“If he goes home tomorrow I’m done, you have to try everything Jason”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 20-21-51-691_jpg
8:16pm Jmac and Steve
Cornell gave him 110% of his demonstrated need because he’s 1/16th Cherokee. He’s fine with student fees and if he makes it to Jury he’ll have enough to pay off whatever debt he incurred while getting his degree.
Jmac says there wasn’t any scholarships available for him all he got was 10 grand, His education was 50 grand a year. he owes 250K in debt, “I pay 3 grand a month, it’ll take me 10 years”
Steve says Andy posted a picture of his cheque and it was 362K
Steve says America is the only country that saddles their youth with massive loans to complete a education.
Steve says the average Cornell student is well off, and a lot of the students are from alumni. Steve’s dad went to cornell for agriculture and when he graduated he was drafted to go to war in Vietnam.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 20-26-38-060_jpg
8:20pm HOH Clay, Shelli and Vanessa
Vanessa thought John was going to be a d1ck, “I was wrong on that”
They agree Jace and Steve are just like they thought. Vanessa says Shelli and Clay are far more friendly than she thought they would be

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 20-53-35-925_jpg

8:30pm Jason packing . Meg, jackie and James chatting
Jason says JohnnyMac and Steve are weird. Big Brother tells john and steve to stop talking about production.
Jason – Nobody can keep their mouth shut in here”
Meg laughs
Jackie says this sucks what happened this week
James – we have to win to get back the power
Jackie – I did win.. that’s the thing.. f****
8:43pm Meg says she can’t stand to hear Clay and Shelli talk any more today.

8:50pm Meg to James “If he goes home tomorrow I’m done”
Meg says she’s not putting her target straight up she’s going to backdoor her target
James starts talking about the HOH competition tomorrow
Meg – Ugh I hope it’s not running
Jason comes back from the Diary room

8:57pm Ausitn and liz are told to stop talking about production
Jason – I hate those two so much
Meg – they’re like a married couple
Jason – Married in the 7th ring of hell
Meg – it’s so weird

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 21-00-34-926_jpg

9:00pm HOH Shelli, Becky, Vanessa and Clay
Becky says she will put up Austin and Steve she would want the POV to be played to backdoor James, “Personal level it make sense and at a game level with us it makes sense”
Vanessa – what if you are HOH with Steve
Becky – put up Meg..
(For all that is holy in the game I hope Becky is stringing them along)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 20-58-05-920_jpg

9:02pm Jackie, Jason, James and Meg
Meg says she’s sure she’s going up next week
Jackie thinks Austin will go after steve
jason doesn’t think so mentions how close they are
Jackie says Vanessa was telling her she never talks game with Austin ‘Then why did you f****g save him”
Jackie adds Vanessa is saying Austin hates Steve
Jason – she’s never downstairs she’s HOH
James – you really want to put a fire under Austin’s a$$ get rid of Liz.. there’s so many people we need to get rid of.
James and Jackie leave. Jason is hoping he gets a moment in the HOH to talk to them. He’s blaming Production for calling Shelli/Clay into the Diary room so much today and spooking them so they won’t be receptive to what Meg talked to them about last night.
Jason is going to pull on the loyalty and the paranoia.
Meg – what’s crazy if the noms were the same we would be the only ones voting for Clay.. to stay.. the rest of the house will take the opportunity to take him out
Jason – can we sell that to him
Meg – I don’t know you have to try everything Jason
Jadon – I know

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 21-36-09-109_jpg

9:35pm HOH Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Jason and Meg
Chit chating

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 21-49-24-473_jpg

9:50pm Jmac and Becky
Chit chat

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 22-15-21-974_jpg
10:10pm HOH Jackie, Jason and Vanessa
Jason says it kills him he’s going home before Jury “Even Jocasta made it to Jury”
Jason adds what else burns him are all these recruits, someone found on tinder is going to beat him make and get that Jury cheque.
Jason says he doesn’t regret anything, he thought he was going to be better at competitions and the social game. If anything he had higher expectations for himself, “But I tried”
Jason is going to leave with dignity and respect he’s not going to blow anyone’s game up.
Vanessa – it’s important to have you dignity and important to give it everything you got.. give it everything you got.
Vanessa says she’s was a finalist for 2011 Amazing race to do it with her ex husband, “I’ve applied to this, Survivor and the race ever since”
Jason says he only applied to big brother one other year.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 22-27-02-957_jpg

10:20pm Becky talking about how loyal she is to shelli and clay. Becky is a little bit concerned about the questions Clay was asking her. Clay asked her who she was targeting. . Shelli tells her Clay is really worried about Jackie that is why he was asking her.
Becky going on about how they are “loyal people”
Becky – I’ve had a 40 day connection with her.. I don’t have control of the mustang I can steer it but I don’t have control (LOL Jackie is the mustang)
Becky talking about taking out James and pulling Jackie and Meg in she calls James the “Middle Man” Becky wants to use this alliance to take out the Twins and Austin.
Becky saying the four of them will change the season They are all so loyal. (Shelli, Clay and Vanessa)
Becky is so happy smiles ear to ear.
Becky wants to call this alliance “The Generals”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 22-48-14-221_jpg
10:43pm HOH Clay and Vanessa
Clay wondering if they should throw a vote to Jason to throw people off. Vanessa says it’s way too risky “if there’s one mystery vote and one of us vote there’s five.. it’s not worth the small benefit”
Clay agrees.
Clay says they have to tell Meg they’re not with Austin and the twins in case that side wins both HOH’s they’ll go after them.
Vanessa is worried about doing that just incase Meg wins the HOH she might spill it.
Austin comes in says he had a long Diary room session. Austin says he really needs to focus to win this HOH because he wants his kiss, “She said passionate kiss”
(Liz told Austin she would give him a passionate kiss if he won HOH)
Austin calls Clay and Shelli the jeff and JOrdan and him and Liz are the Brenchels.
Clay – who do you want gone
Austin – Jackie, I’m terrified about it.

They agree Jackie is vindictive. Austin thinks it’s still lingering from Jeff, “She’s getting Jeff out”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 23-25-10-907_jpg
11:00pm Austin calls James, Meg and Jackie the minions. Vanessa asks what if the minions win the HOH. Austin think they might be able to get Clay to sway James’s. Vanessa thinks the minions will target them if they both win the HOH. Vanessa calculates there’s 6% chance both of the HOH will be won by the minions, there’s a 54% chance the minions side wins one spot. Their chances For winning both spots is 56%.
Austin laughs because of the kiss Liz will give him there’s a 100% chance. Shelli joins them. Points out they’ve won all the HOH’s.

Austin brings up the passionate kiss he gets from Liz if he wins the HOH
Vanesa – more than 5 seconds.. he’s fired up horny goat weed style
Shelli – without the need for horny goat weed.
Vanessa – he’s like a bull being primed for a rodeo
Vanessa says the other side hasn’t talked any game to her.
Shelli – jason seems to be conceding
Austin thinks they are waiting until late tonight.
They talk about the other side being so close to steve lately, Austin scoffs says they’ve had a relationship with steve for the last 40 days. Steve wouldn’t throw that relationship away for people that never talked to him before.
Shelli – it’s funny our group is so good..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 23-24-55-907_jpg

11:25pm Liz tells Steve Austin has a girlfriend she’s not down with that she doesn’t want to be seen as a homewrecker.
Liz – I’m not married like Christine
they agree Christine got a raw deal last year.
Liz says Austin follows her around like a puppy dog she excited for her sister to come in so she can spend time with her.
Liz isn’t into Austin’s type of guys she thinks she gave him the wrong idea early on and now she’s in a “Pickle”
Liz – when Julia comes in it’ll be easier
Steve recommends she doesn’t appear too close with Julia

1:44pm HOH CLay, Shelli and Vanessa
Shelli saying how loyal Becky is. Shelli and Vanessa thinks Becky is being so cute coming up with an alliance name.
Shelli – she’s so bright eyed about it.

11:45pm bathroom Liz and Austin
Liz is worried when Julia comes in they are targets. Austin isn’t as worried says they have their alliance they just have can’t have “Those three” the minions win because then they will target the twins.

11:56pm HOH Clay, Vanessa and Shelli talking about winning HOH again this coming week. Everyone else downstairs bowling or listening to Austin’s medieval knight story.

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Sick of Judas

So we have Vanessa Clay Austin Shelli Becky Liz vs Meg James Jason John Jackie Steve potentially. If Clay Shelli Liz vote Jason and Meg James John Steve Jackie can get on board behind him, this will turn the tables on Vanessa. Totally doable if Jason can think of the right pitch.


You’re counting Johnny Mac and Steve on Jason’s side, but they are both 100% on the other side. Becky, Clay and Shelli are Johnny Mac’s top 3 people, he isn’t close to Jason/James/Meg at all.
Same with Steve, he doesn’t like Jason at all (he overheard Jason say “the cameras give us more privacy than Steve does!”), and he’s allied with Vanessa (and co.)
No way Jason stays without Shelli and Clay’s votes, and that’s not gonna happen.
In the end, even Jackie will probably vote for Becky to stay for her own game, unless she believes there’s a real shot.
Votes to evict: Jason 7 – Becky 2 🙁

Sick of Judas

He’s toast then

Wowie Mandel

If Liz switches with Julia and Jason can get her vote plus a Steve going against the house vote and another moron Judas vote , Jason might stay.
Wow that hurt my brain as much as sheellie did .


Some players are so clueless

Like...I'm Jackie

I can not believe that they think Clay is on their side! Holy crap! He is with Shelly…he’s not going to vote against what she says! That should be their first clue! Of course they just don’t get it! They are all so dumb and blind!


OMG. Even Victoria wasn’t so naive as much as Becky is. Frustrating. Robyn Kass should stop casting recruits because they are just sheep that are always led by a good player who ultimately wins at the end.


Becky is a perfect example of this. She crammed in as many of the shows on tv(which we know cuts out the game playing) before she left and now she thinks she knows how to play.

BB is my crack

I fucking cannot stand Becky.


Becky as much resembles a general as a mental patient with a sauce pan on his head.


Shelli is so condescending to everyone. Becky is just glad to finally be part of the popular crowd that she doesn’t fathom that she is being used . That’s why I say a win by anybody other than Clay/Shelli is STILL a win for them by proxy as they will control the noms.


“For all that is holy in the game I hope Becky is stringing them along” ….lol Classic Simon. Please keep up the colorful commentary. TOO funny.

Wake Up People!!

She’s too dumb to be stringing them along! Vanessa and Shelly think it’s “cute” that she thinks they are on the same team.


At least Becky is thinking of getting rid of the twins and Austin. Please someone get them out. Liz is disgusting ugh. Julia is way better and I hope she gets out Austin after she heard he is trying to get rid of her and take Liz to jury which Liz doesn’t believe because she’s a dumb bi**h.


Liz is nothing more than a sl*t, it’s gross to watch her.


I think Liz believes it, she just does not give a fuuuuck! Vanessa told her that Austin said the same thing about splitting the twins up, and Liz is more worried about using Austin as a meat shield than protecting her sister. She’s also totally whoring herself out. I really hope shit hits in the fan when Julia comes in, and she realizes that her “alliance” was the one that decided to keep the guy who clearly wants her out. Austin is 1,000% lying when he says that he only made those comments about Julia to throw Jason off. He really doesn’t like her because she will not give him the time of day.

NeNe Leakes

TRASH BOX – I can’t stand Vanessa, Clay horse teeth Shelli and dirty looking Austin. Shelli close your legs to boys half your age TRASH BOX!!!!! I can’t wait until they start going after each other and cry with all the drama. CBS needs to pull the show because its a conspiracy, they pick the Trash Boxes they want to play the game and eventually win!!!! Trailer Trash!!!!!!


Becky is an idiot !!!


How? She’s saying all the right things to stay this week and getting in good with the majority alliance. What else can you do when you’re on the block and talking to your main votes? Plus, she’s good at comps and she still working with both Jackie and Johnny Mac, so she can always turn it around on them later. It’s very smart staying up in the HOH a lot. I don’t think I’ve even seen Jason up there at all.


I’ve had enough of these poser BB recruits. I want AllStars and I want it bad. It would be a bloodbath from day 1 with some truly spectacular game play. Long overdue. BoB is a fan favorite but we can’t get an all stars season?!?


Austin thinks of himself as a “underdog”. The man stands 6′ 8″ is a wrestler, and he is an underdog. {Austin always roots for the underdog.} He thinks the audience is rooting for him and Vanessa.
Surprise, surprise!! Of course, with the edit CBS gives them it quite possible. Anyone with live feeds or even watches POP, knows what jackasses they are.
I have to laugh, the fairies are hinting that Shelli, and Clay are Jeff and Jordan, LOL, Those Fairies have a sense of humor. Liz and Austin are Brenchals, Really, I think the Fairies are smoking weed, and blowing hot air up Austin’s skirt. This was the best laugh I had all night.


Those theories are coming out of Austin’s mouth, so I don’t believe it for a second. He thinks Liz likes him! She won’t even turn towards him when he forces himself on her; he talks about Steve not understanding social cues, this guy is clueless! And let’s not forget, he thought the kiss was magical. BARF!!! When you have to hold someone’s face so they don’t turn away, magical is not the word I’d use to describe it.

fred savage

you know those studies where they say teenagers can do certain things that mentally can leave them there basically forever? Austin must have done something in his teens, I have never seen someone so…perpetually 12…

I can’t stand…..all the negative comments on the few people playing the game. so Shelli, Clay and Vanessa aren’t the most exciting BB players or DR sessions in the world…OK, but in BB17, they are actually working towards winning the game…Jason and the Farscape Girl(MEG), they sit around all day and trash talk people. Steve and J-Mac are “weird”? really? that is your focus right now as the players are studying? I can’t stand the piggybackers (Jason, Meg, Becky, James).

sadly the CBS part of Big Brother is pretty brutal. I keep wanting to fast forward to the next J-Mac comment, as I just can’t stand the lines they feed some of these HG’s.


Lol I like Becky, but girl they’d sooo drop you when the time comes.

A little off topic but..

Did anyone see tonight’s episode where the camera was following Steve around and making weird noises (whether the noises were added for the show or not idk)? But it almost seemed like they were trying to tell us that something was up, maybe in the cameras or with “Big Brother” in general.. Maybe a twist? It was just odd. Maybe I looked too far into it. Hell maybe Shelli’s paranoia is rubbing off on me! Yuck.




I want people to win on their own. Not be handed to them like they did with Jeff from seasons ago.


Becky needs to go back to not speaking. It physically hurts to hear her talk “game”. Especially with Shelli, so so clueless. I can’t wait to see her face after they’re done using her and toss her to the side.


I was being sarcastic earlier. I don’t want any of that to happen. Although I think it will. To make the masses happy. The game won’t be fun because I’ll know it was staged.


11:29pm PST horse teeth, raccoon eyes, Chewbacca and puppet ken doll in the HoH room makes me puke


Seriously if all these a-holes continue to remain in power I don’t know if I can stomach watching the rest of this season. You should see Vanessa, Austin, and Shelly on the live feeds right now making fun of everyone. ughhhh….


What have Vanessa and shelli said?????


I know right, I just want to break my screen watching them. Can’t stand this anymore for god sakes.


I was watching the feeds like night and they were absolutely keeping everything at a game level. They talk about everyone else like they are game players, competitors that they have to beat. They were talking about their mathematical chances in the HOH and who their targets are in the game (Jackie and James). There was no personal remarks. What comments are you talking about?


if this season is going to be filled with the 6 week in love stalker, the I knowwwwwwww I knowwwwwww, the 33 year old Cougar, like like and and um um but but poker player, and full of himself and shit clay im outa here

Stevie j

Shelly is so disgusting looking. She has the worst body shape ever. Kinda like a sponge Bob shape. Then to add to that she had the nerve to sit there and scrape her feet with that straggly head of hair of hers. I don’t know… For me that whole visual made her look so nasty in my mind. Her and clay would never be in a relationship outside this house. She’s not even his type. He’s gonna b her ticket out the door. He’s fucking using her. He’s not into her.


The scraping of the feet thing was kinda nasty. Surprised she didn’t do that alone in the bathroom. Who wants a pile of dead skin on their bedroom floor and/or bedding?? That was a reminder to me why I’d never live in a house full of people.


Hi Im Becky and Im great. I can be a great addition to your alliance. I can keep secrets and give you information about other hg’s. Im a also a great competitor. You can trust me 100%.
Im glad Becky joined the other side. She is super high maintenance and is going to put her foot in her mouth sooner than later. What a dork. She had one job to do— win the BOTB that was thrown for her and she chocked. Despite being safe all week and in on the BD plan she has still whined and cried all week b/c people didn’t support/comfort her to her standards. Im glad she is going to be an annoying thorn in the 6th Sense’s side, they deserve her. I just hope she doesn’t negatively impact JMac’s game in the process.


I really want to see a twist given to Jason. I mean, they did it every week, except for Audrey, seriously she did nothing. Come on BB, give my h*e a shot here.


Since Jason got put up he’s done nothing but call people names and be a sore loser. Even before then he’s done nothing in the game but sit in the backyard and smoke, while others were putting in work in order to win. He doesn’t deserve a twist in his favour just for being funny to some people.


Austin is an underdog out here that’s for sure. You people and your pitchforks. If your not getting your way you resort to horribly mean insults. Shellie is a pretty woman that paid good bucks for those teeth. Johnnymac should appreciate that. If Steve betrays anyone I hope he gets busted and gets shunned. Let’s see what big brother will do for some of you foaming at the mouth for austin , Vanessa and Shellie’s demise. You will probably get your way tomorrow. Happy now?


Ya actually if Meg and/or Jackie win HOH tomorrow night I will be pretty fucking happy

The Molar-nator

She should have spent the money on a new personality instead.

get real

shelli wants to be 20 again, pathetic

bla bla bla

I love Vanessa and Austins friendship. He needs to drop the twat. She’s screwing his game .(Liz)

hot damn

Airhead meg w/ the fake smile. She tells herself, ” I’m going to keep smiling until my face freezes this way. Jackie is just gross. She got it on with Jeff..wtf. James is a pervert. He acts like a little boy, plus he’s gross too.

Stevie j

Vanessa is pretending to be shelly and clay for now. She never wanted to get rid of austin. She played it up to America in the diary rm and she let claylley think they were in charge so she could pin it on them later. She never intended to let austin go because he comes with the twins, which she can control all three of them. She knows she can’t control claylley. Shelly and clay are doomed as far as Vanessa she’s already slowly trying to set it up for claylleys demise. But why is she being so fucking fake in the DR? Oh that’s right she’s a professional liar. And if nothing maybe she get Americas fav hg. I always knew her crying on the first day was a joke. She had it planned. She was trying to play the hg and the viewers. She’s never real in the DR and I don’t like that. Shit is she just a flat out schemer in life…? ” I read ppl very well”

brotalk to human dictionary

I turned on after dark for the first time this season tonight. I’m 45 minutes into the episode. I’ve heard the phrase i’m so bored or this is so boring 23 times.
No sh!t what a bunch of lazy entitled dumbf#(ks. How about they get off their asses and in the case of some of them start playing the game so that everyone watching doesn’t have to wish for special powers to save their a$$es.


Im done with Jason and his crew. Like if you arent trying to do anything but bitch, how to do expect someone to save your ass.


The 6 alliance problem with keeping Austin is that he will do anything that Liz asks him to. Liz, Julia and Austin might be playing as three.They should be concern about these three. When the pawns are all voted out and they have to start turning on their own. Austin would side with Liz over Vanessa and Liz would be able to manipulate him into proctecting her and her sister throughout the game.

Austin is an Ass

Gosh I want Austin out, if I hear him talk about his emotions one more time I might fet sick. He was talking about wanting to make people have nots for weeks and weeks so get so weak and sick. I wave been all about sleeper cell alliance, but now I just want to see them lose to lose. I would love too see Liz Austin Vanessa and/or Shay in the block this week.


Oh Becky, girl they gonna drop you like it’s hot when they’re done with you. Don’t be so naive! Shelli kills me with this “aw that is so cute Becky came up with an alliance name.” ugh! Please someone get that annoying fake biotch out of the house ASAP!!!!!


Ewww…why did Liz promise Austin a “passionate kiss” if he wins??? Gross! Girl, stop leading him on..it’s disgusting!


Austin you are a frigginj jackass! How dare you talk about Jackie, James,& Meg being minions?! Van has you on a leash & needs to tighten the chain to keep you in line. I hate the pompous, arrogant attitude of Van & crew. Liz trash talks in such a nasty, mean girl way, thinking she is the shit,& want to see her lose it when put up. She is disgusting & her voice irritates the hell out of me. So sick of her lying, fakeness pretending she doesn’t like Austin obsessing over her,while giggling, sleeping/laying with him non-stop,allowing him to touch on her-Please!
She is promising him a passionate kiss really?! Skankiness at its finest-no longer feel bad or uncomfortable for her!Holding back chunks right now!

Van & crew have dominated ,yet feel the need to constantly bash, belittle & play tough guys because they are in power. I find it hilarious they are all worried about lil Jackie when they have a mob mentality & running the house intimidating others! Van & her catching people in lies,Clay aggressively approaching people about who they are putting up,Shelli being the primadonna of the group with crazy paranoia & taking about the others trying to gain Steve-seriously these hypocrites!

Becky is a mindless puppet who is so ignorant & making a fool of herself to finally run to the winning side thinking she is actually a part of the so called cool kids. The fact she trusts Shelli,Clay,& Van when she is beyond disposable like day old trash. Seriously thought Becky was smarter but clearly the fact she has experienced being iced out of that group, even more stupid to actually believe Shelli won’t run & tell Clay everything blows my mind! Finally, she is experiencing Clay coming at her aggressively & having her explain her game choices & who she will put up when none of them have even given her a tiny bread crumb of info. Becky deserves everything she gets by being so damn stupid-annoying!

I love how Van looked uncomfortable when Jason & Jackie were up in HOH taking about the blindside/his departure. It sucks Austin who cares more about getting laid, will make it to jury,but Jadon won’t. Fakenessa, has nerve to say don’t give up Jason/ campaign till the end/don’t send negativity out in the world when you have a chance…Seriously stop it, have ya not done enough that you want to pretend there is hope for him to stay when you & the vipers have no intent to keep him-nasty & unnecessary!


By winning competitions in order to keep themselves safe, and by bringing in Becky, John, Steve for numbers really mob mentality or belittling people???


Hahaha OK, you backdoor those targets, Meg. lol

BB Fan

Unfortunately, I don’t think Becky is playing them. She’s not a very good liar.