Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Finale Results


We all know the feelings towards this season so no need to rehash what has been said a HUNDO times on the blog and in the comments. To Sum it up for me this season had a awesome beginning the cast had so much potential but that potential/excitement dissipated 1/3 of way through. Not the best season not the worst it’s all debatable.

Tonight Derrick and Cody will compete in the part 3 of the Final Head of Household. The winner of Part 3 will get to decide who they take to the final 2. It’s hard to imagine Derrick not winning Big Brother 16 but it might happen if Cody wins the final HOH and takes Victoria.

The real anticipation tonight will probably come down to America’s Favorite vote. From the buzz I hear I would say it’s between Zach, Frankie and Donny but who knows which player CBS will pick.

“Hitmen” go to final 2 together
Derrick wins Big Brother 16
Frankie wins AFP (Just preparing myself mentally)

Actual results
Final HOH winner is CODY!
Cody Evicts Victoria
Jury Vote break down

Jocasta – Cody
Hayden – Derrick
Zach – Derrick
Donny – Cody
Nicole – Derrick
Christine – Derrick
Frankie – Derrick
Caleb – Derrick
Victoria – Derrick

Winner of Big Brother 16 Derrick
America Favorite Player goes to Donny
Zach, Nicole and Donny where the top 3 votes.
Donny wins AFP with 5 million votes.

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What’s next at OnlineBigBrother?
Big Brother Canada Season 3 will start Feb/March 2015 . We’ve been covering the last two seasons and it’s heaps of fun. More twists than I care for but the casting is great and production seems to be doing a better jobs than US has these last 2 years. Worth a try if you are a BB fan. The last 2 years the feeds have been free so we have been able to Post videos. Below are the links to the posts. If you start on page one you will basically be able to watch all the important bits from the feeds from the last two seasons. (Might take you a while)

Big Brother Canada Season 1
Big Brother Canada Season 2

Dawg and I would like to thank everyone this year for visiting our little spoilers blog and spending their time posting opinions and observations. Your support is what enables us to sit and watch all these feeds and keep this site running. Please accept my apology if I was distant on twitter/comments. This season was tuff because of the house guest sleeping patterns and our energy levels were taxed more than usual. I will miss you all during the break but hope to see you for Big Brother Canada. We love our OBB family and hope you all the best.

Please let us know what you thought of the season and the players in the comments be brutal and honest.

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428 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Finale Results

      1. Hell yeah!!! Donny wins AF with half of the total votes! Best part is….Frankie & Caleb weren’t even in the top 3 and stupid Ariana Grande sitting in the audience didn’t get any airtime with her stupid attention whore brother!

        The AF poll here was entirely accurate over the weeks (for all the folks who said the poll here didn’t mean jack…Donny with 50% of total votes with Nicole and Zach making second and third.

        1. I am SO glad they revealed to everyone who the top 3 were in AF. I’m surprised they did since it shows their little pink flamingo wasn’t adored like they thought he’d be.

          In your face Frankie! Get ready because these next few days back into reality is going to be rough!

          On a side note, they really should make these finales longer. They don’t spend nearly enough time with all the houseguests together reflecting on the season. I was dying to hear what Amber had to say after she saw everything that Caleb said about her. :(

          1. Why didn’t Julie quiz the house guests on what they saw this season? Would have been interesting. And why did they arrange it so it looked like Frankie was the deciding vote? So much favoritism for such a egomaniac. Where was Dan, wish he would have interviewed the jury.

            1. How did they make it look like frankie was the deciding vote? You think they planned for him to be the 7th out of the house because they new for sure jocasta and donny would vote against derrick? get a life bud. you might hate him and i admit he loves attention (note him standing right next to julie as much as he could) but to think they rigged the vote like that is ludacris and shows that you need to get a reality check. crap happens

          2. It is sooooo telling where the top three vote getters for AFP were positioned when time for the announcement –
            Shorty Nicole hidden in a crowd behind people off camera.
            Zach & Donny at the far end away from Julie, nowhere near the center of attention.
            Fkface Frankie in the winner’s position next to Julie ready to accept the award & give acceptance speech.
            BM Caleb crawled right up Julie’s trunk staring at the heavens as if his destiny was achieved.
            Which of these 5 is the most clueless? Derrick had no opposition!!!

        2. DONNY WON AMERICA”S FAVORITE PLAYER YES!!!!!!!!!!! That final moment made these last four boring weeks worth while. I don’t get CBS trying to make Fakie America’s darling but hey guess what the viewers spoke and you ain’t SH*T!!!! Donny should be on the Talk because he got over 5 million f*cking votes. Here’s to Donny the BEST MAN TO EVER PLAY THE GAME.
          TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          TEAM SIMON and DAWG FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Cody’s decision, at stake $ 500k: Take strong competitor Derrick & the votes are: 5 (Derrick), 4 (Toss Up), 0 (Cody). Take weakest competitor Victoria & the votes are: 7 (Cody), 2 (Victoria):

        1. Frankie (Derrick). After ‘had better’ comment, not much luv there. A lot of built-up negative somthin.
        2. Nicole (Derrick). She bonded more with Derrick, esp at end.
        3. Christine (Derrick). Voting her out after romancing her, don’t expect much. Woman scorned.
        4. Caleb (Derrick). Cody knew all along that Caleb had more allegiance to Derrick
        5. Victoria (Derrick). Cody verbally said he knew Victoria would vote for Derrick.
        6. Donny (Would be rational to think Derrick). Cody always thought Donny was gunning for him.
        7. Zack (Vote either way).
        8. Jocasta (Vote either way, no real clear direction).
        9. Hayden (Vote either way, no strong allegiance either way).

        SO WITH NO REAL HIGH ODDS OF WINNING, CODY TAKES DERRICK! Why fight so hard in the HOH3? If he had taken VICTORIA, he may have lost 2 votes (Frankie and maybe Caleb). Doubtful the jury would ACTUALLY vote for Victoria to win – irrational, not vote for such a floater, & they would look like a bunch of bitter, sore losers on national tv. And Cody could have pointed out that MOST ON JURY ARE JUST AS GUILTY OF USING VICTORIA AS A PAWN TO WIN (THEY PUT UP VICTORIA 9 TIMES ON THE BLOCK).

        This isn’t for a blue ribbon, the goal isn’t to be awarded the most loyal nice guy it’s for $500K! Derrick’s a shark! His face was so sickly depressed on the block = he actually thought Cody was going to take Victoria, because that’s most likely what he would have done – why feel so worried and sad?)

        No one remembers the most loyal, only the winner. Hope Cody enjoys the pat on the back as he pays off that $80K student debt while Derrick buys a new house – which, if Cody is lucky, Derrick may invite him over for dinner once in that new house, and then forget about him (maybe a few phone calls) as they merge back into the real world.

        1. Cody’s such a schmuck. He won the game and the $500,000, then basically just handed it all to Derrick in the name of honor or respect or whatever he was thinking. Same identical scenario as with the other schmuck on Survivor. I don’t think anybody would have realistically voted for Victoria. I personally feel this was another pussy/coward move by Cody, in a series of pussy moves, as he was likely afraid of stabbing Derrick in the back (same as Derrick did to Frankie and Caleb)… and “omg, what will people say?”. So he took a guy he must have known to have a 50% chance of beating him. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Most of the people this year couldn’t grasp the concept of BB being an individual’s game for some reason. Derrick did. Well, good for him, but let’s face it. He was surrounded by MORONS.

        2. Still don’t understand why Cody didn’t mention all of his hoh and comp wins, especially in the last week! He should have taken Victoria. In an interview Cody said he knew he had Donny and Jocasta’s vote,Donny had told him early on, because he was respectful to him, that if he got to F2, Cody could count on his vote. Caleb would respect his wins and vote for him over Victoria, and he would have had a fighting chance. Frankie would never have voted for him out of bitterness, Hayden, don’t think he’d give V. 500K either. I understand loyalty but he’s there to play a game and only knew Derrick for a few months. DOES anyone know why Frankie made that remark to Cody twice about having had better? What a classless way to go out.

    1. I can’t thank both Simon and Dawg enough for all of your great work this summer. I only discovered this site this year and would NEVERhave made it through without you!! Thanx again, your $$$ tip is on its way, and can’t wait to read you again next year. God love you guys! Suze

      1. She was the most bitter jury member all because Derrick “fake prayed” with her. I’m guessing she overlooked the part in Christianity about forgiveness. It’s bad when someone like Christine is a more forgiving and reasonable person than you are.

        1. Jocasta probably had Derrick confused with the Non Christian Catholic Cody and we all know that Non Christian prayers are automatically fake.

        2. Jocasta’s behavior was way out of character for someone who professes to be a minister AND a motivational speaker. She may have gotten her revenge by voting against Derrick,but ultimately she did more damage to her own reputation. I know I wouldn’t seek counsel from someone who acted the way she did. Prayer, like religion, is highly personal. She has no way of knowing if he ‘fake prayed’ with her or not. I was really disappointed in her actions.

      2. NO!!! I Cannot stand Jocosta and her Holy bible thumbing attitude, I can’t stand head bobbing and neck rolling!! She also has a mouth on her as well. she looked like an ass when she said Derrick was “fake” praying with her. whatever. she needs a real friend, someone to tell her the bow tie is stupid and she looks like a fool.

      3. Every time Jocasta showed up her face, it’s an eyesore. Every time Jocasta opened her mouth, it’s an earsore. So bitter so fugly so hypocritic!

      4. I think Jacosta is right. She can forgive and not forget: forgiving someone does not mean REWARDING them for bad behavior. If you are a spiritual person and someone uses your spirituality to manipulate you, then you have a higher obligation to yourself and to God to call that person out on the manipulation. That is all she did and she was righteous in doing so.

        1. As far as religon goes (which is somewhat different than spirtuality) charlatans run amok on both sides. There are plenty of pretend preachers as well as plenty of pretend worshippers. Worrying about identifying the fakers means you are missing a key component of most religions.

          If Derrick was pretending to be praying and mocking her religion,that’s something he’ll have to deal with himself. If she (Jocasta) acted in good faith when she prayed with him, then her hands are clean and she shouldn’t have even worried about it. I can’t believe she would want that negative performance on the finale to be the last thing people remembers of her,especially since she had no game play at all.

          1. Derrick was fake to everyone except his wallet.
            Jacosta was not fooled once she was in the jury. Good for her. She has more riches than Derrick will ever have. I admire her integrity as she stood up to the bully Derrick.

        2. Forgiveness also means giving grace. Yes you won’t forget but once you forgive the bitterness should be gone. The Bible also says you will be judged as you have judged others. The only one who can judge if the prayers were fake if God not Jacosta.

  1. Bringing Dr Will to bring in the ratings and “credibility” of Derrick’s game…./facepalm

    It’s official….Alison Grodner….you have been evicted from producing this show next season.

    1. A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG TRUTH!!!!! This last two seasons had been a SHIT! I watch big brother since season 10 and was glorious! I’m sorry if some one don’t like Sabrina from BB canada but at least she was entertaining and play a flawless game she get nominated a lot of times but she never went out. So please stop saying Derrick is like Dan ,He is not! I’m 16 I was a little girl when I saw Dan and even at the age of 10 I take Dan like a SUPER player,until season 14 when we saw other person but no Dan
      Thanx for this A-mazing Blog is more funny than the show.
      See you in February

        1. I really wish next year they would change the rules and let whomever wins Veto, if they use the veto, then they, not the HOH get to decide the replacement vote.

      1. I still rank Dr. Will as the greatest BB player. He was a pioneer for the show. He also had the best gameplay of never making it personal in his moves in the game, even when he had to deal with people that were gunning for him. Derrick is a control freak. Does Derrick win against a more “emotional” house like Dan had in Season 10? I don’t think so. I think Derrick is a rightful winner, but should not be discussed as the GOAT.

    1. Did Cody prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is the DUMBEST or the MOST GUTLESS PLAYER ever?
      Which one? I can’t decide. What does throwing $450,000 away prove besides loyalty to BS?

      1. I KNOW!!! Kody Kotex Krazy Kook… oh yeah PUSSY… What a f*cking dingus fruit loop. He’ll regret that stupid decision not to bring Victoria once they go back to their real lives… and his stupid LOYALTY to Derrick will mean nothing as they go on with their lives.. separately!! I hope his family and friends give him grief for f*cking up a golden opportunity for 1/2 million dollars. Did he really think he outplayed Derrick?? I don’t think so.. I think he’s just such a coward to make any big moves… like his stupid threats to call out people and wimps out. What a mess he is. Jeeezzz.

        This whole season was basically littered with stupid people… except derrick who was smart enough to know these people aren’t important in his life but the money is. All this bullish*t talk about honesty and character! It’s a game and the point is to Win the Money. Period.

        1. Cody can be stupid or be a pussy for taking Derrick but not both.

          He played hard and played well, and in the end he chose to believe in himself and brought his closest friend. If that’s your only regret it’s a good one to have.

          1. That Attention Whore couldn’t stop prancing around Julie Chen like some sick 11 y.o gurl stealing other people’s moments. He acts like some nosy, opinionated, bothersome, middle-aged jewish lady.

          2. I have to agree with GinaB. He was a pussy all season and then plain stupid at the end. “Best friend”? Derrick played him. Derricks only goal was to win. It should have been Cody’s. It should have been every HGs goal. Anyone who wasn’t gunning for that money shouldn’t be in that game and is foolish. He’s young and dumb and sheltered and doesn’t appreciate how much money that is. Derrick who works knows the value.

            They will remain friendly but not best friends. See all past HGs. They go back to their lives and might text each other occasionally. Is that worth $500,000??

            1. A lot of armchair houseguests just aren’t appreciating the intensity of the experience that they have just gone through. Going through that game together, and just the sheer amount of time spent with each other, looking out for each other, is surely a very powerful experience.

              They spent 90 days together literally 24/7. That is more time than some married couples spend together over the course of 2-3 years. Speaking of which, you have now seen numerous actual marriages formed out of this show — which proves the relationships formed in there can become extremely strong.

              To just breezily say “Cody was stupid” for not turning on his Day 2 ally is a completely ignorant statement that is blind to the realities of the game, why it is so difficult to play and fascinating to watch.

              1. What show were you watching?? “Fascinating to watch”?? This was one of the most boring seasons and almost everyone predicted this exact outcome since halfway through. And the reason it was boring and predictable is because of people like Cody. Pretty to look at but terrible at this game! He was played by puppet master like jury has said. Yes it must be intense to be in there for all that time but Derrick was able to always keep eye on prize. No matter what he said to other HGs you knew he’d do ANYTHING to win. I wish he won last HOH to see if he would have picked Victoria. Dumb dumb dumb move by Cody.

            2. Cody is just stupid, not young. I know lots of people his age that would have done the manly thing and evicted Derrick. Cody’s move was scripted by CBS, there is no way that he decided that on his own. Sorry folks, the whole ending was rigged for Derrick to win with the eviction of Donny on. Anyone who has watched this game since the beginning can easily point out all the advantages Derrick was given from the time Donny was put on the block and evicted to the time Cody chose Derrick for Final 2. I think CBS thinks the fans are stupid, kind of like the way that Derrick talked to the feeds and thought the fans were stupid as well. So obvious!

            3. I am wondering if Cody knew how BB14 finished when Ian took Dan to final 2 and evicted Danielle. Maybe he thought it worked for Ian so it would work for him. Other than this reason I cannot think of why he did what he did.

          3. Derrick, the best friend, lied to him all summer. I don’t think he played hard or well. He turned it on towards the end in completions but he really couldn’t even adequately answer the questions of what exactly did he do to deserve to win. It’s amazing watching the backyard interviews and how they still seem to be under Derricks spell. He still has them fooled. His pressmen interview was very telling as he spoke about how he’d gain their trust, get into their heads and manipulate them. These kids are so strange that they still think he’s their lifelong friend. Only Donny was really on to him. Also I just realized Derrick will get close to $600,000!

          4. Cody was not my favorite and I am glad Derrick won, but the best thing about Cody is that he stayed loyal to his one alliance member and there is alot to be said about that

            1. The Only thing that can be said Kathy is that it was one of the stupidest moves in BB history, they were strangers when they came in the house, why would you give a stranger half a million dollars? I would bet that Derrick would have dumped Cody if he won final HOH….but well never know.

              1. Cody will be texting Derrick and Derrick will send one word answers back to him. Cody deserves to be treated like Victoria was treated now that Derrick has the money. I hate Derrick but I fault Cody for thinking that Derrick would treat him any different than he treated any one else in the house. Cody should expect to get ignored now that Derrick doesn’t need him any longer. I can see Cody getting his loan statement from the student loan department and seeing the 80K he owes and telling himself that he is such a fool but it will be too late. Then he will call Woo from Survivor for consolation.

              2. Clearly you didnt watch the season where Marcelas gave Amy the Veto that he won and they were BOTH nominated at the time in which caused him to be voted out…

              3. I was so disappointed to see Cody win the last HOH I knew he wouldn’t have the guts to take Victoria and actually give himself a chance to win. But he can think about that for the rest of his life while his “best friend” is out spending that almost 600K. But hey he did get that “hitman” t shirt…lol And Derick lied to he bitter end when the jury brought up how he used his “fng kid” to manipulate him and he dismissed that. Yeah okay…

        2. its pretty simple.. cody thought he was going to beat derrick.. and derrick convinced him that if either of them took victoria she’d win.. derrick wrote the script nearly every week of the season up to the finale.

        3. I hate how Derrick implied how he was going to ask for a “loan” if Cody won but when he won but immediately after winning gave his wife all the “power” to do with it as she wills. And we all know how wives get once they know they have a TON of cash to spend and WHO is allowed to ask for what. *UGH* what a douche bag.

      2. Besides Derrick tapping into all of their immaturity and lack of experience, it also seems like all the talk about alliances making it to the end together like other guy alliances helped brainwash Cody into thinking he was doing something noble in the game by sticking together. All through out the game he worked against his best interest socially. So I guess it would have been a miracle for him to snap out of it tonight since he was so emotionally involved with Derrick. It was like he’s been in a cult. And oh my some of his answers to the jury was like he was begging them to give Derrick the money. Not very entertaining watching so much foolishness right up until the end.

      3. Do you guys out there think Cody would have won against Victoria? Just curious if he make a mistake. Heard Derrick said before leaving the house that he would take care of Cody. This is the first time I can remember that they brought the previous house guests out, said they know what you don’t know, then cut to Derrick’s cop admission…but didn’t let the hg’s speak at all! Why? To protect Frankie, who for some ridiculous reason, will be on The Talk tomorrow with Derrick! They didn’t even show him enter the jury house. And his response to Caleb in jury when Caleb said Frankie betrayed him was semantics, not truth. He is so delusional and we never got to see him get his just desserts for his horrendous actions. Sooo glad Donny won, so gracious. Did you notice Frankie position himself right next to Julie for AFP and his face when he wasn’t even in the top three! Just wish that the jurors would have given Cody some credit, he did win alot of challenges and did Derrick’s dirty work. Hope CBS gets rid of Grodner and starts letting the audience vote weekly.

        1. frankie is a narcissist.. i liked frankie until he screwed over zach.. not so much that he tried to get zach out the previous week but how dismissive he was of zach.. it showed to me that he really doesnt care about anyone else but himself.. he’ll be successful in his own right… but i dont like him.. his mannerisms changed from simply entertaining everyone to look at me i’m frankie!

        2. What was up with Stankie’s antics once Derrick revealed he was a cop? The way he started jumping in his seat like an idiot would leave me to believe that he ” knew” that too, like he knew he was going to be evicted, erm, blindsided. Stankie gets off knowing everything before anyone else yet I didn’t hear him mention anything about possibly knowing Derrick may be a cop. After all Stankie did not call him out on it otherwise he would’ve been evicted weeks ago if Derrick had any suspicion such as Donny and Nicole.

          1. I think it was getting late in the show and Frankie needed some more attention since his 15 minutes was running out.

    1. I thought for a split second that Cody is smarter then he lets on, but I’ve been sorely wrong. He had the win in his hands , but let it slip through his fingers. What a loser!

    2. I think that Cody regretted his decision after the first jury question was asked. I think he was completely shocked by their reaction to Derrick.

      1. It was all rigged. CBS had the script written for Derrick to win and Cody had to follow along. I hope that CBS gave Cody some type of financial incentive to fall on his sword. SO obvious that CBS had the entire show rigged from about week 6

        1. A script from week one, that was acted out almost perfectly, except their planned “funny guy” distraction ran off the tracks to put it mildly. They lost control last year and they weren’t about to lose control this year. From one extreme to the other. Meticulously planned, extremely boring!

    3. The most priceless moment for me in the history of Big Brother was when Jordan took Natalie over Kevin in the final 3 (Season 9 or 10 – I can’t remember). I remember wondering if she would (honestly, no offense intended) be smart enough to know not to take Kevin who had powerhoused the competitions there at the end but slipped up and lost the final HOH to her. Jordan made me sooooo proud that night when she took Natalie. SHE WAS smart enough to take Natalie and the $500,000. Bless her dingie little heart, it turns out Jordan is smarter than Cody (and much richer too)!!!

        1. Donny was a great contestant but was isolated and abused by Derrick. You can spin the things Derrick did any way you want but Donny was not self-pitying, could have played a stronger social game, was a competition beast, was a good hearted person and moreover, was a class act. He can look back for years on the money he won and on his role on Bold and Beautiful and be proud. Derrick will be forgotten eventually, will have spent most of his winnings on alimony and child support and restraining orders against Victoria. Now who looks like the winner?!!

      1. Disagree. Donny will be remembered as a great BB player but who was given an unfair situation due to CBS manipulation of the entire season. I don’t think he nor Jacosta were bitter. I think they were voting their conscience and made the right decision not to reward CBS and Derrick for the overly manipulative intrustion of production and other CBS interests into the game. Anyone who believes that this year was played fairly is not a true fan. The amount of intereference was over the top at times whether it was initially to save Frankie and then the last 4 weeks to ensure Derrick won.
        So, if you are Donny or Jacosta and you see this, then you have a right to vote any way you want. In the end, Hayden and Nicole and Caleb did what CBS told them to do and voted for Derrick and Cody did what CBS told him to do and took Derrick to final 2. I hope all of those that sold their votes are rewarded by CBS in some other way.

    1. Donny figured out Derrick’s game from almost the word go, and every time he tried to help anybody with this knowledge, which he did a lot even without his own game being in mind, and whenever he tried to start a fighting team up to go against him and his people, nobody would listen to him! Nicole and Hayden and Christine and all the rest had the time still to save themselves by banding together, but nope! They really were all drinking the Derrick Kool-Aid and even after their evictions, sang Derrick’s praises, and in the end, knowing all, they voted him the winner. Except Donny. And this makes him NOT a smart game player? I say pppfffffffttt to that my friend! Pfffttt.

      1. I definitely agree with you, Donny knew Derrick’s game the entire time and mentioned it to others on several occasions. I’m still surprised though they Derrick didn’t get his vote…. He knew he was the better player.

        Anyway, I’m just glad he won AFP!

      2. if donny figured out derrick so perfectly and he wasnt a bitter man he should have voted for derrick to win out of respect that he did indeed fool everyone.. he fooled everyone AND made everyone his friend.. derrick’s biggest asset was lack of ego.. he didnt feel the need to brag about his power to anyone.. instead he made other people feel that the decisions he wanted made were their own.

      3. No, he didn’t. He never figured it out.

        He thought it was Derrick. Then Frankie. Then Cody…..then??? He knew something was going on, but never put two and two together.

        The deal is that he had a horrible social game (mostly because he went to bed far too early). It wasn’t because he was an old man. Evel Dick was two years older than Donny, played with people, on average, who were younger than the BB16 cast. YET, he adapted. He was the last one up, and the first one up. Nothing happened without Dick knowing about it.

        You can’t say the same thing for Donny. They talked game. He slept.

        Game over.

  2. You guys are the best. While a majority of the season has sucked, your commentary and insight helped pass the time. Thanks for all you do!

    1. I agree. This site provided me hours of entertainment over the past few months. Thanks Dawg and Simon….and your side comments during the feed were the best. My favorite still is “Something happened” !!

  3. “ALL THIS IS OVERWHELMING, I AM THINKING TEN TIMES DEEPER THAN I EVER HAVE” Who said that? It was Fruit Loop Dingus: Nicole. She is officially the dumbest BB player in history. Victoria is much smarter than Nicole, she is still in the house. Nicole may be cute, but she is stupid!

    1. You are sooooo right straight guy! How many times did she say that this season in that same nasel, whiney voice? I dooonnn’t kknnnnooowwwwww wwwhhhoooo toooo vote foooor. I never could understand people rooting for her because she “was the best player”! Best player at what? Being stupid?

      1. I almost hate to say this, but I have to agree. Whenever she’s been on camera, and knew it, she’s acted like an idiot. She’s admitted she’s had camera fright, but that’s just rediculous. She played better than she “acted”.

        1. How did anyone ever think she was anything other then DUMB!!.. Don’t forget she didn’t know where she lived exactly (couldn’t name her bordering states), wonder if ‘contraption’ was a word, told Hayden to stop talking about Hansel and Gretel because she ‘didn’t know them’!!! What a stupid person to have in that house! Both times she was evicted she had NO CLUE what was going on and couldn’t tell Julie anything. And her quote tonight was embarrassing. Her poor brain.

        2. Well Suze, at least the girl who graduated nursing school ahead of schedule could probably spell the word “ridiculous.” ;)

          1. At least she can also read unlike Caleb, for pete’s sake he looked so dumb and I am sure he was shocked he didn’t win AF. I am thrilled at least Zach was in the top 3, he was railroaded this season, but was entertaining to watch when he was there. Damn Donny and Jocasta….bitterness does not suit either one well. Donny was upset about the TA thing, but Jocasta was hateful and how did she know the prayer was fake? How does someone know that? Did Derrick say, oh yea I was faking the prayer? I missed that part

            1. Jacosta and Donny both called Derrick out for using things that were sacred for manipulation. That is not OK with either of them so they were right in doing so. I don’t see that as bitter but as truthful and as putting thier morals ahead of money: something Derrick probably has never done in his entire life.
              And wait about a year and you will see a true example of bitter when Derrick devolves into a has been reality star.

              1. LOL – Derrick a has been reality star? Wow, he is such a loser, let’s see, a police officer for over ten years which means a real career, a wife and a beautiful little girl and now more than half a million in his bank? yea, he is a loser!! There are some who want to be reality stars uh um….Frankie and Caleb, maybe Zach and Amber, but no one else in that crew and esp not Derrick. He said he doesn’t give a damn about people knowing him, he wanted to win for his family and he did, but he is the most stable career wise of the whole bunch and I can just about guarantee that reality star is the last thing on that mans mind.

                1. I agree that Derrick will be more than just a has been reality star. He will also be a has been undercover cop and a has been husband.

            2. If any of you took the time to listen to Donny after the show. He voted for Cody because he told Cody he would early in the game because Cody always was respectful to him and said Yes Sir. He said, if you make it to the end, I will vote for you. Donny kept his word until the end. Pay attention people.

          2. Well, aren’t you just TOO nasty!! And if you’re going to correct my spelling, check how to spell you’re , as opposed to YOUR (when meaning “you are” and TWO when it should be “too”. Jerk.

          3. Well, I have a feeling you must be goading me since you’ve also misspelled funny, so I won’t further engage. But, isn’t it a bit late in the season to get so nasty?

            1. Suze stop being upset because someone pointed out your error. Which is a bad one at that. Their name could mean something and people misspell there names on person. You are grasping at straws and failing to redeem yourself.

            2. So you think he/she actually made 3 mistakes in his/her 3 word screen name? He/she is obviously making fun of you! You’re even dumber than I thought

            3. Hey Suze, don’t get rattled by all the negativity. I think there are some people who just can’t wait to jump on a spelling error! I notice the misuse of there, their, and they’re (not to mention your and you’re!) most often but I manage to get through my day without chastising the poster. And personally, I have read your comments all season and enjoyed them regardless of whether they were in agreement with my own opinions or not. Hope to “see” you back here for Season 17!

              1. Thank you, Joy! Sometimes the nastiness on this site can be a little more than I can take, but it’s kind people like you that make it good.

    1. He got the same cold shoulder and animosity that Christine got. CBS wouldn’t show that because Skank is their darling gay guy.

      1. Love that Frankie was not in the top 3 for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Guess he is not as popular as Donny’s 5 million fans. Loved his face when Julie announced the top three and he was not one of them, that made the season for me. Otherwise very boring season. Thanks Simon for this site.

        1. I completely agree. That was the only great thing to happen this season…besides Cackle-twat’s boos. I knew Cody didn’t have the balls to win by taking Jaws. Speaking of Walking Vagina’s balls…I wonder if Chief Wiggum will remember to take them out of his back pocket and give them back tonight…

          Anyway, thanks again Simon and Dawg…for doing all of this for us again this season. I don’t know how you put up with it all. Last time, it was all the nose picking on BBCAN2. This time, all of Spankme’s humping. You guys are the best! Enjoy the time off with the new wife and new baby. Will be looking forward to BBCAN3…if you still have it in ya by then. Lots of love to you both!

        2. OH YEAH.. that was Classic!!.. He was positioning his stupid self to be next to Julie, doing his stupid poses with his stupid outfit… I really think he was prepared to win… and when Julie says ‘by an overwhelming majority’ that Donny won, his face just dropped. LOL I loved it. And I think he just couldn’t believe he wasn’t in final 3. Fab.

          Also did you noticed that he constantly tried to steal spotlight or draw attention to himself no matter who Julie was talking to? Sickening. Ariana in the audience must have been embarrassed. Also I loved that his stupid “I’ve had better” joke was he was voting fell completely flat… dead silence in audience.

          1. The one that must have really hurt was Nicole! Nicole! NICOLE!! Not only NOT one of the top three even, but Nicole got more votes than him! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! It shows how much people hate Frankie that the backlash to his “famous people” and their shouts out to their people, who, I am certain didn’t even watch one minute of the show, was the good people of this world got busy and made the highest number of votes EVER, to make sure that this total shithead was NOT gonna steal money from one who clearly deserved it–Donny!

          2. That was the best!! TOP 3 and Pinky was not even mentioned. Glad Donny won and would also have been happy with Zach winning as well. Nicole, well, she got Hayden so that is not such a bad consolation prize. I hope that the nice people of this season put this experience behind them and live prosperous lives.
            I think that those in this season that are truly greedy and amoral, find a higher truth to make their lives fuller. Sadly, I think Derrick, Cody, Christine and Frankie will always be miserable people; unhappy and shallow.

    1. Nicole couldn’t say the word but and nobody in the house could say the word button. “Bwuuuut….” and “I think we gotta push the buh’in.”

    1. i agree. when did they start highlighting the last 5 eviction? the most we should be seeing is derrick, cody and victoria on tomorrow’s talk. frankie and caleb should have already been done

      1. My bad!! I’m soooooo glad I don’t watch “The Talk”!! I do wonder if they’ll let THEIR audience boo the little rat “expletive”!!! <3

  4. Shut up Donny. You had no social game. Went to bed like an old man and got voted out. Call yourself a super fan but had no social game. Get over it!!

    1. Why does Donny bother you so much? You must be a cop because only cops get that bent out of shape at people who refuse to be manipulated. Donny was the best part of this season and is one of the only ones that maintained his dignity throughout. I wish Donny and his girlfriend well in their life and hope that they have many happy years together. The rest of the cast I really don’t care for and hope that I never have to see them on TV again .

        1. I have to recant the aforementioned message.I was under the wrong impression that TA spoke about the extra 50k in the DR. The money have been promised, but not awarded.CBS have messed up again.

        2. NO, the final TA mission was never told to the jury on on TV. That was not cool and when the TA group and the money they made for each mission was announced, you could see the frustration on the jury’s faces. Had I been in the jury, I would have been very upset that I did not know this BEFORE I voted for who to win. That info, along with the fact that Derrick was an undercover cop and that the entire house was played by TA many times (which also resulted in some HG’s being targeted and evicted) was ESSENTIAL information for the jury. CBS rigged the game so Derrick would win… unbelievable that the jury did not know the above 3 things and so not fair.

    1. Julie then told Derrick that he would be on the talk as well. Does that mean CBS shoehorned Frankie yet again by having him and Derrick there instead of the top 3?
      She revealed there would be another BB player “other than Frankie” on that show only after Derrick won – if Cody somehow would have won, they’d probably just have had Frankie by himself, given their “Derrick and Frankie are the only 2 worthy players” edit.
      CBS commercials for the past week:
      – Victoria: “the Princess” (could have said “the Pawn” or “the Puppet”)
      – Cody: “the Player”
      – Derrick: “the Puppetmaster who played the Perfect Game”
      objective? neutral? fair? no.
      “oh, what the heck! what are they gonna do about it? nothing!” seems to be CBS’s motto, more than ever.

      1. Last night Cody and Derrick were talking on live feeds about the both of them being on the talk. So apparently production let them know what to expect after the finale. They were told not to expect to actually be home for about a week. So I’m assuming tomorrows episode will have derrick and Cody just because production told them both.

        Also..not sure why the 50k extra for Derrick winning as final team america mission was not mentioned. I would have LOVED to see the reactions.

        I personally respect Cody for his decision to take derrick over Victoria. Sure, She would have been an easy choice. But I do not think the jury would have respected that choice. I like cody as a player. But I would have thought very differently of him had he chosen to take victoria and deprive derrick and his family of a chance at financial stability. Especially since cody wouldn’t be where he is at without derrick. And likewise for derrick..he wouldnt be there without cody. Because cody had the role of informant or leak. Derrick had great social skills but not as great as cody. And people (mostly the girls) would just tell cody things for no reason, all to which he brought back to derrick to keep him in the loop. And derrick played the role of executioner. It was a beautiful match from day 2.

        GOOD JOB HITMEN!!!!!!!

        1. They – all 3 of them, incl. Victoria – were talking about “making the Final 3 means being invited on Julie Chen’s show” because that’s how it was in the past many seasons (except last one?).
          It wasn’t because of “BB told us that”. (when they were talking about stuff that BB had hinted to them, like who of their family will be there at the finale, it was pretty obvious to see)
          I hope all 3 make it to that show, since the sheer amount of “shoehorning Frankie to the expense of the other HGs” by CBS has reached sickening levels after sickening levels, but I’m afraid they won’t.
          Julie Chen’s exit interview of Victoria was extremely agressive, about her not playing the game and pretty much not deserving to be there. She pretty much told the CBS viewers that her being Final 3 was “a glitch, forget about her!”.
          Hey, I’m not disagreeing with Julie here, but given how she pretty much was dry humping Frankie’s leg on his eviction when he IS FAR MORE DESPISED THAN VICTORIA by the BB fans, it’s just YET ANOTHER INDICATOR that they want Frankie everywhere in the media, and “some girl that made it to F3 doesn’t deserve any attention, so you shouldn’t be irritated if we replace her by the 5th place finisher”.

        2. Maybe Cody chose Derrick to go down in bb history as the only two alliance that got to the final two. If I read the jury tonight, seems Caleb, Jocasta, Frankie, would have voted for Victoria if Cody took her. Wonder who the rest would have voted for? Bothers me if Cody did the right thing for Cody’s game. And they didn’t mention that Donny and Zach are taping the soap opera this weekend.

        3. you’re half right.. cody wouldnt have made the final 2 without derrick..
          derrick didnt NEED cody.. derrick would have had cody booted many weeks ago if they were not aligned.

      1. I heard it on a commercial for tomorrow’s episode of “The Talk”!! I HATE that show and can’t stand Frankie, so I sure won’t be watching.

    2. Will you guys explain to me/hypothesize/state your conspiracy theories regarding: WHY is Frankie going to be on The Talk?? NOT the actual WINNER of the game??

      Adriana Grande –> Scooter Braun –> Justin Bieber –> Scooter Braun –> Scorpion TV series –> Scooter Braun –> CBS torturing us/contractually obligated to cram Frankie down our throats (because of Scooter Braun?) Please don’t watch, we’ve given them enough airtime to feed his sad, sad ego. I refuse to watch Scorpion now too.

      The look of absolute shock on Frankie’s face last night when AFP Top 3 was announced made everyone in our house HOWL!!! Best moment of the season!

      Did you guys see his sister sandwiched in the audience between Jeff and Jordan and RACHEL, behind the wall Victoria’s dad was creating by sitting waaaaaay up in his seat??? Someone here saw it and we had to pause the TiVo to even see her!!! Nobody puts Baby in a corner/behind a humongous wall of man! How is she supposed to SHINE in his (literal) shadow?!

      Loved the pink hat. Christine seemed to RUN out when her name was called so no one in the audience had time to BOOO! her. Amber didn’t get to speak/reveal her restraining order. Derrick’s baby recoiled from him when he tried to hand her the binkie. Victoria didn’t realize Derrick didn’t “have her back since Day 1.” (Sweetie, he admitted he wouldn’t have taken you over Cody.) And Derrick’s wife didn’t kill Victoria. That’s about it. I will miss this site and coming here everyday!!!

  5. If Cody doesn’t back stab Derrick he is an idiot. Victoria going to jury is a sure vote for Derrick, especially cause he didn’t send her there.

    1. Don’t blame Cody. He was misted by Derrick. Worked on Victoria (even after he answered he would have remained loyal to the Hitmen) and it worked on Cody bringing him to the F2. Derrick is a master. Why don’t we have more undercover cops? They’d bring down Wall St.

      1. CBS rigged the game folks. No way Cody decided to bring Derrick to final 2 on his own. We as fans were misled and manipulated by CBS who intervened to save Derricks game from the point in time that the reset button was introduced. Sorry folks, if you believe that CBS did not write a script and had the hgs just read their lines, than you are the ones being misted. Derrick is not that great and he did not win without the game being rigged.

    2. Yeah… but Derrick will probably give him a cut, and now that Cody has the exposure he can probably make a shitton of money with modeling or whatever. Derrick definitely won’t be able to do that.

  6. Well Cody is taking Derrick. I hope this doesn’t blow up in his face. This would be such an awful way to lose. It was his game to win by taking Victoria.

  7. I’m really disappointed with Big Brother. Watching the last HOH competition and it came down to a numeric answer.
    Julie said the amount of time in the first part was 3671 seconds. But if you watch the competition, they show them still hanging on and talking at 1 hour and 14 minutes which is 4440 seconds. Cody would still have won the comp but major mistake by Big Brother.

    1. Yes’ you’re right! I remember the time was around one hour and 15 minute which is around 4500 seconds, not a little over 4000.CBS:what a gaggle of bunglers…

  8. no twist, no surprise. feels like derrick threw part 3 to make sure he didn’t have to evict Victoria himself. but of course it came down to a tiebreaker question. for the sake of “drama” and “excitement”. fail.
    juror bitterness is no surprise. expected Donny and Jocasta to be pretty bitter. I don’t believe Christine is a lock for cody (she still has to go home, so voting for someone besides cody might save the call to the divorce lawyer). Frankie and caleb were Frankie and caleb. no point in even discussing them. oh… the commercial is over.

    1. i felt like Derrick was trying to throw it for sure. I thought he was well aware the comp went for at least 60 minutes, and that he should have had a higher number and deliberately low balled it without making it obvious. at least two times i felt like he chose an answer he thought would be wrong, (which turned out to be right, or the same that Cody chose lol)

      anyway I loved that Julie took the time to mention the top 3 in the AFP, because if nothing else both Caleb and Frankie hear that they didn’t even make top 3, let alone win it. That Donny won it with 5 million makes me glad my 80 or 100 helped lol

      1. I also feel Derrick may have thrown the final HOH. I think he was so confident in Cody’s determination to take the Hitmen to the final 2 and he didn’t want to crush Vic. I think he thought the vote was going to be 5-4 and he needed Vic’s vote which he may have not gotten if he evicted her.

    1. Derrick knew that Cody had an (ahem) close relationship with his father and Derrick tried to use that to keep Cody close to him all season. In the end, Cody took Derrick because Derrick had convinced Cody that he was “like family” and that is Cody’s stupid move. Anyone who would like at someone like Derrick as his own family, deserves to get screwed in the end. Derricks only allegiance was not even to his own family but to himself and his place in BB history. Anyone who believes that Derricks game was for his family truly should stand in line next to Victoria.

    1. zach’s face when they revealed TA and showed the clip of them hunting down all of the “stolen” items.. neighborhood watch! he was so mad like “you fuckers voted me out because you thought I was the saboteur.”

  9. I wish Cody had pointed out that Derrick could not have manipulated noms/evictions or orchestrated backdoors if he (Cody) had not won comps. Without the power of the wins Derrick’s game would not have existed to the extent that it did.

      1. How many times have you had to give a speech for a potential half million dollars? I can only assume it’s rather nerve wracking no matter how many times you rehearse. Props to Derrick for delivering his with ease (he is, after all, trained to perform under pressure) but I’m not going to hate on Cody too much for bumbling his speech. That said, Derrick was clearly the best player this season and rightly deserved his win.

      2. The whole thing was so obviously scripted for Derrick to win and Cody to lose. CBS was not even trying to hide the fact that they had chosen Derrick as the winner weeks ago, once Donny was no longer in the running. The whole thing was insulting to true fans of the game as CBS did everything possible to ensure Derricks win. Having watched the show since its inception, this season will go down like BB 13 as the season where production and CBS orchestrated a winner. One more thing, how is it fair that someone with a photographic memory is allowed to be on BB and compete in the memory comps like that? Derricks had enough advantages coming into this season that his photographic memory was just too much of an added bonus for him to win. CBS really misled the fans and served us a poor excuse for a real BB season. I hope next year is better ( well, it could not be any worse!!!).

      3. Cody and Derrick both gave poor speeches, but I felt Derrick’s was particularly weak. The only point he was hammering was the fact that he was never on the block. Someone should have realized that the BOB actually helped Derrick stay off the block, b/c it forced HOHs to put up weak players. Derrick made no mention of the fact that he controlled the eviction EVERY SINGLE WEEK. He was nervous b/c he feared that HGs might vote bitterly. That’s a sign of weakness. By the time you are final 2, you need to OWN the blood on your hands, while at the same time smoothing over any potentially bruised feelings (of which there were very little; juries generally do not vote bitterly). Derrick was particularly inarticulate during the jury questioning. He won the game b/c the jury had already realized in advance that he was the puppet master. But he didn’t do himself any favors with his final 2 performance. A smoother and more articulate final 2 rival could have really given him a run for the money, literally.

  10. A boring, predictable end to a boring, predictable season. I would have no problem with this being the last year of Big Brother if it means more of Grodner in control of the game.

    1. I am deliberately not watching the finale and I hope many people are doing the same. I do not feel this was the Big Brother I bought into from the very first season. I am currently watching Big Brother AU and that show is entertainment at best. Thanks for all the updates and I am looking for a much better BBUS next year; if not I’m going to self evict early in the game!!

      1. I agree that BBAUS is sooooo much better than BBUS! It seems like I am laughing out loud at something during practically every episode. I love the twists, the house, the competitions, the housemates…the whole thing! It is very entertaining!

  11. When jury was introduced I noticed big cheers for everyone except Frankie, Christine and Caleb. They did not get booed but they certainly did not get the big cheers they were expecting.

    1. Both Christine and Frankie ran onto stage on the heels of the previous house guest so the audience didn’t have time to switch from cheers to boos.

  12. I just seen the “Dodge Dart” commercial of: “why do you want to touch my Dart so bad?”

    Reminded me of sexual predator Frankie molesting the boys in the house!

    1. Still can’t figure out why the other guys let him grab their “junk”. I’m straight but gay friendly but I would have knocked him down if he had tried that on me. None of my gay friends would ever have done what he did.

      1. It’s my guess that Frankie knew he could get away with grabbing the other guys crotches because he figured if they complained about it they would be accused of being homophobic. Couldn’t stand that over the top freak from the beginning.

    2. Most straight guys I know don’t obsess over Frankie. I sure don’t. You seem overly concerned about Frankie touching other men. The other men can say no and can tell Frankie to stop. I can tell you that if a guy touched my junk, I would tell him it is no bueno and that would be the end of it. The gay guys I know don’t act like that anyway so it has never been an issue for me. Frankie was an a&s and not a good person. His overly touchy personality was just that and he used it to advance his social game. Cody did the same thing with the girls. Victoria tried to do this but production lectured her to stop because she was being inappropriate. Frankie was also lectured and told to tone it down. And you need to stop with the molesting acusations, That is serious stuff bro and true predators are out there and Frankie is not a molestor. I am not defending Frankie’s actions but when you call someone that, you diminish the real problem with the TRUE molestors out there. Just as bit of info for you: most molestors are straight white males who know their victims. Frankie is not straight, white although he is male.So keep the comments about Frankie being an a&s and off the molestation stuff. It really is creepy to see your obsession with Frankie on this board, over and over again. Most straight guys don’t think about it as much as you do.

      1. Definition of molester “To subject to unwanted or improper sexual activity” & “to make indecent sexual advances to”. Now, do you still deny the definition of that word doesn’t apply to Frankie?

    1. I think Zach was over the whole BB thing a few days after arriving in the jury house. He didn’t seem too into the finale or the HGs last night.

  13. Derrick’s big reveal is so lame. Also the TA “twist” just shows how unfair this season was. It just gave Derrick a leg up over the competition and contributed to his not being on the block. I will never consider him a great player. I see him as someone who came into a game with the unfair advantage of being older and professionally trained and then was given another advantage with TA.

    1. It can be debated that TA was lame….but I don’t see where it really gave Derrick an advantage. He was never really even a threat to go on the block thanks to his position atop a loyal to a fault alliance of half the house. Derrick won and never went on the block because Christine and Caleb in particular….and Frankie/Zach to a lesser degree….played a short term strategy that guaranteed them safety as long as they evicted those that might be able to help them later. The detonators should have broken up weeks ago. Six people couldn’t all be in the final two. Amazing that they played as though they could all make it to the end together.

      1. Doubtful. Your logic fails on so many levels. Jeff Schroeder was labelled as homophobic and he won AFP not once, but twice. Also, if I use your logic, than all the men on the show that didn’t accept Victorias advances are gay.

      2. Not a fan of the TA thing at all. It clearly gave Derrick and Frankie advantages throughout and was used to MANIPULATE Donny by both Derrick and Frankie and ruined Donny’s game at times. Moreover, CBS basically took over the TA from America and used it to do what they wanted. The last challenge with the mouse and the final TA mission for and extra 50K for the TA winner of BB, was not really approved by America but was input by production.
        So, why even have it at all if it is just a way for production to manipulate the game to make sure that Derrick won.

  14. Dawg, Simon: thanks for the good times, they were sorely needed this season. And I will be ordering all my holiday gifts through your Amazon link.

    1. his comment for the final comp really surprised me when it was about amber and not that singer showing up. I know i heard him say that was one of the best moments with Brett in the backyard, i had no idea he would still be carrying on about amber at this point.

    2. Lmao. He is gonna spend the entire post BB party stalking that girl. At least she won’t have to see him again after tonight.

    1. The only thing that made Derrick winning tolerable for me was Donny refusing to go over to his area after Derrick won and Donny was announced as AFP. It was very telling that the entire cast went over and surrounded Donny and congratualted him while Derrick stood off to the side ALONE!! It was truly poetic to see Donny get the last laugh. Go back and watch because it is even funnier as Chebot screams over the mic to have Donny join Derrick and NOBODY MOVES FROM DONNY!!! LOL!!! ! It made my night and was a fitting ending for the season!

  15. What kinda finale was that?? Most finale’s/reunion show reminisce about the season and shows hi-lights to get the HG’s reaction to things they didn’t see or know about but not BB. What a waste of time, I was looking forward to them asking the HG about their behavior whether it was about Frankie’s disgusting comments/dry humping every guy in the house or Caleb being an egotistical stalker or Christine’s disgusting comments and showmance while she’s married. I don’t know why i got my hopes up, I had a feeling i was gonna be let down by the finale b/c they did the same thing (no footage) last year I should’ve saw this coming.

    1. they’ve never done the finale any other way on BB US. I agree, it is a complete loss to me. I gather that the point is to have people watch CBS’s The Talk the next day for that kind of recapping, but to me it has always been a wasted opportunity. BBCAN started doing after shows after eviction night, and the same thing after the final i think. It is a fantastic idea.

      There is no great ending to BBUS, it’s been that way for 16 seasons tho

    2. The first group of evictees stating what they thought was shocking because someone might bring up frankie saying jocasta should kill herself. Or frankie talking about sexually assaulting victoria. Julie just lobbed that scumbag softballs upon his eviction, so that shows cbs is content to just sweep those things under the rug.

  16. Frankie wasn’t even in the top three for AFP!!! Best news of the night! The look on his face spoke volumes! Other than that, no surprises!

  17. It was exciting for about 3 minutes…. there was so much potential for interesting outcome but no….. (sigh)…. yeah, that sucked….

    1. A 450,000 dollar giveaway Cody. You know loyalty is one thing but there is no fix for stupid. Thanks so much Simon and Dawg. For you guys to make it through this summer watching this cast you deserve AFP in my book!

  18. Cody screwed himself out of the $500,000 when he couldn’t man up to make the biggest move of the season and take the biggest threat to his game out. Too bad he was too loyal, stupid, or both.

    On another note, I was so happy to see Donny win America’s Favorite with over 5 million vote.

  19. Did you all hear boo’s when Victoria walked out – at first clapping and then quite a few boo’s could be heard. Just my imagination or sound quality? Anyone verify that for me?

  20. So sad…BB is over for another year. Who gonna party in Vegas this weekend? Big question will be, will Frankie be in Vegas with everyone or will he be in NYC watching Ariana on SNL?

  21. A thing of beauty

    The attention whore in his ridiculous “costume” positioned himself right next to Julie Chin for the America’s Fav reveal and then had to hear that he didn’t even finish in the top 3


    1. ……the best part for me was when Donny was announced as AFP and the entire stage swarmed Donny and Donny became the focus of the finale. Even as Derrick is standing alone with 1st prize off to the side, the entire group is celebrating with Donny. It was poetic justice to see Donny claim the stage and Derrick stand alone.

      1. Guess you missed what was really happening during that time. Derrick was kissing his wife and daughter. The other HGs were giving him space. And Zach and Hayden were the only ones who “mobbed” Donny.

        The love for a mediocre game player is surprising. But y’all loved Elissa too….

        1. Nope! Camera clearly shows Chenbot trying to get everyone back over to schmuck Derrick( who looked upset that Donny was getting all the attention). Nobody moved away from Donny and Donny had no desire to move and stand next to Derrick. Perfect ending and the disappointment on Derricks face was obvious. Even Victoria was ignoring Derrick.

  22. Is it me or were things tense Between Cody and Derrick when CBS came back from commercial after the “Derrick’s a cop” reveal.

  23. No, Derrick is not Dan…he’s better than Dan! Never nominated and even got Cody to take him even if the clear win for Cody would have been Victoria. Dan couldn’t even do that with Ian. Epic.

    1. Most would argue that Derrick was fortunate to face very soft competition. This was a unique season in that regard. The Bomb Squad/Detonators basically stuck together all season long, with a big assist from the BOB twist that we hopefully never see again. Usually, if a person gets through half the season without ever going on the block, that alone would make him a threat and target. Seemingly never even occurred to this group until they walked out the door. Kudos to Derrick for playing them so well, but I don’t hold any of the other houseguests in particularly high regard for their gameplay.

    2. derrick played a great game given his opponents.. you cant call him the best until he does something similar a second time.. all stars.. if everyone knows his game (like they knew dan and will) and he still gets away with it then you could compare him… regardless, for this season his game was flawless.

  24. Favorite part of the season was the very end!!!! I almost changed the channel because the build-up Julie was giving on AFP was pissing me off…and then seeing the way Frankie was acting standing right next to her! I bout lost it. She said record 10 mil votes & I thought oh great that sister of his got her teenybopper fans to all vote for him (think he thought so too). When Julie said the 3 top voted – i thought she named those off & was still getting read to name Frankie as the winner! Getting ready to flip channel & nearly fell over when she said Donnie got 5 mil votes!!!!!!!! Great job everyone!!! That was the best part of the entire season!!! Do you guys think Frankie was shocked? Can’t wait to see the zoom in on his face through that whole last part!!

  25. A HUGE THANK YOU to both Simon and Dawg for the work you do to keep up this site, which I LOVE and keeps me entertained during the summer. Congrats to both of you for your new additions to your families, may you both be blessed with happiness. I will be making a donation to the tip jar! Again congrats and thank you so much for the site, until next season.

  26. Frankie-stein was just standing in every shot hoping for camera time….just mugging. Did you see his face when then announced the Top 3? He was thinking with the record number of voters, it was his so-called fans.

    I’m so glad Donny won. He deserved it!

  27. Well the painful predictable summer that was Season 16 is FINALLY done.
    Frankie’s face and reaction and not being Top 3 or AFP was the highlight of the season.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg for this site!

  28. Wow, just wow. How in the world could Cody have thought it was a better choice to bring Derrick and not Victoria? This will be a very painful loss because it was his game to win and he just gave it away. He was never in Derricks league. I just kept believing that common sense would slap him in the face considering he spoke about having $80,000 in student loan debt and wanting to pay his loan debt and his siblings student loan debt. I guess Donny was right about him not being much of a thinker.

  29. The jury got it right Derrick deserved to win
    Still shocked Christine did not vote for Cody
    See you next year
    Thanks Simon & Dawg

  30. I agree Simon and Dawg. After Devin left and everyone was bitching and fearing over Brittany and the offputting eviction of Amber, this season went downhill pretty fast.

    Lol at Frankie not being the top 3, which is pretty clear that he was shocked by. Grodner did not rig the Fan Favourite votes. The jury was much more entertaining to watch. Jocasta and Donny are the only ones to have some guts and not vote unanimously. I did not even take in the fake praying.

    So…..about the final 3……..very expected. Cody handed Derrick his half a million (and more from his tasks), and production was definitely giving Derrick the most focus with the jury and non jury (who did not even speak) on the stage.

    I am sure the post Big Brother blog posts of these 16 will be a riot to read.

  31. Not at all impressed with the finale. As I watched it all I could think is that this show is clearly rigged. So many things orchestrated to ensure Derrick won. Jury should have known Derrick was an undercover cop before they voted and jury should gave also known about Team America and all the money they won and how they won it, before they voted. More than anything, the fact that Cody took Derrick to the end made no sense to any one who knows the show. The kid gave away 450K to another guy. This season sucked and the end was unrealistic to anyone with a brain.

    1. Clearly you are not a BB fan or you know they don’t blow up people’s games. If they gave away everyone’s secrets and strategies (not to mention twists they created) that would ruin the game for players and viewers. Who would even want to play that game knowing host will blow up all their work before votes? smh.

      1. I feel that they do design games to favor one over another. For example HOH 2. I noticed the wall was way more difficult for Victoria to maneuver than it was for Derrick. (5 ft. something against 6 foot something) Granted Victoria probably still wouldn’t have won but she would have finished in less time.

  32. It looks good on Cody! I hate Derrick, but I hate Cody more…..he’s a sleaze bag and he got played by Derrick, half a million plus the Team America’s money. I could see from Cody’s face that it didn’t go down well when he heard that Derrick was in Team America. Sucker! He’s so stupid that all this week on BBAD Derrick kept telling him that he (Cody) will win $50K and it never dawned on him that Derrick would win. He thought he was so good that he would crush Derrick. You were CRUSHED Cody!!! I love it! Go sit in a corner and snort your snot to your heart’s content.

    1. Yep…I’m sure Walking Vagina is going to go into snot-sucking overtime…while he snivels and sulks for the next week. Making spineless, empty threats about going off on Chief Wiggum for getting played…after he gets his balls back from Wiggum’s back pocket first…

      I thought his answer to Spankme’s jury question was hilarious. Way to finesse that vote from him…by being cocky and taking full responsibility for Spankme’s eviction…smooth operator, that one. I think Spankme might have been bitter enough to vote against Wiggum if he hadn’t have dropped the ball on that one…oops…forgot he had no balls to drop. Anyway, he couldn’t even get a vote from his grooming monkey…Cackle-twat. Now she tried to convince us and them that she isn’t a bitter jury member…but that is bull crap…she is just more bitter at the ball-less wonder for not giving her a sympathy vote than at Wiggum for sending her out to her boos.

      1. Did you not see Julie hand Cody a bag with 2 balls inside as he exited the house. Julie said you dropped these out of your pants as you entered the house. Did you not see for 90+ days, Cody’s hands inside his shorts/pants/sweats with a puzzled look on his face as he felt something was not quite right in there but he could not figure out what.

  33. Simon & Dawg, you guys are my favorite house guests! Thanks so much for keeping us up on the 411. You guys ROCK! And since I read your comments about repeating our frustration about the game/platers, I definitely won’t but I have to say I was genuinely surprised by how bitter Donny was.

    That being typed, see you all next year! Be well everyone.

    1. Bitter?! I would’ve LMAO if he would’ve pulled out 2 different M&M colors, shook him in his closed fist, covered his eyes and picked one according to whose color he assigned to whom, and chose that color to be his choice for BB16 winner. Oh man, that would have been epic, priceless and would’ve gone done as one of the most memorable BB moments of all time!!!

    1. Cool how the top 3 America’s Favorite Players were reflected as the same top 3 for AFP on the poll on this site!!!! We mirror a true demographic on this site as on the cbs polls.

  34. Thank you guys so much for all the hard work you guys do. I know it must have been super boring and frustration at times this season. Again, Congratulations on the wedding and see you again in a few months for BBCANADA.

  35. I actually feel bad for Cody. Boy was loyal to a fault… I honestly think that Cody played a good game, compared to some of the others. I would like to see him play on his own possibly in a runner-up season big brother, after seeing how Derrick used him. Regardless, Derrick deserved this win. Thanks for a great time this year Simon and Dawg! You guys really made this season better.

  36. Was it bad that I wanted Cody to take Victoria? It would have been a very interesting live tv moment. Also the look on Frankie’s face when he did not get in the top 3 for afp / when donny won afp was hilarious.

  37. Thanks, guys for a great summer escape site thanks to all the commenters for some much needed chuckles. Glad for all the winners. Sad for me! Party’s over!

  38. I am glad this one is over. I think most of us knew that Derrick would win. What I really enjoyed was that AFP voting was right in line with the voting on this site. Top three were Donny…..Nicole…Zack… Do we know our Big Brother game….or do we know our Big Brother game.
    Thanks to all of you for keeping me interested this year. I have enjoyed reading what you all had to say as the game progressed.

  39. My favorite moment of this finale was when Julie revealed not only America’s Favorite Player, but also all 3 HGs with the most votes – and Frankie was not one of them. His fake grin slowly making place to utter shock was priceless.
    By the way, 1 interesting fact I found on the CBS BB page: Activity Tracker -> Best Day Leaderboard, you can see the HG’s move in weight, and their weight as they got evicted.
    Remember how Frankie said “Zach was hot 15 pounds ago”? Well, he was right: Zach gained 15 pounds. Guess how much Frankie gained? Yup, 29 pounds. LOL.
    I’m glad Cody won 2nd and got Donny’s vote (as well as Jocasta’s), Donny was always a good read of character.
    I wish they’d have had more time to explain their game, since Frankie -bitter Jury- J Grande just stated that “we ALL think that Cody was Derrick’s puppet”, and noone even bothered to ask if there were decisions Derrick made without Cody. Given how BB production pretty much tells them in their DRs what way they want them to go, I’m sure the Jury got a similar treatment of being told “you also believe that Derrick was a mastermind, right?”
    Kinda sad that Christine voted for Derrick, I’d say that was her desperate attempt of showing she’s not madly in love with Cody. Funny given she said the night she got evicted that she wasn’t mad at him for not voting to keep her, that she didn’t care for a pity vote and knew it would be better for his game moving forward to vote with the others.
    By the way: BB was so conscious of the negative backlash they got for those additional 50k if Derrick won, that they didn’t even mention it once! Julie asked Derrick what he would do with the 500k, when he actually won 575k! smh.

    Simon and Dawg, thanks to the 2 of you for an amazing work for yet another season, it’s been real, can’t wait for BBCan3 with you guys! :)
    # crushing it

    1. Donny a good read of character? Maybe.

      His best friend in the house is Jocasta…..

      Anyhoo. Bitter Donny was never going to vote for Derrick. He disliked Derrick, and he based his vote on dislike. It’s as simple as that.

      Heart of gold. Mediocre player. Mediocre man.

  40. It’s FINALLY OVER!! Can’t believe I kept watching…worst season ever. Episode tonite should have been 30 minutes long, instead they did what they’ve done all season…..painfully drag it out.

    So very, very happy that Donnie won AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Simon & Dawg…you have the best BB site on the internet! I too will be doing my holiday shopping at Amazon thru this site. Thanks to both of you & best wishes for Dawg & his new bride and Simon & his wife with their new baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Cody really has proved himself to be no better of a player than Victoria. Such an idiot..
    Kinda bummed Derrick won. I hate people that think they deserve the money more than anyone else just because they have a daughter and a wife.
    BBCAN 3 cannot come sooner enough.

  42. Skankie just had to get himself front and centre whenever possible. Surprised he didn’t knock Julie off stage. His twirling and dancing was just too hard to watch. Very glad he did not win Fav HG and the look on his face when he did not make top 3 was priceless.

  43. There is one thing I think all BB fans can agree with. is THE BEST at covering the show. Simon and Dawg RULE!

  44. I am completely satisfied with the end result. I loved seeing Derrick with his wife and baby. Did you see him looking at them in the audience? The only thing that would be better is if they booed Frankie….though there was silence when he came out….I think that probably put a dent in his ego. He turns my stomach. I wish they had have an after show so we could hear the comments……….I really want to see Frankie’s reaction to how the public views his repulsive behavior.

  45. I really feel bad for CODY but i guess he can’t blame anybody but himself. From the start of the BB16 all these guys are so obsessed with final 4, final 3, final 2 without even thinking at the end of the day America will vote for 1 person hence they need to strategically plan for that. They were so consumed with ALLIANCE than their own personal games. Cody won, and he would have atleast won BB16 should he evict Derrick and pick Vic. He should know better than there is 500,000 dollars at stake and not about friendship. Besides, common sense should dictate to him that Derrick played a good social game that is why HE WAS NEVER NOMINATED THE ENTIRE SEASON. Which dumbest person will take such a person to FINAL 2?It doesn’t sound LOGICAL.Yes Vic might end up getting some vote but WILL NEVER WIN because all the juries know she was and still a floater. I really liked the question that Frankie posed to CODY–as being a second-fiddle to Derrick which i realized he was a hurt about that. But honestly speaking no one will believe and think CODY was very influential in that HITMAN ALLIANCE especially when you are with Derrick! 2 against 7 was a HUGE SCORE not even close! I think he will take consolidation from earning 50,000. They all easily handed down the prize to Derrick. POOR CODY! ITS ALL ABOUT WINNING 500,000 and NOT ANY STUPID ALLIANCE!

    1. I expected Cody to take Derrick, and was still shocked when he actually did it. They used Victoria as a loyal pawn all the way to the end, and then when the payoff was in his grasp, Cody let her and the 500K go. SMH

  46. Sadly, Donny called it right about Cody not being very bright. I mean common sense just should have dictated his decision. Why would you take someone with the “high” potential to beat you versus someone who has “no” potential to win over you? I feel bad for him because he is going to have one tough time living this down. Can you imagine the look on his poor families face. It was his game to win. And then the fact that he even won the final HOH; It was his choice. And the fact that he also needed to pay off his student loans debt and his brother and sisters student loan debt. That should have been the only mandate for him in making his decision as to who he was going to take. Why?

    1. Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Zach, Hayden and Nicole would all have voted for Victoria to win over Cody, 100%.
      The guys made a pact about exactly that, and Nicole suddelny felt Victoria was her BFF.
      It would have been 6-3 or 7-2 and Victoria would have won BB16. Now THAT would have been something he’d need time to get over. He had no chance with this bitter jury anyways, and he knows Derrick deserved the money more than Victoria. Nothing to regret.

    2. I was just watching an interview with him in backyard and the interviewer told him Derrick got an extra $50,000 for the last TA challenge & I could tell Cody felt pretty stupid. I feel bad for him, but then again oh man how stupid can he be????!!!! ugghh. The interviewer also called him the Woo of Big Brother. lol

  47. Loved me some Donny all season, but I swear they drugged him tonight. He looked so out of it throughout the finale.

    Every time they went to a commercial, the jury all applauded (on queue) and he looked like he didn’t have a clue where he was.

    When he won America’s Fav, Julie called him over and he didn’t even move.

    Guess his part on B&B will be of the non speaking variety,

    1. I honestly thought it looked like everyone from the jury house was stoned. I just figured they’d smoked ’em a couple or three joints in the limo on the way to the studio. Just saying. . . . <3 <3 <3

  48. And Cody has now replaced, Lawon, as the dumbest f**k to ever play BB. He threw away $500,000 as the final HOH. Not a Derrick fan, but he deserved to win this season.

    1. I don’t think Derrick’s game translates well to allstars. While he played a great game, it was predicated on subtle manipulation. Not sure what other tricks he has up his sleeve, but he sure wouldn’t be trusted or believed by future houseguests as readily as this group bought what he was selling.

      1. Agreed. He played a great game but it was a one time deal. People in All Stars would know better than to trust him.
        Plus, I doubt he would spend that much time away from his family again.

        However, people are saying he would not have lasted in other seasons. I don’t agree, he adjusted to the environment and the people that are there, so who is to say that he wouldn’t have fared well in previous seasons or with more savvy people.

      2. i am hopeful derrick agrees to an allstar calling.. i dont think his game would be blown up so terribly.. derrick is a very malleable sort of man and very likeable.. those players, if they make it past the first couple of weeks, typically make it a lot deeper in the game than some of the other “personalities”…

    2. Derrick would not do good on All Stars. This season had a cast of idiots and cowards that were too afraid to make any big moves. Excusing Donny and Nicole, that of course caught on to him but his physical b!tch Cody had to protect his Derrick.
      However, i’d love to see him on All Stars just to see him get evicted.

  49. Since Derrick won approximately $588,000 ($500,000 BB winner, Extra $50,000 for winning BB as a TA member, $20,000 TA winnings, $5000 for the Snowman Comp and $13,000 stipend earnings), I hope he gives Cody atleast $25,000 to help towards Cody’s $80,000 student loan debts.

    1. Oh get over it already.. At least there is not argument that Frankie Grande was the most talked about houseguest this year and brought enormous publicity good and bad to the show. We will see Frankie again either on All Stars or The Amazing Race.

    2. One last thing for Frankie Grande’s haters to choke on and this is an undisputed fact… With Frankie’s 5 HOH wins, 3 POV wins and 1 BOB win he has now ensured his place among the greatest players when it comes to comps in Big Brother history.. Not only is Frankie the most dominant male player of all time when it comes to comp wins but is second only to Janelle from BB 7 All Stars as the house guest who has had the most comp wins in a single season. So in other words Frankie has now secured his place among the greatest comp players with the most wins in Big Brother history.

      1. I’m not choking, sorry to disappoint you. I despise Frankie because he is a phony and an attention whore. Yes, he won comps., so what? He won some TA money, but that was because he had people working with him. On his own, he couldn’t do anything. I’m so glad he didn’t get AFP. Now go listen to the latest Ariana Grande crap, and keep defending a man who would throw you under the bus so fast you would never see it coming.

      2. Dont even dare compare Frankie to Janelle. Janelle won her comps when there was only ONE HOH. Frankie usually had two chances every week while BOB was in place. Go blow smoke up Frankie’s butt.

  50. 1. Cody you should have watched BB Canada. Evict the strongest player. Even a newfie figured that out.
    2. There is a saying “In the land of the blind a one eyed man is king.” Derrick is to be congratulated. But could
    he beat people who could see what he is up to?
    3 No one told those pompous asses on TA the Joey was the first choice of America.
    4 When they announced the millions that voted for AF Frankie thought he had it the bag. I’ll bet there is a s**t stain in his little blue shorts now that he knows he wasn’t even in the top three. Over the next few weeks he will find out just how despised he is. Good job America.

    1. Hayden, Nicole, Donny and Frankie all caught on to Derrick and he beat him. That is his strategy, to figure out each person and how to interact with them to stay under their radar. So if people knew what he was up to before it was too late, then he wouldn’t have been good. Plus, who’s to say he wouldn’t adapt if other people were in the house? However, he will not be able to do All Stars, his strategy was a one time only deal.

  51. And I find it ironic the only 2 votes Cody got were given by people he completely didn’t have the time of day for (Jocasta & Donny). He absolutely hated Donny at the end. I think Cody is going to have a lot of thinking to do especially when he “really” gets to think about how his pal and good friend Derrick was on Team America and is taking home a boatload more money and was a cop of all things. All of this information he was none the wiser to. Hard loss for him.

    1. I don’t find ironic that Donny and Jocasta voted for Cody. Donny voted for Cody out of spite for Derrick’s game and because he didn’t buy Derrick’s good-bye message(“I tried to save you, Donny, but it didn’t work” ) when Donny was evicted .Jocasta voted like Donny because she sides with Donny no matter what.

    1. I think Cody will spend his $50k on psychiatric help. He gave away $450 k and he found out the people he hated most were America’s favorites. What a douchebag!


  53. What was the point of bringing the evicted HG’s on stage if they weren’t answering questioned or getting to asking any?
    They just showed clips of the TA thing… Thought Julie would ask Zach if the whole stolen item thing hurt his game, nope just a lame Amanda question, wtf? Noticed they didn’t show the failed “play” mission either.
    And really shameful of CBS to be promoting Frankie as a Talk guest (im guessing it has something to do with his sister; seeing as all summer that’s how they introduced him), he’s had his 15 min, bring the final 3 HG’s instead.

    1. its also pretty lame that they have to agree to 3 questions per player as a group (in advance).. they should do it survivor style and let them come up with their own questions or statements.. more drama.

  54. Simon, just checked back and it looks like the glitch is fixed where this Texan was able to donate some $$$ to Dawg and you for your awesome website this year. Hey ya’ll, if you haven’t tossed a few bucks to these guys yet, make sure you do it! And…buy all of your Amazon stuff using the link from this website to keep helping out these guys all year long! Will be checking back with you to see what’s up with BBCAN 3! Congrats on your new baby and best wishes to Dawg on his marriage/honeymoon!

  55. Simon and Dawg, I can’t thank y’all enough for the dedication you put into this site. I could not have endured the torture you have endured to relay what this cast of characters was doing. I wish you both the best in your new lives and I look forward to next year! I may even give BB Canada a look thanks to you!

  56. Well, the BEST moment tonight was the look on Frankie’s face when they announced the top three for AFP. When they said Donnie’s name, Zach’s name, and Nicole – – the look on Frankie’s face was PRICELESS!!! I’m gonna rewatch it just to see that moment. I only watched about half the episodes this season because it was soooooo predictable and God Bless you Dawg/Simon because THIS SITE was far more entertaining than the actual show. I am VERY glad, however, that you were wrong about Frankie and AFP. . . . really, wasn’t it the greatest moment of the season. Thank you so very much for this site and you deserve EVERY cent you receive for doing it. See y’all next year!! <3 <3 <3

    1. IMO Dawg and Simon should have won the money as the BB winner for all their hard work. Superb job gentleman. But I think the final results are the best I could have hoped for. Derrrick did play the best game and Donny was America’s Favorite player and LOVED LOVED LOVED how Frankie wasn’t even in the running.

  57. When it comes to BB winners, it’s Dr. Will, Derrick, Hayden, and everyone else.

  58. CBS really rubbed it in the faces of the HGs, fans and viewers by playing Derrick’s audition tape. Here’s a guy that has a police undercover career where he uses all his covert training to manipulate people and keep himself anonymous. That is essentially bringing in a “ringer” to the game. The amateur HGs don’t stand a chance against a professional. They literally turned a fox loose in the henhouse. Potential BB17 players are going to wonder, wonder, wonder, “Is this going to happen to me?”

    And what’s with this $500K payout? Since BB1 the purchasing power of the dollar has dropped 42.8%. They should be offering at least $725K. That would be bus fare for Julie.

    1. i think that’s the wrong take. don’t keep out players with skillsets like derrick’s. raise the standards all around and get MORE of them.

      1. Exactly. We need more house guests that work a strategy and think things out….not fewer. The issue is that Donny was the only other house guest to really think things through, but he wasnt able to do much with the house aligned as it was. I wish Donny had another strong player to work with or had lucked into the bombsquad/detonators where might have had more influence.

        1. VICKI/LATROPS
          Yeah, Donny was an amateur, but Derrick a pro. Donny trying to explain to others his thoughts on what was going on was very interesting. What was more interesting, was nobody would listen to him. Derrick bleating his game strategy continuously into the camera was just irritating, and many of you said exactly that. So, you say, now you would like a house full of Derricks? Really?

          Just imagine a house full of Derricks. That would be like watching a 16 person chess game. If you were bored with so much of this season’s play, with the exception of Frankie and Zach, you would be bored to death with a house full of real strategists. Without all those emotional good time rock-n-rollers to liven things up, this show would lose a good share of its viewers. Just look at how many posts this season claiming this to be the most boring season ever, with that giant alliance and the house voting as one throughout. I agree that the show could use some more intelligent contestants, but without the juvenile chaos THERE IS NO SHOW….

  59. THIS IS FRANK’S BRAIN ON CRACK: “Mmmmm, yummy, I love fudge it’s my favorite, oopsy daisy, what’s that on my tongue, someone forgot to remove all the Charmin! Slurpppp, slurp”

  60. Thank god its over. Not an exciting season at all. Nice to see dr will but it was obvious trying to give further credit to derricks game.

    First year they didnt let the first few evicted houseguests not say what they thought about the game. Why even introduce themon the show if they arent going to talk???

    LOVED christine running out right behind whoever was in front of her in the jury line. Hilarious.

    No big cheer for frankie or caleb or victoria. I wouldve preferred boos but this is an all cbs/family audience.

    Laughed hard at the lipstick on victorias teeth. Really as much as you look in the mirror.

    Congratulations cody. You made an even dumber move than marcellus or lawon. Its cool to be loyal but you literally had the obvious choice of 500K and not being loyal or 50K and being loyal. Worst decision in bb history.

    Also bad answers by cody not even mentioning his comp wins being more than derrick.

    Congratulations derrick. I didnt like you but you played a better game than the rest of those people.

    And by far the best thing of the season frankie stood right by julie to accept his AF award. Except oh crap! You arent even in the top 3! His face and reactions afterward made this crummy season worth it.

    Thank you two Dawg & Simon for watching the snot sucking crushing it literally quite frankly at the end of the day crap all season and keeping us updated. Ill continue to buy stuff through your amazon link.

    Fire grodner for 17!

  61. Proud of Production not fixing AFP for Ariana Grande’s Brother, I honestly thought he was gonna.

    Not shocked that Cody took Derrick, He is a Puppet after all…

    Derrick, I don’t think is one of the greats, but of the 16 that played this season he outplayed everyone else, and I respect that.

    SImon Dawg once again, you pulled out an awesome season of letting us know what goes down in the house, even with some great personal events, congratulations to you both.

    See All of You next season, where we’ll have another summer is talking shit about the House Guests.

    All-Starts 2? Fingers Crossed..

  62. Guess I picked one of the worst seasons to begin watching this show. Some of the lowest educated and disgusting people I’ve ever seen. I was able to call every eviction since the jury began. It really seems like they set ol’ dirty cop up to win from the get go. Putting a grown man in the game with a bunch of clueless kids. Apparently he had more undercover/detective work then what was let on from what he just said. Making it a cake walk for him.

    Just to add to the anticlimactic show, pageant boy actually wins the HOH and we don’t even get to see what piggy would of done. Of course the idiot takes him thinking he actually done something that deserved winning. Like how he thought he wasn’t a puppet when really he was one of the biggest ones. Piggy didn’t even give a strong speech and still smoked him.

    To top things off typical twisted media still promoting that flamingo dirt bag. Putting him on that talk show tomorrow? Why? What did he do? They just can’t take a hint from America. Just when you think the country has fallen to this level atleast we get a little ray of sunshine to remind us that the majority of America still gets it. One the best guys to ever make it on tv blows everybody out of the water for America’s Favorite.

  63. (comic book guy voice)”Worst season Ever”. A fu##ing loser cop won. Just sickening .Cody is not bright. Should not shock anyone that cody took the pig over the other pig, hell he was all over skanky Christine. Shows what a dumb fu#k he is. the ONLY bright spot was Donny winning. Simon/Dawg how u guys watched this $hit is amazing, u deserve a medal. Thanx for your hard work. Oh by the way, FU#K Derrick and FU#K all cops!

  64. Thank you Derrick for making this the most predictable and boring season in recent memory. Hopefully we will see Zach return for All Stars along with Frankie, or see them go on to The Amazing Race. I can’t wait for Big Brother Canada 3!

      1. Even more epic:
        I know the US viewers are really into having someone on the show to hate, and they seem to love that, but c’mon! Frankie is despicable – his bitterness tonight proved it yet again – and I just hate the fact that people boost his ego by nodding whenever he says he’s SO POPULAR.
        He just isn’t.

    1. Derrick played the game like a champ. Maybe he was able to manipulate things so they didn’t go out of control, but that just showed he was that much of a manipulator. There may not have been as many crazy antics, but it was fun to watch him work his magic.

      Zach is the only choice from this season to go to All Stars. Derrick’s game cannot be repeated since everyone outside the house saw his gameplay. Donny is just too nice to get far among all stars. Zach would be entertaining and may be able to do ok if he used his head.

  65. Thanks Dawg and Simon for all your hard work this year I really appreciate you guys so very much. But this season “Yawn” was so preditable and boring. In fact when all the players came back I almost forgot they played. How many of you can remember all the players from last year? These people will be forgotten within days.

    Anyway I am glad Donny won MVP and I am sure he will do well on B&B. I hope next year if the show comes back they will think long and hard before they put low life people to play this game. So long BB16 I’m starting to forget you already!!!!

  66. Simon and Dawg are the real MVP’s of this and every season ! Thanks again for another great and for all that you guys do for us!

  67. Yay! Cody was Derrick’s lapbitch until the very end! Derrick never told him all of his secrets, so it was perfectly okay if Cody blindsided Derrick big time for a better chance at winning 500k against Victoria! But no… he had to do all Derrick told him to do. Forever a loser! Donny made 53K… he made just 50k… really dumb!

  68. I just saw on Derrick’s twitter that he gave Thanks n shout outs to several BB spoiler sites. I dont have a twitter account. Could someone PLEASE tweet Derrick n tell him that many fans kept up with the feeds at the BEST BB Spoiler site here at “”

  69. Worst finale yet. They didn’t even talk to the other evicted house guests nor did they show jury.
    AND they did not even mention that Joey was the first member of Team America. What a waste of a night.
    Only positive was seeing Frankie doing his heavy breathing in anticipation of being named favorite player lmao. Wonderful!

  70. I will surely suffer withdrawals from this site in the coming days. Reading the posts and comments in the morning while I sucked down my morning caffeine was a great way to start the day. Thanks Simon and Dawg for this site and for all of your hard work.

    I think the right person won, even though his style of play made for a boring season. It was sweet to see him reunited with his wife and daughter. Cody definitely could’ve given a more convincing speech but Derrick must’ve been super confident because his speech wasnt nearly as strong as it should’ve been, either.

    I loved Frankie’s reaction to AFP. Could he possibly be more ridiculous?

  71. Simon & Dawg said to be brutally honest, so here it is:

    Great cast, great season. This was one of the best seasons of the show. It had great drama, a deserving winner, and although some of the houseguests were annoying they were almost all very good-hearted, positive people.

    It was a pleasure watching and reading the updates. Looking forward to next summer.

  72. Derrick and Cody played good games and Cody winning the final HOH and not taking Victoria meant he deserved to lose. I don’t recall if he was a fan or watched the show or Survivor but if did he would have known what to do. Derrick did a great job making him think he would have taken him, and Derrick may never admit it publicly but he would have taken Victoria .. A decision he would have “made at the very last minute”. In the ild days the jury questions were so much more juicy. I hope to see Zack on All Stars and Donny as well. Curious why Donny or Frankie never told jury about TA. Anyone?

  73. Simon was there ever any confirmation about the picture Derrick received in his hoh basket.

    Right after Derrick revealed he was a cop, Julie was leading into the commercial break. They showed Cody talking to Derrick. It seemed like it just dawned on Cody that the picture was of Derrick in his cop uniform.

  74. Simon & Dawg, would you guys mind me making a last request for the season?
    Could you please make a post with links to videos of all the backyard interviews. written interviews and whatever other shows the HGs will be seen on that you find? That would be awesome…
    Thanks so much!

  75. Ive never ever been this happy with a Big Brother finale. When they announced Frankie didn’t even make the top 3 of AFP votes I was in absolute shock – the best kind. CONGRATS DONNY!!! We couldnt get you the big win, but we fought hard to get you at least 25k!! And congrats to Derrick because not only did he deserve the win, he really slayed those questions. He answered perfectly!

  76. I was watching the backyard interviews with Brian Haug at…and it stopped during Cody’s….don’t know what happened but really wanted to see Derrick & Victoria’s….anybody know what happened?? Sorry to say but Brian was AWFUL with ALLl the interviews!!!!.. but that was the only site I could find…

  77. Yeah pretty sure Derrick knew that all he had to do was just “get there” (final 2) and would not have to work too hard. Derrick set Cody up the whole week. Telling him how he would win over him if he took him to final 2. It just is so illogical because even the one time Cody took a stab at actually counting the votes he thought he would have against Derrick; he lost.

  78. Man, what a boring season…. Why nobody is writing about BB Australia? Is is so much more entertaining and an episode every day!! I love it!

    1. You must not have read all the posts ( understandable given the number ) but BB AU has been mentioned dozens of times. I imagine there will be numerous viewers from this forum tuning in.

  79. Derrick is a real douchebag pretending he will be friends with Victoria after all this and he cares about her as a sister yet says disgusting things about her behind her back and mocks her at all times. Victoria really isn’t putting on an act like Zack said she really is dumb and gullible. Even after she heard Derrick say he used his undercover cop skills to read and play people she’s happy as a clam he won and squeeling like a pig. Glad Donny voted for Cody because only him and Jacosta know what a jerk he really is. Equally as bad as Frankie and Crustine. Hey CBS why don’t you guys show America clips from the live feeds and show how these castmates including Sgt Piggy really were. Love that Donny won AF. Hahaha Frankie wasn’t even top 3. The look on his face was priceless. Derrick might have won Big Brother but Donny is loved by America. Oh and Cody you poor unfortunate soul I guess you really didn’t mind or try to avoid being second best. Where in the hell did they find these people that made for the worst clueless players???

  80. I know this isn’t going to be popular around here. But Donny came off as a bitter old man tonight. Jocasta, she is an idiot. But Donny is smarter than that. His vote for Cody was disgraceful to the game and shows some of his true colors. Everyone on that Jury knew who played the better game, just ask Nicole the biggest BB fan in the house. Donny deserved the AF money. But come on Donny, you are better than that vote you cast tonight.

    1. Well said and I could not agree more. Very disappointed in his reasoning. Wait until Donny watches the show back and hears Cody repeatedly saying that he wanted Donny out “so bad”. Cody came off like he genuinely disliked Donny. I think Cody wanted Donny out more than anyone else. That is why you don’t vote personal because you have not seen the show yet and have no idea what the other person said behind your back. Derrick, I think, tolerated Donny more that Cody did. Derrick just knew that Donny was most likely targeting him, so he did what any good game player would do, eliminate the threat. Donny should have played a better social game and maybe would have ended up being protected by Derrick instead of it being Victoria.

    2. Agree. Only thing I didn’t agree with Donny all season. Derrick easily played the best game, Donny being a BB fan should not have voted out of spite. But in reality his vote and Jocasta didn’t mean anything anyways.

  81. How is Cody an idiot for not taking Victoria? He still would have gotten 2 – maybe another 1 vote. He definitely WON $50K.
    He did not lose anything
    They sounded like it was Derrick they favored and would have probably given it to Victoria for lasting to F3.
    She is the LOSER not Cody. To award a barnacle is worse than getting $50K.
    What the fuck are you guys talking about that Cody was the loser. He won second place and if he took Victoria he probably still would have.
    Victoria deserved nothing – maybe some tips on actually learning how to apply makeup and hair that you don’t look like a hooker….

  82. Thanks for all your hard work this season! The site has definitely made it a whole lot better!

    Can someone please explain to me why Jocasta and Donny are so bitter? And what is she talking about Derrick “fake Praying”…. I feel like her actions are the complete opposite of what she preaches.

  83. Should have been the second unanimous victory in BB history.

    But no you have a cray cray religious nutjob Jocasta and bitter old Donny.

  84. If none of you had a chance to watch the backyard interviews after the finale, you have to go and watch it! The BEST part of the night was when Cody found out that not only did derrick with the $500,000 for the grand prize, $15,000 for team america, and $5,000 from a competition, BUT ALSO an extra $50,000(cody’s total prize win)! The look on Cody’s face was PRICELESS! He was shocked, pissed, embarrassed. He chocked on his water and couldn’t even speak. I understand that he wanted to be loyal, but he will probably regret it so much after knowing how much money Derrick already had stacked up! Derrick goes home with the biggest money win in BB history!

  85. Ah well Derrick won. Boooo!
    But Donny won America’s Favorite Player. Yaaayy!
    Big Brother 16. Meh.
    Big Brother Canada Season 3 . Wheeeeeeeeee!!
    Looking forward to a new season of BB Canada!!!!
    Thanks Simon and Dawg!

  86. Frankie acted like a total jackass! he wanted all attention on him, his arrogance was ridiculous. I guess he thought he was the main event since he has a famous sister there and as he puts it he is famous in is own right. I love love love the fact he and caleb were not in top 3 for AFP. I think Christine had to vote for Derrick to save her marriage or what may be left. I’m so pissed at my cable company… It shut off the last 15 min!!! I missed it all!!

    1. They have episodes every weeknight, rather than our only three nights a week. If you watch BBAU, if anyone’s still reading this, I suggest watching the BBAU 2012 season first, which I did, and it was really the best intro to the BBAU style. Obviously watch this year’s, on right now, but when you get jonsin’ for more awaiting the next episode through the weekend, or whatever, watch that one, AND don’t forget the support shows from then, which are not on now I don’t think anymore, like Big Brother Confidential and their after hours’ show which I can’t think of the name of now, late night or somesuch, which is un-censored. And the Friday Night competitions had their own show too, but maybe counted as an episode maybe. THEN, watch the older seasons, definitely 2004, with Ryan and….. Crap what’s her name? It’s weird, ’cause many Aussie names seem weird to me… BREE, THAT’S IT, yeah, weird no? Anyway that is one of the most entertaining seasons I have seen and Bree and Ryan ended up doing their own BB support show soon after, with Mike Goldman, who is HILARIOUS, the guy who does the narrative voiceovers even now. Not the Big Brother voice, but the narrative one that says stuff like, “It’s 10:30 am in the Big Brother house and the housemates are getting over a long night of partying by sleeping face-down in the middle of the pool.” OK, not exactly that, but you know what I mean. Anyway, BBAU is the Big Brother to watch, although mainly the evil stuff that Americans do in our BB house is done by Big Brother mostly on BBAU, which allows for nice people to win. And, a HUGE difference also is that the public votes out people, not the housemates, although they do nominate them, so if that ruins your fun, or you actually lilke people like Evil Dick, you may not like BBAU as much, ’cause they are mostly really nice people–but not boring, honest. Ozzy ozzy ozzy, OI OI OI!!

      1. I wish I could find a place to watch BB Can2. I found BB Can 1 on youtube last fall and really liked it. I will keep up with OBB posts on BB Can 3, but it sucks that we can’t watch the episodes in the U.S. Wake up, BB Can…your southern neighbors would love to watch your entertaining show! I love that I can keep up with my daily fix of BB Aus! Villains don’t last long on that show! It requires subtlety in manipulating both the houseguests and the Australian public.

        Obviously, if I totally hated BB US, I would never ever watch it again; I just keep on hoping the producers would get a clue and make it more fun to watch. It’s just so disappointing that CBS thinks that the way to make the show interesting is to have a perverted publicity hound like Frankie Grande acting like a 12-yr old girl. Wake up, CBS! There’s a reason why Donny, Zach and Nichole were America’s Favorite Players. I actually feel sorry for the cast having to live in that ant-infested, moldy sound set that they try to pass off as a “house”. Spend less on the elaborate comps (although they are cool, we never get to see them long enough to have any appreciation of them). Fire the decorator who thought having fake plants hanging on the walls in the kitchen, a dark grey bedroom, and an orange/black/red bedroom was a good idea. The “house” was dismal, drab and depressing. The only room that filmed nicely was the bathroom, but the houseguests themselves were always complaining about how disgusting it was. Of course, that’s because BB US allows the houseguests to live like pigs! That isn’t allowed on BB Aus or BB Can!

  87. Would love to see these 16 hgs go on BBAU next season. It would be interesting to see how they cope with enforced comps, limited downtime, enforced rules and penalties for infractions of same. They would not be able to vote as a house and in some cases would have to face the nominees for eviction and cast their vote.

  88. I totally agree! In my opinion the final HOH should be done and final 2 picked the night before, and the finale should just be about talking about the season with the jury members and house guests who’ve gotten to see everything. I did get to enjoy their faces when team America and derrick’s profession was revieled but there could have been so many more secrets to come out if they would have let the early evicted houseguests speak!!!!! Just another example of them really not knowing what the audience wants to see.

  89. Julie chen gave an interview where she basically shat all over the idea of an all stars season, citing players from ten years ago. give me a break, you could do all stars without boogie, will Janelle, Rachel, Jeff/Jordan, Frankie etc….bring back past NON winners and people who played the game well

    I hate her pointing to ratings, its such BS. I stopped watching when Zach left.

  90. Cody, dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. At one point during the finale Derrick flashed Cody this look that said, “you dumb idiot, I’m taking Victoria”. The sneer was palpable. Cody threw 500k away due to loyalty. I’ve got news for Cody, out in the real world, loyalty and 5 bux will get you a McDonalds.

    1. That is precisely why they DIDN’T tell them. It would have influenced the vote.

      You whiners just don’t get it, do you! This isn’t “To Tell The Truth!” Lying (if you want) is part of the game. Hiding who you really are (if you want) is part of the game. It seems to me that you want everyone’s secrets out in the open and everyone know everything that is going on all the time. Grow up.

      Big Brother/CBS puts these people in the house and let them play it out. If they have a strategy, they aren’t going to spoil it. And the Derrick haters that say that he is immoral and greedy; well BB is a game won, most of the time, by people doing immoral things (like lying, manipulating and weasel-ing). It is a game to win $500,000, EVERYONE of those people in the house were playing for that money. That makes them all greedy, so don’t give me that BS.

      As for Team America: When TA was formed they each had an opportunity to decline. Would it have been “fair” to tell them that if they did accept the invitation and won the money for successful completion of missions that that fact would be announced to the Jury before the final vote? If that was the case, NONE of them would have accepted the invitation.

  91. Cody made his daddy proud great job son!!!!!!! WTF was he thinking now you can go back being a sales associate at the local strip mall and take another 45 years to pay off his well educated degree and Ah yes he was loyal, Derrick thinks the world of you LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Did Donny win AFP because he was a nice guy or because he played a good game? Just curious!
    PS I would have never voted for Frankie :)

  93. This was the Best finale Ever and one of my favorite seasons ever!! All of you who are hating on it and who bought into the conspiracy theorist who said Frankie would win AFP are a bunch of fruit loop dinguses!! Frankie wasn’t even in the top thee!!

  94. Well it was a fitting end to this awful season. The show was a hot mess. Do we really need a 14 minute recap how about instead showing us Frankie’s entrance into the Jury house. We so got hosed on that one. Another thing I can live without is Dr. Will w/the jury go back to the old format where they all just tossed around their thoughts and feelings. He did make one strong point when he asked what exactly was Derek’s “big move” this season and there was absolute silence. Cody’s face was priceless when he found out his “big bro” ugh… was a cop. The highlight for me was the last minute when Julie revealed the top 3 for AFP and it was all the LIKEABLE people!

    1. Derrick’s biggest move is his manipulation from day 1, 24/7. He never, I mean never stopped playing the game.

      The jury really has no clue how much he owned all of them. Wait until they watch the season and the master manipulator Derrick.

  95. Felt bad the first five evicted house guests didn’t get to talk. I would have loved what they all had to say. Especially Joey telling Christine why she deserved those boos during her eviction lol. Wish they did a reunion or recap show on the season with the cast. Caleb is gonna see how he was not in control as much as he thought

  96. So Derrick is the biggest BB money winner in history of the show?

    $500k for winning
    $50k for winning as a TA member
    $20k for TA missions
    $5k from comp winnings

    $575k, not a bad 3 months pay.

  97. did anyone notice Donny placing his hands in all seeing eye shape directly in the camera behind Victoria? I caught Frankie doing it more obvious during his eviction while Julie was talking, i even saw him look into the camera as if 2 say i got it..LAST nites episode featured an eygyptian theme and the EYE was properly displayed as well, oh yeah on CBS.. u know like the eye on the lower right side of the screen at all times. Please dont dismiss this as crazy talk im an avid bb fan but this season my 3rd eye was open while i watched my favorite show, and i saw some disappointing things.(do your own research) btw Cody wins if he takes Victoria Derek was destined 2 win,,

  98. thank you bb16 for bringing Zach into our lives. lol That is all I have to say and is my main focus for the disgusting people (Frankie Christine Derrick) we had to put up with and the stupid twists (Team America and 2 HOHs)
    Bring on BB Canada 3!!

  99. You know…it sure would be nice if they cast a non idiotic/insane/clueless/useless black person for once instead of these fools…Jacosta, Devin, LAWON ugh, Kalia, Howard and on and on. How about a strong smart STABLE MINDED BB fan that isn’t insane for next season BB?

  100. Donny said during the backyard interviews that he voted for Cody because he told Cody if he made it to the final 2 he would vote for him. Donny was just keeping his word.

  101. As a long time follower of this site and first time commenter, wanted to say thanks for the great site as i am always anxiously checking for updates! I am leaving my first comment today as The comments over Cody today have been a downer for me, as I for one was happy to see a legit alliance make it all the way to final 2. This reminds me of old school big brother, no? Before we had 2 unmemorable players always landing in the final 2? I saw his final interview with Jeff and it’s obvious he chose loyalty (I didn’t see that as ego) and made the decision he thought he could best live with. There has to be some people that respect that, instead of thinking that makes him an idiot or a wuss?

    1. Let’s say that Derrick and Cody were lifelong friends, grew up together, learned how to play soccer together and both ended up on different professional soccer teams, and both teams went all the way to the World Cup finals. And there is Cody with the ball closing in with Derrick as the goalie. Does Cody, because he loves Derrick like a brother, all his life, far more than 90 days’ worth of caring, purposefully miss the shot? Nobody is going to call him disloyal to Derrick in this circumstance when he makes the goal for the win! And don’t tell me it’s different, it is not different, except that you don’t get a half million dollars for a World Cup goal, even for the win!

      They all went into this knowing it was a game! Would you let a friend know your game plan as you play chess against them, just because you cared about them? Do you see the best of the best poker players making allowances with each other, who they are very vey close with? No, no, no. BB is a game. I know, emotions get involved, and I would probably be the first to crumble emotionally within that hyper-stressed environment, but everybody knew there was only ONE winner, and so loyalty at the final two is absurd. You want that loyalty to get you to the decision making point, and then you make the GGGOOOAAAALLLLLLLL!!

  102. At the end, before Derrick walked out the door, he spoke to Cody, said something like ‘Don’t worry, am gonna take care of you’ Any thought?

  103. I was totally disappointed in the finale. I thought that at the very least the jury would have had some better questions. What a bummer. But I guess the one part worth watching, and it can’t be said enough, is Frankie’s face when his name was not mentioned in the top 3 for AF. The fact that Donny won, blew his mind. I will not watch The Talk unless I catch something worth seeing on You Tube. It has been great reading the comments on this site.

  104. That was disgraceful the way Jocasta acted towards Derrick. By her way of thinking everything anybody ever said in that house was a lie! She thinks because he played the game that he was fake praying? I’m guessing when she gets home and thinks about it she’ll regret it. Talk about bitter she needs to keep her mouth shut!

  105. I have a great idea for next season of big brother! It would be a big twist!
    Every single week when they vote to evict instead of saying “by a vote of 6 to 2, blank you are evicted from the big brother house” they would just say “blank you are evicted from the big brother house”. I think this would change the game a lot for the better and make insanely good TV.
    Also they should have 2 or 3 weeks where the HOH isn’t revealed. It would give Julie more airtime as well because she would come on to tell them who get put on the block, etc. An example of an HOH competition would be the one in the black box and every player has a shape, like a star or a circle, etc and the first person to find 3 of their shape and fit it in the slot gets HOH….. They make all their nominations/decisions in the diary room and Julie announces them.

  106. Congrats to Derrick you owned this game from the moment you walked into that house you deserved to WIN

    Congrats to Donny you played caught on early to Derrick perhaps the only one you played well one a few comps
    Got AFP for being a great human being with humility you’re only downfall social game you should’ve stayed up at night.

    CBS will bring back(or at least ask) Zach Nicole and Donny for BBall stars. 10 million votes largest ever vote turn out in BB history. That’s ratings gold and after all its all about ratings doubtful they will ask anyone else except maybe Derrick only because he won but Now that the cats out of the bag(Derrick being a cop) I doubt Derrick would last past the 1st or 2nd evictions in a all stars.
    So as I said Zach,Nicole and Donny will definitely be asked to return
    Frankie will be confronted by Victorias family lawyers for his comments if not the Isreali mossad
    Calib will be dating Amber from a safe 50 yrs per the restraining order requirements
    Christine will be serving coffee at starbucks hearing whispers from her customers forever

    and finally paolo will visit Donny in NC as a world famous DJ

  107. I’m glad Donny won AF :) But did not like the bitterness from him and Jocasta was hard to watch. Sorry to say it was bitterness despite what everyone is saying. Praying is praying is there fake praying ?? And who said he did. Donny was upset over the skittles…but that was the house not just Derrick. Derrick out played everyone whether it was manipulating or winning a comp he played it the best. So the best player won. Congrats to Derrick.

  108. Why is Frankie on the talk? Derrick makes sense and I can see Cody, or the three most voted players from AFP being there. Why do they insist on cramming him down our throats?!

  109. Poor Cody. Dumber than a box of rocks. You fight that hard and it comes down to being YOUR choice and you take Derrick because you’re “bros”? Try asking your “bro” for a loan.

  110. Saw the Talk today. Frankie had to explain some of his comments about homosexuality. He said that he knew Derrick was a cop because when he said something negative about cops, derrick defended cops. frankie was in full-sparkle mode. he put his hands on derrick, and he said if zack comes out of the closet and proposes to him, he already accepts. derrick said in answer to question about future plans said that he loves big brother and if anything comes out of this for him, big brother-related, he’ll be happy. otherwise back to the job. jana is going shopping. they’re going to pay off the house and send tenley to college. that’ll pretty much eat up the entire 575k depending on size of mortgage. he looked clean and rested and just fine with the world. oh. he said frankie’s biggest mistake was his ego. that he needed to win the comps, and that’s not always the best stragegy. in closing, i want to say that frankie has clearly not read the posts or heard anything bad about himself. he was typically over the top, prancy dancy frankie.
    Final thanks to simon and dawg.
    you guys made it fun and i’m sure i speak for everyone when i say, we’re gonna miss you.
    Julie said BB has been picked up for two more seasons. :)

  111. derrick played like russel from survivor, he tore thru that bunch twice made them look silly but never won. clearly the best player but on big bro they seem delighted to be made fools of. I would have voted against derrick because I don’t like the game played that way. its a game winner in big bro but not survivor…why

  112. WHY WAS FRANKIE ON? On The Talk, Julie asked Derrick two questions, then fawned all over Frankie. He was asked one question about his view on gay women, double tracked and stuttered through the answer. Yet Julie praised him and made him the center of attention. Where was Cody, the runner up, or Donny, the AFP? You put the fifth place desperately needing attention and fame nightmare on? Did they have a deal to promote him since his sis is affiliated with one of their affiliate companies? FYI: They introduced him as THE DECIDING VOTE- how contrived that Julie pulled his key in that sequence, without pulling Caleb or Victoria’s which would have had the same result.

  113. Loved Derrick’s playing – It was BB true to form. Loved Dawg and Simon’s Posts. Wishing them happy times and Congratulations on the Baby and the Wedding. Would have liked to see 2nd place (in this case only) get more money. Cody was a good friend in taking Derrick to the end (that deserved a bonus) – Derrick was ‘good’ making the moves he did…..Most people would have taken another player. They would have had a fear that they ‘might’ lose to the other person. Yes, I know Derrick kept telling Cody that everyone would vote for him. Part of the game. Would like to see Cody play again. He’d be a good friend in the game yet, I think, be much more careful next time. Cody would be an honest friend to have.

  114. One thing that bothered me. Frankie labeled Caleb on the finale show, Caleb the Coward. Wow! Hey Frankie, last time I checked you didn’t serve your country on tours in Iraq/Afghanistan did you? No, I don’t think so. Whether you like Caleb or not, he is no coward and he’s tremendously loyal. The Amber thing, is another story. But give credit where credit is due.

  115. Supposedly Derrick said on BBAD that he was “fake praying” with Jocasta and it got back to Jocasta in the jury house. Whether he was joking, I don’t remember. That’s why she was offended.
    Has anyone read the hgs’ blogs now that they may have seen the shows? Interested in what they feel about each other now.

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