Big Brother 17 Week 5 POV Results “You’re not a comp beast”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 15-51-40-836_jpg

3:50pm Clay wins the POwer of veto

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 15-58-33-656_jpg

3:55pm Jackie and Becky Becky is disappointed

Jackie saying the competition was built for Clay. Jmac comes in “You’re not a comp beast” (She’s been very upset lately for being perceived as a comp beast)
Jmac Leaves In comes Jason.

4:07pm Have nots James, Becky, Jackie
Jackie says this isn’t the worst case scenario. She reassures Becky they have the votes.
James tells Becky she has his vote he’s not going to vote for Austin he can’t change James’ mind
Becky making excuses why she didn’t win the competition says she was a soccer player isn’t good at throwing. (Let me guess the comp was throwing a football)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 16-24-00-548_jpg

4:17pm HOH Liz and Vanessa
Liz – well Vanessa at least we got our exercise in for the day
Liz says it’s obvious how pissed JohnnyMac and Becky are “It’s all over their faces”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 16-21-37-292_jpg

4:20pm Becky sad about losing the POV
Shelli – you did awesome
Becky – my right hand is good my left hand is not good

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 16-31-33-501_jpg

4:29pm JohnnyMac and Becky
ecky thinks Austin is going up . Becky says AUstin has no one in the house it’s a perfect time to get him out. She also know Vanessa doesn’t want any blood on her hands.
Jmac says you can’t avoid that you if you keep winning HOH, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”
Jmac’s final score was 161
Becky says she wants to get AUstin and the twins out.
Becky says her two people are JAckie and Jonnymac outside of that she trusts Clay and Shelli.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 16-34-11-496_jpg
4:33pm Vanessa and Liz
Vanessa – we have to talk without Austin you don’t even know the 1/2 of it..
Vanessa – you’re not going to be happy

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 16-55-29-671_jpg

4:51pm HOH Vanessa and JAckie
Vanessa needs to talk to Liz before Austin goes up because her and him are in a “Full Blown Showmance”
They agree Liz was doing great at the POV competition.
Vanessa – I don’t want to tell him until the night before..
Jackie – She’s going to tell him
Vanessa- I don’t thinks so
Jackie – I think so , he’s all she has
Vanessa says Liz is annoyed by Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 17-05-06-702_jpg

Vanessa watching the HOH screen. In the Kitchen is asutin and Liz eating the dinner he made. They are chating. Vanessa is waiting for Liz to come up so she can tell her Austin is the target this week.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 17-15-13-959_jpg

5:06pm HOH Vanessa and Shelli
Shelli says she’s nervous Liz will tell Austin early. Vanessa doesn’t think so brings up Liz telling her AUstin won’t leave her alone.
Shelli says Austin and Liz kissed last night
Vanessa – you can tell he chases her around it’s not mutual she’s just having fun
Points out she’s a flirty girl
Vanessa brings up JAckie wants to be in on the conversation with liz but she said no but Shelli can be there.
Vanessa is going to tell Austin 5 minutes before the Ceremony he told everyone about the twins the whole house wants him out because they want to cut off the head of the three headed monster.
Vanessa is going to tell Liz to keep acting like she’s interested in him so when he goes up he doesn’t blow up all the alliances because doing so would blow up Liz’ game.
Their plan is to tell Austin they have the votes to keep him and she’s putting him up because that is what the house wants.

Shelli says Julia was onboard to get out Austin for sure Liz will be to.
Vanessa – Austin and Liz came up to me and said Clay and Shelli are convinced there’s 6 person alliance coming after Clay..
Shelli – Excuse me, Austin told you this
Vanessa – Austin and Liz
Vanessa says Austin and Liz are loyal to Clay she asks Shelli if she felt that Austin was legit trying to save Clay
Shelli thinks he was
Vanessa points out how pissed Becky was when she didn’t win the POV

Shelli – can I ask Meg about this 6 person alliance.. Listen Vanessa I had that feeling at BOB.. I had the feeling that Becky was throwing the BOB.. so her and CLay would stay on the block
Shelli thinks Becky threw it says it was obvious.
Shelli is starting to freak out she thinks there’s an alliance after her and clay.
Shelli – why would AUstin know this unless he’s in on this alliance.
Vanessa says Austin told her because he wanted her to play hard
Shelli says if there’s a 6 person alliance “I’m ready to go to war”
Shelli is wondering if Austin is playing them.. she feels in her gut something is up on the other side.
Vanessa is questioning they can trust James and Jason.
Vanessa says she thinks Jackie’s job last night was to try and get Vanessa to save Becky.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 17-26-11-136_jpg

Austin comes in tells them it’s all speculation about the 6 person alliance. Him and Clay have been talking and it’s starting to add up that Liz was the target this week because James was throwing the competition.
Austin adds all the other side is saying Get Steve out Get steve out

Shelli askjs if anyone ever mentioned take Clay out
Austin – no
Austin explains it’s just speculation.., “JohnnyMac is so upset that he didn’t win that thing”

Austin says it’s getting fishy, Brings up Audrey talking to James a million times there might be something brewing downstairs. Stresses it’s all speculation right now.
Shelli asks what were the reactions when Vanessa picked Shelli as houseguests choice.
Austin says Jackie and James were down, “James shows it a lot he was upset about it. “
AUstin “If we keep Steve is 7-5 going into HOH”
Shelli – we’re in power times two.. we’re in power times 3 we have HOH, POV and Julia”
Vanessa says two weeks in a row.. last week Audrey this week Steve, “are we the dumbest people ever” (Implying them turning on their own)
Austin points out how Johnny Mac has completely flipped now.
Shelli has noticed that.
Austin stresses when Clay won there was no happy faces he looked.
Shelli asks him if it was Austin or Liz that voted to keep Jeff
Austin – are you kidding me I wanted Jeff out
Austin- him in the room made me sick to my stomach
Austin thinks it was Becky and Audrey last week
They ask him this week who voted to keep Audrey
Austin Doesn’t know

Vanessa ask him to clear if he knew who voted out Audrey
Austin – I give you my word I do not know who the vote for Audrey was
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 17-31-41-136_jpg
(The mood of the place dies after this… Vanessa was told by Julia Austin voted to keep Audrey)

Austin leaves..

Vanesa excited about Austin lying says he’s lying 100%.
Vanesa – could this be a genius ploy to get out 2 of our own
They agree AUstin is indicating some loyalty
Vanessa wants to confront him about JAson.

Vanessa – if we get out Becky the line in the sand is drawn.

Vanessa asks if she believes Meg, james and JAson are loyal to them
Shelli – they blow in the wind
Vanessa – I gave my word to Becky, Clay and everyone in the 8 person alliance
Shelli – shit changes

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Bye Austin..


Interested to see how Liz will respond to the news of the plan, hopefully she jumps ship.


If I were Vanessa, I wouldn’t be telling Liz this early. She’s going to be upset that he wants Julia out, at least, but then that lets Austin know he’s the target. How is she going to keep at that? Having to extra-fake (if that’s what she’s doing)? That will be hard to watch.


Late reading Online Big Brother, but Vanessa and Shelli have decided to get rid of Becky this week and keep Austin. So disappointed that Van and Shelli are chickens. Losing respect for Vanessa every day.

PF the B

Just saw Shelli and Vanessa discussing keeping Austin and sending Becky home. If they do indeed violate the “agreement” they made with Jackie and the others, I hope all the HGs realize those two “straight shooters” can never be trusted!


This comment should not be placed under this topic. You essentially are dropping a spoiler for readers trying to catch up on the latest info.


Grats Clay, you made it man…Clay basherssssss what now?


Bye bye bye Austin!



Thats sucks!! JohnnyMac is comp beast not clay. Clay sucks in rocks

is it just me

He is a comp beast when people are throwing it to him otherwise not so much. When it matters its choke city. Sorry to dissapoint you but JMac will not get far based on winning competitions because he will not win when other people are actually trying.

As for Becky what is this girl smoking? I want some too. Comp beast? ummm why because she won one comp lol they got good stuff up there in Colorado lol


Austin Is the devil


She never said she was a comp beast. Shelli and Clay were saying that about her. Obviously they’re idiots and just making shit up.


Becky was complaining that others were calling her a comp beast; she didn’t give herself the title.


I think becket rocks comptions better then clay!… he just has the showmance on his side , which is sorta of an unfair advantage !!!…. because production will try every way to keep you !:( . Sad but true


Clay looks a lot like that serial killer the hooker killed with his own gun in Charleston, WVA the other day.


Bye Austin


Awww Becky, don`t cry. At least you can now go for the next HOH, and go with a vengeance. You now know where you stand in the pecking order with these people. Take your time and get them good!!!!


I know people hate when production gets involved, however I wish they would a whole house alliance is so lame.


What is the “whole house alliance?”

None of these alliances of more than three people are real. Do you even understand what you’re watching?


They made an 8 alliance a couple of nights ago that doesn’t include JMac (sleeping), Steve, or Austin, so basically the “whole” house. They called it ‘Dark Moon’, and yes, you’re right, it won’t last. How could it possibly? It’s ridiculous.


Is the 3 person alliance you are referring to Shelli, Clay, and Van that everyone in the house think they are in an alliance with and who ever they pick to target the whole house goes along with.

Lemon balls

Bye bye Judas!!


I Want venessa, sheli, Becky and Jackie, clay, and Jason to all tell Liz what Austin said about the twins and that they want him out because he’s coming after the twins and that he even told Jason about the twins and how he wants Julie evicted and Liz to himself! That outta creep her out. He needs to go!

Wowie Mandel

Leaving the house straight into the arms of NOBODY!!!
No moneys , no honeys

Yo Yo Yo

That’s so funny.
I can’t stand how he thinks his showmance makes him so awesome. He loves how Liz jumps into his arms. He wanted the 2 showmances to be on slop together. He got rid of Jeff because of jealousy. Not because it was the best move for him – although I wasn’t sad about him going.
You are there to play the game….instead he’s worried about his showmance.


Ughhhh I’m so disappointed. If Becky would’ve came off the block…. Jason, Meg, James and j Mac coulda had the perfect opportunity to flip the power alliance on each other. Van would’ve put up Austin. At this point Austin would no longer trusted van splitting up that alliance. However the house guest no not evict Austin but instead Clay. This completely ruins van game Bc she only would have shelli. Shelli would be lost Bc no more clay. The twins would be a wild card in this scenario however. Breaking up the power couple should be a priority, but that can’t happen this week soooo yay, bye Austin


and shelli would also be mad at vanessa for putting clay up in the first place, if only becky had won and taken herself off.

but listen to what she is saying, she has no idea she is running 2nd place ok to get evicted, she’s copying the head honchos mantra of get out austin, and then the twins following. instead she should realize where she is in the totem pole, as in not even on it that;s how low she is, and figure out an aligning with the twins actually instead of targeting them. however, we can see that jackie drank the kookaid poured by shelly & clay as well, and is towing their line forgetting whatever it was that they actually wanted.

if anyone thinks that shelli and clay aren’t looking to work closely with twins & vanessa, and everyone else gets out, they are crazy. they are the only ones besides austin who have really worked at a bonding with both of them. as far as shelli & clay are concerned, they are looking to get out everyone else, regardless they say they like jason, (which is a stretch, he is not that likeable) he is not part of them.

Amanda queefs slop

I think I’m having a change of heart with Austin leaving. I want him to go, but I’m excited to watch him with both twins in the house. I also want to keep watching Liz squirm, and pretend like she’s actually interested in him. I just think there is a lot of crazy left in that boy, and I’m not ready to leave crazyville quite yet.

Not Dawg

I hope Vanessa doesn’t backpedal on this one..


Too bad we could not get a Clay VS Austin Thursday but i guess this works. Also Vanessa is killing herself (in a sense) first she takes out Audrey now Austin. Those were 2 of her allies and now she is banking she can control the others. Risky…..

Also Jason isn’t my favorite because of his personality but he made it clear he is targeting Steve…sigh but luckily Jason can’t win crap.

Team #JohnnyMACandSteve


Vanessa took out Jeff … not Audrey
Shellie was HOH for Audreys eviction
Vanessa taking out Austin will actually benefit her … the whole house wants Austin gone
Who’s pissed at Shellie for putting Audrey up … uhh Audrey maybe?
Vanessa will be fine if she makes it through the double eviction
Although she talks to much at times she is still my Favorite player

clay still sucks at comps

production wanted clay to win one so bad it’s ridiculous


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but please don’t burn me at the stake, but
I think if Austin cut off the beard pony and cleaned up his beard and hair, put on a shirt AND most importantly didn’t talk, he could be cute


LOL – so basically, an almost completely different person? I’m sure he has some finer points of personality, but unfortunately, we’re not seeing much of them.

Missing Ranceypants

I totally agree and have often thought the same thing. Pay no mind to the haters. Once some people get it in their heads that they hate a player, God himself couldn’t dissuade them to say one positive thing about them.


Go online there’s a pic of Austin without Tue best just type online Austin big brother without beard


Vanessa may your game go down in flames.


Van is easily the best player thus far, then Shelli. Would you rather Shelli or Van win? I’d prefer Van to win over Shelli, but that’s just me. No one else is killing it like those two, socially or in comps. As of right now, none of the others deserve to win unless some serious changes take place. Sitting around, getting their butts kicked in comps in not working.


Can you guys utube the moment vanessa tells liz austin’s going home – I don’t want to miss it!!!


While I get that the comps were fixed against Becky this week, the plus side for her is that a huge target will be put up next to her! Clay winning put an bigger target on him (and Shelli) and made Becky look less threatening. Jmac, Becky and Jackie seem to have a solid 3 way alliance ….Julia hanging out with jmac will serve her well when she comes in. I really want to see Julia play full time to see what she’s got.


In a perfect world, Clay would have lost, now we have to endure his shit eating narcissistic smirk
all week. Thumbs up if you can’t stand his ass!


Is that a tail Clay is wearing in that pic? Squirrel? Beaver?

Misty Beethoven

Aw Shelli, now you’re going to have to Clay a little sugar because he won. In a squirrel suit. Oh lawd, you must be SO turned on!! She’s such a swamp donkey.


Is becky going to be safe ? i don’t really watch the feeds and my brother just told me what well happened ):<


She’ll be fine, she’ll win against Austin, hands down.

Member of the Ant Farm

What if Vanessa was just saying Austin just to go along with Jackie in case Jackie stayed in power? Now with all the power Vanessa just might stick to her original alliance and possibly backdoor Jackie to further give them the numbers. That would basically leave just Jason, Meg, James and Becky on the outs. Just throwing it out there…Austin may just skate by this week.

B-bad owl

Shelli and Clay started setting up the Austin eviction last week, and remember, Vanessa is drinking that kool-aid as much as anybody in the house. So nope, Austin is gone.


she could just as easily back out, and put up steve. steve is also at about 80% house wants him out. she could then retain her loyalty (and show she is truthful and loyal) with austin by sticking with an agreement that they had (if they have one). instead, it looks sketchy on her to throw him under the bus, regardless she thinks she can spin the ‘he lied to me, he’s dead to me line’. it still doesn’t benefit her at all to lose him being on her side, which he is.

and no, vanessa, slithering up next to liz and saying ‘come up and see me, and leave the lug behind so we can talk privately’ isn’t sketchy at all. then to seal it all with a ‘and you aren’t going to be happy about it’, THEN give her time to go downstairs and hang out with the lug for enough time to tell him that vanessa wants to see her and that is what she’s said so far.

I really don’t think he will get suspicious at ALL about that, nope.

I’m sure she doesn’t think she’s lying , nope.


It could happen


I really thought production might do something to ensure Austin stays. Like him or hate him, everyone is talking about him. It could get really entertaining to see Austin / Liz / Julia when they are finally in the house together. But it’s really driving me crazy this season that everything feels like a scripted show. If they do find a way for Austin to stay, I’m going to really believe it. I want him to stay actually. I am one of the few who does actually like him. But don’t know how Vanessa could possibly pull that off without being targeted afterwards.


I too want him to stay, he’s an interesting guy, even if he is an oaf. He keeps the game moving, and since Audrey is gone, we need someone to keep spreading rumours and talking to others out of place


Well this thread sucks after “Let me guess it was a football throwing comp”

Now all the conspiracy tin foil hat wearing freaks have their fuel to endlessly spew how the whole show is rigged.

Wake me after 100 posts about how much this show sucks and is “rigged”


Linda C

If it sucks so bad, why are you watching LOL


Hope Austin stays… He brings drama! At least his voice is not annoying.


Austin’s not annoying? Geez…every time he opens his know it all mouth I want to scream. His constant touching, stroking and petting of Liz makes me gag. His big bad wrestler intimidation stance is laughable. Everything about this guy is annoying to me. Can’t wait to watch him go into fake wrestling mode on Vanessa when he realizes he IS the target. Lol….I can see that straight legged foot stomp now. LMAO….

The golden power of cheeto

It’s funny how clueless liz is about the Austin plan. Becky shouldn’t be that sad, does she know about the Austin plan?


Production found something Clayfus could win! So the new Fan Favorite twist is their going to have the same comp for everything.


Eh…… I guess it is not the worst news. As long as Austin leaves I am fine.

Team Edward

Austin is going to put in a sleeper hold and pass out for the 1,2,3


Yep I don’t care if he stays or goes but I have a feeling Vanessa will be the next one out of there! She had it good with numbers but I’m thinking they are gonna turn in her too


think its a smart move, get her back in good with other side of house, plus he cares about liz more than winning
drop the dead weight


I personally don’t believe so. For a start, most of the house is pressuring her to do so. He’s also been a huge detriment to her game, and has shown willingness to against her wishes. He’s been doing weird things that could drag Vanessa down if she continues to associated with him, like telling Jason about the twins, suggesting Julia should go but Liz should stay, and voting for Audrey to stay so he could pin it on Steve. And last but not least, he’s more loyal to Liz than her, so much so that it’s limiting his usefulness as an ally.


It is better for her to get him out so she can gain new allies. Also everyone saw that Austin wanted Liz and only Liz so he would get rid of Vanessa for Liz, no one needs an ally like that. Plus she talked some shit about him with Liz and Julia so the chance of him flipping on her is high. I also think he takes up too much time with the twins and that she wanted their numbers/game talk early on. She sees them and Clay/Shelli as major parts of her game, with Austin being a good fifth…which I guess she “wants” to replace with Jackie right now.
She also has Steve on the side but not sure how Steve can help her.

I am not sure why people think Audrey was ever her ally because Audrey saw Vanessa as too smart and would have wanted to backdoor/front door her just for the fun of it.

Her failures are not caring about Becky and Johnny enough when Austin was only focusing on Liz. Jason/James/Meg were never going to be her numbers nor help her. If she had Becky+John on her side or even neutral she’d be in a much better position. John and Becky think she has too much blood on her hands but at this point with no one entering Jury yet it doesn’t matter. The problem with Vanessa is that she needs the twins/Jackie/Jason/James/Meg to help her get rid of Clay/Shelli. I think Shelli will beat Vanessa in this game because people seem to really like Shelli and their games have been similar. Shelli has been subtle while Vanessa talks too much. Also her complaining of lack of sleep and skin issues will not help her mental game in the long run.


Austin is a meat shield. After he is gone, the house will begin to notice that Vanessa is a strong player. If she lays low, she might be ok, but if she acts like a dictator or freaks out about stuff, the target on her back will grow bigger. The house will probably go after the twins and Steve first, but after they are gone, Vanessa better figure out a way to cover her butt or she is toast. After Austin, the twins, and Steve are gone, all Vanessa will have left are Shelli and Clay. By this point in the game, Clay and Shelli will also be targets because they are in a showmance, so Vanessa will be vulnerable. By targeting her alliance, Vanessa is getting herself in trouble. It’s a numbers game, and soon Vanessa will not have anyone to protect her.

Arrogant Bastard

Is Clay keeping the costume? Or does he have to wear it for some reason? I don’t have feeds, Im only going by that pic you have of him.


I think it’s a scoop theory. She likely feels she’ll get the twins with Austin gone. They’re voting out numbers which you shouldn’t do. With twin in numbers a net zero perhaps. think Nessa playing with fire some. I’m surprised Steve isn’t on her lips instead of Austin. He really messed up with the showmance thing IMO.

Butters Mom

Austins first alliance is to himself and second to Liz. Liz’ first alliance is to herself and second to her sister and third to Austin and fourth to Vanessa. Julias first alliance is to herself, second to Liz and third to Vanessa. No one in that group is loyal to Vanessa above someone else. It is in Vanessas best interest to take out Austin so Liz doesnt put Austin before Vanessa. I just have a feeling she is going to cave and not do it like she did last time when the plan was to get out Audrey and she went looking for a reason not to. She then focused hard on Jeff. Im worried she will put up Steve or John instead. I think Steve would actually be more loyal to Vanessa than Austin would. On the flip side, if Austin stays and Liz starts spending all of her time with Julia and Austin gets jealous, he would then be more loyal to Vanessa because he seems to get really jealous and reacts on emotions. Becky isnt really giving Production a reason to keep her in the house … she said they rarely call her to the diary room and they dont show her much on the regular show… I think they want her gone.


just got the feeds thru your site, do guys do a chat room on feeds?

is it just me

hmm now the question is how long until Vanessa decides that backdooring Jackie is her best move

Despite the fake complaining that she is still hoh this is exactly what she wanted i for one hope she does what is best for her game and takes out a strong player on the other side. Austin is easy to control and manipulate just get Liz to bat her eyes and Austin does as he is told no need to get rid of him right now.


Liz or Julia’s goodbye message to Austin. No one gets in between of my twin!


Vanessa is like Pinocchio the more she lies the more pimples she gets!


Vanessa is playing the game … just like the rest of them but better
How would you like it if you were on tv and you had skin issues?
Scrutinizing someones game play is one thing … that’s why were here
but anonymous personal attacks … Not cool


Lol…..Lady Maverick’s tell at the poker table……look. she’s bluffing….zit pops up on her nose. Bluffing again…zit pops up on chin. Too funny.

Yo Yo Yo

Are those boils on Vanessa’s face? Why every summer do people break out with horrible acne in that house? Stress?


Simon/Dawg, I am confused as to what Austin told Liz he was going to say to Jason VS. what he actually said. Help please. Thanks.


Vanessa is stupid if she puts up Austin. He had her back and she could have controlled him. She is doing clay and Shellie’s dirty work. I hope it backfires on her ass.


Look at that sweet face on JMac looking at his boo, Becky, wouldja? I’m sure he would have loved to win POV so he could take her off.


im looking forward to Julia coming in. I think Jackie is right. Ppl are underestimating the twins. They haven’t been able to play the game like they’ve wanted to because of the switching in and out. Interesting to see how next week goes. Especially with “we kissed for 3 seconds!” Austin out of the way.
Would love to see the twins as the two HOHs next! The house would freak. And we’d see where their heads were at.

Missing Ranceypants

I haven’t been following this season as close as seasons past, so i apologize, but can someone explain to me why vanessa would even consider putting up yet another ally and sending austin home?

Butters Mom

For one thing, the same reason they couldnt count on Audrey. His vote isnt dependable. He voted for Johnny Mac at the last eviction and then lied about it. Vanessa knows he is lying about that. She wanted Audrey out because she wasnt helping their alliance if she wasnt voting with them… now Austin isnt voting with them either. He’s rogue.


When my dad drops me off after summers over and intends on paying unpaid child support. I plan on making a donation. Oh god *fingers crossed*


I don’t like clay and would like to see him gone, but i still find it annoying when people claim that the show is rigged just because something happened the way they didn’t want it to. Like do you really think that production would completely scrap out the original comp and try to create a new comp and build it for one person to win? And anyways all competitions are fair in the sense that everyone can win, however some do have advantages and luckily clay was good at throwing

Butters Mom

Yes production would do that. They did it for Frankie.


Maybe production was trying to make up for messing up the bob comp?


Monday after POV should be great
Austins gonna flip out


is there any way at all that this could all go wrong and becky could go home?. i hope not, i really like becky. hope austin gets out this week but the thing is that he wont do what audrey did and just lay down. he will campaign and , who knows..he might get the votes and then becky is gone and that would suck.

Bye 6th Sense

Vanessa is going to regret getting rid of Austin. Now her alliance members are going to fall like dominoes. First Austin leaves, then the twins, then Steve, then Shelli and Clay. Then Vanessa is alone and will be evicted too. The wolves are circling and will pick them off one by one. However if Vanessa doesn’t get rid of Austin or Steve this week, she will be the next target. Vanessa is in trouble, big trouble.

Chill Town owns this game

I’m trying to still like BB but these 20 something real world shitty game playing casts suck. Enough with the BOB, enough with the twists, enough with Hippo Grodner fixing the show and comps for boring ass houseguests like Clay and Frankie and enough of the house alliances. I long for the days of BB7 (best season of the show ever). The only solution to save the show this season is to evict the delusional stalker Austin and instead of bringing in a twin, bring back Chill Town to inject real deceitful strategy, true backstabbing and incredible gameplay and go head to head with Racoon eyes Vanessa and her twat puppet Shelli. Alison Grodner won’t do this because she too busy thinking of her next meal and sucking at producing.

Chill Town

I’m trying to still like BB but these 20 something real world shitty game playing casts suck. Enough with the BOB, enough with the twists, enough with Hippo Grodner fixing the show and comps for boring ass houseguests like Clay and Frankie and enough of the house alliances. I long for the days of BB7 (best season of the show ever). The only solution to save the show this season is to evict the delusional stalker Austin and instead of bringing in a twin, bring back Chill Town to inject real deceitful strategy, true backstabbing and incredible gameplay and go head to head with Racoon eyes Vanessa and her twat puppet Shelli. Alison Grodner won’t do this because she too busy thinking of her next meal and sucking at producing.


judas says bye austin , because judas aint going no where

Asian Hillbilly

Vanessa doesn’t have any other choice than to Backdoor Austin. Half the house wants him out and she has deals with everyone in the house. All she has to do now is not win HOH again and she can float for a while.