she has to target clay eventually (had he not won the pov this week, she might have even pulled the trigger then and there), and likewise clay knows he needs to turn on vanessa eventually (that’s why he’s constantly pulling that girls’ alliance rumor crap, trying to get someone like james to do his dirty work if james could actually win something again). in the meantime they’re biding their time whittling down pawns and hoping they still have enough when an opportunity presents itself, which i think could happen any week. seriously, had clay been unable to take himself off the block this week, it could have really flipped the game. in the meantime jason going is better for vanessa while becky going is better for clay, so we could see some conflict (though i doubt it, most likely jason’s going because he couldn’t keep to himself the twin stuff austin shouldn’t have told him).

looking forward to next week the fact that vanessa can’t be hoh next week puts her in a relatively dangerous spot as it gives clay and shelli an opportunity to boot her (though i still don’t think they have the numbers), word could get to liz and austin about vanessa’s initial indifference about their going home (though i still think the twins and austin would keep her safe, julia particularly) or steve for that matter making vanessa a target for them, and meg/jackie/james/remaining nominee should all be targeting vanessa if they can get their heads in the game and not be blinded by targeting the twins. all that leaves vanessa with as an ally is johnny mac who tends to do whatever the house wants and as i just noted there are legitimate reasons the rest of the house should want vanessa gone (plus i think his strategy is to never win hoh so he never has to get blood on his hands).


I agree Becky is a floater, but not a strong competitor. She won 1 HOH.(as did Jackie) IMO this doesn’t make someone a strong competitor. They have no strategy. I hope the other side wakes up, remember what Audrey told them and vote out Becky and flip the game. Otherwise they might as well give Vanessa the win.

Canadian Kevin

I seriously hope that the “other side” wins HOH and puts up Vanessa.

i’m not even a big Jason fan, but she did this dirty, while talking about being honest. Enough of the hypocrisy.

And Shelli’s comment the other day about their side being morally right?

That side of the house needs to go down in flames. They’re so arrogant.

And i would really love to not read about Austin and Liz so much – the cams have all these other people to follow!


I so cannot wait to see Vanessa’s butt on the block. She is such a hypocrite. All this BS about the “lies’ YOU are the one spewing them. I real thought the Jeff thing would bite her in the ass when Audrey outed her but Meg/James & Co. just chalked it up to Audrey being Audrey making up stuff. WAKE UP PEOPLE . I mean come on Shelli & Clay along with Austin and Liz LIVE up in that HOH room with Vanessa.

There other two I can’t wait to see on the block are Clay & Shelli. Shelli and her high moral ground gmafb…. you two are completely two faced and have sold out EVERYONE!!! I wish the other side of the house would have woken up to this before Jason got put on the block.


I would feel that way if she tried to get out Jackie, but Jason has said he has no issues putting Vanessa up so this move is actually beneficial. I don’t think Austin gave her enough reasons to get rid of him in the end because she naturally gives him so much more leeway. I think it would have taken Austin to say blatantly “I would put Julia over Vanessa” to have made her take him out. He wanted a twin out, which doesn’t actually hurt her game. Not saying she’s not flip floppy, but getting rid of Jason at this time is a great move.

Julia might get mad at Vanessa though so we shall see how she spins it with her.

She made a good move getting Becky in, still need to work on JohnMac.

Becky pisses me off with her crying… Her heads not even in the game and she has done nothing for weeks, does she expect things just to fall in place?


oops not Becky, but Meg’s crying. She did nothing to protect her people for weeks now, so her side going shouldn’t be a surprise for her. Jason can’t keep his mouth shut over important things…why he talked about Julia is beyond me, if he didn’t fan those flames I think this week would have been more horrible for Austin/Liz/Vanessa.

I think Shelli and Liz are getting very arrogant, while Clay has always been. I think Austin and Vanessa have been knocked down a few pegs and don’t feel as safe now.


Meg needs to step it up and stop trying to be the cutesy lovable blonde and play the damn game. I’m sure she will be going home next.

I survived last seasons BB

And there it is………..What I truly wanna see is Jackie win HOH..Imagine that by Her being dethroned as HOH due to Clay, that She is eligible to play,wins, and puts Vanessa and Clay up

THAT would be Poetic Justice

Canadian Kevin

Vanessa and Clay on one side, Austin and Liz on the other, with Shelli as a backdoor plan!


I couldn’t even think of Shelli as a backdoor plan. I have to say NEIGH!!!!

Canadian Kevin

I’m just tired of one side having power week after week.

This is why i stopped watching last years BB too.


I’d go with Vanessa and Clay versus Austin and Shelli. Reason being Clay may actually throw it to save Shelli and that would leave him and Vanessa up. POV still leaves a big target up.

The Hammer

The odds for the clowns outside the Sixth Sense winning both HOH spots are virtually zero. Even if they did they are not smart enough to figure out the alliance, would probably nominate each other.

BB Drafter

Glad I don’t have Jason on my team. Sucks that he will be leaving though.

Team Edward

Now this is what BB is all about. NAnd if/when Vanessa, Clay, Shelli get theirs…..Hot damn its gonna get good.


Exactly! THIS IS WHY WE WATCH THE SHOW!!! I’d rather hate Austin and things switch up and him stay in the house than know that he’s being evicted as soon as the BOB is over. If he had stayed the target, it would have been a “let’s hope something cool happens next week” kind of week.


So sick of Jason referring to women as btches. It is really uncalled for and seems fitting that the head btch has now sent him packing. He ain’t gangsta, the term is rude how he uses it. To quote Steve, “Smell ya later”


Not a fan of his references either but I can understand this time…

Team Dawg

It’ll be interesting to see what Jason can do from here. If he can swing Shelli and Clay he has a chance, but I’d put that at about 20% chance of happening. I doubt they’ll go against 6th Sense when they’ll definitively have the numbers.


Poor Jason, I hope these people implode on themselves! I am still pretty sure Becky will be walking out the door though. Jason understands the game. He will make nice.


Well at least for once, it was a blindside. Everything has been “whatever the house wants” all the time so it’s nice for a change to blindside someone.

Member of the Ant Farm

The real b*tch has been served!! Gee…you were just talking about going back on your word to Vanessa with your deal, so booya, seeya!!


That a girl vanhorn


Does Van really think this is a big game move…? A big game move would be putting Shelli up this, or even Austin as the original plan..


yes getting out people who have your back this early in the game is huge game moves… for stupid people… Jason just mentioned that he did not care whether he kept his deal to Vanessa or not.. that was while she was HOH. He could not keep his mouth shut for five seconds.. it was a pretty good move for Vanessa’s game.. and ya a huger move than Austin b/c everyone wanted Austin out

is it just me

no that would be a stupid move
do not mistake what you want to see with what is a good move for Vanessa
it would be idiotic to put up an ally hoping the other side will not come after you when they have the numbers

Stop crying about how the season is boring because the people you like are incompetent. Get used to the idea that the 6th sense alliance simply plays a better game and the other side has no chance. Even if they put them up next week they do not have the numbers to send anyone home. The outsiders are done for and good ridance. They were terrible at the game they are getting exactly what terrible players get.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Can someone please throw a nuclear bomb at Smelli and Vulvessa? ONLY these two! Thank you very much!


Liz is pure trash.


Play the game people. Don’t float along hoping someone will save you. Hope Vanessa, Austin and Steve make it to the end.


Your name really becomes you.


Agreed! They can’t just sit around and float to the comp winners. They have to start playing the game, comps and all or be picked off one by one and the viewers get cheated again.


Lol! Love it! Jason is funny on the show and in the dr but he’s a little bitch at all other times. Who is he to make fun of people? Karma’s a bitch! Hahaha

Member o the Ant Farm

Yet he has the gall to say that he has never said anything bad about any of them!! Sometimes I think these people don’t even hear what’s coming out of their own mouths!!




Although I don’t particularly agree with Vanessa’s current method … their results are good
Shelli got out Da and Audrey … Van got out Jeff and Jason
Threats to their alliance … It’s quit simple
It’s called an Alliance people … If the others can’t figure that out then that’s on them.
If you’re playing a chess match … Do you help you’re opponent? No!
Do you toss the football to the other team so they can score? No


Uh… Jason is still in the house. Don’t count Vanessa’s chickens before they hatch.


Actually liked Jason, but his mouth got him in trouble! He was actually really nasty toward Steve and was WAY too eager about exposing the twins…. cost him the game.


It’s official. Vanessa is one of the worst players ever. Vanessa is going home next week. She’s a liar and goes back on her word and gkes crazy with power each time she gets HOH much like Devin. If Jason leaves there’s not gonna be any more good DR’s except from maybe Julia. Hate the sixth sense alliance. I hope there’s a takeover where America votes for the HOH cause this Sixth Sense alliance pisses me off. Hope Liz and Julia target Vanessa after they found out she got someone to throw the botb and I hope Julia takes out Austin aka Creepmode cowboy number 2


should have sent jason home last week. think this is the right call game wise.


Well at least we get to see more drama and stumbles from the creepster Austin! Maybe we will get to see his heart get stomped all over and crushed when Liz tells him that him touching her and trying to kiss her makes her gag. Hopefully Liz can have them install a steel door with a double lock at the jury house so he can’t stand over her bed at night and watch her sleep. I would like to see Vanessa roll with the twins now after getting rid of James and Jackie. I would pull in John, Becky and Meg with the twins and get rid of 1/2 gay Clay and his I think about my brother when I look at you girl. (See her scold him like a naughty little boy last night when he would not stand where she wanted?) She should know there are cameras behind the mirrors no? She should have turned on those fake tears we all enjoy seeing!


Wake up. Liz is a *****.


Maybe, but Austin is still an idiot for “falling in love” in 1 MONTH……especially knowing Liz is a huge flirt.


Does it seem like Jason is tossing in the towel? I wish there was more drama than this, if not this is going to be boring real quick especially with plain jane I mean meg.


I for one prefer Meg’s plain Jane look as compared to the putty packers and artificial floatation devices. Not much of a game player but she has sweet and sexy down.

The Truth

You should change your handle to James.


Hopefully, that was just Jason’s first, stunned reaction. Maybe he will still give it his best shot…


time for a twist , if production can do everything in there power to protect the powerful side of the house then why not the underdogs .


Lots of excitement from both groups of fans. Jason fans call this the worst move every Vanessa fans call this a good game move the only thing I can say for certain is

This is not the worst season of Big Brother and this season is not boring.


but still very much in the shadow of last season


In the shadow of season 15…I don’t know…

(I assume 16 is like the Star Wars Christmas movie everyone pretends never happened)


What a back stabbing b1tch Vanessa


Can someone tell me who are in alliances?


All alliances or alliances that are not fake?

another name

majority alliance (sixth sense plus): Austin, becky, clay, john, Julia, liz, shelli, steve, vanessa.
minority alliance: Jackie, James, Jason, meg.
Other Alliances:
sos: steve, vanessa
rockstars: john,steve.
3’s company: clay, shelli (final 2 deal), vanessa (final three deal) with fake fourth becky.
the fringe: clay, john, shelli
freaks and geeks: Austin, Julia, liz, vanessa (final four deal) steve.
goblins: Jason, meg.
non-alliance deals:
john becky (watch each others’ backs no strict alliance)
john vanessa (safe to after top 10)
becky Jackie (watch each others’ backs)
Jackie vanessa (handshake not to nominate each other this week)
Jason vanessa (he can’t nominate her, or vote to evict her, must use the veto to save her and give her cigarettes because she used pov on him previously).
james + vanessa Austin liz (not to nominate each other)
clay Jason meg shelli : not to nominate each other
defunct alliance:
black moon: becky, clay, Jackie, james, Jason, meg, shelli, vanesssa.


Jason and his tribe deserve what they get .they need to win hoh and they choose not to. Nobody wants to play the game anymore,it’s like a little vacation from the real world.its all a big joke,I watch this show with granddaughter and I just shake my head, oh my ,the new generation


Bye Jason, You shoudlve volunteered as a player on the BOB., Thats what you and Day got just for targeting Audrey and not playing the game


Liz the biggest b1tch. She is really dumb too and is really lucky she has Vanessa.


Cause Vanessa won BOB all by herself except for the letter I?


Ik everyone hates the sixth sense but let’s be honest only their members are playing the game… The winner is most likely in their alliance. Still rooting for Johnny though!!

Bill Cosby

It’s so racist for her to put up the gay guy. Take a sip of this drink and try to relax everybody.


Isnt Vanessa gay? So not sure how that would be racist by her putting up Clay. Look I cant stand Vanessa she is dirt to me DIRT!!!! but I don’t think she put up Clay because he is gay. I cant wait until they start fighting amongst themselves. Shelli is NASTY and needs to close her legs to 20 year old BOYS!!!!!!!!!!


Clay is not gay yet. When he gets to ,35, losing hair, beer gut, he’ll get disco fever.


Even if she did put him up because he is gay it still would not be racist. You need a dictionary.


I’m pretty sure you have no idea what “racist” means.

Bill Cosby

Now, you’re being racist too. Take a sip of this drink, never mind the pills at the bottom, you gonna have a nice warm chocolate jello pudding pop in your mouth real soon you racist cracker.


Jason and his tribe deserve what they get .they need to win hoh and they choose not to. Nobody wants to play the game anymore,it’s like a little vacation from the real world.its all a big joke,I watch this show with granddaughter and I just shake my head, oh my ,the new generation


right so many house guests seem to think its spring break and party time


Noooooo not Jason!! Vanessa needs to go she’s too irrational. I hope the other side of the house finally wins this week!


Don’t worry BB will step in and save your precious Jason. Probably with that darn takeover. Jason is a nice kid. Wish it had been James instead. But jason does have a big yapper…any way great blindside!


I’ve only watched the first couple episodes of this season and I wasn’t impressed. So I just came here to see if anything exciting or unexpected happen…aaannnnd NADA LOL. They keep casting the same type of people. First time haven’t followed big brother since the beginning. I guess I’m officially done! This blog is still cool though! Peace

I'm not even "Twistin' for the win" right now!

Damn…I’m bummed. I like Jason and am sorry this is happening to him. I’m more bummed because Vanessa’s reasoning is bullsh*t. I was originally a fan of hers but I have since discovered her delusional and bi-polar side, I can no longer be a party to her crap.

Amazes me how they (Shelly, Vanessa) are so self-righteous in a game when it’s clearly all about lying, cheating and back-stabbing. If you are going to put someone on the block, keep it real and do it because it’s good for your game, not because someone “lied” and “you know how I feel about someone lying to me”. What? Only they can lie? Shelly thinks she’s playing a “moral” game, maybe in her dreams when she is cuddled up with a kid, because let’s face it…he is still just a kid. Wonder what morals she would draw on when having to face this kid’s mother on finale night. As far as I’m concerned – she needs to do some moral soul-searching of her own.

I need TWO from the outside to win HOH next week for me to find any happiness with BB right now. Sick of the steam-roll. Good season, good characters, lots of drama – but I’m hating the steam-roll of the righteous.

One last point to make in my rant: good for Liz…you deserve to be in the jury house being hounded and pawed by that giant iguana. I hope he tries to french kiss you next!!!! (Damn – I made my own self laugh on that one)


That one made me laught too…….right after I shuddered.


Seriously can’t wait to boo Va-nasty … she’s loyal to no one! Liz, shut -up and go whore yourself out some more. GROSS

AKA Twistin' for the win!

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO! Love the sarcasm! Almost felt like I heard you say it…tone and all!!!!!


Vanessa hasn’t wanted to get any blood on her hands all season. Now she has clearly drawn a line and soaked her hands. Honestly, Im happy to see she isn’t doing damage control. Hopefully the other side now knows whats going on and they try to fight back.

Lets hope the other side has some players so that this isn’t boring until final 6 or 7


I’m sorry, but is anybody else insanely annoyed with Liz/Julia’s voice? I mean it makes her sound even cockier than she is. She acts like she’s queen of the house. (along with Vanessa).


She sounds like Scarlett Johansson.


I remember someone (Someone with a propensity for lying ) warning Meg, James, Jackie and Jason about a 6 person alliance running the house.. With the exception of James didn’t they all just laugh and didn’t take it seriously..


They have all the pieces to the puzzle, but can’t seem to understand the picture. Lol what a bunch of dummies.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I sadly have to evict…I mean agree!


Yes Simon they heard the truth and discounted the obvious indications that for once Audrey was not lying. There were all kinds of signs there was a 6 person alliance and she even named names. Jason has himself to blame for being so myopic and only focusing on Audrey for the first three weeks and not playing the game. He and Mag had total tunnel vision. The also haven’t mixed that well with the others to have anyone feeling any alligience to him at all. I am so hoping the two “sides” of the house take each other out allowing JohnnyMac and Steven to come up the middle. Not a bit fan of Vanessa but at least she can sure shake the house up and cause drama. She sure is a hypocrite though. I don’t know what game she is playing but in lying and doing things behind alliance members backs is huge part of Big Bother and a huge part of what makes watching it so fun!!!1


Thats what i was thinking. They could have kept audry with votes from meg james jason jackey becky and get steve on board as well but instead they take her out after she told them all everything, that was a dumb move and if they had listened to audry they would have added another number to there side but because of there hate for audry it will cost all of them a chance at 500k. I dont feel bad for jason and his side at all because there all bad big brother players. Only crappy thing if they did keep her then my boy j.mac would be gone but id rather see a great move in the game then my favorite player stay. People wanna trash van sheli clay austin but really there the only ones playing the game and saying that im not a fan of any of them but you still gotta be true and admit who the players are and who the non players are. That all said i dont like van at


Jackie is not my favorite but It would be epic if she won HoH on double eviction and put vennessa and Austin on the block. Btw is the battle of block ending this double eviction or no? I forgot lol


I think Vanessa may have made herself a bigger target for Jackie…maybe bigger than Austin. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackie tells Austin the original plan was to backdoor him (not knowing he knows since Vanessa spun it as a mole in the Dark Moon scenario to cover up The Sixth Sense) and tries to work with him. The only chance the other side has is if two of them win HOH. Even then it might not work because they trust Shelli and Clay.

Ms Retta

I love Jason and I hope he doesn’t go. There are 2 things that make me I’ll. these idiots don’t realize that Shelli (who will drag along her boy toy) and Vanessa are steamrolling over them. I can’t stand the 3 of them but they are playing a game similar to Derrick. Why doesn’t anyone see this. 2. Liz says she isn’t into Austin but as much as I can’t stand him, she is even worse. She is leading him on so she will have a shield and that is not gameplay. That is just wrong.


Vanessa right now is getting pissed at Shelli and Clay because they are telling Meg they had no part in Jason on the block when they had a HUGE part in it lol

Watch Van get pissed at Shelli and Clay, than out of spite vote out Becky lol


Vanessa can’t vote this week.

Ms Retta

If you’re paying attention you will notice that when it comes down to the nitty gritty Shelley will be loyal to no one. I think in the end she will even turn on Clay. I agree with you completely.