Veto Players Picked! Vanessa, Clay, Becky, Liz, JMAC and Shelli with Jason as the Host!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 09-53-28-714

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9:45am In the kitchen – Steve tells Johnny Mac that he thinks he is finally a sense of what happened this week. Johnny says I think I know. And something went wrong. Steve says and that’s why everyone is scrambling. Austin and Jason join them in the kitchen. Austin starts making the omelette he promised to make Liz. The house guests are waking up and getting ready for the picking of the veto players / power of veto competition today. Steve jokes with Johnny and says I love how you could muster a vote for Audrey. Austin says yeah why did you do that? (It was Judas aka Austin) Johnny says I thought she deserved a second, third, fourth, fifth chance.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 09-58-19-289

10:35am In the bathroom – Jason comments to Shelli and Clay that he heard smooching coming from their direction. Shelli says we weren’t. Maybe on the cheer. I’m just being honest, we still haven’t.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 10-34-48-416

10:45am – 11:15am Kitchen – Liz says that she was talking to Steve and he told her to let the water roll off her back. She says he just mentioned Dan Gheeslings book. Austin says I know he’s throwing the comps. Liz says I don’t know why you’re freaking out you have absolutely no reason to. Liz says that Steve flipped a table in the hammock room. Austin asks like angrily flipped it? Liz says no.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 10-48-23-553

11:20am James, Austin, Liz and Johnny Mac are in the bathroom. James talks about his stories of being pulled over by cops and trying to pick up Jehovah witnesses. Liz wonders what they want? Money? Austin and James tell her they want you in with them. Liz says Jehovah witnesses can suck it! I would be a hot Jehovah witness. I don’t like accosting people though. I would make more money being a stripper.

11:20pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the picking of the veto players.

11:50am The live feeds return.

Veto Players Picked:

Vanessa, Clay, Becky, Liz, Johnny, Shelli

Veto Host:


In the cabana room. Austin tells Liz we’ll talk to Vanessa. They head out of the room. Johnny tells Meg you can’t even get picked for the veto, what’s wrong with you. Meg says I know, I wanted to play today. Jackie tells Johnny to go ahead and play for it. Clay joins them and says it was a good pick. In the bedroom – Johnny tells Steve I’ve heard people talking we either need to get the twins out or Austin. I think that’s still the plan. Steve says it doesn’t matter who wins it. Johnny says if Liz wins it… Steve says oh so she would use it to save Austin.

In the bathroom – Clay asks Austin if Liz wins it will she use it on me? Austin says yes.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 12-01-29-214

12pm – 12:15pm HOH room – Jackie tells Vanessa that Becky thinks the backdoor plan is Steve. If she wins it and uses it thinking Steve is going up and then you put up Austin she is going to freak out. Vanessa says we’ll have to tell her before. I wouldn’t do that to her. Vanessa says that she got house guest choice and had to pick Shelli or she would have killed her. Vanessa says that its not good for me to win it. Jackie says if you can see that Liz is going to win it you have to win it. You can’t let her win. Vanessa says here’s the problem I think I have to tell Liz what is happening… what if its picking people and I pick her? She is turning into two people. I am worried about putting her in a tough spot. Jackie says you can explain it later and get the points then. You can’t risk her winning it. Vanessa asks what if you, me and Shelli do it so that she feels she has people. I know on a girl to girl level she will understand it. Vanessa says I bet my whole life the twins come in next week. They’re good at comps. Mental and physical. Jackie says they switch before the veto comp. Vanessa says they just switched yesterday. Vanessa gets Jackie to go grab Shelli.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 12-13-23-316

In the storage room – Liz asks Austin so if I win it I should use it on Clay. Austin says obviously we have to save him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 12-18-33-743

12:15pm – 12:25pm HOH room – Becky talks to Vanessa about being nervous. She says that house guest choice went to Shelli and now Clay has the advantage. Vanessa tells Becky that she is not going home. I had to picked her or she would have killed me. Jackie tells Becky that Johnny is playing for you. Shelli joins them. Vanessa says if Liz is about to win I will have to win but I would rather you win. This is Vanessa Rousso bathing in blood right now. I don’t want to win it if I don’t have to. Vanessa says its in our favour that Shelli is playing. I couldn’t pick James, Jason or Meg because it would have spooked Austin and then Liz would not use it if she won. Vanessa wonders if they should tell Liz or not before the veto. I don’t want to do her dirty. Shelli says their (Austin & Liz) connection is really strong .. she will tell him. If we tell her before hand she will tell him. She will either go to him and say what the hell you betrayed me or they are backdooring you. Shelli says its better to tell her after. Vanessa says I dont want to keep her in the dark and have her think she isn’t part of the plan. Shelli says they telling each other everything.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 12-16-58-203

12:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and switches to the live feed highlights.

12:50pm The live feeds return to the house guests coming down from the HOH room. Its time to pick the havenots. This week there are only 3 havenots. Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay its their turn to be havenots and then Steve volunteers to be the 3rd havenot. Vanessa said she didn’t want to make Liz a havenot because she was already on the block. The havenot extra food is “Slopcorn”.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 12-55-43-502

1pm Havenot room – Clay and Shelli check out the havenot dentist beds. James says not too shabby. Clay says yeah at least we have Steve.

1pm – 1:35pm HOH room – Vanessa tells Meg and Jason I had to pick Shelli as house guest choice. Meg says that Becky has just as equal chance as Clay to win with Johnny Mac going to use it on her. Vanessa says that we have a girl that is about to sprout into two chicks. I am worried about pissing them off. Shelli comes up and says thanks a lot for havenoting me with Steve! Becky joins them. They tell Vanessa that Liz is down there saying she’s going to take the money or the vacation if its the prize one. Vanessa asks isn’t it weird that Austin hasn’t come up here. They talk about how Liz and Austin are in a full blow romance. They talk about the twins and how its so noticeable now. Liz joins them. She says she kind of wanted to be a havenot to get it over with but I do have that Outback Steak House to look forward to .. tonight or tomorrow.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 13-02-43-505

1:25pm – 1:30pm Comic bedroom. Austin tells Clay that he doesn’t trust having Clay up there even if it is with Steve. We need to get you down. We need to talk to Vanessa. It doesn’t make sense the way they’re all acting and how they’re all up there now. The lines are being drawn. Austin says me and you are going to be the main targets. Austin says we just have to get the numbers. Clay agrees. Austin says I’m going to tell Liz even if there is a vacation she has to get that veto. Austin says we have to get the pov. Austin says that Becky has been acting weird ever since they lost the BOB. She was talking about how the competition wasn’t fair and how she went into the diary room to tell them it wasn’t fair. Clay tells Austin that he and Liz should take their bed in the other room now because James, Jason and Meg sleep out there. Austin says he was thinking about it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 13-24-41-296

1:50pm Johnny says that he think he knows whats going on. What I’ve gained from being on the block there is always one that is more expendable. Becky says yup and I’m the expendable one. Johnny says everyone has hid this plan from you except for 2 people and you being one of them. And that ticks me off. Becky says that Vanessa picked Shelli for the comp .. meaning she wants Clay to win. I asked her if she won the veto would she use it on me to give me the advantage that Clay has. She says that Vanessa went off about not wanting more blood on her hands. If Liz, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa win they will use it on Clay and not me. I know I’m not the target but I can’t trust them. Its 4 against 2. Johnny says you can’t let them know you’re on to them ..ever. If Liz doesn’t win then I think we’re good for the week.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-25 13-49-24-593

1:53pm Big Brother calls Jason the POV host to the diary room and then switches the feeds to the live feed highlights. The veto competition is likely happening now.

3:24pm Feeds still down

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The BlackFish

Austin is f*cked. The veto was the only surefire way to save him. Now all that can save him is if Vanessabot has a malfunction before the veto ceremony.

Amanda queefs slop

Austin is so creepy. He looks like a turd covered in burnt hair. He needs to go!

April in Paris

Yes! I hope johnny mac wins and uses it on Becky of course (or Becky on herself with the win) and clay gets a taste of “blockage” but that Austin leaves. You know I really liked Austin in the beginning, but really he’s only here for his career (good luck with that~????) and not to win.

The golden power of chetto

Austin is officially screwed


I no longer have respect for Vanessa. Going back on her word with the twins and Austin will hurt her later. I have also loss respect for Austin. He does not know how to play the game.


I get what you mean about Vanessa not keeping her word, but I don’t think not keeping her word with AUSTIN is going to hurt her: 1) He’s an unreliable player in every way – common sense to get rid of him; 2) She went along with him in getting rid of Clay; 3) Austin wants Julia gone and seems to only want Jury with Liz. Austin leaving helps the twins’ game++; and 4) If Austin goes this week, he doesn’t end up in Jury so he can’t impact her game that way.


It will hurt Vanessa because the other house guest will know she didn’t keep her word. It is a slippery slop when you turn on your alliance.


So Vanessa is the bad guy because Austin screwed her over and constantly lies to her?
Ya that’s the guy I want to align with.
Austin plays for Austin … not his alliance
I’m glad Austin is going
at least the feeds will be easier to watch

Farm Girl

Austin is also lying to Liz. He told Liz that all he said to Jason is that he knows they are twins but the twins can’t confirm it. He also told Liz that he lied to Vanessa but then the dumb ass told the same lie to Liz. What he really told Jason is that Liz has a twin named Julia and its fine if they vote her out, he just wants to make it to jury with Liz. He has also said he did not want to go on the block to throw the BOB to save Liz and that if he had to shave his hair to win the veto to save Liz he would not do it. Not sure what game he is playing but the only person he is loyal to is himself.


If Liz wins the POV and pulls Clay down … Then Austin goes up and out
That would be the Greatest!
Liz is not a smart player at all.
Liz telling Austin that Julia warned her about Austin is such a bad move.
Obviously the girl has a major lacking in BB strategy
Shacking her booty will only get her so far in BB
Julia seems way more level headed


I completely hope this scenario happens, will be one of the great moments of BB history.
And hopefully Liz is the one to use the Veto and not Julia.


It seems like an Austin eviction is our future which is good and bad. Austin is a Stage 5 clinger and gross so it’ll be cool to get him out of the house. Unfortunately that makes Steve the next target and eventually Johnny MAC another one which sucks.

Can we talk about how awesome Johnny MAC and Steve are? They are strategizing (even though are struggling putting all the pieces together) and all of their conversations are real and genuine. They are EASILY they 2 HGs I have no trouble rooting for.

Especially last night when Steve was shaken in the cabana room and starting talking about he needs a human to hug him ???? and wants to talk to his mom. Then saying he isn’t cut for BB.. Finally saying he shouldn’t complain because his Dad fought this country and others have it way tougher. He just gets it and seeing him vulnerable was crushing and heartwarming plus it’s pathetic nobody except Johnny MAC will give him the light of day.

Especially how Jason(I know people like him but I really don’t like Jason), Jackie, Austin, etc treat and speak about Steve is rather mean,

Team #JohnnyMACandSteve Go get em !!!


Couple quick fixes. The ???? ** was suppose to be a tears face emoji.

****His dad fighting FOR this country


The “new” 8 alliance is subject to change after a new HOH is declared
JM n Steve are safe for awhile unless one of them (Steve) does something to bizarrow
I could see Van, Julia, Shellie, Clay, Steve, JM, n Becky aligning


In my humble opinion, after 3 weeks, I don’t think there will be a power shift. Next Thursday either Shelli, Clay, Austin or Liz will be HOH.


Yes, we CAN talk about how awesome they are, especially since I don’t think they’re the next targets. Of course it depends on who wins HOH (hopefully one of them does, dammit!), but I think Liz will be next on the radar, then Julia.


Question… If Liz wins veto can she use it on Austin even though he isn’t yet on the block or does the veto have to be used on a current nominee or not at all?


if Liz wins veto and she doesn’t use it. Noms will stay the same. That’s how she could “save” Austin.
If she wins and takes down clay (omg I would die laughing) Vanessa can put up anyone except Liz, James or clay. (Bob winners/veto holders)

April in Paris

Liz’s head isn’t in the game, you can’t save om

April in Paris

I mean she’s not paying attention, can’t save what’s not on the block before veto ceremony. Austin has sucked her brains cry ????


No Liz can’t use it on Austin because he isn’t on the block. She can’t give him the veto either. The only way she could save him is by keeping the nominations the same.


Yay! Grodner threw us a bone and omitted Austin’s chip from the Veto Pick!! lol… This season has been very exciting and as someone else said, it’s because alliances are constantly changing. And that is mostly because of Vanessa. So, Thank You Vanessa for giving us a fun season!!! Would be awesome if Liz wins the POV, removes Clay and, whoops… inadvertently puts up Austin in his place! Boom!!!


If I remember correctly Ian Terry said they actually dump out the bag of names during the pick veto players thing and show that everyone’s chips are in there.
So. No production tampering be
Should be happening in that scenario.


CBS Poster Child Audrey … we all know that story … no need to drag it on.
Is gone.
This season, from a viewers point … is going petty good
I don’t think there will be much production interference
Like Meg (Just about the only one in the house who knew who that Grog guy was)
Miraculously won the cruise? That had to be one of the most pathetic n rigged challenges
in BB history


It would be so awesome if Liz was the one who sealed Austin’s fate by taking Clay off and him going in his place only to be sent home. Even better would be Austin sitting at home watching the rest of the season as Julia hooks up with Johnnymac and Liz hooks up with Steve and they ride it all the way to final four. Judas sucks!

Dark Moon

I’m not sure I like the Dark Moon alliance. I don’t believe they trust each other in the least. So, will Vanessa have enough guts to keep Austin and go for her real threat, Jackie?


Imo. Vanessa has to back door Austin. She’s put out too much information and too many ppl know that it’s is the plan. If she chickens out she will be in a way more vulnerable position. Ppl will be pissed she didn’t follow through with the plan. And you can be damn sure someone will tell Austin what was suppose to have gone down and she’d loose him as an ally anyways.
She has to back door him. Only way she can avoid it is if Liz wins veto and doesn’t use it.

Van's Brain

is skewed right now. That’s why she was making excuses to Jackie to tell Liz about the plan before veto comp. she wants to spook Liz into going for the win and not use veto. She want Austin safe


Austin the kinda dude that would scratch his butt and then touch Liz face making her kiss him hey austin THATS SEXUAL ASSAULT YOU EFFING WEIRDO. and to Liz my boo thang….stop being a stupid bimbo that let’s this big foot looking ass dude touch you n then complain about it later. Your the reason why some girls get slut shamed.

April in Paris

Funny funny Liz, she would rather make more money being a stripper, than being a hot Jehovah’s witness!

I survived last seasons BB

I knew I saw Austin before this show..He was on Star Trek as a Kling-on…lol

Itwill be GREAT to see Him Liz

Bill Cosby

Would i make a better date than Austin?


Nope, you put your fingers in the pudding too much, Mr. Cosby.

Just a player

Its pretty even….austin told james to get meg drunk and then go in for the kiss sooo….same tactics = you both are awful!!




For the clueless saying Vanessa “went back on her word to Austin and the twins”…

She stopped having Austin’s back because he has lied to her several times and she can’t trust him or carry him in this game any longer. She has not cut loose the twins. Jackie is clueless and Vanessa at times just has to smile when Jackie hates on the twins and thinks they the next to go after Austin. Jackie is a idiot just always remember that. Vanessa still carrying the twins for a while yet. Soon she will fill Liz in on Austin and Liz will drop him like hot rock when she realizes he can no longer help here get further in the game.

#Nessa got this shit on lock


Why do you think Vanessa has guilt zits? Jackie is no idiot, it is just that she doesn’t have nearly as many lies to remember as Vanessa does, and she hasn’t screwed anybody over yet. Vanessa has been learning to juggle but she’s so busy juggling all her lies and betrayals that her face looks like Mt Vesuvius.


If you are the person that posted the comment above: Just go hang yourself already because it’s people miserable in life and insecure that try and cut on others appearance. I’d hate to see what you look like. I’m sure Vanessa feels bad for you living in your mom’s basement as Vanessa counts the millions she has made in her career.


I’m sorry you have combination skin. Pizzaface.


Did you really just tell someone to hang themselve for insulting a persons looks while you yourself insinuated that THEY were in fact ugly?!? Do you know what a hypocrite is? Just curious. As an fyi, suggesting suicide is a lot worse than commenting on a persons looks. Before you try to insult me I dont live in my parents basement nor am I ugly (at least to my husband), i just dont like internet bullies.


Wtf? Guilt zits?? lol wow. It’s called stress….


What do you think is causing the stress? “Blood on my hands!”.

Valentina Corleone

Since I don’t trust Production, I would like the POV bag to be emptied on the table to show that everyone’s name was in there. And also that the print is smooth, not raised, somthe person picking can’t feel a first initial or HC on the chip. Because based on who was pulled to play this POV, I’d say it almost looks lke the fix was in.


They DO dump it out and show the house guests. They just don’t air it.


they do dump out the chips for the house guests. They just don’t air it.


Hey Dawg, not trying to be picky, but Jame’s name is mispelled on the poll. Just want to let you know since the poll is constantly displayed. : )

shelli the ugly donkey

Thumbs up if you hate Shelli and Clay. I cannot stand the way Jason and Jackie talk about Steve.Jason’s a lodmouth dumbass and Jackie is so stupid and I’m sick of Shelli’s fake tears. I just wanna punch them in the face. I hope Clay and Shelli get booed loudly like Christine did. I hate them all except for Steve, Johnny Mac, Becky and Julia


Ideally I’d like to see Austin go home this week, then Clay or Shelly next. I want Liz to go home before Julia… I’d be happiest to see Johnny Mac or Vanessa win.


I really hope someone comes off the block and Austin goes up. He doesn’t deserve to be in this game if all he is going to think about is Liz, 3 second kisses, and getting to jury with Liz. As a supposed super fan, he disgusts me!

farm girl

This is my first post although I have been lurking since last season.
I just want to put out that I think that Liz is just playing along with Austin. She never really seems like she welcomes his advances & affection. Now I may be wrong. I don’t have the live feed but do read everything here & watch BBAD.

Getridof BOB

I think you are right, she feels stuck until her twin comes in. It might seem to her that she has to put up wiith him to keep the target off her back and to stop him from sharing too much info with the outsiders. The fact that she tried to keep Jeff in the game was very telling. This guy doesn’t seem to let her out of his sight for a minute and if she speaks to anyone he wants them out. ….he may have had his head hit on the mat too many times in his wrestling career.


Why is everyone so in love with jmc and Steve? I find them both very annoying.


Johnny Mac’s voice annoys the bejesus outta me but I find what he says hilarious most of the time. And I just feel bad for Steve because he tries so hard to fit in with the ‘cool kids’. I see them both as underdogs in this game and I have a soft spot for the underdogs lol.


I think it’s because they are the most real and genuine of all the houseguests. The more I see of them the more I like them. The underdog thing helps but Johnny cracks me up and
Steven just makes my old heart melt. Simon in an earlier post you suggested a way we Canadians could get the feeds. Could you please repost.


Is it possible if Liz wins veto…to give it to Austin prior to replacement? It’s never been done before…sorta like immunity idol. The veto winner is safe along with who it’s used on.


Oops guess not possible…is it?


I agree that Vanessa has helped this season. This way better than one side steam rolling. Glad she is smart enough to drop Austin, following a man had never sued well. Don’t like current twin, makes sence stripping would be okay with her. She is willing to lead on a creep. This season will be hard to beat.


It is time for Austin to leave. Becky needs to come off the block! Johnny Mac for the win!

Dr seuss

What did Steve do or say that caused him to apologize??


Steve complained about the way production set up the BOB challenge. There was an issue of some sort with the challenge, and production had to stop the challenge for a moment and start again. Steve complained and then felt bad about it and apologized to production.

Misty Beethoven

Is it too early to start praying the tide turns against Vanessa, at least for a week or two? Not saying i want to see her go, but let her get a taste of what it’s like to be on the other side of things?


I am a little confused as to why people are listening to Jackie giving orders like she is Vanessa’s right hand man.
Jackie was HOH for only 2 days and invisible before that. How are they not laughing in her face right now? Jackie, I am not a fan and you are not a war hero.


I wish that Liz would be honest with Austin. He wants so badly to be in love and she is messing with his feelings. Women have hurt him in the past . that’s where his insecurities come from.

Butters Mom

He’s cheating on his girlfriend while she has to watch it on tv…. he’s a douche.


vanessa has every right to put up Austin because Austin has done a few things against their plans in previous weeks. If you can’t stay with the program, you are a liability to the group.


He’s pushing his affections on her whether she welcomes it or not. Why is Liz responsible if his feelings are hurt or not?

Austin is beyond creepy and clingy. He probably sucks all the fun and air out of a relationship. Probably would do everything to isolate and everything that comes near his girlfriend. Empirical proof how he targets anyone that talks, smiles or look at Liz. Always on top of her.

His personal insecurities shows and that’s on him. he’s not god’s gift to women. his alter ego Judas namesake was a betrayer of Christ. hmmmmmmm A secure man does not hover or get jealous

They came on BB to play a game. He seems to forget. if he gets hurt by Liz …. it’s on him.

Farm Girl

Austin is even targeting Liz’s sister because he wants her all to himself. Vanessa would be smart to target him now before she get between him and his twins.


Vanessa is a hypocrite . why is it alright for her to lie but heaven forbid Austin does. He has a game to play too. Wish Jackie would shut her fat trap …noise!


It’s a style of gameplay. You sometimes have to lie to better your position in the house, and call others out when they have potential to mess up your game. I mean, Derrick lied all the time, but he knew he had to get people out that he felt weren’t being truthful to him. If I was on big brother, I would probably have to lie, but I would also need to call others out on their lies if they go against me. I would expect others to do the same with me.


So Shelli is a havenot She is not going tO made it because she eats all the time


If a person on the block wins veto, can that person who won use it in the other person and save both of them? Or can veto only be for one person


The veto can’t be given to someone else. The veto winner is the only one who can use it. If Liz wins the veto, she can’t give it to Austin. She can’t use it on Austin. The veto can only be used on someone who is on the block = Clay or Becky. If Liz won the veto, the only way she could save Austin is by keeping the nominations the same = Clay & Becky stay on block. However Liz is in the dark. She doesn’t know Austin is a target. If she wins the veto, she will use it on Clay, and Austin will be nominated. Getting my popcorn ready. Austin is about to freak out. #blindside


Please win the veto Becky or John if he’s going to use it on her. After the BOB fail that will be a great part 2 to it. And if John won and pulled Becky off that would be a nice in your face moment for the three requests they’ve made for him to throw the BOB for them. Not that Johnny Mac couldn’t have refused to throw it and didn’t the last time. But still, I think he has to realize they were using him while Clay sat on the sidelines because Shelli didn’t want to put him in danger. But was maybe too intimidated to say no because of how the power has been weighted heavily with Shelli and Clay and the get along gang on that side.


I thought I could like Vanessa at first but now I have lost all respect for the girl. If she does what she said she was going to do. I hope she goes down in flames. Shellie and clay are so bland and fake . I don’t understand why the house isn’t targeting them.

Linda Lou

The players who are told not to worry , etc… should wonder who was making these decisions. Since obviously they were not part of that group. Should be a strong hint to alliances.


I feel like Steve is somewhat the Donnie of this season and Johnny is Zach being the only one that likes him and tries to get to know him. They all thought Donnie was Americas player just like Steve now. I like how Johnny is watching everyone else and figuring out exactly what’s going on. If he or someone he’s aligned with can get power next week it will be very interesting to see what happens.


Dawg, who is the target this week?


So far I think it’s Austin


Hopefully someone in there has a brain, keeps nom’s the same and they all vote out Clay this week! Austin next week.

Clay isnt even that good of a player, he has his head so far up shellis ass its ridulous, she can’t have a little alone time without him when she’s hoh, and hes always in someone’s ear.


Austin is not engaged or married. We don’t know what his relationship is with his so called GF. Obviously he is not in love but he wants to be. I don’t like when people mess with peoples emotions. It is cruel. Austin did nothing to hurt vans game. He told a half truth. She has been out and out lying. And all over the place. She makes me nervous just watching her. She was one of the last ones to know about the twins too.


Simon in an earlier post you suggested a way we Canadians could get the feeds. Could you please repost.


Vpn and a American express gift card (from Shoppers) has worked for most.


I fear this will soon turn into a summer camp/everyone gets along house… which sucks.


I love how when Jackie was sitting back being quiet people called her an idiot and now that she is playing the game those same people are still calling her an idiot. I would love to see what she would do if she and someone on her side held the power for a week. She has legitimate targets with the twins. Clay is no real threat by himself. Once Austin is out….twins and Shellie and Clay will need to be broken up. Vanessa is hiding well behind her “alliances” but she isn’t home free yet. Let her keep whittling her own numbers, then get her.


Poor Steve is having a hard time and needing his mom.I would like to shake some of those houseguest that are giving him a hard time. He knows he is being treated differently. To me those are the unsung heroes that have to struggle because they don’t fit a certain mold by society. I wish they could walk a day in his shoes!


Sigh… A lot of people here related to Lydia & Chima? It’s Big Brother!! The ones who are worried about staying loyal and honest every. single. week. won’t last long. At some point in the game you turn if you want to win, 5 people can’t be first place.

another name

well at least Becky acknowledges that she’s not much of a priority.
Not that all the poor clay talk wasn’t a tip off. Two volunteers, and one is getting much more sympathy than the other. should raise an eyebrow.
I get the feeling with the entitlement that they would consider asking becky to use it on clay if she won. this is the same people that considered asking john not to use it on himself two weeks ago.
Sort of a secondary thought: Austin’s alliance is tossing him aside because he’s only thinking of his own game, right? yeah, I think the guy is an ass, but the number of times he’s told clay that he and liz will save him if they win the veto are going to have to be edited right out of this weeks episodes to keep vanessa shelli and clay’s golden edit intact.


What if its Austin vs. Clay and the house decides to keep Austin. Now Austin and the twins have definite targets and Vanessa and Shelli are left all by themselves. It would be the best scenario for the rest of the house to let those 5 battle it out. Even though I know it won’t happen it would make the house more interesting.

Eric CA

Vanessa should do the smart move… but what is the smart move? It looks like now that Austin has his twins coming in the game in his mind it is going to be three of them. He has been making plays outside of the core alliance. This would be a smart time to take Austin out. I hate this I need to justify why I nominated stuff. It always gets convoluted and overly complicated. The simple thing she has to say is Jason knows Julia’s name because Austin told him. Other things have come to my attention… I have no choice but to put you on the block… that is all she has to say. The power is out of my hands and it is time to campaign. That is all.

Vote wise with Austin on the block (Julia and Liz will not have a separate vote yet… Austin/Becky would be the 5th eviction.)

Jackie votes to evict: Austin
Johnny Mac votes to evict: Austin
Meg votes to evict: Austin
Jason votes to evict: Austin
4 votes

This leaves Clay, Shelli, Liz, Steve and James…. 4 votes
Out of that four one of them will vote to evict Austin… guaranteed… if not first tie vote of the Season and Vanessa will just have to woman up and vote to evict Austin because even if she saves him Austin he will be out for blood and if she evicts him she kept her agreement with the other players. Vanessa just has to woman up and make the hard choice but probably the best move. If she does this she will probably not be one of the people being eliminated at the double eviction… it will probably be Shelli, Clay, Liz, Julia mixed with somebody from the other side.

What I would like to see is Jackie and Vanessa for an alliance. You don’t have to be friends to have an alliance… one of the best hated each other.