“They tried to screw us this week, It’s us against the world in here”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 20-11-51-869_jpg

8:00pm HOH Jason, Meg, Vanessa and JAckie
They bring up LIz and Austin are in the full showmance. Jason says they are like Brendon and Rachel because she jumps in his arms after they win things.
Jackie saying how they all have to do their part they’ve all spent time on the block. (except for Vanessa)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 20-12-52-616_jpg

8:11pm Bedroom Steve and JOHNNYMAC
jmac – it’s not hectic but shits about to go down in the next couple hours. Get up
says it’s really “vibey” out there, “It’s interesting”
Steve says it’s going to keep getting worse .. Strange Nominees
Jmac – I want cookies
‘Steve – Johny one conditions we have to dip them in cool whip
Jmac – don’t break my arm
Steve – why would that break your arm
Jmac – you don’t have to twist my arm to do it.. I said it wrong … my bad..

(John and Steve are awesome)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 20-18-53-476_jpg

8:17pm HOH Becky, Jason, Vanessa, jackie

Becky telling them about the BOB Competition. Sounds like the messed up with the spelling of Jocasta they had it as Jocosta (It’s great that the pair everyone thought was a given to win lost)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 20-19-09-483_jpg

8:18pm Clay and AUstin
Clay saying Vanessa main is becky secondary steve
Clay would rather Steve gone
Austin – I know … I don’t trust him he’s throwing everything he’s a waste of space we can’t count on his vote
Austin – definitely need to get you off that’s the thing
Clay – we got to make sure even if he does get drawn for POV he needs to throw ti
Austin wonder is JAckie is the target. Clay says they have to talk to Vanessa.
Austin – ideally we get Steve out
Clay asks him if he thinks James threw the BOB.
Austin thinks he might have.
Clay says he had no idea James was throwing the competition. AUstin mentions Liz saying James was dragging his feet.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 20-26-31-750_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 20-26-29-739_jpg

8:23pm Have nots Austin and Liz
Austin says Clay was asking him if he thought James threw the competitions.
Liz asks why he would ask that.
Austin says Clay is nervous, “something’s up”
Austin – “I’m so proud of you how did you do that it’s so crazy”
Liz says no one saw her and James competing it they saw her they would all know James threw it.
Liz says all she could think of was jumping in his arms she was thinking about the competition, “The secret just thinking about it”
She’s pissed that James threw it. Point out Meg and James are up in the HOH right now talking to Vanessa.
Austin – Jackie’s not HOH anymore doesn’t matter.. they are all freaked out..
Austin – I just want to save Clay
Liz asks if she should feel bad because Vanessa didn’t want to be HOH
Austin – No

Liz about Becky – she’s the biggest sour puss
Austin brings up trying to give her a hug and she pushed him away.
They agree would be good to get her out. Sounds like they want to take Clay down and get Meg up to vote out Becky. (Thats their best case))
Liz – “James didn’t help me at all .. it was literally all me”
Liz – I’m off the block I don’t care.
Liz brings up that Julia is getting so close to Johnnymac “She’ so dumb”
Austin – she does her own thing when she’s in here
Liz – Becky looks scared
Austin – Oh she looks so scared
Austin – They tried to screw us this week, they can’t beat us.
Austin – I looked at Vanessa said James threw it went downstairs and Clay is asking about JAmes throwing it ..
Austin wonder how it got out so quickly.
Austin – We beat them.. every week we beat them they had Jackie in power and they lost it.
Liz – f****g idiots
Austin – we have to get Clay off the block
Liz – Clay is in the way of 500K
Austin – he’s on our side
liz – I know 100%

They agree Shelli was “So PIssed” at Clay for losing the HOH
Austin and Liz agree there’s something up with Shelli and Clay
Austin – it’s us against the world in here
Liz says they have to go up to the HOH and talk to her. Austin say they can’t right now they’ll do it later tonight.
Liz – I felt like Frankie doing it all myself.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 21-11-39-623_jpg
9:02pm Clay and Austin
Talking about Winning out the season bouncing back and forth winning competitions.
Austin – as long as we have the veto we have the votes we have the power.
Austin is really pushing for Steve to go home this week says he’s sick of Steve doesn’t want to see him in jury.
Clay asks if Austin though Liz was a target
Austin says from Jackie’s point of view she was the target. (Mentioned he loves Liz and the other is alright)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 21-12-49-620_jpg

LIz joins them says James threw the BOB.

Austin brings up how James is acting :”Not HAppy” about winning it
LIz confirms he was not thrilled he won the BOB

Clay’s eyes light up says once Julia comes in they have 6 voters they control the house.
Austin – we’re going to win HOH again we have the numbers
Clay tells them the main goal is to get Steve out.
LIz leaves.
Austin says Meg, JAmes and JAson have been buddy buddy in the HOH

Austin says it’s not clear cut this week there’s a lot of wrinkles.\

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 21-15-40-734_jpg
Vanessa joins them says her face is exploding with sores. She leaves..
Austin says if LIz went home and he was left in the house he wouldn’t be able to function in the house.
Austin tries to bond with im because they are the only people that are going through the game in a showmance.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 21-19-25-154_jpg
9:17pm Shelli joins them.

Clay says this situation worked out the best Julia comes in this week they have 6 people
Austin – we’re golden .. thursday.. it’s happening we did it
Shelli says Vanessa is taking a nap she needs time alone.
Austin says he wants to play in the POV wants to save Clay so they can get Steve up.
Clay doesn’t think anyone won’t use it
Austin reassure them if the nominations stay the same they have the votes
Clay – we need to keep Steve calm.

9:33pm Austin telling them he was told Julia and Liz liked him he originally thought Julia liked him.
Shelli says she really like Julia. Austin “really, Glad someone does”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 21-40-29-106_jpg
9:40pm jmac and Clay
John saying at this point they just see who get picked for Veto and take it from there.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 21-43-26-577_jpg

9:40pm Shelli and Jackie
Shelli saying that Austin has no idea what is going on he’s saying the twins come in next week. Shelli comments how weird it is that Austin wants a twin out before Jury.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 21-47-04-854_jpg

9:45pm Clay and Shelli
Shelli tells him not to pick Austin if he gets Housguest choice. Clay thinks Austin would use the veto on him.

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Clay is so stupid. Liz….”If you draw Houseguest choice don’t pick Austin”, Clay….”Why, he would used the veto on me”? Gee, Clay…they want Austin out, they don’t want him to PLAY IN THE VETO!!! Where they find this idiot??? A box of rock would be smarter then Clay!!


sure but clay is right to think about clay’s safety. The others aren’t on the block, if Clay ends up picking someone who is obligated to take Becky down, he’s still up there. He knows the way he’s playing it now, if Austin won it Austin will use it on Clay.

The only safe pawn is a pawn that wins the veto, or that has a veto used on him. can he guarantee anyone else will choose to take him down? not even shelli is going to guarantee that, and austin kind of has a better shot at winning.

i think it is too soon (cliche but apt) for them to be targeting Austin over anyone else. Keeping austin, who has been close to winning and has won comps, makes a lot more sense to have him on your team rather than listening to vanessa who is putting him up before she really has a good position in the house. too many HGs, and she’s been HOH too many times for this to really work out for her. the other side must be loling all over the place that she chose to put up Clay for real


I think its smart that Clay is thinking about his own safety by thinking about choosing Austin, but then the entire house will see that Clay is potentially working with Austin and going against the plan of Austin being backdoored. If Clay chooses Austin with houseguest choice and both of them loose the veto, it may backfire and the rest of the house will be pissed and Clay could be evicted as a result.


Thinking of his safety or not it would be just plain stupid for him to pick Austin if he gets houseguests choice. Shelli and Vanessa would probably be livid considering Austin is their backdoor target and he’d have just eliminated any chances they’d have of making it happen should Austin win the veto.

A box of rox for the jock

who’s head is full of Clay.


Here’s a future pic of Austin…after getting arrested stalking Liz…breaking the restraining order she’ll have on him. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/7-XTTRo8DVU/hqdefault.jpg


Austin is, hands down, the most annoying person left in the house. His obsession with Liz and willingness to throw her sister to the side speaks volumes about his character. He told Shelli and Clay that he was told that Liz, Julia, AND Jason had a crush on him. Really? Really??? And he was also told that Liz and Julia had to figure out between the two of them who liked Austin more. On what planet is this happening?! On top of all his delusions, his irrational hate towards Steve makes me dislike Austin even more. This is not high school; you’re playing Big Brother!


But I make Austin/Judas look so damn good… How could all the women not want us!


Im concerned for Becky now

Dingleberry Assassin

Austin must not be picked for POV. Austin must be backdoored. Austin must go home. Austin smells musty!


liz tells austin, her twin is stupid for being close to johnnymac, y?. do she think julia is better off spooning with austin??

Big brother fan

Where Audrey? ????


I know we are all pumped and overjoyed Clay is still on the block but AT THIS POINT (always subject to change) there are 4 people in my mind who will go home this week.

1. Austin – unless he wins Veto he will be going up because Vanessa will convince everyone including Johnny MAC and Steve, and the other sheep to take Clay off.
2. Steve – If Austin wins people will be pushing hard for Steve to go up. He isn’t in this “8” alliance, Austin/Twins. If it’s not Austin it’s Steve
3. Becky – If she stays up she can go home if it’s her VS Steve
4. Johnny MAC- If Austin wins and Vanessa doesn’t make to put Steve up the last option is J MAC 🙁

Unfortunately Vanessa has everyone’s trust somehow and it’s probably Austin or Steve. Everyone will use the veto of they win for Vanessa which sucks because I don’t see Clay going home. Who wouldn’t use the Veto? Johnny MAC and Steve maybe? Maybe? Hopefully!?!?!

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC….. And Steve ;))))))))


Clayfus is so dumb that Shelli is starting to sound intelligent


Shelli IS intelligent. You don’t have to like her, but she’s actually playing the game. And well.
*this is subject to change at any moment, especially since her man is on the block*

Mrs. Mac

CLAYFUS!!!!!!! Lol


Can’t wait for Julia to come in and fix Liz … Hopefully Vanessa doesn’t chicken out and creepy Austin goes home

Bomb Squad

I really hope whoever wins the veto keeps the noms the same or uses it on becky to put up shelli,
probably wont happen but that would ake a great episode


The person with the veto doesn’t pick the replacement unless it’s a DPOV. Vanessa will not put Shelli up next to Clay. She won’t put Steve up either and that leaves her John, Meg, Jason, Jackie, Austin. Austin is the one most likely to get house consensus. Any of the others could split the vote. This could be an interesting week.


I’m really hoping Vanessa doesnt backdoor Austin honestly it would be a dumb move for her so would gettiong out steve she needs to put up jackie or meg with becky time for some floaters to go. i would be ok with noms staying the same and clay leaving to but thats doubtful

BOTB is the worst twist ever

I dont get why Jason, meg and james are aligning with vanessa shelli and clay. i thought they were on the other side of the house, this is why the BOTB twist sucks, one large alliance just controls the whole with no real power moves, i was really surprised they brought it back from last season as a “fan favourite” despite the fact that most fans hated it.


I don’t think “most fans” hated it, just the people who like to complain about everything.

BoB adds choices and strategy to the game. It forces people to show their cards and work across alliances. Without it, Vanessa would’ve been sole HoH and she would’ve put up Becky and Steve, then played POV and either Austin or Steve goes home and that would’ve been that.

Now we have Clay on the block and that opens up potential for things to get interesting.


Austin deserves whatever he gets. He is so ridiculous. He really thinks he is hot stuff. A real waste of a human being. Having concerns about Liz. Wouldn’t want that creep near my sister humiliate the hell out of it


I’ve been watching POP, Austin has the biggest ego. Pleeeeeeeeeeeese get that garbage out of the house!!


Watching Austin rub liz’s back makes me feel so uncomfortable. I wonder if she likes it. I do remember her telling Julia, I have to whore myself out to Austin. Eeewww

B-bad owl

Obviously she likes it. She can tell everyone in the house she doesn’t. She can tell her sister she doesn’t. She can sit in the DR and tell us she doesn’t. But she wouldn’t go jump into his arms if she didn’t like it.
I don’t necessarily believe she likes him per say. But she definitely likes attention from a man that likes her.
Not the prettiest inner soul.
Give me all your thumbs down for pointing out the truth.

Unspoken girls alliance.

I always get the feeling when they’re running a guy out the door, Liz seems to be in that guys face blinding his eyes to his fate.


Julia comes across as knowing Liz is a flirt and Liz is like this outside of the house. She’s probably the girl who doesn’t pay for very many drinks. She likes the attention but I do believe she’s not that into Austin. She keeps him on the line to shield her.


Why this creep austin don´t asked why Vanessa put up Clay, if they are in six sense together ???

Austins creeping hands



Why does Austin remind me so much of Coach from Survivor? They’re very similar.


Dear Julia, i am very sory for you has a trash-dumb version of yourself. #Degeneratetwin

Audreys Balls

These people are all IDIOTS!! Get Clay or Austin out while u have the chance IDIOTS!!


Becky is a competitor. Lets say she wins POV and Venessa puts up Austin as a replacement – who goes home Clay or Austin ?

Brad H

Austin would definitely go home! Liz would probably be the only person to vote for him to stay, but Julia could be the one voting lmao


If ONLY Audrey had stayed in the game for one week more she could’ve won HOH and put clay n shell up the block this week !!!!!


Nope I’m glad she gone. She was liar and manipulator. And almost ruined Jason’s and other people’s game.


Wait…your calling Audrey a liar and a manipulator?
What does that make Vanessa? You do realize this
is Big Brother don’t ya?


It´s sad when they have to fill a house of dumb guys to assure one girl will win.

(i am a woman and yes the true is very sad)


between the twins, I like julia better, she’s nicer.


These people are all kinda dumb. Austin is the dumbest. Bye Austin. He doesn’t suspect anything. And Liz won’t want anything to do with him when Vanessa and shelli tell her that Austin wants to get Julia evicted. Idiot.

Just a player

:’ ( I was really feeling bad for Liz until tonight. the pic of her straddle hugging him now shows me that (even as repulsive as Austin is…which is ieeewwww factor to the 1 millionth degree) she is definatley encouraging this beyond just game play. Stockholmes syndrome?!?! Sooo disappointed to think it’s just really bad taste….wanted to like her….hope Julia comes in and wreaks havoc on those two!


Jackie making a fool of herself up in the HOH room just totally hating on the twins and saying they are going next. Vanessa just looking at her like you are so clueless.

Jackies hate for the twins…mostly Liz is very funny. She isn’t jealous cuz of Austin..but she is sooooo jealous of Liz and just hates her with such a passion. LOL!

Jackie Who?

Jackie has a lot of nerve! She was a floater until she won HOH, and now she is acting like she is running the show. She is being snobby, and she needs to get over herself. She was arrogant when she said the twins have no one but Austin, and when she said they have the house organized and will get rid of Austin, the twins, and Steve. I hope Jackie lies to Vanessa or Shelli about something that will make Vanessa mad enough to backdoor Jackie. Either that or I want Shelli to be rude to Vanessa about Clay being put on the block so Vanessa will backdoor Shelli. It want to see Jackie, Clay or Shelli go home this week. Vanessa can leave next week.That snobby elitist attitude “I am better than you” garbage gets on my nerves.

Like...I'm Jackie

Exactly!!! She thinks that Vanessa, Shelli and clay are her new best friends and that they have her back. What a moron! I can’t stand listening to her talk! She needs to go back to being a quiet floater…

Mrs. Mac

I really had no opinion on Austin the first coupe if weeks. Didn’t hate him, didn’t like him. Now I am repulsed. He had the strangest mixture of low self esteem and narcissism that just makes him unbearable to watch.

production rigged it

Jackie is hilarious thinking that she’s this great game player now because she finally won something. She’s talking about how the twins don’t do anything, that’s funny considering they’ve won more than she has. She’s in for a rude awakening when things don’t go how she thinks they’re going to because unlike her Vanessa actually wants to twins in jury because they will be 2 votes.


Jackie is playing the game smart so far, in my opinion. She is a competitor, she just needed to lay low coming into the game. She had a target on her back from the beginning. And rememeber, She did really well in the comp where they were holding onto the sticks, remember? She’s very underestimated. I don’t really like her personality but I think she is doing all the right things in terms of game play. It would be smart to align with shelli and clay. If one of them is in your corner, you have two votes if you are on the block. Smart if you ask me.


I really would not be surprised if Vanessa wins Big Brother. Shelly & Becky look like they could be winners as well however I have a gut feeling that Vanessa will win. Either way a female will win this season.

Butters Mom

I just think Liz must have really low self esteem to be attracted to Austin. Its not easy to watch.

Austin's Hat

Why is it so hard to believe that anyone could be interested in Austin? Just because someone doesnt trip your trigger doesnt mean theyre unloveable! He is kind and generous with his concern for those he cares about. Think of it as beauty and the beast if you cant get past his book’s cover. It says more about you that you sit in judgement of other’s relationship. Ok she may or may not like him, but that’s her strategy, to use this pushover to further her game. For all intents and purposes he’s getting positive reinforcement for the affection he’s showing.

The Ninety Percent

I think my opinion of this cast has changed over the course of the past few weeks… While I think they are all interesting game players, I think they are all unlikable human beings. I’m not rooting for any of them to win.


Let’s hope someone reminds Vanessa how angry she was when Austin threw the dice POV to Johnny. Hope Austin pisses her off insisting Steve goes. She likes Steve….he reports to her and doesn’t lie to her. Austin lied ” to my face” about telling Jason about the twins. She knows one showmance needs to be broken up and still trusts Shelli and Clay. Crossing my fingers that Austin pisses her off again and she moves forward with the plan to get him out…….this week!


Shelli and Clay have no fashion sense. LoL.

Watch Clay on thursday nights…Dingo boots. no joke. Those are Dingo boots. And high rise Wrangler jeans. Yes I know he from Texas…I lived in Austin a couple yrs and Clay isn’t a representative of the cool city Austin is. Very progressive college town and good music city.

Shelli is a mess fashion wise as well but I like that she learns from Nessa and playing a decent game.

Shelli no doubt will last longer than Clay. Shelli I think in quiet moments almost wishes Clay was gone..cuz she has to coddle and explain everything to this moron. Clay thinks he is smart but he is as dumb as a stump.