“I would rather lose this game than play it safe anymore” -Meg

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 16-52-14-934_jpg
4:47pm HOH Vanessa and Clay
Clay says James, Meg and Jackie are alone in this game they know they have to win HOH or one of them is going home.
Clay – I want to get JAckie out.. She worries me.
Vanessa is worried also, she doesn’t trust Jackie
Vanessa – What do you think of JAmes
Clay – Jackie is a bigger threat..
Explains they can still manipulate James. Warns her that Vanessa took out Jeff and Jason and is Blaming Clay and Shelli for being in on it. It’s easy excuses if she wins HOH to them up.
Clay says just like they cover up they are working together the other side is covering their backs
Clay – right now Becky, Johnny and Steve are sitting pretty.. they haven’t done anything yet
Vanessa – we have to make sure they don’t make it too long.. 4 bigger than 3
They agree they have the 6th sense which is solid.
Vanessa says Meg, Jackie and Becky are her worries
Vanessa – Meg will float right till the end.. she’s not stupid
Clay – Becky doesn’t know how to talk game.. she doesn’t get it.
They agree Jackie first then Becky because Becky can win Comps.

Vanessa is really worried the house will divide in half again and a side opposite of them will pull Meg in and have the numbers,.
Clay simply doesn’t see Meg winning anything
Vanessa is shocked at how much Meg cried when Jason went up it’s not like Meg was going up.
Clay says she’s an emotional person and really close to Jason.
Vanessa – JAson was supposed to go last week
Clay – ya.. Sending Austin home would have been the worst thing for our game.
Clay and Vanessa agree they did enough damage control after JAson went up so the damage was huge on them, “They don’t trust us obviously it’s only them three”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 17-07-11-718_jpg

5:00pm James, Meg, Jackie and JAson
Talking about getting rid of Shelli.
James – Vanessa and SHelli
Meg – that will piss vanessa off too much
JAson – Vanessa understands the game.
Meg – I’m talking this HOH
James – no too early this HOH
Meg – I’m thinking of going for it.. screw this

Jackie tells her she has to pick her nominations wisely or she’ll end up like Jackie dethroned, “You just get the rap of it.. It sucks” (When you’re dethroned)
James says they need 2 of them to win HOH.
Jason – Yes sir
Meg – they will be shaking in their boots
Jason – they’ll be your best friend for 3 days then back to scheming for the next week
Jason tells them not to trust Shelli and Clay EVER.
Meg – I would rather lose this game than play is safe anymore
Meg – Clay and Shelli say Vanessa is the person they trust the most
Jason – Vanessa Is here to play
They all agree if they win HOH they will take a BIG swing.
They agree Clay and Shelli were the ones in on this play to get Jason out
Meg thinks it’s was Shelli’s paranoia that flipped the house
They agree Shelli freaked out when James won the BOB and thought there was a play to get Clay out so she worked to dissolve their group.
Meg – conversations I’ve had today They (Shelli/clay) are running sh1t all the time..
Jason – they are
Jason says he called Shelli, Vanessa and Clay the human centipede weeks ago.
Jackie about Clay and Becky BOB performance “they sh1t the bed”
Jason tells them Clay and Shelli collapsed their entire group because they are not easily manipulated unlike the floater side.
Meg says Austin made an emotional appeal to Vanessa
Jackie – why make all these deals with us
Jason says it’s simple her deals are worth sh1t, “They got plenty of excuses”

They agree Vanessa was being thrown under the bus by Clay and Shelli. They think they can pull Vanessa in if they can get Shelli and Clay on the block.
Jason – she’s the type that will flip the house .
Jason – you have to win.. if anyone else wins you are f****D
James is unsure that Clay will target them.
Jason – Clay will do this whole ruse and backdoor Jackie or Meg

Jackie says she will be disgusted if Shelli and Clay make it to the end. Jason doubts it’ll happen because sooner or later America will vote for a power.
Jason says America hates Shelli and Clay the fans always like the underdog.
Jason – Shelli is evil personified..

Jackie says she was talking to Vanessa last night and she told her the house target is still the twins.
Jason and Meg – WHAT that doesn’t make sense.. why are they helping them this week
Meg – My gut says there isn’t a set long term, they’re using Liz and Austin this week
Jason says they are going to cripple their side first.. ‘These foul bit*hes are beating me in this game.. these tinder-hoes.. “

Jason can’t believe these people that have seen 2 season are beating him
Jackie – You’ve done more
James – it’s about laying low..
Jason says that is the part of the game he hates.
Meg – What if we put up Steve and Shelli
Jason – if you put up one of Celli one might win the veto.. gotta go classic big brother put them both up
Meg – Austin and Steve, Pull Austin off put up Shelli
Jason hopes the house would vote Shelli out, “These people can’t be that dumb” (wanna bet)

Jason mentions that AUstin, Clay Vanessa and Shelli getting called into the DR a lot. He thinks they are the ones being shown Scheming on the TV show.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 17-41-45-447_jpg

5:36pm HOH Clay and Vanessa
Talking about Johnnymac. Vanessa has some concerns that Jmac know more about the game than he’s letting on.
Clay says Johnnymac never tells Becky anything about them he’s a good one to have on their side.
Vanessa – the only thing that has been nervous that while Jason is here the three of us are running the game.
Clay – Johnnymac will tell me.. He’ll give me any information the problem is they don’t tell anything to Johnnymac he just listens.
Vanessa – even if two of their side win HOH worst case scenario next week it’s 2 on 6
Vanessa wants to push the other side to put up Pawns and they’ll vote out the pawn.
Clay – that’s a good point the twins get them out before Jury

Vanessa says she’s been trying to separate them with Austin and LIz and she told Austin and liz to do the same thing. She thinks once Jason leaves the other side will believe it.

Clay says James going to Jury would be best because he has a kid and he needs the money. He would rather James make it to Jury than someone like Becky.
Vanessa says if nothing happens for Jason in terms of jobs she’s making it her personal mission to help him out on the outside.

Clay starts making plans for breaking the 6 sense up using Steve, Becky and Johnnymac so if those three win they target the twins and Austin.
Vanessa says if the twins make it to final 6 she’ll eat her shorts..
Clay wants Austin and the twins to be positive Jury votes for them that why they’ll use the floaters to take them out.

Clay – we gotta keep Steve close
Vanessa – steve is not targeting us I’m telling you .. he’ll target Johnymac over us..
Clay – I don’t know
Vanessa – 100%, Steve’s not dumb we have numbers
Vanessa says Johnnymac will go against the numbers like he did with Jeff.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 18-01-48-134_jpg

5:57pm Backyard Jason, Jackie, Meg and James
Jason sees Liz and Austin flirting says he’s going to puke
Jason – Liz a prostitute for 500 thousand dollars
Jackie – I thought she didn’t like him
Jackie – Shelli told me next week they have no targets make me think they aren’t going after the twins.
James – they say that every week
Meg and Jackie agree they are going to spend more time in the HOH to annoy the other side.
Jason brings up Shelli saying he never goes up to the HOH, “What I need to be up there feeding them grapes”
Jackie – you’re in an alliance you don’t need to go up to the HOH
Steve joins them
Meg leaves to head up to the HOH.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 18-21-10-107_jpg
6:17pm HOH Meg, Clay and Vanessa
Clay tells her he walked outside and all of Jason, JAckie and james stopped whispering he thought they were scheming.
Meg – you’re crazy, we all live in a house together
Clay says He wants her to know he hasn’t lost trust in her.
Meg says she hopes so, She calls him a “little b1tch” you says he’s the one that lied to my face
Vanessa and Clay are talking about how well Jason is taking it, they say things like “head up high” , Respect, Classy, So much respect, As classy as possible.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 18-31-25-265_jpg

6:28pm Backyard Jason and Steve
Jason hates that there’s people in the house only to be famous. Says Jace and Austin are only on for instagram followers
They agree after a couple months only the super fans will recognize them.
Steve thinks even Big Jeff can walk around in public and not get recognized.
jason says there’s really only 8 million people that watch the show, “Most of America doesn’t watch this show”

Jason says he came onto the show to get out of the grocery store so he’s not living paycheck to paycheck. Jason says he’s not stupid he knows this show doesn’t get you famous.
Steve understands says he’s in the game for the money to change his life same as Derrick last yaer.
Jason – half these mother f***ers that were found on tinder are beating me
Steve – Its the same as people felt last year with Victoria
Jason – she wasn’t a recruit
Steve counts the people that submitted applications Shelli, Vanesa, Day, JAmes, Jason, Austin and Steve
Austin – Shelli told me she was recruited
Steve – She’s an applicant.. Feeds cut

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Ugh! Hearing about Austin, Clay, Liz, Shelli, and Vanessa makes me wanna puke!!!!!!!


I like that Vanessa is going to help jason after the show. He’ll crap his pants when he finds out how much money she really has lol


Vanessa seems like a really nice person but in the game, she drives me almost as insane as she drives herself insane.


I can assure you that Vanessa isn’t as wealthy as google implies
Ever heard of the IRS, overhead, and living expenses?
Sure … I’m sure she is financially ok
But I doubt she is worth as much as google claims
Quit frankly it does not matter how much money a BB player has … BB is not a charity
It’s a game. Nor is her bank account balance any of my business.
The extortionist thugs oops I meant the IRS likes to take away almost 40% of my money
For what? Freakin Criminals!


Total amount won means very little in poker. It doesn’t include how much they spend to enter each time, many times multiple people buy parts of a players buy in for part of any winnings. I would guesstimate her total profit under 1mil and that doesn’t account for living, travel, food over the years going to various poker tournaments around the world.

Vanessa's ONLY Mission is to WIN BB

Vanessa only says that she will make it her “mission” to help Jason to make herself look good. She is always on game mode. She never reveals herself- it’s always playing to the hamsters and to us. She is set to win, unless someone steps up their game.


I’ll believe it when I see it. Vanessa just says what will shed favorable light on her at the moment …she got you.


I’m not saying she’s Bill Gates, but look at her house and her car. She’s doing more than fine. She has enough to help out a struggling kid lol. And yes I think she would help him. I don’t think by “helping” him she means she’s going to drop a million in his bank account. I bet she has some good connections and can get him a good job (better than a grocery store job). Some of you guys are so pessimistic…..jeesh.


Right I do see her introducing him to people to use his personality vs bagging groceries. I don’t think she’d not do it after saying it many times. She’s not going to write him a check.

I don’t think she is super rich just leveraged like any gambler.


Agreed. The cynic in me hopes she’s not pandering to the viewing audience so that her image is softened. Although she doesn’t owe Jason or any other HGs anything. They all came to play and they all knew the risks if they didn’t win. I’m sad to see Jason go,but he could’ve done more to last at least to Jury.

I personally don’t care if she’s dirt poor or has billionaire status since none of that is relevant to the game. It’s a game of skill/merit where the winner is the one who used a combination of cunning/social skills/comp wins to make to the end. With that being said, if she actually does help out Jason, that really shows that she cares beyond just playing this game.


Meg was playing it safe? lol
From what I can see, she hasn’t been “playing it” at all. Useless, useless, useless.


Did anyone of you actually watch the interviews pre-season? This is what Meg said she wanted to do. Lay low for awhile and then make big moves.

You Guys Are Awesome

LMAO! I’m with you. I love the tough talk by the floaters. They should just keep their mouths shut and hope no one sees them. They are neither strong enough, smart enough or charismatic enough to play the game. If they get caught beaking off about real players they are done. Be quiet and hope for second place.

Captain Crunch

Steve runs to tell Vanessa about his conversation with Jason in 3… 2…. 1….

To the Curb

off topic but..big brother canada season two ..has anyone noticed neda and jon’s twitter accounts..neither are speaking about each other or retweeting each other’s comments…wonder why? Can it be they are no longer together did.neda pull the plug on jon when he was no longer the season winner and the guest appearances are no longer. if true i called it last year..one can see neda as the user and sore loser she probably spent all jon’s winnings figuring they were really hers..


Off topic, but maybe you need to stop being so invested into other peoples lives and just let them live it? Maybe their relationship just didnt work out, but basically calling Neda a gold digger because she started dating John after the show is a pretty low blow, they obviously had chemistry on the show and they explored their relationship, whether it worked out or not has nothing to do with his winnings. Get a life ya loser.


I’m not even going to comprehend what you just wrote.


I am sick of hearing Neda saying she was the brains and that she was really the winner of bbcan2…
Neda…you came in 3rd! JON WAS THE WINNER!
She wouldn’t have made it that far without Jon..
he rocked it all the way in physical comps. and also mental comps! He was no dummy!
It’s ridiculous that she still claims that shit…I’m sure Jon got pretty sick of hearing it too!

Not Dawg

*Meg cries*


I know everyone is hating on the sixth sense, but at least those players are actually playing the game at some level. They have won competitions and made an alliance they actually stuck to (so far). The other side of the house is still throwing the HOH competition because it’s “too soon” while their own are getting picked off one by one. They need to stop trying to be friends with everyone and start actually making game moves for me to like any of them.


oh, no, meg, james says, it’s too soon to make a big move.

Too soon for who? It seems to me not making big moves, throwing comps, choosing to not win HOH? that isn’t really working for them now lol.

I just love that shelli and clay are the number one targets, not vanessa. How do you be HOH, agree to put up someone, then back out and not do that, and still fail to get targeted by the person you blindsided? And she doesn’t even realize that she isn’t going to be their number one target, that’s the beauty of it.

imo, she was always making a huge error in even considering putting Austin up there. Very stupid idea. You get HOH, you know there are a great deal of other people on the other side, Austin is clearly on your side and voting however you want, but you decide it would be the best thing to take out one person who is voting and working with and for you.

Of course Clay and Shelli talked her out of it, at least they could see how stupid it was. I think it would have been ideal to put up Jackie, but vanessa really screws herself out of what would be best for everyone by making so many hard handshake deals. If jackie went up and out, i highly doubt meg/jason or james would care that much, other than recognizing it was a potential ally/lost vote for something they might want to do. But vanessa could easily have spun it into a ‘you are not a BB fan, you did not apply, you already had your reality moment, & you need to follow Jeff out the door and put an end to this takeover.”

however i can see why vanessa agonizes over coming up with legit reasons, proof, and validation of her noms and backdooring. Look at Jackie still obsessing over whether Jeff went up legitimately (it’s BB, get over it) or that she hasn’t heard a good reason for Jason to be on the block (it’s simple, James is safe and Jackie has a deal, Meg is not a threat in any way,, process of elimination)


Umm …Austin threw one of their alliance under the bus to fulfill his personal fantasy
Then he continues to lie about it. Even yesterday to Liz
Let’s not forget he threw the POV for his own reason when they agreed to win it.
(jealous of Jeff being with his twin)
How many holes in their backs do they need before he kills their game?
All for Austins selfish delusional reasons
Stabbing your alliance in the back multiple times is reason enough to replace him IMHO
At this point it seems to be a good decision to use him for what they can


I am so sick of the other side of the house cannot see Vanessa, Shellie, Clay, Austin and the twins are all working together. Did you hear Meg say, she would put up Steve and Shellie, what the hell? They need to win both HOH competitions, put up Clay and Shellie and then the other HOH puts up Vanessa and Austin, this would be the best scenario and take out someone else on the other side of the house. I really do not understand why Meg is even in this game, she is a straight up airhead, and she is not playing the game. These people are so blind they cannot see the other side is picking them off one person at a time, at this point I am ready to see the other side of the house take out Meg, James, Becky and Jackie . then it will be exciting to see the other side start attacking each other, I do not want to see Clay nor Shelley make it to the final two

Butters Mom

Meg has a crush on Clay… thats why she said everyone but Clay…

Backseat Driver

I so agree with you……don’t these people WATCH other seasons to see how BB works? So you go to all the trouble of leaving your life behind for three months, your pets, family, comfortable bed, boyfriend/girlfriend and then go into the house, sit on your a$$, throw comps, and then wonder why these other players are picking you off! Holy crap…..get over yourself.


As a fan of the game, it is frustrating to watch them ignore opportunities to change their fate in the game. I can’t believe they are still talking about trying to work with Vanessa!

Foreal tho

Ummmm, Jason, those people are shown on the show scheming the most because you and your posse just sit around making fun of people. And Meg, you can’t start playing the game after you’ve lost most of your peeps.


I completely understand why Jason is not campaigning and wants to enjoy his last few days in the house having a pity party. He knows the hgs are not going to change their minds. Clay and Shelli already gave him their phony goodbye speeches + they were part of the BD plan. Austin and Liz feel betrayed by him. Jmac is not gong to vote against Becky and he knows Steve is in Vanessa’s’ pocket. He knows he doesn’t have the votes. Not to mention, these are the kind of people who will later mock him for even trying. It also doesn’t help that no one in his alliance is trying to come up with a game plan to keep him. Over all just SAD, but hopefully a wake up call for everyone else.


Great players don’t give up. But Jason isn’t a great player. He came on the show as himself. On BB you have to be someone else. As a BB fan he should know that it’s smart to reel in the outcasts like Steve. Instead, he targets him and ignores the real power players.


And with the outsiders’ conversation, Vanessa’s chances of winning have just increased.


Vanessa’s Strategy is sound … I get what she is doing …
But, Her delivery needs fine tunning to say the least
(personally, I think the meds are screwing up her mind and game)
That said … Vanessa for the win!


At this point I’d like to see Johnny Mac when the game and see Vanessa, Shellie, Clay, Austin and the twins sent packing. I’d rather see Johnny Mac and Steve in the final to the rest of the house guess don’t have a clue on how the game is played. I cannot stand the 6th sense group, they are really not outstanding players they are just playing the game with a bunch of loudmouth people who can’t keep their mouth shut, they have to run and tell the other side of the house everything that is happening. They deserve to be taken out one of the time because they are so dumb and do not understand this game, it is very frustrating to watch these idiots just sit back and let the other side of the house the 6th sense run the game.

Big Jim

BOOORRRIIINNNGG. Somebody shake this shit up and put Shelli/Clay/Vanessa up

Thor's Hammer

‘Jason-These foul bit*hes are beating me in this game.. these tinder-hoes.. “
I love this guy…. He is funny and speaks the truth


This needs to change and I’m here to help!
Competitions: house competes Thursday and Friday. Wins/Losses are based on a point system, with the winner of the first comp receiving the highest points and some sort of luxury. At the end of the two comps, the person with the highest score is HOH/immune from eviction, lowest score automatically on the block. The HOH gets one vote and America gets one vote to put two others on the block. The three compete with the winner saved and immune. THEN hold the veto competition. When you get down to smaller numbers, America no longer has a vote: Lowest score and HOH picks are on the block with veto comp.
All competitions have some combination of skill, intelligence, athleticism and endurance. No more themes, keep it simple. All competitions are sponsored, with the winner of each receiving a prize (you get a $1000 gift card to Target!). Random competitions thrown in for power, prizes, food, parties, etc.
Take the house off the studio lot and make the backyard bigger and more interesting, with additional room for the comps. Give them a small pool, a basketball court, a garden, a chicken coup…something that gets them off their asses. Hell, make them mow the lawn or paint a fence. See who can Tom Sawyer the others.
If you must have twists, make them random and unexpected (and fair and interesting and important).
Find some intelligent, non vacuous human beings that don’t require ‘prodding’.
2nd place gets at least $100,000.
Replace Julie.


Big Brother meets The Breakfast Club. Get different categories of people in there. I LOVE IT!


I want shelly clay on the block against liz an Austin
with liz team winning in Jackie win pov to keep it the same
in send home clay or shelly to me it don’t matter who goes out of those two


If Meg and Jackie {If is a big word} do win, they need to put up Vanessa with Clay, Austin with Shelli, no pawns, they put up Steve, he is gone. They really need to start thinking. {The Fairies need to help these clueless people like they help the 6.} Use Liz as the replacement, this is the only way to cause friction in this group.
I think Johnny Mac is laying low until BOB goes away, I think that is why he wanted to talk and make a deal with Becky. {Becky wants to wait until the game is over before she makes a deal with him!} Johnny Mac picked her, because she knows how to keep her mouth shut. Actually the only other player in the house that knows how to keep their mouth shut is Steve, unfortunately Vanessa was the one to string him in. I just hope it ends up with the 6 going down in flames, and Johnny Mac, with one of the others limp in.


For all you Jason fans out there who are baffled as to why Jason is going home…
Here’s is an example of Jasons mindset which equals about zero for strategy
Jason: “Liz is so mad at me. Of course I was going to tell everyone she’s a twin.
There isn’t a TV or anything else to do
Why wouldn’t I tell everyone? ($500,000 maybe?)
There’s nothing else to do around here
This game this year has no big alliances”
These are the words right from your armchair superfan
Any good player knows in a game like BB …
Knowledge is the currency … spend it wisely … Jason is clueless
Jason has alot of growing up to do
He also needs to learn to show some respect towards others
I would be embarrassed to be associated with someone
who continually talks the way he does
His punky disgusting 6th grader mouth is hard to listen to …
Best of luck Jason … but, Good riddance!


Look at MegCity trying to get on her game face. Good luck girl cause you need it for sure!


I said it way early lol Meg is the new JennCity!! Not only are they both from new youk but they even look and sound kinda alike.



I call her NutMeg (as in she’s nutty to think that she’s an actual contender).


Combine it: NetMegCity.

Valentina Corleone

Sadly we commenters are on the verge of becoming as boring as the HGs. We are posting much of the same thing over and over because these incompetent nincompoops can’t get their act together to make a big move and inject some excitement into this game. I would bark at the moon if Meg, James, or God help us, Becky actually won a competion and made it count for something, instead of fumbling around looking for someone to tell them what to do. BBAD is actually the best sleeping pill out there. What a snoozefest.


Production needs to stay out of the game and stop helping the 6th sense, Jason needs to learn from this, he claims to be a super fan, but he came in the game not being able to keep all the information that he observes to himself. He should have one person that he could confide in and trust and stop telling the rest of the house every single thought in his head, that is why he is on the block, he talks too damn much and he is very disrespectful calling women bitches and hoes, I really am not that sad to see him leave I want the rest of them to leave also so I can see the 6th sense tear each other apart. This is when the game will become interesting again, because right now it is very boring just watching the other side of the house being picked off one by one.

I don’t see Vanessa actually helping Jason wants she is outside of the house, it is not like Vanessa’s word means anything. She will get out of the house read the Internet and see what we really think about her and, see that we think she is a constant flip flop, and a control freak.

Have you noticed every time someone comes up with an idea, Vanessa always said well we have to talk to Shellie and Clay first ? I cannot wait to see Shellie or Clay put Vanessa’s ass on the block. I cannot wait to see how she will freak out then, if you think she is a nutcase now, wait until her ass is on the block


Vanessa wants to consult with Shelay because she is in what’s called an alliance.
This is what an alliance does … make decisions together so they’re all on the same page
Why do they have a huddle in the football game? Oh so they all know the game plan?
Vanessa knows where she stands with Shelay … should I mention freaks n geeks
or SOS or the twins? If one of the twins and Shelay goes the other is with
Vanessa … plus she secretly has Steve … That’s still a good alliance going into the end game
Vans the best strategist in the house


What show do you think you’re watching? “…her word doesn’t mean anything.” Get a clue, can you really not separate reality from a game show! Vanessa’s game is messy, but she is playing the best game this season. Not everyone is going to be a Derrick and thank goodness cause the perfect game got pretty boring to watch. I find her shenanigans entertaining and even when it seems dangerous for her game somehow it keeps working out for her.



I am.

Bunny Slipper

Get this! Apparently there is someone named Meg who is gonna start playing the game. She’s supposed to start this next week! This is a twist! Sheesh.

Peter Griffin

Shut up meg


I actually like the twins and Vanessa!
Guess I’m the minority…


I still don’t get all the love for John. At best he is a total floater. Seems like just a complete and total tool for Clay and Shelli. And the whole Bobcat Goldthwait impersonation in the DR is getting really old.

Andy the Rat

Steve thinks he’s me. But he’s not. James thinks he’s Helen. But he’s not. Vanessa thinks she;s Moby.But she’s not. Meg thinks she’s Michelle Williams. But she’s not. Jason thinks he’s PeeWee Herman. But he’s not. Slopballs is a chicken thief. Good Night.


I wish these people would start voting as individuals for who would be best for their game, like they did in the first few seasons, and stop “voting with the house”. I can’t tell you how much that annoys me!!

Butters Mom

After Dark is such a waste of time… 20 seconds of program to 10 minutes of commercials… then half a sentence and more commercials… wth?!


pls production send Derrick in and coach Meg,Jakkie, and James! And tell Derrick if one of them win, he can get 100,000 award


In the Land of the blind … The one eyed man is king
Derricks just a professional snitch who got lucky
Put Derick with Neda and/or Sarah from BBCA
see how far he would get


They should send Evel Dick in so that he can show them how to shake the house up and send in Dan Ghleesing for Jason so he can teach him how to hold a “funeral”


I like Vanessa,austin and Steve.


Great players don’t give up. But Jason isn’t a great player. He came on BB as himself, targeting and ostracizing an outsider like Steve while underestimating the power players. As a BB superfan he should know it’s smart to reel in the loners. It’s one example of his inability to take on an alternate persona in the house for the sake of his game.

B-bad owl

If most of the commentators on here’s dream scenario came true, and let’s say Jackie and James win the next HoH. This is what would happen.
Shelli and Vanessa would convince them that Becky is the evil one. Becky is actually the one that convinced them to backdoor Jason. They feel so stupid for not realizing it before. Becky is the one that has been making the odd votes. She is trying to cast doubts on us so we don’t trust each other. And 2 or 3 other points that guarantees Becky is backdoor’d.
Then after the Becky renom, they will sit around and it will THEN dawn on them that they just got played.


deer in the headlights alliance(meg, jason, james jackie) win HOH? they try to pull vanessa to “their side”, vanessa suggest they put up steve, john, becky and a “pawn”. HOH wasted, clay/shelli/austin/vanessa ride the wave to the finish line.

how dumb can these people be to still trust in vanessa so much that they can bring her into their alliance? ive never seen people be this stupid/gullible. its like they dont want to see things even though its right in front of their eyes. why would they trust the person who just sent your alliance member home? i mean, am i missing something here or are they THAT DUMB?


It took 40 days for Meg,Jason,Jackie, and James to realize they are playing big brother. The six sense is honestly dominating whether you like it or not.


Vanessa nominates Jason for eviction and Shelly is the one with blood on her hands. What the f***? I hope Shelly and clay can overcome this. Without Shelly there is no game. It’ll be Vanessa all the way.


Personally I am team jace since day one. I’m team cloud town and shell town as well. Buuuut when jace left I started going for Austin and was praying James would take a FLYING LEEP! But now that I’ve been watching Austin turn to Judas I haven’t been impressed a BIT! Im crushed Jason might leave because I like him. And the only reason he’s going is be cause Judas (not Austin) wants to be unsupervised with a cute blonde that doesn’t even like him! Smh…


Wonder how many events sixth sense would of won if production would stay out of it example Clay the idiot


How did production interfere with there past 4 HOH wins?