Memorable Moments in Big Brother Canada History Season 1 Part 1

With Big Brother Canada Season 3 premiere coming up this March 23rd it’s time to look back at how great the feeds are this show. We’ve gone through the archives, 310 posts for BBCAN1 and 356 for BBCAN 2)  to select the more memorable moments of Big Brother Canada. Leading up to the premiere we’ll try and bring these long lost posts to light. With this first part We’ll focus on BBCAN1.

Tom’s Shower Prank exposes Alec’s Unit

Tom was the firefighter/bartender/Bro from Alberta and Alec was the UBC psych grad who never wore a shirt. It all went down while Alec was naked in the shower, Tom opened the shower door exposing Alec to the camera’s and anyone inside the bathroom at the time. (classified as a “Bro prank”). Alec assumed his naked body was flashed on the Live Feeds and so (Understandably) became very upset. The actual exposure part was not caught on the feeds but the ensuing drama was. Alec cried throughout the night and asked Tom for an apology. Topaz his showmance tries to make him feel better “His d1*k was shriveled and tiny because he was in the shower”. In his defense Tom was quick to point out that Alec walks around flashing his a$$ all day so he never thought he would take offense. In the end Tom’s good name was sullied, he was evicted day 29 Alec made it to day 50.

“its just a d!*k, I will whip mine out right now” -Tom

Topaz comforts Alec @ 9:58

Tears @ 4:30


Talla’s lap dance

Talla the 26 year old Edmontonian made it to day 67 leaving a chunk of hilarious in her wake. Unlike BBUS the players in BBCAN get a load of alcohol, beers, vodka, 26’s of rye, mickeys, big beers, barbarian beers, you name it. All the good stuff. People get plastered and Talla did it with style. During one of these drink ups Talla proceeded to give out a lap dance to Aneal and then to the reigning HOH Tom. Fun fact this was the same night Gary and Talla broke the toilet.

“You can’t take that back… Once it’s out there it’s VIRAL” -Suzette

Tom gets a lapdance on the dinner table as the rest of the hosueguests chant “HOH HOH HOH..”

Aneal gets a lapdance. Note AJ @ 0.50 watching with envy.


Working outside the rules

On Day 22 the HOH competition was called “Bees Knees”. The houseguests were dressed as bees and tasked to moving yellow balls (Pollen) a short distance. From the flowers to the hive. They were told that the balls had to be put in the pockets attached to the costume and not carried in their hands. The competition results had Emmett as the winner. Review of the competition video showed Emmett carrying a ball in his hand. Fans brought this to the attention of production and to our surprise something happened. The competition was reviewed and was that found Alec, Emmett, Jillian, and Talla were in violation of the rules. Resulting in them being the weeks Have nots. A second different HOH competition was played the next day. This second HOH win went to Gary

A short list of events with players working outside competitions rules.

  • “Sleep Tight with the PoV” – HouseGuests participated in an obstacle course themed after preparing for bed. The rules where you cannot help or interfere with other houseguests while they complete their tasks. Emmett broke this rule by advising Jillian on how to complete task which was brushing the plaque off with a over sized toothbrush
  • “Iceberg Alley” HOH endurance – HouseGuests held onto a bar attached to a large iceberg. The last HouseGuest holding onto the bar would become the new Head of Household. Emmett let go of the bar only to quickly grab again hoping nobody noticed. He was disqualified and was the third person out of that competition.
  • During a special event that involved a pinata game. The houseguests were blindfolded. Inside the pinata was a VETO ticket, first person to pick it up gets to keep it. Gary picks up the ticket first but Alec snatched it away. Topaz mentions that Alec tried to hide the ticket but that it was whoever picked it up first so Gary won it. She also said Alec took off his blindfold during the game.
  • Early in the season Alec made this claim “every time I’m is going to try and cheat ..and bend the rules as much as possible.”

From Day 43 to day 70 Jillian and Emmett won 5 Back to back HOH’s doesn’t look like bending the rules was something they needed to do. Emmett did get Disqualified 3 times though. It was observed during this season there was confusion within the houseguests on competition rules.


Andrew Stooging it

Andrew was the season 1 newfie a founder of the stooges and part of the Beast Coast, He made it to Day 64. His antics, personality and ability to blend in with the cast have placed him prominently in OBB lore.
(The Stooges were Talla, AJ and Andrew. The underdogs but were very funny on the feeds)
(Beast coast was Emmett, Jillian and Andrew. Members originating from the maritime provinces)

“Just take this coat hanger jam it in my ear and pull out my brain” -Andrew
“Jars” -Andrew

Below is a short collection of the good times.

Andrew succumbs to the Boredom @ Starts at 5:12
Source post Big Brother Canada house goes bananas

Andrew becomes a French maid. @ 11:20


HOH pictures : Prince of Darkness
Outfit swap : Wearing Talls’a clothes
Kiss and makeup: Kissing Gary
“If it’s running then it’s not dry”: This is how you scratch your nose
Slop head Shows us his dance moves


Gary’s Alter egos

Gary was the fashion assistant from Toronto who originally evicted Day 43 found his way back via a twisty twist/fan vote week 8. Gary’s personalities Gerald, Glitter Gary and Zoe gave us three extra BBCAN characters for the price of one.


Zoe down the runway @ 7:49
Fashion show: Zoe shows off her moves


Gerald starts @ 3:50

“f***, I’m 27 year old man locked up right now Armed robbery.. where the f*** did you come from”


Glitter Gary

“I Don’t like to clean until my face is done”
“Every time he slaps my butt he adds 10 years to my life”

fight with Talla: part 2


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Man how i Loved season 1… it was my Best season… Loved watching all those videos…TY so much… 🙂


So, My vote is 150% secure! Lol at Topaz


LMAO! Simon’s analysis is pure gold, Jerry, pure gold!!!!
This is one of the best Big Brother Seasons in the history of Big brother! LOL

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