“my loyalty will be with you (Clay), even if you are against people I’m with that’s fine”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 16-55-17-265_jpg

4:10pm Hammock room Clay and Meg
Clay claiming he only knew about Vanessa changing the plan 12 hours before the POV Ceremony
He’s not working with Vanessa, Austin or Liz. Vanessa is close to Austin. Shelli and him are loyal people and loyal game players.
They will never cross Meg
Meg – Clay you lied to my face..
Meg says she know Vanessa would never had done this if Clay and Shelli weren’t 100% behind it. She heard from Vanessa that they were in on it all along

Clay – this is her decision.. it’s not our place to tell people her plan
Meg – it’s not your place to say hey meg..
Clay says if Meg’s game was ever in jeopardy they wouldn’t have been down with it. If she was in danger she would be the first person he came to.

Clay says they were pushing for Jackie to go up not Jason.
Meg tells him Jackie is pissed at them all
Meg – This is the biggest mistake Vanessa has made is the blindside of three people in the house
Clay claims him and Shelli told Vanessa that it will make HUGE waves. He stresses it was last minute decision
Meg – everything looks so shady Clay
Clay – I know we’re not HOH.. we trust Vanessa but it’s not our job to pull people aside.
Meg – you guys are involved in it it looks shady.. you have to realize that..
Clay keeps saying they weren’t’ the HOH’s, Last minute decision, they have Meg’s back.. (He repeats this dozens of times )

Meg – you can’t blindside me it freaks my sh1t out
Meg – “my loyalty will be with you..be honest with me about things. even if you are against people i’m with that’s fine it’s fine that’s how we play the game.”
SHe doesn’t want him to be afraid to tell her things.

Clay says Shelli is so upset that Meg is upset, “Our loyalties are with you the lie very sketchy I’m sorry.. from this point on it’s a different game”
Meg – I have small loyalties with me people..
Clay – would you pick me over Jackie
Meg – Ya
Clay says he’s trying to protect Meg.
Meg says it looks like what Asurey was saying about the alliance running the house.
Clay explains a 1 night alliance that was made week 1.
Meg wonders why they can’t keep any alliances.

Clay says these big 8 person alliances don’t last they’re too big you need to form small 4 or 5 person alliances..
Clay – there’s people in that group that don’t trust each other it falters
Clay says he trust Shelli with his whole game and he feels the same with Meg.
Clay says him and Shelli were waiting to team up with Meg and Jason, ‘But we can only do so much.. jason leaving is a hit.. but it frees you up.. we saw that.. we want that.. I just hope that you are all upset.. “
Meg – Don’t let it happen again.. i’m that type of person I don’t hold grudges
Clay says Vanessa is a straight shooter he does like working with her, ‘She’s ride or die and she’s loyal to the people that are loyal to her.. she’s got a lot of blood on her hands.”
(Meg is probably the worst player this season)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 16-31-55-898_jpg

4:27pm Red Room Austin, Liz and Becky
They tell Becky the most votes Jason can get will be Meg, James and Jackie.
Becky – Jackie is the one that came to me and asked if I wanted to go on the block. I knew it was my turn I have not been on the block .. kinda my turn
Austin – I’m sick of this my turn your turn bullsh1t
Liz – me to

Liz says jason is causing such an uproar he has to go home.
Liz mentions she’s not switching with Julia today as previously thought.
Becky leaves, Johnnymac comes in . Talking about Jackie ‘Showing her hands” right now by not talking to Becky. Johnnymac didn’t know Jackie and Jason/Meg were so tight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 16-58-40-102_jpg

4:57pm Clay and Shelli
Clay reporting about his conversation with Meg
Shelli says she was in the bathroom with Jason and it felt really awkward.
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 17-05-38-254_jpg

5:03pm HOH Clay and Vanessa
Clay reporting back to Vanessa
Vanessa says James is the easiest to work with out of the other side. The one the most upset was Meg and Jackie they felt personally slighted by being out of the loop. Vanessa understands that they are mad for being out of the loop nobody likes being out of the loop. Vanessa says it’s time for them all to start playing the game.
Vanessa could have told Meg, JAckie and James but that’s giving them a difficult choice either stick with the numbers and betray their close allie or go against the numbers.
Vanessa says she was ready to send Austin home this week.
Clay says it’s a done deal Jason won’t get the votes.
Vanessa says one plus is Austin is legit grateful for them keeping him. He owes them one.
Vanessa – do you think the other side will target the twins first
Clay – pretty sure Meg won’t target us
Vanessa – I feel good about jackie.. I could have looked in a final 4
Vanessa says Jackie is going to stay up in the HOH all week.
Clay – we need to make sure those people don’t target us three.. Shelli is worried during Double eviction they’ll target us
Vanessa – the only one with that thought is Jason.. once he’s gone and they don’t have a strategist on their side they won’t figure it out.
Clay says what if they get rid of Austin before the twins. Vanessa thinks they should keep Austin around he’ll throw competitions She calls him a idiot in love.
Vanessa asks about Johnnymac, Steve and becky, “we can’t let the floaters float to the end”
They agree it’s fine to make James the target next week.
the Plan is Vanessa to do damage control with JAckie for Clay/Shelli and they’ll do damage control with meg for Vanessa.
Vanessa says that was the hardest thing they had to do this season.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 17-09-44-259_jpg

5:03pm Bedroom Meg, Jason and James
Jason and james saying Clay and SHelli won’t look at them in the eye right now
Jason is looking forward to seeing what he did to make all these people so scared of him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 17-30-17-701_jpg

5:29pm HOH Liz and Vanessa
Vanessa says everyone is concerned they were left out of the loop. She surprised that is what they are mad about.
Adds that jackie and Meg were the most pissed.
Vanessa – they all think they’re next it’s hard to dance around that..
Vanessa – if you see you’re on a ship and there’s a hole and it’s sinking find another ship with different people
Liz – jackie is down there being a little Diva.. she’s pissed.. She’s so pissed..It written on her face, I’m staying clear of her.
Vanessa – really
Vanessa says their best game move was picking the team that would win the HOH’s every week early on.
Liz points out how vindictive and b1tchy JAckie was when it was them and Shelli int eh HOH earlier today.
Liz adds Jackie won’t even talked to her.
Vanessa – they better watch out who pisses you off you have two people
Liz – two people
Vanessa – you feel like we made the right move
Liz – absolutely.. it was the right move he’s got to go.
Vanessa says Clay is find with what is happening, him and SHelli were trying to hid they knew Jason was going up. After the POV ceremony they were ‘attacked” by everyone so they denied knowing. Vanessa was hiding in the HOH when she had her conversations she told everyone they knew the plan to get Jason up. Shelli and Clay are doing damage control right now but it’s all good. Vanessa understands why they reacted that way it was all of a sudden.

Austin joins them.
They are agreeing Jason shouldn’t have been so open about how much he knew about the game. Austin mentions how James made it so obvious here’s there to win the money at all costs.
Austin – Him and Audrey could have gotten far on their personalities and stories alone.. they didn’t have to play the game like they did
They agree Jason’s strategy was to find a person and drag their name through the mud all week.
Vanessa- he’s very good at it almost worked to get you (Austin) out..
Vanessa says today was mostly terrible shit but the one thing was seeing the look on Austin’s face when he didn’t go up.
Austin thanks her. Vanessa says it was Liz, Shelli, Clay and her all having Austin’s back.
Vanessa says everyone knows they are tight. Vanessa recommends the best thing is Austin/Liz to separate from Clay/Shelli

Vanessa doesn’t want johnnymac, Becky, Steve and the rest to band together.
Austin thinks Steve is 100% with Freaks and Geeks, “I don’t think he’ll join Johnnymac and Becky”
Austin says Season 15 all the floaters banded together and ruined the season.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 18-10-00-845_jpg

6:10pm HOh Becky, Vanessa and Shelli
Becky says most of Jason’s side is sleeping so it’s OK downstairs.
Becky says Jackie is far more concerned about Jason than her
Becky says when she was sleeping it was Jason, Meg, James and Jackie scheming for a long time.
Vanessa says Jackie told her if Jason goes home she’s alone. Vanessa doesn’t know why she’s not including Becky.
Becky is going to distances herself from Jackie says they never talk game. She’s going to sleep during the day and stop scurrying around she doesn’t want to be this seasons Andy.
Becky tells them James and Meg never talked game to her once.
Becky says she wants to take out James, “I guarantee you he won’t vote for him like I voted for him”
Becky – this will be a 6-3 vote.. what about a mystery vote
Vanessa – 100% 6-3
Becky – what about the mystery vote

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And this is why Meg is a joke. You can screw me over as long as you tell me beforehand.


Okay, this is a side note, omg, I’m watching feeds, 4:00pm now, and I’ve teared up several times with Jason, meg and Jackie!!!! I’m in too deep. Meh


Wow, u heartless b*tches. Lol


They should have never kept Meg over Day. This is not a game about being everyone’s best friend. Megan is clueless. Day wouldn’t of lasted the entire game but she would’ve revealed a lot about other alliances and targeted players that actually pose a threat like couples. I am so dumbfounded that no one wants to break up the Shelli and Clay showmance. Instead everyone he wants to trust them and do whatever they say.

the coreys

I guess the only good that csn come from this bull crap alliance running the house is to see each and every one of their smug faces when they realized they all can’t win and go home 1 at a time.

Vanessa and austin are the reactions I look forward to most.

Dee says...

Why the new…


The revolution starts Thursday!! Sixth sense alliance is going down!!!


If Meg still trusts Clay and Shelli after all of this….

*insert facepalm image here


I know this is dumb of me but I really don’t know where Johnny stands if anywhere? He is playing a singular game right, does he have people he wants to go F4 with? Thanks for any explanations.


I think Johnny and Becky have each other’s backs


I don’t think Johnny knows who or what he wants or may where he’s at. If Him and Steve would wake up the game would be on.


Closest with Becky but thinks he has a 2 with Steve. Best relationship on the power side is Clay/Shelli. Just a convenience to those 2. expect him to go soon after BOB is done for the season. Should note Steve in a similar spot with Vanessa. One will get replacement status while the other heads to jury. Neither makes F4 IMHO


Johnny Mac is playing the classic “No enemies, everyones friend” game, and a particularly good version of it. His best hope is to be in the middle if Shelli/Clay ever wake up and realize that Vanessa and her pawns don’t have their best interests at heart. It makes me laugh every time I hear Shelli tell someone what a “straight shooter” Vanessa is or tell Clay (of all people) how much she trusts her. They will probably go down at Vanessa’s hand and never see it coming. Sadly, the funny and likable Johnny Mac is a pawn on the wrong side of that ambush.


I think he might have a f4 with becky, clay/shelli


This is getting depressing. This decision was supposed to light a fire under the other side but it seems to have just made them desperate and whiny. It’s a shame so many of these people don’t know how to play this game. The only thing I can see saving this from being a a snoozefest for the next couple of weeks is to get rid of BOB and bring back the BigBrother Takeovers. It’s time to make this season somewhat interesting again!

Like...I'm Jackie

I predict that it will be unanimous or very close to unanimous to get Jason out. This crap started last season with the everyone go with the house. Try playing your own damn game people! Gees! Bunch of sheep!


Helen and her “vote with the house.”
She broke Big Brother. The bitch.


Clay is a weak link. He talks too much. If others actually pay attention, they will use the information against Clay and Shelli


Why was Meg cast?


Because she’s friend with Frankie Grande


Jiggle factor


Boobs. Blond hair and boobs.

brotalk to human dictionary

Because every year production feels the need to include that one person everybody on feeds can look at, shake their head in unison and say, “why was she cast?” or, “has she ever heard of big brother?”
This year it’s a rousing “shut up Meg” that would make Family Guy proud.


Because she is supposedly close friends with Frankie Grande’s best friend. I knew from the start that I wasn’t going to like her for that reason alone…but then you factor in her annoying facial expressions and the fact that her gameplay bounces back and forth from nonexistent to absolutely terrible…means the Clueless Wonder continues to grate my nerves. Ugh…and if she paints that gaping maw of hers with that hideous red lipstick again…my eyes might start to bleed.


Meg is dumber than wood!


She also walks so f*cking weird. What is wrong with her legs? Never seen anything like it.

Captain Crunch

I see Meg is still drinking Clays koolaid believing everything he’s saying smh.
And Becky really thinks she’s with Vanessa and Shelli by saying Jackie, James, Meg, and Jason were scheming.

These idiots wont realize whats going on until there outside the house doing interviews with Julie. Its so obvious that Austin, Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay are in an alliance i don’t know what more evidence they need, Audrey told them last week and now they’re doing damage control trying to cover there ass.

Eric CA

So Jason will have James, Meg and Jackie’s Vote… now what happens if Steve and Johnny Mac flip and vote to keep Jason… or Julia comes in and votes to keep Jason and so does Steve or Johnny Mac… What happens then? Could it happen who knows???? Vanessa would be the biggest target in the house if Jason stays… that could save Liz and Julia from being the biggest targets come Double Elimination Night…. Target everywhere nd much bigger ones keeps them safe.
Perhaps Shelli and Clay may try and Flip to the other side and utter the power dynamic in the House… make it look like Austin and Steve. On this one don’t hold the funeral until his game is dead. If it was last year… yeah Jason is gone but this group is so flip floppy ADHD.. Goodbye for now Jason… or Becky I am not 100% sure yet.


not really. Jason was immediately blaming Shelli for running Vanessa’s game and changing the noms by manipulating her. I doubt if he would see Vanessa as anything but 2nd or 3rd at this point, according to what he was saying anyway. His first would be Shelli, his 2nd would be clay to take out Shelli’s shield, and he would settle for Vanessa.

but that would be if he stayed which is unlikely just because people have better relationships with either their alliance or with Becky. Johnny isn’t voting for jason to stay, Liz pretty much hates him for the part he played in James’ comments, and other reasons like her going on the block in the first place, and blabbing about what was supposed to be private info to gain his trust. Jason alienated someone who might have flipped their vote, i.e. Liz. on the other hand, Liz herself probably won’t be voting, so all the things that were done to her by them, didn’t happen to Julia. Julia’s reasoning for voting may be completely different than liz, and doesn’t Julia have an actual relationship with Jason and Johnnymac?

my guess is they are not doing a switch so they can be sure that Julia is the one voting on Thursday night, to see if that will add some ‘what will she do’ dramatics.

Butters Mom

I think Johnny Mac will vote for Becky unless he feels snubbed by her rejection of a final 2 and I hope Shelly and Clay flip and vote for Jason. Im not sure what Julia will do but the fact that production is making a change about the switch so that Julia will be the one to vote tells me somethings up with the “fairies”. I see Vanessa turning on Shelly and Clay once the twins come in. She’s going to want the twins and Austin to be loyal to her first and I think she will be loyal to them first as well. Shelly isnt dumb.. shes not going to like Vanessa blowing her up to everyone saying she had a hand in putting Jason up.

There is definitely not a whole house alliance guys...

Yeah definitely going to happen! It’s sure good that Jason didn’t spend his summer alienating Steve while Vanessa spent hers secretly aligning with him. Oh, wait…Rats!

Like it or not Shelli and Vanessa are playing this game on a whole other level while their competition just realized it was a game and are now stamping their feet yelling “Not fair!” At this point I honestly don’t know how you can root for any of “the other side,” it is terrifying watching them try to piece together what is happening and somehow still being wrong.


Meg…. you ****** idiot…. she seriously is terrible at this game and deserves to get put up, however will most likely have to deal with her dumb ass until the end.


I’ve always been on the side of the underdog but this year if they don’t win anything then the 6th sense deserves to make it to the end. I’m indifferent when it comes to the alliance but I can’t fault them for the desicions they make because they are the ones in power and the other side doesn’t seem to be winning or realizing that there is an alliance picking them off.

So if Meg is on the block next week, no sympathy. It would be nice if power shifts but if it doesn’t then the 6th sense can run the house the way they see fit.

JMac Attack

Awwwww…the self-entitled hamsters are scrambling! I, too, am hoping that Jason gets a Diamond POV. If the other side finally wakes up and realizes how untrustworthy Shellie, Clay and Vanessa are, there could be some epic battles on the horizon. If Jason goes, meh…the entitled ones will go on thinking they are vastly superior to the rest of the house. The season will get real boring really fast.


Really, Meg? So when Clay tells you that he and Shelli want to roll with you and Jason, why couldn’t you have called him out on that? I mean, with Clay and Shelli, the votes would be there for Jason to stay and that foursome could still “work together” — at least theoretically speaking. It is too bad Meg is at summer camp in LA rather than playing Big Brother. Sigh.


Meg can’t count high enough to figure out that Clay & Shelly’s votes would be enough.

B-bad owl

Becky better stop pushing Vanessa about the mystery vote, or she will be gone and Jason staying.


Meg, what are you doing????


Do you think she’s that smart?


There’s a lot of time until eviction night – I have a feeling things are going to change back and forth constantly until then. Ready for next week and a new HOH already!


Meg should of called Clays bluff. But she missed that opportunity, However, she could go to Shelli and ask for her and Clays vote to save Jason since Clay said they always wanted to work with Jason. Even if it doesn’t get the votes it may cause a crack in the Shelli/Clay alliance.

This sounds crazy but since Austin has such a big ego they could campaign for his and Julia’s votes. Austin has such a big ego they should feed him that this would be the biggest flip in Big brother history, up there with Dan’s funeral and since you were the one to make this happen you would be a legend in Big Brother. Put on your hip boots because it’s going to be deep. Still a long shot but it’s better then sleeping till Jason goes home.

Backseat Driver



Big brother can 3 was better then this by far Idc


No it wasn’t, BBCAN3 was boring as shit along with the cast, the season ended only 2 months ago and i don’t remember anything about the season except for probably the JP blindside and Godfrey’s crazy speeches besides that there is literally not one thing that stood out for me that season let alone remember about. Also not to mention the endless crappy twists that flopped and screwed people’s games like Risha, Neaha, and Bruno.


Bruno screwed his own game


Is that you Zach,,,, come on, we know it’s you!

Judd's Granny

Vanessa is easily the best player. She knows she can’t win if all six survive. She is looking for allies outside of the six. Everything will change when the dual Hoh ends. The final 3 will be Vanessa and 2 outsiders.


Stop doing drugs!
Vanessa’s F3 is her and the twins with a possible Steve who she owns at the moment as a backup. She has the best sweet spot in the house and you think she can get 2 outsiders there that’s idiotic. She runs numbers down then gets Shelli out. To keep outsiders risks Clay scooping them up. She’ll ride the Slay card til the HOH timing is right then the backdoor. After Austin goes she’ll own the twins. They talk to her for advice now already.


OMG!!!..wake up Meg…they are not with you…I hope she is just telling Clay what he wants to hear and not buying his shit…

Game Over

Bye Jason
The final 2 will be Shelli and Vanessa!


i think Clay will be collateral damage to trying to get Shelli out at some point, so he will be gone sooner than final 3.

I can see Julia in final 3.

I do not want to see a Meg there, dragged along because she isn’t doing anything. In fact, this season seems to be pretty good for the most part, i see people who are being left out of alliances, but not necessarily floating (other than Meg that is). Most have done or won something. Becky and Johnnymac are pretty much left out of any real alliances being made, and jackie seems to only be asked to enter into short term or non existent alliance agreements. The big 8 sounds like it was the only one she’d been part of lol.


I feel blindsided even though I watched the whole mess happen on the feeds. I refuse to believe Jason is going home. Maybe he can still re-enter the house at a later date??/ I don’t know. I was feeling pretty down about Jason who was tugging on my heart strings (I know its probably just strategy, but I like the way he’s handling it).
The first laugh I finally had was from James who yelled at Steve as he was creeping down the HOH stairs” what the hell are you doing up there? You are going to have to jump off that gravy train some time?!!!
Im not a fan of James , but he does make me laugh!!!!


I feel that regardless what kind of story Clay/Shelli come up with and how sympathetic they are, Jackie won’t be having any of it. I almost hope she gets HOH this week, because we all know that Clay/Shelli for sure will be on the block with Vanessa and Austin. This could be really good. I think Jackie believes Vanessa, but is going to be gunning for Clay/Shelli. I can’t see that Vanessa can put her trust in Clay/Shelli too much longer. She has to get rid of at least one of them, and maybe if Austin gets an HOH she’ll call in the favour to get him to target them, especially when the double HOH is over.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Liz is the biggest floater in the damn house! Acting like she’s Billy-bad-ass. Ready for her to hit the road and let Julia play. I can’t wait until they try eating their own.

Meg….she has no business being in this game. She is as gullible as a toddler. She deserves the hand she’ll be dealt.

Ready for Jackie to start doing some damage. She’s smart but slow to put stuff together. Becky is funny…two days ago they were plotting HER demise. How quickly she dropped the other side.

Can’t wait for a reckoning.


Liz is not a floater. She is not shifting her loyalties every single week. Get your facts straight.

It's Official

Meg is DUMB!


The whole other side is dumb…being their doormat, being their pawns, feeding everything back to Clay and Shelli…dumb dumb and dumb….all of them can’t see how used they are being…

Shelli's Fangs

Yeah but Meg takes it to a whole nother level when they all know now what they know!


Sack of rocks is smarter than Meg. They were told these guys are working together you bozo’s by Audrey and they still do not get it! Listen up morons Slay is working with Van/Austin/Twins you idiots.
Some of these folks I liked some. I have no compassion for idiots. Just take a number and wait for your turn to get evicted. Jason is in part his own worse enemy. HOH up 1st, wins and doesn’t choose 2 from the power side and he’s a super fan. Feel bad he didn’t make jury for the stipend but other wise you own your eviction!
it’s not enjoyable to have this 2 years straight please get to a double preferably back to back then maybe they turn on each other god willing.


It is OFFICIAL!!!! These are the dumbest players that have ever played the game of BB. No one knows how to keep their mouth’s shut, on either side. I hate all of these players!!


what mystery vote, becky? and if you mean what about someone who pretends they voted one way, but actually voted the other way, I wouldn’t spend so much time talking with Vanessa about bringing that idea up. Since many think Becky is one of the Jeff votes lol

i want Vanessa to be evicted before Liz & Steve just so they can let her know that they were the two extra Jeff votes. That would be cool. or maybe just cop to it when they know they are on the block to go. That would mess with her head big time if one of them was due to go out and finally told her the truth, since she throws her loyalty back behind those two and blamed 10 other people instead hahaha


Many think Production has a hand in everything and they do but so far they haven’t done anything too intrusive. I think they will now though. There is no way Production wants Jason to go and Austin to stay. Jason is highly entertaining and well liked by fans of the show and feeds. Austin the exact opposite. I think Production starts working over-time now to save Jason. They will start by making sure Julia is voting on eviction night and not Liz,,,


Yea production hasnt meseed with the results and im surprised for having a twist “everyweek”. Maybe they havnt done twists in the last 2 weeks because theyre seeing how it plays out and then the do coup dtat or same power that britnee won in bbcanada if it got one sided (which it has).


Thumbs up if you are like me, cant stand/hate The sixth sense as much as the nerd herd from season 6!


I can’t stand Jason’s acne scared face and his foul mouth.

See ya…B*tch.

Game Over

It’s not really that Vanessa is that smart it’s just the same thing as last year with Derrick, there’s a house full of dummies!!!


There are a few smart ones in the house but they are working together. I believe Steve will be a major factor down the stretch, Shelli, and I think Julia is more game savvy and will do better once she’s in full time. Too many of the HG’s don’t plan anything until they are in danger on the block.

Get a clue, if they put you up as a pawn you are screwed unless you change things.


Meg, Jackie, and James…get off your asses, think for once in your lives and realized that the Sick Cents played y’all like violins!!! Win HOH and get some of those MF’ers out of the house!!! If Meg/Jackie win HOH, they can put up pawns and just backdoor either Clay, Shelli, or Vanessa!!!


This is so stupid I thought the bb takeover would be twists every week from past seasons like they have MVP one week one week a past player like derrick comes in coaches the contestants one week people pair up and if they win veto both are safe one week there’s a coup de tat one week there’s a sabateur and the whole game there’s a Americas player now I think that would’ve been awesome cause they could do a reunion kind of thing for all the twists and next year there’s a all stars season like if u think this is a good idea

It's Official

I would rather Jason stay and Becky go! I liked her but now thinking she’s in with Vanessa’s side and the fact that she doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what’s going on and has pretty much said it herself, I just would like to see her go! Johnnymac was even mildly trying to get her to start talking game with him and work together and she was like ” I don’t want to do an alliance or final 2 deal til it’s closer to the end.” How much closer do you have to get dimwit! You’ve already had and still possibly have a close call this week, what more do you need! UHHHH! I hope the crap flips and she gets the boot!!!


I just think Becky is hedging her bets she is still on the block after all…and it makes absolutely no sense for her to make any kind of waves with Vanessa before Thursday’s vote and jeopardizing her chance to stay in the house.


Jiggle factor

Chill this Town

BTW. didn’t see this mentioned as it was overshadowed by gross Austin/Liz hugging. Did anyone else think that Liz’s celebration for winning Battle of the Block had to be the most ridiculous over the top celebration of all time? I love watching boogie mess up his foot while Will screws up his back, I love watching Rachel celebrate like a goof…but seriously, Liz was acting like she had just won the final part of the final HOH comp of the season.


The moment she won that, she ensured that both twins would be in the house full-time. That’s why she was so happy. They have survived the 5th eviction.

Chill this Town

I am fully aware of that

I am also one who thinks over celebrating wins with other people is a MASSIVE mistake. what you saw was a girl celebrating for her and the twin. if I wasn’t looking to remove them, I would have been after that display….

Austin's nasty!

Hate to be mean spirited but I really would like to shave Austins hair and beard, bake in a pie and make him eat it!

Ms Anthrope

LMFAO nice one. His beard ponytail is the absolute worst. I don’t know what kind of crack he was smoking when he decided that was a good look. I don’t mind his hair tho.

The Truth

Jackie is creating some serious havoc! Shelli and Clay just told her in the HOH room that her name never came up, to which she said, well, that’s not what Clay told Meg — which was that the two of them tried to offer up Jackie rather than Jason. Boom — this is getting good.


SOOOOO bummed that Jason is up…… :/ ugghhhhh

It figures

This game is becoming more and more predictable. I knew from day 1 that Meg would be the ditzy player! Vanessa’s game play isn’t that great at all but she’s the only one willing to play the game! Can’t fault her for that. Thanks Jason, James, Meg etc… For the summer camp show! Sure has made for boring tv watching the other side pick you off one by one! Would’ve been nice to see you figure crap out and play the game but oh well!!!!

Shelli's Fangs

I like JMac but he seems a little manic depressive. Has anyone else noticed that? Kinda goes from one extreme to the other with his personality. Also, he needs to hurry and up his game play!

Big Jim

(Meg is probably ?the worst player this year). Got a good laugh out of this Thanks Simon

Game Over

Take a note people in the house when someone is on the block and probably going home, with nothing to lose starts outing people and alliances you better take them at face value!!! It’s costing Jason’s game.

It's Official

I really want Austin and Lizuhhhhh to go next week!


I went back to my DVR to extract the exact quote Julie Chen from 2 minutes into the first episode
So what the hell happened to this after being so heavily played up? Presumably they would have lined up celebs/past houseguests so how could this just be dropped after two (and the Gronk one didn’t impact the game)? Come on BB, add some spice to the next three days and release the next preplanned takeover. What else could “each and every week” mean?


Does anyone else find it super annoying that everyone always has to run things by Shelli and Clay before making any moves? Also Meg is such a foolish cry baby.

Audrey on Broadway

I hope there is a twist that saves Jason because that’s the only thing that might save him.

Run Clay!

Shelli is such a diva! I wish Clay would break away from her and go make an alliance with Becky, Meg, and Jackie while we watch her go bat sh*t crazy with jealousy!!!

Shelli's Fangs

A big shout out to Simon and Dawg for this site. You guys are awesome! And you deserve the 500k more than anyone in the BB house!!!!

Audition vs Recruitment

Why am i not surprised quite afew of the houseguests were recruited?

Apparently, meg was recruited when she was working as a waitress, serving the bb recruiter ~~~> quote n unquote from becky. She named others.

Its just pure cow turd bb keeps recruiting players (i bet 99% vanessa was recruited, and paid a lot more than others) instead of full fledge admit bb fans..

Year after year, we have the same pathetic story, hence players like kaitlin (bb 15) n meg etc.

:: wtf~???!!?? ::

Godfather Vanessa

Seems like it.

People making bee lines to talk to her, kiss her ring (arse), tell it all, get approval, awaits for instruction for next move, etc.

:: pathetic players ::