Derrick – In good conscious and as a fan of the show you (Victoria) do not deserve to be in that seat

How does the final HOH work
  • All three players compete in part 1. (Cody won this part)
  • The two losers of part 1 compete in part 2. (Not sure when this will be played)
  • The winner of parts 1 and 2 compete in part 3. the winner of part 3 gets to decide Who to take to the finale.


Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 11-45-16-961

11:43pm Cody and Victoria are now awake. Cody is making eggs on the frying pan.
Cody – the bedroom lights must remain on during the day
Cody – They are still building out there (HOH part 2 still being prepared)

Cody comes back from the Diary room says production is getting them lunch whatever they want. He wakes up Derrick to find out what they should get. Derrick tells them about a dream he had that involved his wife and daughter. Shares with them his big concern that his daughter will not recognize him on finale night “She hasn’t see me”
Sounds like they’ve decided on getting Chinese food. Victoria – “That is so nice of them”

Derrick thinks the competition is today thinks it will be tonight. “It’s it’s only a puzzle could be a 6 7 o’clock comp” COdy isn’t as sure.

Derrick says he’s not like Cody he can’t turn it off he’s still in game mode. He wants these comps to end so he can relax.
Derrick doesn’t want to eat heavy today because he’s sure the comp is coming later.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 12-10-52-302

12:10pm Cody kills a fly
Cody – “YES f***ing hate that thing crushed him we gotta find him on the floor”
Derrick – his body is in a thousand pieces

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 12-15-47-540

12:14pm Lime Toss..

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 12-33-49-674

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 12-29-31-538
12:23pm Cody and Derrick Living Room
Trying to play backgammon.Derrick – She’s still worried about what clothes she’s going to wear on finale”
Cody – She’s not going to be there :”
Derrick – I’m going to get it done for us.. no doubt in the world.. i’ll get it done
Derrick says if the comp is mental, “Congratulations you’ve won at least 50 grand”
Cody – “If its a makeup competitions.. they are not going to leave the last f***g competition to chance”
Derrick and Cody says they are just banking on this HOH not being to chance.
Derrick – I’m one comp away from reaching my goal.. I have to.. 50 is life changing.. life changing..
Derrick says walking away with only 13 grand is not worth it for him he needs to win the 50 K at least.
Derrick adds unless there is something illegal there is nothing he can do to make that much money is such a little time.
Derrick says Victoria doesn’t deserve to be here says Cody and him earned their
Derrick – In good conscious and as a fan of the show you do not deserve to be in that seat and that’s why he’s there and he’s a big part of the reason why i’m here. ..We would look like fools
Cody – straight as$$holes
Derrick – straight clowns.
Derrick points out how awkward the house would have been if Caleb was still in the house. Adds that Victoria knows she’s going home unless she wins the HOH. Cody also thinks from a game perspective Caleb had a better chance to win the final HOH than Victoria.

12:33pm Derrick – I’m hoping it’s today, I’m praying it’s today, I know it’s today
They talk about “John” being there today and cracking out Diary Room sessions.
Feeds cut..

12:50pm Playing go Fish waiting for Chinese food

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 14-06-02-191

1:50pm They get their Chinese food

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 14-13-44-730

Potential Victoria’s outfit for finale night
Victoria – Yeah no.. it looks funny. (The search continues)

2:56pm Victoria shares a story about when they went to Israel for her brothers bar mitzvah and they had KFC. She found out later that evening that the breading they used for the chicken fingers contained milk that wasn’t kosher. She threw up when she found out she didn’t want any of that in her system. She adds that most of the fast food in Israel is Kosher.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 15-26-12-260

3:31pm Kitchen Competition is about to start
Derrick telling her he will smoke Cody in the final HOH as long as it’s the same type of competition they’ve always had for final HOH. Victoria seems unsure about what she’s going to do She’s worried if she does win and goes against Cody Cody will take her over Derrick. (She’s been entertaining the idea of throwing it to Derrick so Derrick takes them to final 2) Derrick says she needs to make this decision on her own. When she leaves she has to be able to look back at that decision and own it.

3:50pm for the past 30 minutes Derrick and Victoria have been convinced that Cody being called into the Diary room means teh competition is about to start. Cody comes back says the competition isn’t starting it was a “regular DR Sesh”
Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 16-47-42-979

4:47pm Cody and Victoria playing cards. Derick in the Diary room.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-19 18-07-46-270

6:09pm No Comp yet and very little talking…
6:37pm Jeff on feeds… HOH part 2 must be being played
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How long till BB17 ???

They dragged a Floater to the Final 3 then talk about how She doesnt deserve to be there…I dont think any of them deserve to be there. They are just plain annoying idiots


It’s called strategy


then derrick should shut his yap, if i was jury id vote her to win just to spite those two idiots


No, I think what Chela is saying is that even Derrick continuing to “not shut his yap” is strategy. Derrick is continuing to play the game. He is making sure that if he doesn’t win the final HOH, whoever wins will want to take him over the other person. Derrick is reinforcing the idea that if Cody takes Victoria, he will look like a chump, and he’s reinforcing to Victoria that he would never not take her because that’s what she needs to hear to take him. Every word out of Derrick’s mouth is strategic.

Joe's Special Sauce

I can’t wait to see the look on Derrick’s face when Cody takes Victoria to the final 2! Powerhouse move!!


Thanks! I forgot I had to go into detail for all these FROOT LOOP DINGUSES!!! Hahaha… They just won’t get it anyways


Victoria would have been gone the week she was on the block with Cody, except the rewind twist saved her. That was purely production – not game play.


I totally agree but they also gave her a lot of chances to win comps, but Victoria is absolutely a useless player. If Derrick didn’t support her, she would have been gone by now. She is co-dependent.


I think Derrick played an amazing game. He got just about everything he wanted and got virtually no blood on his hands. He was positioned so well in the house with everybody that he never even got nominated. His main alliance even let him keep his side piece (Victoria) all this time, while everybody else evicted theirs (Amber for Caleb, Zach for Frankie, Brittany for Cody). Then when it counted he wins the HOH to secure his final 3 place and forced Cody to be the one to evict Caleb. I mean I think almost everybody in the jury would pick Derrick over the other two. Derrick has brought both of these two to where they are right now not through HOH wins or POV wins, but with is mind and positioning himself in the game. He was a master of planting seeds. He never would just flat out tell somebody what to do. He would let them believe that it was their idea to do something.


100% agree. It’s funny Frankie thinks he played the best game and Caleb also thinks he played the best. Boy are they in for a shock when they find out that viewer and public perception is that Derrick played the best game out of all of them.


As soon as one walked out the door, they shouldn’t claim they played the best game.


Exactly…the one who played the best game is the one who walks away with a half million dollars. Period.


By that logic, the runner up played the 2nd best game…the guy/girl gets cut at the end played the 3rd best game…are you beginning to see the issue in logic there? This isn’t a race, it’s Big Brother. Better players tend to leave mid season because they played so well. Derrick is going to have a hard time convincing the jury that he played as hard as he did…because a lot of the time his game play looked like sitting around doing a whole lot of sure felt that way to watch too. Snore. Next season please.


I got your point here, yet, even though one player won the most comps, played the best social game, if he/she got backdoored/blindsided/betrayed or whatever, it means they got outplayed.


I agree completely, but he has to be able to convey this to the jury. Hopefully they won’t be swayed by Cody’s wins over his as the deciding factor.


CHRISTINE for Cody, not Brittany


Derrick will not be remembered for playing a great game because he is not going to win.
You have to win to be remembered as one of the best and he wont’.


Is there any chance for an upset this late in the game ? That would be awesome 🙂 So predictable from the get go.


The upset would be if Victoria wins HOH and takes Cody to the end or vice versa.


Victoria isn’t taking Cody anywhere……


They should of let Cody put on his Dino costume after the comp. just to stomp around in the backyard with the scenery they had. Would of been hilarious lol


Do you know how hot it is in LA right now?


At least it’s finally starting to cool down to nearly normal temps for this time of year, which means mid 90’s out in the San Fernando Valley where the house set is. The rest of the week it was 102-106. Which is why I live near the beach, our highest temps this week was mid 80’s. FYI September is usually the hottest month of the year in Southern California.

Cackling Hyena

Good for you. I live 3 miles away from the BB house and we reached 109-110 for two days earlier this week. I’m glad that was over.
Soon, this will all be over, too.




It’s GOJIRA…..They call him GOJIRA




who do u think should be in the final two?

How long till BB17 ???

I would have loved to see a Zach-Donny finale. Donny played the game with class and did well in Comps Zach had skills but should have kept His emotions a bit more in check. The whole game turned badly when Caleb could not throw the BOB properly He shouldve played it and messed up Frankie versus sitting out


Donny didn’t play a great game, Jesus all you Donny cult members need to get that through your head all he did was derp around the house and win a couple of POV comps at the end of the day….Playing with “class” as your claiming is not deserving of being anywhere near $500,000 bucks


But I do think Donny exhibited plenty of goodness to deserve AFP, Just 2 examples saving Jocasta and then staying up with Brittany encouraging her to keep going on that ridiculous punishment of the 2400 goals in 24 hrs. Not to mention all his funny asides and observances.


You are so right! And Cotex will not be there as soon as Derprick cut him and it will be Derprick and Princess Cried in the final. Cody goin learn today.


I agree they’re annoying, but they’re not idiots, you don’t take a someone that can beat you or isn’t easily manipulated through the game, you take someone who is completely useless, sucks in comps and extremely weak-minded who you can manipulate without them ever realizing it, as they did with Vacancy.. They could tell Vacancy how her game is non-existent and she wouldn’t be there if they had not carried her on their backs for 90+ days, she would throw a tantrum(again) and then apologize and say thank you, she’s THAT clueless.


ILL WILL, you get my vote. “Vacancy” is the best derivative name I’ve heard this season.

Pinocchio Obama

It is a good thing that Caleb and Fakie were voted out this week because I don’t think the house was big enough to hold their egos any more.

Best Man

A Walk Down Frankie Lane
OMG! What a load of crock! CBS, & Julie Chen should be so very ashamed of themselves! It has been so very obvious since the first week that Fakie was more than likely, a paid contestant. First of all, he was given everything he asked for: fish, pink hair dye, his red cords for his wrist, etc., etc., etc. Second, he was given “passes” for not having to be a ‘have-not’ because of his ‘medical’ condition (acid reflux?, hates the cold? bipolar? who knows?!!!!). Third, his vile & disgusting behavior was constantly overlooked & allowed to continue! I have watched BB since the very first season, 15/16 years ago, & never has there been a HG who was so blatantly given such red carpet treatment. It has been absolutely annoying to watch all summer because of Fakie’s vile attitude & treatment of others. He obviously has no moral values, gropes everything & everyone in sight, told Jocasta to go kill herself, called Nicole the c word, constantly talked about his body parts, & last, but certainly not least, his vile, disgusting suggestion that Victoria be gang raped!!!! Rape is a very serious crime & should NEVER be joked about, NEVER! And CBS should be held accountable for their part in allowing this man/child to continue with his behavior & actions. You, in a sense, condoned his words & actions because you took no action at all in stopping it. And on to of all that, you give him & Derrick an opportunity to win an extra $50k! Are you kidding me? Why wasn’t Donny given that goal as well? You have HIGHLIGHTED this person all summer, throwing him down our throats, like he was GOD himself!! How is it fair to all the other HG to have another HG with so many advantages over them? I thought that all of the HG were supposed to have an equal chance at winning? But you throw in someone who is given so many “get aheads” in the game & it works against the other HG-NOT FAIR!!! Then, he has a “famous” sister (who I’d never heard of before the show) who supposedly has a huge following, as well as Fakie himself, so he says, & that, too, stacks the deck against the other HG!!! WRONG!!! All of their supposed followers will be voting for this vile, disgusting man/child. I truly believe, that no matter who actually gets the most votes for America’s favorite HG, CBS will give it to Fakie anyway! I believe CBS has a contract with Fakie that he gets a certain amount of money for his appearance. And we will never be able to prove otherwise. To then, give him a “planted” audience for his departure, was the last straw! So many of us were waiting for the day he walked out to his much deserved boos, but you, CBS, deprived us of that privilege! And for Julie to gush all over him like he was a huge celebrity was so difficult to watch. And his departure is called “gracious”! Bunch of crock! You still are pandering to him, even after he’s gone! This man/child’s ego was already way over the top, yet you decided to add to it by making him think he was so beloved by all!!!!! I call foul on this whole season & demand a rewind, where Fakie is not one of the HG!!!!!!! Sorry CBS, but the money you have spent pandering to this fake man/child, will come back to bite you, you know where! You have seriously disappointed way too many loyal viewers this year, & it will show in your ratings!


You should post this on you tube! Congrats, you hit the nail on the head! Thank you for posting this. So so true, every word!

Nichole's and Hayden's Sweet Romance

BM, you’re very astute in your observations about Frankie’s presence in this season of BB. Thanks for posting what I hope many others will see value in as well!

Best Man

Nicole, Hayden , and Donny are class acts worth much more than 500 K


Well said my friend!!!


Frankie is a spoiled, entitled brat. One million followers……my ass!


You left out the motivation for CBS to do this. Fakie’s sister’s manager is the producer of the new CBS show Scorpion–sound familar? Fakie was pimped to CBS and they bought the fame whore. And of course CBS holds interest in Fakie’s sister record label. They’ve proven they don’t care about the BB show or it’s fans of the past 16 years. There is only one way to hold them accountable and that’s to not by any music from that label and don’t watch the show Scorpion. Cross promotion is one thing but they threw that fame whore at us, gave him special treatment and ignored all his vile disgusting actions and ignored the fans who’ve stayed with them until now.


Wow what a sad pathetic life you must have IF you feel the need to write a giant wall of text….Protip use paragraphs and plenty of punctuations, your nut job conspiracy theory rant just looks like a giant wall of ramble


This is such a good and well formulated post, I agree you should try to find ways to make more people read this.
I have been watching BB for many many years, and like most BB fans have had several “bitter pills” to swallow over the years, regarding the difference between the reality of the feeds and what CBS chose to make of that. But never have I ever lost that much respect for Julie Chen for being so blatant about it. Since she used to be a journalist before BB, I always assumed she would find it harder than a “pure TV show presenter” to blatantly lie about reality and be such a big part in promoting a lie that every live feed watcher knows about.
If Mrs. Chen ever wants to apply for the job of PR manager for an infamous dictator, she can just submit “the Big Brother 16 live feeds vs. her portrayal of them”, as is.
I watched Caleb’s exit interview again, and when Caleb spoke about his disappointment in Frankie, that showing Frankie respect was his biggest regret given what Frankie said and did on his last day in the house, I saw Julie Chen biting her lower lip, clearly unhappy with this statement. She cut him off and rushed directly towards “let’s watch the other HG’s goodbye messages on the screen”, instead of letting him continue to expose what “her little darling Frankie” was in his eyes. Any journalist with just an ounce of professional conscience would have – not only dug deeper, but at least – let him finish his thought.
The day before, she had an incredibly LONG exit interview with Frankie (the longest by far this season), so time is a questionable excuse as to why she wouldn’t let Caleb tell people what he thought of Frankie.

I’m hoping your questions towards Mrs. Chen, and how ashamed she is when looking at a mirror, make it to some kind of interview OF hers.


Why is Frankie called a “man child”. I is a 30 year old wanna be young immature man. He passed child a long time ago.


Everything you’ve said about Frankie is true, but don’t kid yourself into thinking CBS cares-this was their plan from the start. Frankie was to draw attention, to distract, while they paved the way for Derrick’s mediocre win. They gave Derrick and Frankie all the help in the world…one to enrage the audience and garner ratings, the other to market as a lame Dan 2.0. Guessing Dan won’t be back for all-stars, and they are seeking a new “mastermind.” Sorry Grodner, those of us who remember the show before you got your claws into it are not impressed with derrick.

Done with the show

I so agree! I’ve never missed an episode in 16 years. It’s my guilty pleasure. And yes, there are some seasons that were better than others, but this was the worst. Frankie’s behavior was downright sickening, and then the a$$ kissing he got from Julie and CBS made it hard to watch. I lost all respect for her after his exit interview. This season was the last straw for me. I’ll finish out the season, just so I can see who won, but I will not be back next year. I stopped watching Survivor a few years back as well when it got to the point where it was so obviously rigged. Very disappointing. My DVR was set to record Scorpion as it looked like a good show, but I’ll now skip it as I can’t stand the fact I’d be supporting anything to do with Frankie, Justin Douchebag Beiber, or his sister seeing as their manager is connected with the show. What a let down this season was. Frankie is a delusional piece of $hit, but what is so sad is he’s so narcissistic, he will never truly accept how much people hate him. He’ll label us as haters or gay bashes. Which is far from the truth. I liked him at first….until I watched BBAD and saw him for who he really is. Which is not even close to how CBS portrayed him on the show. Done done done….


Best Man, well said! You need to post that on utube and send to CBS. You coherently expressed everything many of us is thinking. Thanks for venting for us!


It’s called playing the game moron.


your an idiot. derrick and cody have controlled the game from start to finish. victorias there because shes the weakest and they think they have the best chance of winning against her in the final three. that simple….if u cant see that then again ur an idiot and dont have the mental capacity to understand game strategy.

How long till BB17 ???

LOL It’s You’re Not Your …….Let Me give You an example

stronside You’re an idiot,

Now run along troll

And then there was three

They seriously have to consider keeping evicted house guests in the house after they are evicted… I can’t take the repetitive conversation


I guess the only move we won’t know thats going to happen this season is who actually wins the 500,000. There has been absolutely no surprises, no shockers. Absolutely the most predictable, boring season of BB ever. They should really let the public vote out the people like BB UK and BB AU. Even just do it a few times threw out the season just to make the show interesting.


It’ would be funny if Victoria actually won the last one.


VapidVic for the Win!!


Who ever wins the final HOH should take her to final 2, especially Cody. If not he would look like the stupidest HG EVERRRRRR.


Disagree. A lot of people thought Dan should’ve taken Jerry instead of Memphis to the finals. That would’ve been a mistake. Dan won by a landslide. I don’t think that would’ve happened if Dan took Jerry. Same with Derrick or Cody. Their odds are better if they take each other than Victoria. I equate Jerry with Victoria.


True – might be more honourable and all, at the end of the day though the only way each of them can guarantee a win for themselves is if they take Victoria.
Btw, a lot of people here bash Victoria by calling her weird things and pointing out how bad of a player she is. Yes, she is a bad competitor and a played a poor game. She did, however, sit on the block almost every week since the season started (if not every week). She is still there so she clearly did something right.


Cody should take Victoria to final 2. He would win by a landslide.
Derrick would not win against Victoria, the jury is too bitter to give it to him, especially his fellow TA members Frankie and Donny because they are not going to give Derrick and extra 50K for screwing them over.


And we all know that “Mr. Honesty” will never take Cody over a guaranteed win against Victoria.


Mr. Honesty how cute! Name one winner of BB who was honest. Time is tickin…


Jordan! :p

I’m just kidding, I just knew, inevitably, that someone would respond with Jordan. Before they do, I’d like to point out that Jordan lied her butt off to Kevin in the final 3. So no, every winner lied their way through the game, absolutely. It’s Big friggin Brother!


I have a feeling if derrick gets to be the deciding HOH, he won’t be saying that. I think it is 50/50 he keeps Victoria as F2 to ensure a win, but if he doesn’t, he will be sure to say something to ensure her vote. Not that she doesn’t deserve to be there, because it is by their handling of events that made sure she was, so he has to actually play that up.


How do they not deserve to be there??? Just cause you dont like them doesnt mean you should overlook the fact that they (cody and Derrick) owned the whole season. They were behind almost every single game move. Got to give them respect for that.


I’ll give it to Derrick (and to a much larger extent, produciton)…but Cody was a puppet who controlled nothing. He’s a male victoria.


Now, now, let’s not get carried away. Cody is definitely not Victoria. Cody won some of the most important comps in the game. Especially at the end. And if he doesn’t beat Donny in the HOH comp that led to Donny’s eviction then this game might’ve been a LOT different. Cody is definitely blinded by Derrick but Cody did win to ensure his safety at the most crucial times. Besides, everyone besides Donny has been blinded by Derrick to a large degree.

I mean, do we think Derrick would’ve honored the hit-men if Caleb had won the veto and saved himself in Final 4? Derrick might’ve turned on Cody there to ensure that he still ended up in the Final 3 with only one tough competitor. Point is, Cody won when it mattered. I haven’t been a huge fan of his but he’s been a lot better to watch since Christine left. And I think that, depending on their speeches, a Cody vs. Derrick finale might be a lot closer than some think. Donny really likes him and I think he has decent relationships with Hayden and Nicole. If the jury is bitter and takes Cody’s comp wins into consideration I think that he’ll score more votes than some might think. I also believe Cody will be a lot more well spoken in his finale speeches than players from the past.


Kill Me Now!! I thought that I would NEVER say this: VICTORIA FTW!!!!


The more you watch these stooges the easier it is to say.


If Derick take her she will win.
If Cody takes her, Cody will win.
So sad, too bad Derrick’s mad.

arianas half brother

Cody is an idiot. Derrick is an annoying pigman. Victoria still thinks she’s on the bachelor.


Haha little do they know most of the BB alumni want Victoria to win. Shes playing a great game she just needs to win this last HoH and she’s played a perfect game.

Making it to the final3 without having to win a comp even that’s great strategy. She just needs to win this 2ed part because the last part is a coin flip.


If she wins the 2nd and 3rd part of this HOH and takes Cody to the end, she will almost redeem herself. If she achieves this, Derrick would say “Hat off, girl !”


do you really think victoria will win the comp? have you not seen her performance for the past season? you’re delusional if you think she will in a comp.


Also, have you seen the way Derrick talks to women who cross him? He won’t congratulate Victoria on an epic game move…his nostrils will flare up, and the real Derrick, bitter and entitled, will come out.

I hope she does it. Just so he can show what an a$$ he really is on finale night.


Derrick is a control freak. He is the worst type of cop. His anger is always seething just beneath the surface and he uses that to bully people, especially women.
Glad other people see this too because it is obvious to anyone who has dealt with controlling personalities.


No, I don’t think Victoria will win this HOH by any means, but, since she’s still in the game, she still has a hypothetical, just a hypothetical chance to win it.If we disagree with other people’s opinion, using the “thumb down” button would suffice.


You are so delusional if you believe any of the crap you’re spewing.



Cody won HOH 1
Derrick wins HOH 2

Derrick wins HOH 3
Derrick picks Victoria

Victor wins 5-4




Who’s Victor? 😛


Need to borrow a sense of humor, guys? It was meant as a joke.


I agree there is no way that Derrick wins against either Victoria or Cody. Derrick will either get 2nd place or not even make it to final 2.


I still can’t figure out by that conversation if Derrick is taking Cody to the F2 if he wins. It’s no wonder he was able to get as far as he has. The other HG’s didn’t stand a chance. He is pretty smooth. Game wise, I hope neither of them take Victoria. I also don’t think either of them should chance throwing any part of this competition.

Just a personal note. Thanks to everyone for making this site such a fun place to visit and comment on. It is a great place to get updates since I am not able to follow the live feeds myself. It’s interesting to read everyone’s opinions on the happenings in the house. Thank you so much to Simon and Dawg for all of your hard work and congratulations on all the wonderful things happening in your lives at this time. I don’t know how you have managed it all! But I do thank you!!


I go back and forth whom Derrick will take but I’m leaning towards Derrick taking Cody. It Derrick makes it to the final 2, he’ll win. Zach and Nicole are team Derrick and it seems enough time has passed that Hayden appreciates Derrick’s game. Christine and Frankie will vote for Derrick. Jocasta and Donny I’m not sure. If Derrick picks Cody, he’ll lose Cody’s vote;if Derrick evicts Victoria, she’ll still vote for him.

Poor Cody, he’ll take Derrick 100%.


I think Cody’s 80K in student loans will convince him to take Victoria. Derrick will lose to either Cody or Victoria… the jury is that bitter toward him.


Cody will take Derrick because he thinks he has more wins, and that means he’ll get the votes. And derrick plays that up of course.

I am getting an impression, just based on how Derrick words things with Cody versus Victoria he just might be sincere about taking Cody if it is up to him. With Victoria he says ‘i’ve got your back’, and ‘what do you think’ and ‘you know i’ll take care of you’, and a bunch of other vague things but i don’t see him actually saying directly to her F2, vic, you and me, if I’m the HOH standing and choosing, it’s you and me sitting in those chairs, and so on.

With Cody he does actually make comments like that. And when he says that BB fans and jury will not appreciate the guy who chose Victoria in the seat, it is probably more of a warning to Cody’s sense of a good game. as in, Cody, don’t think about taking Vic at the end. Whether he believes that is the best thing for himself personally, to not take Vic, who knows.

maybe tonight’s DR will give more info and insight to his real opinions on this. If he takes Cody, and doesn’t punk out, he will get more out of the BB experience over the long term. If that is also of interest to him, the only way to be memorable, is for a day 2 alliance to make it to the final two seats.


I don’t believe a word that comes out of Derricks mouth in the DR sessions that they show, nor did I believe much of whatever Frankie was babbling about at any particular monment in his DR sessions.


I believe Donny told Cody he’d give him his vote. I don’t know why you don’t think Christine would give Cody the vote after their romance.


Because the way she was booed when she was ejected she might not want to be seen by her husband and family as voting for Cody. I know too little too late but I bet that will be a consideration on her part, she may be slow but I don’t think she is stupid to the Victoria degree.


If Cody is in final 2 against Derrick ,voting is as follows for Cody:

If Cody is against Victoria in final 2, voting is as follows for Cody:



Pulling for Cody & Victoria for F2!!!!


I hope Cody realizes soon that Derrick is taking Victoria to Final 2.




I can’t wait on the finale night when they find out that Derrick who was never on the block wins a half million dollar plus extra 50 thousand for team America mission and how he played all of em. And Donny or Zach wins America’s fav and not Frankie. And that Donny is gonna be on the bold and the beautiful yay!


I’m praying to the BB gods that there’s a camera reaction shot of Frankie when he discovers that Donny will be appearing on The Bold and The Beautiful. He will be green with envy!


HaHa. Green with envy and pink hair!!


And those bright blue shorts. Lol


Derrick has to win first and he wont win.
Sorry to burst your bubble.


Derrick is going to completely blindside Cody and take Victoria if he wins final hoh. Far easier to tell the jury he deserves to win over her. The argument would be tougher against Cody and a bitter jury would give Cody the win over Derrick.


Disagree. I think Derrick will have a better shot against Cody than Victoria. Victoria may get 5 votes (Jocasta, Hayden, Donny, Caleb, Cody). Like Memphis, I don’t think Cody will get any votes.


The only thing about what you said I disagree with is the bitter jury thing regarding Derrick. I think they were bitter about Frankie mostly, and Cody and maybe the Cody/Derrick bond some saw. I think Derrick covered his tracks pretty good. I think some don’t like Cody because of the illicit Codstine thing they had to witness. Poor losers may be bitter, but I don’t think they have it against Derrick. You might because you know the behind-the-scenes stuff they don’t.


Doesn’t matter who Derrick takes if he decides on final 2, he loses to either Cody or Victoria. The math is obvious on this folks. This bitter jury won’t reward Derrick. Cody would win by more than Victori but both would win against Derrick.

The only true toss-up in this season would have been if Caleb and Cody were in final 2. That would have been a tough decision for the jury.


That’s how you win! I’ve enjoyed all of it

BB 16 done yet?

I actually think Derrick should win. He has actually played the best game and he played the game how anyone would if they needed the money.


nothing to do with this update but i am so happy cbs actually showed frankie in the hoh room, they didnt have to but it showed all the viewers who had never really seen how disgusting of a person he was on the edited shows what he truley was like. to bad they’re trying to shove frankie down our throats with that dumb post about his gameplay or whatever on their site

OBB Fan 4 Life

Next season they need to broadcast live feeds from the Jury House. To see Zach and Donny more would have been pure gold for BBUS, but one can dream…


yea you can watch donny and zack sleep all fun. funny how people forget things.


Um, I didn’t watch the feeds much during the day…I wager most of us had to work during that time. Zach was very entertaining at night though.

Try this again!

who would u like to be in the final 2?


Derrick and somebody, I don’t care who as long as Derrick is in Final 2.


I think both of them are strongly considering taken Victoria a for sure win unless the jury flips but the more I think about it the jury would feel even worse giving it to Victoria cody cant think hes going to win against derrick but im sure he doesn’t know all the prep derrick put into those jury members if derrick doesn’t make final 2 I see him leaving right after show pissed realistically on a few will every see each other again at this stage do whats good for you


Derrick reminds me of Emmett (BBCAN)
I hate people that think they are entitled to win just because they have kids or they think their lives are better. I honestly hope Cody realizes that sitting against Victoria in the F2 is a guaranteed win and takes her to the end.
Best case scenario is Derrick being the last one evicted. It’ll be hilarious to see his smug face disappear when he comes to terms that he lost Big Brother and the girl he played all summer out lasted him. All the way to the final 3 and he gets nothing..
I’d honestly see Cody win rather than Derrick but hands down it’d be hilarious if Victoria won.


I only want Victoria to win if she is against Derrick.
If it is Cody vs Victoria, I want Cody to win.

I don’t want Derrick to even make final 2 as that would be some small amount of justice delivered to him based on his overly controlling and mean spiritied game play.

Not derrick team but

The reason Victoria is there is because of derrick, we have to recognize he’s one of the best players in bb, he haven’t been on the block and he was able to take his 2 closest ally to the end, and work all the jury to his favor, he played a clean game and didn’t need to swear on the bible


I don’t think Derrick played a clean game at all. The thing that really rubs me the wrong way is reiterating to Frankie how they have the grandfather connection. I think that’s probably as bad as it gets.

Irked by the stupidity!

Respect your opinion but disagree: Derrick played the grandfather connection but Frankie dedicated his game play to his grandfather. I find it hard to believe that his grandfather would have respected his “game play” had he been living and watching. I am more inclined to believe he would have been ashamed and embarrassed. Frankie is a poor excuse for a human being with a total lack of morals and integrity. I also find it hard to believe that someone as vile as he is had serious intentions of building schools in an impoverished country. Frankie is a fake on a grand scale.


and this is exactly what production wanted. Frankie stirred so much controversy that he distracted from Derrick, who was much more subtle, but just as dirty in his gameplay.


If I was locked in a house for 3 months and one of my family members passed away a week after another house guest family member did, I would feel connected with that person for going through the same loss. Derrick is still human, you can’t read his mind and claim you know that he said that just out of game play. Even if he did, it is a game, and if you sign up for this game, I would rather watch someone who is actually playing it than someone who is there for a summer vacation.


Derrick was a swine who use whatever he could to manipluate other houseguests. It went beyond game to something actually pretty insidious and downright nasty and vile. I lost all respect for Derrick after week 4 because Derrick tapped into his own biases and skills to appeal/ manipulate other hg’s.

Jacosta: prayer
Frankie: his grandfather
Caleb: viewing women as 2nd class citizens
Cody: Goodfellas loyalty
Christine: cheaing on your spouse with other hg’s
Nicole: superfan of bb
Donny: attempted to appeal to Donny’s big heart but Donnny saw through this
Devin: his little girl
Brittany: her children
Amber: fear of Caleb and promising to protect her against big bad Caleb
Zach: Derrick sized up Zach as someone who needed affirmation and was insecure and Derrick manipulated Zachs ADD and other conditions to distract Zach and keep him sick and paranoid.
Victoria: her desire for love from a married older man.

You can say that above is all game but that is not what I saw this season. I saw a sociopath let loose on a house of pretty naive kids. I found the whole season a disusting display of one man’s over the top manipulation and abuse of some pretty sensitive kids whose individual deficits were amplified and triggered by Derricks desire for money and control. I think this season was a failure because Derrick was allowed to run rampage on the psychologies of the others without any response or correction from production.

Frankies behavior was vile and more obvious but Derricks did more long lasting damage to the cast.


Taking Victoria to the final is problematic for both guys if this is truly a bitter jury, but from what little we have heard from the Jury House is that while they know that Derrick played them all for the most part they respect Derrick for fooling them. This is not like last year when Andy had to pick between Gina Marie and Spencer, Andy was flat out not going to lose to either one of them and both won more comps than Victoria. Neither Spencer or Gina Marie deserved 50 grand but I think Andy took Gina Marie as partly because of all the Chicken PARM she made while Spencer spent the whole summer lying around scratching himself.


So what you’re saying is, if Derrick loses against either Cody or Victoria Derrick can’t be mad cause he brought both to this point?


Agreed – Just like Neda from BBCAN. Derrick is more likely to come in 3rd than anyone would think, even though he orchestrated this entire season.

Kathie from Canada

Looks like Derrick is faced with what will be his biggest lie of the game!! This should be interesting!


If I was locked in a house for 3 months and one of my family members passed away a week after another house guest family member did, I would feel connected with that person for going through the same loss. Derrick is still human, you can’t read his mind and claim you know that he said that just out of game play. Even if he did, it is a game, and if you sign up for this game, I would rather watch someone who is actually playing it than someone who is there for a summer vacation.


i just vote 20 times for Donny America favorite player I do it again tomorrow
if you hadn’t vote in like Donny go vote lets help a good man

What time

What time is the show tonight? Any chance part 2 is going to be live for us tonight? I sure hope one of these two boys cuts the other one at the end. They’d both be fools not to. Victoria is the guarenteed 500k… That’s why you brought her there isn’t it?


8pm EST & 7pm CST

Dame Judi Chop

Vivian deserves to be there as much as either of them. Why just think of the HOURS she spent staring into space…er, thinking. Yes, thinking, of umm, game like things. And how she would, like, talk about issues and stuff. And how she ALLOWED others the HONOR of helping her in her quest for competition greatness. Let’s not forget her unutterably exquisite sense of humour. “Sheet pan, sheet pan!” Why if you think about it, but not very hard, Veruska is just an all around swell gal. And just about the bestest, brightest, bubblyest, player of all this season. Viola for the win! Yaaaa-aaay!


Shooting fish in a barrel is not exactly great or genius gameplay.
‘People must like me’. Yep; your father, your mother and some other blood relatives might.
Screeching, egotistical and beyond deluded.

The Other Doug

Veronica will be just like Sabrina (BBCAN 2) and win second prize for no other reason than the fact the other players don’t think she’ll win competitions. I’d like to offically name this type of player a BOOMERANG.

No matter how many times you try to throw a Boomerang out of the house they’ll keep coming back. Why? Because they win as many comps as a wooden stick, so everyone wants to use them to hunt bigger prey. If you’re on the block beside a Boomerang everyone will tell you not to worry, the Boomerang doesn’t deserve to be in the game so we’re all going to vote him/her out. And then you’re blindsided and out the door.

Fear the Boomerang.

The Other Doug

…and we know her name is Victoria. Running joke.


Big Brother Fans on this site, I think pretty highly of this website, I think we all appreciate the game in some way more than your average person who watches the show.

that said, I can’t believe how many actually are backing up victoria here. guys, her biggest move was attaching herself to derrick, and destroying a hat when a guy was already put up as a veto replacement.

Derrick has basically controlled the game, and he did it with never being nominated, EVER, he did it without getting ANY blood on his hands, and it was all behind the scenes. everyone has figured it out once they get to jury, and they seem pretty darn impressed by his play. I think they would have voted for the rightly hated in house Frankie, or Derrick. now that its Derrick and the 2 people he controlled all game….Derrick convinces cody to take him and he genuinely deserves to win. its not his fault that he had a weak bunch of competitors game wise


Agreed. Ppl here take this game way too personally. Best game players are Derrick and Frankie without question. Victoria played more than Donny! So what Donny got a walk on role on B&B (he’s probably the gardener in the background). Frankie will be on stages worldwide once he’s out. Michael Jackson wasn’t liked but guess what, he’s still a superstar.


Michael Jackson had talent. Freak Boy is like my neighbors dog, humps everything in sight.


Just like you can’t tell the jury how its going to vote, you can’t tell the fans that there is one way to watch this game. Superfans like myself see the game differently and just because we don’t agree with you doesn’t make us any less loyal to the spirit of BB.
I supported Derrick at first but he lost me with his DR sessions and glamouring of the feeds. Once that started, I could no longer support his game. He played a good-mediocre game. He is no where near the greats of BB. The makeup of the rest of the hg’s allowed him to do what he did so he did not have to work that hard because he was given an easy chessboard to play.
Bottom line for me is that I would like to see the jury correct the many wrongs of this season and award Victoria or Cody the win. Anyone but Derrick would make me happy. I hope to never see a season like this again.


Michael Jackson had talent. Freak-Boy is like my neighbors dog, humps everything in sight.


Victoria out played Donny? Really??? Donny won comps and tried to work with people. It’s not his fault the majority of the kids in there are disrespectful, delusional horrible people. Delusional in thinking that they are actually good people which they tell themselves and live feeders at least once a week. Donny was the only one that was smart enough to know what was going on but the other sheep didn’t want to listen.


No Blood on his hands = Snitch. Perhaps the “2 people he controlled” may decide to take the power out of his hands 🙂 That would be awesome!


So, Is Derrik trying to pacify Vic or is he really going to take her? I haven’t seen feeds in awhile I wondered maybe he was talking to cameras regarding F2.


I’m sure it’s more of Derrick’s manipulation rhetoric with Cody about Victoria especially since Victoria is at the very least a vote for Derrick. Some people just float I guess that is a strategy even though it’s not respected. Although in Victoria’s mind I don’t think she feels she floated but had a secret duo alliance with Derrick and that was her person. Wait until she looks back at it. One thing I really don’t like about Victoria in the house is that she literally didn’t have any connections with other people besides him. For example, she acted like Amber really did something to her when she didn’t. The Nicole “friendship” was by default with each other. I hope she doesn’t think she played her own game because she didn’t not even socially. Some aren’t good at comps and I thought some of those comps would be rough especially dealing with others who are good at them.But at least try to connect socially outside Derrick. Anyway, I can’t see Derrick in good conscience standing in front of Cody and deciding to take Victoria. If he does do it than his argument that he and Victoria Victoria were actually in an alliance from day one or some exaggerated bullsh*t. I want him to beat Cody just so I can see him have to make the decision.


I think Derrick and Cody just BS each other, but in fact both of them entertain the thought of taking her to the finale.If they do respect each other, they should take each other to the end and let the jury decide who deserves the win.


Derrick is saying Victoria has not earned a spot in the finals, only because Derrick doesn’t want Cody to choose Victoria for final 2…. Derrick will choose Victoria over Cody.


I think it is crazy that Cody and Victoria doesn’t talk game to each other when Derrick is not around. Why aren’t they both questioning who the other person would take to the final 2(not that any thinks Victoria could win but I do remember that last couple seasons the weak players won the final HoH and the game)?
On another note, Cody is an idiot if he takes Derrick to the end because he will be handing Derrick the $500,000. Cody and Derrick played the same game in my opinion but the Jury members don’t remember him because he spent most of the game behind Derrick and in Christine’s arm. I also think Cody is a coward; always afraid to make a big move which is why he will take Derrick to the end.


i don’t think Cody sees himself losing next to either Vic or Derrick. He just adds up his comp wins and figures that and good socializing gets him the votes. I doubt if he realizes that people will see the decisions made came from Derrick. They see it in jury, but Cody isn’t there so doesn’t get that feedback, he’ll assume he has an edge over derrick.

I am not sure that derrick will be convinced that he has Cody’s vote if evicted at that stage of the game. He is convinced that Victoria will give him the vote. It is possible for that reason alone he will decide to evict Victoria, if it is up to him. there is no explanation or scenario that would convince Cody that Derrick evicting him was OK with him, so i could see Derrick believing he would lose a vote by doing that.

It’s hard to strategize, because i have seen Derrick do some things that weren’t really good for his game at the time, and make poor choices. It worked out at the end only because he was able to turn Caleb. there was no guarantee that would happen, it wasn’t a risk he took hoping that would happen, it was a mistake he was able to correct (as in the 2 opportunities to evict frankie)

I Don't Like Derrick

YES, Cody will be an idiot if he wins the Final HOH, and takes Derrick. An example of what I mean by Derrick’s success depends on other peoples’ stupidity. It should be common sense for Cody to take Vic, if he wins the Final HOH, but unfortunately, Cody probably doesn’t see that. Being loyal to this hypocrite seems to be more important than the extra $450,000. Common sense would be, don’t even chance it. If you win the Final HOH, go with who you know you can beat.


Cody can take either Victoria or Derrick to final 2 and he will win either way, he will win a bigger share against Victoria than Derrick.

Cody taking Derrick is not like Woo taking Tony on Survivor at all. The jury votes on this season will not reward Derrick for his game. They will reward Cody.

If Cody was smart, he would take Victoria to final 2 and he would win by a landslide.


There’s no way Derrick is taking Victoria to Final 2. His loyalty has always been with the Hitmen. I think Derrick deserves to win over Cody. I think he played a better game than Cody and overall, he played the game well. He may not have won as many comps as Frankie, but he always had the say so of who goes home and most of the time, he did it in a very subtle manner. So subtle, that he manage to never become a target and never once went on the block. That’s an accomplishment that even you Derrick haters have to give him kudos for. Come on, you know its true ; )


Zach’s great but voting for Donny is the better option.
Keep in mind Zach and Frankie were close so if Zach wins AF, Frankie will think it’s because of his relationship with him and will milk the s#it out of it.
Donny was the true underdog of the season and he deserves the money more than anyone.


Just vote (or not vote) for YOUR favorite player!


I have been voting, for myself, 20 times each day since the voting started and I’ll keep doing it until CBS closing the voting booth. ME FOR THE WIN!!!


When Victoria found out that Zack was saying mean things about her behind her back, she became so furious that she took the hat she gave him and cut it into pieces. When her parents tell her about the inappropriate things Frankie said to Caleb and Cody about her “AND” that Derrick was right there with them saying, In order to have sex with Victoria, you would have to put the zingbot glasses on. Then he began acting out lude antics and laughing hysterically about it all. When she watches the video of this, she will be so hurt an dissappointed in Derrick. Atleast, Cody covered his eyes at one point, and said No, No, No and Caleb didnt laugh and told Frankie, That was inappropriate. Not sure if Victoria’s parents will approve of her remaining friends with Derrick and not sure if Victoria will want to be friends with him. Zack said less harsh things about her and look how much she started hating him. That was the one thing Derrick did that made me look down on him, other than that, I thought he was a decent person overall.

Meat Stick

Remember that Derrick and Victoria are playing like they hate each other. Derrick might take her to the end, it would be a guaranteed win for him.


Derrek is just covering his ass on both bases,just in case one or the other beats him in comps


I dont know why I’m feeling the need to point out the negative things Derrick did because I actually liked him from the beginning and thought he played a smart game. One thing that always irked me, was when he would say, You are taking food out of my kids mouth or Im here because I have a family. It made me feel like he thought because he had a family that he deserved the money more than the other HG who were not married and didint have kids. Every time he said that, I thought, well, Derrick, this money will help these other HG “Future Families” that inevitably they will have. It will help someone like Cody to pay off his $80,000 student loans and will give him money to purchase a home for his “Future Family.”


I agree completely. I dislike when HG’s use the ole – I am married with a family type of thing – To make themselves sound more deserving to be there than anyone else. Makes them sound entitled, pompous, smug, c*cky etc. They would be the first one I want evicted !!

The doctor

Let’s all agree to stop talking about Frankie. CBS will interpret our continued discussion of him as reason to promote him. The best thing we can do is ignore him. Hope u understand my reasoning. I also find him to be a despicable person


Understandable but commenters did the same thing here about Andy last year and now look at him. If anything, his “presence” on the show was already carved in stone and he was the purposed “cbs poster boy” of the season before any of us had any clue of what was coming our way. Too bad that cbs themselves did not know what they were getting themselves into as well by condoning his erratic behavior all season. Very risky move on their part. Huge fan of this show but I am seriously starting to question that. I bet I am not the only one.


Understandable but commenters did the same thing here about Andy last year and now look at him. If anything, his “presence” on the show was already carved in stone and he was the purposed “cbs poster boy” of the season before any of us had any clue of what was coming our way. Too bad that cbs themselves did not know what they were getting themselves into as well by condoning his erratic behavior all season. Very risky move on their part. Huge fan of this show but I am seriously starting to question that. I bet I am not the only one.


When Derrick says things this hypocritical, arrogant, or generally annoying, I wonder whether it’s part of his manipulations or if he’s actually like that.


When Derrick said in one of his diary room sessions (talking about breaking up Caleb&Frankie) “and that is how you win $500,000” I am now waiting for the outcome of this season. Will it be – for the win, or be his DownFall? Gosh I hope his C*ckyness gets the better of him!!


Having watched BB since 1st season. all the former hg’s agree that the house brings out the best and worst in people BUT what you see IS WHAT YOU REALLY GET.
I think that if you look at the behavior of ALL the hg’s this season (and past seasons) you see that the hothouse of the BB enclave, exacerbates the darker aspects of the personalities of the cast. You can draw your own conclusions about whether someone who was an undercover cop with obvious anger and control issues is a prince in real life.

Miss Cleo

IF Derrick makes it to final two, he WILL take Victoria.

echo 1

I feel sorry for Cody he has no brains or balls or common sense. Wonder what does he sell? I think he needs to get a refund on his $80000 student loans it didn’t help him !! Cody and Victoria both aren’t thinking about winning the $500000 just how they will look . Very sad

No Shockers There

I think Derrick is going to try to beat Victoria in the second round, but purposely lose the last comp so Cody will be the one that crushes Victoria’s feelings and picks Derrick instead. That way, Derrick again looks like the good guy, and gets her jury vote for sure. Although I still can’t stand him, he did a great job manipulating a house full of idiots all summer long.


Derrick will take Victoria to F2, I think she made a promise to Derrick that IF she won the half million that he knew what she was going to do with it. She wouldn’t say on live feed, but he knew what she was talking about. This leads me to believe that she would give him some of her winnings. That leaves Derrick with 50K (2nd place) + 50K (TA F2) + 15K (missions completed or was it 20K?) + 5K (for 5,000 holla’s) can’t wait for this season to be OVER!!!


I’m pretty sure that Derrick only gets the extra $50.000 for Team America is if He wins in the Finale, not second place 🙂


DarkKnight you might be right and I misunderstood about the TA 50k, I thought it said F2.

So Annoyed!!!

I think Derr~ICK is just a horrible human being. I don’t think I’ve seen a more egotistical, smug, pig~faced person! I so understand that “this is a game”, BUT before game contestants, they should be human beings! No blood on it’s (Derr~ICK) hands is a matter of perception. The way he canoso easily appear to genuinely care about someone’s feelings & try to console them all while plunging the knife deeper into their back is a way more despicable way of getting blood on your hands than nominating someone for eviction. He honestly doesn’t appear to have any REAL compassion for anyone. It just creeps me out how it doesn’t bother him in the slightest to deceive those who think they have a real friendship. I’m not a psychologist or any form of therapist, but, he is what I imagine a psychopath or sociopath would look like. If I were a jury member & it came down to Victoria & Derr~ICK, Victoria would be Victorious! Couldn’t possibly reward Derr~ICK in all good conscience.


His job was an undercover narc. He gained trust of people to enable him to get info and i’m sure all of these skills were from his jon. He is great and planting a seed and letting it grow. It isn’t because he is a terrible person. It’s what he was trained to do.


I so agree. I just want this season to be over so I never have to look at him and listen to his BS again.
Please CBS, please just make him go away so I can subscribe to the feeds again!


Team Vacancy, FTW!!!


Watching tonight’s recap show makes me realize how unlikeable the final 3 are. I miss Nicole, Donny, Zach and even crazy Caleb. This COULD have been a decent season, but Frankie and Derrick and his toadies ruined it.
I’m OK with a “villain” winning, but not one who claims to be a great guy or tries to con viewers into thinking he is a good guy.
Own your shit.
When Frankie’s recap came on, I muted the TV.
Did he do or say ONE sincere thing all season?


I do believe Fraknie sincerely believes he determined whether people were evicted or not. Delusional, overinflated ego, humping, unlike able person that he is, he truly believes that he is a great and pivotable player in this game.