Final night in the Big Brother 16 Backyard “This has been unreal GOODNIGHT”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 05-49-18-647

1:00AM Kitchen Victoria alone
Victoria – this sucks..
Victoria – “Sorry mom but I tried.. did my best at this game.. hopefully I see you on Wednesday can’t wait”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 05-40-32-900

1:14am Backyard alone Derrick
Derrick – it is bitter sweet it’s coming to and end i’m excited to see the family but i’m going to miss the place a lot of good strategy.. in the hammock.. a lota game talk..
“Looking out the sliders seeing people talk game over here.. endless games of pool.. hot tubing it and the pool. WOW..
regardless what the outcome it tomorrow I appreciate the experience so much I appreciate all the people that voted for Team America.. F*** awesome experience.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 05-32-32-747
1:20AM Pool Derrick and Cody
Derrick saying he’s screwed for Nicole and Hayden jury votes.
Derrick – You think I have the edge.. you have the edge. They both think they were too close to people.
Derrick – you absolutely have Donny’s vote he worships the ground you walk on..
Derrick says Even after Cody nominated him he thought it was Derrick’s doing. Derrick adds that Nicole even told him. “That dude just didn’t like me”
Derrick adds threat the “country Shit” Caleb was selling to Donny Donny bought and that is why DOnny liked Caleb./
Derrick whatever happens happens we’re both decent speakers. They agree the jury’s mind is already made up they just have to go in there and give their best speech and let it happen.
Derrick – Even if you think Caleb is for me I think he’s for you. (Jury Vote)
Derrick says Both Caleb and Christine can go wither way. Cody says Caleb will know that Derrick and Cody were working together, “He’ll find out he was getting screwed no matter what”
Derrick – I love you dude whatever happens happens.. if you get the 500K over me I know it’s not because you were a better speaker.. it was predetermined.. If I get the 50 thousand I know I lost to my beast friend in the house”
They agree they would never had made it so far without each other. THey got over past years votes like BB12, BB10, BB15, B16. Cody says Andy/Ginamarie were not better players over Eliza. (LOL)
Victoria joins them says she can’t sleep. Cody tells her she was only in bed for 10 minutes she’s got ot give it more of a chance.
Victoria – I hate laying there alone

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 05-43-58-239
2:30AM Last night in the BB16 backyard. (Very little being said)

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 06-15-30-400

Derrick – We’ll come back for something.. we’ll come back.. this won’t be the last time we’re back here.. ”
Victoria – bye backyard”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 05-52-28-258

3:00am Cody and Victoria
Silence.. Victoria heads to bed Derrick and Cody meet up in the in the backyard.
Cody – I was going to say bye BB backyard
Derrick – this is just nuts ma.. we’re fortunate in a lot of ways at least we got to do this.
Derrick lists off Christine, Caleb and Frankie they thought they were staying and it flipped on them, “WE get to go out the way we want to go out”
Cody – take this all in for the last time.. Most people don’t get to do that the majority.
Derrick is interested in seeing what production is going to do to the backyard, “They need the whole time the full 36 hours who knows what they are going to do”

Derrick – we’re the last ones to play pool on that pool table.
Cody -yup
Cody – last ones on the hammock
Derrick – you’re the last one on the weight bench
Cody – yeah, you see what I wrote on it.. somehow I’m hoping the sun comes up and burns into it.. obviously that won’t happen but it would be nice
Cody – it’s sad man
Derrick – it is sad.. it’s tough we have so much to look forward to these next 2 days.
Derrick says they are going to sleep in tomorrow until 12 1 o’clock put in a 12 hour day and go to bed a little earlier

Cody says they will clean the entire house tormorow

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 06-10-02-120

Cody says bye to the backyard thanks it for the memories.. “This has been unreal GOODNIGHT”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 06-17-03-644

6:16AM – 11:51am ZZZZzzzzzz

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 13-10-47-651
1:09pm Cody is up looks like he’s “Crushing it”
1:47pm Cody still alone playing cards upstairs on the picnic table.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-23 14-49-45-135

2:13pm Everyone up eating take out chit chat..

3:00pm Victoria has been packing, Derrick and Cody laid out on the couch talking about what they will show in the finale.

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Zonny for AFP

Really hope Zach/Donny wins AFP!

No More Donnies, please!

Donnie’s AFP worthiness:

1. Thinking using VETO on Jocasta made good TV; good TV would’ve been using in on Derrick.
2. Going to bed early and waking up early, thus I’m so lonely. His excuse is wanting to get his rest for competitions. You have competitions every day? (Posters response: yeah, if I were in the house I do the same thing to avoid those idiots. WOW! Excuses. smh)
3. Going to bed even though BB was playing announcements for the next competition. Nicole who was going to jury filled in on the announcements since he slept through it.
4. Not talking game to either Derrick or Frankie, and even trying to turn the house against them, Donnie thought that because they’re on team America that they should do all the footwork.
5. Constantly whining about being old and people picking on him and how their families will chide them on their behavior of picking on an old man.
6. Constant reminder what a huge heart he has.
7. Crying. Crying. Crying. Crying. Lost count.
8. Take you shoes off when lying on bed. Don’t put your shoes on couch/cushions. Just nasty.


@ No More Donnies, please!<————–I totally agree. I was having this conversation with some people and I just don't get whats so great about Donny. YES he was nice YES he was nice and YES he was nice………….AND?????????? What the fuck else was he? He complained about being old. As if 42 is old. Holy hell man I guess Jerry was friggin moses if 42 was old. AND at least Jerry (even though I thought he was kind of an Ahole) played the game. He didn't sit there by himself and not talk to people. He got right in there with the "young folk" and didn't give a shit. Same with Evel Dick ,wasn't he 44? Jack was 58 FFS DONNY so STFU about you being old. You are not old you just have no social skills and came into the game thinking you would be playing the "im old" card and it didn't work. If he had half the personality that he has in the jury house I could get on board with the whole "Donny" .
Every time I see Zach, hes entertaining. Even when he was acting like a jerk. As a viewer I loved it. He was trying to play a Will Kirby game but failed with the whole "I hate all of you ect ect" Because that has already been done. Don't get me wrong, if Donny wins AFP so be it. I wont begrudge that at all.I just think Zach deserves it more. He did way more to stir the pot and isn't that what we all like. The drama of it all.
Derrick has a personality, he is just boring. Doesn't take away that fact that he played a great game. I also like Cody because when all is said and done, he seems like a decent kid, Derrick played a better game though. Victoria is only there because THEY brought her, ,that's all and that's it. She played like shit and didn't go into the game with floating being her strategy, she was dragged because she was useless period. Yes I do like her believe it or not but as a fan I do not want to see her win this game. Cody and Derrick are good picks for the final 2.
I still can not believe that jocasta will get to have a say in this game. Talk about someone who should have never been on the show and added absolutely nothing to it, Nothing. I would have liked to see Amber in the jury.

Cheers for Wednesday!!!


too long…..

I Agree

@ Sharknado I totally agree with everything you said. Donny might be a nice guy in “real life” but all his winning got to me..This is Big Brother. .what did he expect? I agree with the rest of what you said. .whether you like Derrick or not, he played a fantastic game. .

I Agree

Should say all Donny’s whining

Teri B

Me too, but……I don’t know how true this is, but I’ve heard (on here) that Fakie’s sister got her fans to vote, even providing a link on Twitter. SO UNFAIR.

I feel like I did my part, voted for Donny 20 times every single day. Oh well. Cheers!


Both his sister and his mom on their Twitter acounts told people to vote for Zach because both Frankie and Donny got money from being on Team America, so it’s only fair to vote for Zach. Perhaps you should go to the source and find out the truth before typing….just a thought.

Actually "Actually..."

Ariana provided the link when she said she voted for frankie, later on she retweeted her mom and said vote for zach. if you look at the tweets the vote where she said vote for frankie has wayyy more likes/tweets/whateverthefucktwitteris….

Don’t be a smartass without looking at the source.


I did look at the source, which is how I knew they encouraged their millions of followers to vote for Zach…..which they did’t have to do. If people voted for Frankie instead Zach, that’s their choice. Not sure what your point was…are you mad they didn’t provide the link to the Big Brother site a second time? I would think people could figure that out for themselves, or scroll down the page a bit and use the link that was posted there. Or would you prefer they take voters by the hand, lead them to a computer and type in their votes for Zach for them?


You can’t control who your siblings are. What if they put in one of the Jacksons. Billions around the world would vote for them. Is that fair? Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. But of course, we all luv this game! Team Zankie for BB All-Stars!

Pinocchio Obama

At this point I’m just hoping to see the drama if one of the guys takes Victoria to the final.


I wanna see Cody win, upset the apple-cart, and take Victoria .
.. Derrick wins nada, zilch, from the Final 2 !


its really amusing how everyone seems more concerned with whose going to win AFP than the actual game lol


I think that is because the season has been so predictable … everyone has known for a long time Derrick most likely to win. So the suspense is who will win AFP. It’s really a indicator to have boring the season has been.

I was watching an interview with that horrible Amanda from last year but funny enough she made a lot of sense and was a pretty good observer of this whole season. It’s funny that she’s nicer now to listen to that she was in house.


Hi Gina! I’m not so sure that the winner is gonna be that predictable. If it is between Derrick & Cody – I think it will be very close. A lot of the jury really liked Cody & may not be as bitter toward him. Now if Vic is with either one of them, I think it’s a toss up, depending on how bitter the jury really is. I think Cody would have a better chance of winning against Vic than Derrick would. Anyway – I actually think it is kinda suspenseful – any one of them could win. Just hope Donny wins AFP!

Linda in Tx

Good morning V, Greetings from Tx., I agree with you 100%, you hit it spot on.

Will you have a Big Brother watching party. If so what do you serve or do you play any games while watching the show.


Hey Linda! Hope all is well! Nope – no party here I’m sorry to say. Hubby doesn’t watch B.B. But if Donny wins AFP my neighbors will probably hear me cheering! LOL!

junk basket

we make a HOH basket filled with all snack food and order a pizza


Donny deserves to win AFP. Everyone keeps forgetting that he was a comp beast: 2BOB wins, 3POVs and 1 HOH. In addition, he won one of those BOBs ALONE and not only alone, but with Christine actually sabotaging him as his partner. When Frankie win his BOB alone, Caleb did not sabotage him so Frankie’s solo win was less impressive. Donny’s social game needed work but he still played a social game at the times when the other players, led by Derrick, didn’t ostracize and isolate him. Derrick abused Donny and socially isolated him. Thus started all the way back when Devin and Caleb thought Donny was a threat. Derrick manipulated both if them to ensure and breed distrust toward Donny.

Also, Derrick will not win and may not make final 2. I would think that a better end to this season is for Cody to win final HOH and take Victoria to the end and Cody win OR for Derrick to win final HOH and take Victoria to the end and have the bitter jury give the money to Victoria.


Let’s have a online party!!! yah BB is almost over. Hip hip who-ray, hippity hip hooray! Toot toot. At my house we playing celebration by Madonna!!! And Celebrate good time, come on. Da da da da.


Thanks for the updates all season, enjoyed your commentary! This site got a little too personally negative this year in the comments, not enough game talk. But, looking forward to next years coverage! You guys do it the best!…by a mile! Peace!


I think it’s because no one cares….. The people in the house were just not that likeable except for Donny, Nicole, Hayden and Zach because he was funny. Most of them are just bad people not because they were playing the game but because of some of the things they said and did.

I think there are a few things at play there...

For example Derrick is not on your list…
I don’t mind Derrick I don’t hold some of the stuff he said or does against him MANY OTHERS DO!
(no judgement what others think) he simply does not bother me…
SOME LOVE Donny others are tired of the Donny love… (no judgement)
Some fans think it is ok to run with any little thing a person says or does and take it to the extreme…
Sometimes we forget ourselves…
Raise your hand if you ever said you were gonna KILL so and so…? my hand is up for the record.
Raise your hand if you have ever said anything jokingly about someone that could be construed into sounding or simply does sound nasty to others or perhaps that person. (once again my hand has to be up)
Some people have the attitude that there are things you CANNOT joke about. (I disagree I think it is ok to JOKE about anything, that is what a joke is…NO I DO NOT BELIEVE a JOKE can cross the line EVER if you are joking) certainly it can be in poor taste, sound harsh, gross, etc… but if you are really joking then that is ok.
Political correctness is mind control. people are also allowed to believe in whatever they want to as long as you do not treat others differently. Here is an example:
I do NOT like funky colored hair. I just don’t. I think it looks fake, out of place, and I just quite frankly do not get it…(can you call me old ? out of touch? sad maybe? SURE CAN!!!) but don’t hate me for it I don’t discriminate…
Do I let funky haired people in my restaurant? YES I DO!
Do I let my children dye their hair (ouch YES I DO!)
but will i ever say there isn’t anything wrong with it? PROB NOT BECAUSE I DONT LIKE IT!!!
I think too often with fans they feel like it is ok to just judge everyone and that the HG’s signed up for this like a waiver to be hated…
Did Christine cross the line? TOTAL OPINION!!!! some say yes, some say no way, some say HELL YES! some couldn’t care less…
I personally think it is only between Her, her husband and that is it…
I would hate to forget I was on camera 24/7 and try and just give people a break.
Last point sometimes HG’s talk trash about other HG’s to gain info, join in something to be included, join in to not end up EXCLUDED…
other words doing for their game. Are they bad people? I don’t know, I’m sure i once called Chris Farley a Fat $#%$
am i bad person? except for funky colored hair I don’t think so…
Sorry if I am not even making sense.
I thought i had a point.
OK END the season.
Donate if you can guys! I feel welcome here, you should too.
We should all be grateful.


I don’t personally think most of them were bad people honestly. Some were may just more entaining than others on the show. I think if you got caught up in getting put up on the block with the BOB that probably affected your personalitiy as well. I could imagine feeling like an outcast in that siuation. But most of them have things going for them outside the house but were just crappy at their game mentality. I do think there were a few negative and bad apples in the bunch and a few of them affected the social dynamic and that’s why you had things like ostracizing etc. There was a form of bullying in there as well and some very entitled personalties. There was some things in there that I thought were very offputting eventhough they weren’t directly said but it was implied whether they even realized it.

And as far as what people say, I try to judge the spirit or the intent of what they are saying or doing and that’s why someone like Derrick is not likable to me eventhough he was far less “under cover” and not in your face like Frankie was. But we all have our own filters and experiences with people and different personalities that can affect tolerating something or reading someone in a way maybe others don’t. And I don’t personally have an issue watching someone I don’t care for but it’s harder to take when the rest of the cast is so immature and inexperienced and some simply narcissstic and just the overall production. And I think that very fact that it may have driven or fresh in their heads not to say anything racist or vile they may have overkilled it with the summer camp vibe and getting too familiar.And some of them (not all) really didn’t get how treacherous the game actually was in there and that they weren’t there to make friends but to play a game even if you have to align with a girl you don’t like or something or who is prettier than you or a not the same race or age as you. Or don’t come in there to make a girl date you and use it as a game tactic when you can’t control them. I think some of the weren’t very well-rounded intellectually or even socially but not necessary bad people. I thought the season had potential actually but the BOB killed the pace of the social game and most of their sure foolishness and immaturity was a big problem. You would think none of them needed the money.


Thank you for all your hard work in re-capping all summer!!


Who voted this down?? You will be horsewhipped!!

Kathie from Canada

i had the exact same thought Judd! No accounting for people sometimes but there are always those who pride themselves on swimming against the current! Simon and Dawg sacrifice so much for all of us to experience the BB season as a community. They are so appreciated for all they do!!


Although most houseguests believe that this experience was something they will never forget, it also brings out some of their worst personal traits that will be in peoples minds forever. In real life some things are said and done that get forgotten or ignored but in this setting they are magnified and stick to that person forever. So anyone wanting to do this show should remember this.


I agree EXCEPT for Frankie’s rape comments – they were vile and are unforgivable because he will never sincerely ask for forgiveness.


While I agree this conversation wasn’t in good taste…Why are you singling out Frankie? Cody, Derrick, Christine and Caleb all participated. To me they are all are responsible for it and the remarks made, not just the one.

Alex C.

You might be right, yet i dare to say that in 10 years from now almost nobody will remember who said or did in BB16. People may keep talking about some of this year’s house guests until maybe next year when the next season will begin.


A formal apology requires a Suit & Tie 🙂


Simon and Dawg, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! for this website. It is by far my favorite, and a lot of times BY FAR more entertaining than the show itself. Good luck with both of your “new additions” to your life. And thank you for giving us a place to hang out and chat (and laugh) about our favorite show (and least favorite characters.) Sometimes reading what other viewers think is a lot more fun than watching the show. Miss it already!!

PS: I voted for Donny over 200 times (even got up at 6AM to vote yesterday) b/c I can’t stand Frankie’s attitude SO MUCH!! (Just had to vent. Thanks)

It Will Be Over Soon Hopefully

I wish after this show is over that Derrick and Cody will not continue annoy us with their presence.The hitman alliance sucked and was boring even though Derrick is going to win.Derrick is a male version of Maggie.

The Truth

Obviously a sucky alliance.

Working together since Day 2 — and make the Final 2.

Awful. Can’t believe that alliance sucked so bad.



Asleep at the Wheel

I wasn’t even aware of the alliance.

Ted Marie

The only thing that sucked more than their alliance was Cody’s constant ear piercing inhaling snot and swallow sounds and Derricks constant reminders of how he’s only there for one reason!! His daughter–which is fine, but we got it the first 300 times he said it. In true fashion Derrick is still getting his little jabs in. I was laughing so hard when he actually has the nerve to say to Cody that Cody won’t win by anything he says in his speech because he’s not a better speaker than him. Classy Derrick! He truly is full of himself!


Ted Marie, Derrick told Cody that they BOTH were fairly good speakers & that the jury had probably already made up their minds – so what they said in their speeches probably wouldn’t make much difference. I know, you can hate on Derrick as much as you want, but at least do it for something he really said.


Let’s hope we don’t have to see Frankie after tomorrow’s finale, and really hope he does not win AVP. That would suck!


Sometimes I wish that I could put the HG’s on airplane mode.


Oscar—- and hopefully the plane will end up like the one on “Lost”!


Jack – Great Idea 🙂


You could try reading a book.


CookieMonser took bites out of them all 🙁

Smell This

You know, the plane is Lost crashed and they were all dead you ignorant asshead. You hate these people that much? Good Lord , stick to watching Honey Boo Boo. 🙂

Smell This

* in Lost *


The 5 second rule for food dropped on the ground does not work if you have a 2 second dog.


Can’t wait to see Donny tomorrow!


Donny was my favorite HG of the entire season. Voted for him every day. Looking forward till tomorrow night to see him win AFP. It is funny how a lot of people are more concerned about the AFP winner than BB winner. I think we will see a lot more of Donny than some of the other HG’s. It would not surprise me if he is invited to do an Amazing Race. He would be perfect for that show. For comedy purposes, it would be fun if they paired him up with Victoria. JUST KIDDING…

Shout Out To Thumbs Down 4 Donny

I love seeing all the thumbs down on pro-Donny posts. He’s the most overrated person in the history of BB.

Donny sux!


I cannot justify Donny like some do. He insisted on going to bed early, cause it was his routine, (you know how many people would of loved to take his spot in that house) acting like he was 80yrs old, kept saying “I’m an ole man” looking for sympathy, ugh! He kept him self away from the HG’s and cried, They ignore me,,,sheesh this guy, enough whining already! His rude remarks early on were repulsive, don’t even act like they didnt happen!! He’s not worthy of anything special, except going to bed on time. Total BullSh*t


Roger- what did he say? I know the Donster gets a lotta love, and while I share others affection for him, I do agree he probably made one or two critical errors in his social game. The whole “old man” thing disappointed me. He’s hardly old, just because the other HG’s were younger, that certainly didn’t make 42(?) years an old age, lol;-)


“Sorry, your password must contain a capital letter, two numbers, a symbol, an inspiring message, a gang sign, and a hieroglyph.”


ok guys, quit with the nostalgia about the backyard’s not the last time! you’re gonna be doing the final HoH comp on wednesday so give it a rest!


Dr. Seuss would’ve been fun to watch in a rap battle.

Epic Rap Battles of History

He did vs. Shakespeare


Oh, I need to watch that !! Thanks !


Awwh….that was sorta touching. Maybe if Cody doesn’t win he can try out for the next “Magic Mike” movie; Derrick could try to get on “Cops,” (Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what ya gonna do when they come for you) and Vic could be a “Real Housewife” from ??? Anyway, as long as Donny wins AFP, it will make this season worth it for me. I wish CBS would pick the winner from Simon & Dawg’s poll, Donny would win by a landslide. I did vote 20 times everyday but afraid that won’t hold up against Ariana’s fans. And I do still hope Derrick wins the $500K – at least the $50K. It’s funny that the reasons that some of my fellow posters don’t want Derrick to win are the very reasons I think he should win! Of course I luved Dan, Dr. Will & even Evil Dick – so maybe there is something wrong with me! LOL! But I think they did much worse things than Derrick. Remember how Dan swore on the Bible & he truly “crushed” Danielle, especially over Shane. I just think that Derrick has played a great game. Just as long as Vic doesn’t make it to final two!


Since you love Derrick & Donny – This is for You – Aug. 20 4:42pm Camera 2 LiveFeeds flashback time.


Hey Prophet! Afraid I don’t really get your point. Obviously we all know Derrick & Donny did not get along. Donny was on to Derrick early in the game & Derrick knew it. Derrick knew he couldn’t manipulate Donny like he did the others – that’s why he had to get rid of Donny. Doesn’t mean I liked it – but from a game point of view – I understood it. To me, Derrick & Donny were the two smartest players – that’s why they are my favs.


Watch the clip! ’nuff said !

Chin Strap

My main problem with Derrick isn’t that he played dirty. I love watching people mixing it up behind the scenes. My two main problems with him were that he had it way too easy and that he didn’t own his game to the fans who see everything he does. He did play the game 24/7 which I completely respect. But whether or not he was a good player, it really didn’t matter because he was the only player playing the game that was ever in a postion of power. Caleb and Frankie put together a stacked alliance that was filled with competion beasts but really bad BB game players. And that alliance protected Derrick all the way through the game. Even till the end, the alliance players were concerned about protecting the alliance and getting rid of Victoria to help the group. All he had to do was work the bad players in his alliance, which as we’ve seen, was as easy as beating Victoria in comps. I don’t want to fault the guy for having it easy because he might have been a great player if he was in other seasons, but I have no repect for the game he played simply because it required very little to no effort since the other houseguests were so bad. At least Andy sweated and worked hard for his win. Derrick never had to.

And the fact he his a feedster and yet constantly tries to fool them is my biggest problem with him. We all know it was better for his game to get Donny out and that he is the main reason he is gone. Yet he kept trying to act like he wanted to keep Donny but needed excuses for him to get rid of him in favor of us. The whole bit he did of trying to make it seem like Donny was against TA and thats why he wanted him out was not needed at all. Donny was the only one who knew Derrick was running the game and for Derrick’s game he had to go. Why pretend like the people watching are as dumb as the people in the house and that he needed excuses other than that to get rid of him so he didn’t get blood on his hands from the fans. He did that stuff all season. And he definitly threw the Dynamtie challenge and maybe one or two more, but he acted like he threw several challenges. His challenge ego was almost as bad as Frankie’s. We al remmeber his robot dance during the dice challenge when he was really trying to get rid of Devin, or the other late challenges where Cody had to save him to get rid of Donny. If the guy would have owned his game and his moves to the fans, I’d have a lot more respect for him. Instead he just comes off as a mediocre and sometimes transparent player that got lucky in a season of bad players and let the bad play of the other houseguests go to his head that he is the greatest and smartest player ever.

And there was the fact that he is the main reason this season was so boring.

Teri B

Me too, Simon. GREAT post!


A player can only play with the cards he gets dealt, and Derrick got dealt a bunch of pretty useless cards. It would be fairly easy to rise above this group. except for a couple of BB fans who were too scared to make any moves, and when they did it was too little too late, it was a done deal as soon as he got included in the main alliance. and he got included in that, like Cody did, simply because he was male, and not over 40.


Donny never knew who was the “head of the snake” — as he called it.

At first he thought it was Derrick. Then with Nicole, he thought it was Cody. In the jury house, he had to ask, because he really didn’t know.

But he was onto something — Derrick and Cody. He just never put it together.

Had he really known that Derrick was running the game with Cody, he would have never talked game the way he did with Cody that early morning on the backyard couches. That sealed his fate.

Christine was the right one to go to, but he waited until after he had spoken with Cody. At that point, Cody’s story had gotten around to the others — so it merely smacked of desperation.

The Truth

Truer words were never spoken.

Dan's Bible

Disagree – it’s not Derrick’s fault that other HG were idiots – yes, he did throw comps (that’s a gameplay) – yes, he did get into HG’s heads (that’s gameplay) – he took pages from former winners and wrapped them into his own book – is he one of the best – nope – but is/was he a good game player – you bet!


I don’t blame him for the other house guests sucking, but I do look down on him for being considered one of the best players in BB, which HE and others think he is. BoB was a poor gameplay twist because all it really did was force people to work together and keep the bad challenge players at the bottom. You had to have numbers since you were never safe when you were HoH. This kept the bomb squad together throughout the season. It also kept people like Nicole from nominating whoever they wanted. Why nominate Derrick and Cody after Hayden went out when Christine could nominate Jocasta and Victoria who get killed in whatever the BoB is, and then Nicole would have been knocked out of HoH. But my point is the BoB twist forced everyone in the Bomb squad to stick together and keep renoming the bad players mixed with people they wanted out. So that kept Derrick safe.

And the Team America twist was also a waste. A fan picked alliance before fans knew who these people were. That also helped to keep Derrick safe and basically killed Zach’s game, though he would have killed his own eventually.

And then there were the times where Derrick messed up but the other players were too blinded to see. Like when he told Nicole him and Cody couldn’t switch because they didn’t have the numbers, even though they had the numbers for a tie that would have made Nicole the deciding vote. But she was too blind to even see it and use what she knew against him. Instead continues to focus on Frankie.

Again, I don’t blame him for the others sucking, but I don’t feel like he really deserved to win the game since he really didn’t have to do much to earn it. It was a very easy, predictable, and because of him and the luck he had, a very boring season. And I was a fan of his the first month or so. But I really don’t feel like he should be in talks with some of the other great players. Even if he was in last season’s cast I feel he would have gotten eaten up. He never had anything close to pressure on him, but the couple of times there was a hint of any he seemed to panic. And I’m all for players throwing challenges if they can get away with it. Its a great strategy to stay out of the light. But Derrick tried to act like he threw a couple of challenges this year, specifically in the middle, that I don’t think he did throw. Just didn’t want to admit he failed. That’s what I meant about his ego since he had a “meant to do that” kind of attitude about a few things this year.


One thing though about Derrick that makes him one of the best is was never, not once, on the Block. I think that alone is pretty amazing regardless of who the other players were. I mean how dumb do the other players have to be to never have put up Derrick on the block….give credit to Derrick. He never acted like threat. He balanced his competitiveness in competitions with his social game in Big Brother text book fashion. And this is how you play the game actually. He completely fooled Frankie and had Caleb knock him out and the list continues. Everyone did his dirty work in a sense. He was what I call the power Floater.


ahh yes a “power floater”…if by that you mean a big piece of poop then I completely agree

Caren in Canada

Dr. Will and Dan sure enough did make worse moves than Derrick. exactly why they won the game! It is call making big moves, getting blood on your hands! This is the reason I do not think Derrick deserves to win, There were a few people that wanted to make a few moves this year, trying to shake up the house a little, and yet there was |Derrick putting a stop to any moves made this entire season! So for that reason, you could play the blame game, and say that Derrick is the sole reason this season was such a snore fest! Will be so happy when this season is in the books and forgotten about!


Good Luck Cody, Derrick and Victoria…and Thank yo very much Simon and Dawg for the 24/7 BB16 updates, job well done guiys. See you soon on BB17.


I’m about to take a hot shower. That’s like a normal shower, but with me in it. 😉


PrincessPeach—- hey hey hey!!!


If tomatoes are technically a fruit, is ketchup technically a smoothie?


Mario-_-; no but you’re technically a fruit loop!




Ha! The word “dingus” and/or “fruit loop dingus” are common words in my household now. By myself and my kids. lol!


I personally prefer Fooligan. It just rolls off the tongue so easily.

The Bitchiest Mermaid

So the totally bogus profession Victoria has claimed is quite a stretch of her Disney imagination. Photographer – with a bedazzled souvenir miniature camera. She runs a studio, hires several employees, and is a successful bat or bah or whatever the fuc* she says mitvas? Ok – we’ll be waiting over here psycho to hear about how big your business boomed after its nonexistent presence.
We’ll wait……

Beast Mode Cowpie

Thanks Simon & Dawg! Great site!


simon you guys are in Canada thanks for Rush and Triumph


Derrick is doing his best to make sure Cody doesn’t blindside him.Trying to convince him that most of the jury like Cody. Is Derrick taking Cody because he thinks he has a better chance of winning against him than Victoria or is it because he is loyal? What do you guys think. Press thumbs up for being loyal to Cody or thumbs down that he has a better chance of winning against Cody.


Why you so bossy with your post ??

Cough, Derrick!

Thumbs up if you think it was bossy, Thumbs down if not.


What’s your prediction simon, will Derrick give the 50K to Victoria or Cody?

The Other Doug

I think Derrick’s Mist has clouded your mind, he’s always intended to take Victoria but talks up Hitmen and “respecting the game” to Cody in case Cody wins final HOH. Likewise he isn’t getting Veronica’s hopes up too much because he doesn’t want her to appear suspiciously confident to Cody.

Derrick’s in it for the money, period. He knows that however annoyed the jury might be at seeing Vanessa in the final two he’s still her only friend, and 90% of the jury will vote for the better player no matter how grumpy they are.

If Cody wins final HOH Derrick will continue to say “I was going to take Cody all along” even after the game is over… we’ve seen him trying to Mist the feeds and DR, he doesn’t feel the urge to bare his soul. But if Derrick wins final HOH, Valencia wins 50K. Hundo.

The Other Doug

I’ll even put my money where my mouth is! $500 donation to your cat shelter if Derrick wins final HOH and takes Cody.


“Derrick is only in it for the money”…………………..Welcome to Big Brother!!!! What exactly were the rest of them in it for……………? Maybe some of them only came to see what slop actually tasted like…….ya ya that’s it…..for the slop. Derrick is just greedy wanting the money at the end of this game and should have just enjoyed the slop like the rest of them.


BB obviously forgot to send the memo to Victoria that BB16 was ABOUT the MONEY ($500,000). She was looking for BFF and found one in the mirror. Thank goodness there were a lot of “mirrors” in the house or we would have seen the biggest “meltdown” in BB history.

The Other Doug

Wasn’t meant as a put-down. Most players let personal feelings take over and do dumb things that hurt their game. And if we’re being honest that’s what makes the best tv moments for us viewers.

Derrick’s been focused on the prize and hasn’t let anger, fear, or pride cause any outbursts that could give away his straegy. Very rare, and unfortunately kind of dull for the viewer.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16 / Survivor Starts

Ladies and Gentlemen we’ve managed to survive this long, endless, and painful summer and we just about finished.

1 DAY LEFT !!!

Fan of this site

Thanks for all your hard work. I have been reading this blog for several years now. This site always has the best comments. Congrats on your new lives and I have DONATED. Now all you fans go do the same!!


Victoria – I believe in good energy and good will come to those that do good/
Victoria doesn’t know how anyone in the Jury will vote against Derrick knowing the person he is.
Victoria – “in the game you can’t have everyone’s back but personally you were there on some level.. when Nicole was crying you didn’t have to be there for her.. who is Nicole to you know one.. you still were human even though you were playing.. most of the people weren’t

That was from the other thread but I had to post it here b/c reading it is making my head EXPLODE! Victoria you are in for a rude awakening when you see how this man you ADORE trashed you and PLEASE spare me with the “oh you were so kind to Nicole you didn’t have to be” He wanted her VOTE! And he wasn’t so nice when he was gas lighting the poor girl and FORCING her into apologizing to him. I know he has Victoria beyond “misted” but he has not played a “clean” game or an “honest” game. Hey honey he lies to you DAILY so be prepared when you watch these shows back and you see Derick for his true d’bag self.

And GMAFB w/this idea he will be on “allstars”.


I agree, Derrick is a D**k 🙂


I agree wholeheartedly about Derrick and Victorias delusional attitude about him. The gas lighting was just obnoxious through the whole game and Derrick is not even a good player. He’s mediocre and was lucky to not have had to really work in this game.
Victoria will never change her alternate reality vision of Derrick because that would mean that she would have to face the reality of her own pathetic existence. Too much truth for her to bear so she will continue to believe the magical fantasy that Derrick is not a manipulative sexist user.


ICAM he is NOT some phenomenal player he is mediocre at best. If he was playing with some people who thought for themselves and weren’t mindless sheep he would have been out after the first few weeks. The idea that he was NEVER on the block should have been a red flag to these people but they were more interested in how many twitter followers they would have then actually playing the game.

That’s why I get a migraine when Derick & Sheep#1 Cody boast about their alliance going down in bb HISTORY!


I definitely believe Victoria was in a state of delusion, but I also feel she chose it over acknowledging the ugly truth. It explains why she had to follow him everywhere, know what he was talking about, not being able to eat or sleep without somebody/him in the room. She knew deep down as she stated so many times that in this game you have to lie, backstab, talk trash and she was just ‘too nice’ (barf).
She chose this reality because the other one offered her ZERO people in it to talk to or trust. That smack she gave Derrick a few weeks back was really ominous. It was hard and significantly noticeable to everyone in the room. She was trying to assert herself as dominant over him and she knew damn well, he was running her show.
She overestimated her powers of seduction or persuasion on anyone.
The early live feeds show a lot of Victoria and Zach and Zach was what Derrick became – her hero to save her. Zach flirted with her quite a bit but had no qualms about letting the truth be known – he despised everything about her. She really thought she seduced him and he played her, so she ‘destroyed her own hat’.
Cliché gold digger, desperate for a man to ‘complete her’.
Just an aside – when they did the Big Brother Play and she imitated Amber; she actually imitated herself saying that ‘I wear lingerie’, and kept pushing up her boobs. When did Amber ever do any of that or wear lingerie in the house? Victoria walked around with a negligee that barely covered her ass.


Evic, she slapped him? or what?


dont forget derrick and frankie talking about r@ping her and derrick to the impression of the zingbot
that is really going to hurt her..derrick deservers zero money in my opinon!!!!


She is going to need the psych ward when she gets to see that footage. That’s why Derek is just as bad as the rest of the bullies he jumped right in there during that convo and their is no way he can talk himself out of simulating her getting “it” from the Zingbot. I think she is going to need to cancel that ski trip…lol


Which is also why Derrick keeps promising Victoria that she will be going skiing with his family, go on vacation together, etc. He knows perfectly well that once she learns about his being a cop and seeing what he has said about her on the feeds she will never want to see him again. Even if Victoria somehow manages to delude herself that it was all game play on Derricks part her family will step in and keep her from seeing him again. He’s not a bit worried about having to deal with her after this week.


Soooooooooo tired of trying to be misted by Derelict on the feeds and his “promoters” from RI on the boards. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice. Derrick take a hike!


LOL! Can you imagine an all-star that goes from the bed to the couch to the hammock to the chair to the bed to the couch to the hammock to the chair and so on and so on and so on. Derelict would need to be on the All New Horizontal BB All-Star.

No hope there

“Hey honey, he lies to you daily?” Uh…what show have you been watching? Every player lied about something…even Donny. He lied straight to Derrick’s face about wanting him nominated/evicted. And I guess you conveniently forgot the fact that Derrick threw the bomb competition so Nicole could win the veto until she messed it up….then he was going to still keep her safe until he knew she’d mess up his game when she compared him to Dan.


I too will be glad to see Donny and I hope that he wins AF. If Frankie wins it, I will puke. I cannot stand that fool. Caleb either. Those two are just oh so full of themselves they are sure that they have won AF. I just want to see the jury now. I could care less who wins.


I really hope that if Cody wins final HOH he takes Victoria. He’s family will be so disappointed if he takes Derrick. That would be a $450K mistake, hes going to regret it for the rest of his life, I know I will.


Simon thx for all the great work you guys did this summer. All the best to the both of you with your new son and Dawg new marriage.
I am really hoping that Karma will come and bit Derrick big time because of his gas lighting and the way he treated Nicole and Victoria. Cody did most of the dirty work for Derrick anyways.
I will keep watching BBAUS it is 100 time better then BBUS.


BBUS could take some hints from BBAUS for next year’s BB. The house in AUS is awesome. It makes the US house look like a kid’s playhouse. Also, it feels like the HM’s are more independent thinkers which makes for a more interesting show. Giving the HM’s occasional evening adult feasts is enjoyable to watch. The punishments for rule breaking are great.. Having to count to 5000 in a glass house for bringing in a watch as well as making two HM’s use tweezers to separate confetti for tearing up a pillow is really funny. The DR sessions are enlightening with more interaction between the HM’s and BB. Plus – Frankie should take notes from the gay man on BBAUS. He is a great man who does not have to try to flaunt a stereotype, hump every man in sight or strut around like a rooster in a hen house to gain attention. The emcee is really entertaining and her humor with the contestants is much better than Julie’s. CBS has got to change up BBUS or they are going to lose a lot more audience.

Team Australia 2014

Absolutely love BBAU too, but it’s dangerous. The more episodes I see, the more I hate BBUS & the final 3.
First eviction on BBAU was the biggest drama queen in the house, and the housemates chose to evict her!
Not once have I read a comment or blog accusing anyone of being misogynistic or bigoted against someone physically different in response to negative comments about the evictee’s drama. But here we gotta put up with PC & Frankie trolls, mother ucker coulda been Hitler Jr.(close) and still been protected by the gay card in this country. BB forums all over the world are filled with Frankie hate & not a hint of homophobic protest from any I’ve seen. One particular BBAU podcast announcer said we’re not gonna talk about that show, when BBUS was mentioned. And the hostess of BBAU will call a housemate out on their BS as proven by their first evictee.
BBUS is pandering, pathetic & sad in comparison.


Strategy has so many levels in BBAUS which is where I believe BBUS could improve upon. BBAUS gives people really difficult choices which in turn they have to decide if it will help their game. BBUS hides their involvement in the game. Big Mistake… People are not fools. They know BB has a huge hand in the outcome. BBAUS asks questions in the DR and the PR of the HM’s (without telling them what to do) which gives the viewer an insight into how the player is feeling and possibly the decision they will make. I am really enjoying BBAUS.


Wish you had prefaced your comment with a huge SPOILER ALERT. I had planned to finish reading these comments then watch BBAU eviction. I was pretty certain who would get the boot but………….. You are right. BBAU is far superior to BBUS in so many ways.BB knows how to stir the pot and get the best results from the hms. The twists are really twisted — Julie take note — punishments are enforced and the house is gorgeous. Loved seeing Tim back in house. BBUS and AG/prod really need to pay attention.

Team Australia 2014

I truly am sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Hoping you enjoy watching her go anyway?
It’s time to gowah, it’s time to gowah…


Just finished watching. So glad she is gone, nothing but a troublemaker. Must admit I did laugh at her “deep as a paddle pool” comment to Skye but it was uncalled for. Not sure how I liked the face to face voting but when Priya stood behind G, it was a true pity vote.


This is it… next is Survivor, finally BB*CAN-3!!!!
my total 100,ooo Thanx to SIMON & DAWG!!!!!!!!
too intense a BB habit? mix BB*AU with Utopia!
Down Under’s house*guests are quite a group!!!


Did Cody talk to the feedsters too? If he did I bet he said how he was going to confront HGs at the finale and tell them he crushed it.


If I never hear that expression, “Crush It” again,it will be too soon. I really cannot stand Cody at all & feel that Derrick played the 2 most insecure people in the house to take him to the end. Although I have no respect for Derrick, he sure knew how to manipulate that whole house of idiots and for that reason only he will win this years Big Boredom.


Thanks Simon for agreeing on Cody’s “Crushing It” . I’d only like to crush it, if it was his ego.

Simon & Dawg R Awesome

Thank You Simon! Thank You Dawg! Between coverage of BB16 feeds, the new kid, the new wife &
all the way around this summer YOU GUYS HAVE BOTH CRUSHE…. aaaaaaaargh, nooo, poison dart in the neck………..


Someone else who can’t stand Cody. The kid irritates the crap out of me. Sorry Cody, you’re not all that.


Derrick haters hate cops – the game has been played like it’s supposed to be played – again, watch Big Baby – that’ll fit!


…….and you’re wrong, We dislike Derrick greatly 🙂 ……….


And for all you Donny supporters, you can’t tell me that CBS didn’t help him all along. I totally believe they aided his wins & definitely scripted his DR sessions, with his lil winks. I for sure feel that the Veto he won in the ball pit was set for him to win. How else could the slowest moving person in the house win that? He may seem like an innocent nice person & maybe he is but he definitely should not win anymore money than he already accrued for his Team America missions that he actually would do. Remember he wouldn’t even comply with America if he didn’t want to.


Just saw that Ariana Grande and her 19 million Twitter voters are voting for Zach to win AFP! It’s a wrap… Zach Attack for the win!!!


I so hope you’re right. Zach was by far the most entertaining & likeable person in that house. I was so pissed that Frankie actually turned on him. Wrong move. Derrick should’ve been nominated and evicted that week. Frankie got played, fool.


But she only did that at end when there was only a day left of voting. Prior to that she and mom were both tweeting to vote for Frankie . I think they only changed because they both were getting some negative feedback from pushing for Frankie to win when the whole family already has so much money and because they saw tweets that people were complaining to CBS.


She tweeted it with only 5 hours left of voting. How many people knew that voting was over in the morning?

Used To Love BB

That was only to split the votes. Pull some away from Donny & for Zach. The more the vote is split….the easier for Frankie (your 15 minutes are up…15 minutes ago) to win.


You people are ridiculous….hell if all your going to do is bitch about the show…Stop Watching …..geeeeezzz…I love the show….hitmen all the way!!!!!!! Love from Alaska


Thanks Simon & Dawg for the awesome job of keeping us up to date on BB. Congrats & best wishes to both of you for the additions to your families. Catch you on BBCanada 3.

No hope there

Derrick has already told feedsters, production, Cody, and even Victoria herself he won’t take her if he wins HOH 3. I’m still unsure how people haven’t grasped that. Derrick has hands down played the best game out of anyone in the house, even Nicole. She was my second favorite player, but this season was just as much about social game as it was about comps, and he was working that from day one.

And as much as I loved Donny, he had no hope in making it to the finals. No one with as much integrity as that ever makes it to the end—you have to burn a few bridges, and I don’t think he ever would have been willing to do that. I still think Donny will win AFP. Even though CBS keeps trying to shove Frankie down our throats—they know America would know they rigged it if Frankie won.

Christine's Hands&Palms

I really hope Cody wins also because the way I see it, he owes me a lot of money for the 102 back massages and 87 scalp rubs I gave him. My poor hands are useless for when I see Tim.


The potential for entertainment was there, Zach tried to pull off some Dr.Will styling, but sadly was missing his Mike Boogie partner in crime! CBS had to feed these folks some lines in the DR because a lot of them had never even seen the game! Every season the great looking girls go out of the house and I feel for you having to watch without the eye candy! Hahaha…thanks again! IF Cody gets to the end, he will win with that jury over Derrick, my prediction! Thanks again for all your long hours!

Alex C.

Derrick is working hard on Cody to convince him that he (Cody) has more chances to win then Derrick if they sit next to each other in F2.
“Derrick (to Cody) – you absolutely have Donny’s vote he worships the ground you walk on..” – that was a good one LoL! I hope Cody didn’t buy it. Derrik’s BS he fed to others seemed so evident during the whole game, that i cannot fathom how he could be compared even remotely with Dan. He did pull some strings in the house , but he was surrounded by a subpar cast (with just few exceptions) that made Derrick to look like one he in actuality is not.


YAY! Its almost over….


Thank you Simon and Dawg for your excellent work. And it IS work, particularly with this snooze fest of a season. I did enjoy the beginning (especially Donny) but then when production started to pull strings coupled with Derrick being such a buzz kill and staving off anyone making fun moves, I found myself frustrated and bored. But I love this site, the comments…just awesome. On a side note, I’m starting to think Cody will bring Victoria to final 2 if he wins. Derrick is non-stop drilling in Cody’s head how they have to go to the end together, but I don’t think Cody is responding and seems to just be listening (I don’t have feeds so not sure). But from what I am reading it looks like Cody is being pretty mum on that subject (?). Guess we soon shall see…Thanks again Online BB. You guys rock!!


If by chance one of them takes Victoria and the jury gives her the win it might result in a change for future BB seasons. Maybe future HGs will think twice before taking a floater all the way to the end for fear their jury would do the same.


what annoys me is how AFP gets 25k, and they handed the freaking winner another 50k(derrick) for being part of TA. how stupid.

So why was it done?

I didn’t really understand why BB added that extra 50K to the winner if they were part of TA. It wasn’t part of the original deal and done almost at the end when Derrick and Cody were trying to work things to get Frankie out. At first I thought it might be an attempt to keep Frankie to the end but from what we were told I don’t see where that 50K would add any incentive to keep Frankie. Just don’t see CBS giving away an extra 50K that they didn’t have to.

Too long

This has already been the most boring season in recent history, but then they had to go and make it 97 days long. All the twist this season failed miserably, and I don’t understand why they refuse to use Pandora’s Box, Diamond POV, or Coup De’tat anymore. Any of those occurences this season who have at least added some tiny suspense to the show. Derrick is a really good player, but he is also a major reason why this season was such a bore. Unlike a lot of greats from the past, he has little to no personality.


Did anyone watch BB Canada, Jon and Neda had a 1-2 pact from the beginning. In the end Jon took Sabrina, one of the most hated people in the game.. He won.. When the jury was asked if Jon had taken Neda to final 2 would he have won , they all said no. Derrick would be stupid to take Cody and vice versa

Alex C.

I agree with you 100% except for the fact that Sabrina was despised by everyone (except for Rachelle & Andrew) whereas Victoria is not.
P.S. I’m not a Victoria’s fan by any means.


LOL, they’re giving away Frankie’s little sisters album for free on Google Play. Desperate time… desperate measures…

Daniel Bryan

I really do hate defending anything related to Frankie, but her album actually opened at #1 and she has 2 songs in the top 10. She’s not struggling. Her brother is still gross though.

Just Stop It

BB is our summer must – be it – the good – bad – or the ugly – so keep on complaining – but no doubt you’ll all be back next year and the years to follow. And – without OBB we’d be suffering – enjoying – or bitching to ourselves.


What are the OBB fan predictions for the finale???

My prediction is 6 votes for Derrick and 2 for Cody, with Donny taking home AFP. 🙂


I would like some excitement at the end at least so:
Phelmasaurus 9 Victiminy 0 Zachy FLD wins AFP

Alex C.

If you really want some excitement then Derrick shouldn’t make it to F2. If he’s taken out , i don’t care who wins.


If final 2 is Derrick/Cody – Derrick wins 5 – (Frankie, Nicole, Hayden, Caleb & Vic) to Cody’s – Christine, Zach, Jocasta & Donny. If either one of them take Vic, they both could lose to her – but I really think in the end the jury will vote for who they think played the best game – & that – we all know – was not Vic! So both Cody & Derrick probably would beat Vic if they took her to final 2. As for AFP, hope Donny wins – but if he doesn’t, I’d rather see Zach win than Frankie.


I forgot to count Victoria’s vote (assuming she goes to jury)!

So, my prediction is Derrick 7 to Cody 2. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing my Joey make a cameo for the finale with her fabulous hair and smile!


Like if you agree comment on your thoughts if you disagree

Final two/winner
Derrick Cody – Derrick wins
Derrick Victoria – Derrick wins
Cody Victoria – Cody wins

Anyone think Cody is aware of this and will actually take Victoria to the end?


that is what i have been saying all along. when it was down to the final 4-5 i said the only way frankie, vic, cody, or caleb could win is if none of them faced derrick in the final two. derrick beats any of those 4 in a final two.

on tv we see how manipulative derrick is and how much he lies and gets away with it. after the season when the houseguests go home and watch the cbs episodes and the taped live feeds they will all realize derrick was a consummate liar. he played them all.

they all fell for his lies. they handed him the win on a platter.

I Don't Like Derrick

I think Cody will take Victoria, if he wins. If he doesn’t, it is extreme stupidity, which is exactly what Derrick’s success has depended on all season. Derrick could take either one, and win, but he probably doesn’t know for sure, that he will win against Cody, so he might take Victoria. The jury will not give Victoria the win, just because they’re pissed, no matter what the BS said. It is not cowardly to take Victoria to the end, like some said. It is smart.

Alex C.

I’m not quite sure Cody will take Victoria if he wins the last HOH , but if he does, he will win and redeem himself for a such … questionable game play.

Girldragon Slayer

I seriously doubt it. His balls are still in Derrick’s hands.


I really think Cody has a shot at beating Derrick. But Cody would def. beat Vic, so that would be the smartest move on his part. However, I really want “The Hitmen” in the final 2. Primarily because I don’t want to see Vic win anything – but also I’d like them to at least be loyal to one another.

Alex C.

I want Victoria to win as much as i want either Derrick or Cody to win.Either way…it sucks.

Girldragon Slayer

Edelweiss BB16 and Hello Survivor!

Again, if Derrick does wins the final HOH and decides to take Cody to the F2, I’ll be absolutely shocked. But after reading the comments here and mulling over that scenario, it’ll be a good move on his part. It means that Derrick took the high road and play the loyal card as opposed to the easy win if he takes Victoria. The jury might even be appreciative of that fact. But then again, Cody is the puttyboy of the “Hitmen” alliance, not the triggerman like Derrick so I do expect that he’s likely to get no more than 2-3 votes. Besides, he does gets on my nerves with his all-mouth-but-no-real-balls talk. At least, Caleb, in his dimwitted self, was entertaining in that regard. Cody was just eyeball-rolling annoying. He’s in for a rather rude awakening tomorrow.

One last note, I do hope to gawd that the LIVE audience booed the living f&ck out of Frankie tomorrow. That will make my night! I might be mean in wishing that, but he does have it coming.

Simon/Doug – Thank you for watching 12+ hours of feeds (ugh) and your hard work. I don’t think that I can do that. Just watching BBAD a few times is nauseauting. So thank you again! 🙂

just wow

Sometimes I think BB fans forget what this show is about…putting a group of very different personalities in a house for 3 months and watch while they lie, manipulate and compete with each other for money and prizes. The backstabbing, lying and cheating is why we watch this show. Donny was a perfectly nice guy who I rooted for often but he tried to play the game to late. Derrick may not have been out on a ledge like Zach or Frankie but he quietly lied and manipulated his way through this game. To comment on how well he would have done with other seasons is irrelevant because his strategies would have been different. He played the game with the people he was given and did it well. To bitch and moan about if he is a “good” or “bad” person shouldn’t even matter. They all did bad things to get ahead and those who didn’t are sitting at home or in the jury. Derrick hands down was the best player of this season and I hope he wins. Oh, and thanks Simon and Dawg I love this site, you guys are amazing!