Big Brother Canada: The House Guests Compete in the HaveNot Competition this Morning!

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec

Big Brother Canada March 8 2013 810am

8am – 8:50am Big Brother turns on the lights in the house to wake up the house guests. In the havenot room Topaz comments on how there is a havenot competition in one hour. Talla complains about having cramps. She stumbles getting up and Alec calls her a sloppy mess as she leaves the room. They all get up and head to the kitchen and bathroom to make breakfast and get ready. Liza talks to Andrew in the kitchen about how they need to have a havenot competition so that those on slop can get off it. Emmett and Peter are talking out on the backyard couches. Peter says that they are probably still 4 hours away from the havenot competition. He says that they still have to lock us out of the backyard, set up the challenge, then call us into the living room. Liza and Alec join them outside. Peter says that he is so nervous he could puke. Alec says he hopes if they do lose today that at lease when they come back inside they have something for us.

Big Brother Canada March 8 2013 832am

8:55am – 9:10am Alec says, Andrew you’re a wise old man. Do you think they would cock-a-doodle-do me if I go back to sleep now. Andrew says he thinks you have to stay up for a certain amount of time before you can go back to bed, that or paint eyes on your eye lids. In the kitchen, Emmett, Jillian, Topaz, Andrew waking up. Jillian dares Andrew to put the slop bucket on his head so Andrew does it and starts a strip tease.

9:25am – 9:45am Out in the backyard: Andrew, Alec, Topaz, Peter and Talla are talking. Talla talks about how she doesn’t trust Aneal and why she voted to keep Danielle. Talla says that she talked to someone (Tom) and they said that it didn’t matter if I voted against the house. Alec asks but what if someone else did that too. She says that she never got a chance to tell Aneal she doesn’t trust him. Alec asks if Talla did it because Danielle is better for her game. She says that neither Danielle nor Aneal are better for her game.

9:50am – 10am Aneal tried to go back to sleep but Big Brother woke him up and told him to make all the beds. When he’s finished he comes into the kitchen and says that he completed his task and cleaned the bathroom but he wasn’t told he was rewarded with $10,000. Meanwhile up in the HOH room: Tom and Liza are up in the HOH room. Tom asks Liza to tell him a joke. She starts but forgets it and stops, then starts again in a baby voice. Tom gets annoyed that she’s talking in a baby voice. He tells her he is going to listen to music until she acts her age.

10:10am The live feeds switch to the “hush, hush” screen..

10:35am – 11:10am Gary and Topaz are lying on the hammock talking. Gary says that he thinks Aneal is a liar. He says that Aneal says that smoking and smokers are disgusting but I saw 3 packs of smokes in the bottom of his suitcase. Topaz asks how did you see them? Gary says he was walking by when Aneal was emptying his suitcase and I asked him what it was and he said don’t worry about it. Gary says that doesn’t trust Aneal. Gary and Topaz start talking game. Topaz tells Gary about how Liza wants the guys out. Topaz says that she is willing to take out the guys: Emmett, Tom, Aj, Aneal. Gary thinks Tom will get Suzette out next week and that he will try to take out Aneal or me. Topaz says its crazy you don’t know who to trust. Gary says don’t trust anyone but me and Alec. They agree that they need to start getting the guys out because they are getting all the girls out. Gary says guys love pu$$y but they will choose di*k over pu$$y. Gary says that Talla is as fake as fu*k. Gary and Topaz call their alliance the “secret wedding alliance”. They talk about not trusting Liza and decide to feed stuff to Liza to see if it gets back to Tom. Topaz thinks Liza and Peter have been hanging out a lot lately. Gary says that Peter has a deal with everyone. Gary says that he will tell Tom that if Suzette is really the target, I am down with that. Topaz tells Gary to make a deal tighter than that. Gary says that he will tell Tom I will do your dirty work and get rid of the people you can’t get rid of and have the dirt on my hands. Big Brother tells the house guests they are on an indoor lock down.

Video of Gary and Topaz’s conversation:

11:10am – 11:30am Tom, Aj and Talla are up in the HOH room talking about Aneal and how they don’t trust him. Emmett joins them. Emmett sits for a minute then leaves. Tom asks both Talla and Aj who they want nominated. Both Talla and Aj want Gary and Suzette up on the block. Tom says that two more weeks in the house with people ignoring Suzette she will either eat herself or walk out the door. Tom says that he wants Gary out first and to be able to say I got him out. Tom tells Aj and Talla to break Suzette down. Tom says that day 3 Suzette tried to make a deal with Emmett and I, first of all my back isn’t strong enough to carry her.
Video of the HOH conversation:

11:30am – 12pm Alec and Topaz are in the havenot room talking. Topaz is worried about Alec telling everything she tells him to Peter. Alec says that he won’t tell Peter anything. Topaz brings up how Liza has been talking about how its guys against girls. The feeds switch to the hush hush screen. When they come back Topaz is telling Alec she wouldn’t trust a girls alliance. Alec tells Topaz that its her, him and Peter final three. Alec tells Topaz they will try and keep Gary around. Alec admits he threw the HOH competition because once Gary and Suzette were out there was no point in winning it. Alec says once Liza was out I threw it, plus I didn’t want people to catch on that everyone was selecting A, A, A. Alec tells Topaz to no push too hard for Gary to stay until after the POV. Alec says that Gary is a smart player but he is an emotional player.
Big Brother Canada March 8 2013 1142am

12:15pm – 12:25pm Jillian, Liza, Tom and Emmett are up in the HOH room talking about the Gary and Suzette nominations. They all agree that getting Danielle out was a good decision. Jillian and Liza leave the HOH room. Tom talks to Emmett about how Liza dated one of the Backstreet Boys. Tom says she is hot but she isn’t that hot.

12:40pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

1:45pm Live Feeds are still blocked..

2:50pm More Hush Hush…

3:35pm Blocked feeds continue..

4:35pm Just about 4 hours of blocked feeds for the Havenot competition..

5:15pm No end in sight.. hopefully soon the feeds will be turned back on..

5:50pm HUSH HUSH Continues..

6:10pm The producers in the big brother Canada Control room wake up from their nap.. The live feeds are back!

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It will be fun watching Tom’s already big head grow with the power of HOH. By the end of the week he will probably have pissed a lot of people off. He might find himself on the block next week if he isn’t careful. Gary and Suzette are going to go nuclear when they are put on the block. Listening to the feeds last night it sounds like Suzette went on a bitchy rant after Danielle left and Gary fell to pieces. This week should be fun. I’m pretty sure Alec and Peter threw the competition. So far they are safe and are better off letting the others in their “alliance” get the blood on their hands. I was kind of hoping Aneal or AJ won because who knows what they would have done. During the tie breaker I was thinking WWAJD (what would AJ do). He was annoying at first, but I don’t mind him anymore. He’s actually pretty funny. Who doesn’t know a guy like AJ? Andrew is becoming one of my favorites. I hope Gary stays and Suzette goes this week. Gary is the only one that could break the alliance of 9, though the chances that Tom will cause fractures is pretty good. The guy is a big enough douche as it is. With the HOH power he will probably be even worse. As I predicted, Liza is going to be in trouble very soon. Lucky for her Tom won’t put her up. She will be one of the first to go once the stragglers are gone.


There will be lots of great trash talking coming from Garry and Suzette this week. I’m with you hoping that Garry stays over suzette.

You are totally right Liza most likely will be the first to go of the core 3 showmances.

AJ and Andrew are the wild cards every day on the feeds they get more interesting and fun to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised that the power shift to them if they can survive these next 2 week. Aj and Anderw have a oldmance


“oldmance” – LOL!
Really wish those 2 were into it more.
Well….many others too.
Seriously, 10,000 auditions and this is the cast?
I have a feeling ratings won’t last –
unless Doughboy gets the boot to the
or folks up the ante and make some real
At least Gary is living large
while Tom has the class of a garbage barge
all Emmitt uses to think is his carrot
and Jill is mostly a colourful parrot.


Please get rid of suzette she is UGLY to watch she is fat lol booooooooooooooo Danielle is gone:((( sad


No need to be so rude


Their is no need to attack appearance, that she isnt a very good player will suffice.
just saying……….


OMG! Tom is driving me nuts! I didnt think he could be ruder. Hoping people get tired of him sooner then later. Think I’m liking Peter the best,
I understand why some think they need to throw comps, does anyone think this is a good or bad idea?


It’s really disgusting how people attack Suzette for her weight. I still hope for her to leave over Gary, but it’s a shame Tom + other house-guests and viewers think it’s okay to make those negative comments. I wish they would both stay.


I agree with you about Suzette. Even tho I do find her a bit lazy she shouldn’t be attacked for her weight. She went thru the same process to get into the house as a skinny Minny. If anyone should be attacked then go after Tom for his personality alone.


Why ? It her fault (choice)
Why is it ok to say Tom is a douche?
Maybe because he is in somebody’s opinion well Suzette is fat…
I fail to see the problem with the observation. If she has a problem with her weight she should do something about it. If she doesn’t then who cares not her….
This cast is pretty good overall I do prefer to stick to game play but all is fair game especially in big brother when all of the cast make judgements about each other and so do we about them…
Suzette for the win lol…


Tom is the rudest and jillian and emmet who do they think they are..a farm hick boy and east coast whiney voice none of them are star material so they should all get off their high horses the three of them together wouldn’t make it ..wish bb would have put some older people in the cast tom and jillian would be out on their ass where they should be real soon


Hi Simon and Dawg!
I have been a fan of your updates for a couple of big brother series, I’m so excited it’s in Canada now!! I’m from the US but I’m totally obsessed with Canada!! My Grandfrather emigrated(sp?) from Ontario in The 1920’s.

Anyway, I finally saw the 4th episode online yesterday where Peter(who I LOVE) was talking to Marsha Moose. I don’t Know if anyone said this yet-but didn’t it totally sound like Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall?


Hey Susan, I’ll need to re-watch it I think I missed the Marsha Moose episode.


The moose thing was related to Peter needing to get 3 comments into conversations for house reward I believe. It was pretty good stuff actually.


The Marsha Moose voice is Trevor Borris from a Canadian show called video on trial. He’s really funny


Last nights eviction show confirmed alot of what I was guessing about the house dinamic. I thought Peter was to smart to be a floater. He is also smart enough not to do his best work during BBAD. I tape that daily and rarely get a glimps of him talking except in inaudible mumbles between he and Alex. I think the shield(terrible name) can become something if they keep playing smart. ie No blood on thier hands and keep removing girls from the game. They already realize that Liza is definately a longterm threat. PS I hate the use of the term “longterm threat’! :P :P

As for Tom he’s just playing the classic “muscle” game. It rarely gets to the end.


Here is a breakdown of each houseguest and which former BBUS Houseguest they remind me of, either by gameplay, personality or both:
1. Tom – Jessie BB10 & BB11
2. Emmett – Drew BB5
3. Peter – Dan BB10 & BB14 (more his gameplay in BB10)
4. Liza – Britney BB12 & BB13 (but not as funny)
5. Aneal – Kevin BB11
6. Jillian – Jordan BB11 & BB13
7. Suzette – Gerry BB11
8. Talla – Lawan BB13
9. AJ – Howie BB6 & BB7
10. Kat – Natalie BB11
11. Topaz – Porshe BB13
12. Andrew – Marvin BB6 (this was a tough one)
13. Danielle – Autumn BB2
14. Alec – Kaysar BB6 & BB7
15. Gary – Cross between Janelle BB6, BB7 & BB14 And Zingbot

Feel free to offer your own!


7. Suzette – Gerry BB10


Hey DS, wicked post I agree with most except for 1 and 4
Tom = mix between Russell BB11/Willie BB14/bit of JEssie bb10/11
Can’t think of one for Liza :(

Suzette = Gerry (BB10) LOL too funny I geuss this means she’ll make it to final 3 and fall in the pool


Thanks Simon,
That pool line was great lol.
I appreciate your input and all the work you and Dawg put into this site.
I agree with your analysis of Tom. I was actually trying to choose between Russell and Jessie. Liza was a tough one for sure.


Liza reminds me a big of Shelly, playing all sides. Talla reminds me of Ashley from BB14.


Hey Simon,
I just realized something….I have a correction

15. Gary = Janelle + Zingbot = Rachel BB12 and BB13 lol