Big Brother Canada House Guests have to dress up as each other. Jillian screams YOU LOOK LIKE A STR!PPER!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 230pm

2:30pm – 3:20pm Emmett comes out of the diary room and says okay .. we have something fun to do? Jillian has to dress up like Andrew. Andrew like Talla. Gary like Jillian. Talla like Emmett. And Emmett has to dress up like Gary.

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 240pm

Andrew asks how am I supposed to dress up like Talla? Emmett says I don’t know put on her clothes. Emmett goes out to tell Talla. He tells her its a task. Talla asks why are you telling us? Emmett says because its my HOH thing, we are going to take photos. Emmett tells them that they have an hour to get dressed up. Gary tells them that Emmett has to look as gay as possible! Andrew is complaining saying this is ridiculous! Emmett tells Talla .. I usually don’t wear a shirt. Gary wants to give Emmett his tight jeans. Emmett says my nutz are going to blow up in those. Emmett comes out of the shower with Gary’s pants. Jillian screams and says AHHHH… YOU LOOK LIKE A STRIPPER!!! Andrew says you look like an a$$hole. Jillian tells him that she loves the pants and says that he needs a pair like that! She says she is really turned on right now! Andrew says who gets the sh!tty end of the stick? Me! Gary says he just doesn’t want to look like a trans.. Andrew says I look liek a sexy trans! Andrew says lets just fu*king do this! Andrew points out how Talla barely has to do anything. They tell him to just go with it. Andrew says he is a bitter old fu*k! Gary starts doing Emmett’s make up and says that he is going to make him as black as can be. Andrew says I look like a horses a$$! Andrew says if you (Emmett) dressed up in Gary’s jean dress .. that would make me feel better. Andrew says I look like a brutal tranny. I look like some sort of a gay pirate! Talla comes into the bedroom trying to talk like Emmett saying Give me some milk, I love the milk, I am the milkman!

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 241pm

3:20pm They continue to get dressed up like each other. When they are ready they have to go into the diary room to impersonate their house guest. Andrew says that his family is going to disown him. Jillian tells Emmett is it weird that I am still attracted to you?

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 315pm

3:35pm – 4:10pm Emmett asks so what do you what me to say in there Gary? Gary says I want you to say that you believe in the power of glitter .. in the gayest voice you have. Jillian starts looking through the photos and realizes that Gary and Talla (Dressed up as Jillian & Emmett) went into the diary room together. Jillian and Gary laugh. Gary tells Jillian that she is going to die when she sees it on TV. Jillian heads into the kitchen. Andrew and Jillian talk about being dressed up. Andrew says first the french maid out fit and now this sh!t. Andrew says that when he was in the diary room he said Do you love it?! Busy?! Gary joins them. Andrew rips off the skirt and hands it back to Gary. Gary says my skirt is hating me right now! Emmett comes out and says we have to take more photos together. Jillian says she has a new line to imitate Andrew “Can some give me a blunt instrument to hit over my head!”

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 330pm

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 341pm

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 4pm

4:20pm Big Brother staff are seen in the storage room fixing Gary’s ball and chain. Gary tries to open the door and hurts himself.
Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 418pm

4:35pm – 5:10pm Andrew and Talla are in the backyard. Andrew is complaining about the situation they are in with Gary being back in the house. Andrew heads into the kitchen and talks to Jillian about wanting Thursday night to come. He says that he feels very confident with getting Jillian’s vote. He says that he just isn’t sure about Emmett’s vote. Jillian says and Gary’s vote. Andrew says it would be so sweet if I stay. Hopefully Emmett doesn’t make the decision to send me out because that will obviously make you mad. Jillian agrees. Andrew tells Jillian if Gary wins HOH … then you or I have got to win the Veto. Which is very possible. If I win the veto or you do …we have to take each other to the final two. I know I will and I hope you will too. (It’s so obvious when Jillian is lying or doesn’t want to answer a question. She won’t look at the person and barely answers.) Jillian tells Andrew I liked the idea or our final two. Andrew says I don’t know what Emmett is going to do and if he keeps his word. What is he thinking keeping Gary .. Talla will take him to the final two. Andrew says I hope if Emmett doesn’t keep me .. then I hope Talla and Gary get to the final two! Andrew asks Jillian if Talla has talked to her. Jillian says I think she thinks she is safe. Talla joins them and they start eating their dinners.

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Woo, I’m glad something fun is happening again. Thank you production!


Uggh does Andrew have to whine about everything!!!! This is a hilarious task.. BBCAN <3 – tasks, twists, and all!


Talla’s having a seizure again – sorry, just dancing again. Is that supposed to be cute?


Does anyone else find it funny that Em and Jil have to dress like Gary and Andrew? With all the jokes about when Andrew was kissing Gary, it is kinda funny that Andrew and Gary might actually be able to get together in the form of Em and Jil.


Sorry…. Just not into the stupid tasks they keep giving them just to spice up feeds and episodes. Come up with better things bbcan. #bored


I wonder if this is BB code?

Em looks like Gary. Jillian can’t be sure that Em’s alliance with Gary is Baloney. But the DR can know.
Jillian looks like Andrew. Keeping Andrew could be good for her. And she may be considering it. Or has talked about in DR
Talla looks like Emmett. We all know she is going to hitch her star to him.
Gary looks Jillian. So maybe it is jill he is really considering for f2. or maybe he SHOULD be cuz of what DR knows
Andrew maybe looks like talla cuz that is who he will vote for in F2 out of spite

Or maybe I’m just PARO !


I think it’s way for them to get Gary to dress like a girl again. That was a huge part of his personality in the house the first time around, and I think they’re trying to “remind” Canada why they love him/ supposedly voted him back in the house.


haha when I first saw the pic of Andrew sitting like that, i thought he was impersonating Jillian!


HAHA OMG too funny ! I hope when Jillian dresses up as Andrew all she does is complain about everything and talk about porn ! And I hope Gary and Talla start making out like JEMMETT LMAO now that would be funny SH*T !


I though Gary was not allowed to change out of his prison uniform.?


looks like the rules don’t apply to Larry… 🙁


So true. I would bet my life that if Andrew had won the POV and was caught snoozing it would’ve been taken away by now and given to Gary, BBCan wants Andrew gone 🙁


I think all game aside, Gary has been hoping to get to dress up his Emmett doll as a glitter Emmett for a long time! 🙂


Gary has over stayed his welcome back by breaking all the set forth BBCanada rules, time for him to leave the game now In some Innovative production twist, thereby leaving the original four house guests their rightful place to compete to the end for BBCanada season one win.


The problem with Andrew this week is he isn’t trying to make a F2 deal with Emmett. Why make one with Jillian or stick with one when she isn’t the one in Power. Considering even if the vote is split Emmett is the deciding factor. Andrew made the worst deal anyways making a F2 with Jillian when he knows she is the biggest liar and can’t keep her mouth shut about things.
Even if you think you can’t win against Emmett in F2 … it’s better than going home 5th. If your not one step ahead then you need to do what you can to survive and see what happens. But b*tching and complaining isn’t going to help your cause. The problem is Andrew keeps talking to Jillian to change Emmett’s mind! How about you start churping and do your own work for a change.
Everyone keeps saying they don’t want to take Talla to the F3 ’cause she doesn’t deserve to be there and might get lucky and end up winning. But then they turn around and say she is terrible at comps. The way I look at it is everyone should be trying to take Talla to the Finals cause no one will vote for someone who hasn;t done anything in the house. Different if she made one move but she hasn’t. So why try and stay with the Best players when the worst is usually the best to go with in the end.
Tall is sitting pretty right now and she should be. Will she win ? NO ! but the way I see it whoever snaps her up 1st is the one that will win. To me Gary is really the only one thinking along these lines at the moment.


Lol look at Gary groping Talla in the group picture… if they really want to be in character, Talla should be the one groping Gary!


I am so sick of andrew whining every minute. Him making a fool of himself with jillian is pathetic how does he not see he is being played the best is him mad at emmitt for not wanting to keep him and in the same breath telling jill that if he stays he will take her to final 3 and back stab emmitt. So why should emmitt keep him? Not sure why he keeps saying why emmitt wants to keep gary instead of him when it is between him and talla all in all he is acting like a five year old.