Big Brother Spoilers Part 2 Final HOH “We’re guaranteed 50 grand dude”

How does the final HOH work
  • All three players compete in part 1. (Cody wins part 1 )
  • The two losers of part 1 compete in part 2. (Derrick wins part 2 )
  • Derrick and Cody compete in part 3. The winner of part 3 gets to decide Who to take to the finale.


Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 21-04-42-221

9:01pm Feeds back Cody in the HOH playing lime toss “Buckets.. What is this nonsense.. he grabs it.. he gets it.. he puts it up.. BUCKETS>… ”
Cody – Ohh my god my wrist still hurts
Cody – He’s coming around on a inbound pass.. pass around Game DIRTY
Cody starts talking about his Jury votes when he makes it to final 2 with Derrick.
Nicole no, Victoria no, Caleb no
Christine Yes, Donny yes, Hayden?
Cody thinks he might be able to get Hayden’s vote with the right speech. Thinks once Hayden finds out Cody and Derrick were working together he won’t take it so harshly.

Cody going through his game.. Highlighting why he deserves the money.
Cody – Man I fuc*ing crushed them .. flipped the script on Nicole.. flipped Christine back after they Flipped her.
Cody – God what a smooth game please have Derrick win this competition so we can CRUSH it in the finale”

“Ohh my god how long is this” (9:19)
“Ohh my god Derrick you better have won”
“If Derrick didn’t win this competition that will be terrible”

COdy continues to practice his final 2 speech.. “Be nice because my parents are watching”

“Is this the worlds longest competition” (9:39pm)

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 22-01-05-145

Derrick wins
Derrick – “We did it we’re guaranteed 50 grand dude”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 22-12-26-596

10:08pm FIREROOM Derrick, Cody and Vicorira

Telling Cody about the Competition. Victoria begins to cry says she thought she had it she never questioned herself once (Her time was 30 minutes)

Derrick and Cody comfort her a bit then leave. She sobs alone in the Fire room. She regains her composure and joins the guys in the kitchen.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 22-38-57-443

10:39pm Victoria continues to cry. She really thought she did well in the HOH competition. (I think Derrick was 15 minutes and Vicotira was 30 minutes)

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 22-42-09-768
10:42pmm Derrick and Cody Hug
Derrick says Cody is like a brother to him he says the person that wins 500K will buy the other person drinks all night. they go on to talk about who has more Jury Votes. Sounds like they think the other one will win in.
Derrick says he gained a brother this season.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 23-15-15-150
11:00pm Kitchen Derrick – we have to watch out because they are going to try and embarrass us” Derrick warns Cody he better be ready because Frankie is coming for him on finale night he’s going to try and make Cody look bad with his jury questions. Cody is ready says he’s got a million things for Frankie, Frnakie’s game was so transparent everyone saw it even Brittany and that girl didn’t even know her own game. They think the jury is going to be bitter but they have to vote for one of them.
Cody about Frankie – “YOU suck! Sucks to Suck.. Go roll off your sister’s piggy bank that’s what I’ll say” and if Frankie tries to start something with Cody “I will f******g punk the sh*t out”
Derrick going one about how they are going to be famous like the renegades. Says everyone remembers the renegades.
11:20pm Derrick says if the Jury chooses Cody as the better guy he can live with that “Might hit you up for a loan”

11:40pm Cody and Derrick going over the season talking about the highlights and the pivotal moments. Derrick thinks the Deviled eggs HOH competition was a major turning point for them If Jocasta/Brittany had won all guys would have gone up.

Again Cody talking about the hitmen and how popular and remembered they will be…

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It must be hard trying to throw a competition to victoria lol

Nicole for AFP

It’s pretty evident watching last night’s highlights that in no way should Donny win AFP. He provided NO entertainment value. I don’t watch big brother to cry and him constantly crying and reminding us he’s not crying for him but for love. Yet, right. Would’ve believed it til you manipulated Nicole and told her that you would sacrifice your game for her. Nicole believed him, as did I. Because Nicole was so dead set on nominating Donny, the Rationale didn’t happen.

Only entertainment I got from watching last night’s hightlights were Zack, Caleb, and Nicole giving Zack a wedgie. Made me like Zack more because he was such a good sport. When did this happen though? I don’t remember this at all.


While Zach sometimes said some obnoxious things, if you saw the feeds or recaps, you’d also see him take it back, and be super nice a lot of the times. He obviously had a great relationship with many HGs, and his brother, and redeemed himself often. Even when he’s trying to insult people, he’s doing it with a smile and humour, hard to take him seriously most of the time. victoria did of course, but she used to also say she expected Devin to stab her in the back, and someone else to do the same, and she was talking literally.

Hilary Eats at the Y


I have to disagree about Zach. He was an ahole to not only Victoria but to Nicole too and he was not saying it with a smile. He knew he was hurting them and he didn’t care. I thought he was a bully.


Thanks for reminding me to vote for Donny as AFP. I almost forgot today.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

LOL. I think Donny is a lock for AFP. I’ll be happy as long as it isn’t Fakie or Zachole.


Yay! I did not want Victoria to win


Victoria thought she had it?… lmao…Izzy could have done better than her

(oo) Derrick's PIG snout smells $50k!! (oo)

Funny on CBS Big Brother tonight, Victoria says after Izzy the dog left the house….”Now I’m the Princess in the house”, and Cody says, “yeah you are”! WTF? are you assuming Izzy was better looking? Although Izzy is better on the eyes than Victoria!


I want derrick to win and take victoria to be in the f2 just to piss off cody

(oo) Derrick's PIG snout smells $50k!! (oo)

Ohh trust me daddy is totally taking his lil’ sweety Victoria to the finale, he will send kotex Cody out the door so fast! Just sit back and watch…… then to top it all off, the jusy gives the Princess the $500,000 and she gets Rhinoplasty!!

(oo) Derrick's PIG snout smells $50k!! (oo)


And You Are Brad Pitt??

I find that people that have to resort to immature comments about others’ appearance usually need to look in the mirror.


Funny aren’t we? Every season on BB there are many nasty comments about folks appearance from the HG’s. And the HG’s constantly look in the mirror. save the PC 101 course please.

For the record Tampex will go out 3rd Derrick has no honour and no respect for BB he’ll take that layabout douchebag F2 and gift wrap her 50k. There has never, and I mean never, been a less deserving 50K winner.


You replying to that comment, I could imagine what you look like.

Grow up

Um…Derrick will NOT take Vic to the final two. He’s just been holding onto her for a vote and for fact that she’s guaranteed to lose comps. It’s pretty obvious if you’ve watched the feeds he is taking Cody. Although he may throw the final comp so that he doesn’t have to make the decision and piss off Vic.

And it’s pretty lame to make fun of people’s looks. Comment on their behavior or something that they actually have control over. I doubt everyone thinks you’re attractive. Want to post a picture and let us make fun of your face?

Who needs to grow up?

So name calling is wrong BUT you ask them to post a picture so you can make fun of them? Oh what a lovely glass house you live in. Victoria is an ugly B, Derrick is a oil nose and Cody is a sissy. These are facts get over it PRINCESS!

not throwing final hoh

i don’t believe derrick will intentionally throw the final comp. He feels comfortable enough now to send vic to the jury house, she will still give him her vote…derrick for sure wins no matter who he is sitting next to….if cody wins he only has a chance sitting next to vic…but i don’t think he knows that so he will prob take derrick


Neither Cody or Derrick will take Victoria. She served her purpose. She will be in the jury and Derrick will somehow make her feel good about it.


(oo) Derrick’s PIG snout smells $50k!! (oo)—— can you even tell with that lazy eye of yours?

Habs Rule

Am i the only one that thinks cody is a tool….The guy is the biggest bitch in the house…..nice to you to your face and the second youre not around he is bad mouthing you calling you every name in the book……he has got no balls and has rode derricks coat tails all summer long……the guys a chump and the fact that he is going to win at least 50k makes me throw up in my mouth a little…… i mean alot!!

Habs Rule

Oh yeah and he is the male version of Christine!!


as for Donny, Freakie has zero chance at winning AFP. even if he did have millions of minions following him, most would recognize what a lowlife ahole he really is after watching him for a few months. he and zack should just get married and sail off into the sunset in a really leaky boat.
Donny for president!! a truly fine gentleman.
BTW, I believe that henri Richard has to wear a Stanley cup ring on his d*ck because he only has 10 fingers. ,

Habs Rule

hahaha!!Yess!! habfan henri richard is a lucky man,,,,,,,,,may not be too well endowed if he can fit the ring on his dick but who the fuck cares……hes got enough stanley cup rings not to really give a shit!!


I hope “The Hitmen” take each other to the final 2. To me, the ultimate insult to this game is if Vic was in the final 2. Yes – it will be a closer vote between Cody & Derrick. But I hope they both do the honorable thing and take each other. Simply put – Vic does not deserve to win anything. She has been useless, catty & mean – & not nearly so “innocent” as she pretends to be. I want Derrick to win the $500K & Cody to win $50K & Donny to win AFP. I’d like to see a real alliance make it to the end. Like him or not – Derrick has played a damn good game. To me, it’s a no brainer – he’s never been on the block, got rid of all of his threats, won comps when he needed too, while still maintaining a salvageable relationship with all the jury. As a sidenote: watching back tonite’s flashback just reminded me again of how much I Luv Donny. He was not only genuine, but also wise & witty. I have voted 20 times each day for him for AFP. So one last time – Derrick for the win, Cody for 2nd place, & PLEASE – Donny for AFP!!


I wasn’t a big fan of Derrick in the beginning but after seeing how he played the game he deserves to win. My only complaint about Derrick was how he chose not to keep Donny over all the turds in the house. PLEASE everyone vote for Donny for America’s favorite because he was THE BEST MAN TO EVER PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After seeing the last episode of big brother I’m gonna give all my AFP votes to Zach he was the life of the season and with the way frankie used him for TA I think he deserve it for the entertainment he created. #Zach4AFP


I wouldn’t give rude Zach the time of the day. he wasn’t even funny and Besides for Zach is waste. Donny is crushing Zach and the rest in polls.. I’m voting for KING OF POV, Donny


Sorry to say to you, but the demographic who will be placing the most votes online are twitter users. Zach and Frankie are the most popular to the tweens/teen twitter population and love those 2.

One of them will without doubt walk away with AFP.

Donny resonates with the older viewers of the show more because he is your typical hard working underdog American. I get why he is so liked and is killing it on the jokers websites for who deserves AFP.

But in the end Zach and Frankie have bigger overall followings than Donny. There following extends outside of the normal BB viewership and so they have people not even connected or interested in BB voting for them because Ariana Grande has voiced her support for Zach and Frankie.

I know this website is filled with a bunch of Donny fans, so I know how the internet works and expect to get a lot of thumbs down for speaking the truth, but like it or not Zach or Frankie are winning AFP. And I like Donny as well. I voted for him. But facts are facts and Zach or Frankie will win.

Mac from Ca

Jenny, most of the viewers are adult viewers and u don’t know what your talking about

Mac from Ca

also these teen also vote in polls.. take a look at all of the online polls.. there is one online poll that has 50,000 plus votes with Donny receiving 65 percent of the vote.. you really dont know what you’re talking about and i have twitter and follow big brother on twitter, Donny receives as much or more love on twitter than Zach.


I’m thinking Frankie used Arianna’s money to actually buy all those Twitter followers he constantly brags about. Million my a@#. Nobody even knew who he was before this show.

Stop riding your sister’s coattails Frankie!!!


Hide and watch, “old people” vote too!!!!! Your age is showing in your comments. Whether you’re young trying to sound grown up or older trying to sound younger, you are simply going to be proven wrong!!!!

Frankies Skankie Shorts

Go do your homework Jenny there’s a spelling test on Monday.


My 17 year old the other night wanted to go online and vote for Zach. Once she get’s to the website they ask her for her basic info and password to set up the account. She says “forget it” not worth it. THAT’S what most of those young grande fans will do because they don’t care that much. Get a clue! It will be Zach or Donny.


Actually, last night’s episode reminded me why I didn’t like Zack in the first place. He’s rude. He thinks he’s funny and entertaining, but comes off as rude and hurtful for no apparent reason. I’m voting for Donny.

Jimmy 64

I do believe Derrick just won BB 16

Frankie who?

Yeah he did!!!

Beast Mode Mogul

Victoria lost?!?!?!?! WOW what a twist to the whole twistiest twisty twist season ever. Julie Chen did kept her promise.. like always!!!!

(oo) Derrick's PIG snout smells $50k!! (oo)

Wasn’t this twistiest twisty twist season ever the best of all seasons? Julie ROCKS!! Can’t wait for BB17 it will even be a bigger twistiest twisty twist season ever!!


Yup, can’t wait for BB17 All-Stars. Team Zankie will be back as they are the only ones worth watching.


And why do the directors have Julie walk across stage in one direction while she’s simultaneously looking in another direction, talking? It’s bizarre. I keep thinking “watch where you’re going! You’ll trip.”
Just wondering.


They would both be idiots if they took each other to the end. Hopefully they realize that taking Victoria is a for sure win.
However, if Victoria won the game, it’d be classic tv to see Depricks face as he realizes the girl he played all summer beat him.

(oo) Derrick's PIG snout smells $50k!! (oo)

Fingers crossed! Although I loathe a floater, I would be LMFAO if she won!!


The “Bomb Squad” guys made a deal that if one of them took Victoria to F2, they would all vote for her to win. They all swore on it.
Those guys sit in the jury: Caleb, Frankie, Zach, Hayden, Cody (if he takes Victoria). That’s 5 right there, all she’d need to win.
Now… would they go through with it and vote for a winner of their season they’d really have to feel ashamed of? Who knows.
I think Derrick would take Cody because he thinks he has a better chance of winning against him. Derrick wouldn’t mind being seen as a scumbag for betraying Cody, but he actually believes he has a better shot at winning.
The fact of having “The Hitmen” as the only true alliance that made it all the way through the season, and the respect they might gain from it, is just a little added bonus for him.

BUT I hope Cody wins the final comp so there isn’t any doubt. Plus, that would be a little added value for Cody compared to Derrick.


The Hit men are a joke. In fact, this entire BB season was one Gigantic Joke. I have watched BB from season 2, to the present, and these contestants were pitiful.
I see they are already advertising for contestants for next year, and I pray they get some real BB players. People who not only love the game, but know how to play the game. How refreshing that would be!

echo 1

Lets hope the Travolta lookalike has an epiphany giving him for a fleeting moment a thought of intelligence that he has to take Victoria to the end to win the $500000. Let him count the Jury House votes over and over to figure that out!!! Would nice to see the Hitmen finally take each other out. A fitting end to this Comedy. If Inspector Clouseau wins he will be the highest paid contestant ever with total winnings of over $585000 assuming he won $20000 for being Americas favorite. Victoria wins second place and gets to have a colonic to cleanse her body of the nasty things she ingested and endured . Cody just goes back to the retail outlet store where is a sales associate and CRUSHES it 100%. Can you imagine what the other house guests were like if these 16 were the top contenders to win the spots on the show that’s scary to think about!!! Highlights to the Finale, House guests reaction to Derricks real job, Derricks winning additional $70000, Donny winning Americas favorite, Frankie s finding out what people do think of him Frankie finding out Donny s acting gig, Caleb finding out he has very few fans not the millions he thinks Cody finding he was looked like a scared whimp . The biggest question of the Season will be will there be BB17!!!!!

Any mouse

If Cody wins final HOH and takes Derrick to F2 then he is an imbecile and a moronic idiot…he’s letting this loyalty BS cost him half a million dollars….I’m sure that after he is out of the house and home with his 50 grand he will have an epiphany and realize what he did and it will bug him the rest of his life.


Considering that Derrick especially has been drilling into every houseguest for the latter half of the game the fact that taking Victoria to the final two is a punk move and the jury should give the money to her if someone does that….then taking Victoria is actually the stupidest move they could make at this point. Pretty much all of the remaining bomb squad said they would give the money to Victoria if anyone took her to the finale.

Mtn Feet

Derrick will send Vic to jury, she is a vote for him

Frankie who?

Now Derrick can throw the third comp and Victoria can go home happy.


This season is sooooo boating and I’m a huge BB fan please just end already!!

derrick crushes the comp.

Derrick just won’t lose this game. He was in the right alliance @ the right time & knew what he was doing. Being a cop. Being from the northeast, where they are ornery and hard to gain their trust. He got in w/ team america, which made him close to two guys he may not have been. He knew devin was too nutty. Knew Donny didn’t trust him. He knew to knock off nic & hey b/c they wanted Donny safe. Vic never ever won a thing. Frankie was a beast. Caleb was a beast. Zach a nut. He just used what the HG gave them. This season was much better than last, even though we knew it from week 2 that Derrick was gonna roll. Love that cop from Rhody. He was concerned about himself first. And in BB, & in that environment. He renegade it. He brigade it. He clichéd it. He just controlled EVERY last thing. Hate/Love him if you want. He may just have “Dan”ed it. My favorite season was Dan’s 1st. I wish everyone could re-watch that one. He got shat on after the 1st eviction, was literally looked @ as a leper (people reading this, they treated him like that kid in the cafeteria that sits alone looking depressed b/c he IS depressed). Watching it, he bided his time. Derrick did it too. While never on that block. Beast mode copper………OK, thumbs down


100 percent agree and here’s another unpopular opinion: the competition this season was NOT easy.

There were def. a few duds in this cast — Joey, Victoria, Jocasta, but for the most part this group played hard and played well, even if it didn’t always make for fun feed-watching.

They had numerous super-fans with intimate knowledge of the game — including Nic, Christine, Donny and Derrick. And IMO they had one of the strongest line-ups of physical competitors the show has ever had — two professional athletes, BMC, and Frankie. Hayden and Derrick were two of the weakest guys, and they would have been considered physical “threats” in most any other season.

Say the season was boring, but it wasn’t because it was a weak cast of players.


Derrick will soon be as forgotten as Victorias last big move.

Frankie's not so Grande

I agree that there were strong physical players this season, but I disagree with the assertion that Derrick is the second coming of Dan. He may have been, but in this season there were too many ifs to make that assumption. The stupid dual HOH/BOB was tailor made for a huge alliance to make it far. The equally stupid “Americas Team” was also an insulator for Derrick. I do think he was really good at reading and manipulating people, and getting out those that caught on to his bullshit, but he probably wouldn’t have been able to as easily without the big alliance and AT. I don’t think you can argue that although there were strong physical players, most of them were very weak mentally and many were way more interested in future fame over winning BB. I’d equate it to putting a Mensa member on Jeopardy vs a bunch of college students and then calling him the best payer evahhh. I liked Derrick from the start and really wish the game was set up differently so I could see if he really was that good or not, but oh well maybe next year?


All you cops like to post positive stuff on here about Derrick but you are delusional and will always defend other cops no matter what they do. You act like Victoria acts toward Derrick: fawning.
Bitter jury will not give the money to Derrick.
He should have never been allowed on this show due to his training as a cop and his photographic memory.
Boring season that will not be remembered fondly by true fans.
Hope CBS has learned its lesson and will not cast any more trained manipulators on this show with a bunch of kindergarten kids.


Who do you think should win then? He’s a cop not a jedi. You probably don’t even know what that is. I agree that the BOB made thinks a little easier but you’ve got to give Derrick his props. Never on the block! BOB four people get nominated this is even more impressive. Has anyone ever thought that the reason most of these hg look like idiots is bc of Derrick’s mind control? Don’t have to like him but at least appreciate the play.

No way that Victoria would get one vote at the finale

Derrick or Cody would be complete assholes if either one does not take Victoria along with them to the final 2.

No matter how “bitter” this jury is, I can not see any of the jury members throwing a single vote Victoria’s way.

Personally, I do not like any of the last 3 standing, but I can’t believe that anyone that was in that house could vote for “Princess Airhead”.


Well all of the bomb squad said (multiple times) that if anyone takes Victoria at the end then they would give her the money. Derrick has been drilling that into people for weeks. So….yes, Victoria would get votes if they were stupid enough to do that after all that stuff was said about it being a very punk move.


Calm down bro. Victoria has ZERO chance of winning if taken to the F2 so let it go already.

Frankie – Already said he wont vote for her is she is in F2.
Caleb – said he would vote for her if she made it. He is very bitter still
Christine – HATES Victoria with a passion. Will never vote for her.
Donny – Was clowning Victoria in jury and wont vote for her no mater what.
Nicole – Said she would vote for Derrick if he made F2, but maybe might vote for her friend Vic up against Cody
Zach – LOL, already told Victoria he will never vote for her to win no matter who she is up against
Hayden – Clowned Victoria in jury as well, and flipped the chair in disgust when he won her money. Even though bitter with Derrick/Cody he’ll vote for them over Victoria
Jocasta – Her vote is completely up in the air. She like Victoria failed to realize they were playing a game for money

So that’s 4 sure fire votes against Victoria. [Zach, Donny, Frankie, Christine]
2 almost certain votes against her [Nicole voting for best player not friend, Hayden same]
1 vote from Caleb who is just bitter and will most likely change his mind by finale to Derrick/Cody
1 vote completely up in air with Jocasta although she’ll likely just go with majority and vote for anyone but Vic

IF 1 of Derrick or Cody betrayed the other she might have that persons vote though. Still that would still mean a likely 7-2 or 8-1 vote in favor of Cody/Derrick. 6-3 loss for Victoria at best. She has no chance to win bro. None.


Once Frankie tells Donny that Derrick will get an extra 50K if he wins, there is no way that Donny or Frankie will vote for Derrick. You all keep forgetting that those 2 are going to talk about TA and not reward Derrick for it.
Derrick has no chance of winning 1st place with this jury.


Some people are so desperate for Derrick to lose that they are now creating this unreal fantasy in their minds that somehow Cody will take Victoria to the end instead of Derrick,


I don’t mean to be rude, but Cody doesn’t have the heart to pull a betrayal like that if you’ve paid any attention to the kid at all this season. Now Derrick on the otherhand definitely has it in him to betray Cody, but I think he realizes the very real possibility of a bitter jury and so he’ll take Cody to the end with him and not betray him

Sorry to say but the Hitmen have made F2. Victoria is going out. If there was any possibility of Derrick taking her he squashed it with how heavy he’s been laying it on to Cody and talking to the camera telling his wife to make Hitmen shirts for the finale.

Derrick may lie to many people, but he’s not that dumb to lie to his wife in front of a national audience


I don’t think people are delusional about final 2. I think that you assume that Cody is more loyal to Derrick than he is to 500K. Derricks bets move is to take Cody to the final 2 but Derrick still won’t win against Cody.
Cody’s best move is to take Victoria. He could beat her with this jury because this jury is more bitter toward Derrick than toward Cody.
Some of you people are so obsessed with Derrick that your wishful thinking about the jury votes have blinded you to the reality of this jurys bitterness toward Derrick.
Those HItmen t-shirts may not be worn during the finale.


Victoria cries because she sucks! @ comps…. @ comps…..even though the DR sessions aren’t too impressive either. Note to Vic: can you MAYBE try to act older than your virginal 21yr old self????????………???????……….Lmao


If Cody takes Derrick to Final 2, he is the biggest idiot in BB history. Derrick is taking Victoria 100%.


Do you watch the feeds at all? Derrick will NOT take Victoria. Period. He’s just kept her for a vote and the fact that she’s easy to beat. Derrick has been telling people for weeks that if anyone takes Victoria to the final two then that’s a punk move and everyone should give the money to Victoria. All of the jury bomb squad members have said they’ll do this. Plus, on live feeds even when Derrick is talking to himself he says he’s with Cody till the end. I think Derrick may throw the final comp to Cody so he doesn’t have to piss off Victoria, but he’s staying loyal to the Hitmen regardless.


If Cody is smart, he will take Victoria to final 2. Derrick can’t win against her but he has a better chance of winning against Cody.
Cody would beat Victoria in final 2.
You Derrick fans should be prepared for a disappointing win by Cody or Victoria.
I find that Derrick losing in the end would be the best end to this season and if he doesn’t make it to final 2, it would be the BEST ENDING EVER!!!


Watching bad and Victoria is already blaming the loss on her being shorter than derrick. Please don’t go to play big brother if you can’t compete have extensions that are making you bleed which you DO NOT have to wear in the first place and cry about everything. Uuggh! they are chewing down on Chinese without chewing and v gets choked but the guys don’t seem to care. I guess the charade is over now.


It surprised me how both guys kept eating when Victoria started choking on her food. Neither one of them even acknowledged that she was coughing loudly. When she finally got her choking under control, they didn’t ask her if she was ok. I felt bad for her – she knows the game and her fantasy of being with Derrick is over. Her crying right after the 2nd HOH comp was very telling. I think she would liked to have kept Derrick to herself a lot longer. Victoria is going to get a huge wake up call on finale night. Derrick will be pleasant, but his family is going to be his first priority. Her 3 month life in the BB house as princess with Derrick with be in the rear view mirror. Her fantasy of being part of Derrick’s life will become reality very quickly. The real princess is his daughter and the Queen Bee is his wife.


At least after next week I won’t have to hear the word beast for awhile. I swear every calls everyone a beast in that house.


Yes, they are all BEASTS and they CRUSH every competition if they are no SMOKING it. LITERALLY they said about 10,000 times… LITERALLY. We have turned these words into a drinking game while watching.


AT THE END OF THE DAY…they are literally smoking beasts that CRUSH it.


That being said, I would laugh my ass off if the jury was bitter and gave it to Victoria. That would be epic.


Vic is going to be devastated when she gets out of this house and hears what the house guests have been saying about her but she is going to be most surprised by Derr and his comments about her especially the rape thing and his Zingbot joke lets not forget he is a COP it is totally inappropriate if someone said that about his daughter he wouldn’t like it


The people still thinking about that so-called “rape” joke from over a month ago should probably see a therapist. Thou doth protest too much.


Ya…because Victoria is so innocent and never bashed anyone…right? That girl is just as hateful as Christine in some of the things she has said!


Derrick was the most kind of anyone to Victoria. Frankie made the inappropriate comment about Victoria. Derrick told him to consider that Victoria’s father was watching. She may be hurt by some of the comments but if you have a thin skin do not audition for BB.


Derrick fondled and manipulated Vic the whole season. He is a cop too and still did it. What a tool.
You can say over and over again how nice Derrick treated Vic but it just is not true. He treated her like a thot and she responded like a lovesick girl. What type of man does that for money? There is no way you who watch the feeds can deny what Derrrick has done unless of course you want to edit out all his bad behavior. Those of us who watched the feeds the whole season saw Derrick for who he is and how he mistretaed women.
HE is not a winner in anyone’s book except for maybe some of the perps that he modeled himself after this season.


It’s one thing to not want someone to win but it’s another to outright lie about their treatment of women. Or should I say the way he “mistretaed” women. Turn off the computer and go open a 2nd grade spelling book. I don’t like how you treat the English language!

worst bbever

Once again on bbad we are subjected to there shoveling of food. They was to lazy after lunch to put it in the ice box, so it has sat out for at least 8-9 hours, hope they don’t get sick. Diptoria was going so fast she chocked! They have such terrible manners, and they know the camera’s are on. Can you imagine what they are like when no one is looking!!!! Cody just had dessert , a good snort!!!!




the way cody snorts, he must have been doing coke b4 he entered the house..who knows? maybe he’s still doing it in the DR? lol


Aww Victoria thought she had it won, so cute.. Wait til she finds out she never had a chance of winning anything on her own.

Victoria is on the same level as was before Jeff’s Coup De Crap bailed them out.. Too bad Victoria couldn’t find a “showmance” , or we could’ve had another Jordan, falling face first into winning 500k. Imagine how boring that would’ve been? Just Saying…


Sorry JJ fans, but it’s the truth, without Coup De Technotronics, Jordan had no chance of winning, they both would’ve been evicted by Jessie and his cronies Chima, Lyidia and Natalie if it wasn’t for the power. It literately came down to jury being bitter towards Natalie that led to Jordan winning. If Victoria could’ve found a showmance, and America liked them, the same thing that happened in season 11, would’ve happened again. No hate at all, just facts.




Humor me this, what if Cody has actually been stringing Derrick along all season and used him to get all the bigger threat out/ get Victoria to the end, so he can cut Derrick at F? To see Derrick met his end at the hands of his puppet would be a fitting way to put this season to rest…also whoever thought Victoria was a good casting decision should be fired. Girl makes it to F2/3 without winning a single comp by herself…


I have been saying this for weeks. If Cody wants to be a BB legend, he takes Derrick out at final 2 and takes Victoria to the end.
Just him taking Derrick out would ensure his win with this very bitter jury, a bitter jury that absolutely will not give Derrick the win in any situation.
Cody taking Derrick out would give him the jury’s immediate respect and all Cody would have to do is tell the jury that he did not agree with Derricks treatment of some of the hg’s and some of the nasty things that Derrick did and that is why he did not take him to final 2. That would seal Cody’s win because it would show Cody as someone who is a nicer guy than Derrick and someone who in the end, regained his moral compass.

BB Fan16

If cody wants to win the game, he has to take victoria, if derrick wants to win he can take whoever 🙂


Well, that Derrick just keeps getting better and better. He has officially convinced Cody that $50,000 is better than $500,000. I want some of what Derrick is selling because it must be one hell of a drug. These houseguests are just unwilling to think (Frankie, Caleb, Christine, now Cody) about all the scenarios on their own. Unwilling and unable to put their own game play and potential outcomes ahead of Derricks. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they get back home and the spell is broken and Derrick has skipped off with $500,00 plus; all with their help.


Who knows if Derrick truly “convinced” Cody that 50k is better then 500k? Convincing someone that 50k is better than 500 is a preposterous idea to say the least.What should Cody have done?To antagonize Derrick?No! To agree with him? YES! I think Cody prefers 500k over 50k no matter how much BS Derrick feeds him.The question for Cody is who should sit next to him in the finale so that he gets the top prize.In his particular case the answer is Victoria.


Good Luck Cody, Derrick and Victoria….and most of all thank you Simon and Dawg.


Why someone dislike my post? from what part of the universe are you from and you don’t enjoy the daily effort of Dawg and Simon, or you are still on bitter mode that your bet didn’t make it to the final 3 – pity for you whoever you are.

worst bbever

Forgot to tell Simon and dawg, thank you for your work this season!!!!!! It has been ruff but you plowed through. Wishing you both the best in the new year!!!!!!!


Vacancy is crying right now, but Cotex Cody will be crying next when Derprick do not take him to the final 2.


Soooo congratulations Derrick he’s won almost 600k right? 500k for the win, 5k from the HoH, 50k extra for being apart of team America and 20k for his mission as team America. That’s 575k.

If Cody wins the HoH it would be so stupid to take Derrick. I bet Derrick throws it so Victoria wont be mad and votes for him.

Zack – Cody?
Donny – Derrick
Nicole – Derrick
Christine – Derrick
Frankie – Derrick
Caleb – Derrick
Victoria – Derrick

I mean why would you knowingly give someone 500k just because your gonna CRUSH it together.

These have to be the worst players in Big Brother History they’d rather be friends than win other than Derrick who will kill there 1st born to get the money.

Cant wait for them to get out and read what people think of them and this season.


Zach has stated numerous times that he is 100 percent voting for Derrick to win it all as long as he is in F2.


Frankie and Derrick might vote for Cody because they know about Team America and might not want to give Derrick 500k knowing he won so much already and still bitter. Caleb feels more betrayed from Derrick than Cody. With that said there might be 3 more votes for Derrick.


I rolled my eyes when i saw that derrick won. Then i realized who he was competing against. Duh


I don’t think Cody is going to take Derrick. I would love it if they ended up in the finals cause Cody definitely deserves the 50,000 over Victoria. But Derrick isn’t taking Cody and I don’t think Cody is gonna be that stupid enough to take Derrick. He’s already counting the jury votes and sees that he doesn’t have enough.


Derrick cannot win against Cody or Victoria.
Cody can win against Victoria

It really is that simple so if Cody wins final HOH, he should take Victoria and not only will he win, but he will immediately gain the respect of the jury by eliminating Derrick.


Remember years ago when the term floater was used for a player who kissed the hohs butt every week no matter who was hoh. Floating from one hoh to another trying to get in good with them. For the last few years the term floater goes with anyone who sucks at competitions or social. Thanks rachel reilly! Vomit


If Cody wins the third hoh and takes Derrick with him final two then he is the biggest idiot in big brother history. I know he truly cares about Derrick but there’s a HUGe difference between 50k and 500k…or should I say 550K


Cody ain’t part of TA.


Cody and Derrick assure each other of taking one another to the end, but i have a hunch that Victoria still has chances, even if slim, to make it to F2.

Ariana Grande stinks

I don’t understand why Virginia’s crying? Clueless, delusional and incapable to do ANYTHING. She’s been playing the pity cards ALL ALONG: random sicknesses, crying in any/every situation… Now again?! WHY? What did she do or win in this game?

Today, Veronica is a synonymous for clueless! Veronica, Valery, Virginia, Victoria… whatever.


This is the modern generation of education all grown up. As long as you tried your best, you’re a winner. They should all get 500 grand for trying.


She wants her participation award by Derrick already gave it to her in so many ways.


okay first of all derrick and cody doesnt even deserve to be final 2. the winner should have been christine or frankie. I know youre going to say cristine sucks but hear me out she kept it real okay. and for frankie, he maybe didnt show his best side on the show, but i mean who would if your being videotaped all the time, it was prolly anxiety. anyways if you watch his youtube videos or read his twitter you’ll see how much of a good person he is. peace out everyone and #BFB (bringbackfrankie)


Sarcasm, is STRONG with this one…


100% agreed, seriously best 2 houseguests in bb history, should have given them both 600k (100k bonus for being great players)

Dame Judi Chop

Tim’s wife and Frankie both got what they deserve. They didn’t “keep it real” they both lied and schemed just as much as the others. Unfortunately for them, Derrick and his minions played way more underhanded. Perhaps you have heard of no honor among thrives. Or maybe Dave Chappell’s “when keeping it real, goes wrong”. I don’t know what show you were watching, but obviously you have a hard time distinguishing between a train wreck and true game play. Perhaps you should stick with MTV and what has become of the Real World. If you want a little game play in between your obnoxious drunkin hookups, perhaps The Challenge is for you. In an event, you should wait until puberty has finished with you, before commenting.


Christine kept it real? HA, she told lie upon lie, some of which barely impacted anyone’s game. Like the time she told Nicole that Hayden and Victoria hooked up, at that point they weren’t going after Victoria or Hayden (obviously because Nicole loves him), so why even make that up? There is a difference between keeping it real, and making up lies to tell people so you appear to be keeping it real.

Oh dear lord, you’re going to wish you didn’t get me started on Frankie. I have so many thoughts on him. you claim “he didn’t show his best side?” Of course he looks good on his twitter and whatever else, he has time to revise things to look the best he can. With BB, when he says anything, its on tape no matter what and he can’t undo it. Then there’s the part where he told everyone he’s playing for charity, but later privately admits he will use his TA money for the charity. Plus talks about how he struggles too and his life is hard financially, yet he can afford going to Africa twice a year to do charity? When you go on a charity trip the money for your ticket and such comes from somewhere, no charity has enough money to help people plus pay for their volunteers travel. And the biggest thing, he claims he doesn’t use Arianna’s fame, but then revealed his secret at the most convenient time. It wasn’t a bad game move because it did distract a lot of people, but it does add to his ugly personality. And his 1.5 mil followers before the show? That’s counting all of his social media sites together, he doesn’t even have 500,000 on youtube yet. He talked a lot about how popular he was once his secret was out, yet he isn’t that well known. He’s a sad, has been that never even was, longing to live outside of his little sister’s shadow.


It’s obvious Derrick is taking Cody and vice versa. Also, I think Victoria cried maybe because she felt like Derrick should’ve thrown the competition to her…also, the episode I watched today (Fri, 09/19/2014) made me sick to my stomach. She thinks she got to the Final 3 because she play a good game…ugh!!! Such a dumbass!!! So NAIVE!!!! And I hate how she talk with her head moves….come on woman!!!! Get with the damn program!!!

Victoria OUT


Seriously how the hell could anyone have wanted her to win. Yeah Derrick made this season boring with his dominance, and Cody is a grade A pussy, but Victoria is right up there as one of the worst BB players of all time along with Jocasta from this season.

She had no social game except getting lucky to attack to Derrick the most powerful person in the house who could keep her safe week after week as his pawn to get out other bigger targets.

She has no competitive ability. She litterally didn’t win not one single comp all season except when she had other people to win them for her.

She had no tactical/strategic game. The only plans she made was what she was going to wear, how often she was going to change outfits each day, how much make up to put on, and how to rip up her own pink hat.


Players like her are NEVER to be respected in this game. NEVER.

Just sayin

She won 5k in a luxury comp.


Hayden did, she was just lucky to be associated with him in that comp.


Even that $5,000 was won by Hayden. Princess Clueless picked Team Hayden’s shirt which was her one decision throughout this season that made her any money. The rest of the season, she spent wandering around the set staring at everyone, living in fantasy land with Derrick, and doing her hair/makeup. Memo to Victoria – the game is over on Wednesday. You will have to leave the building and get on with your life.


Victoria is breaking my heart… poor kid. Be proud my little Jewish princess, you did well.


Derrick or Cody need to take Victoria to the end. The jury will not give Victoria the win. If Derrick takes Victoria, he can just give Cody 50k since Cody would take 2nd place against Derrick anyway due to Codys affilliation and behavior with Christine will cause him to lost the majority of jury votes.


Cody, pennies made before 1982 are made of copper. Do not throw them out. Donate the pennies made after 1982 to schools because many collect them for fundraisers so they can fund projects and buy instruments and sporting equipment etc.


What I took away from House Guests today……I’m also really hungry for some Chinese food! Although watching them eat is extremely unappetizing!

kevin mitchell

big brother has had some magical seasons however were in a dry spell right now as the last few seasons have sucked. and also whats the point of recruiting people who aren’t even that familiar with the game. it diminishes the overall gameplay of a season. do you know how many people would love the opportunity to play this game. why cast incompetent dull individuals.


If Derrick wins the final comp he gets a $50,000 bonus for being part of Team American. He cannot mention it to Cody because nobody knows about Team America yet but I’m sure Derrick hasn’t forgotten about it,,,,,,




Your post is wrong in at least three different ways.

Ariana Grande stinks

Anyone else hated the last night BB episode?

NOTHING from the Jury House! Not even the full HOH comp no.1. Nada!

Lazy shit episode, with a bunch of sequences involving the Evil Gay Clown. #TheWorstBBepisodeEVER

echo 1

Lame like the whole season


Question of food source: anyone know if the Chinese Food they had was ‘kosher’?


Awwww Victoria is sad… poor thing

Victoria FTW

How can anyone think that Derrick is one of best players to play BB?

He was protected in an alliance that was in power for the entire season with the
exception of only two weeks!

Week 6 Donny and Nicole were co-HOH and screwed up their nominations.
Week 7 Christine and Nicole were co-HOH and Nicole was betrayed.
These two weeks were the only weeks in the season that there was a possibility
of a Bomb Squad/Detonator going home at the hands of a non-bomb squad member.
During those two opportunities no one would target such a non-competitor as Derrick,
especially with such big targets in the house. There never was a threat to Derrick or the
alliance that he cowardly hid behind the entire season.

Derrick’s micromanaging was completely pointless. He would be in the F4 if he just
sat on his behind and did nothing. All his “game-play” was irrelevant to the results.
The bomb squad would still eliminate the outsiders and then turn on their most
competitive members leaving Derrick in the exact same place.

Derrick is a good narrator and play by play commentator pretending to be player.
Sure he talks game 24/7, so what, that didn’t get him to the place he is in. What did?
He attached himself to a winning alliance that carried him to the F4. That’s what did.
Derrick is no different from Victoria who did the same thing with him. If Derrick is a
great player then so is Victoria, they both got to the F3 the same way. They are kindred spirits.
They both think their “game-play” got them there, when really there were just
bigger targets in the house other than them.


Derick was annoying the last 1/2 of the season. If ever there was a reason for me to mute my feeds or my TV, Derrick was it.
CBS lost me this season by focusing on a flamboyant pink squirrel and a psycho undercover cop. Both equally disgusting and repulsive.
I hope big brother brings some people I can like into the next season instead of these dregs of humanity like Derrick and Frankie.

Mean Girls, BB Edition

Oh, dear sweet Anonymous, Derrick and Frankie don’t make it on the Billboard Top 100 of “Humanity,” but they certainly don’t qualify for the “dregs of humanity.” Leave that accolade to the likes of Charlie Manson, John Wayne Gacy and the good old standby, Hitler!

just wondering

Are you watching/reading the same feeds that everyone else is? Derrick (and Cody, but mostly Derrick) was puppet master over every eviction that took place. And he did it in a way that kept him from getting blood on his hands, but had it splattered over whoever else went along with them (the hitmen). I mean, he had caleb and frankie thinking they were calling the shots for quite some time. Please….they never made a shot call. DERRICK planted seeds and ultimately got them to do what was best for the hitmen. And the way he spoke made them think it was best for THEIR game. Lol. Heck, he made Caleb think it was best to send Frankie out with one little sentence. “If you put me and victoria up, frankie wins pov, takes down victoria and you would be forced to put cody up as a replacement-and one of us goes home for sure.” That’s all it took. GENIUS game play on his part. He knew the whole time that if caleb does this dirty work to get frankie out, caleb is next. Everyone played right into his master plans. Call it what you want-whether you think he was a coward that was hiding behind people- whatever it may be. BOTTOMLINE: you do not go into BB house guns blazing, showing all of your cards, cause you will be evicted (Devin). I think Derrick’s game is far better than Dan’s. Derrick has played a flawless game- quiet, stealthy, lies, manipulation, loyalty (to his true alliance.aka Cody), and befriending a pawn just in case you need a vote (Victoria). It’s like Derrick was born to be a professional big brother contestant. He wasn’t “carried” by the bomb squad. He used them as shields when he needed to. He got into their heads like a virus on a computer and caused them to self destruct. If you want to win you don’t outwardly lead your alliance. You fly under the radar and plant seeds of doubt among everyone else along the way. Then sit back and realize you made it to final 3. And that you played an epic game without anyone realizing until after they were evicted that they got played. Perfect.


Derrick has been playing a game of chess, the house was his board and the HG’s have been his pieces.


You must be a cop because all you do is question those of us who watched the feeds but saw Derricks terrible behavior LIVE with OUR OWN EYES. I believe what I , and all the people who have consistently said the same thing all season on the feeds, have said about Derrick. Enough people on here have talked about it and agreed with it (one post discussing Derricks amoral behavior had over 300 likes and about 8 comments agreeing with what we all saw on the feeds).
Nice try but since you cannot dispute the facts you try attacking the person. That is a typical cop technique that isn’t going to work on this forum.
Thanks for playing.

Rocky For The Knockout

Oh God….I was worried Victoria would switch to southpaw!


I read some comments about a new host for BB. Someone mentioned Frankie has already been approached, I wouldn’t watch again. I like a female host, U.S, CAN, and AUS all female hosts. My pick if Julie was to step aside and breathe some new life into this show: Michelle Beadle, I think would kill it, and if they were to bring in a man: Andy Cohen. I think he interned alongside Julie at CBS too.


if cody has any brains and he wins HOH round 3 he should take victoria to the final with him as he has a better chance of beating her than derrick.


The topping (almonds, caramel) to my chocolate cake (this season) is that Victoria is not getting anywhere near the money.
I figured it out (my opinion); she saw herself as somewhat of a Kardashian in terms of looks and displayed her ass quite a bit. Thinking in terms of a Kardashian with the sense of entitlement and everybody wants to be near her; she thought that would work.
In the end, Derrick is kind of ‘over it’. She really thought she was playing him and that he might have found her cute.
She has a hard-hitting dose of reality the past couple of days and I like the way he handled it.
I didn’t like Derrick AT ALL and was not able to see past his arrogance, but I have to give him his dues; he’s good.
She thought she was getting one over on him with the crying little girl act who has to do nothing because he kept saying ‘you’re good’, when she was in fact safe.
When Sh*t got real and he had to tell her ‘win this’ or ‘watch for that’; she just about burned holes through him but cannot afford to turn her rage on her one and only allly.
Her big downfall is lack of ability to blend with all kinds of people and someone threw her a jacket, fortunately for her, or she would have been gone long ago.
She is riding this thing like she’s on some reality show “Meet Victoria – watch how she does nothing and gets rewarded”.
Sorry baby girl; you’ve been watching Big Brother Israel too long.
Derrick is in it for exactly what everyone else is and he’s not carrying dead weight any longer.
Thank God. I couldn’t wait for this to end because I can’t take another second of …. Victoria.
I feel like I would have won something just to see her go to the jury house where noone really likes her (for real) and see how well she blends in with people (for real). She has said she hates everyone in that house or they ‘disgust’ her (maybe not Nicole) but given more time….she is a bitter shrew.