“I’m telling you no matter what happens you will win the 500 thousand dollars”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-22 12-12-18-894

12:11pm Cody and Derrick backyard
Plane flies overhead.. Derrick – Weird looking up at those planes and thinking theres a hundred people in there.. floating through the air it’s crazy…

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-22 14-03-17-754

12:50pm Victoria and Derrick Backyard
Victoria says she so tired she doesn’t want to get ready. Derrick – why are you getting ready for the DR
Victoria – no for the day .. Cody went back to sleep
Derrick – ya.. take another nap there’s nothing going on
Victoria – I couldn’t .. You’re not tired
Derrick – no
They talk about their families flying out to see them on finale today
Victoria- I cannot believe the day has come.. the day Wednesday.. it’s right around the corner
Derrick – 48 hours from now we’ll be on lockdown..
Victoria – you are going to have grown men coming to you asking you for your autograph
Derrick I don’t know about that..
Victoria can’t wait to watch the episodes just to see how Derrick played “I don’t really care about anyone elses game play.. a lot of people were really transparent.. “
Victoria – I can’t believe you
Derrick – what what are you talking about
victoria your game
what about it you don’t even know the game i played yet for all you know I was horrible
Victoria – You will be final 2 and everyone loves you
Derrick – that’s what you think
Victoria says everytime he was at the pool table there would be someone in kitchen saying “That man hasn’t lied to me once”
Derrick – good for me I guess
Victoria – God.. why Cody of all people
Derrick – I’m still me.. ya I had to work with people but i’m still me..
Victoria – I know.. You know the real me
Derrick – do I .. I hope I do..
Victoria – me in the DR is not the real me
Victoria asks him if he thinks he’ll be asked for Big Brother All stars
Derrick – I hope
Victoria – would you do it
Derrick – depends where i’m at in my life ya I would do it depends if i’m as good of a player as you say I am.
Derrick would like to see how good he is against the best, “Probably gets smoked taken out the first week”

Victoria- are you nervous
Derrick – ya.. I wish I was as confident as you are
Victoria – I believe in good energy and good will come to those that do good/
Victoria doesn’t know how anyone in the Jury will vote against Derrick knowing the person he is.
Victoria – “in the game you can’t have everyone’s back but personally you were there on some level.. when Nicole was crying you didn’t have to be there for her.. who is Nicole to you know one.. you still were human even though you were playing.. most of the people weren’t (Nicole was a jury vote)
Derrick thinks he has a good chance but doesn’t have any idea what is going on in the jury.
Victoria – I’m telling you no matter what happens you will win the 500 thousand dollars, I’m telling you
Derrick thinks he’ll beat Cody as long as Cody isn’t hiding something like Frankie was. Victoria says if he’s hiding something like Frankie and they know he has a lot of money nobody will vote for Cody.
Victoria – what if he’s gay
Derrick – I don’t know anything.. I don’t know if that will sway people.
Victoria – that’s not swaying Nicole and Hayden
Derrick – Nicole and Hayden are not enough to win
Victoria – who else will vote you over him.
Victoria thinks Frankie and Caleb will vote for Derrick.
Derrick doesn’t know about Caleb and Christine those are the toss ups for Derrick.
Derrick knows he doesn’t have Jocasta and Donny, “Donny’s liked COdy the entire game he started an alliance with Cody didn’t include me.. I was his target the whole time”
Victoria – they are going to crush us even though I’m not…
Derrick – they are crushing all three of us
Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-22 13-42-16-418

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-22 13-39-12-311

1:36pm FIREROOM Victoria and Derrick
(Victoria mentions something about him seeing her face after they told her something )
Derrick packing his bags..
Derrick – I love you you are so gullible.
Victoria that is why people like to mess with me it’s so annoying
Derrick – it’s what makes you you ..
Victoria- Gullible that’s not a good thing
Derrick – that isn’t a bad thing means you take what people say.
Derrick tells her in his real life he doesn’t take bullshit from people.
Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-22 14-11-27-774

Victoria says she’s surprised Caleb doesn’t smoke, “Because he was in the Army”
Derrick – it’s a new Army
Victoria – he was in Iraq
Derrick – he dips
Victoria – I can’t wait to start texting you pictures..
Victoria – I have a real problem with insomnia
Derrick – WE know rose
Victoria – my brain is always running
Derrick still packing “I’m going to crush these t-shirts”
Victoria – oh my god you’re going to meet my brother.. Oh mu god..
Cody wakes up and joins them.. jumps on Victoria because she was talking about production and Big Brother got after her for it over the speakers which woke Cody up.

They talk about production not giving them a lunch today. last night they assumed they’re going to get another lunch so they were already picking what they wanted to eat. (They wanted chick fil a)
Derrick – we can’t take things for granted.
Derrick says he got Victoria good today.. He had brought a pack of cigarettes so he could use it for game purposes. he was planning on smoking socially with them. He doesn’t smoke and after finding out nobody in the house smoked he never brought them out.

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Flippy Floppies are the best !!


Go ahead and give the check to Victoria, This is a lock for a Victoria win. Victoria is a competition beast and the best female player since Rachel and Janelle. She has dominated this season since week one. Unicorns are real.

My Mom said

Victoria did a little Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, a little Snow White. . . Lots of girls do to get what they want.


Yes we all realize Victoria is living in another world – unfortunately all those childhood stories were filled with beautiful little princesses, or ‘riding hoods’, or something but according to literature they were significantly magnetic and for the most part had turned-up little noses that were cute as a button.
Victoria is more like a wanna-be (really bad I might add), with a large dose of present day ‘gold-digger’.
Too bad about the nose thing – mine isn’t exactly fairy-tale standard either but I suppose she figured she had a rockin’ bod (as she stated a few times).
Snow White wasn’t known for her Kardashian ass or mentality.
Maybe next time.

Eure ka!

That was rambling, verging on incoherent, and I loved every second of it. Mad props E!


she already did say that she dresses as a different Disney princess each year when talking to Caleb about Halloween. Last year she was going to do Jasmine, but didn’t for some reason so she will do that this year.

River Song

If I had to say there was ONE thing that I will miss about this season, it was all the names we’ve called Victoria, since she is utterly forgettable: Vanessa, Veronica, Verna, Victrola, Vampira, Vapid Vic, Vernita, and my personal favorite, Shitoria,
Her claim to fame will be that she did absolutely nothing, yet still made it to the final 3. Amazing, isn’t it?


Don’t forget Vomitoria


FRANKiE GRAnDE g0t r0BBeD DiS $eAs0n! HE iS sTiLL the G0D of BB and JuLiE CHeN beTTeR PRaY daT he giVes heR a J0B doiNG ARi’s naiLS and DrY CLeaNinG! LMb0! ~*#H8teRs #SHiNEBriTeLiKEaFRANKiE~*

The Third Billy Goat

Get along troll,,,


🙂 don’t you have chores to do or homework maybe.


whatever troll, anyways the true frankie fans are still here dont forget ok. doesnt matter how many times you dislike my comments i will persist because all my life i have people trying to bully me and not liking my opinion, ill tell you what tho im a human just like frankie is. an no one was entertaining this season except mr grande. dont even try to say anything different cause youll be lying we all know he was the most fun to watch ok anyways ill say it again #BFB #bringbackfrankie @CBS!!!


Holla swagdollas!

Caren in Canada

I think Frankie needs to step off Glitter Garys platform! The throwing glitter and the comment shine brite like a Frankie are exact copies of Garys BBCAN season exit! I cannot believe nobody else has noticed it Would love to see Gary show up at the finale and tell Frankie to STFU and get off my show!

Holla Trolla

Who dat – Victoria’s mom, dad or sister again?

Ariana Grande stinks

I sincerely hope he gets his face seriously punched in the streets of New York, and we get to see the footage that includes his teeth spectacularly scattered around…

Pink Haired Troll

Nooooo don’t knock out Skankie’s teeth….. She’d be able to give gummers and be even more piggy.


That is uncalled for, just cause you do not like someone you don’t need to which someone beats them up.

Ariana Grande stinks

Words sink ships, and his words hurt way too many people to not call for a good ole punch in the dark…


Go back to youtube with the rest of his vapid 12 year old fans.


By next week people will have forgotten who Frankie is. The only things Frankie has to look forward to are what’s left of his underage youtube fans and continuing to ride on the coattails of his diva sister. Both Frankie and his sister will be nothing but bad memories in the very near future.

Valentina Corleone

From your mouth to God’s ear…


God doesn’t listen to hate.


I wonder what Fred & Barney are doing!


What ever it is it has to be more interesting than this season of Stooges.


I am truly glad this season is over, I really didn’t care about most of the hg, Frankie was by far the worst, he hated the girls and wanted and did hug and hanged all over the men. And the After Dark show was sooo boring.

lemon balls

I keep hearing the tune to Jeopardy playing in my head while I read…waiting for someone to pick a category …


Funny, I keep hearing Donny’s cricket whistle.


Good one, Kellie!


Why are they drawing out this week lol? At least stick a twist in their big brother.


Just to mess with them they should put a huge reset button in the middle of the kitchen table.


Deprick’s head would explode! I can just see him pacing a hole in the carpetw….again. Cody would pick his nails til they bled. And Victoria would scream bloody murder. It would be a tiny bit entertaining for about 2.2 seconds and then it would be more of the same ole sh!t.


The finale is Wed just because of RATINGS! They would get crushed by The Voice and Dancing with the Stars on Monday and Tuesday. Ratings have been poorer than previous years and the finale ratings would be God awful



Pinocchio Obama

It looks like Derrick is going to win to me and I think Donny will win America’s Favorite Player.


Be careful with that Donny prediction. Frankie’s sister is getting her twitter followers to vote for Frankie for AFP.
We all need to vote for Donny!!


I voted every day the poll was open and each day all 20 votes were used on Donny!
1. Because I just loved him.
2. To see the disappointment/shock/horror on Frankie’s and Caleb’s faces.


Her and Frankie’s mom told her followers to vote for Zach, says it’s only fair cuz Donnie and Frankie got money from team America, so try again.

Kathy B

I would love to see the expression on Frankie’s face when he finds out that Airhead and their mother are encouraging people to vote for Zack. Of course he’ll say it was his idea, never mind the fact that he’s not supposed to have any contact with the outside world.

That's Ridiculous

You can’t even give her credit for doing something nice, you have to call her an Airhead? That makes you an “A” name as well….and it’s not Airhead, but it has the same amount of letters.


just give derrick the money. he played them all, cody is a WEENIE, and Victoria was totally clueless

let Derrick CRUSH Cody. “Crushing it”

Musicalchairs (the real one)

Nice job stealing my name there. lol

Musicalchairs (the real one)

Wooo. Good job. I’m a little nicer than you “musicalchairs”.

Over Derrick's BS

Derrick and Cody need to just disappear after the show is over.


Of course they will. It’s not like they’ll be celebrities like Skankie. LOL


Don’t all contestants disappear after the show is over? Maybe they’ll do a few interviews but who cares. Not like I’m 15 or really bored to worship some people off a TV show, so I never go out of my way to look for anything relating to these people, including contestants I DID like. Fun while it lasts, kinda thing.


Yes. In the past they go back to their lives, careers etc. This delusional bunch thinks this game is a launching pad to a life of “fame”. Not sure why they all think this. It’s pathetic and actually one of the reasons this season sucked. Most care about getting a large twitter followers and worried about how they are portrayed then trying to win this game! Sad


Congratulations Derrick on your 575k. I don’t know why Cody would take him.

Victzilla Attacks

When you create a monster, it usually comes back to bite you in the ass.

Derek’s ass=Victorias lunch

Frankie wins Americas Favorite Leak.

I have heard from an inside source that Frankie will be winning the Americas Favorite Player money. Apparently he is leading by 10% and it hasn’t gone less than that amount throughout the voting.

The next favourites are Zach and Donny. Zach has a 2% lead on Donny.

Personally I was hoping for the bearded wonder but I guess the kid votes got it.


This is BS. No way that more people voted Zach then Donny.

Mysterious Inside Source

My inside source revealed that Donny is actually leading with 38.54% vice 19.23% for Zach…..

the doctor

where are u getting your info re americas fav houseguest? u both cant be right

Mysterious Inside Source

A few folks understood the sarcasm of the title I chose. My inside source is my imagination, which I think is the same type of source of those who claim they have inside information. I discount those who claim “inside information.”

best Mysterious Inside Source

My inside source tells me that Jocasta is leading the AFP vote with Devin running second, and Izzy third with a strong write-in effort.

Mysterious Inside Source

That’s the sporit! Thanks Simon and alternate MIS. …at least someone understood I was being facetious!


And you had to go and ruin the day. Skankie is gone, let’s keep it that way. IF he wins, that is because his family are a bunch of leeches who leech off society and want your money and the maximum will never suffice. I hate ariana grande and her whole family!!!

Ariana aka: Frankie's lifeline

To all the little people out there. I have come to a conclusion in my life…I will forever be forced to take care of my older brother Frankie. There for I am going out of my way to have MY fans vote for him because he truly doesn’t have any fans of his own. So please give a break! You’ll be done with him after Wednesday night…for me it’s a lifetime! 🙁

the doctor

where are u getting this info re americas favorite houseguest?


All this talk about Donny being America’s favorite HG really annoys me. Okay, so he was portrayed as a kind & honest hick, but that’s how BB edited him to seem. He did slip up and make some perverted comments towards the females every now & then, but no one seems bothered by that. He was the saddest, most boring person ever to be on television and he was way out of his element. But really if that’s what America favors, then that is extremely underwhelming for fans of a show that usually requires you to have some sort of personality or qualities that make you interesting for the viewers. Jerry McDonald, who was 75 when he was on BB, was more interesting & actually made it to final 3 and he wasn’t so interesting either. Come on already with this Donny for America’s Favorite !!! He’s the worst player to ever play, okay well maybe second to worse, we have Victoria filling that spot. lol

Caren in Canada

So let me get this straight he was pretty much the same as the rest of this patheric BB16 cast, with the exception of a couple they were all pretty much boring wallflower types! Just saying if you are going to condemn one you need to call them all out! And just for the record, with the name Vic in your name I surely hope you do not think she was a relevant player cause if so I question all of your judgement! (just my humble opinion)


You’re right, I agree with you to an extent. They were all a pretty pathetic cast, with maybe 2 exceptions in my eyes, & even they had their faults. But some had big personalities and at least made me laugh. So in my eyes from a season where everyone was too busy trying to “act” rather than play the game, I’d vote for the most America’s Favorite to be the most entertaining that’s all. I don’t hate Donny for being a dull person, I just don’t agree that he should be awarded that title or money for being sad. He chose to isolate himself from the morons rather than play. Oh by no means am I a supporter of Victoria. LmaO My actual name begins with Vic. lol She is definitely the worst player of BB history, or at least since I got hooked.


Sorry for the typo with *most before America’s Favorite. Oooops.

Cn in Canada

So glad to hear that you are not a Vacant supporter! lo It is not that I do not agree with you as I quite frankly think Zack deserves AFP but I just believe that calling Donnie out for something that most were guilty of was in need of being mentioned! I liked Donnie, and truly did feel empathy for what he endured in that house, was hard for us to watch at times when he was upset and lonely! Everybody is different, I guess it all depends on how you define AFP, to me it means who entertained me the most and that to me is Zack!


I’m glad to see that we ARE on the same page. My favorite was Zach too & that’s why it bothers me that people would like to see Donny win America’s Favorite. He was too unbearable to watch as he suffered so much loneliness and don’t feel that is what should prompt people to vote him their favorite. He wouldn’t even complete the Team America tasks, come on already, do something other than cry and complain that you are alone as strategy. He was 1 of my least favorites because of this.


I don’t agree with Donny being the worst player — certainly Joey and Devin were worse this season, and past seasons there are plenty more examples.

The one thing I did not like or respect about Donny was his constant self-pity and victimization. Other past houseguests have had age differences and other social obstacles and worked to overcome them. He was certainly never bullied to the extent that some people were in BB15. He was generally well-liked in the house and even so, he stubbornly refused to really play the social game.

When offered chances (mulitple times) by Derrick to get involved in game conversations, Donny would play dumb, refuse to engage, and then later complain about how no one involved him in anything.

The time that Nicole, as the week 2 HoH, came to him to ask advice on nominations, that was a golden opportunity to work with her and build a relationship. Instead he immediately blabbed their conversation to the first three people he saw.

When she got justifiably upset and confronted him, he played dumb and pretended to not know he wasn’t supposed to tell people — this from someone who has supposedly watched every episode of every season of Big Brother.

He proved himself unreliable, played Nicole for a fool and then later complained that no one trusted him or talked to him because of his age.

I think Donny is a genuinely nice guy but he seems to have very little self-awareness and a “woe is me” attitude.


If you know of specifics Donny has said to one or some of the girls, tell it just don’t leave us hanging (maybe some of us missed that episode). Give us specifics and if we can’t remember maybe Simon or Dawg would have, but so far every woman that has left the house says he was a nice person (well, except Christine, she disliked everyone). So, tell us exactly what Donny was supposed to have said and to whom or leave it alone.

None of us are perfect but I can’t remember hearing Donny disrespecting anyone the only thing I do remember is Victoria, she said Donny supposedly had said something out of the way and if I remember correctly someone ask Simon or Dawg and they said they had not heard anything ugly coming out of Donny’s mouth. So, enlighten us on what you heard. I go on facts, not just hear say. So give us the facts and only the facts. Thanks


Maybe it was when Frankie staged a faux play to counter Donny’s idea for their mission which was to Save Donny. Victoria’s role was to pretend to be Amber and she really acted it up. Truthfully it was pretty hot. Donny said he’d like to see that again or something that affect. Donny was just being a red blooded male & it just goes to prove that a less attractive person can say the same thing an attractive person says but will be deemed perverted while the attractive one will be considered ‘cute’. Fear the Beard.

Donny Lovers

I’m guessing most people don’t have the feeds and are getting their updates here. I remember reading about girls complaining about Donny, mostly Victoria and Christine. How he creeps them out and leers at them and how he’s not a nice guy. I think with Donny is that for some reason he got a reputation of being a saint, which like all of us is far from it.

If you watch all the episodes, it’s always the same theme: Donny always playing the age card and the victim card. He has called Victoria, Cody, and Caleb dumb. He said to Cody “I thought you were some dumb kid, I didn’t know you were a genius.” To Caleb he’s said in his diary session that Caleb is the dumbo of dumbos and during the throwing of BOB, Donny said “I didn’t know Caleb was that dumb to not know how to throw the battle of the block.” He made a comment about Victoria and what I got out of it was that she was not all there. Of course, he has made several comments about Christine’s cackle.

If you look at the jury segment, Donnie made a couple harsh comments about Christine. The thing is that’s sort of bully behavior as she was the outcast in the jury and nobody likes her there. If you were a kindhearted person, you certainly do not kick a person when they’re down.

Donnie has said “I would sacrifice my game for you” to Nicole, Hayden, and Cody. If you remember the first few weeks of the season, Cody liked Donnie and then eventually figured out that he was manipulating him.

Okay, Donnie lovers, give it to me!


I’m not saying Donny did or didn’t look at Victoria or Christine in a perverted way, but if I’m not mistaken no one else saw it (Victoria and Christine, REALLY consider the sources). Yes, he did give Christine a low blow, (if you want to call the truth low) here again how many times did the house and Christine knock Donny when he was down and out , many

Donny went to Cody trying to help him and what did Cody do? He ran back and told Derrick everything, so why should he or anyone try to befriend someone if you can’t keep a secret. I can’t remember Donny trying to manipulate Cody, (if you have something specific please enlighten me, I just can’t remember).
As far as Hayden, the house blind-sided Hayden no one had a chance to do anything to help him not even Nicole (she was HOH). Nicole and Donny worked together but they were outnumbered and when it’s just you there’s only so much one can do.

As far a Christine’s cackled I think everyone in the house made comments about that along with her holding onto Cody. (It was not just Donny)

Even a kindhearted person can take so much manipulation and meanness, are you suggesting a kind person just sit back and let others be mean (I think we call that bullying)


I’m sorry I just now saw your request. He referred to having something for 1 of the girls “right here”, I cannot remember which, and grabbed his crotch. They were sitting in the back. I saw it on CBS & they tried their hardest to mull over it because they really wanted everyone to pull favor him. I don’t subscribe to the live feeds so I’m sorry I cannot tell you when, but it did make the show. Again I do not hate Donny, I just feel he doesn’t deserve to be America’s Favorite when he did nothing except play the “woe is me” card & wouldn’t even complete the tasks given to him by America. He won some Money already, give it to who entertained you the most, and for me that was Zach. He was quite quite funny when he wasn’t “trying” to be cruel.


My inside source thinks you are confused. CBS will pick whoever they wish.


I posted that exact theory a couple days ago……..CBS is picking the AVP.


If this is true…..then I say shame on you BB for allowing this to happen!!

Landslide for Donny!!

Since you had to login to vote and you could not tweet or text, I highly doubt that the tweens that follow the Grande divas (Ariana and Fakie), have the attention span or commitment to actually vote more than once if that. I cannot wait to see Fakie’s face when he finds out Donny is AFP and has already been offered a acting gig!


There should be a drawing for the least popular & throw that person who wins a few thou & a free visit to the shrink of their choice.
I been watching Big Bro for a few years & I do enjoy the new trend of the hotties who if still on the block on eviction night wear short skirts. Thank you Nicole, thank you Victoria.
Never said I deserved sainthood…

The Force

Derrick will win the final comp – and take Cody – that’s the only way he can win and be considered an above average player – while he is playing Dan’s game (very well I might add) – he knows that taking Cody is his best chance.


What’s everyone’s favorite Live Feed moment from this season?

dingus breath

When they announce “The End”


When Donny and Amber were fixing something in the backyard and her yellow bikini rode up nicely on her ass. I think the guys had pictures of that here. She’s built like a superhero.

Ariana Grande stinks

Veronica staring at the washing machine hub and looks profoundly surprised 🙂


My favorites are:

1) Zach and Caleb’s fake fight.
2) Zach’s HOH reign and calling Christine a floater and calling Nicole a frootloop dingus and her adorable reaction.
3) The week that Nicole won HOH and put Zach up on the block but the night before the nomination Zach begging Nicole not to put him up. Zach was entertaining the houseguests with his hilarious exchange where Derrick is cry laughing.
4) Nicole giving Zach a wedgie.
5) Zach’s poems to Nicole and especially loved his poem to Victoria.
6) Zach’s diary sessions.
7) Zach’s bedtime stories.
8) Zach’s dancing.
9) Zach winning OTEV.
10) Zach competing in an HOH where there were only two options, A or B, and when he lost how he said he should’ve read the question instead of just guessing.

So many more. Yeah, they’re all provided by Zach, the Real AFP!


I think this season took a little bit of something from all of us.
One’s sanity, desire to keep watching BB, and even faith in humanity. No one who was a part of this got out of it unscathed. Im saying now before the season is over, even if Derrick wins, that this is the worst season of the American version. I’ve heard some people defend it by saying it is no different then BB12 but at least the majority alliance of that season was loyal and likeable. Sure it was extremely predictable and the twist was a flop but I still think it has the best cast for a season past BB10. I mean everyone who made it to jury was entertaining/likeable (The Brigade, Brenchel, Ragan, Brittany). So there, BB16 worse then BB12.

The Worst Season Ever

I always win!


For me the Nerd Herd season was the worst but watching The Red Rat win last year was not fun either.


Definitely last year was the worst.


Personally for me I loved BB12, I found BB15 to be the worst season ever, almost didn’t watch this year becuase of it. I Couldn’t find one house guest to even TRY and like. I know a lot of people felt this way about this season(16), but for some reason I actually didn’t mind the houseguests this year. The game as a whole was stupid- twists etc, but i actually could pick favourites of houseguests this year, so to me that was good!


I thought the ‘coaches’ season was the worst premise ever. I thought it would have been better if there was no reset button to allow the coaches into the game. Loved Brittany in the feeds and recaps, she alone is entertainment. I always always think Dan is overdone, he’s scripted and stilted, and missed his real opportunity at the end, when he could have told Danielle not to throw the first HOH, put her in a position to choose him at the end, and use that to his advantage by proving he is the best player and the best coach ever.

I think that Derrick isn’t going to make any mistakes at this point. If he gets to choose, choosing Cody shows a loyalty and a confidence. The jury might expect either of them to take Victoria for the sure win, and will be impressed by the guy who doesn’t do that.

Does a name matter

I can’t anymore with the Derek/Victoria relationship . I have never in all my years of watching BB seen a more needy woman. Victorias family has really done her a disservice . And Derek is making it worse for her. Victoria is a spoiled brat who is use to getting her way. She is not really attractive and knows it. She is not smart and knows it. But she feels good anyway while Derek blows the smoke.


Personally what I really don’t like about Victoria is the disrespect she show by not even considering Derrick’s wife. Why can’t she for once say, derrick if it’s ok with your wife I would love to go skiing with your family. Or I can’t wait for your family to meet mine. She just assumes Derrick’s wife will like her. I know they have Jewish backgrounds but a woman is a woman and likes to be acknowledged as the wife.
To me she is as needy and out of place as Christine was. If derrick was more touchy feelly with her she would be all over him.
I can hear Derrick’ wife now when he wants to invite her over, “Crush It!” Or risk the 500k


What show are you watching?!!!!!
Derrick is consistently initiating physical contact and also reciprocating it with Victirua. He lays in bed and on the hammock with her. He hugs her randomly.
He us THE one who is married, not her. He should never, even for money, have played Vic like he did.
I don’t understand how anyone who watched the feeds can excuse Derrick and blame Vic. It is beyond comprehension that some of you posters absolve and diminish the shame Derrick has brought to his family and the damage he has inflicted on Vic.


Come on, now there are comparably annoying duos:

Gina Marie and Nick (double points considering Nick wasn’t actually in the house for more than a week)

Rachel and Brendon. (more double points because weren’t they in two BB’s?)

BBCAN2;s Sabrina and Rachel. (one of the first femances, Sabrina falls to pieces without Rachel in ways that make Rachel look calm and collected)


GM and Nick!!!! LOL. Does anyone have and info on how that turned out. I forgot all about it.


Derrick must be wondering if Frankie is spilling the beans in the jury house about Team America and how Derrick will receive an additional $50k if he wins the whole enchilada, thus ultimately receiving a grand total of ~$600k [including the $13k stipend, the TA earnings & the $500k grand prize amt]. That may rub some jury members the wrong way and think him receiving ~$100k as the 2nd place winner is good enough.

Is Frankie’s ticked off enough at Derrick to rat out Derrick to everyone? We may never know. I doubt it’s something CBS would include on Weds. night’s broadcast. Frankie could certainly sway the jury’s vote. Maybe this is what he meant when he was threatening the Caleb, Derrick & Cody up in the HOH room before being evicted.

Production aka The Thought Police

If TA tells – they are not allowed to keep the money.


I thought Julie said it was up to them if they wanted to tell houseguests. Can you answer this Simon? You know more than anyone.


That actually was never the condition for TA. It was left up to them if they wanted to tell anyone, or not tell anyone, there was no penalty in telling. it just would never help them at all if they told anyone, it would be impossible to do the tasks.


You dont get the Stipend if you place 1st or 2ed. Shelly said it on twitter. Derrick will get 500k + 50k + 20k + 5k.


I’m 99.9% sure Caleb told the jury how Frankie proclaimed that he would single-handedly decide the winner because he is the best speaker in the game and would convince the jury to vote the way he wanted. While I feel that Derrick deserves the money of the 3 remaining, I actually hope that whoever Frankie votes for (even if it is Derrick) loses – just to show Frankie in one more way what a total egotistical, pathetic, name dropping, unpopular jerk he is.


Perhaps Frankie said that in an attempt to get them to vote Victoria out instead of him.You know, playing the game….

Does a name matter

Derek lips should be cracked. He is really working hard for her 1 vote

Does a name matter

For once I am finding cody more tolerable than Derek . Please please cody tell Victoria the truth . Tell her why she is still there please

it's terrible!

The suspense is killing me! I can’t wait until Wednesday night! It’s almost here. Survivor will finally start and comes on before Big Brother right? I should hopefully have enough of a charge to make it through the BB show as long as Frankie doesn’t get another tribute. I may have an apoplectic fit.

How many other Houseguests got a blurb on CBS like Frankie and his walk down memory lane? I can see the other interviews but nothing like an advertisement for Frankie. You’d think CBS has some sort of interest in Frankie being well received and kept in the public eye…

Retired Teacher

I think EVERYONE should boycott CBS’ show ‘Scorpion’ because of the cross-over involving the Grande family (not to mention Justin Beiber – ugh!). It really didn’t look good anyway, and it’s up against The Voice & DWTS so hopefully will be gone before Halloween. Unfortunately, it’s been given a lead-in by The Big Bang Theory, which I DO enjoy.

Anyone know if any BB players will appear on ‘The Talk?’

Retired Teacher

Boycott CBS’s show ‘Scorpion’ and let them know they can’t shove their crap shows down our throats. The cross-over ties to the Grande family doesn’t help! Next thing you know, Frankie will be the star of that show – ugh!

Pink Skunk

No need to boycott, the show is gonna tank on it’s own.

That's Ridiculous

Do you honestly think CBS cares that a small handful of live feeders, in comparison to millions of TV viewers, boycotts one of their shows? And why do you continue to watch This One if you are so offended?

Former Air Traffic Controller

I was yelling at the screen the entire time of the show (and my wife hates me now for ruining the show for her)…can you say ‘NO COMM Procedures’? How about emergency frequency? (The F22’s ready to shoot down the airliners could have communicated over UHF/VHF channels to direct 1 aircraft at a time to start the descent into LAX in 4 minute intervals). Let’s throw all that out and ask why they decided to go with the hard-wired connection when it was already decided that a fast car with wireless could solve the issue? And since when do airlines fly with excess wires? 50′ wire? Really? Not to mention the entire show is based on a real life a$$h0l3.


Relax, it’s a TV show.

Musicalchairs (the real one)

It would be interesting to see if one of them will end up taking Victoria. That would be kind of cool of she ended up winning against a guy and be the first in BB history for a gal to win against a guy in the F2. She had a good social game with the right people I have to say.


I wonder if Frankie might tell Donny about the $50K bonus and they decide to kill Derrick’s game. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe TA had the option of telling the other HGs…so Donny and Frankie would keep their money and keep Derrick from gaining a bonus. Guess it depends on how bitter they are.


Donny told Cody more then once that if he made it to the end he had his vote. I just hope he never told Derrick.


Derrick will win 300k after taxex.


Thank GOD nobody smokes in the house !


it’s a first for sure.

It might explain why this season’s cast were so mellow too. the smokers tended to be angry people on medication. i don’t think anyone on this season needed meds either. it obviously takes a season 15 for casting to figure that out?

Capt Obvious

Isn’t it ironic that production went out of their way to get a cast full of non-smokers, yet the first commercial every single break on TVGN is of Stephen Dorff sucking on his Blu E-cig???

the doctor

no more frankie talk!!!!!!!


Perhaps I am looking through rose-tinted glasses but I cannot see Donny basing his vote on bitterness. I believe he will analyse the information he has and the F2 speeches and make his decision on who he feels played the best game. He will put aside feelings of betrayal, greed, etc.


Then donny will vote Cody


unlikely. remember he is one of two who know about TA, and the things that Derrick did and got away with, as he did. When Donny mentions to Cody he’s got his vote, that really means as long as Derrick isn’t also up there. He’s got his vote against frankie, christine, caleb and/or victoria, but not Derrick.

Donny knows the show, he isn’t going to give Cody his vote.


No way Frankie or Donny vote for Derrick if Derrick is final 2. Frankie will tell his fellow TA member Donny about the xtra 50k Derrick will get if he sins Nd then both of them will vote fir either Cody or Victoria.

Blank XIII

With any luck, Frankie will go hop a plane to Sierra Leone to personally break ground on his dance school…

Big Sister

And STAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!


i know if i was a poor kid in Africa, possibly an orphan, who couldn’t afford to go to regular school, for sure I’d want someone to come and open up a dance school so I could learn to do Broadway shows.




But, wouldn’t it be fantastically surreal? Jazz hands across the veldt. The idea itself is a great premise for a musical.


Yeah, called the Lion King


Oh Jeez, you’re right, its already been done!

Poor African Orphan

Will our soon-to-be generous great white and pink benefactor give us poor kids some decent food and clean water? We could use some mosquito nets and maybe some vaccinations to prevent the diseases which are rampant here. Perhaps generous white man share his 5 star lodgings with us so we do not need to sleep on banana leaf mat on floor where rats and snakes attack us. Will we be forced to wear the costumes favoured by skinny Q-tip man with pink cotton bud protruding from glittery head? We do not want his silly glitter sticking to our poor, unwashed humid bodies. It is bad enough when the Sahara sands blow, covering us with gritty sand that we cannot remove because we have no water. Will we be forced to listen to Mr. Wimpy Internet Mogul’s screech sister? We listen to screech of monkeys all day, is that not enough punishment? Better that man-child use his stipend to buy clothes that fit him and leave poor African orphans alone. We are happy. We do not need him to double team our young girls and dry hump our boys like horny dog.


I know if I was a juror, it would absolutely kill me that there were players in the game that made all that extra money. The powers that be should have given “all” the houseguests a chance at winning various amounts throughout the “entire” season; via special competitions or something of that sort. But all of the houseguests should have been allowed to win financial amounts on par with the money production threw at Team America. Nothing was fair about the whole Team America crap at all. I would not be able to vote for Derrick to win the game based solely on all the extra money that he is going to go home with. I hope the jurors are not left in the dark about that information and are able to vote with that knowledge.


i agree. They had the potential to with $40,000!! if they had succeeded all 8 tasks. If they had not gotten F2, they’d still have almost as much as the 2nd place winner? i guess they assumed some losses, obviously, but still, this just goes back to my thought that 2nd place needs to be higher, at least 100K, minimum 75K.

There were 3 chances at 5k, and Derrick got one of those. I’d like to have seen a real luxury comp, but i have to say the luxury comp was awesome, to include jury members was ideal. Vetos with options to take some $$ or stay in the comp would be a fantastic way to encourage paranoia and bitter HGs. 🙂

In a perfect world...

Donny will have called a meeting of the jury house and revealed Team America, with Frankie to confirm. Just to see Derrick’s face when the first question from jury is, “Sooo Derrick, what’s this we hear about TA…How much money DID you win?” Just to see his face would be priceless! I would like to see how he “spins” when his back’s to the wall. I haven’t seen that man sweat once the whole game.


Pigs don’t sweat.

Zach's Lost Showmance

No, they don’t ‘sweat’ but they do render lard.


Things about the HG that were hard to tolerate this season:

1. Christine’s ANNOYING laughing about E v e r y – S i n g l e – T h i n g
2. Christine, THE GOOD WIFE, and Cody being all over eachother
3. Christine’s squidward nose n her hateful attitude towards many people especially towards Donny
4. Frankie turning on Zack
5. Frankie groping all the guys and the guys allowing him to
6. Caleb’s psycho obsession with Amber
7. Caleb’s narcissitic ego and his rediculous stories/lies about everthing he has done, is doing, and will do (delusional)
8. Cody’s snorting and whiny baby talk
9. Victoria’s great white shark eyes
10. Victoria’s crush over Derrick and her being up his a$$ constantly
11. Watching poor Britanny kick 2400 soccer goals to complete a punishment that would allow her to play in the next POV and knowing the whole time that she wouldn’t even be in the house for the next POV
12. Nicole raising her eyebrows every time she looked at herself in the mirror which was every time she passed near or was sitting near a window with a camera in it which were all over the house and back yard
13. Derrick saying, You’re taking food out of my kid’s mouth
14. At first everyone was accepting towards Donny, and that was great. But, once Hayden n Nicole were evicted, Donny began to feel left out by the other houseguest (except for zack who would still hang out with him). It sucked to see Donny feel sad, lonely and isolated by all the other HG


Everything !!! lmaO


Did you forget about Devin?


How could I possibly forget that Devin has a daughter and his rediculous fake smile. Lol

bb16 Fan

+ Devin and all of his crazy.
+ Joey’s stupid, pointless alternate personality that didn’t get her anywhere.
+ Jocasta and her conveniently timed illnesses right before a competition.
+ Nicole’s voice basically any time she talked, at all.
+ Frankie’s shorts.
+ Having to be subjected to Frankie’s idiotic play he decided was a great idea for a TA task that was an overwhelming failure.
+ Crushing it.
+ Frankie’s ego.

Alex C.

Boredom is at an all time high in BB house as both Cody and Derrick are mulling over in secret at cutting each other’s head off and taking Victoria to F2.


You can never truly know what is in another person’s mind but that being said, I’m pretty sure Cody is taking Derrick. He has said so even in his DR interviews.

Cody comes from a very close-knit Italian family and often refers to his super-close relationship with his father. It would go completely against his fiber to cut Derrick, who has played a father-figure role for Cody for the last 90 days.

Derrick could’ve cut him at any time. He chose to bring Cody to the end for a reason.


Although I love BB (especially this blog!) and try not to complain about the “game” and how people choose to play it, I am always left feeling like the ending is a slow, dull crawl to the end. Most shows on tv are produced to have a dramatic ending and wanting to keep people watching, but the last few weeks of BB are just soooo slow.
Wish they could have two evictions a week toward the end to keep it interesting and moving.

This year was especially slow feeling because of all the voting with the house and Derrick playing principal of the schoolyard.


Sorry Caz, I accidentally hit the ????. I totally agree with you though, and blame it all on the fact that this season everyone played too safe a game. Nobody wanted to make any big moves, so Derrick manipulated them to do them for him. This lead to almost an entire season of unanimous votes to evict, making the show predictably boring ! ????


Sorry Caz, I accidentally hit the thumbs down. I totally agree with you though, and blame it all on the fact that this season everyone played too safe a game. Nobody wanted to make any big moves, so Derrick manipulated them to do them for him. This lead to almost an entire season of unanimous votes to evict, making the show predictably boring !


Most reality competition shows are the same way — the last few episodes are the most boring. Whether you’re talking about Survivor, Amazing Race, Chopped, Project Runway, etc.

A lot of the entertainment from these shows comes from people who screw up and cause drama. And those are rarely the people who make it to the end. Usually the winners are people who are calm and calculating.


I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone mention how Derrick is the only player in BB history to have never been nominated. For me I called Derrick winning week 1, so I have really enjoyed this season and watching him play this game. A year or two you fans will be talking about him differently.

That one girl

He’s not, that’s why. Season 3, Danielle Reyes was never nominated.


Me too, he was my early pick. Which isn’t to say I’ve been charmed by everything he’s orchestrated. I agree too – he’s one of the reasons for the slowness this year.

it is

Probably because Derrick is not the only player to not be nominated. Danielle Reyes went to final 3 without being on the block to the 2nd prize.

Caren in Canada

Probably because he isn’t the first, yes there was Danielle in BB3 and there was Jillian in BBCan that I just the two I can think of there may be more that I have forgotten! Derrick is not some great player, he was just lucky enough to be put in a house of people uneducated in BB, put him in all-stars (which I pray never happens) and I would be willing to bet he is out the first couple of weeks!


Wrong, Danielle was nominated in Final 3. Lisa wins HOH, Danielle & Jason are nominated by default, Lisa breaks the 0-0 tie with a vote.

IF Derrick wins the final HOH, he WILL be the only player to never be nominated.


Semantics. Danielle made final 3…the game finale didn’t have 3 players then. It would be like saying nobody won hoh in bb1, or nobody won veto in bb2. Danielle even said she didn’t know how it felt to be on the block when she was nominated on all-stars.

Caren in Canada

First off lets wait till Wed to see if he is not in the same boat as Danielle at final 3, but you are still wrong cause I know for a fact Jillian never sat on the block in BBCan season 1! So he is not the first reguardless of Wed night!

Butters Mom

In a year or two no one will remember his name lol

Pink Haired Troll

More like, a week or two.

That one girl

So Vanessa made it to the final 3 huh? I am so proud of Veronica. Vivika played such a good game. Hopefully Vivian wins the money. I for one am Violet’s biggest fan. Go for the gold Verona!!!

Betty Boop

Well I am so glad that Frankie finally got what he had coming to him. So tired of his I am the winner again line. The look on his face the night the rewind was announce PRICELESS !!!!!!! What ever happened to players making up their on minds instead letting others do it for them ?


People the people in the jury are not bitter just comparing notes and Derricks name will be in them all. These people know how it was played (except for Victoria she was at charm school. It will go to Derrick he played the game and didn’t hurt anyone, he planted their seeds and it cook in their heads, and then he would glande them to do she work – that playing a game, he needed help so he picked a strong player COdy because cody listens and it worked out every time. HATE the game not the players, Cody has the right to be in the Final 2 Victoria cryed, whined and she really did not win the one comp that she believes in her airhead. Caleb wanted the 5000 cause he was not going anywhere. But in Victorias eyes she is zera of the girls. Sohe is going to need therapy for years. DERRICK IS NOT YOURS, and if I was Derrick wife and first saw her Id clock and tell Victoria Im sorry I though I saw a worm. my bad. Laugh and walk away. Cody is scared of her she justs stares at them with cood blood empty eyes. She can get a Halloween mask made out of that look and get rich. Her true collors have been coming out these last days. double her meds and she will be in her little world she said it

Ethel Mertz

My dream team for BB17:
The bubblehaired gal who wears silver pointy toed slippers and sings Tammy Wynette at the honkytonk.

Any waitress from Paducah named Flo.

Th guy who greets you at Walmart.

The clowns that come piling out of the little car at the circus…..as long as they aren’t creepy.

Bill Nye the science guy.


Henry Kissinger.

Jake fom State Farm
Jerry Stiller.

Donald Trump.


They sit around being bored all day! Do something clean the house.


Clean the house, are you kidding me? You got the 3 Little Pigs left in that house.


Frankie looks like he could use a hamburger or 2.


Just turned on bbad and SHE’S EATING AGAIN!!!! So, therefore, I quickly changed the channel. I hope someone teaches her how to eat properly when she leaves the house.

worst bb ever

I have to give dipthoria a kudos tonite. She actually chewed with her mouth shut!!! Now if Cody would just stop that disgusting snorting, it makes me want to puke!!!

smells a rat

Whoever voted for Rachel R sister to get AFP? nobody,at least not enough for her to win
You could totally tell that was a set up
Most likely this is how they will keep Frankie happy too
I did enjoy Frankie at the start but he does not qualify for AFP

Can not wait for Canada BB there is at least a fighting chance there for less production interference .


Someone should explain to Victoria at finale that being “gullible” is the main reason she made it to final 3.. Be grateful she didn’t have a clue about the game of Big Brother and that she wasn’t good at any competition.

worst bb ever

Thanks again Simon and dawg for your work this year!!! One finale observation about this cast of lazy people. Has anyone else noticed that when they do the dishes they just run them under the water, never any soap. I can’t imagine how much bacteria is in that sponge. I would never eat at there house!!! Surprised none of them hasn’t had the trotts!! Their guts are probly use to filth.


If frankie wins AF it really says something about cbs. If frankie wins af legitimately it really says something about braindead twitter followers


I wish derrick do play in alstar in he will get expose cause in alstar you will go on the block
to me a great game player goes on the block in win when his back against the wall derrick back was never against the wall how can we call him a great player yes he got a great social game but this is big brother
you got to compete he didn’t have too he was safe this whole game to me hes not an alstar in hes not on dan level not even close on a social level hes one of the best but from a game stand point hes not an allstar

Another Anonymus

You’ve used no comma, no question mark, no apostrophe, no colon, no stop point, no semi colon, no exclamation mark…nothing.That is sooo brutal to read.


Derrick will take Cody and Cody will take Derrick A lot of the jury where on loyality and they know that going against the last two best players would be good for both of them. Victoria is so lost, she has a ugly strict in her, she hated everyone of the other players, no one want to play with her, because she was useless and Derrick felt bad for her and wanted to show the others that he was the one calling the shots he was never on the block and he let Frankie win when she grandfather lost, I think he deserves to win THE GAME, that is what it is people stop getting so wrapped up on the little things he did want he to make it to the end. He stayed focus and was always playing the game. So maybe you can do better, you should go on the show and enlighted us all

Just wondering

I was wondering if any one else thinks that Derrick would pull a Jon (BBCan2) on Cody (Neda), and take Vapid Vic if he won the final challenge? My reasoning is if he takes Cody, he is at a greater risk of losing /splitting votes to Cody, and I think he has a greater chance of garnering votes for good game play/strategy against Vap… I mean, could any one really justify Vap winning, she was basically just decor wasn’t she? just my opinion.

worst bb ever

Sorry I’m back again!! If you are watching bbad did you see dipthoria lick the knife off and stick it back in the jar?!?! She is so disgusting!!! I spoke to soon about her smacking, she’s at it again. I’m sorry if I was there I would have to say something.


To worst bb ever— congratulations you win the prize for Most Fatuous Comment of the season. Your prize: a copy of the new book “The Wit and Wisdom of Victoria.” Available as an audio book in Victoria’s own voice.


Doony deserves to win AFP, he tried his hardest and they did not want to play with him , the thought he was a genius and would call out their BS. He has a great heart and soul. He did have a social game when he could and he tried a lot of times. Frankie want this to be his show and his true colors came out loud and clear when he told caleb and cody to rape Victoria Frankie will always be in she sister shallow and he knows it and it eats him up inside.

Silky J

Think it’s Rosh hashana, Jewish day of atonement on Wednesday. How will Viagra observe it? Live on CBS.


Why did they add another week just to watch 3 people who bored me to tears. Stop making the agony of defeat longer. Enough already.


I`m def not for people suing for stupid ass reasons HOWEVER I hope victorias family sues frankie for his comments regarding the whole rape thing and drags him and his fame whore family through the mud ….. it would be the best thing to come from this lame ass season …. and if julie chen doesnt bring up his horrible behaviour in the finale i will be sooo disappointed

Ariana Grande stinks

The best part is that greedy fucktards — Ariana Lolita Grande and her mom Joan Bigtwittermouth Grande– decided to support Zach for AFP only 9 hours before the end of the vote 🙂

In that way they could say they’re not greedy and they supported Zach too.