Big Brother 17 Week 5 Battle of the Block Results “I feel so bad for Clay” lol

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 18-53-38-022_jpg

6:53pm Feeds back James and Liz win the BOB

Vanessa is the HOH Clay and Becky are on the block.. (Holy shit)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 18-55-24-524_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 18-59-50-732_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 18-59-51-729_jpg

7:01pm HOH Shelli and Vanessa
Shelli saying CLay is probably pissed.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 19-10-17-494_jpg

7:06pm HOH Shelli, Vanessa and Clay
Vanessa is certain Austin knows something is up she knows from her gut, “I know he knows something’s up and he knows I’m in on it”
Vanessa is pointing out that JAmes is acting pissed that he won the BOB.
Shelli tells her she doesn’t need to be stressed out they will tell Liz about Austin
Shelli says they will let Austin and Liz think they are with them until after the POV .
Vanessa is very nervous about what Austin will say. He says if she wins the POV she’ll use it on Clay she’s completely loyal till the end.
They bring up how James really tried to throw the competition Liz dragged him along. He’s acting too pissed for getting on the block.
Shelli mentions they will get Steve off in the event Austin wins the POV.
Vanessa – I need sleep.. I’ve had 2 hours sleep i’m the dumbest i’ve ever been
Vanessa – don’t tell Liz anything yet
they are unsure if Julia told Liz everything about Austin.
Shelli cannot believe Julia never told Liz anything
VAnessa – she said she wasn’t going to
Shelli – why would she not tell her that’s something huge to fill her in on
Vanessa – she trusts us I guess
Clay – that’s her sister though
Vanessa – liz is playing it off real well if she heard about it
vanessa tells them she will talk to Liz right away but first she needs to sleep for she’ll make a mistake.
Vanesa – I’m really sorry clay I’m sorry, don’t worry Clay i’m going to make sure you don’t go home 100%

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 19-27-05-963_jpg

7:20pm HOH Vanessa and Jackie
James tried to throw the competition and was very obvious about it. Austin knows and he’s downstairs starting to freak out.
Vanessa – “Becky and Clay dropped the ball they panicked.. “
Vanessa tells JAckie she’s going to be “ok” this week. Says Clay doesn’t seem mad he seems down with it all.. Shelli seems pissed though.
Jackie – she’s fucking pissed .. we all put it together
Vanessa – we all put it together
Vanessa says she can get Austin to throw the POV if austin gets picked. They are still on board to get him out.
Vanessa – this is the worst for me .. I’m about to take a big swan dive in a pool of blood.. I’m turning on the person who trusted me. The other day he f*** me.. it’s poetic that I get to do it.. perfect, I get to do it I should be the one to do it. … this HOH thing I did not want to remain .. I did not want to stay HOH.. ohh god I don’t want to do this again..
Jackie says if Austin wins the POV they can get out Steve it’s still a win.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 19-57-39-702_jpg

7:46pm HOH Jason, JAckie, Vanessa, Meg
Vanessa telling them James made it obvious he was not happy to win the BOB. Austin know he did to threw the competitions.
Megg – Shelli is like Pi PISSED
Vanessa has concern Shelli is going to make an emotional move.
Jackie – we’re covered on all side.. we’re covered everywhere.
Vanessa points out if they get Austin out Julia and Liz will be coming after them.
Jackie’s not worried they won’t have the numbers.
They wonder what happened in the BOB how could their plan go so wrong?
Jason – Liz is a smart girl and clay and Becky could not figure it out they could not figure it out.. they had jocasta’s name wrong..
They agree The “skinnier” one is better at competitions.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 19-54-55-317_jpg

7:53pm Austin, Liz and Shelli
Austin telling her about Audrey’s spirit possessing him and he’s been sick since it casted that spell and forced out Audrey’s evil spirits (Something like that..)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 19-59-07-698_jpg

7:57pm Austin and Clay bedroom +Austin is pretty sure James was trying to throw the battle of the block because the plan was to get the twins out.
Austin telling him there’s no f*** way he’s going home
Austin says the plan was to get Liz out and now they are scrambling
Clay says Becky was the target from his understanding.
Austin – Twins coming in we’re f****g good

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Nelson Muntz


Vanessa's Strap On

This is the perfect time to backdoor Shelli.
Sit her next to Clay.
If Clay goes then great.
Break those two up.

As if

Vanessa would never backdoor Shelli at this point. I would say shelli and clay are Vanessa’s closest allies right now and that would just screw her out of 2 numbers on her side.

Red Dead Redemption

Becky needs to come off that block…this beauty cannot be go….this HOH cannot be for nothing….big move needs to happen…..I am with Shelli and Clay sitting side by side on Thursday…


Jackie is a tramp ass little skank who deosnt know what she is doing


I realize u are not capable of understanding this question, but how is this Jackie’s fault?


It’s not Jackie’s falt.
It’s Clay who failed.
Hahahaha is the devil.

JMac Attack

Did anyone not see this coming?


I totally did!!!!


Amanda queefs slop

Ugh… Austin s better go home. He smells like old taco meat and shame.


Haha…finally it backfired on them. Should make for an interesting week.


When the best laid plans go wrong
Ain’t it funny .
Here’s your chance to get Clay out.
Would not miss him.


I kinda wonder if Vanessa will go running back to Austin and flip again now that her plan didn’t work.

Like...I'm Jackie

Vanessa talks and talks about being so loyal…she is the first to jump ship! Her new bestie Jackie better watch her back…nobody is safe!


LOL this is fantastic. This is totally blowing up in Vanessa’s face. And Clay might actually go now! Hahahahaha.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

Clay is finally not feeling so smug and safe. About bloody time!


Clay’s not going anywhere. The veto will probably be tailor made for him, something like identifying the state of Texas on a US map.

Bunny Slipper

He’s an Aggie, I’m not sure he could.


I agree. I have a feeling the BOTB may have been made so one person can win in there own, this way the twins would be safe. Also the entire house seems to be getting pretty annoyed with Austin and he is losing his “allies” pretty fast. If it’s Clay vs Austin then austin goes cause clay has more numbers on his side

Holy Cow

Bahahahahhahahhaha……YES !


Oh snap yo! LOL


Holy shit is right Simon!!! This is going to be awesome watch Clay squirm, I can’t wait. He SUCKS the most at competitions. Everyone else has won something except for him. Its pathetic. Julia will officially be entering the game 😀 I love the twins, they could be mini Janelle’s

B-bad owl

James and Liz win. Lolololol. Maybe there is still hope for this season to continue being great.

The Hammer

Yeah, Clay is basically just a pretty boy waste of space. Funny that the “college athlete” is totally worthless in competitions..then again he was an Aggie.


James is clearly no Johnnie Mac when it comes to throwing comps. Wondering if James won to save his behind. Now if Becky comes off Austin versus Clay OMW! Not used then Becky…. or is it Clay going home? Could see a blind side.. It’s a hot mess BB run a muck! weeeeeeeeeeeeee


I knew Clay couldn’t win anything!! LOL


I’m sooooooo excited to see this!! (Nessy’s plan backfire & Clay on the block). But im sure this feeling wont last. Jason/Meg/or Jackie will end up on the block in his place before its all said and done….just a bad feeling.

Yo Yo YO

Will Vanessa still put up Austin if the backdoor option occurs???
I would love to see Clay or Austin leave this week.


Wth happened? I thought James was going to throw it. Would love to see POV won by Steve and not used. Great time to break up Clay and Shellie. Did we miss something though?

Yo Yo Yo

Couldn’t agree more! Why is everyone so against Steve? He’s pretty much alone in the game with no true allies. Yes, he’s on the quirky side but that makes him fun to have on BB. So bored with Clay and Shelli.
Bring back DA!


Clay still couldn’t even win a comp with someone throwing it to him XD. Now Vanessa has to get blood on her hands when she didn’t want to and Clay will be sweating on the block. Thank you Liz~


I am laughing out loud!! As much as I hoped Jackie would shake up the house, this is hilarious!! I so hope that nobody that would take Clay off the block wins POV, and then lets see who Vanessa puts up.


Johnnie Mac wins POV and takes Becky down…chaos ensues.


I would love it if one of the players pulled out of the bag wins POV and doesn’t use it. Then the only for sure votes to keep Clay are Shelli, Liz/Julia, Austin and maybe Steve. Becky would have JMac, James, Meg, Jackie and Jason ( if they are smart). Everyone in the house should see that Shelli and Clay need to be split up, and this might be the best shot at that. It is even sweeter if it happens on Vanessa’s HOH.


They put up Austin or Steve and vote them out anyways…nothing changes…


Love Johnny Mac ! Win that veto and take Becky off ! Hopefully Shelli will be the replacement nominee !!


Haha Vanessa it didn’t go your way this time


Watcher ? Can you not use my userid/name that I have had for years


My name is Giles and I have been Buffy’s Watcher for many years more than you. Suck it up, Buttercup.


this made my night , i hope clay goes home , i doubt it but it would make next week the best !!! heres to wishing


grodner must be doing backflips that liz is safe and julia will now officially be entering the house.


Grodner is too fat to do a backflip.


OMG! The athlete is beaten by the troll.


So I guess this proves Clay hasn’t been throwing comps hahaha


That made me laugh HARD!


I’m actually kinda enjoying the BotB this season, ahahah but it NEEDS to end this week!


It ended after Week 8 last year, and with Julia entering next week, we will probably have an extra week of BOTB. So expect 4 more weeks of it.

Barbie and ken suck!!!

so glad James didn’t throw the bob and clay is still nominated! Hopefully Ken aka clay will go home!


Actually he did throw it. Liz mentioned James being upset that they won and him not helping her out. Liz basically won it on here own against Clay and Becky.


Knowing that James was planning on throwing it, I wonder it DR decided to slip some answers to Liz before she came re-entered the house.




LOVE IT!!!!! hahahah, oh my! Way to go Liz and James. Ladies put your minds together and get out Clay!!

Valentina Corleone

If there is a BB God, it’s buh-bye to Clay. Becky’s no threat and would be safer to keep. So depending on who wins POV, Shelli might be sleeping alone soon. Unfortunately, we now will have to listen to endless mutterings of “I have to win POV” ad nauseum. And Vanessa, please realize that things can’t go your way ALL the time. Empirical evidence doesn’t support that thinking.

kathie from canada

Aha … and now the plot thickens!


If you can’t win a comp, when the other team has a player whose throwing it, you’re terrible at this game. Clay is not a threat in anyway shape or form, he is so bad at this game. Still can’t believe Jackie got dethroned hahahah hopefully vanessa sticks to the plan and still back doors Austin


Something fishy is going on……someone has there own agenda.


Haha Vanessa it didn’t go your way this time.
To bad if Clay is mad he was dumb to let them put him up on the block


oh snap!

Kinda funny. Can’t wait to watch!
Still hoping Austin gets back doored. Would be amusing to see clay go home too though.

I think this week just got more interesting. 🙂


I can’t stop laughing….Clay can’t even win a comp that is being thrown to him. What a horse’s ass!!!
He better start taking some lessons from Mrs. Robinson on how to win one.

Shelli's PONY

Horse’s ass…lol…. He does know a thing about horse’s, look at his girls teeth!!


That’s so funny I peed a little!!!!


I wonder if this was a trap to set Becky up to fail so that she could be booted out of the House…we’ve seen Big Brother tamper the gameplay before to make sure the results happen the way it wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted Becky out while she was on the block this time.


Me thinks thou dost have too much faith in Clay abilities.


I hope the plan backfires an Austin wins pov in leave it the same


I’m guessing he blew it by his reaction???


I hope clay goes home this week


I am dying from the laughter. I love a bit if chaos in the BB house!!


I really didn’t get why they’d need to try and throw it anyhow. Now the only issue is Vanessa will have to do the deed and Austin and Liz are smelling something fishy because James is acting weird. They could still have played a normal game, take someone off and put up Austin without trying to throw things it seems to me.

Bunny Slipper

Vanessa try’s to be too much of a mastermind. Overly complicated plan, ala Dr Evil, then overly complicated explanation, followed at last by overly complicated execution.


Van didn’t want to be hoh, duh. Now instead of Jackie being the one to put Austin up, Van would have to do it.


Vanessa over thinks, over plans, and over complicates. Now that she’s HoH, she knows to get Austin out, she’s going to have recreate a giant Rube Goldberg machine of scenarios so Austin can do something that Vanessa can point at for the house to justify putting him up this week.


I don’t see why, Austin won’t be on jury. Her alliance already agrees with her.


James is terrified


Watch Vanessa back out of the plan and just get rid of Steve (someone that Austin actually wants out)…what a waste…


HOPING the noms stick after PoV!! Plus for the others to wise up and vote out Clay.. <— REALLY holding my breath on that one though.


I hope Austin still goes. Clay could still win VETO, or he might be going. Him or Austin work for me.


I wonder if Vanessa will flip back to Austin now that her plan did not work. Her M. O. is not to get any blood on her hands. I doubt she wants to be the one responsible for backdooring him.


I hope Vanessa still backdoor Austin and she better not put up Jason because I’ll send Audrey to her house…first class!!!!

Austins ratty hair

I hope Becky wins pov, takes herself and then it’s Austin vs. Clay. Watch them both squirm


I love it!!!!

Apparently Liz picked up every letter and spelled every word, and when it was time to buzz in, James was just slowly walking and she had to drag him to the buzzer. Even with James throwing it, brainiacs Clay and Becky couldn’t beat LIz:)

Now Vanessa is HOH again, and she’s going to overthink things again and get crazy again! Now if Austin wins POV, things will get nuts!!


Hoping Austin wins the POV…Now that I think about it Vanessa will get crazy through the week and probably make a big move. I highly doubt she will go after Steve if Austin wins the veto.


Brainiacs? They simply spelled Jacasta “jocosta”. Which is exactly how it sounds.


Prays that someone smart wins POV and doesn’t use it….Then if the house was smart enough they would evict the douche bag Clay.


From a strategic point of view and for the interest of the game,I am really glad Liz and James won.I’d like to see Austin go confess to Vanessa–it’ll be interesting if that changes anything.

Clay got the first chance to prove he is a competitor and he failed–It’ll be interesting to see how his status in the house is justified.