“I have no f****ing clue what Zach will ask us.. Maybe hey Cody Fruit Loops or Cheerios”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 16-17-32-505

4:17pm Living Victoria and Cody

Production – This is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted”

Victoria gets up and goes to the Fire Room to sleep. Derrick is there already in bed with his eyes open.. Cody doesn’t care keeps sleeping in the living room.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 16-38-58-256

4:33pm Derrick joins Cody in the living room says he can’t sleep. Derrick asks him if he’s ready to go to battle with these jurors.
Derick doesn’t think it will be that bad says they never burnt anyone that bad.
Derrick – I have no f***g clue what Zach will ask.. he might even ask hey Cody fruit loops or Cheerios..
Cody – This sucks
Derick – this is the calm before the storm
Cody – is it the calm before the storm because we’re both getting money
Derrick – I’m super pumped
Cody – I’m way too pumped
Derick – My bag is packed.. I’m legit done
Cody is going to get his stuff packed soon.
Derrick reminds him one of them will have to talk to “Sean” about the comic book covers. (Sean is production and the comics are from a competition earlier in the season)
Cody will pay whatever he has to for shipping. They want the Comic cover to not get damaged.
Derrick mentions them going on the Talk TV show the day after the finale says the building is really close to the Big Brother House.
Cody says tomorrow he’s going to be “Jacked up” his father would drill into him not to get excited the days before important games and it’s carried over to Big Brother.

Cody goes to check the time says it’s 4:50pm Derick – Ya 5 o’clock baby

Victoria joins them says she’ll start praying at 7. They chat about which flights their families are taking. Derrick says he never waits long going through security because the airport near him is small.

Derrick thinks the feeds will be off tomorrow morning. mentions their might be a “Feed Event” for after the finale. (CBS is telling us the feeds go down tomorrow morning with flashback working until Oct 8th in case you wanted to go back and re-watch some of it)

Victoria claims she will not be bothered by any “Negative energy” mentions Kim Kardashian has haters. (Negative comments from Twitter/sites/cats)

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 17-18-41-666

5:13pm Living room everyone
Chit chat.. Looks like Victoria is back to rubbing/stroking for final 2
They hope Big Brother lets them listen to music tomorrow morning today they didn’t even after Victoria Begged them.
5:22pm Cody says if Caleb tries to go after his sister he’ll kick Caleb in the back of the head.
Victoria – please do

5:37pm Victoria says there is a baby she takes pictures of every month.
Cody says he loves Cadillac cars.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 17-48-40-531

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 17-58-57-587

6:00pm Lime Toss is back

6:54pm preparing food.
Looks like a piece of Tuna that was frozen and thawed out in the Microwave.

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1 More Day

Cody wouldn’t hit Caleb he’d run in the other direction,he can’t beat Caleb.Cody should give up this fake macho posturing.


Cody has been a bitch from the start of the season, and he continues to act like he has the balls to confront anyone. Caleb will snap Cody in half in a split second. there’s people who can actually pull off in being a tough guy, Cody is 100% pussy.

Alex C.

Cody has as much life experience as Victoria has.He’s 23 , she’s 22.Both need to grow a bit more.Maybe they will…


Yeah these ‘young adults’ act more like children. Maybe it’s a generational thing but so many of them talk and live their lives like high school kids.


BB 16 lost me at Zach’s departure; kept me away with Frankie and bored me with Victoria if I tuned in. I was so over this year in July, I even forgot to cancel my feeds.

My condolences (aka thanks) to Simon and Dawg for its you I’ve read for the updates – several years running now! See you next year!

male chauvinist Derrick

haha I would LOVE to see cody kick Caleb in the back of his head… I think that would be the last time he ever kicked anyone, Caleb wasn’t even interested in cody’s sister, he just said she looks nice so that he would hurt titty boy’s feelings. DERRICK,,l,, HOLLA GIRL
You never talk about your wife, and when you do it’s nothing good. Do you even like women?
DERRICK… in Donny’s voice “America HATES YOU!”


“Derrick thinks the feeds will be off tomorrow morning” oh excuse me. I thought they were down for the last 3 weeks it’s so boreing.

Mr Pec-Tacular

Are you kidding me? Caleb will snap Cody into two pieces in a second!

PS: Muscle Milk is pretty good!!


You do realize that he isn’t being serious. It’s a figure of speech. Jesus you people are dense sometimes.


Don’t forget Ariana Grande is the musical guest for the season opener of Saturday Night Live this weekend!!! Wonder if Frankie will put in a surprise appearance.

you won't believe...

Julie the Chenn ass kisser, supposed journalist just announced that on thursday Frank the fondler grand will be special guest on the talk! We have all been screwed by cbs, this was all about glorifying the deal with half sis and her Disney actor/singers record! Somebody please post cbs phone number so we can blow up their communications department, I want a refund and hand written apology from Julie’s husband for making deal with Grande family and not giving fans notice before show started! I would not have wasted 50 hours of my life watching this show that deceived the fans of any reality t.v. This season was about hype and didn’t pay for that, puking mad! Sorry for the rant…


How have we been screwed? Simple, just don’t watch that show let alone tell people about it.

Caren in Canada

I was brought up to believe to each their own, and some may like Frankie, others like myself may despise him! With that being said, how the heck can The Talk (being all women) bring on a fucktard like him, who made so many derogatory remarks on BB about raping women among other things and glorify this POS and give him more attention! I have now made a personal promise to myself to never ever watch the talk again! I could never in good conscience support this awful, awful human being, and I connot believe these women would either! I guess there truly is no accounting for taste! (my humble opinion)


Did you take the tip jar down already? Damn, I wanted to give a little somethin somethin


Got it!!!
After the show, let’s all meet for drinks, last one there will have to paid for the bill.
Have a wonderful new life Simon and Dawg and hope we all will be back next year. Thanks to all for all your comments good and bad, along with good and bad grammar and spelling LOL. Until next year, Ya’ll


present LOL

Fruit loop

Thank God it’s almost over


Is the Jury going to make the Only Big Move this year? Or No?


Even the jury vote will be unanimous


I can’t remember past seasons votes but I don’t recall a season where there was constant unaminous voting. Julie would try and build suspense every eviction night but it would fall flat because nothing ever was a surprise or close voting results. Snooze

chipper rick

Somebody tell them they’re not celebrities and won’t be ever..and remind them that they have taxes on that money so they really aren’t rich..



Captain Crunch

OMG, Julie Chen is just about as delusional as the HG’s you guys need to read this article for yourself to see what she really thinks of this season smh.


BB16 Blows!!

Julie Chen says…. “The season was tame compared to last summer’s controversial antics, though it lacked any substantial power moves or blindsides.” Ya think Jules?


I doubt that even Julie believes most of that. “Last season was a little more ego-based” lol Frankie and Caleb are ridiculously egotistical.

Alex C.

Julie Chan is paid to say whatever CBS ask her to do.it’s just … business.


A highly intelligent and insightful analysis from Julie, she was spot on in everything that she said!

Cackling Hyena

Just like you, I didn’t read the article either. No wonder you have such a good review. LOL.
This may just be my last cackle for the season. I hope I can stay on after the Survivor premiere. If not, I won’t be missing much, I suppose.
Thank you everyone for your posts. It has been a lot of fun reading them.


The ice bucket challenge damaged her judgement and analytical ability. Pay no attention to Chenbot.


donny or zack for afp


I hope Zack wins afp he was the most fun to watch. Donny was a bit shifty and huge cry baby.

I hope Cody wins the whole game. Derrick is a evil person and I would fear for my life if I met him in uniform.
Victoria is a vile human and doesn’t deserve anything.

I hope next season they get some people that are going to clash for me its the drama that makes the show fun to watch this season kind of boring IMO


Check out the 30-minute highlight video of Donnie’s weeping and sweeping – it’s heart-wrenching!

There’s another hour-long video of him waving at camera, eating pop tart, walking past people making snide remarks.


I actually enjoyed the season. Not a big fan of cry baby Donny.



If you’re going to troll at least do a good job at it.

chipper rick

Cody can’t wait to see his dad so they can rub all over each other..

Capt Obvious

Correct!! We might just catch a glimpse of the first ever nationally televised father-son double Angry Handy J session!! And in today’s world, just imagine how many parades will be thrown for them!!!



Eye on Hackensack

I would venture to say that Cody’s dad is wishing his clueless son doesn’t take Derrick to final. Derrick seems to be the only HG that kept his eye on the prize the whole game, it’s amazing how these people who were complete strangers to each other feel that they have any allegiance at all to each other…..it a half million dollars for Pete’s sake! Do you really need more friends? Hell no!
Cody, If you take Derrick and lose to him it will bother you the rest of your life, you’ll be constantly thinking that you gave him $500,000.00 , your friends won’t let you forget it and daddy won’t give you tongue when he kisses you.

Skerry Sherry

Cody is such a tough guy. Seriously, he WOULD only confront someone by attacking them from behind. What a coward…


I wanted to say that Victoria is bad enough for choosing Kim Kardashian of all people as the “person with negative stuff or hate on social media but is doing well in real life”, but then I thought that if she had picked someone more credible, she would be comparing herself to them instead, which will be even more inappropriate.

Frank Zappa

I think that Derrick will surprise everyone and instead of picking Cody for the final two, he’ll pick Victoria, the jewish princess, with overworked gums, who squeaks when she comes. Derrick needs to “WD40” that door!

And the bitter jury will make excuses for the j. princess making it to the end and cast the majority vote for her.

Victoria will win the 500k, and with it she’ll Brazilian wax her titanic tits and sand blast her zits.



Alex C.

He might take Victoria to the end if he has the chance, but what you’ve said after that sounds preposterous at best.


Tip jar crushed.

Thanks for being entertaining as hell and running this site, guys. I don’t post much but I read daily and the insanity of this small corner of the Internet is a summer favorite.


Why do people love donny?

He was a good down to earth genuine and kind person. As a player he hardly ever lied and was trustworthy, was great at vetos and was entertaining in the diary room. I did think it was ridiculous how he went to bed early every night. I think its annoying how most houseguests in history stay up til 530 then wakeup at 11 then go back to sleep til the sun went down. Usually lazy habits but if i was in the house it would be very hard not to be lazy. Most social game talk happens after midnight he missed out. He didnt try to work with the right people at the right times maybe never. He was smarter than a lot of these other houseguests but i dont think he played well enough to win. Big brother fans both live feeders & cbs edited show watchers are always going to like a guy that is honest and genuine over a punk that only cares about twitter followers and how famous theyll be after the show puke. Donny isnt a better player than derrick but i like him better and most of us will.

As far as lying goes, not lying much or at all like donny isnt good gameplay. People love dr will but not as much derrick because even tho will lie lie lied way more, he never tried to lie to the diary room (us). That is sickening. Thats the only thing derrick did wrong to not be universally loved.

I voted donny afp every chance i had but he couldve played better. But you know what he didnt change his personality or compromise his character for this show. Not saying they all did but some did.

This was the most boring season not becuase of who wins but how they predicted everything, unanimous votes, and frankie.


Wait…?… What? Derrick Universally not being loved is because of one thing? Not sure what feeds you were watching but it wasn’t these ones. He is an over-bearing person overall.
Do you remember how angry & messed up he got when Nicole got back in the game? He was out of control in the FireRoom talking with his sheep, telling them No One is to speak with her behind closed doors, No One! He went ballistic over this. A little young blonde girl had him quivering and shaking so bad he didnt know what day it was! So keeping this in mind, what do you think would of happened if he had been on the block? Oh mercy that would been epic!! He would of totally lost it!!
Derrick is a whiny little boy, in Big Boy pants is all πŸ™‚


Really is that what he did…he went ballistic?



So you listed what you didn’t like about Donny’s Game Play
You then listed what he could of done to be a better Game Player
Then you somehow came to the Realization the he is America’s Favorite “Player” the word is “Player”
Is there a Full Moon in your vicinity right now? Fawk, that makes no sense !!

Alex C.

Donny has been a decent guy, but his social game sucked big time.He should get the AFP for being the kindest guy in the house, but as a BB game player (i mean strategy, social game…) he sucked big time. He knows what to do as a BB fan, but he doesn’t have the… means to do it.Sad as hell…


His social game really wasn’t that bad, other than going to bed early. But everyone that left the house loved Donny. His downfall happened before the first eviction. His age really did hurt him since most of the housemates were almost half his age. But what killed his game was being excluded from the Bomb Squad and then Devin throwing him under the bus, making him the house’s first target. So right from the start, he was always a target or pawn since everyone always puts up the same people. By the time he started to recover from all that, the bomb squad and Derrick already had the house pretty much locked down.


i don’t think the 4 and 5AM bedtimes are at all normally what goes on in BB. I don’t understand why it was allowed to happen this year (not getting everyone up by 9 or 10am). There is a reason people buy the live feeds, and these HGs are supposedly also there to ‘entertain’, meaning they can’t stay up all night, and then sleep until 2pm and CBS expect the feeders are going to be OK with that.

clearly majority think this year is boring, and to me it has more to do with the fact everyone is hanging out with everyone, and no one goes to bed leaving anyone alone for more than 5 minutes. they all see who can outlast the other one, and that leaves people like Donny, who is not playing that game, up with the wakeup music.

fwiw, i don’t ever understand why these people are so lazy. they have workout equipment there, and all the time in the world most days, why aren’t they using the equipment? I noticed that on BBCAN2 as well, everyone just so lazy, i think 2 people even picked up a weight or stepped on a machine. One of them was supposedly a yoga instructor, and she didn’t do one single thing beyond the first week, possibly.


Your old.


Your grammar sucks.


My old what? (Or did you mean Y-O-U-hyphen-R-E, which is the contraction for you are)


The house is air conditioned, Southern California had a record hot summer this year. So, you play outside at night when it is bearable. You sleep indoors where it is cool during the heat wave.

Not lazy, just adaptive.


Thanks Simon and Dawg for doing what I couldn’t. Watching this entire season. I am still fan enough to want to know what was happening and you two kept me informed. See you next season.

Linda in Tx

Fellow Online Big Brothers. . .
It’s so nice we had this time together,
just to have a laugh or sing a song,
It seems we just get started,
and before you know it,
Comes the time we have to say so long. . .
Till next time. . .


Awh Linda, I Luv that song! I just saw Carol Burnett on one of the morning talk shows & she sang it. Thanks for sharing – it is so appropriate for all of us B.B. fans.

Linda in Tx

Oops, just my attempt to share my appreciation and thanks to everyone’s contributions with their insight, thoughts and opinions, which are so entertaining.

I certainly didn’t intent to upset anyone and I am sincerely sorry if I did, with my attempt in being silly by reciting Carol Burnet/spelling ?, so long song. Again please accept my apology.


Hi Linda! I agree with taylor – can’t imagine why anyone would be upset with your “so long” tribute – you certainly did not need to apoligize – I thought it was really endearing! And again – thank you so much friend!

Linda in Tx

Hi V
Thanks for seeing my silliness.


Linda — your post/tribute was wonderful. I cannot imagine anyone being upset by that. Ignore the thumbs down and just know that you uplifted my spirits today and I am sure many more people had a big smile.
It feels like the last day of school and I won’t be “speaking” with many friends for sometime. A very big thank you to Simon and Dawg for this wonderful site and thank you to all those who post comments. We may not all agree on what is posted but I think most of us realise that everyone is entitled to their opinion and we respect that. Stay safe everyone and if you go into BB withdrawal, don’t forget BBAU is in progress.

worst bb ever

Bbad-Omg!!!! Dipthoria didn’t even know how to get the ice out of the ice tray. I’m sorry but that girl is a hot mess. Has she never done anything for herself in life. Watching her in the house should be consolidated into teaching tapes to parents on how doing everything for your children socially and physiology stunts them. I believe she is a sweet woman, but she is so not ready for the real world. I hope this notoriety doesn’t bring a “wacko” her way. She definately needs to be protected!! Crazy eyes and all, I do like her! I’m just scared for her.


Victoria saying that she won’t be affected by negative comments is part of her delusional mentallity again. Just like all the times “she” saved herself from the block and “her” veto win, and that “she” actually played the game. Let me tell you, for as vein as victoria is, she will need therapy just for the comments made about her eyes. I noticed something odd about her eyes and made comments. I thought it was just me noticing something odd, then, so many others made comments about her eyes: dead, death stare, pyscho, lifeless, crazy, great white shark, off, stare of darkness. I mean look how she reacted to hearing that zack had talked sh!t about her. Wait when she sees how all the other HG talked sh!t about her. I remember one convo where the guys were saying that she wasnt attractive n derrick chimed in saying that she would end up with an older unattractive man. Then, wait until that poor girl hears about the vile rape comments made by frankie and how derrick chimed in and laughed his a$$ off. Sorry, victoria but, unfortunately, you will be going from the BB house straight into therapy. You will not be able to handle all the negative ramifications from being in the BB house n being a temporary public personality. Dont compare yourself to Kim K just because you both have black weaves and a darker skin tone. Kim K has multi millions to pay for therapist, life coaches and people to reassure her 24/7 that she’s the most beautiful girl on the planet.


Put your Drink down!!


my favorite houseguess this summer was Donny he was nice respectful carring in funny
sounds like America favorite to me that’s why I vote all week for him I didn’t miss a day without voting in all my vote went to Donny

Alex C.

You’re definitely right.Sadly, Donny’s kindness alone has failed to take him very far in the game.

Jimmy 64

Derrick should be $ 500,000 richer tomorrow
Because he deserves it !!!!!
Thanks Simon & Dawg for all the info this summer
See you next year.


Unless he is up against Cody…Cody could easily win this I think!


He can’t lose against either Vic or Cody.

It is a done deal. He has too many locked votes.


The only thing that might hurt Cody with the jury is his mouth.
He seems bitter also. I think he will come across cocky


Totally agree that Derrick deserves to win 500K. He has been playing game entire season and IMHO has been masterful. Derrick reminds me of Dan and maybe that’s why I like his style. Some comments here about him being scary, I never saw that but I would say he was in control 97% of the time. We have to remember what it must be like in that house and how that works on your mind.

A lot of comments about this season being boring well that may be true from some view points but for me the caliber of HG were so much better than last years. This season had several HG with large entertaining personalities and with the exception of Frankie, were refreshing from BB recent past.

Thanks for hard work on this site!!!

puppet master derick

I am with the poster who mentioned that Derick never talks about his wife..He only talks about his daughter when he is telling people why he needs to win the money. When the BB played his little girls voice saying “holla Daddy” the other house guests seemed more choked up and emotional then he did.
He seems very cold to me.
I don’t know if anyone else caught this statement he made during one of the after dark episodes,he was talking about how his wife Jana goes upstairs to get the baby at night and it is dark up there and someone said something along the lines of “aren’t you afraid she/they would fall down the stairs and he actually said ” a man can dream ”
he has masterminded this game very well but if I was his wife I would be waiting for him to bring home the win then hit him with divorce papers.
People boo Christine for disrespecting her hubby , but Derick has disrespected his wife as well as disrespected Victoria by stringing her shamelessly on.,..there is no way in hell he is really going to be texting and having her over to visit like he tells her he is..sure she is stupid to fall for the b.s but he knows that and has prayed on it all summer..good game play or manipulating the weak?


I totally agree, I feel like Derrick has a real Short Fuse! The time he lost it when Nicole came back blew me away. I couldn’t believe my eyes, a grown ass man acting so aggressively & hateful was shocking! He actually did loose it at that moment.

Then when he wanted to smack the bag of M&M’s out of Donnys hand. He is a chump, he is not a cool, calm or collected man.


Please tell me you are a girl named Charlie. If not…you are an epic wussy.



I also remember when Gary came back into the house (BBCAN1) the people left were PISSED!!!! And didn’t take it lightly at all.
All the behavior in the house and craziness and its Derrick who is a dick because he was mad Nicole was coming back in…..Hellooooooo, that’s because he wanted her out ,he knew she was likeable and could have went further in the game. NOW he has to try to get her out again. Ya I would be a little mifted too.

Capt Obvious

Charlie, if you can hear me, your wife is using your phone again!!


As I say goodbye to BBAD, I rejoice in the fact I will NEVER HAVE TO LISTEN TO THAT DAMN BLUE E-CIG COMMERCIAL AGAIN!!! I pray I never hear that earsplitting jingle again.

Thanks for the spoilers, onlinebigbrother.com.


….psssst, they have a new thing out called a volume button. Your Welcome πŸ™‚


Oh, do they? Such a clever reply, you nose bleed – not that it warranted one. I’m guessing that’s not the first time you’ve blurted that crap to someone before. I have a feeling that smarmy zinger is the height of your snappy trolling, but on to the bigger point …

Apparently, you, Dick, are a big fan of that spot and its god awful jingle and have not grown exceedingly tired of its every-damn-break rotation. Boy, I’d love to see your music collection. I bet it’s really keen. Do you force the girl you have tied up in your basement to listen to it too? Or maybe I should just marvel in the might of your powerful muting thumb. Your mute button must be worn out, you master of the remote. Color me impressed. How do you find the time for all of your muting in-between your lengthy sessions of diddling your posterior with that mighty thumb?

To you, you fan of all-things-awful, I say, “Psssst. It was a light-hearted comment in which you should really have no stake, but your cleverness, I guess, knows no bounds. Try to enjoy life a bit more, big man. And, YOU are welcome.”

Wait, I get it. Dick, are you Stephen Dorf or do you just masturbate to the thought of him?


Lol. Someone responded to my comment earlier by telling me to “Put the drink down.” I think you might need a few drinks and maybe even some pot to calm down.


You’re probably right. Sorry.


Hear dat!


Gerrn— urgent: please take your medications immediately!!!


On second thought you seem beyond medication. I would suggest a psychiatric hospital.


After this season we all will beef treatment


It was weird and creepy the first time and the 300t, thank goodness for DVR’s and the FF function. This seasons after dark needed it, and the off switch. Thank goodness for OBB as well! Now on to crush the jar!


Tou’re 100% right about DVD and FF. I could watch a 2 hour BBAD in about 20-30 minutes, using FF through commercials, Frank Grande, open mouth chewing and too many other parts to mention. If anyone made an interesting comment while I FF’ed, Simon & Dawg had it here. I just started watching BBAU and love it, especially the first face to face eviction and the interaction between Sonia and the HM’s, especially when the audience response is fed into the house. BBUS should hire some of the AU staff for next year.

Peace to you all, even the haters.

Frank Zappa

1. Derrick is a good cop?
2. Christine has a good husband.
3. Devin has a muscular build.
4. Caleb is a veteran.
5. Frankie doesn’t molest girls.
6. Pow pow was on BB for a very short time.
7. Ditto for Joey.
8. Brittany has a nice tan.
9. Donny is a nice guy.
10. Victoria is a Jewish Princess
11. Cody is handsome.
12. Amber has pretty eyes.
13. Hayden is a funny guy.
14. Nicole won’t be on any BB all stars.
15. Zach looks intelligent when his mouth isn’t moving.
16. Jacosta uses her bowtie for autoerotica asphyxiasion
Just trying to say some nice things about the HG before the season is over.

Jimmy 64

How about Nicole is a very pretty girl


And sweet.

Moon Unit

I think the nicest thing you could say about all of them is that 15 of the 16 weren’t Frankie,
& #16 is not on my TV or OBB Spoilers anymore, which I greatly appreciate! Thank You BB.


Where have you been Moon, miss you sis.

Moon Unit

Hiding from that see you next Tuesday Ariana in the Valley with my Gurls.


Thanks Dawg and Simon for all your updates on the happenings I really appreciate you and all you have done. But this is is the most boring and disappointing I have ever seen. I gave up watching the show on CBS and TVGN and just took time to read the feeds on this site. CBS should be ashamed for putting out so much junk on the airways. The only guesthouse I liked was Donny and to see how the other guest treated him really disgusted me.
This whole season was predicable thanks to CBS, SHAME ON YOU CBS, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! You took a perfectly good show and destroyed it with all the low life you put on this year!!!!!!!!


i was watching (and skimming) the feeds today off and on, and up to a half hour, then came here to read the recaps. The part I had watched was summed up in one sentence, which was actually bang on. You can sum up two to three hours of live feeds in one sentence lol.

“didn’t miss a thing.”

The only people who are talking about the upcoming comp, and not just what they are wearing tomorrow, is Derrick and Cody. And Victoria won’t leave them alone, so we get stuck with talking about what they are wearing tomorrow (and for Cody, packing his stuff since the others have already done their packing)


OMG! love your handle….I had that darn commercial stuck in my head this morning


Sean, let them have their comic posters so they can get prints done up for sale at Comic Con. Can’t wait to see Cody the Efronator, Derrick Dad Bot and of course, BEAST MODE COWBOY.

Ariana Grande stinks

Veronica is a moron!


True true! Saddest thing… When she goes home to watch herself and all that happened this season… She still won’t have a clue what’s going on????????
.. ????


Hey dawg and simon if you guys need help next season ,let me know! You did an excellent job!


Cody couldn’t kick his way out of a wet paper bag!

worst bb ever

I know Derrick deserves dipthoria’s constant attention, but omg he can’t be out of her sight for a minute and she’s tracking him down. I don’t know how he reframes from saying something to her. Maybe her eyes are so creepy because she doesn’t blink when she goes into that death stare. I thought she was suppose to be praying after 6:00 for rosh hashanah. Only 12 minutes left of the finale bbad, and wouldn’t you know she has to bless us with one last episode of her smacking down the food!!!! I wish no I’ll will on her, and wish her the best. Just so sad how insecure she is.


OMG it was like watching a bunch of robots all season, with NOBODY making any big moves ever! Zzzzz don’t get me wrong, I’m still hopelessly addicted to BB! But come on guys! The men all strut around and talk like tough guys. But when it came to the time to walk the walk, all the men wussed out. Too bad. If the women had got their shit together and formed a female alliance… There would have been more action, drama and big moves! I’m happy that after today I never have to see Victoria eating like a pig on slop… And her annoying loud nasal voice and wannabe black girl head bobbing. Grrrrr! Bye Victoria!


If you’re sitting in a plane, and you’re about to land, the pilot is in control and everything runs smoothly, why would you ask of him to MAKE A BIG MOVE?
Making a big move in such a situation would be dumb and counterproductive.
Those who would have benefitted from making a big move never got the power, and those who had the power didn’t benefit from making a big move.
It worked out perfectly for the Hitmen that they were embedded in the Detonators, who were themselves embedded in the Bomb Squad. So instead of making a radical move, they were able to target the “outer layers” of their sub-alliances after having gotten rid of the opposition (Victoria technically doesn’t qualify as ‘opposition’).

Might make for a boring and predictable season, but it’s not their fault that their opponents were just too weak.
Saying ‘they were wrong for not doing a big move’ is wrong.


Victoria trying to see how much money she can get out of this as a loser – my necklace, my make up, my face wash, my socks, my bras. She’ll probably try to sue for something, like being shorter in the last comp against Derrick.
Why didn’t she just speak up (if that was the truth), and ask the girls not to touch her stuff? I don’t buy it for a second.


I think when Vacancy was recruited, they told her she only had to sit around for 3 months and look beautiful. I don’t imagine game play came into the recruitment conversation. Vacancy saw this as an opportunity to earn approx. $750.00 per week while at the same time “model” her clothing and jewellery and hunt for a husband. Her parents probably saw BB as an opportunity to rid themselves of her whining for 3 months. Victoria is in for a rude awakening come Thursday.


Well, she failed at that. She probably put on the most weight out of anyone in the house. Anyone notice all she wears now is clothes that stretch?


I had a nightmare that Cody and Derrick made the final 2 and Cody somehow won Derrick 7-2, Frankie got AFP and Christine is so happy that she’s dancing around Frankie! And the worst part is this may actually come true!


Victoria has made it to the final 3 but how can anyone hope that she wins BB. Her components of the game were: staring into the mirror doing her fake hair, make-up, whining, crying and looking like an uncoordinated boob in the competitions. She did play the classic role of the poor female that needs a big man to take care of her, give her advice and stroke her ego with compliments. Fake all the way down to head shake during the DR sessions. Genius, when, where?


Ok guys. Just put my money in the tip jar. Thank you both so much for your time and commitment to your site. It gets me through until football and hockey season starts. I love coming here and appreciate your humor as well.
Until next season….tot ziens!


I hope the next batch of HG wont include young men hugging. As an old timer it made me very uncomfortable when those boy cuddled. Christine also made me uncomfortable how she glued herself to Cody who may be a closet gay. If that’s the case he should own it, aint nothing wrong with it. Also Donny’s crying made me cringe. Nicole’s & Victoria’s voice is like listening to a rusted exhaust pipe getting dragged on the freeway. STOP TALKING & SIT! And don’t get me started with that sissy fella & his pink hair. I’m a vet & Calebs a vet, we’re kindred spirits but he’s long gone & probably still shaking his head about getting blindsided.


Last! (Just kidding)

Pink Haired Troll/Cody H8r

Best part about Big Brother every year is this site, the updates, and commentary, and the people commenting on the game/players. Thanks to Simon and Dawg and to all you entertaining people!

Question for simon

Can we use the Amazon link in the future or just during the show? I will definitely use it at Xmas time if it still works for you.


Great to know!

echo 1

Well its the finale of the most twisted big brother ever. I’d say it was the most boring lame pathetic and was geared to the high school mentality and below. What was BB trying to accomplish is what my question would be? Maybe next year they’ll go for a younger crowd of people that will each have their own space and cell phone to communicate and talk game!! LOL. As I said before these House guests were the most personable cream of the crop What the hell were the rest like! That s a scary thought. Well we have a few things to look for this evening 1) being Derricks admission to being a cop. and reaction 2) Hit men turning on each other and picking Victoria 3) Frankie s face when Donny wins AFP as well as getting a part on the Bold and the Beautiful.
4) Jury is super nasty!!!!!! 5) Derricks wife is a no show 6) Victoria s family goes after Frankie 7) Cody s Dad slaps Cody in the head for being a pussy and so stupid 8) Victoria s attorney is there with a lawsuit petition for physical and mental abuse 9) Derrick loses and he loses it!!! and 10) Mrs Mooves announces no need to apply for BB17 it has been canceled due to lack of Interest …………

Name Game

They clearly cast tame this season on purpose, because of what the big personalities last season brought, which was a ton of pass press and attention to the series. In all honesty I think they need to try something gimmicky next season to spice it up. I would love to see them put together a house where half the people are over 30 and half under. That would create an interesting dynamic and I bet the feeds would be more interesting, because the fighting would get out of control.


Its funny , at the start I was actually impressed that Frankie kind of broke down the walls by getting the house guests to be more relaxed and accepting and to let go of stereotypes.
I was impressed that these big macho guys started feeling comfortable in showing a gentle side as well.
That is refreshing and a sign that things are more acceptable and that is a good thing.
But then wow it seemed to escalate fast after that ,with everyone cuddling and snuggling so that all the lines of appropriate behaviour got blurred ( christine and cody)
Then it got to the point where it was almost abusive when Frankie would jump onto people and make them hug him, of course they could not say no because they wanted to show that they had no problem with him being gay,but he used that to his benefit. You could clearly see the hg were uncomfortable with it a lot,but after last years racist remarks everyone had to appear more accepting.
So while it appeared that everyone was”loving everyone” I don’t think that was the case at all.

Boreal Bag Lady

Agree with you totally πŸ™‚ Well said….I had these exact thoughts awhile back when the Christine/Cody groping sessions were getting more intense and she would not let him out of her sight. When Frankie started humping and grabbing every person in sight you could see on their faces they were feeling awkward, uncomfortable and not sure exactly how to handle it.


I always felt that the guys that Frankie was humping were more afraid of finding themselves on the block if they told him to sod off. CBS probably told them that homophobia would not be tolerated but I don’t think any of them know the meaning of homophobic. Wish one of them would find the bollocks to send Skankie flying tonight when he starts with his groping disguised as congratulations.


An Unexpected since we had very few of those. Here’s one [a joke] Derrick and Cody go head to head at the Final 3. And the jury votes and one of them wins Julie comes on and announce who has won, then she tells them u have won 500k in skittles. That would be unexpected, since they used skittles to try to vote off Donny.


BB had very little activity this year — comps, reward challenges, etc. Don’t know if CBS realised how lazy this group was about 2 weeks in and decided to cut the budget or if Skankie’s fish took most of the budget, but this season lacked activity from the hgs and CBS. BBAU has had more twists and activity two weeks into the season than BB US had for 90 days. BBAU hms are punished for any rule infraction but CBS seems to have thrown their hands up in despair the first week in. It amazes me that BB announces wake up for hgs and they ignore it. Perhaps they need to deduct from stipend for infractions or reduce final prize money. That would keep them all off their lazy backsides.


Good ideas, Taylor! I always like your comments!


With the Battle of the Block this season had more competitions than any other in the history of the show.

If you’re going to criticize the show, it would help if you watched it.


My apologies. I know that there were more comps this year but I used the incorrect terminology. It would have been better for the hgs and for the viewers if they had included more reward comps/challenges to keep the hgs occupied. 90 days with very little entertainment led to a boring season for most.


Thanks PSJ!!!!! Stay healthy and safe til we meet here again.


The whole season would have been worth it if I had just heard the BB voice say:
Frankie, step away from the men you bleep bleeping bleep!
Derrick, there is no sleeping allowed so get up off your bleeping bleep!
Christine, you are a married woman you bleep bleeping bleep!
Caleb, SHUT IT DOWN you bleeping bleep bleep!
Cody, STOP THAT, your bleeping sinuses are driving me bleeping crazy!
Victoria, you are NOT allowed to talk about production, you bleeping bleep bleep bleep!
I can’t wait to see all of you bleepers go, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!



Let me add to that… The audio mute had to be used a lot more this season!

Frankie’s extremely loud eating/chewing
Frankie & Cody’s clearing their nose a lot
Christine’s continuous and annoying laugh
Victoria’s screams
Beast Mode doing judo


If Frankie wins AF, then it is fixed. There is no way he could win in a fair poll. Too many connections to CBS. I want Donny or even Zach to win. Donny is just a good home town southern dude and Zach, well he is also a southern dude, but younger and funny and cute. I don’t care who wins BB, at this point I just want to see the jury and AF winner. No other reason to watch except maybe some good questions from the jury. Again, the jury. Worse season yet.

Boreal Bag Lady

Yeh!!! Survivor starts tonight woo πŸ™‚


Was looking forward to Survivor until I saw that the twins from TAR ( 2 seasons ) have been cast. Until they are voted off I will watch re-runs of The Beverley Hillbillies ( that is desperation ). The twins are so annoying.


LOL, taylor, I’m with you…I don’t know if I can stand to hear “Twinny” seven thousand times…


Was it ONLY 7000 times that they said TWINNY? TAR is one of my favourite shows but I had to channel hop whenever they were on my screen. My recurring nightmare is that BB will cast the terrible two and throw Victoria in for good measure.

Eye on Hackensack

I couldn’t agree more, The Twinnies are extremely irritating, let’s see they’ve been
on ” The Amazing Race ” twice now they’re on ” Survivor” I guess CBS is going to keep putting them on shows until they win, just like they did with Boston Rob …the so called “best ever ” to play, give me enough times at the plate and eventually I’ll get a base hit . Please Reality Show Gods, no more returnees, no more All Stars, no body that has famous relatives…..just good personable reasonably intelligent players.

Sad Day

I actually am starting to feel bad for Christine, Cody, Caleb, Victoria and Frankie. Today is the last day they are shielded. They will now enter the real world once again, and have the chance to get on social media…all 5 of them are constanlty being ripped and ridiculed by the masses, but to a man, besides Christine who was booed loudly after her eviction, the rest think they are well received out in the real world. Good luck to all of them. Hopefully they have thick skin. Especially “bestmode” who thinks he has reached a level of celebrity and adulation that rivals “The Rock.” Not only was this cast quite boring, but delusional as hell to boot.


A rundown on tonight’s votes, and a few random thoughts.

It will be Cody v. Derrick, and where do the jury votes stand? I see four solid votes for Derrick, and one for Cody. The others are up in the air.

Jocasta — tossup. She could go with Donny’s vote, but Cody never got to know her in the house. Derrick’s small acts of kindness (praying with her) might earn him the “Jerry” vote. Prediction: Derrick.

Hayden — Derrick. This is a lock.

Zach — Derrick. I think this is a lock, but you never know with a wild card.

Donny — He doesn’t like Derrick. And the Hitmen revelation further confuses him. Who was the head of the snake? If he figures out that it was Derrick, as he initially thought, he probably votes for Derrick. But…. Prediction: Cody.

Nicole — Derrick. This is a lock.

Christine — She wants to vote for Cody, but she respects Derrick’s lying game. She might be pissed at Caleb’s Hitmen reveal, too, but she’d be pissed at Cody. She might vote for Derrick because she got booed when evicted, and she’s likely figured out the booing came as a result of an appearance of an inappropriate relationship with Cody. Prediction: Derrick.

Frankie — Frankie appreciates the game. And he never trusted Cody. And as much as is disappointed that Derrick played him the entire game and as much as he knows D will make a lot of money by winning ($500K, plus TA, plus TA win bonus), Frankie thinks Derrick will put the winnings to good use. Prediction: Derrick.

Caleb — This is a tough one. He looked at Derrick like a brother, and Derrick lied to him time and again. But I wonder if Frankie has told him that Derrick and Frankie saved him last minute when Cody almost backdoored him? Caleb will be tough to read because he acts like he doesn’t care, but he’s emotional. Prediction: Derrick.

Prediction: Derrick wins 8-1.

A few random thoughts about the season:

— Although a big alliance ran the house, this was a season of pairs. And a pair (really the only real alliance of BB16) will win.

— Derrick was BB16’s Amanda, without all the histrionics, explosions and meanness. He surrounded himself with people he mostly trusted, and guided them to do his dirty work, without he himself getting his hands dirty. That was the game Amanda was playing, but none of the other HGs liked her. That dislike cost her the game.

— Frankie and Zach would have been the Final 2 (also a pair) had Zach learned to control his boredom and keep his mouth shut at key times.

— Although he was saved twice before, and would eventually have been booted (because of his aforementioned affinity of foot-in-mouth disease), Zach was a victim of a Team America task the week he was evicted. It gave all the HGs a (final) reason to get rid of him.

— Although no “big” moves were made, it was a very strategic season. It was all about the numbers. Problem for the other HGs is that they — except for Zach — never realized how close Derrick and Cody were. When the numbers dwindled, they didn’t have lifelines outside the alliance to cling to. And distrust within the alliance was rampant (except for Derrick and Cody).

— The most overlooked part of Derrick’s game was how he was able to cause distrust within his alliance without anyone blaming him for ramping up that distrust. He subtly sowed seeds of distrust between Cody and Christine, Christine and Frankie, Zach and Frankie, Frankie and Cody, and Caleb and Frankie — all without taking heat.

— Although this season was “boring,” I loved the strategy and the lack of drama that typically distracts from the game.

bbEricfan out — until next year, and hoping Eric eventually has another shot to play the game sans the albatross known as “America’s Player.”


I agree with you, except for Christine. My money is on her voting for Cody. She was really invested in him. Unless she will throw Derrick her vote to try and mend a few fences re: her summer of fondling Cody, I can’t see her not voting for her crush.


Christine will be far too embarassed to vote for Cody.

There’s no way Christine would ever vote for Cody after all that’s been said about them, AND him voting her out.


Great analysis and I agree on most counts. It sounds like you have a very similar take on this season as I do.

Only thing I would question is Zach and Frankie going to the end. Make no mistake, I think Frankie was a great player who could have won many other seasons, but on this cast he wasn’t careful enough. Whereas Derrick was working everybody, all of the time, Frankie got a little too comfortable. Because he was so often safe from his competition wins, he let his social game slip a little bit. That left him vulnerable at the point where he finally did lose a comp.

But I also agree with you that this was overall a very enjoyable season. I watch this show much differently than most people here, I’ve learned. There was a ton of intrigue and strategy this year, except it came in very subtle ways. There were plenty of big moves made, but they were quiet at the time.


Great insight into this season. I also agree on how masterful Derrick was with navigating his influence! It was amazing to watch on the feeds to fully appreciate. In a season of double nominations to have NEVER been up on the block – well that alone gives him major kudos. Derrick had better be touted All Star material after this. At least live feeders were able to see his skill and finesse in playing BB. What a pleasure to watch!

Eye on Hackensack

The Christine eviction was another dumb move by Cody, he could have thrown his vote to her , she would have still been voted out but she would have thought the one vote to save her came from Cody, but with the unanimous verdict she knows that even her cuddle buddy betrayed her and out of spite she gives her vote to anybody but Cody.

Biggest Problem

The Biggest Problem for Big Brother USA is they have only 320 million people to choose from and they are all Americans.

General Patton

Fuck you and everyone else’s asses we’ve gotten out of a jam.

Admiral Nimitz



simon and doug are the best


So glad the finale is tonight. I hope Zonny wins AFP but if Zach wins it I hope the Grandes don’t think for a minute that they deserve any credit for it. He has many of his own fans and doesn’t need their charity. I can just see Fakie acting like he had some hand in his winning and trying to take some of Zack’s happiness away with a comment like “We knew you needed the money more so my sis and I were willing to throw you a bone, it’s the least I could do.” The truth being that Frankie had no chance and is trying to save face.

Alex C.

” Derrick promises her if she is final 2 with Cody he’ll absolutely vote for her. ”

Amy N

If I don’t hear ‘Crush it!” for the rest of my life, I will be one happy woman….


To add…
“at the end of the day”
“Ariana Grande”

Girldragon Slayer

Don’t forget
“With that being said…”
“I’ll smoke them”
“I’m playing for charity, building schools in Africa”


Amen Amy! Also, every time I hear someone say ” At the end of the day”…I want to cringe. Caleb ruined that saying for sure.


did Derrick actually say to Victoria ‘if we are F2 together i won’t crush you”, as in if he is choosing F2 he’s actually saying picking her is an option?