Big Brother Spoilers “we didn’t take her here because she was entertaining”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 13-35-39-927
1:30AM Derrick and Cody
Derrick talking about about how it would have been just as awkward if Caleb was there.
Cody thinks Victoria is worse
Derrick – Ya for me
Derrick says Victoria keeps asking him if he’s taking Cody and he keeps telling her what did Cody say during his speech (When he evicted Caleb said his final 2 was Derrick)
Cody – That is the definition of insanity “Doing the same thing and expecting different results”
Cody – when her and I sit together we rarely talk ..
Derrick – If I beat ya i’ll be the bad guy and send her home and you and I can do what we want to
Derrick – “Nothing is going to change this”
Derrick says in the DR they ask him and he’s like NO NO
Cody – Dude i’m not even worried about that at all.
Derrick – NO FU***G CHANCE NONE it’s not happening Jesus himself would have to come in here and tell me to do it.. then I would Consider it ”
Cody – I won’t hold it against you
Derrick lets make a pact right now we know we’re going to final 2 lets make a pact to enjoy these final days
Derrick is going to make a more of a effort says they played hardcore for 94 days he doesn’t want to sit in there and bicker with Victoria
Cody – she’s just.. ugh
Derrick – I’ve been dealing with it from the beginning.. it’s the worst
Derrick – we didn’t take her here because she was entertaining.. we took her for the exact reason of what just happened.. for a minimum of wining 50K I can deal with that..
Cody – she might hear it from me if she keeps going
Derrick – Do your thing man..
Derrick says Victoria is deep down a really good person.
Cody doesn’t understand before the button twist they were about to vote her out and she knew that so why does she think now she’s staying.
Derrick mentions how Victoria Believes she’s meant to make it to the final 2 they saved her on purpose.
Cody – She always say everything happens tor a reason.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 13-11-36-200

3:30AM Cody and Derrick Kitchen (Mostly just chit chat)
Cody saying the cops in his home town make bank. mentions hi cousin in rhode island making very good money and the crime is so low where he works.
Derrick says where he lives there’s some cops that make good money but other towns they make shit adds that the cops around his home town don’t do well, “Local cops make 30 or 40 the troopers in jersey make 75-80”
Derrick brings up how all the holidays are so much better when you have kids because you really play up the even, “I do a Turkey fry at my house.. it’s in and out”
Derrick – three day away.. Sunday is going to cruise .. Monday tuesday down days Wednesday game on
Cody – Tuesday is tomorrow.. you know what I mean.
Derrick says he’s going to Smoke Cody in the “Booth” competitions on Wednesday. Cody says he’s beat Derrick twice in “Booth” competitions before.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 13-24-26-803
3:41AM They go into that bathroom to brush their teeth.

Cody says he shaved his “pubes” in the toilet/Shower
Derrick says that’s gross
Cody – you guys are all like the amazon rain forest
Derrick says he never had lot of hair there “At home I crush it out but here.. their ain’t nothing going on for me buddy”
Cody – I don’t do it for that reason.. there’s nothing going on here
Derick – you are going to have a couple days coming up you better be prepared
Cody doesn’t plan to start banging girls right when he gets out.

Derrick says he likes Victoria a lot their friendship is not pity, “You can tell she’s got a lot of things going on”
Cody – Donny thought she had something off
Derrick – it’s possible I don’t know I just have a soft spot for her.. from the beginning after that whole Jewish thing came out.
(Derrick’s wife is Jewish or part Jewish)
Cody says in the beginning Victoria would always want to talk, “I remember at one point Hayden came out said Victoria, Cody wants to talk to you.. it was about nominations”.. “the things she would say I was like MAN ALREADY then after she was nominated and the reaction she had at first, I was being nice then it was really repetitive I was like I can’t I cant’ do this.
Derrick – It was a sign of things to come
Cody – She said to me I didn’t even make eye contact with her when we’re all sitting there after the nominations
Derrick – that was the most awkward point in this house… it got really ohh shit
COdy – Yup nominations shit is goes down it’s not a party

Derrick says he cannot believe they made it even great players sometimes get “nicked” they played a great game and got a little lucky
Cody – yup

They head to bed. They don’t wake up until after Noon..

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 13-33-29-498
(talking about a fast food spot)
Victoria – in High school this kid uumm worked there that I knew..
Cody – did you have the hots
Victoria – no
Cody – you are a liar you did
Victoria – I would go in and get free food every day.. isn’t it that cool
Cody – ohh that’s f***d up you are going to get him in trouble

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-21 13-32-31-964
1:21pm Derrick and Cody playing pool
“Crushing it”

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Teri B

OMG….didn’t expect you guys back so soon! Hope you had a fabulous time and all went well…congrats again to all of you and your family!!


So happy to hear about the new addition to your family Simon! The new kind of love you will feel now will
forever change you, it’s like Heaven wrapped in sprinkles with lots of Chocolate 🙂

Pinocchio Obama

Come on guys your best chance at the money is to take Victoria with you to the final.

Captain Obvious

Yep, their best chance to win the money…..except for the fact that every bomb squad member has repeatedly said that if anyone takes Victoria to the end then they’re giving her the money. They pretty much made a pact on this. You’ve got Frankie, Caleb, Zach, Hayden and either Derrick or Cody if one of them takes Victoria. That’s 5 votes and that’s who decides the winner. Even though Hayden was never technically with those other guys, he has still said if someone is cowardly enough to take her he’ll vote for her.

They’re not taking Victoria so people need to stop getting their hopes up. The game is pretty much decided already….Hitmen final two and Derrick wins since BB has already shown footage of pretty much all of the jury members talking about Derrick’s great game.


That’s what they said to each other because they were afraid of getting cut. When it gets down to it, they’ll vote on game play. Frankie is a super fan.He won’t vote for Victoria to win. He’ll vote on game play. Zach and Caleb are not bitter. Their interviews with Julie when they were evicted showed that. Nobody’s going to vote for Victoria to win… except for maybe Jocasta because they played the exact same game.


Have you also watched the exit interviews on youtube with Jeff S before they even go to Julie? They’re good. Christine’s only lasted 15-min. All the other HG last 30-38 min.

Off the subject I think Frankie rubbed people the wrong way when he did the TEAM Am Broadway Play mocking the evicted HG.

Donny AFP

I don’t believe that the Bomb Squad will vote that way and Caleb is the only one I ever heard say that. The smart move would be to take Victoria.


if derrick wasn’t sure he could beat cody he would take vic I know he talks about as a fan he couldn’t take Victoria derrick has played about you could play but realistically his focus is the money not fame as l;ong as he wins he could care less what people think and also hes not worried about being buddy buddy with players after the game if it happens cool is not oh well

grammar police

Rsw wrote: “as long as he wins he could care less what people think”
What I think you mean is that he could NOT care less, no? If you say someone could care less, you are saying that they do care somewhat, when what I believe you mean is that they could NOT care less, meaning they don’t care at all. It has become very commonly misspoken/written which perpetuates its misusage. I know, most of you and maybe rws also, probably couldn’t care less that I brought it up, but I would if I wrote it.

Grammar police police

Grammar police, check your grammar. You used the wrong pronoun. You wrote, “If you say someone could care less, you are saying that they do care somewhat,” but what you should have written was, “If you say SOMEONE could care less, you are saying that HE/SHE DOES care somewhat.” “Someone” is singular, but “they” is plural, so the pronoun doesn’t agree with the preceding “someone” to which it relates. As you have appointed yourself the grammar police, I thought you’d appreciate the correction.


He can care LESS or he can care MORE. That’s it. You are wrong because the way you do it is a double negative which is never correct.

That’s two mistakes for you. Get a third grade english study book before correcting others.


Kudos to YOU, Senior…I’m finally taking ENG101 after working at a newspaper 2 and half years and writing max essays at a college. Now, I just correct the other student’s discussions if they make mistakes (constructive criticism only). I have been thanked. I think most of us seniors are the hardcover book reading generation. I suggest to other students to read books more often!




I don’t hate her, but I am annoyed by how she won’t just let something go. It isn’t enough for someone to tell her the answer or prop her up with a comment, she has to go on and on and on and on about it, until they finally just have to leave the room to make it stop. that’s a lot of what Derrick is talking about. If she isn’t careful she is going to push so much she might lose him as a friend entirely.

the other thing is she changes outfits a lot. I think yesterday i looked at the live feeds off and on 4 or so times, and at least 3 times she was wearing something different. not just put a sweater on over what she is wearing different, head to toe different. it’s bizarre.


Is anyone else having problems voting for AFP today?
I keep trying to sign in and it’s telling me that I have an invalid email/password.
Please don’t let this mean that the grande fans have crashed the site due to some little ditz that doesn’t even watch the show.
Geeze, doesn’t that family have enough money?
Considering Ariana has more twitter followers than Big Brother has viewers, I think that there should’ve been a rule in place that if she tweeted for her fans to vote for Frankie, than ‘it’ should have been disqualified from AFP.


It did me that way at first, until I signed in thru facebook, then entered email, password & birthday, then it let me vote. I’ve had no problems since. Voted everyday, 20 times a day. (All for Donny LOL!) Only takes me a few minutes now. Hope this helps!


Thanks V but I don’t do Facebook, I’m not really into that; I guess I’m too private.
I have already signed into the cbs/bb website (using two different emails, separately so that I can vote for Donny 40×s a day) and it has been working fine (aside from the initial questionnaire which I found privacy invading 😉 until today.
I haven’t had any problems voting until today. After numerous tries I was finally able to sign in and vote using one of my acct’s, but I’m still having problems with the other one.
But thank you for answering me.

Kathie from Canada

So happy to hear that Dawg’s big day went perfectly! Sounds like you had a blast too, Simon.


If Victoria had even half a brain, instead of whining and pestering and annoying the shit out of Derrick she’d lay it out for him plain and simple and go over the facts to Derrick as follows:

1. Derrick, you are here because of your family, not any allegiance to some guy you met 3 months ago.
2. I, Victoria, am the weakest player in this game, I’ve won no competitions nor have I had any type of social game.
3. Cody has won a lot more comps than me and won big time comps when it mattered most to get big players out of the house and has made big moves.
4. You are not guaranteed the 500 grand by taking Cody, you would be guaranteed the 500 grand if you took me to the final two. I would happily accept 50k.
5. Are you going to possibly deny your family 500 grand because of a friendship to a guy you met 3 months ago? Especially when you could take me and guarantee yourself 500 grand.

If she laid it out like that to Derrick, I think Derrick would really consider taking her.


she’s done all that, albeit in a whining annoying voice, and she’s also helped count the votes, letting him know that he doesn’t have some of the votes, and which ones.

My guess is she is wrong, and when he talks to Cody about votes, he is misting Cody. Derrick should know he is solid with Donny and Frankie due to TA. He knows Nicole has said 100% she would vote for him, and nothing she would have seen would have changed that. Jocasta would be influenced by her and Derricks close relationship, and would never blame him for voting with the house. Hayden already appreciates Derrick’s game.

Zach is still unpredictable, but he might lean towards Derrick just because he’s been spending more time in the jury with the others. they will all appreciate the secret Hitmen alliance, but chances are good that they will think it was Derrick’s idea, and that Derrick linked himself to someone athletic who he gave directions to.

Christine is most likely to vote for Cody, for obvious reasons, unless she is trying to salvage her marriage in which case she might not just in order to make a point. Caleb was voted out by Cody, so he might sting about Cody, but he might still vote for Cody as he wouldn’t see Derrick as a comp winner.


Luv it when they shave their pubes in the shower…owwwwwwwwww!

Zing Sting



Simon your baby is gorgeous. Take it easy. Enjoy they grow so fast. And thank you for this site. Like I mentioned before I’m new to this site and I enjoyed every minute. Will be back I’m sure.


How Cody and Derrick haven’t strangled CrazyEyes McGee by now is beyond me.I swear, it takes the patience of someone raising 6 kids that are all bi-polar to deal with her, even in mundane conversation at this point. If Cody makes it through the day/night without finally losing it on her I will be even more impressed.

“Derrick – relax its a f*cking sandwich”



Ain’t that the truth!!!! I thought she had annoyed me Before, this is an all-time new LOW. Not a shred of gratitude in the girl, just trying to be like Chinese water torture…..drip, drip, drip! Good thing Derrick is used to dealing with crazy people. Cody, on the other hand, must be about ready to explode, I know I AM. I think it sucks that production has forbade Derrick to just TELL her straight out. She will be whining and making those inane looks at Derrick until a minute before the live show starts on Wednesday night. She has done Nothing to earn this spot, and I wish Cody would remind her Forcefully what a crappy ‘game’ she had, IF you can even call it a game. Mostly she sat in a corner staring in to space picking at something, or gazing at herself in the many mirrored surfaces in the house. She is determined to have HER way in this, and I will scream if Derrick caves, but I don’t think he will. Makes you wonder how spoiled rotten she must be living in her parent’s bubble.


Seriously, unless production feels that Derrick would be in some sort of danger if he told her flat out he’s not taking her to the F2, why would they tell him not to say anything? He’s basically telling her that already, what with all the vague answers to her questions and the fact he’s not talking about her F2 finale fantasy a hundred times a day anymore. Production better hide all the silverware because girl is probably going to have a psychotic break in the next 24 hours and crown herself the winner after sending Derrick and Cody to sleep with the fishes.

They may want to start taking lookout shifts so they aren’t murdered in their sleep between now and Wednesday.


One of the comments that struck me about Princess Clueless was when she said – what Victoria wants, Victoria gets… She has spent this entire season doing exactly what she wants (primping, crying, whining, teasing, flirting, etc) because she thinks she is entitled to win without having to work for the reward. Derrick is a smart guy who knows how to work with every kind of personality and uses it to his advantage. She thinks that by consistently using her normal habits of whining, crying, flirting, guilt trips, etc., it will wear him down and force him to take her F2 if he wins the final HOH. What she does not realize is he has a lot of background with people who try to manipulate him on a daily basis in his police work. He is the master of manipulation which he has proven on this show. Derrick will sweet talk her right out the door on finale night. Victoria is upset because she can not understand why she is not getting what she wants – the man or the money.

Amy Pond

It is Sunday, and I feel compelled to say something nice (the Eagles just won so I’m feeling generous), so here goes: that closeup picture of Victoria is very sweet.

Hopefully I will not burst in to flames.

Clara Oswin Oswald

I think Victoria is pretty but she may be a smidgen behind Dr. Will and Dan when it comes to game play.

Amy Pond

Sorry to hear you’re leaving the Doctor, Clara.

Clara Oswind Oswald

When seven left he broke my heart.

You get a thumbs up simply for your screenname

Doctor Who fans unite! 🙂


Cody or Derrick win $500,000 if they bring Victoria to the final. They would be daring the jury to give the money to the biggest floater to make it this far.


There is NO way on earth either Derrick or Cody would take that annoying airhead to the final 2. NO WAY!


Did I just read that right? Victoria being all giddy and saying she’s not going to jury. Does this mean that Derrick is taking her to F2?? If this is true then I hope that Cody wins HOH3.


No its because she wont actually go to jury house but straight to the voting process because it will be a live evict on finale night…. I think

Grown A Pair?

If Cody wins the final HOH, will he prove to us all that he has grown a pair since entering the house and evict Derrik? From the looks of his tight jeans it doesn’t look like he has.


It’s not about balls, it’s about loyalty. In Caleb’s case they didn’t really owe him any, but with each other they DO.


She’s not going to jury because the final eviction is on finale night. She will just join the jury on stage after she’s evicted.


I think she was probably joking with Derrick… a joke that he will take her. Also, “technically” the next person that gets voted out does not go to the jury house because they are voted out during the finale. They are part of the jury but dont go to the house to minle with the other jurors. Make NO mistake about it, Cody n Derrick are taking eachother to Final 2.


yep and im guessing 6-3 or 7-2 derrick on the votes

Caren in Canada

So glad all went well with the wedding and that yall are back safe and sound! My grandma (who is 92) follows this site faithfully and asked me to wish Dawg the very best in his marriage and said o remember the old adage never go to sleep angry, worked for them they made it 63 yrs married and said that is there most solid advise to anyone!
Also am I the only one feeling a little irritated by the fact the fact that Frankies sister is campaigning on her twitter site for him to win AFP this really irks me to no end, talk about an unfair advantage! If he wins this, it will not be a fan fav win I hope he knows that he only won cause his sister went to bat for him, the very thing he said in the house that he did not want! Hypocrite much!


See Elissa from BB15. Nobody but her sister and her minions thought Elissa deserved AFP, but ‘somehow’ she got it.

Ken also in Canada...

I would only add, remember to BE THE RIGHT PARTNER!
the secret isn’t to marry the right partner it is to always BE the RIGHT partner…
this has worked for my wife and I for almost 20 years… (four children)
It often involves taking the advice above and NEVER going to bed angry.
Best of luck guys
Thanks again for all you do!


Ariana Grande did it!!!!! She tweeted to her “18 Million” fans to vote for Frankie. Unfair much???????? Ariana’s tweet below:

“I voted for Frankie in the #BB16 Fav Houseguest vote. Vote now:…. all my love @fankiejgrande”



Donny deserves AFP and if Frankie wins then CBS needs to ask him live on national TV “what charity should we make out the check to?”


Police all across the country are also tweeting and encouraging all law enforcement to vote for Derrick. They are on this message board as well talking up Derrick too. Cops will do anything to advance one of their own.

Kathie from Canada

The Grande family comes across as the epitome of gross … and greedy! How much money do they need to be happy??? They are embarrassing themselves.

Jimmy 64

I would rather Victoria win Americas favorite
than Frankie


Where are those twitter hackers when you need them?!


Ah that’s not cool . It network’s/casting’s part really. 18 million people don’t even watch the show. Sad. They should weigh the votes but maybe also consider the online comments which also gives social feedback and some of the entertainment sites picked up on Frankie’s “fall from grace”. That would be insulting to give him that based purely off votes when really it’s really more of a competition between Zach and Donny.


Just to put a spanner in the works, I wonder exactly how many of those 18 mil followers are actually legit accounts. A lot of those followers could have been bought phantom accounts. Guess we’ll find out Wednesday.


Go Ariana! Time for Bieber to tweet for Frankie!

Big Sister

To Wednesday’s Finale Audience: If Frankie wins AFP, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as loud and as long as you can! This is why he should have never have been on the show in the first place. How unfair to the other House Guests can it be?? If that is how I won it, I wouldn’t accept it because I wouldn’t deserve it because my sister, of all people, told her Twitter followers to vote for me. Frankie is just crass enough to think he won it fair and square.


HI Big Sis, No way do I see Frankie winning America’s favorite player. Although I enjoyed watching him in the VERY beginning, BUT once his true colors and arrogance started to surface I could no longer stand him. For me it really started once he came out of the closet with his Super Mega Pop Star Sister and him being a super star in his own right as a famous you tuber. PUKE! I got so sick of this 31 year old jumping up & down like a 12 yr old school girl. You could tell even by Kathy Griffins body language she wasn’t impressed either. Jeff S didn’t seen too excited doing his excited interview, he had to keep pulling him back in. I also tired during the live feed/after dark watching him dry hump Zack & sometime Caleb, The glitter, short shorts and the prancing. Nothing against gay men I have many gay friends. But they act like grown men.

I also don’t think Caleb is the BIG STAR he thinks he is either! LMAO with all the HW producers, Nashville, Modeling agency waiting in line for him either. So he’s not going to take that prize home. He’ll be crushed to learn American didn’t vote for him to be TEAM AM!!! lol


THAT TOTALLY SUCKS, but it doesn’t surprise me. Acorns seldom fall far from the tree and that family is definitely a Nut Tree. Big Brother…FIND a way to keep this from happening. It’s so totally Unethical.

Americas favorite!

I vote 20 times everyday for frankie!!!!! So leets do it guys!!! Everyone vote for frankie!!! Ariana says its important on twitter so c’mon guys lets get this for her brother!!!!


I rather get a root canal then vote for Frankie

Cody's Vijayjay

I’d rather have Capt Hook as a gynecologist than see Skankie win.


I gave you a thumbs up because I understand sarcasm. lol


Anonymous. I just had one (root canal ) maybe I just can’t take pain but watching Frankie this season I didn’t know what pain I suffered worse.



I was responding to the same post you responded to, not you….every new reply gets put under the previous. I gave the person who originally said they were voting for Frankie (America’s Favorite!) a thumbs up because I knew they were being sarcastic. Apparently people don’t understand sarcasm thus taking it seriously and replying with comments like “are you serious?”

“So leets do it guys!!! Everyone vote for frankie!!! Ariana says its important on twitter so c’mon guys lets get this for her brother!!!!”



Anonymous. Sorry about that.


Your kidding right? I really hope so!

Jimmy 64

Frankie sucks


Why would anyone give the money to people that already have so much? And PLEASE don’t even go there with the whole “charity” thing. I have the feeds and have heard Frankie switch the amount he’s supposedly giving at least 3 times. So I know he’s full of crap.


CBS is in charge of the votes…….doesn’t matter if Frankie had his sister guiding her fans to vote for him……..CBS is gonna decide who gets it! I am predicting they will announce a TIE between Donny and Zach.


I could live with that, except I think CBS is in love with the skanky Grandes. Here’s hoping it does NOT happen.

Vic to the finals...

Surely both guys realize Vic is the easiest way to the grand prize. Cody has to see Derrick has a good shot at winning even from his point of view. Derrick’s won several comps and hasn’t really alienated anyone in the jury. Cody is in much the same boat. Derrick thinks he’s ahead but he has to explain his game and have the jury buy it. If Derrick plays the I manipulated everyone game Cody can say we were a pair and made those moves and choices together. That’s the problem with taking each other to the finals. They both can claim credit for the strategy and muddy the water as to who was really in charge.

Derrick has been playing the taking Vic is the coward’s play for several weeks but has kept her around until now. I think that means he plans on using her and Cody would be stupid not to as well.

Captain Obvious

He only kept her because she’s guaranteed to lose the comps that lead up to the finale. I don’t understand so many people saying that Derrick or Cody should take her to the final two. It’s NOT going to happen….don’t even get your hopes up. If you’ve been watching the feeds, you would know that nobody plans on taking Victoria to the final two, and all of the bomb squad either in jury or in the house have repeatedly said that if anyone took her then they would give her the money. I’m sure BB will play some “influenced” diary room sessions that make it seem like Derrick and Cody will be considering taking Victoria in the end, but neither of the guys have any intention whatsoever on doing so. Even when they’re alone talking to themselves (not Derrick talking to the camera) they never even speculate taking Victoria. They are loyal to the Hitmen, unfortunately for Cody he’s just ignorant to the extent Derrick has manipulated the entire house.

It will be Cody & Derrick in the end with Derrick winning by either a very large majority if not a unanimous vote. BB has already shown us footage of practically every jury member talking about how Derrick steamrolled the house with no mention of Cody or his game. They’ll play up the “bitter jury” but Derrick will win hands down.


Captain Obvious, that is what I been trying to tell everyone. There is NO way either Cody or Derrick are taking Victoria to Final 2. As respect for the game of Big Brother, they do not want to be remembered as the coward who took a girl who didn’t have a clue that she was playing the BB game. She was only worried about her hair extensions and plucking the hairs off of her face and ass according to the looks of the barely there black swimsuit bottom she would prance around in near the pool in front of the guys. Derrick and Cody both know that it would be an insult to the legacy of BB16 for them to take her to Final 2. I dont understand why people are not getting this. Not to mention, Cody n Derrick are bros. You know the saying.

Call Me Anything

Captain Obvious, do you play fantasy football on CBS sports?

Drinking Derrick's Kool-Aid

Anyone who has been watching this show, meaning at least the BBAD and the show, knows that the one thiing that Derrick knows and has 100% lived by in this game is that this is a game. For $500,000 for HIS family. He said already once that in reading, I think he said Dan’s, book on BB strategy, that the number one thing to remember is that it is a game. He was ready at any time to take out anybody, including Veronica AND/OR Cody, if it benefitted his game, and brought HIS famiily the $500.000! And this is still true.

Having a child especially, he has not cared about anything but bringing home the bacon (not a joke about his profession–I swear!) to them. As I’ve stated before, he knew all along that his game has been unfortunately to play safe, and unfortunately to be boring for the viewers, fans and feeders, and while he is a HUGE fan of the show, he STILL did NOT make decisions based on those priorities–and I believe he has even said so in the DR. “Sorry it’s not more exciting, but… I have a baby girl It just was not possible to play a more exciting game with these HG’s and still be there to the end,” or some such blahblah. IMO, adaptation is the key to both this game and Survivor, over anything else. He knows this and he has adapted well throughout the game.

So, yeah, I believe he would want to have this Hit Men thing be their BB Legacy, and be able to say how loyal he was to Cody, but I’m pretty sure, based solely on his decisions so far, that he will err on the side of caution AGAIN, and take Victoria to the end, because $500,000 is worth more to his child than his BB legacy would be. He can still play the loyalty card full-on by taking Victoria anyway. So that’s half the impetus gone right there.

But again, anyone of us out there who really believes that the jury will waste their votes out of spite, is only drinking Derrick’s Bitter Jury flavored Kool-Aid, like the rest of these people that got him to where he is right now, and came out talking about how great he is while talking to Julie and chatting in the jury house, him being the pivotal HG in the implementation of their departure.

Derrick knows that Cody MUST drink and believe that they would be that bitter so that he takes Derrick to F2, and Cody is drinking it I believe. But we here have the insight of knowing all, thanks to this site almost exclusively, so why we would believe that he would risk almost $600,000 at this point for showing loyalty to a virtual stranger or for a BB Legacy over that baby girl of his, must also be drinking it too. Oh, and yes, they talk alone privately together about the F2 being on lock-down because Derrick may not win the Final Part 3 HOH, and needs Cody to believe in the Bitter Jury nonsense so he will take Derrick to the end. These Pt. 3 Final HOH comps are the most random of all, IMO, any of their end of statement answers could be right. While Derrick may still win in the final against Cody, he is certain to win versus Victoria.

Mark my words: ANY risk is too much for Derrick. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Ask any cop, right??! Or you can blast me when it’s over if I’m wrong. After the decision is made preferrably.

Having said that, at the end of the day, frankly, I would LOVE the jury to give Veronica the $$$ if only just to have something to remember about this lackluster season, 100%! Herd dat!
And every single time, from the very first time, I heard Caleb to be saying, “Beef Smoked Cowboy!” Crushed it!

What loyalty?

You are absolutely correct about Derrick being solely motivated by money. He has shown that he will do just about anything to win.
BB fans get so caught up in thinking that there are rules of honor to this game and they forget that 500K is a pretty strong motivation to do all the awful things that Derrick has done this season, not even including the disrespect he has show to his wife and child. I find it humorous that so many Derrick fanboys defend Derricks behavior toward Victoria and Nicole and others as “:just part of the game” and then turn around and feign that Derrick has some sort of moral loyal highground to the purity of the BB enterprise. HA HA HA….so ridiculously duplicitous but at least these same Derrick fanboys are consistent in believing their own bs just like Derrick believes his own bs.
As to the jury, Derrick will not win against Victoria and he will certainly lose against Cody. The votes are not there for him regardless of whom he takes. Derrick will get crushed in the jury against Cody and will lose by 1 or 2 votes against Victoria.
The best thing about the finale will see the thing that Derrick loves the most, THE $500,000, slip out of his hands and into either Cody or Victorias hands. An even better ending would be for Cody to win the final HOH and take Victoria to the end and have Cody win $500,000 and Victoria win $50,000 and for each of them to thank Derrick for making that possible for each of them. Derricks’ nostrils will be flaring as the money goes to another player.

Kathie from Canada

I think that the whole Cody/Christine thing didn’t sit well with the jury members. That might be enough to tip the scales in Derrick’s favour!


I honestly think that it’s not smart for Cody to bring Victoria to finals because Derrick has guaranteed votes from Nicole, Frankie, Hayden, Caleb & Victoria if it’s a Cody vs. Derrick Final 2 so if he decides to send Derrick to jury the majority of those votes may switch to Victoria just to spite Cody and he’ll lose out anyways. Cody’s only guaranteed votes for either final 2 scenario come from Donny, Christine & Zach. Since Cody will almost guaranteed not win, I’d rather lose with dignity and respect if i were him which involves taking Derrick to the final 2


No way! Derrick gave her a free ride because it was a symbiotic relationship. His protection of her got him the votes he needed to eliminate the other house guests one by one. Her ‘ability’ to survive being on the block, although she didn’t do it that well with all the drama (which she loves) and notoriety, gave her Ego a boost, PLUS she has made a lot more money staying this long….not to mention the $5000 she got in the Luxury comp (that she wouldn’t have if she had been evicted earlier). She ought to just say Thanks Derrick! and leave the drama OUT of their last 4 days to rest up and wait for the Finale. I hope that she surprises me and gets that thought SOON!

Alex C.

Cody and Derrick taking each other to F2 is a gamble for both of them (less for Derrick though) if they want to win it all..
Either of them taking Victoria to F2 is also a gamble since they don’t know for sure whether or not the former bomb squad members will stick with their pledge.


Thank you everyone that said watch Big Brother Au. I’ve been watching it and would love if we did a season here like that.( The States ) thanks again loving it!

Dame Judi Chop

Isn’t it great!? Can’t wait to see their first eviction.


Glad you are enjoying BB AU. It is a world of difference — the house, the comps, noms and love how they had crystal glasses for their mid winter dinner. When you get a chance, go back and watch last years show. It was really good. So far I am comparing Skye to Victrola.

Dame Judi Chop

Oh no, Skye is young and and unformed. But, Vanita has a big mean streak.

Beach girl

I have been watching it also. I really enjoy it, love the house! Really nice.


I don’t know, I guess I’m in the minority here but I prefer the US format of an HOH and POV competitions by the houseguests instead of HOH awarded by viewers, and evictions by the viewers. Let them fight it out, have the freedom to form alliances and be the ones voting each other off.

I’ve watched Australia and there’s some characters I like I just fantasize about what the show would be like if it was the same people but US format.

To each his own I guess.

Dame Judi Chop

QB, big fan of your comments, but gotta disagree here. BBAU is getting more cut throat. This year while the public picks the two up for eviction, the house mates have to vote out one, live to that ones face. And they seem to be forming loose alliances. I think putting them in couples initially has made that easier to do.


You can watch older bb au seasons on you tube. I am watching season 2004 now, it had a couple of very interesting glitches that year that made for a great season.


I also want to thank the posters who suggested BBAU I’ve been watching on You Tube and its so fun! The people are actually LIKEABLE and the house is phenomenal. It makes the BBUS house look even more like a pile of crap. On the Australia version the HOH actually has their own little private residence with mini hot tub and pool it was awesome!

School Marm

I’m guessing Derrick throws the final hoh, so Cody does the dirty work of evicting Vic.


I’ve been saying the same thing for a week! I believe Derrick and Cody are loyal to each other and they are confused why Vic can’t just be happy and grateful for the extended ‘ride’ she got, for free with BENEFITS! She is just a poor, self-absorbed, little rich girl who is used to getting her way. And, like Derrick said today, “Give her an inch and she’ll try to get a mile”! I think it’s called DELUSIONAL!


she has deluded herself (and my guess is DR production has contributed to this) into thinking that she has fought, won and earned her way to F3. i don’t think there has ever been a more incompetent person in BB, i’m sure even the floatiest floater has been able to win something at some time.

Alex C.

But what if Cody realizes he doesn’t have any chance to win over Derrick and takes Victoria to F2? If he does this he might win.

Copy's g string

Yeah, but Cody wants the money too! If he wins final HOH, he will bring Victoria to the end and ensure that he wins 500,000 dollars. Anyone who takes out Derrick at this stage would be rewarded by the jury. It would be a unanimous vote for Cody.
Derrick will take Victoria as well because he has a better, although still less chance of winning, against her than Cody. There is no scenario where Derrick beats Cody with this jury. None. Do the math, the votes have not been there since Christine went to the jury.


I think neither will take Victoria …. Derek rather she be a vote for him. Cody is way off counting the votes he has. Cody is nuts if he thinks he can beat Derek in the F2. This season was strange in the way everyone seemed to be there to get famous. They (D&C) …. want to be known as one of the greatest alliances in BB.

On another note I’d be upset if Frankie wins AFP.


Cody “I wouldn’t blame you if you took her”. Really Cody, you had to say that, why do you think Derrick didn’t want her voted out? Why do you think the others wanted her out? They knew if they were sitting there with her, THEY WERE GOING HOME. Derrick is saying “Thank you Cody, for being stupid and understanding.”
When you were on the block with her, you had Caleb and Frankie, they wanted her out for the safety of their own game. Somehow this past you by.
So you and Derrick think you could of smoked Caleb in the first final competition. LOL Neither you nor Derrick smoked him in any of the strength comps. Everyone knows that the third comp is luck, just because you beat Derrick in the memory comps. means nothing. Cockiness is a giant downfall!


So if the eyes are the windows to the soul and so many people say that Victoria’s eyes are ‘psycho’, ‘crazy’, ‘dead’, etc…; can we then deduce that Victoria might just be a little ‘off’?
Even the houseguests are creeped out by her crazy eyes.
I don’t get what her veiled threat of ‘if you don’t win Derrick, I am going to be extremely mad’, over and over was all about.
Like, what is she thinking of doing? When hasn’t she been mad in that house?
Previously on Big Baby.


Ever watch Fatal Attraction? I’m glad Derrick is a cop, it should make it easier to get a restraining order!!!!

Finale Night Sequence

Derrik throws the final HOH comp.
Cody votes out Derrik.
Victoria is ecstatic.
Victoria passes out from excitement.
Paramedics come in on live TV.
They take Victoria to hospital.
The show goes on.
An unknown rule pops up.
CBS can replace one of the final 2 with a jury member of their choice if illness befalls one of the final 2
CBS chooses Frankie to replace Victoria.
When Cody finds out he goes nuts and starts trashing the house.
Cody is disqualified from the game.
CBS says the rules state only one replacement can be made on finale night.
Therefore Frankie is the default winner of BB16.
Frankie also wins AFP.
Julie is sooooo happy.
Julie is throwing glitter all over the studio.
The show ends with an announcement that next year’s finale show will be called Grande Finale.


Production did something like that in season 13 with the unplanned Pandora’s Box for Rachel and Jordan. Why wouldn’t they do the same for Ariana’s brother? I’m sure AG has something up her sleeves, she always does.. If Frankie even gets America’s Favorite, we’ll know AG was beyond it.

Even Elissa last season didn’t earn America’s Favorite, it’s true, she basically handed all the MVP power to Amanda, we all know she got it for the same reason she got MVP, because she’s Rachel’s sister.

Production had a change up who had the power, because Elissa never used the power to her advantage, giving the power to America was never the plan. You saw what happened, they didn’t even read the damn rules, they voted for Elissa thinking they were voting for who get MVP again. That week was funny as hell, production had to make sure she won that POV.


Don’t do me any favors, DUMBASS!!! PLEASE!!! You’re “letting me off the hook,” because you lost, and you don’t know how to respond to points. When did I ever say that Victoria was better than Derrick?? Another ridiculous attempt to twist my words. PLEASE!!! As if people don’t see through that. Yes, Cody would be stupid to take Derrick over Victoria, and you definitely didn’t deny that. Instead you tried to twist it to mean, I agree that Derrick is the better player. Better than who?? Victoria?? Okay, I’ll give you that. Derrick has been a better player than Victoria. Dumbass, that does not take away from the level of stupidity of the other houseguests, as a whole, or the fact that Cody has a better chance at beating Victoria than Derrick. PLEASE!! Don’t try to twist it. You know that you agree that it would be stupid for Cody to take Derrick, and therefore, you agree that Derrick’s success depends on the stupidity of the other houseguests. But hey, let’s not admit that.. Instead let’s twist it. Sorry, Dumbass, like I told the other dumbass, I’m not like the houseguests.

get a life...

you are proving my point over and over again…
You hate Derrick (blind fury)
It’s ok to be immature, hopefully you will grow out of it some day.
D U M B A S S!

Man, You Need Help

So, that’s been your point all along?? That I hate (Your Word, Once Again) Derrick. Way to exaggerate, and go from not liking to hating. Big Difference. And you are one BIG DUMBASS, if you cannot tell the difference between the houseguests being stupid, and someone just making them look stupid.

It's not that serious

I think you need a break from the internet…..

I Don't Like Derrick

I think you need a break from stupidity. LOL.. It’s not that serious… Why are you responding?? Because you’re trying to take up for somebody who can’t handle himself??


Derrick is in the Final Two…..Therefore he IS the best player!!! Get Real!

Not Yet

He’s not in the Final 2, yet, and with any luck , he won’t be. Cody would be smart to evict Derrick, if he wins the Final HOH.


You need to stop taking things so personally. If you have an opinion, why should you care if someone comes along and disagrees with it? Just own your opinion, stick with it, no one is trying to change your mind, and no one can change your mind if you don’t want to be changed.

seriously, it isn’t that serious unless you make it that way. Just tell them you don’t care what they think, or ignore them.


LOL.. That is absolutely ridiculous. How in the world do you figure I am taking things too seriously?? I don’t give 2 shits. But I will usually respond back when people respond to my posts. And how in the world do you figure I am taking things too personally?? Because I call people dumbass?? WHAT?? Usually, I mean that in a playful way, but people on here get all uptight.. I cannot believe your serious tone with me… Are you kidding?? I know I might come across a certain way, but that’s only because I am so good at arguing my points. Don’t take it too seriously.. DAMN!!! And, just curious. Why are you addressing me , and not the dumbasses above?? I don’t mind. I’m just curious.


If Fakie gets AFP because his sister basically paid for it then he just might get the boos we were cheated from hearing when he was evicted. How sad that he has to rely on his baby half sisters fans to win his one and only public accolade, The last one he will probably ever get.


I think Victoria looks just like the actress Kathy Najimy.


and if she keeps eating like she has for the last 3 months, she will look even MORE like Kathy did before she lost all that weight. LoL


Are u kidding me ? I HOPE DERRICK Doesn’t evict Victoria if he wins FINAL HOH , This season was filled with idiots


Is big brother not on today?


Will the after party/backyard interviews be streamed online?


Once I find out who won….. I’m turning off the TV. I’ve seen enough of these dumbasses.


I vote 20 times today for Donny will do it again tommrow
vote Donny lets do it America favorite


I voted for Zach. Everyone should vote for their favorite.

Jimmy 64

Who should get Americas favorite over Frankie .
Joey, Pow ,Devin ,Amber ,Brittnay , Jacosta ,Hayden , Zach
DONNY, Nicole ,Christine ? , Caleb , Victoria ,Cody , Izzy ,Jeff , Jordan ,
Derrick ,Julie , the camera men , Simon , Dawg , Dan, Dallas cowboys,
Jeff & Jordan’s family or their dog, the doctor who worked on
Victoria . Zing bot , Kathy Griffin , I. Think I got everyone did I forget
anyone ?


I’m with you, Jimmy 64. Anyone but Frankie for AFP.


You forgot the toaster.
He was less of an arse and played the Game with more integrity – more focused on accomplishing his task.
I’d also scratch Julie Chen from your list – it’s one thing to be the despicable arse that Frankie is, but it’s something else to be an influential presenter and lie to the world about who Frankie is. Julie sounds like the PR manager of Osama Bin Laden when she talks about Frankie. She pushes Jury members to make comments on how they love him, cuts them off when they want to say something negativeabout him, and acts like Frankie never did all those despicable things in the house, like saying a tipsy Victoria should get gang-raped as to lose all her virginities at once.
Yeah, that’s a great idol to have, Mrs. Chen. Shame on you. Shame on you.


Bagdad Bob “The Iranian people love and worship Saddam Hussein.”
Julie “All America loves you Frankie and your insanely talented sister Arianna Grande.


Sock monkey, the toaster, the fish in the tank, the cast of 90210, hair extensions, beards, and pink hats.

Dame Judi Chop

The bunny slippers have been though more pain and suffering than anyone else!


First things first, congrats to Dawg and Simon. Second, does the winner of BB16 aka Derrick want to bring Cody or Princess DumDum to final 2? I’m confused. Thanks.


I would guess, Victoria is the choice for whoever wins the final HOH, seeing as it will be a landslide victory for Derrick or Cody, but who knows she’s annoying the hell outta them wondering who they’re gonna take, if she doesn’t shut up she’s digging herself into 3rd place.


Victoria is setting herself up to NOT be taken to the final 2, if she keeps annoying them. When you’re a ultimate floater being carried by other people doing all the work, stay in your place, and don’t rock the boat if you want to continue being safe. I wouldn’t take her on “Big Brother Principle” alone, but who would even vote for her? You’d have to be crazy bitter to give her a single vote. Derrick should just be real with her and be like :”Victoria go sit down somewhere and be quite, you’re about to get 50k for doing nothing all season”.

After this season, being a floater should have penalties, like 50% of all winnings goes to charity or something.


I think they should change the word Floater to TOTE-HER, which is what Derrick has done for WEEKS! LoL


Derrick having to deal with Victoria now is his own fault. He lead her on from the beginning that he would take her to final two. Did he think that she would handle this well. He used her until he needed her now he wants to dispose of her and wants her to walk away quietly. He took advantage of the type of the personality she has. What did he expect!!!!


I think he underestimated her craziness. Most men aren’t as observant as women when it comes to recognizing “Crazy” in a woman. 😉

Alex C.

If Derrick had not planned to take her to F2 in the first place , he should have discarded her long time ago.


Derrick is just doing on Big Brother and to Victoria what he does in real life. No difference. The guy uses people for his own needs and discards them when he gets what he wants. Your character doesn’t change drastically on Big Brother as evidenced by Frankie and the rest of the houseguests. And because Derrick is a cop, he is used to being protected by his fellow officers for his attitude that the ends justify the means because that is pretty typical for most cops when they are rationalizing their behavior , both in and out of uniform. And I like cops but having counseled many of them, I can tell you that they are masters at self-delusion when it comes to their own bad behavior and are experts at minimizing their mistakes.


OMG, Victoria looks so much better without those hideous extensions!


Why is she so obsessed with her goddamn hair??


I think they can’t really rig a live finale night eviction audience as they have to invite the families and past players down too. If Frankie wins AFP, I wish the audience will boo him and Julie off, which will be funny because it will happen in the last minute of the broadcast and it will totally spoil the whole celebratory mood of the show.


What CBS calls “live show” actually has some delay. So they will have the possibility to hide those boos if they happen. They could crank the music up and just let the show end there. I always got a feeling of the finale being rushed in the past seasons, “X won America’s fave player” pretty much were the last words Julie Chen spoke before the credits rolled.
It’s very unlikely that they would show the tv viewers how Frankie got booed without explaining why: they’ve been hiding almost all of his misdeeds to the “CBS show only – viewers”, and they wouldn’t want those to end their “BB16 experience” with a question mark.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d love nothing more than a video package about all Frankie did, and just how despised he is on ALL the BB forums, but it’s unlikely they’ll show Julie Chen “having been wrong” for the past month in the very last episode of the season.

Alex C.

AFP prize will be awarded just few minutes to the end of the show so that few boos won’t have a huge impact on the show at large.


Derrick being nagged by Victoria is what he gets. It nothing really compared to how he’s been so two-faced with her not that I think she’s a victim. But I just find his way to be on a scum bag level and it has nothing to do with him manipulating in the game. They are throwing a lot of money at him 500,000, 25,000 TA cash, 5,000 for throwing that Snowman comp which he got a punishment with the hollas but it ended up being a reward as well by letting his daughter record too. Victoria being irritating is small payback if it can even be labeled that since she has no power other than voting at the end. I hope she keeps it up to irritate him. She’s had no dignity in trying to play her own game separate from him anyway may as well go out with a bang.

As for Victoria who calls herself a princess I have very little respect for her (in the game). Frankie was one of the first people to act like he liked her and immediately put her on the block. And it’s like she went back for more, it took her to almost the end of the game not to even trust him. There were some women in there that did not play a good game for various reasons. But I do think most of them came in there to try to play. And here you have Victoria not creating any social bonds with the others but depending on Derrick instead of forging out her own game or attempting to at least.


Ive never been so glad for a BB season to end


Still not sure who is taking who…Derrick is still hedging with Victoria which tells me he plans to throw the comp to Cody.
He is all “bromance” with Cody which I think is a cover. Helps that Cody basically said there would be no hard feel if he did take Vic.
Cody and Vic need to have a talk and compare notes.
But Victoria leaves with a full stipend, $5k from the luxury comp and third place gets $10k…she’ll be fine.


I think Derrick, like many guys, is just trying not to push her over the edge, which is what would happen if he actually said the words “You are NOT going to F2 so shut the f*** up!” I know we ALL want to hear him do that, but since production put the kibash on THAT…he’s just trying to stay alive. There are lots of knives in that house!!! LoL


Derrick is not going to throw anything at this point of the game. However he is going to go through HELL for 3 days with little SIs.


3rd place gets 10k never heard that before is that true


Cody and Derrick need to take each other because they have already revealed they are the hitmen and have had an alliance since day 2. If they don’t take each other the Jury is going to say they couldn’t be loyal to any of them or each other! I think the jury will have more respect for them evicting them all out if they stick together. Otherwise they might just vote for Victoria to win and that would be a travesty! Either of them taking Victoria would be a big big mistake!!


Agreed! 100%


Ridiculous! Money is money and both Derrick and Cody want the big money. All this talk about preserving some type of honor about taking each other to final 2 is just stupid posturing. Guarantee that whomever wins final HOH will take the Vic to final 2. If its Cody, he wins the big money. If its Derrick, he loses and goes home with 2nd place.


third place getting nuttin and stop thinking derrick will throw the completion, he aint a beast at comps to throw, he will lose even if he tries


Vote for DONNY AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER tonight and tommorow morning BEFORE 10:00am Pacific time!!!!! 20X tonight, 20X tomorrow morning!!!!
Yeah!!! GEAUX DONNY (Can y’all tell I’m Cajun)???


Lmmfao @ Valtrexia driving Derrick ipso facto nutso! Wait til she shows up on your doorstep. You’re going to need that 500k for home security. That’s what happens when you string a psycho along.
Oh yeah, hide the rabbit!


He’s a COP….he gets a discount on restraining orders 🙂


FYI… I googled Caleb Reynolds again after he was voted out and noticed his bothers or someone has already set up a Kentucky PO BOX for him!! It was not there prior to the boys having a conversation about fans sending gifts and money during one the live feeds. I checked the other guys to see if they had one yet and couldn’t find theirs. So his Brothers (I assume) are staying ahead of the game. LMAO. Waiting for those movie offers and those recording contracts I guess. I cannot wait to see if he becomes anything from this show.

He sure thinks he is special. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. I do appreciate his military service!! However, I do think something is off with him and his obsession for Amber is unnerving to me!! Even besides the point I don’t find her all that attractive myself.


im sure caleb brother probably did that so he can get whatever he can now there is always some people that will send money gifts etc hell getwhat you can get in a year they will be pretty much forgotten and people will be into the new guest


Victoria is like a dog with a bone – she’s not giving this up. I can’t figure out if it’s her goal to actually win or If she has the hots for Derrick. She did make a comment about being his ‘second wife’ and he shot that down fast. Her obsessing with his wedding ring, the constant hugs, staying up and crawling in bed with a married man freaks me out. I think Derrick simply has not dealt with this type of girl (good thing he’s out of the 2014 dating pool!). But this may all be a replay of the ‘I’m mad at you’ with Victoria and Cody having an an agreement for a final 2.

If Derrick is sincere in taking Cody to #2 (and feels Cody likewise), he should confide in Cody about being a cop. Sharing private info will show he trusts Cody and possibly seal a closer relationship. Does Victoria know that 22year olds need 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Her obsessive compulsive behavior is out of control. Heaven help if production gives her any alcohol.

Big Jacket

Have you been following “Utopia” on Fox? I finally gave it a chance and looked at the first 4 episodes. I think it has a more mature look at a cross section of people trying to live together. It’s a one year experiment with 15 people living together on five acres who try to create a community that is self-supportive.

Definitely worth a watch (at least the first three episodes) to see if you can like it. It could be another opportunity to blog/summarize. Right now the live feeds are free.

Live long and prosper guys!


I really like Utopia.

Big Jacket

Cool Simon. One thing is the show can challenge peoples’ biases so be prepared.
I think you guys might be able to capitalize on this and you do a great job with Big Brother.
I think us site followers like you guys much better than production. 🙂

Sure bets for the finale

Not sure who will walk away with first or second (and really don’t care all that much) but I guarantee that the finale will be dominated by that disgusting attention whore, with the blessing of CBS.

I am sure that CBS will try to make Mr Grande look like some class act, which anyone that ever watched the feeds knows is anything but the truth.


Did Frankie ever talk about his bio dad or step dad (Ariana’s biodad) on the feeds? His step dad doesn’t seem to mention Frankie at all on Twitter, but he does mention Ariana. Yet Frankie must have known the step dad since Frankie was @ 9 years old.

Alex C.

I feel sorry for Victoria for making it so far.She’s ridden Derrick coat-tails and now she thinks she deserves to get to finale for…doing literally nothing.I feel sorry for Derrick too for taking her so far and having to go through the plight of listening to her rambling on and on about how she is a better option for Derrick to take her to F2 . She should have been evicted early in the game because she is not meant for this sort of competition. She cannot win any kind of competitions, she didn’t have any social game except for being close to Derrick and she doesn’t have the psychological strength for handling a such game.She changes her clothes 3-4 times a day, she does her make-up even more often, she eats every few hours which denotes she’s stressed big time.She should have self evicted long time ago instead of causing such a great embarrassment around her.This is my 2 cents on Victoria.

i miss zach

i hope next season is not a dissappoinment
the past two bb15 and bb16 has been aweful!!!

No Grande Por Favor!

Ariana and Joan Grande are now both tweeting to vote Zack AFP because Donny won money with Team America (Ariana spelled Donny’s name wrong). Could they be more horrible?! It’s so obvious they are hoping to split the votes between Zack and Donny so the bulk will go to Frankie. Hasn’t Frankie lived in his sister’s shadow enough! I am so over the Grandes and cannot stand this family. Just let the frigging game play out and stop trying to influence it! They are so pushy and just plain horrid. Make them go away. UGG!