Big Brother 17 HOH Endurance Comp Catch it on the FEEDS “I’m going to take it like a man”

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7:20pm Everyone still holding on.

Periodically they get sprayed by paint and hit by birds. Becky comments how the bird really hurt they either hit her on the b**bs or in the face. James take it to the face.

They hear the birds
James I’m going to take it like a man

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 19-18-50-876_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 19-31-47-691_jpg

The Birds Attack

Everyone still up

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7:37pm Steve and Austin fall off

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 19-38-50-360_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 19-44-20-924_jpg

7:41pm Julia and Meg out

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-01-36-640_jpg

8:06pm hold on jmac

Julia, Austin, Steve and Meg are out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-12-27-800_jpg

pazuzu is back

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-21-54-982_jpg

Jackie drops

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-22-35-911_jpg

Liz Drops

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-22-47-742_jpg

James, Shelli, Clay, jmac, Becky still in it

8:38pm Clay and Becky out

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 20-57-55-402_jpg

Jmac drops
Shelli drops
a deal was made between james and Shelli :(

James wins HOH

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230 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 HOH Endurance Comp Catch it on the FEEDS “I’m going to take it like a man”

    1. Yay. James wins it leaving jmac still able to compete next week for the double evict. I’ll take it…

      1. I hate to say it but this could be JohnnyMac’s week to go home. I think James is going to try and use this week to re-establish a bond with Shelli and Clay. I bet they talk him into putting up Johnny and Liz or Julia and they vote out the dentist.

      1. that comp is tailor made for small people, meaning that it was set up to be Jason or Jackie’s win, followed by James & Jmac (why don’t we include Meg as a smaller person? well…….) Shelli & Becky were always possibles, just because Becky is athletic and Shelli is small built.

        Otherwise, the rest were unlikely to get far, and as mentioned in after dark, the big guys are always going to be first to go. steve because he is actually weak tho. Austin is too big to fit into the spot, and too heavy for his arms to keep him up. Clay has less weight, so more likely to last longer than Austin, but still it was not intended for him to win.

        the biggest downside to this of course is that shelli didn’t make a deal to keep James safe (tho chances are he would just hang out forever rather than drop before her), instead she made the deal for him to be HOH and keep her safe. which i doubt endears her to the rest of 6th sense.

        I haven’t read yet but i assume she made the deal for her and clay. which james should not have accepted, just said you only. that gives him more room. however, a deal can be broken, if he wants, based on that dark moon alliance.

        i am looking forward to reading the next recap to see what Jackie is saying there in the title of the recap lol

        not sure Jmac made a deal as well or if that is possible at that stage or if it only happens with the last 2. everyone knows in that comp the last 2 make a deal.

  1. Glad BOB ended this week. Production probably realized that this season will be really boring if the six stay in power, which they likely would if there were two HoHs

  2. A week ago I never would have been, but I’m rooting for Jackie right now. I hope she really takes a swing at Shelli and Clay. Unfortunately the odds are in favour of that alliance winning (clay, shelli, liz, julia, austin), especially since they can also easily manipulate steve and becky to do what they want. Hopefully Meg or Jackie pull this off. I’m rooting for Johnny Mac but I’m not sure he’ll really make big moves.

  3. DING DONG BOB IS DEAD!!! banish that twist to the 6th dimension of hell and never bring it back. do something else for sunday show ratings maybe an immunity challenge before noms. no more throwing comps and coward noms. welcome back BB DONT FIX WHAT ISNT BROKEN :]

  4. Haha! Steve and Austin falling off first opens the door for the fakest – yet often used – excuse to get nominated on BB:
    “I wanted to make it FAIR, so I nominate the 2 that fell off first!”
    … And then Shelli gets backdoored ;)

    1. Or you could just put up Vanessa and Shelli cause they’ve never been nominated.

      I know, I know, he made a deal with Shlay.

      Tell that to Jace.

  5. Hey, I just realized you combine their names, Steve austin was the six million dollar man – played by Lee Majors. Ironic or just sad?

    1. Me too Warrior Woman. Didn’t like Jackie on Amazing Race so wasn’t rooting for her but I think she finally woke up. And I think she’s the only one who will go after the Sixrth Sense.

    1. Amen on that Marianne! Skankafied Liz! Once she started winning she got cocky as hell with the army behind her(van&crew). Totally uncalled for with her message!

      1. I know right? Liz and this borefest twist would be gone already if it wasn’t for the crap sense using the extra vote.

        The twin twist should’be ended soon as the whole house knew about it. Tired of production and their boring twists. Targets shout be the twinsclay/austin, shelli/clayAustin in any order. #powershift

    2. I am in no way defending what Liz said as I think it was totally classless, but, Jason was a foul mouthed little brat in the house, bad mouthing everyone and calling woman ” bitches” every chance he could. You know if Liz was the one watching a goodbye message from Jason it would have been way worse.

  6. Jason looked like Pee Wee Herman leaving tonight. I hope for game sake power shifts tonight just to see a good week of game strategizing. Hope to see two of sixth sense on the chopping block next week this time

  7. I want Jacquie, Meg or James to win. Johnny Mac, Becky and Steve will probably will side with Vanessa’s side. This week will be so boring if the underdogs don’t win. Want so badly to see Vanessa’s alliance sweat. We need some excitement this week!

  8. for the first time im cheering that perverted moron james to win.. he should win if he was in the marines. he’s light and can prolly stay on unless he has to scratch his nuts from crabs

  9. I am hoping for Jackie or JMAC to win to shake things up.. I just have a feeling they might get their HOH ran by Van, Clay or Shelli. I hope if one of them pull out the win they do things that will benefit them. I don’t hate any of the houseguest just dislike some but it would be very smart to take out Three’s company. My gut is telling me whoever wins are most likely going to go for the twins which is a game move that could wait..

  10. Now that her sister is in the house Liz is gonna cut monkey man loose faster than she can scrape dog foo off the bottom of her shoe you just watch.

  11. One hour mark. I’m surprised Julia fell off before Liz she should have been more rested and prepared for any competition. Also surprise clay and Shelli not depending on each other but rather battling it out.mthought sure Shelli would have dropped and encouraged clay from the sidelines by now

  12. Are Vanessa and Steve on the sidelines strategizing already discussing if it means the battle of the block is over for good? Is she ready to break away from her sixth sense alliance?

  13. Jackie or James for the Win! Make this power shift BB! Don’t let this be another doozie like last year, please!!!

  14. History Johnny Mac is not throwing an HoH…. yet… OMG
    Could he be waiting for Liz, Shelli or Clay to fall… hmmmm

  15. Jackie Fell
    Johnny mac
    Clay and Becky look the shakeout
    Liz is also looking uncomfortable
    It’s down to James or same old same old week.
    are left on the wall

  16. James is now our only hope, which sucks because he is easily manipulated by Shelli and Clay :(

    Hoping JMAC wins and goes after a power couple! This game is getting so boring, I thought this season was going to be spectacular but its turned into another season 16 :(

  17. Just saw Liz’s goodbye message To Jason. What a bitch. Can’t wait for her to end up in jury house with Austin, hope he rips her to shreds. Julia çan watch.

  18. TAKE IT HOME J-MAC!!!!!

    a week of J-Mac talking about his HOH will be easily the best week of the summer thus far(adding in Austin dealing with Julia showing up and stealing Liz away)

  19. Jackie had this one. I knew they were doing the “plank” challenge, as it was the best bet to get the side without power to win an HOH. usually guys STRUGGLE at this comp, especially bigger ones…man, say what you will about Clay and Shelli, they PLAY HARD…and that may be enough this year…

    that said…I am hoping J-Mac has a split HOH with Clay or Shelli…simply because I fear for J-Mac if both Shelli and Clay are out of power.

  20. I don’t know why the haters are rooting for Johnny. He will go along with whatever Clelli tell him to do.

    Dude hasn’t had a orginal thought of his own or plan since he entered the house.

    Go Johnny! LoL. Yawn….:-)

  21. I’m not sure whether I want James or JMac to win. I just want someone to take out Shelli or Vanessa. I would like to see Shelli and Clay on the block so I can watch Shelli freak out. Then if Veto takes one down (Shelli would definitely convince someone to run over Clay to take her off) and then put Van up there. I hated last year by the middle of August and until Shelli and Van are gone, with no Jason the only thing I have to look forward to is these backstabbers and lying cowards to turn on each other. Rachel may have gotten on my nerves, but she was never a coward or backstabbers.

  22. JAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vanessa and Liz and Shelli’s WORST Nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. James won. But he made a deal with Shelli, he can’t nominate Shelli or Clay (including no backdoor).

    Shelli then jumped off.

    1. James should keep his deal with Shel-lie the same way she kept her deal last week and the week before and the week before. Nobody should feel any obligation to keep a deal with Shel-lie or Messa or Clayfus

  24. Hope James is lying. You don’t make a deal when the person asking for the deal looks like they are on their last leg.

  25. Bad news it is down to JMac, James and Shelli
    and the guys look like they are in serious pain…. god I hope Shelli is not HoH
    or it’s another week of Sick to my stomach… over it.

  26. Leeeeett’sssss goooooooooooooo

    Haha Look at that two face trying to snake her another cheap deal. Tell her to stick it James.

  27. this is terrible. James is so easy to influence, I now fear for players like J-Mac.

    darnit. of all people, I didn’t want it to be James. those saying he is “our only hope”…yeah OK, I will see what you are saying in a couple days when he has done all the things you don’t want him to do.

    1. Could not agree more. Elated James/ outsiders win but James is flighty. He needs to use this wisely. So damn nervous he will blow it. Please, production threw them a bone so def take out the vipers:Clay,Shelli,Van. Screw them like they ask screwed the Dark Moon alliance. Don’t be stupid James!!! Blindside & don’t worry about blood on your hands! Nervous he will put up Steve now that I think about it grrr. Hope I am wrong. Was ecstatic when I thought Austin was going home but there went that-make this count James!


  29. Can’t believe I’m actually saying this but…JAMES!!!!! Finally Sixth Sense will finally feel the pressure THANK GOD. Austin, Vanessa, Julia, and Liz (I don’t think James will go against his word in regards to Clelli) one of you guys are biting the bullet this week, have fun in the hot seat!

  30. JAMES IS HOH… woo hoo Happy Day.
    Shelli made him promise to not backdoor her or Clay…
    He said deal she jumped.
    Now he can just put them up LOL

  31. Holy shizballs…freaking out! James wanted endurance & won. Hell yes flip on them James, send out a big dog pronto!

  32. I really hope James goes back on his deal to not nominate Clelli. I hope they both get nominated with Vanessa or Liz as a Blackfoot option if one of them wins veto.

  33. I hope James goes back on his word when he promised safety for Shelli and Clay if Shelli dropped and nominates them both!

  34. Good job James now go back on your deal and put up Clay and Shelli. Use that same dumb excuse they use things changed at ?the last minute and ?the majority wanted them up

  35. James WON!!!! Finally in power! I hope he puts up Shelli & Clay. If the veto is used, Vanessa should go up as a replacement nominee.

  36. I haven’t seen enough of James to know, does he have the guts to listen to Jackie and Meg or will he be swayed by Shelli, Clay and Vanessa?

  37. Please tell me I didn’t just see that bit…. Shelli hugging James. 1. If I have to watch Shelli up in the HOH room all week or 2. Listen to Vanessa paranoia or 3. Watch James let Shelli manipulate the nominations, I’m gonna lose it!

  38. After watching the T.V. Broadcast, it would have been so hilarious if the endurance competition for first Single HOH was a poker tournament and Venessa had to be dealer.

    Just a first thought before catching up with the thread and comments.

    1. Please stop using my OBB name. It causes confusion. There are so many other names that you could use.

  39. Best possible outcome for Clay and Shelly. Both are 100% safe and both get to play for the next HOH and one of the twins or creepy Austin go home which is what they want anyway.

  40. Vanessa will not be happy that Shelli negotiated for herself and Clay, and not included Vanessa. She is fair game for James this week. Hope he makes the best of it instead of going for the dumb twins and Austin who aren’t going to do anything this week anyway. Lets see Vanessa sweat.

    1. The whole Six Sense is fair game — including Shelli and Clay. Jeff had a deal — and was backdoored. Jason was in Dark Moon, and was backdoored and evicted by an alliance member.

      Their side doesn’t keep its word. Why should James?

      He needs to get one of Clay, Shelli or Vanessa. The twins and Austin will be pushed by CSV because James won’t put up a pawn.

  41. James should nominate Vanessa and Clay and Blackfoot shelli then someone from that alliance is gone! Seems James will probably nominate one of the twins and Austin bad move Shelli and Vanessa are much better at comps

  42. Put up Nessa!

    I wana laugh my ass off at the haters when they realize she not going home.:-)

    #Nessa got the haters mad as hell and has this game on lock!

  43. If he doesn’t put up Clayfus and Two Face I’m flying out there and jumping the wall. One comes down then up goes Vanessa.

  44. Now all he has to do is go back on his word with Shelli and nominate her up with clay next to her with vanessa as the backdoor plan

  45. LOL…James promised no back-door…he’ll just put them BOTH up …who needs a backdoor when ther is no BOB????

  46. Finally, someone other than Shelli! Hope Austin, Vanessa, or Shelli go! That’s the only way to alter this game.

  47. Now remember a few days ago Vanessa and Shelli promised they would not go back on their word to backdoor Austin? They reached out and did a handshake to seal the deal with Jason, Meg, and James who were sitting on the couch in the HOH room. Made an 8 person alliance and everything. Ok…. they broke the deal. So and eye for and eye…James better break that deal he just made with Shelli. If not they can get picked of one by one for being stupid. Shelli and Clay should be nervous with all the rest of them this week. Why give them an easy week off to sit back and plan their next target.

  48. There are good targets other than Shelli and Clay…..
    But if James goes back on his word….I’m good. How long until Vanessa up in hoh trying to make a deal?

  49. James is a flirt also and look for Julia to get friendly with him. He will keep his word, he is that kind of person. And I believe Vanessa will be able to do a lot of talking and he will listen. See ya Steve or Jackie. Just a guess….

  50. James will be manipulated by Shelli and Clay. I think Austin,Steve and the twins will be targets. I don’t think he will nominate Vanessa. He will make a move but will be to scared to get the head of the snake and will just go for the tail. It’s still better then Shelli and Clay winning!

  51. James, put up Steve and Vanessa. Depending on who wins POV, have them take Steve down. Then tell Shelli Sorry, baby girl, but you’re gonna have to pop a squat. Panic will ensue

  52. I hope James, Meg, Jackie, Beckie, Steve, John ….team up and go after vanessa, shelli, clay, austin and the twins ….


  53. Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa went back on their promise about Austin leaving so, turn about is fair play. Pay back is a bitch! Send one of the sixth sense packing!

  54. Thank god James won. I think he will nominate one of 6th sense I mean he at least voted for Jason to stay..otherwise it will just like last season where everyone is there to benefit the power alliance and not themselves which is boring to watch :( also SMH at Steve voting Jason out

      1. I was shaking my head not my damn head .. :). But actually I didn’t know he was rude to Steve I don’t watch or keep up with feeds most of the time . I’d that’s true then I don’t blame Steve. But from a game perspective….. Boring/wack/lame

      2. yeah, james/jackie/jason/meg made huge mistakes in their relationships with becky/jmac/and steve. they really need to pull those three in instead of allowing them to float to the other side of the house.

  55. Let me guess, the deal James made with Shellie was to keep both Shellie and Clay safe.
    Please James! Be smart and don’t let Shellie, Clay or Vanessa manipulate you!!.. Send one of them home!

  56. Crap!!! Don’t trust James to do what needs to be done. Clay and shelli!!! Arguement Vanessa will understand is I came into info and you lied. At least meg and Jackie are safe better not waste it on Steve or Johnny Mac!!

    1. yup, and this is why jackie and jason have been sixth sense’s primary targets cuz everyone else is far too stupid/scared to put up clelli.

  57. I hope James Will go after frosty panties Shelli, and bimbo boyfriend…

    Please don’t waste an hoh by putting up LIZ or Julia…. Go for tge power bi#+es

  58. I’m worried that the Six are just going to pressure James into putting up floaters like Jmac, Becky or Steve. If he has any intelligence he’d put Shelli/Clay despite what he told Shelli. If they complain he can simply point out they flat out lied to him just one week ago.

  59. I am embarrassed at how happy I am about this. And poor, Shelli, hey? Having to be all “awkward” and such when Jackie called her out for lying. THAT was golden! I’m glad Vanessa pushed that point through. Nice to get some inside scoop on JMac.

  60. Also, Johnny Mac is hillarioua. Becky is nice. Steve is nice. But , for the game they’re useless. Just hope James n Jackie take turns winning or else this season is doomed

  61. So CBS, what happened to “the summer of takeovers”. Where are all these new weekly special guests coming to twist up the game. If you’re gonna pick a theme, at least stick with it for more than 3 weeks. Sheesh.

  62. did shelli negotiate for herself and clay, or did she negotiate for herself clay and john? I thought he was part of the deal as well. not that it makes a difference, but I had to ask.

  63. Have you watched how hot Vanessa is on her poker videos. I know her judgment hasn’t been sharp in this game, but she knows how to deal with people. I think she has an amazing social game and mind. She is very conciliatory. She has little alliances on the side unlike Shelli–Her and Austin, Her and Steve. Her and the twins. Her and Clelli. That’s smart.

    1. agree. vanessa is playing a very smart game. the way she deflected the target from her to clelli was a very savvy move, and better yet she seemed to even deflect clelli’s wrath for throwing them under the bus to make them still see it as an alliance. she’s at worst 3rd on everyone’s list of targets and has a ton of people willing to take her to at least the final 4.

  64. Please for the love of all that is holy James, remember that Shelli and Clay both lied to you just last week and you know they are all working together. You can say your deal was as real as the Dark Moon alliance.

  65. Shelli must go now or she will win this game I hope James does a Vanessa and go back on his word and put that trick up with her dumb puppy dog clay it reminds my mcranda a couple seasons ago a lil bit I hate the guys in the house this year they are all dumb as hell except jmac I hope he makes some good moves soon but they set this season up for a women to win no doubt

  66. I hope James does the only smart thing and puts both Shelli and Clay on the block. If one comes down, he has Vanessa, Austin and twins to choose from. Ideally Shelli leaves, I can’t stand her smug attitude, and she came damn close to winning her 3rd HOH in as many tries. Anyone that can’t see what a threat she is deserves to go home. So what if he promised her they were safe. They promised Jason he was safe last week, they promised that the plan was Austin, so I hope he doesn’t feel he has to keep his word to Barbie and Ken.

  67. This reminds me of Season 15 but instead of Amanda/McCrae taking over the HOH’s now this year it’s Shelly/Clay. James will go down as one of the biggest idiots to ever play the game if he doesn’t take out either Shelly/Clay or Vanessa. So what if he made a deal, deals are made to be broken look at last week. So come on James grow a set and do what’s right.

  68. I would like to see everyone NOT in the Sixth Sense get picked off one by one. Then watch the Sixth Sense go at each other in the end. I cam’t stand that side of the house….nothing but floaters. #Vanessatowinitall

  69. Steve will probably go on the block again. That’s what he gets for throwing yet another HOH. Who throws the last HOH before jury?!

    James will probably not nominate Shelli, Clay, Johnny, Meg, Becky, or Jackie. He will probably not nominate the twins because they’re foxy and he has a weakness for that. So the likely nominees are Vanessa, Steve, or Austin.

    Steve would get voted out over almost anyone else, the possible exception being Austin. He better win that veto. Really, the best (only?) thing Steve has going for him in this game is that Vanessa is his ally and Vanessa gets sht done in a way that Steve just can’t.

  70. Clay is useless. Get Vanessa or Shelli out they are strong at comps and social game and getting people to do what they want!

  71. I will say this , most of the ppl in the game this season are nice people. But it’s just boring to watch season after season house guests playing for 7/8/9th place or a spot in jury. I don’t know if propel don’t

    1. You think Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa are “nice” people? Really? And did your hear that little beyotch Liz’s goodbye speech tonight? Seriously?

  72. shelli asked for him to keep her AND clay safe this week!?
    Girls got balls!
    Hey. Do us mind promising to keep me and my showman off the block… Yeah? Awesome. Thanks a bunch!


  73. I will say this , most of the ppl in the game this season are nice people. But it’s just boring to watch season after season house guests playing for 7/8/9th place or a spot in jury. I don’t know if people don’t care or if they’re not smart enough but I fee like Becky john and Steve wouldn’t vote out a sixth sense member and if James doesn’t this week then….. It will be a boring season until Vanessa gets freaked out that she’s number 6 in the alliance but this wouldn’t happen until there’s 8-7 house guests remaining :( cmon James do what’s best for you !

  74. OK, I agree after watching tonight’s show. Meg is definitely Chiana from Farscape. the way she moves, its hilarious.

  75. BTW, I am sorry, I know people like Jason for their reasons….but the edit tonight was BS. he sat around and did nothing 90 percent of the time, they act like he is this super fan who was playing the game, truth is, he is a super fan who was sitting back and watching others play.

  76. Ok…who’s the first of the bunch to attach their lips to James’s little redneck ass?? Is it Clay lol???

  77. Vanessa is the mastermind. Take her ass out!!! Without her, 6th sense and Steve will be LOST!!! You MUST put a Twin on the block!! They will likely siphon 2 votes (Austin and Twin) and with Jackie and Meg, all you need is 1 more. Think of the possible game play scenarios: (i) Vanessa goes (that in itself would be heaven) OR (ii) Vanessa stays and Austin voted to keep Twin (bye bye to Austin and the 6th sense) OR (iii) Twin goes and Austin voted to keep Vanessa (Twin driven to the other side). This would be good stuff!!

  78. HOH: James
    Safe: Jackie, Meg
    Likely Safe: Becky, John
    Moderately Concerned: Clay, Shelli
    Should Be Nervous: Julia, Liz
    Extremely Concerned: Austin, Steve, Vanessa

    1. Oh for God’s sake, don’t waste the biggest HOH of the season on Steve. This is a chance to change the game, taking out a worthless little parasite like him would do nothing.

    2. I think Julia is going to throw Austin under the bus, then sheli, clay and Vanessa. Especially now she knows that Vanessa lied to Liz ant why Austin stayed. He’s stupid if he doesn’t put up sheli, clay and or Vanessa.

  79. James is noted for making deals that he doesn’t keep. He made too many deals a few weeks ago, and had to throw the HOH because he couldn’t keep his deal not to nominate all those people. There was no one left to nominate. Because the 6th sense went back on their words to his side, I hope he doesn’t feel compelled to keep his word to them. Get Shelli and Clay on the block…….lets see Shelli and Clay get those smug looks off their faces. Jackie I think will keep him on the right path and get the job done. She knows she got screwed royally last week, so I expect to see either Clay, Shelli or Vanessa go this week. I certainly hope so anyway. If not their side will get what they deserve.

  80. Prepare yourselves for another disappointing week. You may be happy in the short-term that one of the outsiders has the HOH instead of a 6th Sense member, but do you really think James will make the correct choices? I certainly don’t.

    Bottom line: The 6th Sense may have lost this battle, but they’re still in a dominant position in the BB war.

  81. what the heck is with this Steve V Becky edit? we get his RANDOM DR the other night, then tonight we get the camera shot of a steve reaction to Becky’s speech(no real reaction). WTF is with that? I swear I have heard absolutely nothing to back up that Steve has anything against the girl

    oh, and J-MAC is the sleeper we said he was folks. his family pretty much confirmed it, and to me it seems like CBS loves them some J-Mac. I expect a twist if somehow james is dumb enough to get rid of him this week

  82. Some imposter is using my OBB name. It is infuriating!
    I am so excited for James. I hope that he does what it best for his game. His best move would be to keep that 6-person alliance at arms length. He needs time to think before people start ambushing him with suggestions for nominations. Maybe he should have a sit-down with Meg and Jackie…maybe pick their brains…see where their heads are at.

    1. i had that too, but i don’t care much. plus based on syntax it’s usually easy to tell who i am.

      i really hope james doesn’t get swayed, though i was curious to see what would happen when sixth sense had to target each other and now that dynamic may change drastically. the only real hope is jackie convinces james of the right move and to hell with his deal with shelli as i feel jackie does actually have half a brain whereas between meg, james, and jackie, well, they still only have half a brain.

      1. @ d:
        I am a HUGE fan of the show, and there are very few places online where I can seriously discuss the show with people as knowledgeable as the OBB community. It can be frustrating when you are trying to share ideas (especially after something big happens – like James winning HOH) and someone masquerading as you continues to post comments without putting much thought into what he or she is writing. Not the end of the world, but I altered my name a little.

        I share your concern for James. He seems set on breaking up that six person alliance, but I fear someone will get into his head before the nominations are made. I like Jackie, but I don’t really trust her judgement. She often takes what people tell her at face value…and that is dangerous in this game. That six person alliance will try to use Jackie to get to James, and I am worried that Jackie will not realize that she is being used until it is too late.

  83. James should put up shelli & clay or shelli and vanessa. Even though he made deals with them he could use their same words “the house” was pressuring him. “everyone wanted them on the block”. Or pull a Vanessa tell her since they lie to him and broke his trust he had to put them up. James better not wimp out. He nods to use this to get Becky and jmac on his side.

  84. Words that I am glad I don’t have to hear yáll who wants to see my HOH room (Shelli). Words that I want to hear,sorry but promises are made to be broken.(James).

  85. i can’t help but think james’ plan is to put up the twins and use austin as a replacement which isn’t the worst thing he could do but certainly isn’t the best either. hopefully jackie gets in his ear and makes him realize he needs to put up clay and shelli with vanessa as the replacement if one comes down.

    1. Vanessa not as smart as she thinks she is. She saw the twins as an extra number. What she did not foresee is that this is also a natural fault line in the alliance. Put a twin up on the block against another sixth sense member and the alliance is split in a major way (3-2). James needs to put up 2 sixth sensers, but one needs to be a twin (preferably Liz).

  86. so is james’ deal just no backdoor? cuz, not that i think he’s smart enough to pull this, why not just straight up front door?

  87. who does this Julia think she is. She wants Austin out. She wants this and wants that. What a little bitch she is. She should be happy that people tried to get her into the damn house. What a whiny entitled little skuz bag she is. They both should be sent packing at this point. Liz is just as bad. She peddled her ass to Austin, and he fell for it like a little boy. Yes, he should go as well, but get one of them the hell out of there

  88. The other side of the house had to win and they finally did. I am glad the BoB is over. That just gave WAY too much power to groups who could work together. And I would like to know which “fans” said that twist was their favorite. Production had to end it, otherwise 6th sense was going to systematically eliminate Meg/James/Jackie/Becky/Jmac.

    James could break his word, but I dont think he will (its big brother, so who knows. I give it a 65% chance that he keeps his word to Shlay).

    I think Vanessa/Austin/Liz will be his targets. Look for Vanessa to through some folks under the bus to stay off the block (Shlay, Liztin…) Someone said above Julie will flirt with James to keep herself off the block. I agree with that sentiment.

    Didnt someone break their word to James the week before and put him up anyways, was that Vanessa or Shelli? Am I remembering this correctly?

    So far this season, only 3 people have won/remained in power – James, Vanessa and Shelli.

  89. I would absolutely love it if Jackie & Meg got in James’ ear and I’m praying they try to get him to put up Clay & Shellie!! Do it for Jason!! At least put up one of them initially and backdoor the other. Time to start playing the game kids.

  90. Yay, Jaaaaaaames!!! It’s good that he made a deal with Shelli. She’s an HoH comp beast and she might’ve won. Ugh. There are plenty of other targets. Like Austin. Or Vanessa. Or the twins.

  91. James doesn’t have the ….s to make the power move that needs to be done and put Cleli up with a backdoor of Vanessa. He will show how small he is this week.

  92. Hey these people finally have to play Big Brother. I hope the BOB is gone forever. The only worse twist was the MVP in BB15. They both literally ruin the show.

  93. I can already hear the conversation between Liz and Austin… ” you seem different since Julia got here.. More distant.. What’s going on?” You can literally look at him and see these thoughts forming in his mind… And it’s only been 2 hours… Lol this is gonna be good. Austin I apologize… Thank you for being a weirdo stalker

  94. When nominating James should consider who has done his alliance the most damage. That would be Clay, Shelli and Vanessa. they are the ones to evict in my opinion. He should approach Austin to work with him for a week and in exchange keep him off the block. He has to think of more than the current week and his safety next week. Austin hasn’t done him wrong or lied to him. He needs votes on their side or they are gone next week.

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