“Why don’t we send home Jackie instead of Becky” – Vanessa

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-06-47-430_jpg

7:37pm hammock room Shelli, Austin and Clay
Austin – I’m going to be 100% honest with you I’m Fu****ng falling in love with liz
Austin says he’s coming 100% coming clean with them he never thought these things were big he was trying to protect them all. He explains everything with the conversation with James.

Austin tells them he’s a number for them he’s never talking about turning on them. He’s a number he’s been working with them since the beginning.
Clay tells him what is concerning him the most is he’s playing too emotional
Austin admits he an emotional person.

Shelli – you have to connect with Julia..
Shelli says Liz was pointing out all her boyfriends in the past would put Julia up on a pedestal.

Austin – so I act like I’m dead in the water
He’s about to blow up on Jason.
Clay tells him not to
Austin – Vanessa told me to
Shelli – people are going to stay up late the house is going to start to blow up
Shelli asks about the 6 person alliance after her and Clay
Austin says he thought there was something going on maybe it’s the house after him but he felt seeing how people are acting after the competitions that something it up.

Austin – see how these people change with the winds.. they’ll say anything, i’m loyal to you guys
Shelli – Becky got really upset with Vanessa for choosing me as houseguests choice over Jackie..

Liz comes in
Austin – this is all a whole misunderstanding you knew what I was doing
Liz – I know that’s what I’ve been telling them.
Shelli says Johnny Mac and Jackie are close to Becky
Shelli says James is wearing “Audrey’s face” Since she trapped him into her lair last week, “How do I know that .. I had Audrey’ face fro 2 weeks”

Austin – I had a emotional conversations to Jason and he betrayed me I’m going to blow up on him right now”
Shelli tells him not to blow up on Jason, says they need the number
Austin – Who goes up?
Shelli – Somebody small so Becky goes home
Shelli – Becky is now the target we need you we need the numbers.
Austin asks what should he do
Clay say act calm don’t seclude yourself
Shelli – we need Jason and Meg onboard
Shelli says everyone knows Vanessa has talked to Liz and Vanessa has talked to AUstin
Shelli – NO FIGHTS
AUstin – Ok no fights

Austin asks them if they want to save him or just saying this to him.
Clay and Shelli say yes.

AUstin asks what he should do. Shelli instructs him to be candid with jason and see try to make Jason think for his game keeping AUstin around might not be the worst thing for jason’s game.” AUstin will start campaigning to get Steve up so they can get Becky out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-10-21-153_jpg

8:08pm Hammock room jason and Austin
Austin says he sincerely came to jason as a friend because he gets upset when Liz leaves.
Austin says he’s falling in love with Liz
Jason says he’s already promised Becky his vote.
Jason says if Austin doesn’t go up they are fine moving forward.
AUstin says he talked to Vanessa and she said he’s not the target. “I was never coming after Vanessa.. this is bizarre.”

Jason – I’ve been trying to get Steve up since I was HOH.. i’ve been wanting him up for a long time he’s playing such a good weak game nobody wants to waste the HOH at this time..

Jason – As of now I will have to vote for Becky to stay and that’s nothing against you
Austin – If I go up I know I’m going home..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-14-32-138_jpg

8:10pm HOH Vanessa, Shelli and Clay
Vanessa says Becky is being rude to her she’s crying and won’t look at her.
Shelli fills them in on the Austins conversation
Shelli comments on during their conversation with Austin Becky was pacing outside.
Vanessa says at the end of the Day Austin has their back
Vanessa – I told AUstin literally whatever Shelli and Clay tell me I will do.. I truly think he’s an idiot in love.
Shelli – she doesn’t love him back
Vanessa – that’s the tragic part
Shelli stresses they need Austin in the game they need the numbers.
Liz joins them.
Clay and Shelli saying they are 100% for keeping AUstin but keeping Austin is picking a side the house will have a clear split in the house.
Vanesa – if we do this we need to pull Steve in on our side
Clay – it’s going to be this side vs that side.. which is fine
Shelli – that happens in this game
Liz – ya
Clay thinks they can pull Johnnymac in
Liz – him and Julia are besties.
Shelli – that’s amazing
Liz – jason ran his mouth and told everyone jason has a HUGE mouth
They identify Jason and Meg as an alliance. If they can take out Becky they get JOhnnymac and Steve. This leaves Jason and meg blowing in the wind.
Shelli starts blowing a fuse about James bringing up ‘Sleeper Cell”
Shelli – Audrey told him the name of the alliance.. James should go up against Becky

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-31-01-213_jpg

8:28pm Meg and Austin
Meg – I’ll tell you what I know..
Austin – Break up me and the twins
Meg – ya it’s a strategic move because you are a stronger competitor
Asuti -= Potentially
Meg – ya.. it’s smarter to take you out first
AUstin hopes there’s a chance he doesn’t go up and if he does go up it;’s over.
Meg – Right because you are up against Becky
Austin – i’m falling for a girl in here.. I could have been on here last year and because of my girlfriend I walked away..
Austin says he has a Big brother tattoo this has been his dream since season 1
Austin – If I don’t go up where would we stand,, at this point I have nothing but liz and even now I don’t have her..
Meg – LIke it’s a big game move this week like your situation has nothing to do with you. so like in a way it’s hard.. you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place
Austin – why can’t we get Steve out.
Meg – Steve is on my radar and everyone’s radar..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-36-20-244_jpg

8:35pm Liz and Vanessa HOH
LIz tells them for their long run safety keeping Austin in the game is best “He fucked up he’s a good person.., he did it for foolish reason lieksa boy does.. you have to give him a second chance Vanessa”
Vanessa says it’s very damaging for her game if she doesn’t take Austin’s out.
Liz understands
Vanessa – What if Clay doesn’t use the POV do we have the votes to send home Becky.
Liz – we have the votes, Shelli will freak. Clay won’t do that.
LIz proposes they put AUstin up and save him. They count the votes. There’s not enough AUstin goes home.
LIz is pissed at the house for telling her steve is the target.
Vanessa says Shelli and Clay don’t know about Freaks and Geeks She was never putting Steve up never ever.. “He was the smoke screen”
Liz says the house will hate Vanessa if she puts up jackie because she was HOH.
Liz – the only person that comes to mind if we want to get Becky out is Meg.

Vanessa – Why don’t we send home Jackie instead of Becky
Liz – then we can get JohnnyMac on our side.. Jason Meg you two all on your own.

Vanessa – Jackie can win as much as becky
Liz – they are both equal
Vanessa – They’re both tough
Liz – Becky is smarter

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-41-56-244_jpg

8:43pm Austin comes up to the HOH says it’s going well
Tells goes over this conversation with Meg and Jason. Highlight they both told him they have been trying to get Steve out for weeks.
Liz – Decoy
Austin – Shelli says she doesn’t think I should go .. She seems like she’s fighting for me..

Vanessa – AUstin if I put you up do you have the votes
Liz – no
Austin – dead in the water
liz – dead in the water
Vanessa – lets put Jackie up
Austin – why not f*** this..
Liz – put up Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-39-31-246_jpg

8:38pm Hammock room Clay and Austin
Austin doesn’t want to be blindsided it this isn’t happening he wants clay to tell him

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 20-54-38-865_jpg

8:48pm HOh Steve and Vanessa
Steve – there’s rumors going around Austin’s going up
Vanessa – austin was the target from the beginning and here’s why …
She was pulled aside by Jason, Meg, Shelli wednesday night. Jason told them the twins are real. Austin had told him Jason claimed he made a deal with Austin to get Julia out next week.
Steve – did Liz give him permission
Vanessa – Apparently Liz did.. here’s the problem I had to win HOH because f****g Jackie won..
Vanessa goes over Austin’s lies last week and the entire house pushing her to get AUstin out.
Steve says he was just downstairs with Johnnymac and Jason and JAson told him about Julia.
Vanessa tells him he was a target along with Liz but she Jackie goes dethroned.

Steve asks what happened for Austin to get such a big target on him. Vanessa says he told Jason about the twins and JAson told the entire house they said he was the head of a three headed monster.
Vanessa – he went to everyone in the house said he was the biggest risk ever Austin’s gotta go

Steve says James, Jason, JAckie, Becky were in an alliance.. Steve thought that was public knowledge
Vanessa – how is that public knowledge i didn’t know that was public knowledge
Steve says Jason and Becky are working together.
Steve says last night he was restless and he say Jason and Becky in the bathroom. He heard Jason say “The cameras give us more privacy than he does”
Vanessa – interesting

Vanessa asks him what they should do with Austin.
Steve – I’m not saying we can trust Austin.. If Austin wins HO next week whoi does he put up who’s side she put up
Vanessa – anyone on the other side
Steve – Becky wins HOH who does she put up
Vanessa- probably you.. not shelli/clay.. not Jackie.. James.. hason and Meg doesn’t look like it
Steve – Geuss who’s she’s putting up
Vanessa – Liz or Julia ..
Steve – there you go
Steve – we would be shooting ourselves in the foot sending Austin home
Steve thinks if they get Austin out the other side of the house will laugh at them they got a free week by having vanessa put up on of her own, “You need to earn yourself safety this week”
Vanessa – it’s putting a huge target on my back by not doing what I said I would do

Vanessa – I thought AUstin was a douche
Steve – we was a douche doing what he did… what AUstin did was starting period.. I would like to make the move that will get you furthest in the game.
Vanessa – Help me I just gave you everything

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 21-21-32-078_jpg
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 21-11-07-103_jpg

9:06pm Hammock room Austin and Liz
Austin says tell Julia they agreed on him going to jason and talking to him.
LIz – he’s a liar
Liz is pissed at jason
Liz – Oh my god I hate that little fuck*r

Liz – aren’t you pissed
AUstin – ya it’s all a misunderstanding.. why is she talking to steve
Lzi – we want to make sure the vote on our side..
Austin – it can’t be me and Becky up there i’m out
Liz – she’s not putting you up
Austin – she’s still wavering
liz – Clay and Shelli are telling her they can’t put you up.. Clay and Shelli are defending you.

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I personally want to see Austin gone, but damn this game of musical targets is fun!


How is anything about this season fun. It’s another season of one side running the house. At least last year Donny was smart enough to know what was going on in the house. This year the other side has been told but is not smart enough to believe even afterit has been coconfirmed


I agree! I thought Vanessa was playing an okay game but when you think about it, she allowed Austin’s name to get thrown out there and then let the group run with it. She should have squashed it right away so this is her fault. She lost control of her own HOH and failed to cover an alliance member.


Yep because Vanessa can’t handle someone telling her a white lie, but she can handle completely turning on her F2 partner and managing to get the entire house against him

Like Bruhh...Really?

If Jason has any shot of winning the game, he needs to know when to keep his mouth shut, he blabs any info he gets to everyone else


Jason’s move on telling it to Vanessa and Shelli may actually be a great move, not only that they are targeting a member of their alliance, they are eliminating a strong group of 3. The only problem is that it could also be a terrible move, if Vanessa is loyal to her sixth sense alliance, then Jason could very well go home this week. It’s hard to say whether Jason fucked up or is good at this game, yet. After the veto we can then make a judgment. LOL

GeekSquad McGee

People always expect too much from superfans. You could have watched every season, all the live feeds from day one, from different countries, and while that definitely is an advantage, it’s not enough to automatically make someone a good player.

Jason just sucks at this game. He’s not strategic, he’s not competitive.. he always talks about what jury will be like as though he doesn’t even see himself winning at all. He needs to take a page from Liz’ book The Secret. Focus on 1st prize, not what the jury house is like, or you’re gonna find yourself there.

He just doesn’t have his eye on the ball whatsoever. He literally has no chance in hell at winning this game so when he goes it won’t be a big deal.

meg's always laughing

I’m so sick of Jason talking Sh*t about Steve. He keeps saying that Steve is annoying but really Jason is. His 70 year old smoking granny voice and calling all the girls b*tches is getting on my nerves.


I hope if Becky goes home, John makes an alliance against those 6


I believe that a super alliance would be Vanessa, Johnny Mac, and Steve. They could easily go down as the final 3. However, this year no one seems to be able to keep their mouths shut or stay loyal. Every day there is a new group of AT LEAST 8 people!! I want Austin gone because he grosses me out. However, It may finally shake up the other side to win if they saw Becky or Jackie go instead. They better quit laying around sleeping and scheming and start playing the game.

This house.....

So a glimmer of sense as they seem to realize voting out their own alliance is stupid right now.. Did hell freeze over or what?


Shelli and Clay again will smell like rose after the POV ceremony if Vanessa does not put up Austin. Vanessa will be the sole blame for lying to the other side of the house. After the POV with Austin off the block, Meg, Jason, Becky, James and Jackie will tell Austin, Steve and Liz about Vanessa’s plan of backdooring Austin and Steve with James throwing BOB so that Liz is still on the block . Austin, Steve and Liz will have some trust issue with Vanessa from now on. They will also tell Austin, Steve and Liz about this week alliance. Vanessa opens her mouth too much when she is in power. She cannot shut up when she has power. Her second HOH is a disaster. If Vanessa does not put Austin, I doubt she can win this game against Shelli, Liz, Julia or Clay with the assumption she gets to final 2 with the 6 sense alliance. Who votes for her to win when she lied to their faces? Vanessa cannot control her HOHs. Vanessa is playing for second place right now.


at this rate Vanessa will make herself the main target for the rest of the house and Shelli, Clay, Austin and Liz targets shrink, its no wonder that they’re pushing Vanessa to break her word with everyone else, it takes the heat of them


If austin and liz are so mad at jason, why don’t they just convince them to put him up. Did they forget he’s an option?


its because if they go after jason, they are also going after meg, james and jackie and they know that’ll put a target on them, its easier to name a replacement that doesn’t have a strong alliance to either side of the house


Austin is sadly thinking with his heart for Liz, when she is using him. I can’t fault her gamewise about that, because it is a game, but she’s been putting too much of her game on Austin and waiting to really play the game when her sister comes in..

Team Dawg

Is it just me or has it seemed like Austin has always pushed for Steve to be a target ever since he found out he liked Liz? He disliked him early but held his tongue because he didn’t want to draw attention, and now Steve of all people is telling Vanessa that eliminating on of their number is a bad idea (probably having no clue of all the crap the other HGs esp. Austin say).


Steve is finally showing his genius at the perfect time. He may have just gotten about 6 people further!


Steve and Vanessa are forgetting one thing, Vanessa will look like a LIAR!!! and a hypocrite to the other side of the house especially after Vanessa made a big deal about being lied too, and if Jackie gets put up, she will defiantly bring up Vanessa lied to her and can’t be trusted


Yup, thought as much… I cant say I have a good argument for those girls to stay anyways… Should have put forth an effort, ladies!

The golden power of cheeto

I feel that big brother will get what they want from bob and a hoh many go home. If Vanessa didn’t say anything, Austin would be going home. Austin played do her emotions and might have just pulled off a great move to get a person he disliked to go home (jackie). Vanessa’s downfall will be her emotions get the best of her time to time.


I am wondering what meds she is on … I don’t like the idea of Jackie going home .. if that’s ends up being the case I sure hope it comes back to haunt them ..


Steve is definitely a gamer !!!! It sucks he has more allegiance to Vanessa than Johnny MAC but when people give him a chance to talk he doesn’t disappoint. If Austin gets saved he might still target Steve but isn’t realize what Steve is doing for him……

Still funny to me how Vanessa/Shelli/Clay continue every week to bring in the majority of the house and leave 3 HGs on the outside. It’s truly annoying

Becky/Jackie is a waste of a HOH

Team #JohnnyMACandSteve


Not that I agree because I want to see Austin gone this week
But, If Austin stays … Jackie is the best choice to send out
Jackie is sitting there over n over telling Vanessa that she wants the
Twins out and Steve.
The Twins and Steve are in several alliances with Vanessa
So Jackie is a huge threat to Vanessas Alliances
I personally think that it’s to soon to expose their alliance
But if they want to go to war … Let it be!
I like good tv


When do you think the first double eviction will be?


i can not believe ven… is she some kind of an idiot .. JUDAS is a major liar …. trying to pick up where audry left off … causing crap ….and it sure sounds like production is controlling and raising a lot of crap with the cast … SICKENING ..


Production needs to intervene somehow, they are losing all their best character’s. First Jace, the funny guy who isn’t afraid of confronting people about their shit (good for Tv), second D also very loud and doesn’t give a shit when it comes to confronting people, third Jeff, the somewhat funny guy who is obviously entertaining since they brought him in from the amazing race, then Audrey, the “star player” who was clearly going to bring in big ratings! Now if they were to lose Austin, the crazy love struck loose cannon, this show would be dead in the water. All the drama will end, everyone else is just….there! So I’m thinking cbs is worried that their top 4 character’s are the first 4 out. Please intervene for this shows sake! I’m getting bored with the cast the more it goes on!

Jacky and Becky are STARS!!!

Austin isn’t going anywhere. Steve saved his ass big time.



OMG!! I literally have no idea what’s going on. This is awesome. Thanks Simon and Dawg!! I like a hse that flip flops … Better than last years snoozfest…..


And people love Vanessa, why?? She is a coward. She will now try to pick a fight with Becky to justify sending her home. And Shelli and Clay are to stupid to realize that her and Austin and the twins are together. They will come after you two!! I hate BoB!


Vanessa is powered by the Purple Pustules of Truth.


Austins got no game. He may be a number, but it’s a waste. He’s proven to not give his end of the deal. Before when he chose to lose the Pov to JohnnyMac, to save himself and not the alliance. He’s definitely creepy and stuff which is why Becky deserves to stay. I see potential in her being strategic and winning comps. Something to look forward to when you watch BB.


FFS!!! Ended up a steam roll. So wanted to be a Vanessa fan because I’m a poker fan, she is putting way more targets on her back. Steven, Austin dislikes you!!!


I’m so sick of Vanessa and her butchy ass honestly I think people hate on Jackie because she’s the prettiest in the house the pretty ones never last…

Twins Fan

The prettiest girl in the house??? What?? Only one she is prettier than is maybe Shelli.


The best option for the plan to get Austin on the block would have been if Julia stayed in the game. She is onto him and knows that he doesn’t give two shits about her. Liz, on the other hand, is using him as a meat shield even though she knows he doesn’t care about her sister, and she’s continuing to flirt with him and defend him. I know this is BB and you do whatever it takes to get to the end, but DAMN!

the coreys

If johnny Mac doesn’t find out about this austin thing to the veto meeting perhaps maybe the he’d realize he’s on the outs.


What will Vanessa do I wonder? She could gain a lot of good will by BD Austin from the rest of the house, and become less a target. And she’d be definitely safe while the house tries to target Steve and the twins. Or if she goes back on her word then she’s going to become an even bigger target. Clay/Shelli won’t care either way because they escape another week without being anyone’s real immediate target.

Vanessa’s in not the best spot because if she goes back on her word (again) she’ll have burned way too many bridges too early. Plus she doesn’t have a pair. She’s setting herself up for potentially 3rd or 4th place, if he made it that far.

Here’s hoping Austin leaves. Vanessa is slowly becoming Audrey 2.0 (minus the pathological lying). She’s got 18,000 deals in that house. Her word will be meaningless eventually.


She’s always worried about ‘blood on her hands’, so she has a solution that is popular with almost everyone in the house, but now she’s contemplating a 180 degree turn and doing something that at least half the house won’t like or will view as sketchy. That doesn’t seem too smart to me.


At the very least I got to watch Austin cry like a little girl. Plus a line will definitely be drawn this week. Vanessa has effectively blown her game up, all because clay can’t win a thrown Bob .


Why can’t Becky be upset that she’s still on the block? That’s a normal effin’ reaction!!! This is why I hate it when certain groups stay in power week after week; they lose their sense of empathy and think that people should be totally fine being on the block. Shelli was pissed that Clay was still on the block, and no one took that bit of information and started coming up with crazy conspiracy theories. Vanessa and Shelli cry when they are HOH…how the hell will they ever handle being on the block?!


Amen. Shelli is pissed at people for not being happy when Clay won PoV. She is so condescending and feels entitled to be nothing but worshipped and loved. Both her and Vanessa have suffered a great case of HoHitis and have been so arrogant and belittling to the other house guests. Why would Becky be celebrating when Clay won PoV while she is on the block? The whole sweet persona is a lie I recall V asking “don’t you feel bad for Becky?” and she replied with “it’s just a game.” She was even paranoid enough to think that Becky threw the BoB. The whole analogy of her being the mom and Clay being her son is the perfect description considering how she is so overbearingly defensive of him.

Twins Fan

Clara, you are so right..!! Shelli plays the sweet caring friend to all but she is so fake. And saying she is the mom and Clay is her son is hilarious..!!


As much as I’m starting to really hate Austin and his obsession with Liz, especially the whole kissing thing he was bragging about, I want him to stay this week. I can’t stand Jackie, and the way she acts now that she won something is the nail in the coffin for me. She just seems to think her shit don’t stink anymore. Ick, entitled people are the worst!


LOL….. and how does Vanessa act when she wins???


The other side is coming for Vanessa anyway. If she sends Austin out the other side will really know she can’t be trusted if she can eliminate one of her own. The sides are already drawn. They will laugh at her for doing their dirty work.


They don’t know Austin and Vanessa are together, as far as I can see, nobody thinks Austin, the twins, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli have an alliance, even though Audrey said so, because she lied so much. Jason, and Jackie especially, have no knowledge that they withhold from Vaness or Clay/Shelli. To sit and watch these idiots spew every single thing they know to just about everyone is maddening. Jason says he is a super fan….then why does he not keep a single thing to himself for later use or just tell Meg, no he sits outside smoking saying it to every person who walks into the backyard. Jackie sits in the HOH room spewing and spewing everything…and no one has ever even said the word alliance to her…I mean come on, no one has even tried to get her to form a “fake” alliance yet she just spews everything. Mostly they should all just shut up once in a while and maybe listen and observe. the only ones I see ever just sitting and listening are J-Mac and Jason, once and a while.


Dog and Simon did I not call it a couple days ago that Vanessa in the end would put up Jackie to boot her out even after she said Austin was her target…

I knew it and now I know this is exactly what she will do… Mark my word, Vanessa the biggest liar to all will put up Jackie on Monday……


I am so sick of seeing every year the BB Cast gets swayed by the stupid asses in Production to flip flop their plan and change mid stream. Granted, for the idiots who only watch the show Sun, Wed & Thurs – they don’t read/watch the feeds or even BBAD. It is so frustrating to read this blog and find that these assholes switch and then start picking random people, like Jackie and wanting to send home a waste of an HOH – BECKY. Vanessa – for being such a smart girl who went to DUKE, you are being manipulated by production and all these idiots become PARANOID by what production tells them in their DR’s. I swear – I was just telling my son, If I was on this damn show, I would tell production to go to HELL. I am playing my own game. If I picked a target and got buy in from everyone.. then stop being a SWITCHER and stick to what you intended to do from the beginning. They think this helps the ratings?? The true fans are watching the live feeds and reading this great blog from DAWG & Simon..so it just PISSES us OFF even more that they cannot hold it together. They are paranoid mother fuckers and the fact that this cast is under 33 proves my point. Can we have a season of big brother with people my age?? (47) – I will not deviate and allow the idiots in production to plant a seed of doubt in my brain to question the people I am working with. No one here has any balls. Grow a pair! GOD – Stupid Shelli or Liz was saying to put James up..Dummies – he won the BOB – he is immune this week from being up as a replacement nominee. I bet by Wednesday, they will have Johnny Mac black balled and have him out the door for some stupid reason… lol Becky is non existent to me.. IF she goes, boring HOH for this week.


MEEEEEEEE TOOOOOO! Musical targets is awesome:) That’s typical Vanessa strategy. The other day she was talking about sticking everyone in a room and making all of them name one person out loud that they think should be nominated. LMAO. Imagine how that would go over. She’s a little crazy sometimes.
I know most of you will disagree with this, but I’m glad they’ve decided to keep Austin. That’s bc I like that side of the house WAAAAAY better.Meg, James, Becky, and Jackie are virtually non-existant. How stupid would they be getting rid of their own. So lets say they went through with this and Austin leaves. That would leave Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Liz and MAYBE Steve on their own. Steve or Liz would be next. So it basically would be Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, against Jackie, Becky, Johnny Mac, James, Jason, and Meg. That would b very dumb on their part. Its funny that they think they have or can get, Meg, Jason, etc. They act like they’re the only ones that have an alliance and everyone else is up for grabs……ummm no. They(James, Jason, Meg) have each other, you idiots. They don’t think sometimes.
And why in the hell does Vanessa always feel the need to jump the gun and make all these deals with everyone? That’s so dumb. Automatically agreeing to target Austin without fully talking to him first was very dumb. Bc of that she pulled 8 ppl into a room and made a dumbass alliance. Why? Lots of things wrong with that. 1St of all 8. Really? That’s practically the whole house, so that was dumb. And now bc of that, if she doesn’t get Austin out(and shes not going to) then she pisses all them off. When she could’ve avoided all of this by just telling them she’d go along with it. No need to make an alliance. That was really really dumb on her part. Vanessa needs to talk things over before she reacts. 2Wks ago her Liz and Austin were flipping on Shelli and Clay in a matter of seconds. All bc Clay said he was 90% sure he was voting Jeff out. How dumb. You cant get anywhere in this game if you take out your allies.
I’m done now. Lol. That was a lot.
on another note: Simon /Dawg,
I love your site. I come here every year and its getting better and better. You all do an awesome job keeping up with these crazies. I bet you really miss Audrey. Lol. I wanted to ask if there’s a way to fix your site though. For some reason every time I come here on my kindle, I click a post and get about 15 secs into reading it and a little message pops up telling me the script the browser was trying to load is no longer responding so the browser has to shut down and reload. Then it goes to the homescreen and then back to website again. Then it does it again 5-10 secs later, its so frustrating. You have no idea. I literally get to read 2 sentences then wait 20secs for it shutdown and reload. It makes me want to throw the kindle. Lol. So I thought well maybe its just the kindle. But I know that’s not true, Bc I can go to any site on the web and read fr hours with no issues. But just to be sure I got my phone out and went to your site and guess what???? It does it there too. But with a diff message. On my phone it goes to the Google Oh Snap page. Which, essintially is the same thing the kindle is doing. It says oh snap the site your on isn’t responding and needs to be reloaded. Or if it doesn’t do that it will just got to completely white screen. Then I have to hit the back button.l, which takes me to the homepage of your site, so then I have to scroll down to the post I was reading and click on it again, wait for it to load, read 2secs and do it all again. I’m thinking its just a mobile thing though. Bc I have no issues when im on my laptop. I just really hope its something you can fix(I doubt it, but figured it was worth a shot). Thank you for everything you guys do.


Shelli is playing a good game. Whether or not you agree with her “showmance” everyone trusts her. Most of them trust clay, too. I think Shelli has a shot if Clay doesn’t ruin her game. I LOVE Johnnymac!! I could love Jason but strategically he talks too much. I’m not sure who my fave is but so far Shelli is playing the best overall game. Socially and physically!! Of course, I was one of the few who recognized Derrick as a contender early on last year.


I have no idea why Jackie and Liz are ahead of Shelli in the polls. Strange


Because Shelli is so fake!!!!!


Vanessa and Shelly are so wishy washy with their HOH’s. Their original plans never stick, if someone looks at them the wrong way then they target that person from their original target. Change their alliances every week. Also why would they think that Meg and Jason would keep Austin over Becky. Johnny Mac is one of the most loyal in the house.


Just me personally I would like to see Vanessa put up Jackie because there’s a chance it could draw a line in the sand and start a war in the house (doubtful Jason’s side doesn’t get it) but I love when the house splits like in seasons 6,7,10,14! Awesome seasons!


I guess I used to many cuss words for my lengthy comment to be posted. Sorry.. It was too long and I did not save it for editing. Dawg & Simon – if you can edit my cuss words and post my comment – I would be greatly appreciated. I posted it at 10:20 pm or so..


It started as an upvote with your many good points but it did get a bit angry so i had downvote you for the rant. Upvoted your mea culpa but unfortunately, like most email, you cant take it back. Speak your mind though, thats what the board is for. Best updates and board ever!


Contrary to what many people are saying there is no division in the house, the ADC crew are completely oblivious of their positions, and the power alliance. I’m disappointed in Jason and Meg they have too much trust into Shelli and Clay and they should be aware that the same group of people have been in power for the past 4 weeks. By not nominating Austin all the puzzles fall into place; if the house guests on the outs are smart enough to piece it together, then they will know who is truly with who. Vanessa should have never made that alliance because if she breaks her promise of backdooring Austin she’ll become the number one target and yet again Shelli + Clay remain in the best positions. Vanessa’s game is quickly deteriorating as her brain is from taking all that adderall.

Ariana Grande stinks!

“Shelli – Somebody small so Becky goes home”

What a b1tch! Somebody small — like smaller than her, her plastic hair + plastic teeth + sexually manipulating a boy who is two thirds her age? Someone as small as Becky who is a living miracle?


Vanessa is an idiot if she thinks Austin will protect her before Liz. She deserves to go next if she lets him off the hook.

Butters Mom

I have not heard Liz tell Austin that she only likes him as a friend yet…. instead I see her hugging him and saying she hates Jason. Im grossed out by Austin but I am really not liking Liz either. Im so annoyed with Vanessa right now. For a poker player she really is not on her game. She has become so predictable. Im guessing she is now getting “hints” from production on her next move. She better not put Steve or Johnny Mac up.


No, Vanessa is going to blow her game if she doesn’t put up Austin. She is justified in that he is playing with his little head. She may have gained some trust with the other side, she was given a golden opportunity and looks like she is going to blow it. Everyone would have been happy if she got rid of Austin. She is big target after one of the twins are gone.


with clay coming off the block, i think jackie is vanessa’s best move. everyone in her alliance is fine with jackie leaving, and i don’t feel anyone else has such a strong bond with jackie that they’d automatically be suspicious of the move or else we would have seen total chaos when jeff left.

eventually vanessa is going to need to get rid of austin, and probably sooner rather than later. but she needs to do it in a way that splits her alliance (i.e. putting him up against clay) so she can create a rift she can exploit and isolate members of the alliance to actually get that final 2 deal she doesn’t have (it’s very important to note that shelli/clay and liz/julia blatantly have final 2 deals while austin is dumb enough to think he has one with liz) rather than just pare down her alliance’s numbers.


Plz put up Austin. He needs to go home asap.


If Vanessa does not send Austin home her game is over. The other side of the house will be completely against her. Then inside her own alliance clay has shelli and Austin is with the twins. She is easily the weakest member in her alliance if it comes down to votes. So as soon as the other side of the house wins HOH she will be out. A better move for her was just keeping the whole getting Austin and the twins out, meanwhile figuring out during those weeks how to survive for longer after that.


If Jackie had put up Vanessa up against Austin when she won her HOH round, we might be looking at a different set of circumstances in the game. I am at a loss as to why she did not do this. Vanessa and Austin were her targets! Also, Jason just could have have salvaged it by winning the HOH round against Vanessa. Mr. Superfan choked! Allowing Vanessa to win and remain HOH will be the undoing of the outsiders. I believe this was the plan all along, including Clay throwing the BOB.

butters dad

my dogs name is butters is ur dog named butters too. did u hear liz say. i don’t wanna be in the jury house with austin cause hes gonna try and rape me every night. lols she knows shes gonnna have to give him a pity fuck. lols.poor girl. ya he has a nice body but a fugly face. maybe she can put a paper bag on his head with a pic of jeff on it. lols. but im pretty sure all the roids hes done has made some jewlery shrink hahahaha. but forsure hes gotta go. if he goes liz don’t gotta reject him but if he stays shes gotta fight him off cause if they in the jury house what does she really need from him. nothing so why flirt anymore. i wanna see the convo where she rejects him though. damm it.

Butters Mom

haha yes my dog is named Butters. My kids are big south park fans.

butters dad

vanessa is stupid too cause if she dont put up austin shes going home next time the other side of the house wins both hoh spots. moron but she’s countin on not being up there. shes so dumb. high IQ my ass rug muncher

is it just me

why is this a surprise to anyone
vanessa said from the begining she did not want jackie to be hoh did anyone really think she would send home a guaranteed number?
its funny how people here are reacting that she is not doing what they want her to do, ummm may be because she is not playing your game and is doing whats best for her
if the person you are cheering for is a big dissapointment its not the fault of the players who are actually winning things and dictating the course of the game. Last i checked its not a game about lets keep fan favorites its a game about saving your own ass. While i may dislike a player i can respect game moves but it seems alot of people cannot understand this concept and unless their favorite is winning this is the worst season ever or this game sucks. Get over it. To quote Derek “Life is tough get a helmet”


I like Vanessa, but really? You’re going to complain Becky is being rude to you?

Why don’t you go up as a pawn for once and see how it feels before you get so high and mighty