Big Brother Spoilers – Cody calls Derrick a little soft b***h for not putting up Frankie.

Part 1 HOH Cody Part 2 HOH ?
Part 3 HOH ? Final HOH Winner ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-18 03-41-44-335

12:20am In the kitchen – Victoria and Cody continue to talk. Cody says that he wanted to send home Caleb week four but that Derrick said Brittany has to go. She knows how tight we are we have to send her home. So I didn’t put up Caleb and unfortunately my love of this game went home week four. And then after that it was supposed to be Caleb but Amber was starting to start an all girls alliance. So it switched from Caleb going home to Amber. Victoria says she remembers. Cody says after that you really know what happened after that. After that Frankie wanted Zach to go and I said no! Because anything Frankie wanted I wanted to go opposite. Victoria says that she heard Amber was fighting to get me out. Cody says no, she never would have. Who told you that. Victoria says Pow Pow and Nicole. Cody says Pow Pow is a liar and Nicole is a liar. Victoria talks about her hair and how she almost didn’t come on the show because of it. My mom told me I had to do it. That I could do my hair in the bathroom and take my medicine. Cody says you weren’t going to come in here and look at you now you’re in the final 3. Victoria says I just have to take care of some stuff when I get out of here. Cody says he would like to stay in touch with Caleb and hope I can. I would love to meet his Brother Blake. I hope I get to stay in touch with Christine. I loved Christine and would love to meet her husband. I was really tight with Christine, we were crazy tight and if I couldn’t stay in touch with her it would suck. I would want to stay in touch with Derrick, Christine, Zach, Caleb and Victoria and Amber for different reasons.

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12:50am – 1am Derrick comes out of the diary room. They go over their lists of house guests they would want to stay in touch with outside the house. Cody says I don’t know if I could stay in touch with Caleb because of all the boasting. Derrick says I will definitely talk to Victoria outside of here. Victoria asks Derrick if he talked about the Hitmen in the diary room. Derrick says no I talked about you. Cody says I can’t wait for our morning tomorrow!! (They’ll have ha final 3 breakfast tomorrow where they reminisce about the season.) Derrick says me too that’s why I want to got to bed now. Cody says lets go to bed together. Victoria says I can’t wait my key will be here till the end. They all hug and say bed time! They head into the fire room. Cody starts calling Derrick a little soft b***h for not putting up Frankie. Cody says even if you had put up Frankie the rewind would have happened and it would have been the same result. Derrick agrees and says it would have happened the same way any way. Big Brother plays his daughters Hollar Derrick. Derrick says thank you. Cody says if we don’t meet every single person at the wrap party I will be so pissed. Victoria says I am so excited! Final three!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-18 04-01-38-061

Cody laying in bed being a “Hitman” shooting at the cameras:

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-18 04-15-46-946

1:05am The final 3 go to sleep…

8am – 8:40am Big Brother blocks the feeds to wake up the house guests. Victoria is in the bathroom getting ready. Derrick and Cody are in the kitchen talking about the endurance competition and how sore they are. Derrick says he is definitely feeling it in his shoulders. Cody says that set was out of control!!! Derrick think they (production) is done with the 3 or 4 hour comps. They talk about past comps from previous seasons. Derrick asks what time did they say we were going upstairs? Cody says when they woke us up they said 30 minutes. Derrick says we’re going to be up there for 45 minutes, huh?! Cody says I need food!! Cody asks Victoria did you know that Donny thought we had a final 3 deal? Victoria says yeah. Cody says it seems true now doesn’t it. They talk about being able to see their families at the finale.

The final 3 will be having a catered breakfast where they reminisce about the season this morning.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-18 08-29-28-308

9am Big Brother blocks the feeds.. and starts showing the live feed highlights. The live feeds will likely be blocked until around noon.

12:10pm – 12:30pm The live feeds return – Cody, Derrick and Victoria talk about the HOH comp from yesterday how they’re still sore. Cody and Victoria are in the living room talking about random things. Derrick goes to lay down because he was a bit buzzed from the champaign. Victoria and Cody talk about their families making arrangements to make it to the finale. Cody says that he hopes his dad is at the finale. Victoria says that she can’t wait to see everyone’s videos. Derrick walks through and talks about crushing his nap. Cody says he’s wide awake from the coffee. Derrick and Cody head into the storage room to find the rest of their stuff from the HOH room. Derrick says I guess that was the last time we get to go up there.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-18 12-31-39-624

12:35pm Derrick, Cody and Victoria bring the left over food from the brunch and the whole setup into the storage room.

12:40pm – 12:50pm Victoria is taking a nap. Cody starts cleaning the bathroom mirror. Derrick asks Cody to quiz him on events of the house. Cody asks a few and then asks if he looks good in his shirt. Derrick says yes. Derrick has all the HOH’s, nominations, POV down. “I’ve got it!” Derrick says if she beats me its going to a f**king miracle. And if its luck and she beats me then it is what it is. Derrick says okay I’m going to go snooze.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-18 12-40-14-791

12:50pm – 1pm In the fire room – Derrick tells Victoria that everything Cody told her just confirms that he (Derrick) has been telling her everything all along. Victoria says except for the name (The Rationals alliance name). Derrick says I don’t know why you’re so fixated on that. Its such a minor detail that doesn’t even matter any more. Derrick says we’re connected for life now. Just like Dan and Danielle. Derrick tells her she better win. Victoria says that she panics though. Derricks says you beat me and then beat me in the final one. I told you last night its all on you. We have no idea what it will be like, we’ll just have to wait to see when we get out there. We might not even do it together. It might be a timed one.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-18 12-50-54-097

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Victoria is playing them all.

After the show we will find out Victoria is an actress who was ‘guided’ by production throughout the show.

She has played a flawless game considering the other players and their talents.

She will win the last HOH and take Cody shocking Derrick but revealing her career at that point.

A little inside information for you.

Also, Frankie will play a major role in next years Big Brother – I have been sworn to secrecy but fro you Frankie lovers – stay tuned!

What a great season.


You’re either really dumb or really delusional




Can someone please tell me how to watch BBAus or BBCan. I haven’t a clue, and I’m very interested. Just don’t know how to go about it. There are some very savvy people on this site and I will take your cue. Thanks in advance!


Is there a link to the shows/videos?


For BB AU search BBAU 2014 you tube. Available episodes will show on right hand side. Be sure to go back to launch night episode 1 and work your way through. I believe they are at episode 8 or 9 now.


Thanks Simon and Taylor! Such sweethearts!


I personally like this uploader person:
Usually online with 24 hours. Also I think if you are going to start watching the Austrailian one…start with 2013…such an amazing cast! That is what made me fall in love with BBAU and from there I watched the 2012 year and now 2014. (also as you are going though 2013, you dont have to worry about 2014 as much and can do a bit of a marathon while waiting for 2014)


You need to get professional help for your delusional mental state!


You forgot to mention how humble Frankie is and how Victoria will join a convent.


So glad we don’t need to see Frank shirtless any more


Here is the real story…Frankie will be on TV, Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, has been contacted to try to train Frankie to quit humping everything. Stay tuned!


LMAO Perfect show for him! Love the way your mind thinks!


Hey Dawg! Are you counting down the hours now before you get married? I love that you called her amazing…! I think you should give us a picture because there are so many people wishing you well. We all might not agree on this crazy show, but we are all a part of the Online BB family. We deserve a photo or two. Ahh come on…

Girldragon Slayer

That was hiliarious! I nearly spit out my drink on that one.


Frankophobe—-+. You prefer him in his pink tutu?

Oscar P.

I do remember Vic saying something about being asked to come on the show…no audition or try-out. I just find it too hard to believe that she is going to win. I think Derrick is going to stab Cody in the back by taking Vic to the end. Derrick gave Cody that 1st part HOH so he could control the outcome of this next HOH. Derrick is NOT going to “slip up” this late in the game…I am NOT A FAN of Derrick, I just think that he is going to win and he is going to take Vic with him…


it seems obvious they would take Victoria but after Frankie and caleb are in jury everyone knows its cody and derrick that played everyone but if derrick took Victoria I think Frankie and caleb say we aint letting him get away with it codys furious getting so close and Christine votes like cody I mean this could happen and if it did the first 4 jury members vote and its 4-0 Victoria derrick would have to get everyone else as crazy as it sounds think its safer taking cody I think he would still get vic Frankie Nicole Donny jocasta that’s 5 that leaves hayden Zach im guessing derrick wins 6-3 vs.cody in turn cody should take Victoria and chance it because he cant beat derrick


She was ‘recruited’, but many HGs are found on social media or whatever. Both Shane and Danielle were recruited, her when she tried out for a dating show, and him via some online attention. Brittney and Joey were both recruited, and my guess is so was Pao Pao, because she is an entertainer (dj) and would be seen and be seen as entertaining and good in social groups.

Even people who are ‘recruited’ still have to go thru the interviews and so on. She just mentioned in BBAD last night that she’d seen Derrick in ‘group 1″, as well as Cody, and both of them thought she meant the first group to enter the house. Being Victoria, who is rarely interested in what is going on in the house, she was talking AGAIN about the production/casting process part where they are still going thru the people to decide who to cast.

I think because she was asked to go to those meetings, she thinks she is ‘special’ and the only one who was asked to be on BB. Like ever.

What will Derrick do? I had forgotten that he sees Victoria as a vote for him, and might want her in jury. but no doubt he also thinks Cody is a vote for him. Who is more likely to not vote for him if he was the one choosing to evict? Probably Cody. He will probably be 60/40 better off to sit F2 with Cody, and ensure he has at least one vote, from Victoria.

plus what is more important to him, besides the money (given that in 2nd place right now he nows as TA, he takes the 20K from TA wins, and an extra 50K on top of 2nd place win of 50K, he is still doing well however you look at it. Will he take that chance to be seen as one of the great BB alliances in 16 seasons? Fans love alliances that make it to the end, much more than they like a guy who stabs his F2 alliance from day 2 in the back. So is Derrick going to love losing the comps in order to ensure Cody is the decider? Not sure if he wants to give Cody even more wins on his resume. If Derrick wins the one against Victoria and the one against Cody, then they will be almost equal in terms of comps won. And that says a lot.

fwiw, i hate the F3 ‘breakfast recap”, I think it is one of the most boring things ever lol.


No way!!! Both the guys are 100% better off by taking Victoria. Why can’t people see this? No way under any circumstance would Victoria get a single vote from the jury. NO way no how.


I think he gave it to Cody and he is going to try and let Victoria win part 2. That way Cody and Victoria can battle for part 3 and Derrick knows that both will take him so it really doesn’t matter to him who would win it. This way, he doesn’t make that last person evicted mad at him. If he indeed does that, Cody should know Derrick threw it because it would be so out of character for Victoria to win, especially this late in the game.

Roll Tide

I think that is too big of a gamble. How does Derrick know for sure Cody will choose him? Victoria will not get any votes.


Victoria is playing them all.—— nobody believes anything you say!




I would actually welcome that. I really think that if she is sitting a the final 2, she should get the half million dollars. Not only out of spite, but because despite the fact that she probably never made the decisions she made as a game strategy, she did attach herself to a strong player that was going to take her to the end. She may not have really won any comps by herself, or really mattered in any way other than to further Derricks game, but she outlasted everyone else who actually won stuff and mattered in some way. If Jocasta wasn’t so f’ing weird and if Amber wasn’t saddled by her stalker, they might have been the pawns for the game. Also she could have easily f’ed up her game and Derricks game if she blabbed about their “alliance”, and if she wasn’t convincing to the others about her dislike of Derrick. She may not deserve it game wise as much as anyone else (even Joey who was gone first made more game moves) but she is there at the end and there could be a few arguments to award her for her “hard work”


That’s right, John. She has survived the block like nine times! Every winner of these reality shows say to align with someone strong and do what it takes to stay. If she had won comps, she would have been seen as a threat and gone. If you watch her pre-show interview with Jeff, she had a very unique strategy. Watch it and see what I mean. Not the same girl at all.
Call her a slacker, floater, ditz or whatever, but at the end of the day – she is still there!

Boreal Bag Lady

ok, so I watched this interview with her and jeff
and she is and was still shallow and ugh…no difference from how she’s been the whole time in the house…I see no difference πŸ™‚


it would be funny if the whole jury turned if derrick took Victoria he would be stunned and probably never want the words big brother ever said again derrick played the best game nobody even close but I want cody to be last hoh just for excitement but somewhere deep inside would like to see Victoria benefit from furious jury and win jump up on live tv and say I got paid bitches im out


Even if Victoria has good reasons to get votes,(like attaching herself to a strong player) she wouldn’t in a million years be able to articulate that to the jury during her final speech. It would be a disaster! She would never win, I don’t think she would get a single vote. I am kinda starting to like her though myself.


is Frankie going to be the person who decides on who will win big brother from now on? he and his millions and millions of followers.


yeah, i didn’t understand how or why Frankie thought his fan base was going to affect how the jury voted. in fact you could see him back track when he’s talking to them mad because they are voting him out, and they are letting him know, he starts with a threat about the ‘fans’ and then switches it to say how great a talker he is and how he can decide who the jury will vote for.

Which is where he lost Caleb. cody he lost weeks ago, and Cody finally was able to do what we all chuckle at him about not ever confronting anyone the way he says he is going to. Good for him for bursting Frankie’s bubble world. Caleb as well, i wonder if Frankie expected Caleb to turn on him. maybe, because we all know Caleb thought he was the King of the house, and that no one could beat him or would take him out

Double D

Best part of the season….Derrick getting a holler from his daughter. Nice job CBS


Too bad they didn’t do a HOLLA of Derrick saying “MY FUCKI9G KID”


As cute as it was I don’t think it was fair. Last I checked Derrick’s hollas were supposed to be penalties for taking the 5K. How is hearing your daughter’s voice a penalty? It could also have an impact on voting by pulling at the heartstrings of possible jurors, reminding them that Derrick is playing for his family.

Frankie's Life Coach

Sounds like you need a life coach.


I believe Anon intended that remark in the same way it has been mentioned in numerous posts. DePrick has quite often ( unfortunately ) said “nobody is taking food from my fuc**ng kid’s mouth and variations of that. Many people commented that his child would grow up thinking her name is “fuc**ng kid”. It is unfortunate and disrespectful of any parent to speak of their child in that manner, and stress is not a mitigating circumstance.


If you are Frankie’s life coach, then you seriously need some heavy duty counseling. Frankie reminded me of that wimp on Survivor. Whiney, self-absorbed, sad to watch, needy. If this is because of your coaching, you need to be locked up.


Okay what is more outrageous Victoria winning two comps in a row (she has to win the middle comp to play in the final one) or Frankie having a career in Big Brother going forward? Each is about as likely as my standing on my patio and flapping my arms and flying to the moon.


We know how annoying Rachel is, and she makes a living from reality TV updates, and BB. She was on BBCAN ffs, nasty. πŸ™‚


Jill went unnominated to Final 2, as well…. UNDERRATED!

And also

Jill won everything, she was a competition beast, so we cannot compare Derick or Victoria with her.


I know Derrick deserves to win but how funny would it be if Cody took Victoria and she won?

Pinocchio Obama

I am not a Derrick fan but his daughter saying Holla may of been the best moment of the season.

Cough, Derrick!

“We’re connected for life now. Just like Dan and Danielle.” uhhhh, Danielle went out third and learned later that Dan had played her for a fool the entire time, and they never spoke to each other after the finale.


seriously cody is one to talk. i don’t like derrick but cody is more cowardly than him.


Cody is not a coward. Hes been great with telling people the truth..

Derrick final misting...

Derrick will convince Vickie that he has a better chance of beating Cody in the final HOH. Victoria will agree and throw the comp.

Derrick will throw the final comp and Cody will evict Vicsnoreia.

Derrick looks like a champ, Cody looks like a chump and Derrick takes home $500,000.00

How predictable.


+50K if he wins the game plus 15k from team America missions and 5k from one of the HOHs where he fills up the 5k jar with water

Alex C.

I agree with Derrick convincing Victoria to throw the 2nd part of this HOH, but i think he will fight to death against Cody in the last part so that he (Derrick) is in control on who will sit next to him in the final, not Cody.


someone should show frankie the jokers updates rankings. let him see how hated he is, he needs a reality check


if he has never been any higher than 9 in popularity, how did he get on Team America over Nicole and Zach? Question more people should start asking.


TA was voted very very early. It could have been as simple as reading their bios, seeing their coloured hair, to make the vote go that way. maybe the original was Joey, Donny and Derrick, as an really odd mix. Frankie as 4th choice on the voting, comes in to replace Joey, but the idea is they voted specifically to get 3 people they didn’t think would be able to get along


Uh, his baby sister got him votes. No one else can stand him. How sad that a 31 year old man would gleefully suck of the fame titty of his little sister and claim it as his own. If he wins AFP because a Lolita wannabe with moderate to no talent tweets her ignorant fans to vote for Frankie, I will be quite irked. PS: I’m usually a nice person. This show brings out the worst in me.

Cough, Derrick!

Two of the Final 3 were recruited. So much for superfans.


which two? cody and derrick are both superfans


Well, it seems Victoria has gone about as far as she is going to go, or do you think that Derrick will really try to get her to the end? I don’t think she has the smarts to make it.
Would love to see footage of Frankie entering the jury house. He sure showed his true colors at the end up in the HOH room, didn’t he. Just proved that everything we thought about him was true! I’m so glad he got booted out!
Kind of felt a little sorry for Caleb…especially while Cody was telling him how they just used him to get to where they were at. He’ll be fine…he’s beast mode, after all
One thing I def know….I sure am glad this season is OVER!

SHAME MY LAST BB will be this year than

If Frankie has a major role in BB17 I will not watch. Can not stand how Fake he is. He is 31 years old and acts like a 12 year old Girl. I know a Lot of Gay Men that are professionals that find him terrifying. It is a shame that CBS can not see that but PC takes control everywhere and He is so NOT PC himself. But I guess it is ok because he thinks he is the Best player ever. His sister seems to be the same way. And no I am not judging it is only the obvious.


I agree, will not watch any more BB with Frankie. When he was telling them that when he leaves his millions and millions of followers will be upset/mad/heartbroken and he will single handedly pick the winner because he is the best speaker in the house? WOW! Gotta love his confidence but it’s hard to like him personally. Lying, backstabbing IS BB so that part doesn’t bother me so much, but his ego is a whole new level of narcissism. (sp) I like Ariana but Frankie is a dud.


frankie will take responsibility for everyone voting to give derrick the money


Frankie being gay has really little to do with why he is so disliked by many of us except for the way he used his being gay as a PC shield to behave outrageously. He seemed to believe his pawing other men would not be challenged as he could at anytime declare “gay bashing” and it seems to have worked. We have no idea if production told him to desist, as they did with Victoria; however if production did it seemed to have absolutely no effect on him. Sad.

Roll Tide

His sister’s record company is owned by CBS.. CBS is doing some major sucking up to Frankie to help keep Ariana happy. Can’t stand him. Won’t watch anything he is on.


i’ve always seen something kind of skeezy about anyone over 28-29 going out to clubs that is primarily populated by 19-21 year olds, so i agree with the 31 acting too young for his age. At a certain point, you look creepy being 10 years older than the majority of people in these kinds of places, and he did mention he goes out all the time, etc. I don’t know why, but it’s just predatory or immature.


Huh? 30 year olds go out all the time! Why is that a big deal? He lives in New York…I think that is pretty common.


Thank you very much Simon and Dawg, well appreciated for all your 24/7 update of BB16.
Best Wishes and Congratulations Dawg, see you again on next season of BB17. #stayblessed


Yes Cody, you do realize that you played Derrick and Frankie’s game the entire time with evicting Brittany, Amber, and Zach. Victoria literally listens and takes in everything someone says as a truth. How is she not mad or feel a way about Cody and Derrick’s alliance?


shes not mad cause she made it all this way. Simple.


yeah she went crazy a month ago when Zach told her something like that guess its ok now since she still there


Holy crap. I just had a look at the cbs bb page, and they had what I would best describe as an “ode to Frankie”. They called it ” A Walk Down Frankie Lane – What This Houseguest Had That Almost Got Him to the End “.
I’ll have to puke now.
Seriously, at this point, and with all that’s been going on (editing, Julie Chen’s undying and unconditional crush, Jeff Schroeder’s glorifying exit interview, Ariana’s manager also managing the cbs show Scorpion, now this,…), my guess is they already have a plan for him to host something on CBS and want to make him as popular as Jeff… Maybe they had a look at BB Canada and thought they could create their own Gary. Too bad this one is DESPISED by the real fans of the show. But sure, for those who only watch the cbs shows, he’s a superhero. How could you think otherwise with the edit he got? yuck.


Well we can get CBS and Scooter Braun back by not tuning into Scorpion. HIT CBS right in their skanky pockets. THEN and only THEN will they get the hint.


yes, but as always, people will forget once he becomes slightly entertaining.


Odds are that ‘Scorpion’ show is going to flop. They’ve been hard selling it to the point of appearing desperate. It’s bad enough that it continues the ‘geniuses-are-all-socially-awkward’ cliche,but it’s on a network with a very high bar for measuring success(Most of the highest rates shows are on CBS). Also,I agree with several other posters, if there is another season BB season with Frankie on it, I will skip it. Just as I have when that insufferably dumb Jordan and blockhead Jeff re-appear.


Do ya gotta throw Jeff & Jordan under the Frankie bus?
C’mon the most annoying & despicable fks ever like Rachel, Amanda, Chima, Colton etc. belong under those wheels.
I just really think you are short changing the whole nightmare of the Frankie bus when you’re not using it to run over only the most cringeworthy of all time.
Please don’t waste it on lightweights like J & J. (That is unless Frankie shows up as the flower girl at their televised wedding, then please feel free)


no actually jordan and jeff are pretty insufferable and at this point a little pathetic.

Team Victoria

Victoria is headed to final 2 with Derrick. She will win the final HOH of the season! Congrats Victoria!


hope she wins but the only way i see that is if she wins the final hoh and takes out derrick then she could win go victoria


If playing a flawless game is doing whatever Derrick tells you to, then Victoria has played a flawless game. She starts talking about her “condition” and her extensions, I really think there may be a Lifetime movie about her overcoming this major adversity! Fingers crossed!


LOL!! I love this post. Yes Lifetime loves those tear jerker movies and with poor Victoria they would need extra hankies NOT. I really don’t dislike her but mostly I find myself just shaking my head.


I’ll never forget the episode when Victoria asked Brittany if she liked Cody and she laughed for 5 minutes before saying “He’s only 23.” Brittany’s so out of Cody’s league, but he keeps talking about her lately and how she was “his love” in the game. She can do so much better him


*better than him

Franky's Confused Testicals

Forget it, you don’t get a second chance, babe. This jurys tougher


I was disappointed that Derrick and Cody didn’t give Caleb a heads up about being evicted. I felt like they owed him that much. I was also sad to hear the way Cody spoke about Caleb “having no loyalty to him” and “he had been used for a purpose”. Caleb had been good to them and I thought Cody and Derrick could have treated him a little better in the end.
I also am glad they showed the conversation with Frankie when he showed his ass in the HoH. I’m not sure how he was reconnected with “his millions of followers” but I thought that clip showed what a arrogant mean spirited person he is.


They did use him and Cody has a little issue with Caleb’s bravado so he was probably trying to throw it in his face or “put him in his place.” Caleb should know that language. And maybe he should have listened a few weeks back when Zach tried to tell him something instead of being arrogant and dismissive. This is the same person running around saying he’s the king. And they maybe didn’t tell him because Derrick’s manipulation was coming into play of having others do the dirty work. He probably wanted Cody to stand up and evict Caleb and then have Caleb leave with the impression that it was mainly Cody who evicted him and not a mutual decision. But Cody’s speech said otherwise.


You guys did not watch the feeds otherwise you’d know that they planned to tell him he’s leaving but then Cody went to the DR and after that he was talking to Derrick about them not being happy with how they told Frankie he was leaving and wanted the Caleb blidside.


Cody implicating Derrick in Caleb’s eviction was a smooth move. It kept him from taking the sole blame for outsting Caleb. However, it’s a double-edged sword that Derrick can springboard off of in his speech to the jury. It’s in play now and has been legitimized by Cody saying it. Derrick can now tell the jury he was a masterful player and point to Cody’s speech as a reference to back up his claims.


Hold on there skippy! Caleb hated Cody when Amber was still in the house. He stalked them, gave death stares and really came unglued. Cody owes him nothing.


Cody’s such a little bitch. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it him that wimped out on putting Caleb on the block? And he talks so much shit. One minute he’s saying it would suck if he can’t stay in touch with Caleb. The next he’s saying how he doesn’t know if he could keep in touch with him because of all the boasting.


Cody did whatever Derrick wanted. He has had no mind of his own. He has been played. He is about to get played big time. Derrick knows that Cody is better liked by the Jury. He can’t take the chance, Cody is toast.


Yeah and I’m Justin Bieber the famous rapper,but seriously Vic what is the big deal with your hair I honestly hope it’s not a medical condition,and if it is why in the hell do you act like you do?I figure you are a spoiled brat that basically somehow ended up in the right spot at the right time!


Medical condition is vague. Maybe her thyroid or something. Or maybe it’s not a medical condition at all who knows with this girl. I’ve read she got a haircut and Production didn’t like it so they said get extensions. Either way, that’s a lot of extensions and those clip ins can irritate your scalp especially if get them constantly wet and let them dry while on your head. I don’t know how she hasn’t went crazy maybe he keeps talking about it because they are getting irritated. On the flip side, she’s sometimes seems to get pretty rough with that curling iron on the pieces that are her obviously her real hair. I watched her last night when her hair was barely dry and she was burning through it with a straighter. Hopefully it’s not serious and she gets it sorted out once he gets out. A medical condition doesn’t mean you needs pounds of extensions but maybe something reasonable. Everything seems to be excess with her in regards to beauty.

Nana B

Yes, but on her photography site she has the long hair so she is not just wearing the extensions for BB.
There is also some photo shoots with someone wearing an outfit exactly like Victoria’s Eve outfit!

You know from things she has been saying even if she did happen to win the 500K I believe she plans on giving part of it to Derrick. I would hope she watches all of the crap he has said about her first.


She didn’t need to get 26 inch extentsions nor to put all of them in. She could have filled it in with something about 20 inches, half as many, and it would have looked nice. Her hair does not look nice, because there is just far too much of it plus it has weighed her down during athletic comps. She claimed she works out (and she does rollerblade) she should have been much more able to move, but her hair is clipped in and she was paranoid and overly conscious of it. instead of tying it back (she did in the seeds comp the 2nd time around, the first time she didn’t because mostly she is only concerned about being on TV, not winning something) she leaves it around her self and it drags her down.

I have 26 thick hair all natural, but if i’m going into a comp where i know i need to move and they are going to squirt water and other stuff, my hair isn’t going to be held back with a pretty ribbon.


Victoria told Frankie she loves Ariana because she had the same hair issues, and that helped Victoria get thru hers. That being said, I looked into Ariana’s hair issues & it says – after yrs. of her having to bleach her hair for her TV show (the first 4 yrs. ) her natural hair is destroyed & ratched, so she wears extensions. Some of her fans got pissed, why I have no idea, but that is what I found. Apparently she said this several times now.


If Frankie is part of next season I won’t be watching.


Thank you Dawg and Simon for all your tireless work. Congratulations to you both. You both are my AFP’s


If we are being PC, then Simon and Dawg are CFP ( Canada’s Favourite Players ).


Canada is still on the North American continent isn’t it? Unlike Scotland trying to float away on it’s own island.
If the Canadians would learn how to spell English properly, and stop putting u’s in words like Favorite, we wouldn’t mind if they called themselves Americans also. 100% Americano according to our apadre Caleb.
However; in the shade of BB15 & 16, I would recommend just sticking with Canadian.


I’m so glad that pink haired glitter princess fruit loop dingus is no longer on my tv screen!


I can not wait until he walks into jury and everyone chews him up and spits him out that will b the best part about this season


go to CBS and vote for your favorite house guest.

For some reason today, at 15 votes it told me that I was at my max of 20….. I hope this isn’t CBS manipulating the game again!


just did my 20 for Donny 3rd day so I got 60 for him


We all know what is going to happen. Cody won part 1 and Derrick will win part 2. Then in part 3 Derrick will let Cody win so he doesn’t have to send Victoria out the door. He wants to keep her vote. He will tell her that if he had won HOH he would have picked her. He knows he is set because Cody would never take Victoria over him.

What I really hate is that if Derrick wins the game he gets an extra $50,000 for being on Team America and winning the game. He doesn’t deserve any extra money.


Uh, he absolutely does deserve it. He’s played a flawless game. If you don’t like him, that’s cool but he’s played the best game out of anyone. He’s in the final three and no one is considering not taking him to the finals after everything he’s done. Give him some credit.


No way Derrick lets Cody win. Cody could easily pic the Vic to go to final 2.
Derrick is a control freak and he is not going to risk 500K by letting Cody decide who goes to final 2. Cody knows that Victoria will vote for Derrick in jury regardless so Cody can stop that by keeping Vic in final 2. Derrick will vote for Cody over Vic. This is easy math for Cody.


I get what you’re saying, but come on we’re talking about Cody. He idolizes Derrick he would never go against him, even if it would be better for his own game.


Cody is pissed off at Derrick because of that BAD haircut that Derrick made worse.
plus you never ,ever, ever, cut your hair during the playoffs.
…. Cody, you blew it big time !


What’s up with Victoria’s hair? What kind of problems would have kept her from not coming on the show and does she ever wash it? Every time I see her in the shower she has it pulled back and doesn’t get it wet even after the Wall she still didn’t wash it? Sorry, if this has been discussed before.


This is from a conversation on BBAD earlier in the season. Victoria told another houseguest. She had long, thick, gorgeous hair and was known for it around the area she lives. She had something happen to her. She was vague because she was traumatized about it. She lost her hair. It has grown back but it was still short and had bare spots. That’s the reason for the extentions. Embarrassment kept her from taking them out. She didn’t want to be seen on camera or for the other houseguest to know.


I don’t know why more people don’t remember this. She was talking to Hayden and told him all about her losing her hair, admitted it was only just below her ears, had bald spots, and the extensions are in addition to total wig. If you notice, she never brushes her hair above the neck line, and she is never seen with a part in her hair, it’s almost always covered with a band. But, she told Hayden she didn’t want anyone to find out, especially DERRICK, so I don’t know if she’s finally told him. That happened before Hayden left, pretty early on. After watching her talking to DERRICK last night, I would think he’s about to go stark raving mad!


If Frankie has ANYTHING to do with next season, I think a lot of people will give up BB


Agree with you 100%. Would be nice to have a summer off from this show. I would not watch anything that had Frankie in it. Hope to never see his or Christine’s face again.


I don’t believe for a second anyone on this site will not watch BB17 if Frankie is on. Everyone will watch at least 1-3 episodes just so they can get on Simon & Dawg’s comment page just to bitch about Frankie.
I may not like Frankie, but I would watch the first couple of shows just to see him be a butt.
After that, if it is bad, then I am sure the ratings would go down. However, as long as there are people paying for live feeds, the many people voicing comments on the many online spoiler websites, they will continue.
Again, this is just my opinion. People love to watch train wrecks (so to speak).


Too bad Caleb had to go. Maybe not the sharpest but he had more personality than any of the rest and unlike some of the others did not seem to have a mean streak. Deserves AFP over the one-note Zack and the nice but dull as dishwater Donny. Hope he stands up to that vicious egomaniac Frankie in the jury house.


Lol I don’t buy that for a nano second. Victoria winning would be such a let down at this point. It’d be different if the audience was let in on her ‘dumbness’ or acting or whatever the entire time but we weren’t. To be honest it would only make me angry and I’m sure many others. Acting or not, she got CARRIED through out this whole competition. She doesn’t deserve it. Derrick has been playing them ALL season long and we as the audience has been privy to it so he deserves to be in the F2. I hope him and Cody make it there and that Derrick takes home the money to his family. It’s time for Vicky Secret to go now.


Cody is filled with nothing but excuses, there is no way he deserves to win the game.

So funny

I hope Cody wins final HOH and takes Victoria! That’d be awesome!


Thats the final 2 i would like to see at least then victoria would have a chance at winning and derrick has enough money already cops make loads of money plus he got money for team america that annoying pig needs to go


“Cops make loads” (of money)
What planet are you from? $25,000-$50,00/yr for a job where everyday you go to work you face the possibility of getting killed while doing your job.


cops do not make loads of money….


well iam sorry i never did my research on how much cops make


Canadian coppers certainly make the mega bucks.

what have YOU been smoking...

Derrick not only deserves to win he EARNED this win. He’s been playing since DAY 1. So get your head outta ur ass and realize you are projecting your own prejudices of law enforcement on 1 cop! Obviously you have a problem with police in general; but get it right! They DO NOT get paid a lot of money unless they have some serious tenure. Derrick is only a Sgt, and that’s not that high of a ranking (or pay) in the police force. So Brittany, you seem to be the PIG in this situation.


Frankie is going to try and poison the jury,
… and the Jury House will have none o’ dat !


well i’m fucking sorry if i made one supid remark so sue me its not like i spent an hor reserching how much cops make and i am not againt cops i just do not like derricks gameplay ok i have nothing agaist them so then for jumping to that fucking conclusion u get ur head out f ur ass i made one comment without thinking i am a horrible person


Cops make good money in big cities like L.A. and N.Y. They start at about 50k and have great benefits. I dont know about rhode island where derrick works.

Franky's Confused Testicals

It’s ok, the world is full of dumb asses so you are not respondsible for your actions


Cody taking Victoria to Final 2 would make me as happy as Donny in a Pop Tart factory.


Thank you! Your comment made me giggle.


To: OP, Victoria is Playing Them All.
From: Seriously:
Re: The perfect recipe for the end of Big Brother.
Message: Thanks, Dumbo.

“”Victoria is playing them all. says:
After the show we will find out Victoria is an actress who was β€˜guided’ by production throughout the show.She has played a flawless game considering the other players and their talents. She will win the last HOH and take Cody shocking Derrick but revealing her career at that point.
A little inside information for you.
Also, Frankie will play a major role in next years Big Brother – I have been sworn to secrecy but fro you Frankie lovers – stay tuned!
What a great season.”


Sworn to secrecy.. Ya!.Right !!!
… piss off Frankie.


If Frankie has anything to do with next season, then who ever had a hand in that should lose that hand.Yes he did fairly well in comps, but he turned off a lot of people with most of his antics!And if I had to see any more of his over the top performance’s,i would reach in my sockets and remove my eyes!!!


Looking back at this season I can honestly say that not sending Caleb home in Week 3/4 is pretty much the cause of this season going downhill! Once Caleb had his loyalty proven to him by the boys it just strengthened their bond and solidified the alliance whereas If Devin was left in the house he would have targeted Derrick pretty early on for putting him up and if he formed an alliance with Brittany then they could seriously have done some damage! Brittany to me was smart but aligned herself poorly so with Devin it would have been way better! Amber would have also lasted WAY longer cause the main root of her problem would have been gone and Cody would’ve been her new romance! Who knows maybe Crustine wouldn’t have flirted with him so much either if Cody was clearly into Amber or maybe Amber would’ve targeted her for trying to steal Cody like Caleb felt with Cody for Amber! I also honestly think if both Amber and Brittany were left in the game it would have a battle of the Detonators vs Brittany, Amber and Devin which would be really fun to watch!

coulda, woulda, shoulda

REALLY??? Seriously…Devin was the saving grace???? Yeah right! He was/is a clueless as Victoria on how to play an effective social game in BB. He was the WORST player and quickly made it evident he was STUPID & creepy with is sinister grin and constant attempts to intimidate (bully) people into doing what he wanted. He would not have been able to rally anything but flies around the shit that would spew from his mouth…

and if your saying Devin would have targeted Derrick because he put him up??? WHY would brittany want to align herself with the guy who put HER on the block?? Both brittany and amber were fine using their looks and bodies (small bikinis) to try to make it through and QUICKLY isolated themselves from majority of the other women in the house. Especially with Brit borrowing (stealing) Jocasta’s life story to make her self seem like she NEEDED money after divorcing her rich and older ex-husband that drove a $65K car.

What would have changed the season was Caleb playing in and THROWING the BOB that Frankie won on his own, instead of just sitting down. Nicole would have remained HOH and would not have been backdoored by Christine and Frankie would have gone But that didn’t happen because DERRICK played the game ALL SEASON and controlled who was nominated AND evicted. Remember the Zach backdoor that didn’t happen, Hello Jacosta, Jury member #1. That would have changed it more because Hayden would not have been blindsided in the Double eviction…so just admit it. Derrick played his game and controlled the ENTIRE game. That’s not boring that’s AMAZING BB GAME PLAY! But because we knew his game the only ppl surprised were the JURY MEMBERS!!


Loved Victoria getting feisty last night she was spot on w/Derprick tossing the comp then in true BULLY fashion he got all mouthy with her when she DARED to bring up that little tid bit. But later she was a riot when they kept telling her to “just be happy” she’s in the final 3 she kept tossing in she’d be in the final 2 sitting next to one of them.

Oh and Cody please buy a f’ng clue EVERYONE knew you and Derick were a team. Sure they didn’t know the corny name of your alliance but they knew you were joined at the hip. I loved how Victoria said people knew and he was like Nooooo you may have but not everyone else. Keep being delusional dude!

Then the cherry on top when Derprick and his little bitch were bragging about their alliance as THE BEST IN BB HISTORY!! They are both out of their minds.

The worst part was when these two SOB’s started dissing the jury. Cody was like screw that dick jury then he got even more snotty about it with him saying “hey bitter jury too f’ng bad you have to vote for one of us and that’s a win win for us so FU! I wish the jury could have that little segment played for them before voting. The one bit of satisfaction I got last night was Production playing Jacosta’s HOLLA on a loop it was pissing Derek off like CRAZY! hee hee!

I still think that Derick will take Victoria to the Final 2 and if there is any BB Justice she will win.


I think you’re a bit delusional buddy. Victoria isn’t winning anything. Derrick and Cody will make F2 together and more than likely Derrick will pull the W. I have been bored out of my mind with the game this season, but in no way shape or form do I believe that Victoria will pull out a victory. Not going to happen.

As for Frankie being part of the next season, I doubt that too. I sincerely hope that BB thinks about their audience before allowing that jerk to participate further than this season finale.

Survivor starts next Wednesday night. Too bad it’s not on after BB. I would have liked to end my night watching something entertaining.


Donny doesn’t deserve AFP… Dull and boring as they come.


Derrick has told several HGs (they are in the jury now!) that as a jury member, if anyone took Victoria to F2 he’d vote for her to win out of spite…

Those who remember that should band together and vote for her to win. It’s true. She was carried to the end… but this is a bitter jury. If I was there, after learning every facet of the game from incoming jury members, I’d be bitter, too.

I don’t like Derrick… never did. I loved Donny, Zach (at times) and Caleb at the end.



Congratulation on your upcoming marriage Dawg. All the best to you and your bride!


I LOVE CODY!!! you guys need to be nicer to him.. he has played a great game. Social and winning comps when needed. Everyone loves Derrick and Cody played the same game, only let Derrick win a few times like the Caleb case. I remember Cody wanting to send Caleb sent home then. But he let Derrick get his way. Doesn’t matter. They got to the end by playing GREAT GAMES… he deserves to win as much as Derrick


How did Cackle-twat get on here? Aren’t you supposed to be in jury…getting completely shunned right now? Deputy Snot-sucker is a walking vagina…who wouldn’t even sit down to pee without asking Sheriff Pork Rinds if it was ok first. He has not done one thing for himself in this game…aside from his daily gropings of a married hyena…


WHO you talking to??? what a mouth on you. I see it differently. I think hes done plenty in this game. cackle twat, wtf you talking about?


Calm down…I was joking that this was Christine leaving a post…since she is so fond of Cody. I was calling her a Cackle-twat…not you. As far as Cody goes, we have different opinions. And my mouth? Meh…I have said worse about the house guests…


have to admit maybe Cody did play a good game. Laid low, hid behind Derrick and yeah was a little p8$$y at first but now when it counts he has been on fire and winning.


vote for Zach!!!


Why are Cody’s clothes so tight just like a women? Just nasty how tight his clothes are and disgusting. I cant stand anyone in that house, they are all a bunch of dump players and this whole show was rigged from the beginning. As soon as I found out pig face Derrick was I cop I told my whole family CBS was playing us all. SHAME ON YOU CBS AND BIG BROTHER SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!


6CallersAheadofusJimmy— don’t forget to take your meds.


Cody whining over Brittany “his love”.Cody needs to look in the mirror and remember that he also responsible for sending “his love” out the door not just Derrick,he could have man up told Derrick no and tried to save Brittany but he didn’t.Cody had no problem moving on from “his love” with Christine.


Let’s be honest. Nothing happens in this game unless Derrick wants it to….which is why he is the best player this season and he SHOULD win the 500K. EVERY YEAR it’s “omg, this is the worst season ever…the best players got evicted early.” Not this year. Maybe he hasn’t been the most exciting to watch for some people, but he has absolutely controlled this game. Kudos.


Congratulations Simon and Dawg!! Thank you so much for the extensive updates! Can’t wait for big brother Canada.

You guys are awesome!


My daughter told me a couple of weeks ago that Frankie had about 250K followers. Can’t believe he has millions now? LOL Frankie and Caleb are so full of themselves. I wish I could see Caleb’s face when he finds out Donny got a B and B walk on part. These clowns are too full of themselves. AND Frankie will control the entire house and they will vote as he says. Yeah right! They are both so deluded! I cannot wait to see their wake up call facial expressions at the finale, if they even get it then.


Why is everyone forgetting about Team America? If Frankie goes to jury and spills the beans about the
money that he/Donnie/Derrick have won by being T/A, and Donnie confirms it, then Derrick would have
problems. Anyone agree?


I’m pretty sure they all have handlers and are not allowed to talk about the game unless it’s during a recorded segment for TV and when the newest jury member is coming in.


Sorry but Boast Much Caleb went out exactly where he deserved. He may be loyal, but he seriously thought he was King and running the show. I found it sad his parents justified his obvious delusions and don’t realize the boy/man needs a therapist. He tells stories like an 11 year old and treated BB like summer camp Judi chopping ( again like a child) the summer away. He’ll always be BMC to me, but it’s Boast Much Caleb not Beast mode anything. What a sad case. But, thanks to his Amber obesession any commercial for the Stalker show will always bring his face to my mind. I thank him for his service to our country, now Boast Much get yourself into therapy!


Congrats and best wishes to both Simon and Dawg on their newest life endeavors!!


You people are a weird bunch. Firstly, Frankie is acting as himself – not fake. There are a bunch or gay men SOME not ALL (still in the closet) that acts differently. There are so many types of gays. Just because someone does not conform to your definition of gayness doesn’t make you correct. I am sure there are a lot of people in your lives that can figure out that you are gay even if you act “normally”. You saw the show, the audience loves Frankie. I don’t know how many people visit this site but there are actually millions of people watching the show that like Frankie.

Math doesn't work everywhere

1 million idiots don’t make a genius.


I’ve seen both pics and videos of him prior to BB, and he is most definitely not this exaggerated glittery peacock. The difference between him and Gary of BBCAN1 is that Gary always was and continues to be over the top, while i suspect Frankie created this character to get on BB. His real personality and style was more apparent in the HOH confrontation when the 3 told him they were evicting him and he got arrogant and threatening.

He has much harder edges than his pink hair implies. And he is much ‘straighter’ in most of the things he does than he was on BB.


You have used all your votes for today.

Okay then tomorrow:



I saw an pre-interview with Victoria were she said her strategy was to act pretty, clueless and not be a threat. In that way she played a great game. Derrick played a great game getting them to do his bidding, making them think it was their idea and getting them to acknowledge it was their idea to other houseguest. It would save the season for me if Victoria won.


Derrick knew he was close to dropping in yesterday’s HOH comp and so he makes it look like he gave it to Cody. Now, Derrick thinks that Cody will be beholden to him. Cody is aware of this and knows that Derrick wasn’t going to win the comp. It still isn’t too late for Cody to catch on to Derrick and turn the tables on him. I hope it happens this way. I hope the final two are Victoria and Cody.
Derrick is way too money hungry. Why is someone with a steady job not able to provide for his family as others in his position do? Perhaps it is his ego that makes him want to be better than his peers.


Money hungry? How?! They’re all competing to win the money. That’s pretty much the point of this game. Where have you been?


Of course they are all hopeful of winning the 500k, however, I said Derrick is WAY TOO MONEY HUNGRY. He is always referring to how he NEEDS the money like no one else has a legitimate reason for it and only he is entitled. Like I said, for someone who has had gainful employment for at least 10 years, why hasn’t he been able to provide better for his family? Or – – – – – does he just want more and more and . . . . . . . . .


Obviously you don’t know how much money police officers make. It isn’t much.. So of course he wants to provide better for his family. Who wouldn’t even if they have a steady job, they still want better.


Why does that make Derrick more desperate than the rest of them? It’s not greedy to want to provide the best you can for your family. Didn’t all of them go on BB hoping to win that money? The only difference I see between Derrick and most of the rest of the HG’s is that he actually played the game to win.



Frankie who?

I just don’t understand the money hungry and greedy comments. The whole point of this show is to win the prize: money! And if there are extra incentives I would be after those too ; )

And another thing . . . . . . .

Do not forget how upset Derrick was with Donny because he refused to go along with Team America and make-up a lie about a house guest that could cost them their game. Donny stood by his morals and Derrick stood by his greed.


Let’s get this straight. I LOVE Donny. I’ve been constantly voting for him to get America’s Favorite, which he will, hands down, but his refusing to do that challenge had nothing to do with his morals. It was a pure game move to keep him in the game—he said so. He said it would be better for his game not to do that because that’s not like his character. He didn’t think he could pull it off because it would be out of character.
But all of this doesn’t really matter. There is no point to even arguing about this—if they only brought people who “needed” this money on the show—random people would still find pieces to pick apart each person, like Gabbi up there. “Obviously because Derrick wants to win he’s money hungry”. Let’s think about how much he put his life on the line for his job and how little he actually makes. Is it guaranteed he would win the game? No—which is exactly why he had to take every chance he had to get more money. My husband takes side jobs on so our family can not just get by, but live comfortably and provide for our family in case of the unexpected. I guess that makes him money hungry, too.


And another thing Gabbi—let’s put this in perspective. Just because you have a steady income doesn’t change the fact that kids are expensive. I’m guessing you don’t have any. I have two and my husband and I have both have steady income. But he’s always doing odd jobs to get extra money so we can do more than just get by—so we can live comfortably. College now costs 25K+, and who knows what it will be twenty years from now? He has a daughter. Think she’ll want to get married someday? Think about his job being so dangerous there’ s a chance he might not come home every night? Maybe he wants to make sure his family is provided for in case he’s ever gone. But no, you wouldn’t think about that. And I do not think he stalks in DR session about needing the money because he’s entitled. What’s he supposed to say? Well, Zach doesn’t have a job, so he deserves this more…let me back out now. He needs it because he’s more motivated–because he’s not just competing for his life, it’s for his family. Don’t the majority of people on this show have “steady income” but still want to win the money? Let’s start a new BB for Gabbi that only let’s homeless/jobless people. Wake up.


I love how people are justifying victoria’s game play. I have seen every season of big brother and i place her in the top 3 worst game players ever


What are you talking about? I’m already a winner. I’m the last girl standing.

Irked by the Stupidity!

Ok – so I just had to share this: I was talking with my 19yo son a little bit ago and we were talking about driving a 5-speed. I was telling him that I could teach him how to drive one because I used to own a sporty Subaru, 2-door coupe that was a 5-speed (he was little at the time and doesn’t remember this). He’s like “no way ma – you can’t drive a stick shift!!!”, I was like “boy please – you’re talking to “Beast Mode Mommy” right now”! I had to laugh at my damn self! πŸ™‚ Felt like a total “froot-loop dingus!”