Big Brother Spoilers Peter Tells Andrew If He wins HOH Talla and Jillian are going up

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


9:31pm Houseguests waking up Andrew and Alec eating cereal chatting about random things. Andrew says how some people in the house have said they wish it game would last longer but he doesn’t, “I would rather shoot myself in the head”. They joke about them getting another activity to play with like a pool table, Andrew: “Canada has voted for you to have a ice pick to scramble your brains.. I’ll play first”

Alec starts to say how awkward it is being with Topaz right now. During the day they are enemies but and night they are close. Alec finds himself getting closer to Topaz but further away from the rest of the house.


9:40pm HOH Jillian and Emmett

Jillian brings up should she tell Topaz that Alec throws her under the bus all the time. Jillian knows whatever she tells Topaz will go back to Alec.

Emmett: “I Topaz wins next week she won’t put up Talla.. She’ll put up Andrew and Me.. that is bad for us”
Jillian: “Nah she’ll put me up Emmett.. ”
Jillian keeps talking about how Topaz will backdoor them if she wins HOH.

Emmett points out that worst case scenario is if Talla, Emmett and Andrew do not win HOH. Jillian reminds him they have to always think of the worst Case Peter and Topaz could win a HOH competition.

Emmett: “If I was on the block beside Andrew and we were really close in the POV i’ll throw the POV to you so you can win”
Emmett: “I told Alec last night if Peter had used the POV on Alec Topaz would be going home”
Jillian: “He’ll probably tell Peter that”

Jillian: “Is this week 7”
Emmett: “Ya”
Jillian: “I do not want one of us going home next week.. it cannot happen”

Jillian: “Topaz can’t win.. can you make sure that doesn’t happen”
Emmett: “I’ll try to make that not happen”
Jillian: “Did you go through all the weeks when things happened.. you can’t cram”
Emmett: “You can’t study on a empty belly”

Jillian suspects that Talla probably doesn’t want to win HOH because she would be in a bad situation. Jillian: “But I don’t think she’ll throw it”

Talla comes up and tells them a bit about her night drinking and dancing with Topaz. She brings up that Alec joined them and said he thought he was leaving.

(Video Uploading.. it’s long) Sorry about the Ramada man in the beginning..


10:01pm Hot Tub Room Peter and Andrew
Peter asks him if he’s leaning a particular way. Andrew: “I have to see what they want first.. I obviously know what you are going to do” Peter: “ya I’ve already told topaz” Andrew mentions that Topaz did put him up but on the flip side you have one person who hasn’t done much another one that has.

Peter saying that he would put Jillian up as the pawn if he won Head of Household this coming Thursday. Peter adds if Alec stays he’ll go after Talla and he’ll say that everyone in the house has earned their spot in the final 5 by winning a competition. By nominating Talla he gives her the chance to earn her spot.

Andrew: “You know Peter you were very lucky to have a partner since hour one.. and Emmett/Jillian have a showmance forever.. I guess I had AJ Working together is nothing when you have nothing to work with”
Andrew: “I do like Alec a lot he’s a good guy but I think he’s had multiple alliance”
Peter: “Yes you are probably right.. you can never be too sure”

Peter is working on Andrew to keep Alec, He says that Alec and Peter have always had Andrew’s best interest in place. Peter says that Alec has offered to “Sit Down” for the next HOH. Andrew: “That’s ridiculous”



Talla: “My nose is so dry”
Andrew: “Nasal spray or you can snort some water”
Talla says her nose is runny and itchy
Andrew: “If it’s running then it’s not dry” He proceeds to show her how to scratch her nose with a finger.


11:15AM Sports talk for the last 30 minutes

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Things are getting interesting! It looks like Alec is leaving this week. I really want the milkmance broken up. Andrew needs someone in the game who will put up Jillian and Emmett together on the block, and if Alec leaves then I think the only person that would do that is Topaz., so I am hoping that she wins the next HOH. Team Newfie needs to realize that a final 3 with Emmett and Jillian is an automatic third place unless he wins the final HOH, and then he is probably going to finish second. He feels solid with them right now, but he should remember something about these two. Jillian has straight up lied both times she was HOH. She promised Aneal he wouldn’t go up, and then she put him up anyways. Now she made a deal with Topaz and she lied again, putting up Alec and replacing Peter with Topaz. Everyone in that house except Emmett should have no reason to think she will honor any deals she makes with them either.


Its great that things are getting exciting again! Peter is finally being proactive and Alec is scrambling like eggs to save himself. Now what needs to happen is precisely what Peter plans on doing if he wins HOH. Put up Jillian and Talla. Talla has just been jumping around thus far and its getting old. Earn your stay. Jillian needs to demonstrate some independence. But I’m afraid that the order will go like this. Alec evicted. Topaz evicted. Peter….. Then Talla will pull off the surprise HOH competition victory and send Emmett or Andrew packing. I hope I’m wrong!!!!


I want to see The Shield broken up this week. At the double I would like to see the Milkmance split up. Then its pretty much a free for all. I think that would keep the game interesting.


Shamelessly a shield fan here 🙂 I think it’d be most interesting if it was something like shield vs jillian talla or like Andrew or something. Jillian would be completely lost and Andrew would be scrambling without emmett… I think emmett needs to go


Seems the Peter/Alex ego trip claiming they have been bringing all the HG along is wearing a bit thin on everyone, including them. Their claim HG are only there because of the great and powerful Oz duo Peter and Alex game control mantra isn’t working any more. Suddenly they no longer see themselves as Gods but mortals wanting to make deals..The only way anyone would be interested if one of them becomes HOH.. It may be too late…