Big Brother 17 HOH Endurance Comp Catch it on the FEEDS “I’m going to take it like a man”

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7:20pm Everyone still holding on.

Periodically they get sprayed by paint and hit by birds. Becky comments how the bird really hurt they either hit her on the b**bs or in the face. James take it to the face.

They hear the birds
James I’m going to take it like a man

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The Birds Attack

Everyone still up

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 19-36-33-871_jpg

7:37pm Steve and Austin fall off

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7:41pm Julia and Meg out

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8:06pm hold on jmac

Julia, Austin, Steve and Meg are out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-12-27-800_jpg

pazuzu is back

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-21-54-982_jpg

Jackie drops

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-22-35-911_jpg

Liz Drops

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-22-47-742_jpg

James, Shelli, Clay, jmac, Becky still in it

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8:38pm Clay and Becky out

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-57-55-402_jpg

Jmac drops
Shelli drops
a deal was made between james and Shelli 🙁

James wins HOH

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I like the look on Jackie’s face. She’s stoic, and in for the long haul. You do this!

Geeze Louise

Hold on Johnny Mac….

Geeze Louise

Yay. James wins it leaving jmac still able to compete next week for the double evict. I’ll take it…


I hate to say it but this could be JohnnyMac’s week to go home. I think James is going to try and use this week to re-establish a bond with Shelli and Clay. I bet they talk him into putting up Johnny and Liz or Julia and they vote out the dentist.


What? And be on the bottom of their totem pole?


erm… what double evict? julie would have said something. double evict is probably in two weeks, not next week.


Tailor made for James or Jackie. CBS looking for a power shift.


It is quite obvious production wanted the power up in the air… for a bit of the week at least


that comp is tailor made for small people, meaning that it was set up to be Jason or Jackie’s win, followed by James & Jmac (why don’t we include Meg as a smaller person? well…….) Shelli & Becky were always possibles, just because Becky is athletic and Shelli is small built.

Otherwise, the rest were unlikely to get far, and as mentioned in after dark, the big guys are always going to be first to go. steve because he is actually weak tho. Austin is too big to fit into the spot, and too heavy for his arms to keep him up. Clay has less weight, so more likely to last longer than Austin, but still it was not intended for him to win.

the biggest downside to this of course is that shelli didn’t make a deal to keep James safe (tho chances are he would just hang out forever rather than drop before her), instead she made the deal for him to be HOH and keep her safe. which i doubt endears her to the rest of 6th sense.

I haven’t read yet but i assume she made the deal for her and clay. which james should not have accepted, just said you only. that gives him more room. however, a deal can be broken, if he wants, based on that dark moon alliance.

i am looking forward to reading the next recap to see what Jackie is saying there in the title of the recap lol

not sure Jmac made a deal as well or if that is possible at that stage or if it only happens with the last 2. everyone knows in that comp the last 2 make a deal.


Hoping Steve or JMac can pull off a win 🙂

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I’d Steve gets hit in the face he’s going down.

Jackie, James or Meg for the win!


Glad BOB ended this week. Production probably realized that this season will be really boring if the six stay in power, which they likely would if there were two HoHs


A week ago I never would have been, but I’m rooting for Jackie right now. I hope she really takes a swing at Shelli and Clay. Unfortunately the odds are in favour of that alliance winning (clay, shelli, liz, julia, austin), especially since they can also easily manipulate steve and becky to do what they want. Hopefully Meg or Jackie pull this off. I’m rooting for Johnny Mac but I’m not sure he’ll really make big moves.

April in Paris

Why is Steve the only one with hoodie protection?

It is what it is

Let’s hear it for the underdogs!!


Jackie for the win! Pay back time on vennessa, Liz and Austin!


Is the hoh still going? If not who won

Zan Ax

Why did the twin on the nearest end look panicky as the show ended? Thought she was gonna puke or something.


Because she’s PREGNANT and doesn’t know if the father is Jace, Jeff, or Austin!!!!!


We know it’s not Autism, he can barely handle a 3 second kiss.

April in Paris

Never mind about the hoodie he fell.


With the house being split I think this one could go for a long time these people better want it bad


The house IS NOT split….its 9 vs. 3


Ha Ha. Tico, Taco…enjoyable.


Yes, Austin DOWN.
Yes, Steve DOWN.
who’s next!


DING DONG BOB IS DEAD!!! banish that twist to the 6th dimension of hell and never bring it back. do something else for sunday show ratings maybe an immunity challenge before noms. no more throwing comps and coward noms. welcome back BB DONT FIX WHAT ISNT BROKEN :]

I survived last seasons BB

two down the non 6th sense groups odds just evened up


No kiss for Austin. Bummer.


Haha! Steve and Austin falling off first opens the door for the fakest – yet often used – excuse to get nominated on BB:
“I wanted to make it FAIR, so I nominate the 2 that fell off first!”
… And then Shelli gets backdoored 😉

Donner's Pass is closed, take another route.

Or you could just put up Vanessa and Shelli cause they’ve never been nominated.

I know, I know, he made a deal with Shlay.

Tell that to Jace.

April in Paris

Hey, I just realized you combine their names, Steve austin was the six million dollar man – played by Lee Majors. Ironic or just sad?


Sweet, sweet irony! Love it!


1st time this season that I wish I had the feeds. Routing for Jackie…


Me too Warrior Woman. Didn’t like Jackie on Amazing Race so wasn’t rooting for her but I think she finally woke up. And I think she’s the only one who will go after the Sixrth Sense.


come on james or Jackie win hoh


@ Anonymous:
Jackie fell, but last time I checked James was still in it.


Looks like Austin won’t get a kiss.


boy Liz sure showed she has no class when it came to Jasons good bye message… what a SKANK Liz is …

Karma is a Bitch

Bend over Liz what goes around comes around.


Amen on that Marianne! Skankafied Liz! Once she started winning she got cocky as hell with the army behind her(van&crew). Totally uncalled for with her message!


I know right? Liz and this borefest twist would be gone already if it wasn’t for the crap sense using the extra vote.

The twin twist should’be ended soon as the whole house knew about it. Tired of production and their boring twists. Targets shout be the twinsclay/austin, shelli/clayAustin in any order. #powershift

Bye Jason

I am in no way defending what Liz said as I think it was totally classless, but, Jason was a foul mouthed little brat in the house, bad mouthing everyone and calling woman ” bitches” every chance he could. You know if Liz was the one watching a goodbye message from Jason it would have been way worse.


megs fucking useless


Jason looked like Pee Wee Herman leaving tonight. I hope for game sake power shifts tonight just to see a good week of game strategizing. Hope to see two of sixth sense on the chopping block next week this time


The suspense is killing me! Damn you, Meg. Can’t say I’m surprised, but still. Damn you!


I want Jacquie, Meg or James to win. Johnny Mac, Becky and Steve will probably will side with Vanessa’s side. This week will be so boring if the underdogs don’t win. Want so badly to see Vanessa’s alliance sweat. We need some excitement this week!


for the first time im cheering that perverted moron james to win.. he should win if he was in the marines. he’s light and can prolly stay on unless he has to scratch his nuts from crabs


I am hoping for Jackie or JMAC to win to shake things up.. I just have a feeling they might get their HOH ran by Van, Clay or Shelli. I hope if one of them pull out the win they do things that will benefit them. I don’t hate any of the houseguest just dislike some but it would be very smart to take out Three’s company. My gut is telling me whoever wins are most likely going to go for the twins which is a game move that could wait..

Lee BBfan

Yes but she will take out Shelli & Clay.

Zan Ax

Now that her sister is in the house Liz is gonna cut monkey man loose faster than she can scrape dog foo off the bottom of her shoe you just watch.

James and Jackie

James or Jackie please please please please get this.


One hour mark. I’m surprised Julia fell off before Liz she should have been more rested and prepared for any competition. Also surprise clay and Shelli not depending on each other but rather battling it out.mthought sure Shelli would have dropped and encouraged clay from the sidelines by now


Are Vanessa and Steve on the sidelines strategizing already discussing if it means the battle of the block is over for good? Is she ready to break away from her sixth sense alliance?


I already miss Jason!


Jackie or James for the Win! Make this power shift BB! Don’t let this be another doozie like last year, please!!!

Wowie Mandel

Is it just me or does jason look like Alfred e. Neuman?


I’m hoping Jackie or James win because I think they will go after the 6th senseless.


Hold on my Latin princess !


History Johnny Mac is not throwing an HoH…. yet… OMG
Could he be waiting for Liz, Shelli or Clay to fall… hmmmm

Zan Ax

Look at that pic of JMac! The beast within is coming out. Keep gipping that wall!

I survived last seasons BB

Who do y’all think Jmac would target if He won ?

B-bad owl

Whoever Shelli tells him to target.


Come on Shellie, Clay, Liz and Julia fall, fall, fall, fall…!!!!
Jackie hold on tight !!!


JMac still there….yea go go go!

Just Maui'd

Steve’s BB contract must have a “non-compete” clause.


Whats happening with clay any one know


Jackie and Liz are out!
C’mon James!!


Jackie down! Liz down!


So whose left???