Big Brother Canada 3 – Everybody wants good F***ing TV!

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The Big Brother Canada 3 première is just over 6 weeks away and we can’t wait to find out more details about the new season. The teaser commercials are slowly being released but unfortunately the specifics are still being kept a secret. The video below highlights Big Brother Canada 2 house guest Sabrina Abbate AKA The Gremlin screaming about viewers wanting good TV. (AND YES! That’s what we want!!)


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8 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada 3 – Everybody wants good F***ing TV!

  1. Marsha!!! We want Marsha!!!

    Also, I’m seriously hoping the Executive Vice-Presidents In Charge Of A$$-Covering over at Global TV don’t turn out to be prudes who take away BBCAN’s edginess. “Ooooh, this competition seems a little too risqué. Can you make it more happy and family-friendly?” I’ve seen many TV execs with no spine put their stamp of blandness on a show; Please don’t let that happen here! I want good f-ing TV!

  2. so wednesday night evictions this season? with the later start, and if its again 71 days then maybe they enter on wed 18 march, first episode mon 23 march, first eviction wed 25 march immediately followed by start of live streaming…and perhaps a wed may 27 finale? if it is wednesday evictions, then im assuming all events of the normal canada/usa bb week would be a day earlier than normal…so noms taking place thursday instead of friday, veto taking place friday instead of saturday, veto ceremony sunday instead of monday, vote, eviction and hoh wednesday instead of thursday…and bb wednesday evictions would also mean survivor evictions followed by big brother evictions on the same night…global tv eviction wednesdays

    cant wait for this websites amazing coverage of this season, with the awesome youtube feed videos and great discussion…bb can is the best bb as its the only one that stays with the regular 2 noms and 1 veto format(no mvp/3 noms or 2 hoh/4 noms/battle of the block etc)…simon and dawg your efforts are greatly appreciated

    1. Hey! You beat me to the breakdown of the events! Great assumptions and thank you for the praise! I’m excited for it to start all over again. Thanks for checking in! Hopefully we’ll have more news about the new season revealed soon :)

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