Cody – ohh my god this is so insane what are we doing here

How does the final HOH work
  • All three players compete in part 1. (Cody won this part)
  • The two losers of part 1 compete in part 2. (Not sure when this will be played)
  • The winner of parts 1 and 2 compete in part 3. the winner of part 3 gets to decide Who to take to the finale.


Cody burning time

1:10pm Cody keeps himself occupied while waiting for the torture to end.

IN the Fire room Derrick and Victoria are talking Derrick doesn’t know what they are going to do for the next 7 days. Points out to Victoria she was a genius and a mastermind to their little lie. (Getting the remaining players in the house to thinks she hated Derrick and so did the Jury)

1:28pm Cody still practicing his lime toss, ‘Crushing it.. Bucket buckets.. Clock work.. that’s dirty.. Crushing it.. Smoke bombs..
Derrick and Victoria are sleeping at 1:30pm Cody gets called into the Diary room.

1:55pm Everyone sleeping 

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-18 14-56-59-055

2:54pm Victoria and Cody are up.
Victoria says she had a dream that Production woke them up right away, it was raining in the fire room and the competition was for either Caleb or Frankie to come back into the house. Victoria said it felt “So real” she adds that in her dream they hurried them along she wasn’t even wearing a bra.
3:20pm Kitchen Victoria and Cody eating and chatting
Talking about how full of himself Caleb was. Cody mentions how Caleb was always competing with him from day one. Victoria though Caleb had a thing about Cody’s looks.
They mention how Caleb as still talking about Amber before he left about how her and him can finally have a serious conversation without the cameras.
Cody says Amber was not into Caleb at all but didn’t want to hurt him.
Victoria – I know you think brittany was the hottest
Cody – No, to be 100% honest amber was gorgeous Brittany was attractive.. I thought you were the best one
Victoria laughs
Cody – you are laughing at me … I thought POWPOW… when i first walked into the house I was like ohh ok . (Grunts like he was interested in how POWPOW looked)
Victoria – she was very overwhelming
Cody says after day one he was turned off by POWPOW. Brittany was very attractive after the BOB when she came back she was beautiful. Victoria says when Brittany first walked in show looked like that.
Day one Cody looked at amber.. “I just thought she had really really nice eyes”
Cody – I actually liked frankie at first
Derrick wakes up they comment on how much noise is coming from the backyard. Cody thinks the competition is being built and it’s massive.

3:40pm Chit chat

Cody – ohh my god this is so insane what are we doing here.. how did we get here.. how did we get hear Derrick..
Derrick – what are we talking about..

(Just random things being said)

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-18 15-45-16-662

3:44pm Derrick rolling out his sore hand

4:22pm Living room Chating about he game
Derrick believes that Christine was going to cut Cody but wanted to rid with him until later in the game.
Cody says Donny had no social game and wanted to use Hayden and him as puppets.
4:43pm Here is a taste of the chit chat going on.. Derrick’s wardrobe back home is heavy on the black and red.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-18 17-13-32-367

5:15pm Hide and Seek, Cody and Derrick hide in the Diary Room on Victoria

Victoria finds them and gets a bit of a scare.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-18 17-39-36-321

5:39pm Lime toss..

6:08pm Living Room Derrick and Cody
Derrick thinks the Competition will be tomorrow if it wasn’t the backyard would have been opened this morning. Derrick hopes the competition is more pure knowledge not like OTEV where you have to run and get a piece. Derrick doesn’t want an oz of chance in the competition.
6:24pm Victoria says her friend looks like “That Girl on American pie.. Bangs.. brownish skin.. ”
The guys know who she is talking about but they can’t place a name. Cody remembers her name “Nadia” (played by Shannon Elizabeth)

7:01pm Trying to occupy their time. chit chatting.. long moments of silence.

7:15pm Victoria is saying she’s sick of fish after eating it all season. She thinks that is why her stomach has been so sore from all the mercury poisoning.

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Skeery Sheery

Victoria…a genius. Wow, it really is the season of surprises.

Joe's Unwashed Hands

She’s the powerhouse of the season!!

Franky's Man Parts

Vic needs the dick


Can a “man” crawl further up a woman’s ass than Derrick with Victoria. It turns my stomach. He’s giving her 50K to as I don’t think Cody see it coming.

Season 13 had a terrible ending except for Shelly getting no money! 🙂 This is just as bad an end to the season as 1 could expect. Unless miracle of miracles Cody wins part 3 and takes Victoria. I cannot see that happening. Though she could stir things except part 3 is live no time to campaign.


Derrick is not going to take Victoria. He’s just working her for a vote. If he were going to cut Cody, he would be working on him for a vote but he’s not….at all. He’ll probably throw the final comp to Cody though so he won’t have to make the decision.

yo yo

A Walk Down Frankie Lane (God Bless Big Brother has officially lost it)
CBS you are a joke if you believe that any of the viewers like this guy. You know damn well that this punk has been the most vile and disgusting person we have ever seen on this show. Time after time you gave him the best edit that anyone could ever dream of, and news flash nobody gives a shit about him being Ariana Grande sister. You know damn well that he should of been booed off that stage the other night, in yet you fill the audience with all of his friends and CBS employees to give him a roaring cheer. Production and CBS you better take a good hard look at yourselves and realize that if not your not going to show some form of consistency when it comes to rigging this show or editing these cast members it will lead to the death of Big Brother. Since nobody wants to put with your crap anymore. I guaranteed you that if Frankie comes even remotely close to winning america’s favorite you will see a big drop in viewership because it is obvious that your the only ones who like this scumbag. I’ve lost all respect to CBS and Julie Chen for praising this guy into some kind of saint. Thanks alot for ruining the show I once loved.


#1-If they filled the audience with his family, Frankie would have seen them and not been asking about if they were there and if his sister was there. Also filling the audience with production is insane! #2-Actually if you have checked Americas Favorite poll then you would see that Donny is leading the whole thing. Frankie is much more honest than Derrick who has backstabed everyone. Sorry you have so much hate for one person that was playing for schools in Africa.

Oscar P.

What really pissed me off about Derrick’s gameplay, is that he is such a COWARD! He already let Cody win HOH 1 and will now let Vic win HOH 2…I just feel like that is the easy way to get to the end…Definitely not on the same level of the greatest players..Derrick is a p***y!!


Lol don’t be stupid. He isn’t going to throw it. Just wants to give victoria a false sense of security.


I can’t imagine being stuck in that tacky house for three months with a bunch of lying, backstabbing people.

Like my mama always

Tacky house is right! Living on a TV sound stage amidst a bunch of whacky props, with some showers, toilets and sinks plugged in, and a camera aimed at the toilet even.


OMG! I am so disgusted. CBS actually has a tribute to Frankie on the CBS website called “A Walk Down Frankie Lane” and they frigging GLORIFY him!!! If permitted, the link is Frankie is like a bad smell that won’t go away. CBS is despicable to cater to the Grandes in this manner.


Someone commented on that link – the comments are the best part! – that they have never seen houseguests be given such expensive food items such as white fish or salmon, on a daily basis. That same person noted it was probably because all Frankie ever wanted to eat was fish.

FISH AGAIN!!!!....

I made a comment on this a couple months ago….Never have I seen someone get WHAT [HE] WANTS….like this swason and Frankie….More than once other HG would comment on price on package of fish….example..[.I can’t believe this fish was over $100]…in other seasons HG were thrilled to get a decent meal to cook, 2xs a week…But when U have a manager and publicits to negotiate the contract…and CBS has nose stuck up Ariana Grande ASS….This is how it works….Vic is right when she said…I ate so much fish this summmer…I feel like I have mercury poisoning!


The odor from cooking fish every day in the BB house has to have permeated their clothes as well as Victoria’s hair extensions. Was this year’s surplus of fish simply to cater to Frankie’s dietary request or did CBS pick up the American Seafood Council as an advertiser? LOL!


arianas manager is beiber manager scooter braun pull up the new series scorpions scooter braun is listed at the bottom of the executive producer list can you say conflict of interest


I read the below on twitter from someone who had sent the following to Evel Dick:

There is so much cross promotion right now that its not even funny. Ariana Grande’s manager is Scooter Braun. Justin Bieber’s manager is also Scooter Braun. Justin sent out the congrats to Frankie tweet last week, in all likelyhood, he was asked to send that tweet by Braun to support Ariana.

Scooter Braun also happens to be the exec producer for the show Scorpian. We have been hammered with ads about this new show during episodes of Big Brother. I imagine Frankie getting on Big Brother was part of the package that brought Scorpion to CBS.

Also, a few weeks ago, Bieber performed on the CBS aired Fashion Rocks show. Ariana performed on the season opening NFL game. CBS owns the rights to Thursday night Football.

Scooter Braun, CBS, and his stable of pop stars seem to be one big messy family.


It would be interesting to see Evil Dicks response.


Evil Dick isn’t a fan of Frankie or Derrick. I agree.


CBS did not air the football game that Ariana performed the National Anthem. NBC did. NBC get the first Thursday night game every year because there is no Sunday night game during week 17.

Frankies Skankie Shorts

That smell is me. I’m hiding under the couch.

Big Sister

The comments to that blog on CBS about Frankie are universally negative. I am surprised we still have feeds because I thought all of the cameramen would be in rehab going through Frankie withdrawal. I was sooo tired of seeing his face on camera even when others were talking. CBS should be ashamed of the travesty they allowed this season to become. How can Production, Casting, and Julie Chen look in the mirror and feel proud of the job they have done? They tried to spoonfeed us Frankie and we regurgitated it right back up…


Where do you find the comment section to that Frankie blog at because I want to read the comments but not the blog? Thanks,

Big Sister

Sorry, my mistake. Go to, Shows, Big Brother and scroll down to A Walk down Frankie Lane. It may be on jokers by now, but last night it was on cbs.


Anyone else think it’s messed up that Big Jeff” gave Caleb some advice on voting on winner? Caleb said to clown shoe that if Vic made to the F2 he would vote for her. Clown shoe told him that he should think about it before he did that??? It just seems wrong for him to interfere with the jury.

Give it to Victoria

Derrick is a PLUNKER!
Like it you agree : )


Nice screen name….not! What is it they say about people living in glass houses? That would be You. Just think some folks here are pretty hypocritical, calling out HGs for their comments or behaviour when they aren’t much better. I’m sure those stone throwers will Thumbs Down, but that’s no surprise.

Give it to Victoria

Yes really, Derrick is the PLUNKER and Cody is his POONER!


it’s really wrong! Especially considering Jordan won her season in thanks to a very bitter jury! Anyone who doesn’t believe that, go back and watch the final episode of season 11. The jury was very spiteful towards Natalie. Not surprised though, jeff has always been a tool of production, and CBS desperately wants derrick to win so they can salvage what little is left of this seasons dignity.


I agree with you, Jeff should not be pushing BB’s agenda.
They also need to let the jury ask their own questions to the finalists, {BB should not be making up the questions.}
I tried to watch TVGN last night impossible. These final 3 are soooooooooooooo boring.


I really don’t think it’s a big deal what Jeff said. And I don’t think it was him doing anything for CBS. Pretty much any sane person would say something if you said you would vote for Victoria. CBS and the BB producers do alot of shady crap, but Jeff telling Caleb he needs to think before voting for Victoria was just Jeff speaking his mind. I see no conspiracy with that.

Frankie is hosting?

I keep hearing rumours that Frankie is hosting next year from some people who have inside information and i also have read a couple of posts in various threads confirming it is true.

I think it might be the fresh start BB needs to get the ratings back up, Frankie has a lot of charisma and certainly would be a shiny star as the host. My sources tell me Julie and him will co host with Frankie taking over when the producers are comfortable with him in that role.

Not sure if the majority will give him a chance at first but it is clear they are looking to get younger viewers watching the show and weining off some of us older folks.

Good luck Frankie, I would prefer someone a little less brash but I will give him a chance. Will you?


No, Mrs. Grande, I won’t.


JP, I really hate how the LOL is so over used. But seriously, LOL. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.


Or as Mrs. Grande is also known: “MOMMMYYYYY!!!”


Nope, he had his chance in the house. I’ve seen enough of his disgusting antics to last my lifetime.


Sorry but I think there is a better chance of Perez Hilton hosting Big Brother (which is a long shot too).


I hate to comment on nonsense rumours but just in case there is someone stupid enough to think the bb audience would go for this ridiculous idea I would have to vote a big fat NO! This is the first season I can recall of any show I have ever watched, where I had to hit the mute button so I wouldnt have to listen to this idiot. His grandiose thinking, with nothing to back up his claims was just too much to bear. Not to mention the age inappropiatness of his skipping about the house like some primary age school girl, gropping people every chance he got. And his disgusting sexual comments in regards to Victoria…..his too tight, leave nothing to the imagination shorts!! No….no….no the more I think about it, this has to be a rumour. If it is for real my BB watching days are over!


I agree. I think he would do a good job. I haven’t been watching live feeds all season, so I don’t know and have to ask…why is he so hated? I don’t get it. He is annoying & acts like a 5 year old lol, but I just don’t see why he is hated. I am sure I have missed a ton though.

Frankie sucks

He is hated because when you see the feeds you get a glimpse into his twisted self entered mind. He was constantly groping the other men. If anyone else had done that or if it was done to the women everyone would be screaming sexual harassment. He is a spoiled brat that got away with a lot because of a good edit by CBS for the majority of the season.


After the interview with Jeff, Frankie gets as a present an HOH dressing gown and Frankie told him that nobody but him should get one because only Frankie deserves one for winning the most comps.Not modest at all.


I really don’t understand why someone hasn’t beaten the crap out of the troll headed, rat faced, snake in the grass. I really am not a violent person, but he has brought it out in me.

Dame Judi Chop

The list is too long to recount. I suggest, rereading posts about Frankie. Perhaps that will clue you in. Frankie is glittery and sparkly. But the glitter falls away rapidly and the sparkle fades. Then all you are left with a dull reflection on a shallow, muddy puddle.

Big Sister

You are on this site commenting. Have you never read what Dawg and Simon (my heroes!) spent hours doing each day and night? Look in the dictionary for the word “disgusting” and you will see Frankie’s picture!

We've Had Enough Of Frankie!

If he has anything to do with the show I will never watch again!


BB needs to add a humorous host to the show to spice it up a bit. By spicing it up, I do not mean a humping pervert who resembles a rooster.


I agree. The host should have a great sense of humor and not be so fake and robotic. The Frankie butt kissing was over the top.


I vote Kathie Griffin for host. “So houseguests, another “house vote” last week. What’s the matter, don’t any of you have balls?” Seriously, SOME sort of comedy from the host would be wonderful.

I’ve never really watched Kathie Griffin’s comedy, but anybody would be better than Chen-bot. The perks of being married to the head of the network….


This season’s – Last Comic Standing had some really funny comedians who would be hilarious on BB. The comedian who won – Rodman even had
Ellen Degeneres laughing at his antics. I am still laughing at some of the things he said on the show. He presents himself as the regular guy who is consistently confused about what is going on around him. Perfect for BB. He would have fit right in with this year’s fiasco.


Are you kidding me…CBS/Big Brother would hit an all time LOW…after what he said about Victoria …and the way he acted with his vulgar mouth and nastiness….ratings
my A$$…they would loose alot of people. I have so many Gay friends and they agree with me……he is an
embarrassment…..not taking anything away from his sister she earned her place as an artist and is awesome…but Frankie needs to stop trying to be her and it almost seems he is jealous of her status,,,only my
opinion. But, if he has anything to do with Big Brother next season I QUIT WATCHING.


and he told jeff he had a lot to do with his sister getting where she is at good lord guy honestly thinks hes somebody


When will Frankie finally get a reality check? It seems that BB/CBS keep stringing him along making him believe (remember he does not know what is going out outside the BB world) that he is popular and liked. Maybe they are playing a cat and mouse game with him, just waiting to crush him at the finale. I don’t how out of touch BB is with the fans and others regarding the likability of Frankie since he has none. It almost seems cruel the way BB plays with him giving him a delusional reality or are they trying to force America to like him? Not sure exactly, but it seems a bit strange. He cannot be an asset for ratings. He does not have millions of followers and was out right lying to the guys. He has grandiose ideas about his importance in the world. Time to pop that bubble of Frankie’s. I am tired that he keeps getting such a good edit while they allowed Christine to be completely flattened. It is not like Frankie’s likability is better than Christine’s, and that is not saying much. I hope after the show, Skankie finally gets to see what America thinks of him. That would be priceless.


The only person I know who really really really likes Frankie is my co-workers 4 year old grand daughter. She wants her mom to give her pink hair and sparkles like Frankie. To her he’s a human version of My Little Pony. I’m sure she would outgrow the fascination by the time she reaches 4 1/2 years old.


If that’s the case then I won’t watch BBUS anymore. I’ve had enough of that annoying dweeb.


think its bullsht I mean you already got victorias family demanding an I mean demanding an apology from frankies family for the rape comments

Dame Judi Chop

By younger folks do you mean pre-teen to teen? By older do you mean older than twenty-five? Because those young folks shouldn’t be exposed to Frankie’s brand of humour. And the older ones usually know better. Frankie is marginally entertaining for about ten minutes, twelve tops. Then he is as exciting as a mud puddle. That’s why he had to get rid of Zach, too much competition. Zach is young and way more entertaining.

BB Lover

Totally !!! I’d rather watch Zach as the new co=host any day of the year!


Someone like Gary would be better, except he’s Canadian. He’s very under used up here.


Gary was the original glitter gay in drag. Frankie copied off of him, maybe he thought it would help him win? but it doesn’t work if you aren’t naturally a happy glittery gay guy who dresses in drag. And it doesn’t work if you look like a grotesque chariacature of a woman rather than a female version of yourself. Gary knows how to walk a runway, in heels.

The two are not comparable.


Nooooooo plsssss noooooooo more Freankie!!! Take his show to the circus where it belongs!!

Just no

In the eternal words of Julie, the answer is an “OVERWHELMING NO”. I promise that I will block CBS on my TV until The Amazing Race if they lost their daggum minds and did something like that.


I would not be surprised if the next season of The Amazing Race after this next one has Frankie and Zach on it.


I would gladly watch Zach again on anything, but, please, Lord, no more Skankie!


Agreed. The only thing that MIGHT railroad an ‘Amazing Race’ appearance for Frankie is the fact that the cameras are not 24/7 like the BB. It’s pretty hard to hog what little camera time you are allotted with so many teams competing.


I’d rather see Zach and Donny on The Amazing Race. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see Derrick and Cody on it as well – and with that I’m assuming that Cody will win the final HOH and take Derrick and they leave on good terms with each other.


Brenchal seemed to hog lots of last seasons A.R…. or maybe it was her annoying voice repeating “We have to win a million dollars so I can have my baby” every damn time the camera was on her. I have a sneaky suspicion that Brendan is wary of bringing another voice like Rachel’s into his home:


How in the heck could Freakie be on Survivor? You know, with those so called medical issues and all. They would have to play it at the Hyatt Miami and change a lots of things. Too funny!


If Julie is going to be replaced, then make it Wil from The Wil Show! Now he is funny, and he is not so full of himself.


Why are so many people thinking Julie is going anywhere? Has she said anything about leaving?

Maybe some have been watching this brain dead season so much they have been affected. Her husband is the head of the network people. She has been hosting the show since the beginning, before she was even married to the head of the network. The only way she leaves is if she wants to and she seems happy to be there. I think it actually shows something that she stayed on the show after marrying one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. Why do you think so many of the houseguests fawn over her and kiss her ass. She actually seems nice and genuinely interested in the show and being there but it is clear that the houseguests pucker up thinking they will get other opportunities at CBS.


Wil is great. He’s funny and talented. I can never believe how well he does character impersonations in those BB parodies.


Sheryl Underwood, Chen bot’s co-host on the view, is hilarious and would also make a great BB host.


I’d rather see Zach co-host than Frankiestein.


You wrote:
“Frankie has a lot of charisma and certainly would be a shiny star as the host.”
According to history books, do you know who is also credited as being “charismatic”? Adolf Hitler. Doesn’t mean he should be picked to host a tv show.
Some of the most hated humans ever were described as charismatic. Frankie just happens to be one of those.


Not sure if this comment is an attempt at humor or sarcasm,but I’m pretty sure Julie Chen isn’t going anywhere any time soon. BB ratings are steady and have not fluctuated much this season in comparison to previous seasons,despite the dullness of it all. I can’t see CBS drastically changing what is a ‘winning formula’ (the ratings bear it out, not my personal opinion) to try to go after what could only be minor/incremental ratings increases.

Has the show grown stale and predictable? Yes. That’s can be solved with tweaks to the competitions and the types of HGs selected. Changing the host does very little as their interactions with the contestants is minimal. However, I do not doubt for one second that we have seen the last of Frankie. CBS loves this character and the buzz his antics create. He’ll be back several more times. For those of us who cannot tolerate him,we will gladly perform a series of mutes/FF with our remotes until he disappears from our screens.


where people get they will replace Julie is crazy unless shes tired of it hell her husband is the top dog at cbs every single person at cbs works for julies husband letterman all of them


Simon or Dawg, unlock the block and let me down vote this 75 thousand times!!! Nooooo! I won’t even finish watching THIS season, let alone watch another if this happens. NOOOOO!!!

Let me vote NO again!!!

flying unicorns

Oh dear God, no. Learn your lesson, CBS!! America does not like him! ENOUGH. He is super entitled and for some reason, believes he is superior, better, grander than those around him. No. He is the epitome of what is wrong with your network. Listen to your fans, the ones of us who haven’t changed the channel yet and haven’t dumped your show for the better foreign versions. The ones of us still loyal to you wont be for long.

hate to say it..... ...

@ least this F3 is better than last years. & Derrick never ever saw the block. Not 1 time. Being in Team America saved him. Being in Bomb Squad made an impact, especially since it was Derricks HOH that got Devin out, which out of nowhere pissed everyone off (Devin). The detonators pulled the select few into a F5 alliance. He just knew what he was doing. I believe that funny parts were the reaction of Derrick to the POV where the time was 2min 21sec. And Cody knowing the piglet nose of Derrick during that POV.


I have asked this before and never received an answer. Is victoria the only HG to have never won an individual comp and make it to final three.?

And you are right….Derrick was never on the block. Is the only HG to make it to final 3 with never being nominated?


Dr, Will in BB2 never won an HOH or POV and he was the winner in BB2

Because your question is pointless...

Victoria won an individual comp Veto week 4 so what is your point?

I believe your facts are incorrect ... Victoria was given the POV.

Victoria has never won a competition.

That competition was like a work Christmas party: take the gift you drew or exchange it for the gift that another person drew (or exchanged for) before you.

Victoria got the POV was like 2nd or 3rd out of the competition. She got the prize by taking it from someone who had drew it before her.

Caleb won the competition. He chose to take cash from another HG rather than taking the POV from Victoria.

That is not winning.

BB Lover

Oops, exactly. Should have read your reply before posting the exact same message !

BB Lover

WIN ???? Didn’t she simply keep the veto ’cause Caleb chose to keep the $5000 rather than trade for the veto?? Remember, they were all mad at him for not taking it away from her? Good for you Beastmode at least you left with something in your pocket !!!!

please end this show now

Cody won’t win the grand prize because he doesn’t have a winning speech and hates the jury members which may stem from jealously of them.


Plus he’ll be too busy calling them all out. It should take long since he’s held back all season. (Yeah right).


BRING BACK FRANKE #BFB, come on guyse, hopefully if CBS sees this retweet enough times theyll bring back: the Best big brother player of all time: FRANKIE! once again you haters are talking bad about him but your worse then he is! remember that he won all the comps this year and surely deserves to be crowned winner


You talk about how many comps he won. The only number I care about with frankie. Is his T CELL number and I hope it’s really low like single digits lmao


Another troll needing attention. Go lay an egg.

Girldragon Slayer

Oh good gawd no. If I ever see Frankie again anywhere at all, I’ll have to poke my eyeballs out. I’ve never had the feeds but I did watch BBAD a few times and as soon as I see Frankie shoving his ass up to the camera, I skip the channel. Another time I had watch both Frankie and Caleb dancing and singing with no music on nor any word coming out of their mouths, (which is in hindsight, an good thing), it was so ridiculous that I skipped that too. He’s just too embarassing to watch.


Are you out of your mind…..I am not a hater…just stating the facts…he is unmistakebly the worst player in Big
Brother history..I have watched all seasons. The things that came out of his mouth was deplorable and if he was
my brother or son we would have to sit down and talk and if I was gay I would have to let him know he does not represent all gay men…how he acted was an embarrassment. and where does he think he was Americas favorite.
. his actions in the house should have been checked ……


You can lie, betray, win comp after comp and be manipulative on BB. that’s the game. We’re not offended by that. We’re offended by the character and personality of Skankie. I could not sit through another minute watching a grown ass 31 year old man squeal and jumping up and down like a little girl over everything … gay or not. it’s not endearing. you can also see how fake it all is. He is accountable for his vile actions and words said in the house. can’t hide or lie from that … it’s all on tape and on the internet.

Skankie Grande is not an asset to the franchise. A person’s reputation is all we all come to the table with …. what does that say for a network who would want such a vile person to represent them?

Dame Judi Chop

First, Bryan, geeez, way to validate a troll.
Second, competition wins are not everything in Big Brother. Frankie failed in one very important aspect. He underestimated his opponent. Derrick was able to steal Caleb, practically in front of his face. And this resulted in Frankie’s eviction. If you are gonna be a true BB all star, you have to keep your minions under control.


whatevs haters you all know that frankie will win afp because his and arianas followers voted and what they say goes!

Dame Judi Chop

Yes, yes we are all haters here. Drinkin up that hater aide. It couldn’t possibly be that Frankie has brought disdain to his own door. Not even a bit. Nor could it be that using your relatives, your baby sister, to further your own ends, is reprehensible. Not even a little. Nor could you possibly understand, in your tiny, tiny, little mind, just why that is. Nor could you possibly see how a grown man acting like a pre-pubescent girl, could be even a little off putting. Or that sense of entitlement that allows that self-same person to demand consessions ans specials treatment which he hasn’t earned. Then to blithely dismiss any criticism as homophobia. You are too mesmerized by the flash of glitter in your eyes. Maybe when you grow past the age of twelve, then the glitter will be washed from your eyes. Until that point, maybe you should let the grown folks talk. Because, right now, you do not add to the conversation.


If you listen to Caleb’s interview, he talks about when Derrick and him bonded. {I believe he said, it was the first few days of their being in the house.} This is why he is hurt by Derrick. He gave Derrick his loyalty,and we all know Caleb is loyal Frankie was bonding with Zach, therefore, there was no stealing anyone.
This year, there were too many people that never watched BB, and did not have any idea how to play the game. Christine and Nicole were a big disappointment {2 big fans that didn’t have the faintest idea what was going on} I also think way too much jealousy in the house. {Both male and females}
Please BB, bring people into the house that enjoy the game, want to play the game, and have and IQ. {the stupidity in the house this year was higher then ever before}

Disgusted viewer

Derass what a disgusting excuse for a human being.Playing with a completely innocent young woman’s emotions.Allowing her to rub him and playing with her innocence.So he can win money and all you people dennounce Fakie.How is this dbag any better? I know it is a game but how low can you go? If that were my husband there would be alot of questions?How would he like it if someone played Tenley that way?What an animal oh I know it’s all for the baby’s education! Tell it to someone that believes your bs! Wow you must be some hell of a cop!


he goes out of his way to be appropriate not sure your watching the same show


What show are you watching? Derricks behavior toward the Vic has not been appropriate. He changed it a bit after he heard Christine get booed but that ‘s it. He still is a vile excuse for a husband and man.


They can both be equally disgusting. It doesn’t have to be one negates the other disgusting personality.


Have you seen the photos she does in her biz? She isn’t that innocent.

Also interesting, it was mentioned elsewhere, but i’ve seen the site and there it was, the Eve costume almost identical to the one she wore with Caleb. I can’t believe she never once mentioned, or maybe it was edited out, that production obviously chose it because of her having done a shoot already with a model in that same outfit. You know by now how she plays for production, she had to have mentioned it to EVERYONE, but totally edited out?


I do not believe you need a half million dollars for your daughters education. No one believes it. The fact that he used police tactics to win a game show should give everyone pause. He’s probably as ethical a cop as he is a BB player (=not very ethical). Its just one of those seasons where I don’t like anyone in the final three.

BB Lover

The correct term for Victoria is not Innocent albeit “a bit naive” may apply as well, however the more appropriate term would be “dim witted”. Compared to Derrick the undercover cop’s mental game play, she is just an unfortunate fly caught up in his web and he will suck every bit of life from her he can use. When he is through with her she will finally realize she was just his pawn whether she ends in second or third place, it will be what best serves HIS purposes. Sad since personally I would rather see Cody win.


No Cody, Donny wasn’t trying to use you like a puppet he was trying to help you but you let Derrick play you like a puppet.


Derrick’s wardrobe is mostly black and red? Wow he would get along great with Julie Chen 😉


Black & red….cop colours…black pants, red stripes!


There’s also a rumour that Frank the Freak is not very well liked. By next year..his time stamp will have expired.
His sister’s star may also have waned. The worst thing for the rooster is obscurity. And that can not come quickly enough. Last years cast ..nuff said. This year…if Hayden hadn’t been evicted…he would have gone far. He knew the game…and was smart. Unfortunately…CBS could care less what we think. It’s about ratings..which equals dollars. I just wish the people who only watch the episodes knew what a pathetic little twerp the rooster is.


If Derrick wins 2nd HOH, he gonna screw Cody and take Vacancy to the final 2, and win the game.. Cody should’ve threw this one LOL


vacancy I like that


Yes, for this reason, i hope Cody wins comp 3


I just don’t understand why Cody is sleeping when he should be listening and watching derrick and wiggy. he would be able to see that derrick is still playing the game with Victoria so he is not a sure final 2 with him.


If Skankie plays any role in BB17 or future seasons … i’m not watching. BBUS will be done in my books. I have BBCan and BBAU for my guilty pleasure. it’s a better production compared to the U.S. anyways. If BBUS wants to blow off their fans for the last 16 seasons ….. so be it.

BB16 was the poorest production ever. BB skimped on activities and competitions … all the HGs did was eat and sleep. OH forgot their main entertainment besides sleeping the day away is playing pool. CBS watch BBUK, BBAU and BBCan and see how it’s done right …in case you do want to reinvent and revamp BBUS and be top dog in the franchise again.

Pnk Flamingo

Movie roll for Frankie: Re-do Gidget goes to Hawaii. He can play a fickled 16 year old perfectly. Richard Simmons can play his father.


OMG …that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. soooooo roflmao!

Dame Judi Chop

Where did all the Frankie lovers come from? Why are they coming out of the woodwork now? Are the lights out? Is that why the roaches have started coming out?

Pink Skunk

It’s called Joan Grande, thrice married mother of Frances Joyce Grande, drinking one Red Bull after another and refuting all negative comments mad about her man child.

pants on fire

They’ve been here the whole time…just look at all the thumbs down on anyone who had the audacity to say anything derogatory about the Cockadoodle turd!!


good question Cody! Especially considering none of you deserve to be there.

Frankie is gross

My name should say it all. The man child was disgusting!


This is to “V”

I read a comment on an udate, where you stated that you had listed on the previous update, a list of your favorite posters on this site, so I went back to the previous post to see if I made your list (thinking that i probably didnt), and I was excited to see that I did!!! Thank You!!!! I’m very flattered that I made your list!!!! I want to say that you are one of my favorite posters also!!!! Going to miss coming to this site and reading the updates and comments!!!


KL, I’m so glad that you saw it! You have def. been one of my favs & I am honored that you liked my posts too! Some may have thought it silly of me to list my favs – but with all the negativity this season – I just wanted to highlight some positives – and reading your, & the others comments have certainly made this season more enjoyable for me. I’m gonna miss this site too. Simon & Dawg need to start a site for B.B. Withdrawal Fans! LOL! Thanks again for helping me get thru this season – hope to see you on here next summer! Take Care B.B. friend.

Linda in Tx

Hi V, I read your post about you and your Mom watching BB together. I too care for my Mom and we do the same. I will continue to keep you in my prayers God Bless you.


Hi Linda in Tx! I’m glad I got to hear from you again before this season is over. You have impressed & touched me with your kindness & compassion throughout. (Don’t know if you saw it, but you were on my list of favs too). So happy that you & your Mom get to share B.B. together. It may sound trivial to some, but I know how much fun me & my Mom had together. I also know how extremely difficult & heartbreaking it is to be the primary caregiver to the person who is so precious to you. Thank you for your compassion & prayers – you & your Mom are in mine also. Don’t neglect to take care of yourself too & God Bless you my friend.

Linda in Tx

Hi V,
I was so excited to be included in your farewell till next year message, I was so surprised.

Please know that your Mom is still with you in your heart. “to be absent in the present is to be present with the Lord” and someday you will be with her again. My faith truly believes this to be true.

Your kind words and wishes tells me that you are a beautiful loving person and I appreciate your extended kindness so very much and I consider you my friend. I will continue to pray for you.

Big Brother has been entertaining to both us and our Mom’s giving us something to look forward to watching then reading about here on this site which I enjoy so much. Your suggestion about creating a Post Big Brother site would be great.


Linda – we are not only friends – but also sisters in Christ. For I share your faith. I know that I will see my mom again some day. It truly is the “peace that passeth all understanding.” So – until we “meet” again – keep the faith my friend.

Linda in Tx



Frankie aka mango disgusted me.his rude gay friends offended also.says he’s a flamingo gay.always need be center of attn.when he said I have all power.wanted smack smug look off his fugly face.usen his sisters name didn’t help.she a tween one else mu b knows hed.sbe be gone soon too.he should a been booed like christine.but cos thinks we’re sgupid.see how dumb we are when ratings drop to 100 viewer.all cuz of frankie&hagatha (chrisgine aka)

Pink Skunk

OMG, lmfao at ” Mango” monkey boy and Hagatha the witch; how fitting


i would rather that girl with the bad weave win instead of derrick or cody


I cant wait til wednesday so i can make out with dad and start messing with him again.



I miss the good ole days when Victoria used to keep her mouth shut and stare vacantly off into space. Now that she is in the F3 she’s suddenly an expert on all matters game related and talks nonstop. I tried watching the feeds earlier today but the sound of her voice was like nails on a chalk board.
I think it would be a travesty to reward her for being dead weight all summer. She’s been a zero entertainment factor as well. I know I’m hitting way below the belt but its obvious time is not going to be kind to her looks. Hopefully she’ll look back on the show and work on her personality.


this is a dream come true for her, not to be this close to winning the game, but to have been on the show all the way to the finale night. Like Caleb wanting to win AF, that means more to her than playing the game, being in the house with other HGs, everything she has done so far has been for production, to get air time, and completely conscious of being on TV. Clearly she now thinks the feeds are off, because she looks like a wreck, and she is actually behaving like she knows other people are in the rest of the house, rather than consumed by who is asking her questions in the DR.

Butters Mom

I actually think Victoria constantly whining and needing Derricks reassurance is funny and it is great punishment for Derrick for the way he has talked about her behind her back and used her… dragging her all the way to the end. I hope she drives him totally nuts over the next week.


Hi Simon n Dawg
I just made a donation and my computer went down. Ugh and sorry to bother you. Could you make sure it went through. Thanks again for all you do. Many Blessing!


In a perfect world Caleb could throw a comp and we’d have a Final 3 maybe we could root for.

Jealousy makes Cody ugly on the inside and out

Cody is one seriously jealous person who seems he can’t get over his jealousy especially of Zach and Hayden.


agreed! Cody is insanely jealous of Zach and Hayden, it’s been obvious all summer as he did nothing but personally bad mouth them. Both of those guys are more men than Cody will ever be, and personally, I’d rather have any guy in the house over Cody…but especially Zach. 😉

Frankies Skankie Shorts

Frankie’s hair reminds me of the pirate who walks into a bar and sees a punk with a multicolored rainbow Mohawk and can only stare at him. The punk asks “what are you staring at old man?” To which the pirate replied “well I once fucked a parrot and thought maybe you were my son.”


Ohhhhh wedgie!!! who remember that?


Could someone explain how the final week works with the hoh’s, thanks


There’s three parts
Cody won part 1 and moves on to part 3

Victoria & Derrick compete in part 2 (because they lost part1) and the winner faces Cody in part 3

The winner of Part 3 wins the Final HoH.


Humour is said to be a sign of intelligence – Victoria is one humourless individual.
She laughs at nothing (accusing Christine of doing the same).
Her entertainment value is nil.
In her pre-interview she said she is never boring.


Give it to Veronica, she’s survived the block more than any of them….. Vivian worked really hard … I say give it to V


Still can’t figure out why people think Donny should win America’s favorite player???? All the guy did was talk with a funny accent. He had no social game at all. If ure voting cause of him being funny then vote for zack. At least zack was funny and at least he started shit with the players I’m the house

another name

I’m not saying this to be contrary or argumentative, but I believe that bb production spent a lot of time trying to create empathy and an ‘underdog striving to overcome’ feeling toward Donny in order to create a likeable character amongst a plethora of boring or unlikeable characters.
the reason I’d vote for Donny: his episode only fanbase will vote Donny. at this point I’d hate to water down the vote so that the beiber/ariana twitterverse morons could swoop in steal the vote for Frankie.
do I think Donny was the best player, oh damn no. but if its a popular vote contest, I’d rather go with voting for Donny (and yeah, I admit it, I’m part of the minority that really didn’t care for him) than seeing someone I dislike more, such as Frankie, make any more money.

just wondering

does anyone else think the silhouette on the afp voting site look like skankie without his pink rooster comb?? looks like his elf ears. Wth

FISH AGAIN!!!!....

YES…I thought the same thing…I kept looking at silhouette and thinking …CBS U POS…trying to trick the minds of people who vote…yes that is FRANKIE


I don’t think Frankie used his sister . I think this is his way of promoting her, making her name known. Bad attention is better than no attention. People will go and check her songs and may like them. Create controversy and you get the publicity.


Haven’t looked up her name once. Could care less…


I used to actually find her cute, however because of her brother now I look at her in a much more critical light, they all seem so obnoxious. I can’t understand Frankie being allowed to sexually harass people on national television. also can’t understand how he could ever host, although for the most part he had a favourable edit what was the point on cbs showing his true colours during the conversation with the hg just before he was evicted….talking about all his power also proving he knew he was being evicted!


I looked up her name and found article after article about her being a diva b!tch. Guess it runs in the family.

Bitter up!

This game needs a bitter jury who will punish Derrick or Cody for taking a floater to the end by awarding Victoria the half mil, sending a message to future players that this strategy will no longer work.


VapidVic for the Win!!


Does anyone find Victoria even remotely interesting? Nothing there……
You tube videos of her tits and showing her ass while in bed – virgin.

Nick Adams

It’s still hideous – even with blonde hair. It’s the ugly crazy eyes, banana nose and skinny mean lips that kills it. So..basically her face kills her looks.


LOOOOOL this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen IF ONLYYYY <3


Victoria is making it to the final 2. If Cody’s smart (and I know he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed) he’ll beat Derrick and chose her. It’s sooooo obvious that Derrick is taking Victoria to the final 2. Tbh, I would NOT be surprised if Victoria beat Derrick (or Cody). It’d certainly be the biggest surprise this season. The jury is going to be bitter as hell against Derrick. The only person I can think of that would definitely vote for him is loveable Zach. Derrick hasn’t really done anything other than let people act for him like Victoria. Would Victoria be the first passive floater to ever win BB? I think so…


I just realized what is the glaring quality that I find so objectionable about Victoria – she takes herself wayyyy too seriously and doesn’t recognize what a joke is (or humor for that matter).


I like Derrick and Cody! Victoria is even okay…I’m just glad Frankie and Christine are gone I did not want them to win. I think Cody has a good chance of winning against both Victoria or Derrick…the jury does seem bitter this season and I think they might let this cloud their judgment….if they are voting on game play Derrick should win hands down but let’s face it that’s not what the jury always goes with I mean Ian won over Dan who was one of the greatest players to ever play this game and if they had voted on gameplay he would have won! Whatever the case they are all 3 very different game players one manipulated the entire game and every single person, one won a lot of comps, and one is either clueless or playing clueless and hasn’t won even one comp!

I Don't Like Derrick

DUMBASS, NO….. Dan did not play better than Ian. WHY?? Because of his way overrated funeral that depended on the stupidity of the other houseguest?? What if the other houseguests did not save Dan, and voted him out, as planned?? Would he still be the greatest?? NO.. So, why is he just because the other houseguests were so stupid?? Ian strategized, was loyal to his real alliance, used common sense, was not so easily manipulated, won comps, and his gameplay did not depend on how stupid the other houseguests were. Dan mad a so called great move, AKA “The Funeral,” and because of that, people talk like he was so great. PLEASE!!! And this season, people not simply exposing Derrick reveals their stupidity. Frankie not telling Zack that Derrick wanted him put up was extremely stupid, Nicole not exposing Derrick, Frankie putting up Zack, Caleb putting up Frankie, extremely stupid, because Caleb should have known Frankie was more loyal to him than Derrick and Cody. Derrick just got really lucky to have been put in a house full of dumbasses. His gameplay is not that great, and neither was Dan’s. DAMN!!!


Don’t call me a dumbass when you obviously do not know anything about this game!!! I mean do you ever watch Big Brother it’s apparent you don’t! Dan manipulated every single person in the house and so did Dan. Saying people are dumb makes no sense as an argument maybe you should watch another show, you seem about as clueless as Victoria!

I Don't Like Derrick

LOL. Don’t be too sensitive… DAMN!!! Calling people dumbasses is not my argument. It’s just simply calling people dumbasses for overrating players that are really not so great. I’ve made my arguments, on why both Dan and Derrick are not so great. Why was Dan so great?? Because of the funeral?? If people didn’t fall for the funeral and voted him out, would you still call him great?? NO. If Frankie wasn’t so stupid to put up Zack, and Caleb wasn’t so stupid to put up Frankie, and if people like Nicole exposed Derrick, like the average person would have done, would Derrick be so great?? NO.. So, why is he so great just because other people were so damn stupid?? These people did not do what the avearge person of average intelligence would do?? If they had, Derrick would have been exposed, and likely evicted weeks ago. Frankie would not have put up Zack, and it should have been obvious to Caleb that Frankie was most loyal to him. That’s why Derrick and Dan were not that great. DAMN!!! Their success did not depend on great gameplay, but other peoples’ stupidity. Did Ian’s success depend on other people’s stupidity?? NO.. He should have won. He did play better than Dan, fo5r reasons I’ve mentioned.

Frankie is Grande

Once you stop picking Frankie apart you will feel better about your own life………….try it. Jealousy is evil.


Bless your little heart, Mrs. Grande. Are you still bothered by these messages? Rest easy. Your son will be the next PeeWee Herman: A children’s show where he can twirl and say outrageous things that the six-year-olds won’t get. I picture the show like a “Rocky and Bullwinkle” for pre-teens. This is the only demographic that would mistake his antics for authentic emotions.

Get A Dictionary

From all the comments I have read people seem to be annoyed, disgusted, and appalled by Frankie but in NO WAY jealous of him.

FISH AGAIN!!!!....

If I ever had the URGE to act anything like the VILE, NASTY Frankie….I would hope people would commit me….If not I would think about paying someone to take me out!
JEAOUSY….Not in YOUR wildest dream!!!!


What on earth is there to be jealous of? His humping all the men? Home grabbing mens crotches? His overinflated ego? Yeah…. No. If that was one of my kids I would be mortified! You should be too.

another name

i make no secret of the fact that I have greatly disliked Frankie. I’ve found his personality and the ignorant comments that come out of his mouth to be deplorable. I’ve mentioned more than once that I thought he did well in the competitions but failed miserably as a person. I think even the biggest Frankie haters would agree with that (even the ones that thought production was gearing the games to him). so… what is there to be jealous of? a thirty-something ‘never was’ with a sister in the entertainment industry that erroneously enters a fishbowl environment where his overwhelmingly repugnant personality is shown to the world believing, in error, that all publicity is good publicity. is everyone jealous of the damage he’s done to his own future endeavors? he will always be remembered as a narcisstic ignorant loser. yup, that’s something everyone should envy.


IF Victoria does win the $500K, Julie can then turn to the cameras, and for the first time this season, honestly say “we promised the most twisted season ever and nothing is more twisted than Victoria winning BB16”.


They showed us the jury once and only for a few minutes and I’m darned if I see where fans are getting “bitter jury” from what they showed. The HG’s are assuming this in their own imagination, they have zero info from the jurors. Hayden remarked that Derrick was involved in every eviction but I didn’t take it as bitter, i took it that they know more than we thought. Which would be good for Derrick in my opinion.

Wish we could see more juror house then we’d know how they are rolling. Plus they have to be more interesting to watch than the three left in the house who are dreadfully bored and boring.

Dame Judi Chop

I think they are feeling guilty. And projecting how they would feel if they were evicted in the manner they served up. Plus, the last few houseguest are, other than Derrick, pretty clueless about what motivates people. They all seem to operate on the every one is like me principle.


What’s up, Dame Judi Chop! =)


I’m curious if Frankie or Donnie can tell the jury members about Team America? If so, this could have a impact on who they vote for in the end if it is Derrick and Cody in the final 2. They might not vote Derrick since he has already won extra money. Any thoughts on this?

Great job Simon and Dawg… really enjoy this site over the actual show.

Kathie from Canada

I would expect Julie will break the news about Team America since if the guys tell first, I believe they forfeit their winnings. I wouldn’t be surprised if she reveals the news after the voting, but that is just a guess on my part. Time will tell.


I am agreement with the bloggers that will not BB if Frankie has any part of a new season. Not because he is gay or throws glitter but because I an sick and tired of money doing the talking. His comments should have him banned from communicating on any social media or national TV. When he sexual touches or dry humps a celebrity, I do hope the news shows the fist hitting his face and knocking him on his ass. Come on tabloids you are missing a chance for a story line.
Donny did appear boring to all want the back stabbing, lying and etc., maybe because he is a gentleman and had parents who instilled integrity and busted his butt if he acted like an asshole.
To whom ever asked if I was a counselor, yes I am and have the opportunity to witness so much of this obnoxious behavior in therapy sessions. To most of the bloggers you have a keen eye of seeing people for who they really are, good job!


I think Derrick will have a hard time beating either Victoria or Cody. Also I think telling Caleb about the Hitmen was a dumb move. He’ll now tell the jury about it, which will increase Veronica’s chance of winning if she goes to F2.
And how manipulated is Vanessa that she’s WORRIED that Cody will take her instead of Derrick to F2? I didn’t know it was possible to be d*ckmatized by a d*ck you’ve never had!


Are you serious?He would not have trouble beating Victoria. He should take her to final 2 that would be an easy win for him.and he knows it.


THank you ! And……has there ever been a HG before this to have never been on the block …and win the whole thing ????

Cali Girl

So….who is Derrick really taking to the end?!


The reason I hate this season the most is because everything went Derrick’s way.Would love if Derrick threw last HOH so we wouldn’t get blood on his hands. Cody surprised everyone and took Victoria to final two. Victoria wins because of a bitter Jury!!! Just to see the smug look on their faces vanish would make this season worth while.


It would be awesome if Cody wins the final HOH and takes Victoria and screws over Chief Wiggum. I think Victoria would take the win and that would ensure that Derick doesn’t get another penny! Cody is a tool too but I can stomach him getting the 50k over Derick who turned this season into a borefest.

I think if Victoria is sitting next to Cody she can win the money. Donny & Nicole would give it to her (they already talked about it) Hayden HATES Cody and he liked Vic so that’s another vote. Jocasta I think would go Vic’s way so the only Cody votes would probably be Zach and Caleb. Frankie seemed like he was over Cody so just out of spite I can see him giving his vote to Victoria.

Lol to the troll

It always makes me laugh when friends of the houseguest post here …. Could they not be anymore transparent ?!?! I guess I am glad that 1000 are hired and drown the comments with their nonsensical stuff. Why would the owner take the show away from his wife ?!?!!! If you are gonna make up a rumor try and say something that could be true … It’s his wife’s show .. Get over it friends and family of the houseguest .. They signed themselves up to be watched 24/7 .. That need to take responsibility for their actions they knew they were being watched !!


Here is a rumor I believe to be true: Frankie has been offered a contract to replace Gay Al on “South Park.” Frankie is already two-dimensional, so it is a good fit.

Butters Mom

That is not happening! Ill make sure of it!