Big Brother Canada House Goes Bananas “Just take this coat hanger jam it in my ear and pull out my brain”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?


9:40pm Bedroom Emmett, Jillian and Topaz are trying to find out how ticklish Alec’s is.


9:40pm Have Nots Andrew and AJ

Andrew: “Oh my god why is this taking so long.. Where is Suzette?”

AJ says the girls are all bonding he adds that Topaz and Suzette are sharing stories about rough neighborhoods they lived in, “They have a Ghetto alliance now”

Andrew: ‘She better not fucking win man.. you hear me”
Aj: ‘I’m pretty sure Gary won’t use it”
Andrew: “Lets just get through this comp”
Aj: “gary as the replacement nominee would be the logical choice.. everyone has to go”
Aj is planning on selling himself as useless, “Your name could go up”. Andrew: ‘Dude that is not going to happen..he could put Talla up”

Andrew: “Why didn’t he put up Gary and Suzette”
Aj: “He’s scared.. he’s not thinking with one head more than the other” They come to the conclusion that Alec is semi protecting Gary because Gary and Topaz are friends.

AJ: ‘I have a reason to put him (Alec) up on the block now.. he has given me that card”
Andrew: “Dude lets just get through this week.. it’s a pivotal week”
AJ: “Every week is a pivotal week”

Andrew: “let’s just get out there PLEASE.. and i’m not even in it” (Andrew’s not in the POV comp.. he’s crazy stir crazy right now”
Aj: “The best ally between us is Talla it would suck if she goes up”

Andrew points out that when Liza went home Gary told him he wanted Talla gone “That b1tch’s gotta go home” was his exact words. Aj says that Gary is all over the place they can never figure out whose side he really is one or who his target is.

AJ: “I almost want Suzette to win it so that Alec puts Gary up”
Andrew: “NO”

Aj: “Does anyone ever realize how much waiting around there is in those show?”

(Everyone has gone bananas waiting for the POV)


10:01 Have nots houseguests in and out basically everyone crazy stir crazy

Andrew has gone completely crazy from all the waiting around… Andrew grabs the coat hanger tells them “Just take this coat hanger jam it in my ear and pull out my brain” Alec and Topaz start making out in front of AJ and Talla..

AJ: “Is it weird that I constantly stare at these people making out” They decide to do a “mock” porno… (you really need to watch the videos on this.. Andrew is hilarious. Team 3 stooges)_





10:03pm Bedroom Suzette and GAry

Suzette says she might have to move away because of some “stalker Weirdos”
It sounds like Suzette has accepted that she’s going home unless she wins the POV. She tells Gary she’ll know how to leverage her fame on Big Brother Canada for better things outside the house.
Suzette is glad she made it this far in the game she’s also happy that Canada got to see she was a competitor. (Apparently she did well in the HOH)
Suzette mentions how awesome Gary’s makeup looks. Says that Emmett did s great jobs. Gary: “I know.. I Kinda have a crush on him”


10:18pm Peter is sick


10:19pm Andrew losing his mind some more

10:20pm Alec starts kissing Topaz while starring at AJ / camera

10:30pm HUSH HUSH…
10:51pm HUSH HUSH…
11:40pm HUSH HUSH…
12:40AM Feeds back!

( POV Comp is happening right now.. looks like an all-nighter for OBB! )

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Lol, Topaz has already said, a couple of times, that she is going to change her name after the show. Hmm… I wonder if she will go for another precious stone like sapphire or Amethyst. By the way, the convo between Talla, AJ, Topaz and Alec (in the bathroom) was hilarious. I hate to say this but AJ is beginning to grow on me (I couldn’t stand him at first)


AJ takes 1 step forward and two steps back with me. He is very insightful and intelligent but its like you have to talk to him for a while (or at least not about the game) for you to realize he’s an intelligent man.


I don’t want to see a repeat of BB12 with a big alliance taking everyone down, again.
I hope Mama Bear doesn’t give up and wins that PoV! Mama Bear’s not going anytime soon!


Indeed Cooper, someone needs to nip this in the bud. I really think Emett (However you spell the kid’s name, I hope I’m right) should turn the tables on Alec and Topaz and Peter to get revenge for Tom (Although I hate tom and he does not deserve to be avenged), I really really want to see action, I can’t be the only one bored to death and this is their first season! We need the Janelle’s, the Dr Will’s, the Dan’s, the Danielle’s (BB3), the Donatos, the James’ (BB6&7). I want action, now if Alec where to stab Topaz in the back, or Topaz stab Alec, that would also be entertaining, bring me some action BB! I feel like all they do is sit around and have conversations about their lives because there is little game to be played these days because everybody seems to be in this one big alliance with god (Alec).



AJ says the girls are all bonding he adds that Topaz and Suzette are sharing stories about rough neighborhoods they lived in, “They have a Ghetto alliance now”
Aj: “gary as the replacement nominee would be the logical choice.. everyone has to go”

That means you to AJ cause what exactly is your game YOU HAVE NO GAME no better then Suzette.
Sorry to hear that Suzette & Topaz have lived in no so good areas like you rich Boy. But to say they have a Ghetto Alliance REALLY Your a weak MAN AGAINST THESE STRONG WOMEN THATS WHY YOU WANT Suzette OUT CAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR WEAK NEXT TO HER & TOPAZ


so very true .. where does AJ get off saying these people have to go …. they have no game play … oh wait .. he is the flip side of Peter …lol . yep that guy that sits off in a corner and stares great game play there buddy … and to cut up Gary .. omg at least he is playing the game not cutting others up that might be a threat to him AJ .. and his getto comment .. low really low .. why is he not bragging the fact that he still lives with mommy and daddy in the basement … geeeeeeeeeesh that excuse is getting sickening .. sorry about the rant .. ps hope the good lord willing and suzette stays and we wave AJ out the door … he did say she (suzette shouldnt be here) she dont need the money .. some one hand me a size 12 boot so i can kick him out of the BB house…lol


Excellent analysis! :)


i dont want gary winning this pov suzzette doesnt need a free pass again …….go hard or go home …. i just hope gary doesnt win this pov because his ego already through the roof getting people to see him as this mythical queen i cant stand she …….i see topaz always always hyping this fool up …….


I enjoy watching Andrew. He had me in stitches when he was losing his mind. Very entertaining guy.


I’m glad they’re doing a POV at night. It’ll give the super cool people like me something to keep an eye out for tonight!


The house needs Tom back.


has anyone heard who won the POV .. watching the feed and not getting a clue…lol


I think it was. Andrew just said something to that effect.


Ok sooo Andrew is frickin hilarious. I was dying laughing watching him.

Simon, put that on Tumblr!


well listening to suzette she is going out with some class .. good for her …. lmao.. sad to see the goon squad continue to go after her … toms little muppets …lol


Did Emmett win Veto?


yes tom win veto i so glad he win


I personally think that Emmett and Jillian are fake and need to go. Take Aj ,and and Andrews back stabbing ,crap talking, behinds with them.Talla needs to relax.I love Gary,Peter,Alec ,Topaz and Suzette is useless .Jillian and the stupid act she puts on is killing me.She can’t think without Emmett telling her what to think.


emmette win


What’s going on with Peter since Lie za left.Hes so anti social and boring.Jillian ,Emmett and Peter in the finals would be so boring.I won’t be watching any longer if Gary leaves.The rest are boring.