“We’re fighting like 70% of the house.. it’s all making sense the stuff Audrey was saying”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 15-03-10-214_jpg

2:28pm HOH Meg And Vanessa
Meg crying “I feel really dumb really dumb and really hurt.. I feel blindsided totally
Meg – I feel like a dumb girl I really wanted to work with you.
Vanessa – I get it
Vanessa says she wasn’t meant to have power and after she got power people took advantage of her. It all happened so quickly.
Vanessa says the Diary room is pissed off at her because they are trying to make a TV show here and she’s keep changing the plan. She swears hand on god that every conversation she had with Meg was truthful
Meg wants to know why she never told her Jason was going up. Vanessa claims she never knew Meg well enough it all happened so quickly.
Feeds cut

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 15-07-57-525_jpg

2:47pm Feeds come back to this conversation.
Vanessa saying she really likes everyone in the house and really likes Jason. She a good person, “this is the hardest decision in my life in the last few years bar none this was not done cavalierly”
Vanessa – at the end of the day I’m pissing more people off by putting up Austin over Jason.
Vanessa says based on how everyone in the 8 person alliance (Black moon or whatever it was called) was acting and saying she didn’t believe they had the makings of a real alliance.. so with that information she had to piss off the fewest people “Like 3 or 4”
Vanessa’s – it came down to a game more for me
Meg – I would have been loyal to the 8 person alliance.
Vanessa claims Austin is the last person to know he was not getting backdoored. Vanessa claims Austin was downstairs all night thinking he was going home.
Vanessa says she was approached by people that weren’t biased and they had numbers.
Vanessa – I’m telling you Meg now I’m more scared and terrified I have a HUGE target over my head and Meg I promise you nobody is targeting you.
Vanessa says everyone knew about the plan to get out jason but James and Jackie.
Meg is going to confront Clay and Shelli because they are saying they didn’t know
Vanessa say they did know and she would have never done this move if she didn’t have Clay and Shelli’s support. Vanessa says she’s going to get really pissed if Clay and Shelli continue to deny their role in this.

Meg says she understands that Jason going up isn’t solely Vanessa’s doing.
Vanessa – If I knew you wanted to know I would have .. I didn’t even know what I was going to say (the POV ceremony)
Valenssa and Meg hugs. Vanessa warns her if she’s learnt things from this week to keep it to herself. Stresses this was not her Rouge maneuver.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 14-38-05-464_jpg
2:35pm bathroom James, Jackie and Clay
Jackie is trying to figure out what is going on, “Why did we create this group”
James – I felt good about it
Jmse says Vanessa keeps bringing up sides doesn’t know what she means. (LOL good grief people Audrey told you last week and it’s clear as day)
Clay is acting stupid, “I’m blind I don’t see it.. there’s group”
Jackie is pissed off that her 8 person alliance that was going to get them all to Jury is gone. Says it was f*****g easy they just had to stick together.
James says every group they make there’s always one person “Doing retarded sh1t breaking the group up”
James asks him if he ever sees the other side of the house going home.
Clay says the other side has won all the HOH’s so far.
James says if they lose 3 more people James is going to have to join the other side there will be no one left.
James walks to the Kitchen where Jackie is making a meal.
James – SH1T
James mentions Austin and Liz have been working on Steve that’s their project.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 14-45-56-716_jpg
2:43pm Pool Steve, Austin and Liz
Steve and AUstin talking about relating to Jason on a super fan level. Austin says jason took advantage of that.
Steve says they should leave Jason alone.
Austin agrees, Brings up Jason telling Austin when he thought Austin was the target, “it’s really a house decision it’s not personal it’s a house decision and I’m going with the house
Austin is going to give Jason the same reason when he comes to him for a vote. Liz, Steve and Austin all say they have promised Becky their vote.
Liz – 1 million percent promised BEcky my vote..
Austin – she’s always been supportive of me he has not very simple decision..
Austin says Jason should have kept to himself what Austin told him. He could have used it instead he ran around the house blabbing it to everyone and he got burnt.

[envira-gallery id=”124429″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 15-02-04-216_jpg
2:59pm Kitchen Jackie and Shelli
Jackie – To not be in the know is scary
Shelli – obviously her whole plan was for Becky not to go home.
JAckie – right
Shelli – she brings up compelling arguments for why
Shelli – this sucks because I think he’s a good person to play the game with .. BIG TIME.. he’s like a little computer..
Shelli saying she just found out this morning, Adds that Austin is the perfect target next week he already is volunteering to go up “If he left there’s isn’t many targets left” (How about you and Clay)
Jackie – Right

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 15-29-08-668_jpg

3:07pm hammock room Meg and Jackie
Meg – I’m over being upset about it i’m livid
Jackie talking about how they are screwed now AUstin is coming after them because they were going to vote him out
Jackie – why would you go against 8 people you had it
Meg – there wasn’t 8 people
Meg doesn’t think Austin, Clay, Shelli and Vanessa are working together
Jackie thinks they might be those are the people Audrey said are working together plus they are the ones that have been making all the moves in this game, Da, Jeff, Audrey and now Jason went home.
Jackie about Jason – They were trying to get him last next week.. now who’s next.. us
Jason comes in. They tell him it’s the whole house even Clay and Shelli
Jackie and Meg both say Clay and Shelli lied to their faces twice.
Jason says he knew Shelli and Clay were in on it.

Meg now saying there has to be an alliance with AUstin, Vanessa, Liz and Shelli/Clay
Jason – So Audrey was right
Jason says Shelli is up in the HOH laughing points out she’s been running around the house all day laughing, “I tried.. I’m going home you bi1tches better win it”
Jackie – this isn’t going to stop me..
Meg – Clay and Shelli won’t vote for you they are going to pretend they are
Jackie – just like with Jeff.. right till the last minute they’ll lead you on..
James joins them.. ‘We’re crying again”
Jason says the only people that didn’t know what was going to happen today are in this room.
James thought Clay and Shelli didn’t know
Meg – they knew
Jackie – they’ve had their hand in every single eviction..
Jackie – it’s not them it’s her Shelli.. I love her to death but.. you can’t trust her
James – you can’t trust her
james – There might be a little truth to everything Audrey is saying
Jason – that group Audrey called out last week
Jackie – they came up with that plan behind my back
Jackie says this was more Clay, Shelli and Vanessa’s doing Austin didn’t have a big role in it.
Jason – I need a twist to fall out of the sky or I’m dead
Jackie – they’ve had a hand in every eviction it benefits their own game and f****s everyone else

Jackie and Meg start crying ‘Why do they keep putting up their peeps”
Jackie – I tried so hard jason..
Meg – it’s not your fault jackie, We have to win next week
James – watch your back more with Clay and Shelli
Jason – MORE watch them completely

Jason says it’s obvious that production knew he was going up because they were all trying to get him to make fun of Shelli/Vanessa he wouldn’t do it.
Jackie – we had final 8 what the f*** it was so easy..
Meg says Shelli and Clay had a lot to do with Jeff leaving.
James – everyone of those HOH’s Shelli has controlled the last 4
James, Jackie and Meg tells JAson they will vote for him to stay. Jason goes up to the HOH to talk to Vanessa.

[envira-gallery id=”124436″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 15-34-22-565_jpg

3:11pm HOH Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa tells her she’s ride or die with their alliance ‘Mathematically we have the biggest chance.. things are going to get f**ing brutal these next couple days
Vanessa stresses how she’s made some enemies this week – I’m going to be a front door target
Shelli – only if it’s one of them (Winning the HOH)

Vanessa says the biggest concern with Meg was that Shelli was telling her she didn’t know and they know Shelli and Clay knew the plans was changing from AUstin to Jason.
Shelli says she’s telling them she knew Vanessa was changing her mind.
Clay joins them
Vanessa telling him none of them are coming out of this looking clean it’s best they don’t try because it’ll do more damage.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 15-43-04-994_jpg

3:35pm HOH Vanessa and Jason
Jason – I’m not blaming you alI I know you are doing other agendas not you own.. They are coming for me for a long time.. they made a final 4 deal, They’ve been trying to work with me..
Vanessa says it came to her 4 different people that Jason is throwing James under the bus.. “I know they can’t be all making it up, 4 people from 4 different sides of the house”
Jason – Shelli’s running it she’s running this game..
Jason adds that he was baited by Shelli and Clay to say that about james
Jason – I’ve been the target for 4 weeks now I get it
Vanessa – I was sending AUstin home I was with that plan and was devastated when it didn’t work out.. this was not my mastermind idea
Jason – of of course.
Jason – who said we weren’t happy when clay won..
Vanessa – all around the house
JAson says he was happy for Clay to win the Veto “They were good in y book it was better if they won POV.. i had no deal with Becky just a deal with Shelli and Clay “
Vanessa – ever person in this house came to me individual Jason or Austin.. the answer was you.. Of course I didn’t go to James, Meg, Becky
Vanessa claims she was in the process of telling Jackie but got called into the DR
Jason – I’m so stupid I helped you study for the HOH you got me out with.. I’m so stupid, I bought everything Clay and Shelli were selling me.
Vanessa says she feels like taking a swan dive in a empty swimming pool. the 8 person alliance was so new she felt like the bottom of the totem poll. She says is boil;s down to she’s pissing fewer people off putting him up.
Vanessa – I’m solo in this game I have to go with numbers.. you are a good competitor and Austin is a injured bird
Jason – People don’t see Becky as a bigger competitor than me
Jason – Now that I know what’s up I know I can’t stay.. once I found out Shelli and Clay were in on it.
Jason tells her Big BRother is his life and passion other bitches in this house were found on tinder. Vanessa Says she will help Jason out on the outside.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 16-01-14-137_jpg

3:48pm Hammock JAmes, Jackie and Meg
James – damn it’s like we’re fighting like 70% of the house it’s not good
Jackie says Shelli is really insecure she’s a paranoid wreck. Jackie doesn’t think Shelli and Clay are working with Vanessa and Austin they are just using this as an opportunity to get out Jason someone who was their target for weeks.
James says they need to pull in whoever stay this week. Maybe they can start working on JohnnyMac’s vote.
James – it’s all making sense the stuff Audrey was saying maybe she was saying the truth those last minute.. she swore up and down.. Don’t trust Shelli and Clay.. She said they can’t be trusted..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 16-04-57-132_jpg

4:00pm Have nots Shelli and Clay

Clay talking about how they are going to get the heat off their backs moving forward

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 16-07-21-138_jpg

4:02pm HOH Vanessa alone
Vanessa – Oh my god .. Brutal brutal brutal brutal Game

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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Vanessa said in feeds putting Jason up was the most difficult thing since her ex husband died. YES, she is that LOW!!!


GD that is fu##ing LOW!! What a C!!!!! This heifer needs to go


I don’t like how she’s playing to/with the cameras. If she kept her ex-husband out of it that’d be great, since she’s a later in life lesbian and he’s dead.

Her voting out Jason can’t be that hard, but I guess she did mention how she knows Jason needs the paycheck more than some in the house.
But at the end of the day everyone wants to win so why be so phoney about eliminating Jason.


James Jackie and Meg are so stupid after tgis week its going to basically be 9-3 and the only time they can get shelli and clay out will be double eviction and if 2 of them win hohs and out of those 3 the best player is James and unless its a athletic hoh his done and meg sucks at almost every competition and last week is the only thing Jackie will win…

Going after those 3 and have offically said it…

And Becky will follow JohnnyMac and shay

So if Jason James Jackie and Meg try to blow up shelli and clays game nothing is going to work the only thing they can do is win and we all know that aint happening


funny vanessa is all worried about being the target, and the other side takes the heat off her right away, and blame shelli lol. and think she is a puppet of theirs, even tho there is no way, according to jackie, that clelli are working with vanessa and austin.

i think for that alone I would have preferred to see jackie on the block and out the door. that is just pathetic. i mean, this is after she sees what happened, plus with audrey’s big reveal about the 6th sense alliance, which included shelli, clay, vanessa and austin?

did putting clay up as a nom really pull the wool over everyone’s eyes the way they hoped it would? i guess so.

Homies Can't Have None

It’s never any fun, when one side of the house railroad’s the other in this 1/3rd part of the season. There’s no back and forth. Compound this with the fan loathed Battle of the Block, and a weekly twist that disappeared. At least with Big Brother Canada, you never knew what was coming. The dwindling numbers of the outsiders means more screen time for those who’ve already had TOO much screen time. And, the majority of those players, with the exception of Steve and Vanessa are not super fans. Here’s hoping something stirs the pot in these next few weeks. It doesn’t help that John, Becky, Meg, James, and Jackie can’t win an HOH to put this run to a halt.


Austin is also a super fan. He has even done recaps for Afterbuzz for Season 15


austin isnt a super fan, he is a super fan wannabe.


I hope Vanessa goes next week. She always blames other people for her “getting people out”. I hope the tides turn on her next HOH. I liked her until she started throwing everyone under the bus for nominating Jason. She’s acting like she has no say in what happened. I don’t like her game play style. We’ll see if it gets her very far, I guess. I didn’t want Jason to go.

Great TV

What a season! My goodness!


Ha. The Shelli and Clay show is bout to get a curtain call..


Wake Up People!!

They still can’t figure out 100% what is going on and that V/S/C/A/L-J are together against everyone else! Just when you think the fools realize it, they backtrack (i.e. Jackie). Come on people, its You vs THEM!! If they can regroup and pull in JM and Steve, they have a slight chance. However, I think they are simply too dumb and nice.


Bit off topic but you wrote that grouping like a logic puzzle in the LSAT.

As for Jackie, I am not sure if she’s trying to blind them a bit and get in with Shelli/Clay somehow since the tides have changed. She can’t be that stupid!!!! Vanessa stared at her right in the face and she talked with both Shelli and Vanessa after……how can she not know??

I don’t get how it’s not obvious that in the least Shelli and Vanessa are very close, and then Vanessa put up Jason because she pissed Shelli off after Clay was in danger. But maybe Shelli and Clay don’t actually like Austin even though they pretend to and it shows if you live with them.


Big Brother just told Liz they aren’t switching today when today has been the planned switch all week. I think they did it that so Julia votes in the eviction.

Jason has Jackie, Meg, and James. If Julia is in the house he has a chance of flipping her (Julia hates Austin and likes Jason) and then he just has to flip one of John or Steve, which is the hard part.

Butters Mom

They might have an easier time flipping Clay.


Johnnie Mac is NOT voting out Becky forget that idea. Steve will do what Vanessa says. he thinks they’re in an alliance together. You need to flip Vanessa and that’s not happening


And here i thought that Dan Foley from Survivor was one of the most delusional and psychotic people on reality TV, and then Vanessa came along.


Come on that’s kind of unfair, sure Vanessa can be annoying, but Dan was just awful between him saying he would slap a woman in the confessionals, calling Shirin an idiot and saying him being adopted was worse than her being abused as a kid was just ignorant and low especially for someone who was pushing 50 years old. Vanessa does make my blood boil, but that man angered me even worse.


Vanessa has gambler/paranoia qualities I really dislike (making up excuses for actions to hide behind acceptable reasoning, inflated sense of ego, obsessive line of thought) but Dan is one of the worst people to get casted on Survivor…I mean his thoughts on the non-Survivor game world are repulsive and he got called out by Probst and CBS ran video at the finale just to show that he did say a derogatory term to a male contestants mother while unsolicited. He said they were telling mama jokes, his joke was to call someone’s mom a whore. I doubt anyone on this cast would say that.

Butters Mom

All of this to save those twins…. Liz has shown some very unlikable character traits already… I wonder how bad she is going to get once both are in the house…


julia is the one i vote for in the top 3 poll there lol


I am sitting here reading this thinking keep the thoughts flowing James, you are almost there. Well played Vanessa!! Blame Clay and Shelli without saying anything their way!! Hahahaha


If only the other side could win a damn HOH. Make it happen! Jackie blew it by working with Vanessa, somebody she had no game with at all. It may be a steamroll for a couple weeks, but it sure will be fun when they have nobody left and turn on each other. Bring it.

Ms Retta

I’m hoping that even though it looks like my fav Jason may leave this week, that Shelli and Clay finally get called out and forced to come out in the open with EVERYTHING !


Jason, Jackie, Meg, and James are so dumb in this game Jesus. First off the Sixth Sense spends 80% of their time together in the HOH every week!! Audrey told you!!!!!

I can honestly see Johnny MAC, Steve, and Becky making it easily top 8 then keep moving forward. They have 0 incentive to win HOH for a LONGGG time. I know we hate “floaters” but it’s usually because floaters are recruits who have unlikeable personalities.

Dr Will and Dan always floated until they needed to win. Floating isn’t a bad strategy it’s all about the people that do it and do it well. Johnny MAC and Steve are 2 of the more liked HGs so yea it would awesome to see them keep moving along. They should realize KEEP THROWING HOHs because they are set.

Team #JohnnyMACandSteve


Dan was in an alliance for the first three weeks that got picked off one-by-one. He was a single in the game for a few weeks and them formed an alliance with Memphis. Dan didn’t float — but he definitely threw comps.

Danielle has cankles

Dr. Will floated to the power and planted seeds against other groups. He constantly made himself a target with his actions and successfully deflected the heat. He didn’t just blend into the furniture like most of this cast.

Like...I'm Jackie!

So it looks like they finally have it all figured out! Oh wait no they don’t! How could Jackie and the idiots be so blind as to who is working with who?!?! Good lord man!


Oh I don’t feel sorry for you Vanessa
If you didn’t want to make that decision you should have
lost the HOH to begin with.
I hope Meg , Jackie, James or Becky win the next HOH.


Her whole plan was to lose it. Then Jackie won the first hoh and van thought Jackie was after her for getting Jeff out. So she either had to win or take a big chance of getting put on the block.


OMG. Vanessa makes me sick! She is the biggest liar in the house, which I get is how you play BB… But she needs to stop with her speeches on how truthful, loyal, etc., she is! And shut the hell up with telling others if they are caught lying to her, blah blah blah. Now shelli and clay are taking the heat for her (and Austin and Liz ‘s) decision! She has no balls whatsoever. Vanessa, Austin and Liz need to go!!


Shelly and Clay are taking heat because they are trying to make it appear as though they had no idea what was going on…they just didn’t realize that that would make others think it was their plan and not Vanessa…they were a big part of the decision to switch the target from Austin to Jason…and completely on board with it.

BB17 fan

You must have missed it. The decision was Shelli’s. She was so paranoid that “the other side” was plotting to send her son home that she started the Save
Austin plan. She kept saying there is an alliance to take out Clay, we need to keep Austin. Blah Blah Blah. Oh and then her and her son, Clay, try to pretend they had nothing to do with, or knowledge of the decision to put up Jason.


This is war!! Sixth Sense must fall!!!!


This season had so much potential but it quickly went down the drain. The battle of the block is the worst twist, makes everything so predictable and no longer fun to watch. So tired of the same people being in power, I hope Vanessa leaves soon! I am tired of hearing her talk. =/


This season is slowly turning into the Survivor: World’s Apart of Big Brother where it a fun season in the beginning, but it’s slowly turning into a majority alliance of unlikeable people are running the game and seemingly picking them of one by one in where Hali, Joe, Jenn, and Shirin were picked off and is becoming predictable. I still like this BB season way better than the last 2, but i’m worried that it might turn into that. I hope that if it does happen that Jackie will somehow become the new Mike Holloway and can win comps and somehow slither to the end and win.


I don’t think this is like Worlds Apart at all, because that was truly an annoying season where each week the person you think is in danger is in danger. I never thought Jason was going to be in danger this week. Mike was also a boring win because he was a bit of an alliance killer with some production help, then physically competed against older women/men and weak young people (bunch of least physically fit under 35 years old ever).

This season is more like a Clay/Shelli show where they are blinded by a couple, so maybe Boston Rob/Amber where people just let them go to the end. I think the Twins might play a completely different game and they already think Vanessa and Clay can win it so they might target them. It really depends on Julia because Liz has only got the social game.


Jason need a coup de’tat at this point to stay in the game. That would be a damn good twist.

(R) Bunny Slipper

oh my, I haven’t felt this low since lefty ran off with Caleb. But, on the bright side, Jula is coming in. Then she’ll make Liz drop Austin. And he’ll cry, then Nessa will cry in sympathy. Then we’ll get to see Shellie horse laugh. Then, oh, I guess there isn’t a bright side.


Thank the Lord people are starting to catch on to Shelli and Clay.

I really hope Jason blows up their game (or at least tries to) before he leaves.


There you go Meg, but it’s a little too late.


wouldnt it be great if Julia comes into the house and sides with Jackie, Meg, James, Becky,Johnny, and Steve. Because the “other side says now we will have Julia too”.


Poor sportmanship by vanessa. I don’t like her she is rich and has fame and does not need to win the game. She only wants to win so that maybe cbs or someone else give her sponsorship for her poker. They really did not need austin really they could replace him with steve and john. Shelli and Clay are dumb because they are really below on totem of the sixth sense. And how can you compete with her in final she will mostly busted out the mental comp. IF vanessa reaches final 5 she will beastmode it no matter what happens. And also I annoyed with shelli she is so fucking annoying me.


I want Jackie, Meg, Becky, Johnny Mach, and James to work together if Jason leaves and pick off sheli, clay, Austin, Vanessa one by one! But it’s just a hope lol!


Usually, I am always rooting for the underdogs. But…no matter how crazy Vanessa is, how creepy Austin is, or how dodgy Clay and Shelli are…I still can’t get behind rooting for Jackie, James and especially Meg and Jason. First of all, for being such a fan…Jason has played horribly. He has had a lot of information given to him on a silver platter…and chances to further his game with that info…but instead chose to spill it to the whole house and play gossip girl every time it lands in his lap. Not to mention, sleeping all day with his clueless sidekick…whom STILL believes that 6th Sense doesn’t exist. Meg is just so friggin useless that it annoys the crap out of me. Then, just when you think that Jackie has seen the light and convinces the Clueless Wonder that Shlay are working with Mount Vennuvius and McGrabby Sir Pets Alot…Jackie then convinces herself that it ain’t so. *face palm*

Ugh…I am forced to hope for a final four of Johnboy, Becky, Steve and Julia…at least for now.


Vanessa, no, all the members of the Sixth Sense are like characters of a Shakespearean tragedy.
Clay and Shelli-the Senators

Do you agree with these comparisons?


My frustration is for the last few weeks, Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin, and Liz have lived in the HoH room. They’ve spent so much time up there and yet James, Meg, Jason, Johnnie Mac, Becky, and Jackie haven’t connected that those same people always come out in great position and always seem to know what’s going on in the house?! You realize the same group never seems to take a hit…

Beast Mode Cowpie

Seems to happen every year now – a group of nice but naive people go in there and just hang out, having fun and chilling. Another group bands together and starts playing the game hard from day one. That group just picks off the others one by one and instead of starting to fight while they still have numbers, the other group just watches it happen and realizes way too late that they are goners. They even volunteer to be pawns or throw comps sometimes, thinking that will gain them favor. Is this game really that hard once you’re inside that house, or have these people just not watched the previous seasons?


Jason is good tv
Becky not so much
It’s beckys week to go
Jason would be hysterical jury footage

Valentina Corleone

I’m so not a Vanessa fan, but if these people are so flippin’ stupid not to call her, Shelli & Clay out, then frankly they deserve to lose. Meg hasn’t done shit, and as much as I like Jason, he hasn’t helped his cause either. It’s a game, and to WIN the game, you have to PLAY the game. My last hope is that Jackie gets her act together and comes out in a Xena, Warrior Princess costume and starts confronting Vanessa and Clelli. C’mon someone, start shaking things up.


That would be so funny. Jackie as Xena. Meg as Gabrielle. Lol Meg better learn how to win a HOH. I’m laughing so hard right now.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

James is a beast. Hoping for a Jackie/James HOH Thursday. They just might wreck some shit: clay/Liz and shelly/Austin with one of the four going home, preferably shelly.

What a waste of an HOH

I am so disappointed right now. Both of my favorite houseguests are on the Block! Vanessa is no good!


I think if Jackie meg or james get hoh in stays hoh clay or shelly going home

Chill this Town

I am a bit disappointed in the Vanessa Vitriol on these sites.

she is playing the game. it may be too hard, it may be a faulty game…but she is trying. she is scheming, she is doing all she can to get herself further in the game. those saying she is a hypocrite in regards to lying…folks….that is how you lie in the BB house…you condemn ALL forms of lying, and do it anyway. Dr. Will used this method in a similar fashion by making EVERYONE feel bad for every single eviction. did Dr Will feel bad about the evictions? HECK NO. that is why he was so freaking good. I am not comparing their play, I am just saying in respect to lying in Big Brother…stop acting like her response to Austin’s stupid decision making is irrational.

I am a big Zach Rance fan. he was entertaining. J-Mac? pretty darn entertaining with his 1 liners(out of the DR). but if you aren’t entertaining you have to play the game to keep us interested. I am sorry, Jason talks a LOT about how much he knows the game yet has shown repeatedly that he cannot put this into actions. Meg is absolutely clueless. Jackie is a pretty strong competitor who lacks true allies(but at least she is trying to play the game…) its really hard for me to sit here and say “darn you Vanessa for being annoying”, when she is at least making moves and not sitting on her hands. That group of “piggybackers” were totally comfortable riding Clay and Shelli, now they are shocked at their duplicitous ways. please. spare me. Audrey told you James…she even approached James right before eviction…still didn’t turn the light on.

Ill take Vanessa late game over any of these people who are not only a waste of space but totally oblivious.


I understand people are disappointed in the outcome of this week but I loved it! Maybe it’s because I don’t have a super clear favorite but the roller coaster week from backdoor to blindside was great.
The convincing arguments of the other side that almost split up a winning alliance to Austin and Liz effectively campaigning to keep their crumbling alliance together…this was a really entertaining week. Everything was up in the air for awhile. It was crazy-I couldn’t tell what anyone was thinking because they were all over the place.
I do feel bad for Jason because he felt so safe and now he feels so stupid (although he shouldn’t, he just got caught). As sick as I was of Austin, I felt bad for him at the beginning of the week to be backdoored by his own alliance for a stupid move that hurt no one.
It’s been a long time since I cared so much about what’s happening in the game.

NeNe Leakes

Close your legs to young men, I said close your legs to young me Shelli. Some people will do anything to win this game including sleeping with much younger men. Trailer Trash!!!!!! Why would anyone come on this show and fall in love it never fails!!! Year after year season after season Trash Box!!!!!


I see someone got a rude awakening. Teach you to not leave your post when there is a war going on. Grab your armour and LETS GET ON!!!

Not Dawg

With Austin and Liz being such an emotional couple of players, my only question is: are they gonna let Vanessa throw them under the bus like she did this week? Even though everyone despises Austin, I hope he goes after Vanessa (just to make good TV)

Chill this Town

if Vanessa is as smart as she thinks she is, she will find a way to keep Jackie for as long as possible.

Liz is totally threatened by Jackie, so Austin is in protective mode. IF they remove Jackie from the house in the upcoming week(s), Austin will EASILY turn on Vanessa. but he is very one track in my opinion. spiteful as can be, but its all in one direction. Jeff was such a focus, he is now “protecting” liz by getting rid of Jackie, when really he feels like she spurned his advances

this guy is seriously one of the weakest individuals in BB history.


I really liked Vanessa in the beginning, but now she’s a dirty player and scumbag (did not like comparing her dead ex to Jason being put up for eviction…that’s so disrespectful to her ex) along with Judas (Just Uber Dumb And Stinky), Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb, Smelli, Clayhole, and the Lurker (Steve). If Jason doesn’t get some kind of power like a DPOV or Coup de Tat and he goes home, then Jackie, Meg, and James better get in gear and try to get HOH this week and break up the Sick Cents. Also, if they can get JMac on there side, it’ll be better, but watch out for Becky because she might be sliding over to the Sick Cents and they’ll just use her like a Kleenex and discard her after using her. I was thinking about on BB9 when James came back into the house to wreak havoc. I’m thinking, “Hey! Maybe on Thursday, the BB Takeover would be a houseguest coming back into the game!” If that happens, I’m praying either Da’vonne, Jason, or even…Audrey come back, rally the troups together and really make the Sick Cents shit themselves and see them implode!!!


I want Austin an Jackie hoh
cause I think they could workout there
deference in it will always be in the back of Austin mind
vannessa was going to back door him with clay an shelly knowing
he cant not trust them I want shelly clay or vannessa to get voted out
if we get to vote who we want out I will pick one of those three to me Austin an liz not going around like clay shelly an vanessa making all these deals talking about I love you love

Team Edward

It’s all about the game…and how you play it
All about control and if you can take it
All about your debt and if you can pay it…..
All about the pain and who’s gonna take it!!!!

is it just me

How does nobody see what Vanessa is doing. She is playing the long game no the short game. She managed to deflect the heat onto Shelly and Clay by saying she was pressured into making moves. She can easily switch between sides of which there are 3 not 2. Austin and the twins are her minions guaranteed votes. Steve and Jmac side votes and Clay and Shelly are her cover.
She will systatically take each of them out and make it to final 2 with steve mark my words.

another name

when I’ve been thinking of one side versus the other this season, there have always been a few people that don’t fit in the dynamic. Call them floaters if you will. since power has only been on one side of the house, i’m not sure if they are actually floaters, or just the ones not picked for dodgeball. these players (the in-betweeners) to me are steve john and becky.
These are the ones I’ve been thinking of as underdogs this season.
let’s face it, if their big brother fairy god mother had made jamesjasonjackiemeg the cool cat kings of the house for four weeks they’d have clay and shelli up their asses, and they wouldn’t be singing kumbaya and sh!tting rainbows, they’d be just as nasty and ridiculous as the sixth sense. in the three days of the black moon a few of them were already planning how to backstab the others with clean hands.
Are Jason meg james and Jackie the underdogs or wannabes that were neverwas? Beyond the fact that until now they’ve been sitting back complacent to lose, I question if they’d show any better character in power? They’ve been just as nasty without power.
strategically I give an edge to the people that have been able to maintain power. Now that the little group has realized they’re in danger, if they can formulate and enact a plan to save themselves they’ll gain some respect from me. If they can’t or don’t it won’t be much of a loss.

At the end of the day

or 2:35 whatever you gotta realize James, that everyone is on the other side of the house.

Carry on then.

Steve in the pool.

Chillin like a villain.

Coach Chaos.

This is the point where you take your 4 and save your target and aim his side against Shlay!

Let's See

Super Fan!?

*reads comments*

Can’t imagine why one would be getting kicked out of the house by the other guests or production.