Big Brother Canada: Alec asks Tom to apologize for exposing his d!ck on TV..

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 910pm

9:10pm Peter heads to the bedroom and jumps in the air a few times. When he gets to his bed he says into his microphone and says “Someone thank Dan Gheesling when I win.” The cameras switch to Tom and Liza out in the backyard. Tom tells Liza that he is going to admit to Andrew that he was going to go after him but that he realize he wasn’t someone he wanted to go after. Alec comes out and asks to talk to Tom. Alec tells Tom that he doesn’t appreciate that he exposed his d*ck on camera. Tom says really coming from the guy that walks around shirtless. Alex says that he just doesn’t want that on tv. Tom says they won’t show that. Tom says he won’t do it again. Alec heads back inside. Tom talks to Aj and Liza about it. Liza says that she was there in the bathroom when Tom opened the shower door. She says that Alec screamed like a girl and says that she didn’t see anything. Tom says its just a d!ck, I will whip mine out right now. Tom says he has one guy with pee-pee problems and anther guy that won’t eat. Tom says now that I exposed Alec’s pee-pee he is probably going to vote to evict me.

9:40pm – 9:50pm Topaz and Gary are up in the HOH room talking. Topaz is livid about how Tom opened up the shower and exposed Alec. She is livid and wants to go confront Tom and freak out on him. She says that Peter wants to freak out on him too. Topaz says that she tried to talk to Alec but that he just needed 10 minutes to himself. She says that he said he would come grab me but he hasn’t. Gary tells Topaz to give Alec his space right now.

Topaz goes downstairs and hugs Alec. Aj tells Topaz that he heard what happened from Tom. Aj says not cool. Topaz asks Alec if he wants to talk. Alec says sure. She tells him that she heard what happened with you and Tom. Alec asks what, how did you hear about that? Topaz says people are talking about it because Tom told everyone. Topaz asks if he is alright. Alec says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Topaz stops talking about and brings up how Liza said she would rather be send out of the house for punching her than be evicted. Topaz says that she wants to beat the shit out of Liza. Then Topaz says that she would rather be evicted for punching out Tom for what he did to him. Topaz tells Alec that Suzette thinks him and Peter are running the house. Peter comes up to Alec and Topaz and asks if he is okay. Topaz tells him that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Peter says that he will say something to Tom if he wants. Peter then goes to confront Tom out in the backyard. Alec gets up and starts crying .. he pulls his sleep mask over his eyes and goes to the bedroom. Andrew hugs him and Alec starts crying. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 958pm

Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 959pm

Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 957pm

Big Brother Canada March 18 2013 955pm
Video of Alec crying over his pee-pee being exposed:

10:25pm Big Brother is still blocking the feeds..
10:40pm The live feeds are still showing the hush, hush screen…

10:45pm When the live feeds come back: Tom is in the backyard talking to Topaz that he feels horrible what he did. He says that he thought that it was just a joke and that Alec was one of the boys that didn’t care about that kind of stuff. Tom says that he is sure big brother is going to want to talk to me about it now too. Tom says that he walks around with his shirt off all the time and so I didn’t think he would care. Tom apologizes and doesn’t want to go out of the house on Thursday because I exposed a good friend of mine. Tom says that he will wait to see what Alec wants to do about it. Tom says that he knows Alec doesn’t want to talk about it so I won’t. The conversation turns to talking about Liza and how everyone wants her out. Topaz brings up how someone was spreading lies saying that Jillian was homophobic.. Topaz says that Jillian is a teacher she doesn’t want people spreading lies about that. Tom says that he heard about that too. Topaz and Tom talks about the nominations and why the whole house wants Liza out. Topaz says that it was up to Emmett to show you the light about Liza. Topaz says we were going to win the POV and take you off to show you it was always about getting Liza out. Jillian joins them. Topaz talks to Jillian about Liza talking bad about Jillian and how Emmett is controlling Jillian. Jillian says that Liza is throwing Emmett under the bus all over the place.

11:10pm Jillian talks to Alec in the havenot room and asks him if he is okay. Alec says that he is fine he just wants to be alone. Out in the living room Emmett talks to Tom about what happened. Tom says that he feels really bad. He says that he felt like Alec was a playboy that walks around with his shirt off and that he wouldn’t care about that. Jillian comes over to talk to Tom. She says that she only told a couple lies to the most random people. Jillian and Tom agree that their alliance was money and now its all blown up. They talk about how Liza was going around telling lies and pushing me under the bus. Tom and Jillian continue to talk this through about why Tom and Liza were nominated.

Video of these conversations are coming:

11:20pm – 12:10pm Alec is still crying about his d*ck being exposed. Andrew is talking him through it and trying to cheer him up. Alec is worried about being kicked out of his profession because he was exposed on the internet. Andrew tells him that he won’t be and says that even if he did he would have a bright future as a shirtless pedicurist. Alec says that he just wants the day to be over. Andrew leaves Alec to sleep. Meanwhile Tom continues to talk to Jillian and Emmett in the living room. Jillian says that every single person in this house feels betrayed. Emmett tells Tom that he fu*king hates Liza she took my friend. Tom says I am still here. Emmett tells Tom that Liza was trying to get me out and I tried to tell you 3 times and you wouldn’t listen. Emmett says that he didn’t want Tom up on the block, I didn’t want that! Tom says I am playing an honest game and everyone is lying to me. Emmett says you are a target because you are with her. I don’t know if we could save you, you have such a big target on your back. I told you to lay low. Tom says that everyone is lying to me, I am lost in the lights. Emmett says I couldn’t even talk to you. Tom tells them that he wanted someone to cuddle with someone to be with.. she was real with me wasn’t even about game. Emmett says I tried to talk to you but it was in one ear out the other. I thought if we got rid of Liza you would go back to your normal self. But you started to say that you were going to put up Jillian and I… Tom says I just got caught in the middle of it, if this blow up didn’t happen I would be confused all the way up to Thursday. Tom says that he hopes by some chance Alec gets over this and I am able to stay. Emmett says that he doesn’t think its you pulling the shower curtain on him, its Liza that has poisoned you. Emmett tells Tom to separate himself from LIza tomorrow .. if you do that people will see that you’ve seen the light. If you don’t it will show that you still are the same person. Jillian and Emmett call Liza poison. Emmett tells Tom that people are going to lie to you. Jillian and I are the only people you can trust in this game. Tom says that he thought Liza was a great girl and that the alliance they had was great.. I feel like I got played. Jillian says she might have real feelings for you. Tom says that he is going to tell Liza that he needs to separate himself from her. Emmett says the vote will be 5-4 that’s if you can still get Alec, Topaz and Andrew back. Emmett tells Tom to not even sleep in the same bed as her.. what do you want, do you want to win this game. Jillian tells Tom he only need 3 people …you have us.

Video of this conversation with Jillian and Emmett is being uploaded and will be posted here:
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from dayone I could tell than Tom was trash.
It would be very much deserving if my boy Alec had bunch him in his face.


That is disgusting behavior. It is harassment and abuse and Tom should be removed from the house. An absolutely terrible representation of Canadians. A stand against bullying needs to be taken. Tom is the most revolting person I have ever seen.


OHH sh!t it’s getting good..


If they don’t remove him, I will not be watching again. This season or any other.


oh please, you’ll be watching next week and every week and cheering tom on. drama queen much

Kenneth Chow

that is only if he makes it to next week..


LOL at tom, it was probably a prank. but man up alec, first i found it funny when i saw that alec was bawling over this, but now i feel bad that he’s actually hurt and now topaz is fighting with tom for him hahahahahaha this is hilarious. alec owes topaz big time for this. scarborough hood to the top.


I leave the judgement to Alec, I will wait to see how he votes. If he really feels strongly about this he will vote Tom out.


Really people are you also lost in your own perverted denial? the only reason anyone watches after dark is to hopefully see something x rated. and if people are not looking for pics of alecs dick then it wont be found the more you fools talk about it the more it comes up in internet google/bing searches. GET OVER IT


LOL omg, I can’t believe he actually did that. Wow. Does Tom still think that he’s staying?


What a jerk. Tom needs to go. It’s not entertainment to see someone traumatized and embarrassed like that. Not cool at all.


Pick your post at random Sean. Just one of many at a simillar vain.

Folks are we kidding. Alec is on a 24 hour a day show with mutiple cameras. He’s showmancing Topaz. Perhaps Topaz’s father is crying as he cops his feel of her on national TV. Have any of you heard of a locker room! And crying about what a weak sack of 2 faced crap. Liza has more balls than any of them.
Peter thinks he’s Dan? ROFL Peter is a clueless little boy. Liza owns him completely. Niether Peter or Alec get to the final 3 thank good. They left to many weak players and floaters in when they backstab Tom Thursday. The result is these players are going to see the power of numbers. Andrew and AJ feel less like a dog looking for table scraps and more like pit bulls…ROFL! Suzette feels she is back in play with Gary. Topaz is aligned completely with Gary. Alec and Peter will go along with backstabbing Emmit and claim it as thier master strategy unless Gary saves Emmit when the time comes. These 2 idiots cannot count votes or figure out loyalty. Long before Tom got POd These 2 morons are in the diary room talking about stabbing Tom in the back. This group couldn’t manage a 1 car funeral! Most will find that funeral thier own.


You said it. People are so damn sensitive. I bet topaz is embarrassed by Alec lol. I thought I could see a little smirk when she was telling people that she thought he was crying. I wonder how Alec will live this down, crying on national TV hahahaha


this sh!ts getting real! What Tom did was stupid.

If he did that to a girl, he probably would have been evicted from the house but not sure what they will do to him.

Both Tom and Liza are acting like complete jackasses.

The Watcher

I think the fight between Topaz and Tom is pretty serious because the feeds are still down….

Tom is really not helping himself with this kind of actions!


Tom is a douche its obviously because Alec is thinking about his career and that was a lame ass apology


What Tom did to Alec crossed a line that is sexual harassment, humiliating and completely unacceptable.


You literally stole my tweet!! Lol but I’m glad you agree with me.


Go TOM! mess these people up


When did this even happen? Was it on the feeds? Tom is such a jackass and so self-involved. That really is sexual harassment.


I really hope he gets removed from the house. Or atleast is given a penalty.. one that severe enough.


Suzette read Tom like a book!!! Now they all know just what Tom is like. Low-life, full of himself, bullying JERK!! I hope the double eviction means both Tom and Liza are gone…no additional twists.Or even better, Tom to be evicted for CONDUCT UNBECOMING!!! What a nice clean slate for the remaining houseguests to carry forward with :)


Alec is one classy guy


Does anyone know what sort of manner Tom did it in? Was it a joking manner, or was he like “f u”!


It was a joking manner. If he was like “F U” then the fight would have escalated way quicker.

Alec needs to grow up. Okay, Tom shouldn’t have done that obviously, but you’re on BB. You should be prepared to have your dic* shown. Topaz has flashed her vag and her nips now.


Joke or not, it was disrespectful. Liza was there besides all the cameras. Tom is a BULLY…plain and simple.


Does it really matter what his “manner” was? The fact is that he tried to show someones private parts to anyone who was watching. I am doubtful that he did it as a joke as he has been talking about revenge on his alliance for days now. Not Cool Tom. You need to go. I thought Boogie and Frank were big babies when they were on the block together but these two are so much worse.


You have clearly never been on a hockey team. That’s what hockey boys do.

Being in the BB house, you forget that everyone is watching.


this makes it ok? sports are known for generating bully tactics. somehow it becomes the mark of the top guy to humiliate those under him.


And for some reason there always seems to be a story of some coach sexually abusing players for years on end. Maybe the culture is fucked.


Regardless if they forget people are watching or not Tom was not pulling a prank on a “buddy” he was pissed that Alec didn’t use the veto on him and that’s why he did it.


WTH does Hockey have to do with it. Do any of you think that Alec might very well be a survivor of Sexual Assault we don’t know. It is a difficult assault for any man to own. The fact of the matter is that Tom did cross the line. All people in house should feel safe. Big Brother doesn’t sign up people to be exposed sexually to the internet. Nor do the house cast sign up for abuse of this nature. Tom it is not Hockey that does this Shit its BS for you to say your a Hockey Player & hockey players do this.
I only recall a few Coaches getting their kicks at looking at players in the shower & that’s disgusting. as it can lead to far worse actions. So leave Hockey out of your apology. Find a different reason for you immature action.


Oh, my! I decide to watch the season premier of Bates Motel and missed all the action on here. It’s despicable what Tom did, I can’t believe this ass. He obviously has giving up and wants to go home. See you at the reunion (Tom)


I had a midterm today so for the past day or so i have neglected the live feeds and the spoilers, but holy shiit im blown away. I actually liked tom as a person (not as a game player), but now i actually despise him. This man signed his death sentence, and is going to go down as one of the biggest douches of big brother canada. WHat would possess someone to do such a thing? I actually feel so bad for Alec. I hope he can get back on his feet. And as someone said in an earlier post, it was obvious that he was thinking about his profession. The man is going on his social psych phd, and i assume he wants to be a professor. It’s not good for one’s resume if he has his penis posted all over the internet, especially in academia. F YOU TOM.


Also why does peter always talk about stabbing someone? In the words of Gary “this motherfucker needs to be checked”


yeah I just started clueing into that last night…


Alec crying about his pee-pee being exposed on Big Brother is the highlight for BB Canada thus far….. Im still laughing about it as I type …. Did’nt this guy with the so called Master Degree understand what he was in for when he signed up…..


I didn’t know that if one wanted to be on Big Brother, they had to expose themselves on national TV. -.-
Nude pictures can ruin a person’s career. It’s not joke and it’s not funny.


Just like it ruined Kim Kardashians career? Oh, wait…


Kim K doesn’t have a real career. -.-


Tom should be given 1 penalty vote against him.


Tom seriously think’s he’s a saint.. and then when he does something wrong and is confronted about it, he plays the victim. Like he can’t comprehend that he can do any wrong. Nothing pisses me off more.. I hope he leaves that house on Thursday.. he is such a shitty person. I feel bad for anyone that is associated with him in the real world, what an embarrassment. I’m sure he has some redeeming qualities.. but he’s being a complete prick on the feeds. I’m glad he’s getting a bad representation on the show.


Anyone defending Tom should be ashamed of themselves because I am certain they wouldn’t have the same feeling if it happened to them. These days people can screencap and make a gif out of anything and everything on the internet. Considering the fact that Alec is doing a PhD, he’s probably afraid that people will leak the photos all over FB, twitter etc. You know how psychotic and crazy cat ladies and fans of BB can be and they might just harass him even after he leaves the house. I am sure none of us would want to be harassed in any form especially not with pictures of our privates being spread around the net.

Finally those idiots saying Tom’s a hockey player blah blah blah. I am also a hockey player but that doesn’t give me the right to expose someone in front of others in the house or thousands of people on the internet. Tom should receive a penalty nom or be made an automatic Have not next week (if he stays).

p.s. didn’t Tom ask Alec to put on his shirt when he was getting a pedicure and he kept saying pedis are gay etc and here he is now exposing someone else or maybe to see Alec’s dick…….something doesn’t sit right with me eh Sally?


Emmett is a mastermind! Who knew the innocent farm-boy could be so manipulative.


i didnt know locker rooms had thousands and thousands of people watching.. to all of you saying its like a locker room you are incorrect, and your argument is invalid.

tom has always been an asshole, and he needs to go.


I agree with everyone saying that regardless of whether it was a joke or not, what Tom did really crossed the line, big time. Intent doesn’t matter as much as impact. Plus, Tom has been talking up a storm with Liza about making things a living hell for folks like Alec and Topaz. He did this with the intent to expose Alec on the internet. He knew full well that he is on Big Brother and the only reason why someone would expose someone else on Big Brother is because they know that the live feeds are catching it. What Tom didn’t realize is how horrible Alec would feel about it and how the rest of his housemates would react. And I do believe that he felt genuinely bad about what he did to Alec, mixed in with him being selfish about how this may result in his eviction. But that doesn’t take away what he did and how people probably have already screen captured everything and that it could potentially jeopardize his career. Going the PhD route, its really not easy to get a job when you graduate either, the job market in academia is really tough. So unfortunately, this really could have long term implications for Alec.


I understand and agree that what Tom did is wrong but if Alec is really so concerned about the impacts it will have on his career he should have not come on big brother. Whether he had been exposed or not, I’m sure being on this show is not helping him get a job in any way. So for him to now be concerned over his career is kinda stupid.


I totally agree. Does no one remember when Talla accidentally dropped her towel and exposed herself, and hers u actually could see with him it was nothing.. i understand him being upset, but come on .. stop crying ..he’s making himself look worse. He chose to come into the big brother house, he had to be ready to take on whatever happens to you. I don’t understand why its ok for him to be fooling around on cam with topaz but a stupid prank gone wrong is now such a travesty. They are worse then high school kids. If anything he should be embarrassed for giving topaz the time of day.. she has no vocabulary other then like this and like that and repeating herself over and over . Jillian is a disgrace she laughs when others get bullied, and to their face pretends to care. She’s practically having sex with emmett … pretends to worry for a min about what her peers will think but doesn’t really care about it because she continues on anyways. Its really not that big of a deal but the fact that she’s a grade school teacher and she’s always chirping about the things she cant do but does anyways is so annoying, she doesn’t really have anything intelligent to say.. .. shes in love shes already planning her wedding in her head and she talks about game as if she knows wtf she’s doing…. seriously ridiculous. Tom is actually a decent guy.. he’s 25 years old.. how many 25 year old guys do you know that don’t say stupid shit… and I’m sorry but why is tom so awful and Gary and topaz aren’t. They are so rude.. absolutely no class.


even Tom exposing Alec is blamed on Liza!!!!! WTF!!!!
is he a child and Liza is his mother?!!!


Let me start by saying what tom did was way over the line and discusting and i am not trying to be sexest here but it would have been totally different if it was a girl. Girls don’t cross the same lines that guys do with that being said i don’t think tom was trying to be malicious I think he thought it was a joke. The guys seem to cross a lot of lines on this show and him and alec are tight so he probably thought he would just freak on him. Is tom starting to get a clue? Emmitt has been trying to talk to him for a few weeks about her but he wouldn’t listen if he is to turn it around (not sure if he can at this point then he needs to do some damage control asap emmitt still doesn’t want him out). Gary may have decided to get tom out but the guys haven’t they are going to make there final decision on wednesday. Not sure why peter is so excited he needs to not be so over confident there is alot of game left and it could turn against you


If Tom hadn’t been so vocal about going after his former alliance, then maybe this could be chalked up to a joke, which I still don’t think matters. The cameras just catching a peek of someone is totally different than being exposed against your will. I agree that you go into the BB house knowing the camera could catch glimpses that will show up on the Internet, but it’s not okay for someone to purposely try to embarrass you like that.

At least there’s some drama now, though!!


Wow poor Alec certainly has a lot of patience and self control! He and Emmett are talking to Tom on live feeds and it’s pretty clear that he loathes him at this point but he is keeping it bottled in pretty well and keeping up the ruse.


clearly something else happened and tom caught on to the plan and he also has seen the light about liza which so something went down I am not sure if they can save tom but emmitt is right his best shot is to stay away from liza becuase i think tom still has some people in the house that like him and if he can show he is back into the fold so to speak they might keep him. I think he has a shot emmitt will vote for him, emmitt could get alec and jillian to vote his way that gives him 3, I think talla could be persuaded peter is a ? I have no idea where he lies i do think for his game tom will get him further and she might be a liability now if emmitt can get gary on board then topaz will vote his way but he has to back off her and make some headway with some people.


I follow Big Brother Canada . I enjoyed it till I read & watched feeds today. I was hockey player 7 it is despicable what Tom did to Alec. How dare he call it a Hockey Shower room Joke. Nothing & I mean Nothing is excusable in terms of Sexual Harassment nor any for of Sexual Abuse. Tom should be ashamed of his actions. Big Brother is suppose to be a game & I honestly don’t believe anyone in the game signed up for this type of abuse or harassment by fellow cast mates. You sure don’t sign up for it in the Locker Rooms either.

cheating on hoh games, messing with the camaras, saying bad thing about their own country, racist and homophobic comments, exposing somebody naked in the shower on purpose, and nobody has been kicked out ?!… oooh well BBC is crazy


I understand why Alek would be so upset, especially if the water was cold!


What Tom did was malicious and not a prank. I think the reason alec is so hurt is because he knows what type of person tom is and no matter how many times he says it was a joke he knows it was spitefull and also they arent even BOYS like that. If peter did that I dont think he would be so hurt by it because he would know peter is just playing with him.

Tom is a bully, no matter how many times he said he was playing we can all see through his lies.


I guess the more important question is – what did it look like? Big? Small? Floppy?

Oh come on, like you girls aren’t wondering yourselves.


Alec is also sleep deprived and has had to be on slop for 3 weeks his emotions are unstable in the first place.


What is Alec bawling about. Just about everyone whose been on big brother has their privates exposed except Dan Gheesling who showered with his clothes on and took baths in the chlorine pool. Alec watched the show, he knows how it works, if you don’t want to be seen naked don’t go on big brother or don’t take your clothes off. Its a known thing Alec is a guy who lunges around the house in his underwear and shirtless all day. Do you seriously think his dick being on the internet is going to prevent him from doing his job anymore than all those underwear and semi nude photos?

Alec is in a house full of cameras, as big brother said they record your every move. It was foreseeable that his dick would be shown on tv, if he got but naked in a house full of cameras he has no one to blame but himself. Next time keep your clothes on Alec.


Alec doesn’t care that much he’s faking it and everyone feels Bad poor Alec had his weeh weeh shown on tv and everyone in BB is up in arm Topaz is fighting for him this is great I’m sure he didint mind that much. Emmet needs to watch out for Peter who I do really think likes liza. Go AJ!!!!!! :) :) Lol

Really!! Who has the power?

I really liked Tom BUT after Emmett and Jillian explained to Tom why he was being evicted, I now dislike Tom. That was a great and heartfelt conversation and plea to Tom from them. I hope he sees the error of his ways.


I don’t agree with Tom exposing Alec at all. I think Alec’s extreme reaction (crying for hours) might be a result of stress and being on slop for so long. That being said, if it was me that someone did that to I would have lost it too. An accident (Talla losing her towel) is very different from someone intentionally exposing you to thousands of people.


While I do think Tom comes off as a bit of a hothead, and I don’t think you should nonconsensually expose someone in front of cameras, maybe especially with the opposite sex present….I also think Alec is making too big a deal out of this, and actually making it worse, and more embarrassing, and pathetic-looking by overreacting(unless the crying is fake, and a ploy…?)

He already signed up for a silly reality show, with bee costumes and such…and he’s already been shirtless more than half the time.

I think the idea that it would affect his job is an exaggeration…to the extent that there’s any truth to that, it’s because there’s still a stupid, hypocritical puritan streak in our culture which needs to stop. I wouldn’t care if someone nude modelled or did porn, much less was caught naked briefly for 2 seconds on BB.

In the BB’s of other countries, there have sometimes just been open showers, whether gender-segregated or even co-ed, and kinds of other nude shenanigans. I would have thought Canada would be a bit more liberal than the USA…


I’m not sure if it is the same with everyone in the academic field, but in at least Canada there are strict rules about what an elementary teacher can or cannot do. I can’t remember them all but for sure one is that you can’t go out to clubs. I think a penis being shown is worse, and if this applies to professors it could seriously jeopardize his career.


I am defending Tom and am not ashamed of myself. The atmosphere in the house has been this fun loving sexual type. Filling up condoms with water, lounging around making out. Walking around with little clothes on. Alec is no saint and has anyone seen this video or pictures I am pretty sure it is not out there as they wouldn’t have 24 hour feeds facing the showers, and the after dark feeds have a time delay. I can’t believe that people think that it is ok for Topaz to continually talk about how his thing was probably shrivled and no one has a problem with that. Get over it. Alec has and I think Tom has apologized enough. Lets face it Big Brother will make sure that they are not going to be held liable should they show anything that is going to be a detriment to someone’s livlihood.


You nailed it on the head DD.


What Tom did to Alec, in my opinion earned him an expulsion from the game. He’s a bully and in my opinion, what he did classifies as sexual assault. How would this have been different if they were on the street as opposed to in this house, which is supposed to keep them safe from creeps like Tom. Would this have been different if he did this to Topaz as opposed to Alec? He need to get expelled.


I think the show is going to be boring to watch from this point forward. People are ultra sensitive and don’t really comprehend what they signed up for.


I laughed so hard when Tom opened the shower door – funniest thing ever – That’s what guys do, having fun … it happens all the time in gym locker rooms, it’s no big deal … I was laughing even harder when Alec started crying about it, I was thinking he was doing this to make sure Tom would be voted out of the house and also get some sympathy votes from other players … I mean no big deal, there are a billion photos of penises out there, a few more or less won’t make a big difference. (Laughing)