Derrick says Victoria will make the perfect housewife ” she cooks, she cleans, she does laundry”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 18-20-43-808

6:19pm Backyard Victoria and Derrick
Victoria tells him it would be epic if Derrick breaks up the Hitmen. Derrick tells him it would depend on who you ask.
Victoria – I will do anything.. Please Derrick”
Victoria – you will be chilling with ½ a million dollars ,.. I’ll have nothing..
Derrick says he hopes he wins the money. “that’s a bullshit statement nobody walks out of here with nothing”
Victoria – i’m just kidding
Feeds go to fish for awhile. When they’re back victoria is saying she’s excited to go Skiing with Derrick. She asks him what the difference between Skiing or snowboarding. Derrick explains that skiing is with two skis your legs are apart and snowboarding is with your legs attached. He says she’ll start skiing first because if she tries snowboarding she could get hurt.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 18-58-44-003

6:44pm Derrick and Cody
Talking about schools in their hometowns, Playing pool, Crushing it.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 19-32-45-942
7:32pm Nothing…

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 20-04-28-179
(Food prep very little is being said)
Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 20-11-55-164
8:10pm outside
(Eating their dinners)
Derrick tells Victoria she’ll make a good housewife some day. She goes back inside to continue making food.
Tells Cody all that Victoria wants is to be married so bad says if she finds a guy she likes “She’ll worship the ground he walks on”
Derick adds that some guy is watching the show right now he’ll flip her a line and she’ll be hooked.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 20-26-11-645
8:25pm Victoria made biscuits
Derrick – oh my god.. dude dude these are like bread biscuits … Oh my god where’s the butter lets do it
Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 21-06-19-073
8:45pm Kitchen Victoria and Derrick. Cody is in the living room crushing it
Derrick thanks Victoria about her recipe says she’ll have to send it to his wife. “It was the real deal”
Derrick tells the camera – Guys if you are single late 20 early 30 Jewish not a virgin but hasn’t slept with too many people.. is all about spoiling their wife or girlfriend and treating her the princess she is.. Hit her up on twitter.. and if you meet the criteria you will get a direct message
Victoria says they have to go through Derick first
Derrick says they will have to go through a screening process.
Derick – we’ll need bank statements credit history.. that all has to be disclosed before any transactions complete .. she cooks she cleans she does laundry.. these are qualities a guy looks for she puts a little mint on my pillow before I sleep..
They laugh “God Derrick.. I need a guy they have to be a good guy”
Derrick – there’s no way of measuring how good a guys is
Victoria he needs to be serious
Derrick – needs to be serious not play games.
Victoria – If he’s not ready to settle down..
Derrick – If he’s not ready to settle down don’t even f*** bother this isn’t a booty call right… don’t f***g hit her up for a booty call
Victoria – that would never happen what the f*** is that
Derrick – Ohh my that is exactly what what i’m saying.. don’t hit her up with one liners these cheesy one liners
Victoria – i’ll just ignore them
Derrick – She’ll just ignore you
Victoria – I’m kidding .. that’s mean
Derrick – If they give you a cheesy one liner they deserve to be ignored.
Victoria says they have to pass through Derrick first. Derrick says they’ll hit her up on twitter then she sends him the information via text he’ll check them out
Derrick – I might call you guys for a skype call have a skype call with them.. You’ll be like how was John and I’ll say no bueno he’s been in jail has 7 children.. that he knows of

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 20-51-51-109
Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 20-56-01-104

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Derrick would sell his own wife and daughter if it meant he could win big brother.

come on, now

that’s not necessary.

Please, please someone explain..... Inquiring mind!?!

If someone could…. can you tell me why the house guests are still wearing those black bracelets? I know week 5 on live TV Julie called out four house guests for being lazy according to the bracelets (Chistine, Nicole, Caleb and Derrick) Derrick not surprising!…. there has been nothing else mentioned sense! If this OBSOLETE season couldn’t get any confusing!

Please Please Please not that I care about any of the 3 remaining slugs….. but Please Please Please Cody beats Derrick and he takes Victoria!Just for §h¡t§ n giggles!


When Rudy & Stanley kept going back & forth it was the same thing! They would count the minutes then just start jumping!!

Eagle-Eye Joe

Derrick knows he can beat Cody in votecount, but Cody knows he cannot beat Derrick. Cody Will pull a Powerhouse move, take Victoria to the final 2, and win 500K. Derrick wins irregardless of who sits next to him.


It’s true but you don’;t have to like it. Derrick is so obsessed with money he has pretty much thrown everything away to win the money in BB. Given that Derrick has trashed so many houseguests and has basically reduced Victoria to a sniveling excuse for a person, i find it interesting that you come to his defense when someone makes a comment about him being greedy and disrespecting his family. Anyone that referes to his child as “his fu&king kid” does not elicit any sympathy for me and anyone that would reduce someone like Nicole to tears and continue to abuse her emotionally in a conversation, gets no pass from me. Sad that you find that yoiu have to defend someone that is just a bully to women.


I think you’re taking things a little too seriously. He’s just playing a game. Chill. People like you get on my nerves.


Your nerves must be pretty stressed if that bothers you. Chill, it’s only a comment. You cops are so easily amped up.


Sure gonna miss coming to this site for all the updates. Did not have to watch the show. Thank goodness! Thin I would have barfed.


Derrick is so good at manipulation that he’s been on a one-man mission to give Victoria the image of being a good girl. Derrick saying Victoria never maliciously attacked anyone, pft! She has spewed venom and ugliness about many houseguests but Derrick only sees her as a good girl. Okay. Whatever. Gotta wonder about Derrick.


Derrick uses cop talk interrogation methods on the houseguests. Puts an idea in a persons head and makes it look like it was that persons idea. Also his continuous talking and dominating a conversation with weak people, saying several things and waiting for a response and putting that response to something he said that makes the other person look bad or makes the other person look like he is agreeing with him. Total cop talk. Watch youtube videos of cops interacting with public and you will see what I mean.


are you saying this “cop talk” is not working? what’s wrong with his methods? is he harming anyone? is he talking shit? is he hurting anyone? did he defame or get personal? that’s his strategy and it’s working! he’s been a shoulder to lean on for most of them and we can all see that no one has a bad thing to say about him even if he sent them packing. it takes a lot for someone to get everyone evicted and have them all still think he’s a great guy. not one person said derrick was awful, they all complimented him for being so smart and likable.

Officer Krupke

Derrick is walking a very thin blue line.

Car 54 Where Are You

Anonymous, agree with you 100%

Guicchi Sandals

Derrick drives a convertible with the top down in the rain. Josh & Melody walk to the shopping mall in Shoes like the rest of the BB HG’s


Um, Derrick is trying to win BB FOR his wife and daughter lol

The fact is, we are all assholes sometimes, and the people who are on Big Brother open themselves up to having everyone see the asshole side of them sometimes. Derrick played far and away the best game, doing what he needed to do to get to the $500K. Is he as dynamic a personality as Dan or Dr. Will? No. But he’s still one of the best players to ever play the game.


Remember when Dan was playing? Everyone on here called him a scum bag and for his girlfriend to watch out because of what a liar he is. Now Dan is remembered as a Big brother God. Same thing with Will. Give it a year and Derek will be right there.

Pinocchio Obama

I’m thinking even with his sister’s fans that Fakie still won’t beat Donny for America’s Favorite Player. Who did everyone vote for?


I’m voting for Joey! I’m biased, though. She’s a good friend.

Otherwise, I would totally vote for Donny! 🙂


Donny FTW

Native Texan

Simon & Dawg as next seasons contestants of Big Brother 15!!!!


Next season will be BB17


The Cat in the hat knows alot about that! Judy & Mike didn’t get the point she was making.


Didn’t you here? CBS has wiped out BB15 and 16 from it’s books and now are restarting it back from 14 and doing things back to the ways things were.

Sure bet for the finale

Not sure who will walk away with first or second (and really don’t care all that much) but I guarantee that the finale will be dominated by that disgusting attention whore, with the blessing of CBS.

I am sure that CBS will try to make Mr Grande look like some class act, which anyone that ever watched the feeds knows is anything but the truth.

Let it alone!

Hey Ariana I guess you have to know that your sleazy brother can’t win fan favorite on his own right? I hope your “followers” aren’t so absent minded as to follow what you actually say! Cheap cheap shot getting votes for your brother that he hasn’t earned!


Ariana is crushing it.


“I thought Ari was a dude?”…may be one of the funniest lines of the summer

PR Backpeddling

So my lil sis is a Ariana fan and she follows her on Twitter. She showed me a tweet that Ariana sent out this morning saying something to the effect of how she loves Frankie, Zach, and Donnie, but to vote for Zach.

Wow! Like Frankie was ever in the running for AFP! It was always between Donnie and Zach with Nicole at a distance 3rd. So with only a few hours left of voting, Ariana wants to take credit just in case Zach wins AFP? Saying that Frankie didn’t want to win but wanted Zach to win?

Why the heck did she not include Nicole? Although I like Zach and Donnie, Nicole should win AFP!


Why would anyone vote for Zachole after the way he treated the women on the show?


The most powerful proof that cbs cares nothing about its viewers is found in cbs giving Frankengrande unfair advantages over the other contestants. That the unfair advantages are so blatant shows that cbs thinks its viewers are idiots and scum of the earth.


And CBS won’t feel one bit guilty about doing it. I am sure that Frankie got special treatment in his contract to be on the show. Limited “have not” days, fish for dinner every night, special food in the DR when he was a have not, non-enforcement of game rule breaking, no endurance comps after week 1 until he was eliminated, making it to final 6 at minimum, soft-ball interview with Julie.

Sure bet for the finale

Is this ever the truth, CBS didn’t even attempt to disguise the favoritism and the special treatment for Frankie.

Meanwhile many of the things that he said and the actions that he took were disgusting. He knew he could push the envelope with his act, and he would have been screaming bloody murder that the HG’s were homophobic if any of them told him to clean up his act.


Sunflower seeds & Bacon are not an option! Colleen & Cathy are best friends!

Native Texan

Derrick/Cody Final 2. Derrick wins BB #15 $500k & Cody gets $50k That will be all she wrote for this season folks!

lemon balls

And why not.. Victoria keeps telling derrick he will win if he takes Cody.. I keep trying to give this season a last shot at excitement , but sadly , to no avail…. Twist it up and don’t give nobody the money … Heheheheh


You are about to be disappointed when Cody wins Final HOH and takes Victoria to the end and he wins 500,000. Be prepared to cry and whine when Derrick is denied and goes down in BB history as a LOSER!


already Sheila knows Robert is not about to take any crap off of Derrick. They will be surprised in the end for sure.


I want Derrick to win, but I agree that is probably what will happen.

lemon balls

Now that’s good t.v!!!. .. Cop drags loser to the end of game to get third place cause of his own plan… ..

Big boy pants time ……Do it cody… Its all about winning $$$$$…


I don’t think Cody is smart enough to do that. It would be a good move though because Victoria would be a vote for Derrick.

Even if I was Derrick I would take Vitoria because giving up her vote would be worth winning everyone else’s.


After Jerod and Michelle left the house, the rest began to finally see the lightswitch.

Native Texan

Oops! Typo for Simon & Dawg! Meant BB #16 contestants.


Umm, I think you meant BB 17. This one is 16. 🙂


Next season will be BB17


it’s ok you can’t count, Derrick would love you like he loves Jamie and Steven. Remember when they all were in the Fire room talking about going to the board walk for schnapps and ice cream!


What a joke of a season. I will be so glad after Wednesday so I can finally kiss CBS and Big Brother Goodbye. I will never watch this show again. This season was so predictable and disappointing that I can go through another year.

I stopped watching the show on CBS and just started reading the blog here because I could get the truth and not what CBS wanted you to get. Thank you site owners for being honest and reporting the truth about this show.


No idea why producers are dragging this on. Ratings must be down. It can’t just be NFL or new programming – they could easily tweak BB16 viewing days or times. Does production film in the Jury house? If yes, maybe jurors are more entertaining or plotting a finale twist. The J house may be more interesting. Not that we want to see anymore Zachie – ugh.


They’re dragging it along because they did the last show on Friday of all things, now we are inching our way thru 5 days of nothing. I have no idea why they did that Friday show, when they should have just had it on Sunday as usual, it was a waste of eye time watching recaps. We should instead have seen the completion of the first HOH to see the winner, and maybe the start up of the 2nd comp between Derrick and Victoria. Instead we can already guess (even without the feeds) that the first comp was going to be won easily by Cody. It was designed exactly for someone like him to win.

even if we did a recap friday, do the Sunday show and give us all the jury info, like when Frankie came in, and after that Caleb. I’d much rather see what is happening after those guys show up, i don’t think it is necessary to wait for the finale night to see their reactions, better to do it sooner on the 2nd to last show so the viewers can process all that.

In short, the finale night should be all about the finale, the results of the 2nd comp, and the 3rd comp shown ‘live’, and then the questions, votes, and so on.

well, it’s taken several days, but i think even Victoria has caught on that Derrick isn’t planning to take her to the final. It is better this way, he still needs to make sure she votes for him. Even tho she’s his biggest fan, she is probably right when she says he is easily going to win over Cody. I think he is confident to go up against Cody in any way, and the best thing for him to ensure that is to win the final comp, and be the one to send Victoria out. If anyone was on the fence about him, that is a stronger move.


I wonder if Christine is still on ice in the Jury House.

Russell Hantz

I couldn’t care less if anyone agrees with me, but I’d rather have last season’s drama than this predictable crap. I mean, it’s all rigged anyway so might as well make it entertaining. Bring on the controversy and fights….that’s what brought BB the ratings last year. All BB gave us this year was some nauseating brother of a tween idol. meh



Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Wow did you see when Kelly & Brian had the big fight last night! Crazy huh!


All these people that say they ONLY read the updates and DONT watch the show are liars. I don’t believe any of them for one second. Enough of that silly talk…


Hi, I’m Zane!

Frankie Grande

I don’t care cause my sister’s Ariana Grande. And i have 1.5 million followers.


…AND you’re a social media mogul…


OMG its Skankie Grande comment image


Luv u Zane! U kept this season interesting.


Sup Zane! Remember when Sam and Joanne were on the hammock talking about their big plans to get out Arthur that was a good day.

Native Texan

Ah Geez! One more time to correct here……Dawg & Simon for BB #17 contestants! There I said it right!! Finally!


i figured out why ive lost interest in BBUS….the players are hard to relate to. BBAUS, they have an entire episode where all they do is talk about life…. thats it (no comps or anything). wonderful personal stuff. its so easy to get invested in the players. BBUS feels like caricatures. hyper real version of themselves. Simon and Dawg, I love your blog to death!!!! I dont visit the sit anymore because I am not interested in the players, but thank you for all of your hard work. Thank you for giving us all our fix for the summer!! XOXOXO


Of course, you’re right. I have not been able to relate to people the last two seasons. Bad casting and bad show format. Seems it keeps getting worse in that regard.


Thank you for this site! We can always count on you guys and this place is more entertaining than the actual episodes 😀


Victoria whining and begging is just beyond listening to. She is pathetic. Won NO competitions on her own..her social game was zero… game play at all. And now..she feels ENTITLED!!! She nauseates me.


Poor girl, does she realize how embarrassing this constant dialogue is? Add nagging and needy to her potential wife resume.


Susan, my thoughts are that Victoria lives in a small world and has friends and family who understand and love her. In 20 years, she will same as now, but married with kids, and she will still have friends and family who love her. she’s not going to change and she won’t be miserable. she really likes herself.
i worried about her with the reports of her crying non-stop. I watched a BBAD from a couple of days ago and she was laughing and fooling around with Cody. Last night she gave out her web site: It’s wedding pictures. very staged, posed images. It tells a lot. Derrick advertising for a husband for her was a riot!!! She’s laughing. I’m not going to worry about Victoria anymore. Moving on. 🙂


Victoria only likes herself with her hair extensions on. If she truly liked herself, she wouldn’t wear hair extensions when her scalp is bleeding.

Dee is not victoria’s site. look under the contact info section, which shows the studio is located in michigan.


after Juliette & Kirk got the details, they kept wanting Victoria to be happy about the situation, but she isn’t!


Are you kidding? Victoria is a competition beast and the best female player since Rachel and Janelle. She has dominated this season since week one. Unicorns are real.

Don't get it

What’s with this “crushing it”. Stupid phrase they use for everything. What does it mean???


Only jamokes don’t get it.

don't get it

Zane— what’s a jamoke???


Because they are a bunch of fruit loop dinguses!

don't get it

Zane a fruit loop Dingus


typically they were sent in there to prosper & dupicate. Nick & Sparky didn’t realize HomeGirl would be there.


You forgot to add having an epic amount of patience and access to horse tranquilizers to that list of boyfriend requirements, Derrick.


Been a great season of reading recaps thanks to Simon & Dawg. Please consider donating for all their hard work every season! It’s like a reading a good book! I can’t wait to hit refresh to see what happened next. Thank you guys so much!!!!!!!


Some people feel Derrick and Cody deserve the awkwardness of Victoria being there considering how they used her. For the record I don’t think Victoria was used, she knew exactly what she was doing . She’s just mad Derrick beat her at her own game. This girl is a complete mess and I cant wait to see the last of her. Her weave deserves to win over her; its put in a lot more work than she has.


“victorias just mad at Derrick because he beat her at her own game.”

Umm. Spoiler alert…


Victoria thought she had Derrick wrapped around her little finger just like she had Hayden wrapped around her little finger. You’ll recall Hayden used the veto on her. She also tried aligning herself with Frankie in the early days of the game, but he was more focused on Zack. In her mind she really thought she thought she was playing a great social game by aligning herself with strong players and keeping quiet. The problem was that once she aligned herself with someone, she expected them to do ALL the work while she focused on her weave and wardrobe. That’s why Derrick is constantly telling her they were never an alliance and didn’t need an alliance name. He did all the work to bring her to the F3 and owes her nothing at this point. Victoria has a warped sense of what gamesmanship is, but it’s still game.


I dont disagree with you at all it just doesnt feel right to give victoria any credit for any kind of gameplay


No need to be nasty. People are entitled to their opinions whether or not so called experts on the game like yourself agree. I’ve noticed the majority of your responses to others comments feature a little extra zing. It’s not necessary .

worst bbe ever

Damn just like ever other night on bbad we are subjected to dipthoria smacking her food. I will be so glad when wednesday rolls around and we won’t have to hear her any more. Why didn’t her family teach her to chew without smacking. Then there is Cody snorting his dessert!!! What a couple they make. That’s it, they should hookup, the snorter n the smacker!!! Did you catch her whispering to Cody. I guess she has decided derrick is not gonna budge, so she is gonna try to sway Cody. Wow she made some busciuts after sitting on her ass all this time. I am so impressed!!!! Not!!!!!


To worst bbe ever– does trashing Victoria make you feel better? You are a pathetic worm.

worst bb ever

Omg!! I didn’t know telling the truth constituted making fun of some one. Actually I feel sorry for her making such a ass out of her self on national t.v. I guess you can call me a worm, but let it be know, this worm has manners , thank you very much!


Derrick deserve to all the whinning from Victoria. He didn’t mind the whinning before they got to F3 and when she was fixing his food,folding his clothes,pertending to be mad with each other,so they would take him to the F2 and she was his snitch.


Derrick is a punk wrapped in stupid, cloaked with dense ignorance, and spotted and dazed


Think Derrick may have lost the game the moment Caleb was evicted. Unless he wins the final HOH I can’t imagine either of these guys actually taking each other over V. If she would’ve went last week, Caleb or Cody probably would’ve taken him to the end.

No filter

…and your wrong.


….you are not correct……. Bouncy Bubbles

Ariana rocks!!!

Frankie for Americas Favorite!!! He is most deserving guys!!!! Ariana says so, everyone vote as much as possible!!!

beast mode Mogul


Perfect Situation

Nah, i think killing yourself would be more satisfying.


You are a troll with pink hair. U mad?

beast mode Mogul

thanks for the updates throughout the summer Simon and Dawg, I check the site everyday since the season started. U guys CRUSHED it.

Please, please, anyone but Derrick!

I second to ‘beast mode Mogul’! Simon and Dawg CRUSHED it! My third year enjoying this great site and thanks to you guys for all your insight and hidden scoop on the house guests! Kudos!


Honestly, I hope Derrick wins, because I think he’s played the best game…but I’m kinda scare for him because I think Cody blew up his game when Caleb was evicted by showing their cards with ‘The Hitmen.’ I know Cody was trying to explain himself, but I think it was a little too much – but hey, maybe that was HIS strategy. Who knows.
I’m really sad the season is coming to a close because I am really getting into it, but I am really anxious to see who wins. (This is the first true season I have gotten in to – I think I watched an episode her and there when I was young, but never watched religiously by any means.)
I started watching when they started forming the jury (I believe the week Jocasta was evicted), when my parents got me into watching it, oddly enough. Had I known I was really going to become the super fan I am, I would have invested in the live feed. I must say, though, these spoiler updates on the website have been great, I’ve been able to get my fix throughout the day whenever it’s not on. Thank you to Simon and Dawg for doing this!


Frankie said he was on the show to help his sister to be more famous but it actually made her loose fans since we met him on bb. I was her fan but I dislike her because of Frankie now ugh!


No need to react that way. Ariana is still a super talented singer, regardless of how goddamn annoying her brother is.


Did Frankie ever talk about his bio dad or step dad (Ariana’s biodad) on the feeds? His step dad doesn’t seem to mention Frankie at all on Twitter, but he does mention Ariana. Yet Frankie must have known the step dad since Frankie was @ 9 years old.


I think he mentioned his bio dad is a doctor that lives in NYC. Other than mentioning his mother was married 3x’s I never heard him mention much else about the step dads.

random thought

it’d be really cool if simon, dawg or any obb user got on big brother and gave a shout out to this site during an eviction speech or saying it to a camera in a random room.
You’ll never kno, it could happen.

don't get it

random thought——- no it couldn’t you dumbo.

Ariana Grande stinks

GIve me a B, give me an O, and an R… nah… it’s just too BORING! zzzzz….

Why did they make the rewind thing, and why did they make this the longest season ever?!


just like alligators when they eat the chickens, all’s fair in BB. Remember Tisha with Bobby they know the truth.


Derrick has no intention of taking Cody to the final two. Victoria wouldn’t be there unless he was taking her. I just hope Cody wises up and takes Victoria after winning HOH.


Cody heard from Victoria that Hayden doesn’t like him. Cody will take Victoria to the final two. I guaranteed it. And he will lose to Victoria because no one in the jury likes or respects him.


All of Victoria’s whining is providing perfect cover for Derrick to avoid the subject.


Frankie is a JOKE
I am so glad he is gone and after Wednesday we never have to see him again!!!!If he is on the allstars BB I WILL NOT BE WATCHING
I can’t believe the things he did and said and he never got in trouble for it.
But Ayran last year got called out.
I guess it shows that production is Bias


So this is the real Victoria. All the houseguests gone and her nauseating, entitled, money grubbing (without doing anything for it), personality coming out. Let everyone see it so they can boo her when she walks out. Fingers crossed. She’s a little brat.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16 / Survivor Starts


Praise Be To Whomever You Believe In



Derrick basically lied to everyone and used them. I believe that he won’t win regardless of who he takes to the f2. The jury is bitter so they will give the money to Vic or Cody as payback for all the dirt derrick has done. Vic is not dumb. Her game was to play stupid. Stupid people are not a threat and easily controlled. Vic had one of the the best game in the house. Acting clueless took her all the way to final 3

You're joking right?

“Vic had one of the the best game in the house. Acting clueless took her all the way to final 3?

Let me clue you in…Victoria wasn’t acting clueless and she certainly had no strategy. She is/was clueless and certainly doesn’t deserve any money.


You are right! Cody wants the big money here and he actually will win big if he takes Vic to final 2. If it is Derrick and Cody in final 2, Cody will win by 1 vote. Derrick fans are going to be real surprised at how bitter this jury is. Just Frankie and Donny alone will not give Derrick and extra 50K in winning BB. Since they are both TA, they can discuss that with each other and they won’t give it to him. Not a chance.


Based on the limited jury scenes that have been shown, it seems like there are at least a few (Nicole, Donny, etc.) that are fully aware that Derrick is the best player in the game. There are enough hardcore BB fans in the jury that they should be smart enough to vote for the most deserving person to win. Hell, if Dan could get the votes in BB10 after the major fiasco with evicting Jessie and the riot that caused, Derrick will easily win this.


You must have missed season 14: Ian won 6-1 with a bitter jury. The jury voted against Dan and this jury will vote against Derrick.

lemon balls

Any other season, derrick would of been gone long ago for making deals with almost everyone , . So would of Victoria, for being a floater…but in this ,the most twisted season ever(hahhha).. You need to expect that everyone in the jury house will talk about their own deal with derrick or how “sleezy” derrick treated them and how Victoria has no reason to be there … Too little to late… Cody played the game also and didn’t piss off a lot of people either. Don’t think it’s a landslide for derrick… Maybe production gets in there so Frankie takes home a little extra dough…
Take Victoria for the win Cody !!!


Oh, Victoria’s a photographer. That explains a lot! Well, I’m a #1 fan!


What was Derrick referring to when he told Victoria to go look in the rule book about something she was nagging him about around 10 pm? Anyone know?


Probably the rule that they are not supposed to tell the other two who they will bring to the final two. Victoria had been nagging him for hours, and finally he couldn’t take it anymore. He went to the diary room to complain about her (there was a leak, reported earlier), and later emerged, was again cornered by Victoria , whereupon he mentioned this rule.

I have little sympathy for him. He made his bed, now he has to lie in it.

Bed of Roses

Derrick has this hands down! If not, he will be back.


NO NO PLEASE GOD NO!!! I don’t ever want to see lame Derrick again. He ruined this season for me. Let him go back to being a cop and a “fuc5ing father to his fuc5ing kid”

Is it Wednesday yet?

It was about how he can’t say one way or the other about who he would take.

The DR

Yea, we just can’t stay out of this…. It is our job to brainwash the remaining HG!


That he is not allowed to say whom he would take to final 2. ( production told him not to tell..and he re-iterated that to Vextoria when she kept going on..and on..and on……and that it was against the in the booklet they have. ( On a side note…..The whiner ..who the whole time was going to self evict if Derrick money wasn’t the most important thing….how she just wanted him to win……NOW shows her true colors…..she screams out..* BUT IT’S A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!*………Somehow…she now feels that she’s worked SO hard to get to final 3….that she deserves it. And..rather than * self evict* if Derrick had to leave..she’s as mad as hell that he beat her. She says she nailed the last comp.…if she had..she would have won it. There’s something very , very wrong with her. The look in her eyes is a clue. Her total denial is another. Her illusion of being a *princess* is laughable. I’m trying very hard to feel empathetic…….but failing to be so.


You stated it a lot kinder than I ever could have.
Thank you.


Does Frankie really have an advantage with Ariana asking via twitter for votes? I checked out Ariana’s dad’s twitter and there’s nothing. Lots of stuff about Ariana though. What about all of Donny and Zachs family and friends — are they supporting them on twitter? I’m voting Zach for sheer entertainment value. Donny relied too much on Team America, Derrick, and Frankie, to carry him. He turned his back on Nicole and had a chance to get rid of Derrick earlier, but instead made some wimpy moves just because he thought Team America would save him.


Thanks again Simon and Dawg for another season finish! I donated through Paypal. Over all I liked this season better than last season, but found it rather boring when the house always voted together. There were no surprises. Next year I would like to see more players like Derrick who play the game. Cody followed what Derrick told him to do. If they have a guy like Donny, put more than one older constant in the show. Donny was set up to fail because of his age and looks. Young people had a hard time relating to him, which hurt his game. Frankie just is fake and we saw his true self when he didn’t get his way. He is a mean character.

You're joking right?

“Vic had one of the the best game in the house. Acting clueless took her all the way to final 3”

Let me clue you in…Victoria wasn’t acting clueless and she certainly had no strategy. She is/was clueless and certainly doesn’t deserve any money.

Used To Love BB

Anyone notice that they didn’t film Frankie walking into the jury house? Instead they gave us a 1 hour look back that featured him! We didn’t get the boos when he left (only non live eviction this year – packed the audience with CBS staffers) & I’m sure he was shunned worse than Christine in the jury house! I wonder if he even had to stay in the jury house……………

Thanks CBS…for the worst season of BB ever!

Here’s to the media demise of the entire Grande family!!! Your 15 minutes were up 15 minutes ago……….


They usually do jury house entries 2 or 3 at a time on the show, so I’m sure we’ll still get some kind of reaction footage for Frankie and Caleb each showing up.


Yes, goodbye Grand eees!!


Ugh Derprick & his bitch make me sick. “Look here Victoria just be a good little wench and not complain about not winning any $ or even DARE to campaign to get to the final 2” BASTARDS! This is the same m/o they used with the other evicted house guests especially Nicole. LIke they did them some FAVOR letting them know 6 days in advance they were going and don’t even bother to try and save your own ass.

Just sit there and be sweet and nice so WE don’t feel uncomfortable. I thought Andy winning last year was the lowest of the low but its sickening to think of either of these two boring pricks winning another red cent!


Victoria is behaving like one of them has already won the 3rd HOH. She is not campaigning, she is throwing a major tantrum. Cody was freaked out in the kitchen when she showed him a knife while cutting an apple. He called her – crazy eyes. BB should have called her into the DR and warned her about her behavior. CBS should do more thorough psychological tests on the applicants before choosing them for BB. The days the HG’s are on the show also needs to be decreased. It is just too long for someone like Victoria who is not sure where she is or what is going on around her. Thank goodness for the mirrors. At least she has one person who thinks she is wonderful/beautiful in the house.


Just want to say thanks lili for your posts this year. I always agree!
And thanks Simon and Dawg for your hard work during this eventful season for you. Just made a donation through PP 🙂


aw…thanks Krikey that was so nice of you to say. Obviously I’m very fired up over this awful season…lol

Friday’s show was an utter waste they could have made it interesting and showed the jury house that is where the action is. I would have loved to see everyones reactions to Frankie then Caleb entering the house instead of that staged rip off of the Survivor “let’s reminisce” walk down memory lane bit.


To Evictoria – I think it’s with reference to not saying who the winner will take to the final two. His lame excuse!

Valentina Corleone

I was watching BBAD last night/early this morning, and the camera followed Verna throughout the house. Every single mirror she walked by, she stopped to look at herself, like she half-expected her image to change from what she looked at 3 seconds earlier. It is a toss up whether she is ridiculously vain or pathologically insecure, but either way, its going to take a really special guy to put up with that.
I don’t think Cody was kidding when he said he’s a little freaked out by her. Hide the knives, guys!


Vortensia suffers from oh-my-god-i’m-not-here-phobia.


Victrola also suffers from I-don’t-think-therefore-i-am-not dysphoria.


Very clever jp!!


He was blowing her off because she keeps nagging him over and over and he ran out of excuses. She wants to know if he is taking her so now he’s saying it’s against the “rules”, hoping it will stop her from nagging about it. It won’t.

Derek's Real Wife

Well well well, the True Bitch finally reared those Bushy Eyebrows last nite! You realized that my husband is not taking your ass to F2, and NOW you decide to wake up and start playing the game VICTORIA? You finally gotcha moxy huh? “I’m not voting for either of you because I need to be sitting in one of those chairs.” What happened to “I want you to win Brother”? Unh Hun , so I guess you was playing the game girlfriend, lol. But guess what Bitch? Too little too late! The Jig is up! Idios, arriveredic(sp?), Bye Felicia. You will be evicted ! Cody, cody, cody.. I love you Cody???? thank you for your Blind Loyalty to my husband. You lay there on that couch last nite, while bravely taking on Vicky’s notorious Death Stare while she does her woe is me, delusional pov winning, coming in finally decent one time only Hoh comp second place, no having social game(except the game she put on my husband) needing her ego/looks stroked, self entitled, not knowing how to eat an apple without smacking self. You laid there Cody, the whole time knowing in the back of that cowardly little mind of yours, that she is right. You Cody, would indeed win over Victoria, where as my dear hubby wouldn’t . You would give the jury want they want which is: to see my husband evicted. Yea sure it took you to take Vicky in order to do it, but, I think they would forgive you on that one. But of course , and again, I’m glad your not that smart and you will stay loyal to my husband and me and Tenley are gonna live the good life ! Whoo Hoo????


Did Derrick convince Victoria to beg him and Cody to take her for strategy? It would be the perfect plan to have her continually pester both of them so that Cody won’t even think about taking her to the final 2, but if Derrick wins the final HOH, he can take her.


DR already has the winner, told vic to keep bugging the guys, dont let up

?The Reporter

Franke L. Grande will accept offer from CBS to take Andy’s place on big brother as press and social media correspondent. Also has offer on table for fashion police social media adviser and red carpet reporter.CBS will confirm after show ends.#expecttheunexpected

another name

oh please. joan rivers has more personality today than Frankie has had in his entire life. and she’s been dead for weeks.
let’s be serious. Frankie will go the way of most of the other losers of their respective seasons. and no, calling him a loser isn’t a personal attack, its a fact: he didn’t win, ergo, loser. its a satisfying coincidence that he can be called a loser now, based in fact.


I hate to say this, but, Frankie would be an interesting choice on Fashion Police,
… now that our beloved Joan Rivers is not. … sniffle.

Derek's Real Wife

And as for you Hubby, I am sick and tired of you constantly kissing her ass. For what Derek ? You won ok! Stop being up in her face. Like I told your miss priss , the Jig is up. I’m watching your ass at night too mister. LEAVE HER ALONE!!! You have manipulated her ( so u thought) to the point of no return. She is getting on your nerves now, begging, screaming, crying, trying to out-wit(roflmao on that one ) , because she can’t believe that you lied to her. She doesn’t understand that this is a game Derek. You know that you are a good liar and evidence manipulator honey . I mean come on, it’s what you make a living at . And thanks to you being the same snake in there that you are in your every day life, me and Tenley are gonna be well taken care of. Oh and P.S. Hell to the No that Heffa is Not going with us the Greece! Keep it up and YOU won’t be going either!
Oh and xoxo


You have officially become my favorite poster on here. Hysterical and true!!

Derek's Real Wife

FTW..if your post is to me, thank you for your support darling. I need some kind of platform to voice my frustrations. No one will ever understand my frustrations with having to watch your spouse day after day and night after night being emotionally molested. Well except for Tim , now there’s a man that can relate to what I’m feeling . Wait a minute, Christine didn’t emotionally molest Cody, she just touched him an awful lot.


i dont get why some of you hate derrick and say he talks shit, i don’t really recall derrick really smack talking anyone the way the other houseguests have… i mean he has expressed annoyance, irritation and dislike but not in an attacking way. i agree it has been a bit boring that no one has really gone against him and given him any competition, but you gotta give it to him, that guy had shit laid out before the houseguests could even blink! i don’t think he’s “using” victoria in a malicious way… it’s her own fault for being so blind and willing! all he’s telling her is what she wants to hear. lane did it to brittany. it’s part of the game! he deserves to win 100%. he comes off being a bit strong but that’s skill in this game!! no one had a bad thing to say about him, other than not being put on the block… but that’s a compliment. he wasnt boring with his tactics, but he was boring in that there was no drama, which is what we love to see. i hate seeing people say that he doesnt deserve it because he lied and schemed… THATS THE POINT OF BIG BROTHER!!! i think this season was better than last year, but here’s to hoping next year will show us a little drama, competition and mystery

Mean Girls, BB Edition

Listen! You’ve shredded Derrick’s behavior and his remarks numerous times on this BB site. In particular, you’ve ranted on about him when Frankie made his sick comments about “taking all of Victoria’s virginities” when most of the BB male HGS were together laughing at his “dark humor” at Victoria’s expense. Derrick didn’t come to her defense; he acted like it was OK to go along with Frankie’s vile crap. You were outraged (understandably so) by him for his lack of character (moral compass) in this situation as well as so many other instances (such as referring to Tenley as his “f—ing kid” frequently.) Are you suffering from “senior moments” or are you just trying to provoke other BB fans to react to your constant posts? (Yeah, of course, you have the right to say whatever you want, whenever you want here, That’s the purpose of this forum.)

Just wondering

Just wondering Are there 2 people using Anonymous ? If not strange there seems to be a lot of flip flopping comments

Just wondering

Are there 2 people using Anonymous ? If not strange there seems to be a lot of flip flopping of opinions especially regarding Derrick

Derek's Daughter

And I want my blanky back, HOLLERrrrr


What is up with Derrick and Cody finding it so annoying that Victoria would ask them to keep her? She has every right to campaign. Whether she earned her spot or it was given to her doesn’t matter. She’s there and can say whatever she wants. They want their final day to be care free. So what! I think their discomfort comes from the fact that they both know one could flip and take her to the final.


Victoria’s behavior the past few days has to be unnerving for Derrick and Cody. They have not even played the 3rd HOH and Princess Clueless has decided they are not taking her, so she is making the final days as miserable as possible for everyone in the house. Probably production is also fed up with her childish tantrums. She has been whining, crying, screaming, and begging both of them to take her to F2. It’s not game play. Derrick, Cody and the production crew are witnessing an adult who appears to have the mental capacity of a preteen who is not getting her way. Last night on BBAD, she was telling some embarrassing family secrets to the surprise of both Derrick (who is probably really happy he did not share he is a cop with Victoria) and Cody. Her sister must be furious with Victoria’s comments about her relationship with her husband on national TV. When BB is over, Victoria is going to get a huge wake up call regarding her bratty behavior on the show.

Frank Zappa

Victoria will make a good wife. She’s a JEWISH PRINCESS!