Big Brother 18 Countdown to the LIVE FEEDS and Rumor Roundup


Big Brother 18 is almost here and like every year twitter accounts emerge claiming twists and casting rumors galore. This year the main ones seem to be focused on returning house guests and coaches. There’s also a healthy dose of villains and heroes type rumors, but this is usually the most common one. The returning houseguests one is being repeated by many sources. However I suspect it’s people just having fun. As for scheduling we find out tomorrow about the cast and probably withing the next couple days Julie Chen will go on a tour with ET showing us the house. At which point buckle up, I hope you are ready. Hereโ€™s how the start will go down.

  1. Get your feeds via a OBB link we benefit from this and you pay the same Subscribe now to CBS All Access
  2. Monday, June 13 (6:00am PST) | Big Brother 18 Cast reveal
  3. Monday, June 13 (8:00am PST) | Big Brother 18 Cast reveal on the live feeds ** This has been delayed until Tuesday **
  4. Tuesday, June 14 (11:00am PST) | Big Brother 18 Cast reveal on the live feeds
  5. ???? House photos released along with the Julie Chen ET tour
  6. Wednesday – Friday, June 15-17 | Houseguests move in and spend a week off camera
  7. Wednesday, June 22 (8:00 PM PST) First Episode ** 2 Hours long **
  8. Thursday, June 23 (9:00 PM PST) Second Episode
  9. Thursday, June 23 (10:00pm PST) Feeds start
  10. Friday, June 24 Afterdark premieres


Rumor Mill

Bunch of rumors running around.. Itโ€™s a Big Brother tradition.

  • 4 returning players (2 male 2 female) entering the house with 10 newbies. There will also be 2 houseguests that share a secret relationship or generally special in some way. Reality Blurred is mentioning a coaches twist. With A Listing the returnees as follows Audrey Middleton:BB17, Derrick LevasseurL:BB16 (recent tweet from Derrick pours doubt on this), Vanessa Rousso:BB17, Ian Terry:BB14 (A twitter post by Ian places some of this in doubt.. )
  • 6 -8 returnees
  • Villains vs heroes vs super fans scenario (This rumor is especially terrifying because it mentioned Frankie and Amanda returning .. as a hero no less)
  • Amanda tweeted that this years cast is all new
  • No coaches but 8 returnees and a cast of newbies by the names of Tiffany, Paul, Mike, Claire, Ana, Ken, Sal, and Ebony.
  • Some rumors have the returnees in pairs
    – Danielle & Shane (BB14)
    – Amanda (BB15) & Lisa (BB3)
    – Nicole (BB16) & Hayden (BB12)
    – Frank (BB14) & Kaysar (BB6)
  • Jordan Parhar from Big Brother Canada 3 says the returnees are Frank Eudy (14), Nicole Franzel (16), Da’Vonne Rogers and James Huling (17) citing trusted sources.
  • Jordan Parhar tweeted The siblings of alumni were Paul Calafiore and Tiffany Rousso and there is no coaches
  • Julie is not going to tell the players the vote count this season. Only who has been evicted. (a great idea)
  • JEJO (I made this one up, why not)
  • Amber Borzotra from Big Brother 16 locked her twitter account which means of course she’ll be a returning houseguest
  • Jackie Ibarra from Big Brother 17 has pulled out of the Big Brother 18 premiere party reason given a new job. Or Could be she a returnee
  • The notorious twitter account “Corneroffice” tweets on some egg account the returnees are Frank (BB14), Nicole (BB16), Da’Vonne (BB17), James (BB17)

Itโ€™s all madness and I love it.


2016 Live show dates

  • June 30
  • July 7, 14, 21, 28
  • August 4, 11, 18, 25
  • September 1, 8, 12, 14, 21

If you haven’t seen them already check out the few pictures of the house that have come out. Showing a international theme and a new pool. The international theme kinda coincides with the Julie Chen promo pictures shown below.

CBS Big Brother promo pictures featuring Julie Chen.

In case you’re asking how we’re doing… Just the calm before the storm. We’ll post the cast first thing tomorrow morning.

Enjoy more animated gif posts here


Ugh.. something is up.. looks like we won’t find out about the interviews until 1pm on Tuesday. Reasons I’ve read
1) Someone dropped out
2) Orlando incident

From CBS facebook post it appears the Orlando shooting is the cause.

Big Brother fans: In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, ?#?MeetTheHGsLive? will not be streamed live today. Cast interviews will be available to CBS All Access subscribers Tuesday at 4pm ET/1pm PT. We appreciate your understanding.

Update 2

Cast reveal is set for 1pm PST but there has been some “leaks” on the internets. No idea where people get these or if they are legit.

  • Pilar Ibarra (Relation to Jackie BB17?)
  • Callie Borzotra(Amber from BB16 sister?)
  • Bella Zimmerman (relation to Ginamarie from season 15?)
  • Paul Calafiore (relation to Cody from BB16)


Ginamarie tweeted this out teasing about a damily member being on the show.

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Jake K.

Love all the madness! Less than 12 hours for the cast reveal. So. Pumped.


Unfortunately the cast reveal has been delayed until Tuesday @ 4pm eastern time.


Please no more Empirical =Audrey!!

Jimmy 64

It’s finally here
All new people please!!!
And if you big brother producers read this web site

Double D


Jimmy 64

Yea he may be as you put it dynamic
BUT he is annoying as hell especially when he talks in that
fake British accent I want to take a fork and jam it in his
throat to shut him up.

Min O'Pause

Frankie is a legend in his own mind. And his sister is a narcissistic skank.

BB Fan

No Frankie, but I would love to see Vanessa. She is the best player I’ve ever seen. Bad luck in the final comp sealed her fate. Everyone in house knew she was the best..


i knew who played on trip going get in!


i still think who ever played on TRIP is going be on the show!


The Price is Right?


You’re welcome! Unless it’s The Right Is Price. Either way I will be calling it The Right Is Price from now on.

time guy

You mean TPIR?


Can’t wait until tmr! I want all new houseguests or Allstars/villains vs heroes. Anything in between is unfair in an already unfair game. I heard that Davonne James Nicole and Frankie will be back too. It would be cool if they were involved in some way but not in the game unless it’s all returnees.


Is the amber one real? I like her but i dont see her coming back.

time guy

PDT, not PST

Doran Martell

Hopefully they will have a brand new cast this year, with no siblings of bb alumni. But I’m ready for it all to begin tho. Should be fun.

Min O'Pause

If they bring anyone back I would like to see Chicken George and Marcellus!

Min O'Pause

I would really love to see some shit stirring on After Dark. I got so bored hearing them slurping and crunching and honest to Pete do they not realize the auditory hell it is when they open a bag of chips next to their microphones? They should have Marcellus and Janelle back on. I’he never forgotten when he called her a polyester hair bitch. Laughedmy ass off.


That was on season 6 and it was NOT Marcellas but Beau who called Janelle a polyester hair bitch.

Min O'Pause

Beg pardon but it was Marcellus because they were having a cat fight and she was singing “Marcellus sleeps with meeeennnnn!”


waiting for tomorrow’s cast reveal to see if Frankie is on the cast…if so I have decided to not purchase the feeds…I just cant watch him that much….will still watch the show and read obb updates but cant see him on the feeds….not the way I want to spend the summer


Hey Simon and Dawg I wanted to tell you that on CBS The All Access on the Big Brother Marathon on James’s video at the begining it has Da’Vonne Rogers’s name on it instead of James you may have to check it out and let CBS know and edit it. Thank you!!

Bellweather Fan

The game has been going downhill with all of the naked self promotion and repeat guests, or relatives of former houseguests. It really needs a reboot of sorts.

BB Fan

I want to get the feeds from you guys but I’m not sure how to do it. When I click on your link to get feeds, it takes me to CBS but it doesn’t have you guys listed. Will you still get the credit if I sign up as long as I get to CBS site by clicking on your link? Thanks for all you give us every year. This will be the first time I get the feeds.

BB Fan

Thanks. I got it done. I had a little trouble figuring out where to go once I got the access (I’m a novice you know) but I got it figured out and now know where to go to watch feeds when they start. I watched the interviews; Vanessa’s sister has the same mannerisms as Vanessa does. I like her, and maybe Paul, Glen, Jose and Zakiyah but other than Tiffany (Van’s sis) no one really stood out. I’ll have to wait and see more before I can make an educated decision. Thanks for your help..! Hope we have a great BB season..!!


Audrey entering the house as a … coach??? What a joke…