Big Brother Canada: Gary won a power to veto a POV Player & ALEC CHEATED!

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week

Big Brother Canada March 26 2013 630pm

*** GARY won the power to remove & replace one of the Power of Veto Players in next weeks POV competition. ***

9:20pm Andrew and Jillian are in the bathroom talking about how during the dinner they had to wear blind folds and open something. Andrew says that Alec CHEATED and took off his blindfold. Andrew comments that he was scared it was for this week. jillian comments that she is so mad and that she won’t forget about this!!! Andrew tells her to just kiss him right now! Andrew tells Jillian that her little a$$hole boyfriend won’t let anyone win anything. Jillian says he is not my boyfriend. Andrew says well kiss me! In the kitchen Andrew comments to Alec that he is so fu*king pissed off. Fu*king Piñata! (Apparently after the dinner the house guests got a Piñata where they wore blindfolds. And Alec cheated by taking off his blindfold. Gary picked it up first but Alec grabbed it.) Alec and Aj comment on how they got the dinner and the others got the chance at the power. Alec says can you imagine if Suzette had won that!? Andrew tells Alec “that was a d!ck move!” Andrew and Emmett head out to play a game of Air hockey. Andrew comments on how that was a d!ck move for Alec. Andrew says that Jillian was pretty pissed off. They talk about how they really want to get Gary out next week. Emmett says that he plans to put up Talla and Topaz .. and then back door Gary. Andrew says that he would put him straight up with Topaz. Andrew says that he likes Peter …and some times likes Alec but some times he really pisses me off.

9:45pm – 9:55pm In the kitchen: Suzette, topaz and Gary are talking about the veto ticket. Suzette says so your prize was that you got a veto ticket to replace one of the players in a Power of Veto Competition. Gary says yeah. He comments that Emmett was already pressuring him to use it on him (Emmett) so he can play the veto competition. Topaz comments that Alec grabbed it from Gary and tired to hide it but that it was whoever picked it up first so Gary won it.

10pm Alec, Peter, Emmett and Andrew are out in the hot tub talking. Peter brings up how even if Gary isn’t playing in the Power of Veto competition he can use his power and replace one of the players with himself to try and win it to make sure he doesn’t get back doored. Alec and Andrew says yeah I didn’t even think about that. Peter says that Gary might not even think of that though. Andrew says yeah but Big Brother will make sure he knows because they want him to stay. Emmett talks about his foot and says its fine he just hopes the HOH competition isn’t a jumping comp. The conversation turns to talking about if Topaz had quit the game or Emmett had hurt his foot too badly and had to leave.. they wonder if Big Brother would keep Suzette or bring back another house guest. Andrew is worried about Gary winning HOH this next week. Alec says that even if he wants you gone, we have the votes. Andrew says if you did decide to get me out, that’s fine .. I would just haunt you in your fu*king nightmares! Andrew gets called to the diary room.

10:30pm Alec, Peter and Emmett talks about what scenarios could happen next week and the week after. Alec says that he is more worried about Talla than anyone else in the game. Emmett says she doesn’t even know what she would do .. its the last person that talks to her. They think Talla would put up Emmett and Jillian. None of them think they can trust Gary’s word after the Tom thing. They all agree that Gary has deals all over the place. Emmett gets called to the diary room. Andrew comes out and Emmett and Peter head inside. Peter says he is going to bed. Alec and Andrew talk about the scenarios. Alec tells Andrew if he takes out Topaz he won’t come after him. Andrew wonders why Gary is after him. Alec says its probably that he doesn’t like your humour. Andrew says he is confused he because some times he is flirtatious with me and other times he is pissy with me. Alec tells Andrew if Peter is up on the block with Andrew … Alec says that he will campaign to keep Peter. That’s just the gods honest truth. Andrew says that’s fine ..and I will try my hardest to get Jillian and Emmett’s vote. Alec says that if it comes down to the final two .. I will take Peter. Alec says that he knows Andrew doesn’t have the highest opinion of Peter and that you think he is a floater.. Andrew says that he is a floater .. he hasn’t won anything or tried to win anything. He’s a great social player but that’s it.

11pm – 11:30pm Jillian and Emmett join them. The conversation turns to talking about Liza. Alec explains that Peter was actually pretty broken up about Liza leaving because he said girls don’t usually like him. They talk about when Liza’s lies got exposed. Alec gets called to the diary room. Andrew asks Jillian and Emmett why am I now the target. Andrew tells Emmett and Jillian that Alec said if he (Andrew) and Peter were on the block ..he says he would campaign for you to keep Peter. Emmett says of course he would. Emmett then tells Andrew that he would vote for him over Peter. Andrew heads inside.

Meanwhile in the bedroom: Gary talks to Suzette and Topaz in the bedroom.

11:40pm Jillian and Emmett are making out in the hot tub room. Meanwhile Topaz and Alec are talking game up in the HOH room.
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Alec is a sissy boy


So if Gary won POV, you think he can replace Suz with Andrew or Talla??


I think It’s for the POV player not this weeks POV… Not a super powerful ability but still can be useful







do you have a video of emmett and jillian in the hot tub rroom together ?


Thank god no I am sick of suzzette weasling her way off but it is a veto pass which allows gary to play veto by replacing on of the veto players with himself but since the veto already was played then it will only be in effect next week after suzzette leaves.


Alec needs to get a penalty for cheating.


seriously. this is getting ridiculous, cheating all the time. they need to cut down on this crap, on everyone. automatically disqualify them or in alec’s case who it seems is doing it all the time, ban him for the next challenge and/or veto.


Andrew needs to take a “late night shower.” He’s starting to get a little creepy.


Ya its been like that for a while he needs to fuck
He’s smelling and combing tallas hair
Close to mouth fucking jillian in the bathroom
Slapping topazs ass
Doing God knows what to Gary

And he probably can’t jerk off because there are kids everywhere

#blueballs #cabinfever #getitin


Yup! Hrmmm… kind of looks like the Halifax sleepwatcher now that I think about it.


if you are speaking of Andrew…from Newfoundland.


from Newfoundland but living in Halifax the past few years.





Wtf is going on with Alec. I didn’t think he was so crazy..he is literally obsessed with topaz I don’t care what anyone says, anytime aj talks to or touches her he is all over her the next min, he breaks emmetts foot and he is supposed to be a huge threat esp to Gary but is now crippled, he cheats and gAary wins (the second time this has happened).

The more he trys to fuck people over the more things end up going wrong…and I’m loving it.





I don’t know why, but I just feel that BB Canada production is way too involved in the outcome/results of too many of the comps and its getting way too obvious they’re trying to control the order in who gets evicted and when. Other than this blog the actual Game has been boring. We all know what’s gonna happen tomorrow and who’s’s going home on Thursday. Something big needs to happen and it needs to happen soon.


People like you complaining how “boring” it is are the reason production gets involved to manipulate the game in the first place. Why be so impatient? It can’t be crazy entertaining stuff 100% of the time. On Big Brother 6, that Janelle vs Friendship stuff didnt even really start until her boy Kaysar was backdoored in episode 18 or something.
Complaining about how the game is naturally taking place shows me that person is not a real fan of the game. Suzette had to go at some point. Hopefully no more bs happens by production because people like you want unrealistic twists, shifts of power, manipulated drama, etc. *smh*


I honestly think Canadians have a different value structure than Americans. In the states they might say we ll fuck over anyone and do anything to get the money so production doesn’t have to “pull teeth” to get them to do things.

Whereas most of the cast is here for the experience,research, to make friends, get famous and some want the money but it seems secondary.

I mean production can’t even get topaz out of bed for 100 000 unless there is a huge consequence

Also it might be that the cast is pretty young and need more structure.


If you are insinuating that US BB does not manipulate the game then your completely wrong. I have only been watching BB since season 12 and over the 3 seasons of BB i have watched, i realized that production was manipulating the game. Take season 13 for instance, Rachel only won because production wanted her to win and that last challenge, i believe, was geared to her advantage. If she didnt win, she was definitely going to get a evicted.


It’s true that they are generally all very ‘buddy buddy’ with one another. It seems like they all want to get along for the most part and only snap when they hit their limit.

I think it’s just a very Canadian thing. People are very chummy and just want to get along and enjoy themselves.

But I do agree with the point about Age. I think they needed a few middle aged cast members. For a first season though, I can see them trying to aim for a more wild crowd – which they accomplished. Topaz and Talla the other night we a rare sight in the US version.

Next season of BBCA we will probably see a lot more age diversity.


Ya I rather have Alec break my foot than listen to another person with an age complex


If they really were controlling the game as much as you make it out to seem, Tom would have stayed in the house. As you said the house is boring now and people are getting really creepy (andrew, aj, and peter), and alec is becoming a pussy. This dullness of the house could have been avoided had big brother f’d with the game to keep him in the house. If not him, then definitely LIZA. Liza started alot of drama and it was good for ratings; had big brother been really manipulating the game, they would have prob tried to keep her in the house.

And i may be clueless, but i dont see where your coming from when you say BB is really meddling with the game. Gary legitimately one the POV thing, NOT ALEC. Alec cheated and should be punished. at first it was funny, but now its just getting stupid. I was initially rooting for him, but he is really getting on my nerves; particularly after the ipod thing. He threw her under the bus, then right after that he went back to clinging to her.


I genuinely think Tom and Liza had to go the house seems more fun without them. People are talking to eachother more about all kinds of shit instead of just strategy.

This does add to the drama because Alec definately has two personalities he was all sad when topaz didn’t want to spend the night and then apparently loathes her…he definately deserves that gold statue.


YES! Team Glitter!


it’s funny how two days ago i was like they need to bring back that moose thingy to flip the house coz it was getting too boring . All they bring is a Piñata with a veto ticket?!! i guess that can work for next week, now im a little excited


yup, i used to like alec, but for such a fan of bb he sure does cheat, and im starting to hate his attitude. hes acting like a pu*sy.
im also starting to hate on peter. he’s starting to look like a floater to me. sure, he pulls some strings, but come on get your hands dirty a bit, all he does feed off of other people !!! T_T


This is by no means throwing shade on your comment but what are the “strings” Peter pulled and for whom and when?


You know, that’s a good question, I was trying to give peter the benefit if th e doubt, if anything he just has a bit of influence on a few of the other players


it’s funny how two days ago i was like they need to bring back that moose thingy to flip the house coz it was getting too boring . All they bring is a Piñata with a veto ticket?!! i guess that can work for next week, now im a little excited


its a test


In the case scenario that people have been speculating in which a former houseguest comes back, wouldn’t that houseguest have to have been closed off from “outside” still. The evicted houseguests have been doing radio and the odd basement chat interview and some such nonsense and clearly are privy to knowledge (as we are) and thus might have an extreme advantage. That wouldn’t make sense and would be (to say the least) inordinately unfair wouldn’t it?


You are correct in your assumption. There is zero possibility that production will be bringing back a previously evicted contestant this year. Once they enter back into the “Real World” they cannot go back into the game due to the unfair advantage which you outlined in your post.
The other reason there will not be any returning players is that this season had 15 house guests but the show runs for only 10 weeks. After Thursday’s episode there will be 9 HG’s and only 6 weeks remaining. Due to this they will still need to have at least 1 more double eviction or fast forward week making a returning HG even more unlikely.


Thanks ever-so-much for your concise explanation. Much appreciated.


Team glitter!


ohhhh. Alec cheats again! (i mean “bends the rules”)

Shakira Stan

I’m so proud of Glitter! I’m starting to get sick of Alec and Peter!


Alec Is a cheater! Can he not win anything without cheating?!?!?! NOPE he can not and he is a horrible HOH and cannot play the game worth peanuts. Trying to get others to do your dirty work is not playing Big Brother. Emmett is not so honest either. Emmett can go back to the Dairy Farm and take Jillian with him. I mean Tom saved him he never even helped Tom or wont make big moves or even communicate. Waiting for the POV to call someone out WTF? These guys know they are only loosing when they cheat regardless if it’s a game or not; cheaters never win and winners never cheat. END OF. Wouldn’t that be funny if Alex and Emmett were the final two (hope not) and were left to convince the jury to award them the prize all they could say was we cheated and we cheated we never made big moves and we lied oh wait and lied some more. That is what they are doing. Come on guys this is not true Big Brother this is just sad it’s just so predictable!

Producers are stepping in for a reason to lay an even playing field. Garry is the ONLY one making moves or has he in my opinion deserves to win without him the show would be bullies running the show. Yes, Garry has talked down and been a bit bossy yet he’s been the most forth coming and not ashamed about who he is and who he talks to in the house; like some well many others in the game. I hope all good things come his way after the show. They keep referring to other Big Bothers ie US or UK, but they don’t play like them at all.

Johnny Cakes

You have your opinion and I have mine. I don’t feel sorry for Alec in no shape or form maybe if he would be able to communicate and be honest (you can be honest in the game regardless if it’s a game) then he wouldn’t have the shower door opened and if Tom did anything wrong he would have been kicked off the show, but Tom wasn’t and didn’t. I don’t think what Tom did was right he should of handled his emotions otherwise, but I don’t feel sorry for Alec as Tom said “he walks around half naked all day”. Alec cries over everything, cheats, and lies.

Just saying..

You are entitled to your opinion for sure.. But I just wanted to say that Gary Glitter lies too – it’s just part of the game.. you twist what you say and bend the rules when you can. Also… personally, for me, the week where Alec was HOH wasn’t as bad as watching Gary’s HOH (esp conversations with Topaz) or Tom’s HOH conversations.


Hey i agree with almost everything you say untilyou start talking about Alec and Tom’s shower door drama. Walking half naked all the time is totally different than getting exposed on national tv for the whole world to see. I think Tom was out of line and what he did is degrating and unjustifiable.


Simon, I heard Gary can use his veto to take a nomination on the block and then he lied to topaz telling her he could only change one of the veto players. is this true??


I saw this too – posted elsewhere…


Yes that is true


Now am curious to know what topaz will do or how she will react when she finds out gary lied about his veto.


f$%% glitter .rivers are running backwards sun is shinning at midnight and dog shit is turning to rainbows because production just found away to save glitter next week knowing everyone wants that bitch out…..gary contract just got renewed



I wouldn’t take the thumbs down points on this post personally – it’s probably for the people in the post.




These two never cease with the bad decisions.


Do you guys think they made nasty-dirty love yet? lol This girl is filthy when it comes to sex, you can tell. Nd those are ugly tattoos; they might have to give Dr. Tatoff a call very soon.


I love Gary and Suzette together. They are just such good friends. Putting on makeup, talking about their dreams of fame. It’s really cute.


Just confused.. some other sites say that Gary told Suzette that he actually has the power to take a nominee down from the block – so does he have a power of veto or the power to influence who is in the comp?


We only post what we hear on the feeds ourselves, so we heard the power to be something different. Whether or not Gary lied and told Suzette something else we didn’t hear that. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Gary winning the DPOV which may be a little far fetched but you never know.



Thanks Simon. :)
I don’t think it is for this week – but who knows.


What I read on another site is he won the power to remove someone from competing in the Power of Veto and Emmett has been “aggressively” telling him to use it on him. His foot being injured is not going to help him compete so this all makes sense if it is true.


well i hope he cnt use it, i dont want him to save suzette, because then tala will be replaced,hoping for talla or andrew or aj to win hoh those 3 cn do damge only if they get the right people out first alec needs to go then emmit and jillian or gary but start getting the stronger people gone crossing my fingers


I just watched to tape of the soccer game where Emmett got hurt. TOTAL BITCH MOVE on Alec’s part. I can’t wait to see this punk go.


Just wanted to respond to BBKs’ comment about complaining of boredom. U have a good point. I think the I’m too invested in the show because I want it to last as long as its American predocessor. So when it gets a lil’ slow I get nervous that nobody will give a crap about it and it won’t return next year. Hence, the need for constant entertainment. I don’t see anything wrong with a lil’ entertainment though. And for the record, I’m a hardcore Big Brother fan and Survivor fan. I’ve been watching since 2003! Just don’t have the time on my hands to watch After Dark for 3 hours every night. Some people do have to get up for work in the morning.