Andrew: “Talla you going to sleep in Dan’s bed tonight.. smell his sheets”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

9:30pm HOH “Chest” games still underway
Jillian: “look at Emmett listening to music”
Andrew: ‘Hey Emmett don’t take offense but you look like a D1ck”


10:00pm Really hasn’t been much talking.. Andrew and Jillian are still playing a game of “chesT”

The Rooster alarm keeps going off downstairs. Andrew blames it on Gary who is dozing off. Yells out to Big Brother “Take away his Veto”

Jillian and Andrew have worked themselves into a position in Chess that will be very difficult for Andrew to win.

10:04PM Talla and Emmett Hammock

Emmett to Talla “We should be able to go to bed soon”

Talla tells Emmett that Andrew might have a better chance to win the final 2 because he’s gotten so far by himself. Talla thinks that Andrew will take Jillian to the final 2 not Emmett.

Emmett knows this tells Talla not to worry. Emmett: “I know I will win over Andrew.. “
Emmett: “Just..

10:09Am Talla Alone on the hammock “I’m staying this week I don’t care.. what is in my best interest.. ”



10:20PM Andrew gives Gary a kiss.. Gary: “You are so weird”

Andrew then heads to the HOH where Emmett is training her in the game of Chess. Andrew asks Emmett if it’s cool he stays up there, “Otherwise I have to sit downstairs talking to those guys”

10:31pm HOH Ragin Cajuns.

Andrew says he’s glad they are all getting along and it’s not like how Dan said.

TAlla: “Does Chest take 2 hours to end”
Andrew explains to her how “Chest” games can be very quick or long like when they use to play Alec, “He stared at the pieces for 10 minutes”

Andrew: “Talla you going to sleep in Dan’s bed tonight.. smell his sheets”
Talla: ‘Creepy”

Talla says she felt like she made a friend in Dan. Andrew brings up how Dan was telling them that Jamie-Lynn Sigler of Sopranos was a huge Big BRother fan. Dan and his wife when to her house and they did some type of Mock Big Brother Party.

Andrew says that Emmett could do that at his place and use the corn maze as a competition. Andrew jokes if Talla enters the maze 48 hours after they would have to burn the corn down so they could find her remains. Talla laughs..

Andrew: “Single days remaining tomorrow Mein Freund.. holy cow”
Talla gets called in the diary room.


10:51pm Gary joins Andrew, Emmett and Jillian.. Emmett is coaching Jillian in a game of Chess. Andrew and Gary watch.. Everyone is stupid tired very little being said


11:00pm Talla and Gary Kitchen
Talla: “This means we are playing this together you know that right”
Gary: “Umm hmm”
Talla: “And would you rather play with them or me”
Gary: “They don’t even talk to me”
Talla: ‘So we’re picking up where we left of”
Gary: “Umm Hmm”

Talla: “if me or you win POV.. we’re on the same page”
Gary: “their done”
Talla: ‘So they are going to think .. fighting and not working together and that benefits us”

(Hard to hear Talla.. but I think she’s planning to try and make Jillian/Emmett think that her and Gary are fighting)


11:18pm Backyard Jillian, Andrew and Emmett

Andrew tells them he he’s been trying to figure out what to say to GAry tomorrow. Andrew jokes that maybe he’ll take the funny route say something like “I did get you out 2 weeks ago as HOH.. I think it’s only fair that you respect the game and use the Veto on me so that I can do the same thing on thursday Night”
Andrew: “Useless or what”
Emmett: ‘I don’t think that will work.. We have to think outside the box”
Andrew: “Nothing is going to work”
Andrew jokes “Gary if you respect this game I know you go Mano-a-mano
against me while on the block.. and we’ll see what the people want.. the real people”
Jillian: ‘Who’s the people.. use?”

Andrew and Talla head to bed.. Emmett tells Jillian they really need to start studying so they are faster than Gary. They head to the hot tube room to study..

(Video Uploading)


11:47pm Everyone is sleeping but Emmett and Jillian They are getting ready for bed.

Emmett tells her that it doesn’t matter who wins HOH next week it matter who wins POV.
Emmett: “Who do you want to compete against. Talla or Andrew”
Jillian: “I Don’t care.. Talla is going to win 20 thousand dollars doesn’t that freak you out”
Emett: “Why”
Jillian:” She’s going to make it”
Emmett: “Would you rather we take Andrew and he wins it all ”
Jillian: “Too tough for me to call.. you decide”

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In terms of gameplay, I do not have as much respect for Jillian and Talla- HOWEVER, they have a LOT of potential to win over more respect from me, than I have for everyone else. Here’s how:
Jillian- If she drops Emmett at the right time, she officially made one of the best shocking moves in Big Brother History.
Talla- If she gets to the Final 2 and reveals that her strategy was to act dumb, fly under the radar, and not have to win competitions to get there, she could not only win, but may have one of the most unique strategies ever, and it couldn’t be used again! I don’t believe it’s part of her strategy though- but who knows!

Come on girls!


Sorry Cooper I don’t agree with your philosophy on Talla.

Only way Jillian wins is to drop Emmett and play for herself, the episodes show too much emmett influence and that is what the Jury will see.

Talla is playing a horrible game, she told dan that she trusts emmett, jillian and andrew ALL IN THE SAME CONVERSATION….If you are that comfortable in the game, your eyes aren’t open enough in Big Brother.

Also, Ian’s strategy was very similar except Ian knew what he was doing, he was a BIG social player as well which Talla is not. Being friends isn’t the same as forming alliances and gameplay.

My pick is Emmett or Gary to win the whole thing, Jillian will be dropped next week, NEVER been on the block and she thinks winning competitions is what will convince the jury, really stupid plan.


I agree with everything – but I can see where Jillian is coming from. Normally the jury should vote for someone who had a strong game – not just social, but winning competitions. HOWEVER – with all the lying and backstabbing, and never owning up to it, she’s dug her own grabe and anyone who takes her to final 2 will beat her hands down. Unless it’s Talla. Then who knows.


bitter jury syndrome actually isnt that typical in the us…however….jilian’s biggest downfall is that she isn’t seen as playing her own game…if she got emmett out, she would have a better chance

Nana Jo

If Talla is putting on an act, then I agree that it’s been a brilliant and very successful strategy. However, I don’t think that’s the case. She would deserve an Oscar! It would be almost impossible not to show glimpses of your real persona from time to time … especially in the diary room. She hasn’t dropped that scatterbrained, silly, clueless, goofy, over-the-top histrionic act since the moment she backed down the stairs when she entered the house! No … what we see is the real Talla, who I admit is entertaining in small doses.


Lol should they really be concerned that a 12 year old Suzette fan doesn’t respect them?


Jillian is a complete idiot. She just doesn’t think things through. Even Dan tried to give her hints and make her think and she kept saying I don’t know I have to talk to Emmett. Next thing you know she will be asking Emmett if he needs his A*S wiped. She won’t win the game because every move she has made has been what Emmett has been telling her to do. I see her going out the door right after Andrew if she doesn;t win HoH.


Ah maybe the reason Emmett keeps telling Jillian the next week HOH is not important is hoping she won’t win.. As Jillian hasn’t seen BB programs perhaps she doesn’t know winning HOH means you automactically go to the final three. Well in BBUS you do …Maybe Jillian has some idea that the jury gets some sort of score cards and rates a HG game play with points. Thinks she’ll win as she has done more. Won more. Had more evicted etc…She was very mad at Peter who suggested she could lose because of a prejudice jury. Claims that couldn’t happen because of the great game she has played…


love the way gary is lying to everyone … hope he convinces jillian she has the jury and did you see that blow up she had with peter!!! i am sure that she don’t have peter, topez and andrew. that’s the difference between her and emmitt’s game he was sure that when anyone left the house they left on good terms with him. he answer when speaking to them was I’ll talk to jillian when in reality he influenced her decisions. bet she won’t be yelling when she gets out, ” I’m not a dumb girl”. this also explains peter’s interview when she names voting for the toaster before jillian. bad bad move jillian she may not even win against talla … lmao


This is probably the most game i have heard from talla all season lol so much for talla not campaigning against andrew but in alm fairness he is doing the same thing. On joker updates talla conversation with gary to get jemmette out is bs she has stated several times she wants gary out


She’ll say whatever the other HG in the house wants. For the record Andrew isn’t throwing Lala under the bus as others have suggested. He actually thinks E/J will honour the F3 deal he has. Lala is putting the knife square between his shoulder blades. Kind of remonds me of Shelly from BBusa. You save her and she backstabs you next week. There is a good lesson this season in carrying dead wieght like Lala. Let them stick around til jury house and eventualyt just a little luck and she’s F2. You need floaters the 1st 5-6 weeks to get out HG’s as very few times is the house got a majority vote in the strongest alliance. Andrew for 1 is going to be very sorry Thursday he carried this girl. They all forget this isn’t survivor it is much harder in BB to take dead wieght to the final. Along the way most HG’s get evicted themselves. In my next post I’ll explain Andrews only arguement to stay to E/J.


I said this earlier, though I doubt it’ll happen but wouldn’t it be great if Emmett put Jillian up on the block after Gary takes himself off? OF COURSE Gary and Talla would vote out Jillian! There’s the big move. E get J out before she gets you out!


he doesnt think he needs to do that, he doesnt think anyone will come after him…and he might be right unfortunately


I don’t think he’ll do that, though, as Jillian is one of his strongest allies in the house. Emmett isn’t so much concerned about making “big moves” as he is winning this game, and right now he’s much stronger with Jillian than he is with Andrew, Gary, or Talla.


Do none of these house guest know how to play this game? I mean seriously, its time to make some moves that will help you in the final 2, not making small baby step moves. None of these players deserve to win, especially Gary seeing as he has already been evicted… It will be a disappointment no matter who wins at this point.


I hope jillians 1950s housewife is all an act because she absolutely disgusts me at the moment.


At this point I think if Emmett makes it to final 2 he wins the game. I think Emmett would beat Jillian, Talla and Gary in final 2. Andrew being the only one who MAY have a chance to beat him. probably not tho. Emmett has probably played the best game so far, even controlling Jillian’s game.

If Jillian goes to the final 2 with anyone but Talla she will lose and I have a feeling this jury is so bitter they may even vote for Talla to win over Jillian just for revenge. That’s how much the jury hates Jillian.


Andrews only arguement for being saved!

1st let me say after Lala goes up Gary’s vote means almost nothing. He needs E/J it’s that simple. True if Gary and Jillian evict Talla Emmit does not get a say. I’m just thinking no matter what Gary evicts Andrew. Here’s the arguement Andrew likely won’t make because he thinks he’s safe. It is also what the 2 idiots running the show won’t think of.

The arguements is simple…. You need me to compete at F4 for HOH. If not it’s Jillian versus Gary with Emmit on the sidelines. He wins HOH he’s F3. But now what if he wins POV also? He makes Talla the only vote and 1 of you goes home. That’s likely you EMMIT? He he leaves that alone what happens F3. Well if you get Gary out F4 instead Jillian’s only endurance comp threat is Lala. She wins she plays 7 questions. A 50/50 shot at final 2. Emmit she takes Jillian over you. If it’s you two and Gary and Gary beats you and plays Jillian in 7 questions it’s a crap shot who sits in the final. Your best F4 is me, E/J and Gary has the veto. I can compete and have’t broken my word to you guys.

It’s the only arguement that makes sense. If Jillian loses to Gary for HOH they may not sit beside each other in the end. Emmits counting on that for the 100K.


I agree Stan7777… Emmett should keep faithful Andrew for F4.. The HOH automatically advances to F3 status and cannot be voted out. So say Gary throws the comp to Talla.. (Don’t laugh.. It’s possible).. Talla now F3 puts E/J on the block. Gary wins POV.. Bye Bye Emmett… Or Jill wins HOH (Keeps telling her the POV is more important.) She pus up Gary/Talla one of which win POV. Bye Emmett. At this point the only person that can beat Emmett is himself.. And that to is possible.
I also agree with Chili taking about the endless blah blah blah about F2 F3 F4 etc.. Problem is they all screw their game by talkng to much. Making to many promises and alliances. Not keeping their game flexable


Emmett does seem to be torn as to who he should evict this week. Definitely pros & cons to Gary or Andrew going/staying for his game. Of course, we have the luxury of seeing all, knowing who is being true to their word & not. The fact Emmett plays “chest” has been a big help in this game – I can see future players bone up on the game before going into the house!

However, while there’s still a lot of time for Emmett to strategize between now & eviction night (plus the potential there is veto power floating out there for 1 of the players to find that could impact who gets evicted) it does seem that Emmett is so busy looking 3 – 4 moves ahead that he’s missing an important angle on this move, something others have mentioned. The fact that getting rid of Andrew, a most passionately loyal to the 3, next week, he has 2 power jumpers in the game not loyal nor committed to F3 like Andrew.

He knows Lala will float to whoever wins HOH & he has to know he can’t trust Gary. Sure, he could make great argument in Final 2 with Gary to Jury that he doesn’t deserve to win since he was out for 2 wks – BUT 1st he has to make it to F2 to give that argument – the flaw as I see it in his thinking. So busy thinking F2, he has himself there & while he’s giving passing thought to getting from 4 to 2, he’s not focusing enough on that step 1st – at least so far. He has to know Gary knows he doesn’t have as much of a chance against him as he does against Jillian & Lala…

1 disadvantage in a lot of games like this (BB, Survivor) – the games have been played many times, players now know there’s certain formats they keep – the players all keep talking about 3 part Comps at end game, are strategizing accordingly. Same with other comps through the season. I find that kind of boring. I know it’s hard to mix it up though have to say in terms of comps, though BBCan actually has pulled out some pretty inventive ones – I’m sure BBUS will be adapting some of these for their next season. Still familiarity of the game definitely has affected moves players make…. Just saying.

Perhaps Andrew should pitch to Emmett – what if BBCan really throws another Twist & the Final 3 comps aren’t what they think it is? What if it’s something geared to Gary or Lala’s strengths?


this actually has been bugging me! while yes typically there is an endurance a physical and then a quiz mental it isnt ALWAYS true. first, endurance can be one that also requires strength like the holding on to the ropes and being bashed against a wall, not necessaryily favouring jill/talla in the same way that a hold on for your life endurance would. sometimes, the second part is physical, sometimes its a puzzle, sometimes its face morph! you know what they say about assuming…it makes an a** out of u and me!

Even assuming it is going to be similar to bbus…there is no way to guarantee even in us what final 3 hoh comps are going to be! and i think jemmett are smart in studying…but at the same time theyre being a little naive in what they are studying? what are the chances bbc is going to make the comps based on events that happened in diff weeks in the house when gary wasnt there the entire time? They could….but there is a greater possibility they will do other quiz types and I would think a much higher likelihood for facemorph? simon/dawg – thoughts?