Big Brother Canada Spoilers The Prince of Darkness

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


12:30pm Living Room Peter, Talla and Alec

Peter tells Talla as a show of trust he will not put her up as a pawn in return he would like her to trust them.
Talla: “OK what is going on”
Peter: “Nothing.. I feel that you haven’t had a really strong alliance in the game at this point.. and I feel like like,.. Talla interrupts says she has a close alliance with Talla..
Peter: “I want you to know we are looking out for you”
Talla: “You guys have obviously done some thinking about me”
Alec: “Thats all you need to know for now.. you go take your shower.. I’ll talk to you later tonight.”
Cut to the HOH room where Andrew is watching them talk..
(Andrew better start putting some work in on Talla.. been awhile since the stooges had a meeting)


12:35pm Backyard Alec and Topaz

Alec: “I think Emmett, Jillian and Andrew are too F*** tight.. if I can get some revenge to Andrew on this I would be pretty happy.. So there’s like kinda a plot for when you stay.. don’t tell Gary you are going to stay”

Alec: “If me and Peter win our target is going to be Andrew.. I didn’t want that 2 weeks ago but things have changed”
Topaz: “I have stuff to talk to you.. ummm ya i got a bunch of information to. ya umm Emmett and Jillian did make a final 3 deal with Andrew. ”
Topaz: “Gary threw me under the bus to Emmett.. so Emmett and Jillian are not going after Andrew they want me out and Peter and Andrew up”
Alec: “WAit they want Gary here?”
Topaz: “Ya they want me to go and Gary to put Alec and Peter up”
Alec: “I think Emmett is just telling Gary that”

They stop talking I think someone is near..

Topaz: “umm.. ever since Emmett’s mother wrote about Gary he’s trusted him”
Alec:”Doesn’t matter Gary is gone.. I’m 80% sure.. It’s me Peter and Talla that control the votes.. we have to make sure you are safe next week. I’ve been up their (HOH) and all they say is Topaz next week”
Topaz: “ya I know.. I mean.. I have more to say but.. I feel paranoid”

Topaz: “Talla came to me a couple days ago and told me … ” (they stop talking again.. )


1:00AM HOH PIctures.. The prince of Darkness







1:22PM BAckyard Emmett and Alec
Alec thinks Gary is spreading sh!t in the house. He told Topaz that Emmett will be putting up Alec and Peter not next week but the following week. Emmett: “No we have a deal.. you me and Peter” Alec tells him that his final 4 is Jillian, Peter, and Emmett. He doesn’t have anything against Andrew he likes him and still wants Andrew in the final 5.

Alec says if Topaz does win HOH they need her to get Talla up as a pawn with Andrew and they can send Talla home.

Andrew joins them.


2:00PM Talla teaching Topaz how to swim

2:01pm Alec and Peter working out.
Alec says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Andrew and Jillian and if Andrew vetoes himself he’ll put up Emmett.. (Ohh Sh1t)
Peter: “Tell him it’s just a game”
Peter says they will talk to Topaz separately and position themselves for next week.

2:05pm Havnots Emmett and Jillian

Jillian saying that Talla is going to be on their team because she thinks they are stronger players and they will get her farther in the game.
Cam flips


2:06pm Alec and Gary bedroom (Gary has been putting on makeup since he woke up)

Alec says he’s hearing all sorts of stuff like Gary is scrambling, “Nobody knows who your

Gary: ‘Are you fu*** kidding me.. I’m in your alliance.. the target is Emmett”
Alec: “My target is Andrew.. I don’t trust him a lick”
Gary: “I thought we want Andrew in the house to take out Emmett”
Gary says he thinks Topaz is going home and he’s just trying to figure out what is going one before he chooses a target.
Gary: “You already f*** up .. “ (Jillian walks in)

Gary: ‘Don’t crack on my now bro… to me nothing has changed.. I need you”
Alec wants Jillian and Emmett nominated and once POV is played Andrew is the replacement nominee. Gary proposes Jillian and Andrew with the goal to backdoor Emmett.

Gary wants to know who is spreading sh1t about him. Alec says it’s a group thing

Gary: ‘I trust you wholeheartedly but I don’t trust Peter.. I will trust him through you”

Alec leaves Peter comes in.. Gary tells him not to believe all the sh!t he doesn’t want to put up Peter and Alec he wants to take out Emmett. Gary: “We have to stay strong 3G”
Gary: “You’re not a target and Alec not a target EVER.. I have never talked game to Emmett and Jillian”
Gary doesn’t trust Talla calls her a jumper, Gary wants to take out Jillian, Emmett or Andrew.

(Video Uploading)


2:24pm HOH Andrew and Jillian

They are talking about how Topaz and Alec are still together. Jillian saw them kiss and confronted Alec about it alec told her they did kiss and “It was weird”

Andrew is certain Alec and Peter know that Andrew, Jillian and Emmett are working together.

Andrew runs through a scenario if Peter wins HOH he’ll put Andrew and Topaz up and if the veto is played Emmett will go up.

(Andrew really wants Alec gone.. the same goes for with Alec he wants Andrew gone)

(Video Uploading.. It’s long)

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I am really starting to dislike Jill. I find her to be annoying. She doesn’t have any gameplay, other than to ride Emmett’s coattails/do what he says (remember her sitting in the DR trying to figure out who to vote for between AJ/Andrew, she had no idea what to do without Emmett in her ear). I also find her personality to be grating. I think I would find her less irritating if she had a mind of her own, her own gameplay or targets/goals in the game.

Andrew is interested in her and if there was no Emmett I think he would be trying really hard to get with her, obviously, but I feel like Jill is sending him some mixed signals. You know how Andrew flirts with all the girls kind of in his creepy way? I feel like Jill encourages it, especially when Emmett is not around. I noticed this yesterday a bit and now today I’m seeing it more. She’s being all flirty, touching him and leaning in close to him in the kitchen. I don’t think its just her nature to be flirty or anything because she’s not like that with Alec or anyone else. Its just an observation I’ve made.


I somewhat agree with you. Jill is not my favourite player at all but she is playing somewhat of a good social game. She has never been on the block and can win comps on her own. Emmett’s not carrying her either. When Alec and Peter (even Tom for that matter) have thrown her name in as a possible nomination he doesn’t shoot the idea down.

I think it is her mannerisms that are annoying people the most. Not her game play.


I will agree with you, I think it is her mannerisms that bother me the most, and since I dislike her personally I am projecting the dislike onto her game (I will stand-by my comment about not knowing how to vote without someone telling her).

You know what I find really annoying? The fact that we know the outcome of the veto competition as early as Sunday, but we don’t get to the see the comp until Wednesday. The comps are really the only reason I watch the televised show.


I find it bizarre that she’s always wearing short shorts and spreading her legs towards the camera….sometimes picking at it? Why is everyone calling Topaz out for getting waxed, but they don’t find it weird that she’s constantly posed like that?


I totally agree…Jillian NEEDS to go. Everything about her drives me crazeeee. I think she is a user and Emmett is just a pawn in her game…funny thing is…he hasnt figured that out yet. (wonder what he is thinking with). She is totally annoying and hasnt really got a game plan….she just picked the strong player from the beginner and is holding on for the free ride


I agree. I find Jillian annoying. I keep thinking back to the first day when Jill and Andrew both said they were looking for love or whatever, and it seemed like they might get together. I hoped they would, because my first opinion of both of them was high, but she was super rude to him!! She was pushing past him and acting annoyed that he would even try to talk to her. That’s why I don’t like her; her opinion of herself is too high. Confidence is great, but not when you start treating other people like they don’t matter.


I’m starting to agree with you. I think I’ve just let it slide this long because she is nice to look at it. Still, she is a threat in her own right b/c of her ability to win endurance comps, but as far as strategy goes, she’s definitely just playing Emmett’s game, which is why she has no shot to win.


If Jillian is showing interest in Andrew it could be because he is more interesting than Emmet. She is pretty boring and Emmet doesn’t say much, just wants to makeout all the time which shows his immaturity. It has been 40 days and every day same thing he wants to make out and she wants to talk. I thought he was a bit of a rap off in the hot tub the night Talla was sick, but Emmet seems to be a nice guy and nice guys finish last. 2 Borings don’t add any spice so she probably likes Andrews maturity and kookiness.


Jillian is very attractive. Dresses well…She has personality, poise, charm, … Doing well on the show… Her own person…Of course one just has to hate her… What’s to like??? (lol)


Good try to throw Emmett under the bus Topaz but like I’ve said before her credibility in the game is shot. She is just a vote along for the ride now.


Topaz’s credibility may be shot, but i think this is still the beginning of Emmett’s downfall. Peter and Alec want to talk to Talla, and if she confirms the alliance, I think they’ll start to believe it. Talla is a wildcard tho, so i have no idea if she will throw Emmett and Jillian under the bus, but it would be smart of her to do so, since at the moment her name is being thrown around as a pawn and a possible target for next week, and she is aware of this. By throwing Emmett and Jillian under the bus, she will completely eliminate that target since Emmett and Jillian will go after Alec and Peter, and vice versa, and she has Andrew and Topaz on her side already. I just hope she is smart enough to realize it. Emmett really screwed himself with this final 4 deal with Talla and Andrew.


Nope! His deal is F5 with Alec, Peter, Andrew Jillian and Emmit. Second Lala joing with P/A and hoodrat is solely dependent on who wins HOH. She’s weak mentally and can be manipulated but at the end of the day she’ll work with who can save her a$$ for the week. Emmit right to put no faith in her and Jillian not working her social game on Lala ain’t helping any. Andrew doesn’t have her support nearly to the extent he thinks he does. As of this morning the crazy thing is Alec/Peter are still talking top 4 with E/J. I do not get it as these guys have figured out Andrew has some sort of deal with milkmance. Also remember the farmer boy can POV his way to top 2. I think this will be endurance on Thursday for HOH. Jillian or Talla for the win. It would be very interesting who gets Tall’s ear. It’s all air in between them mind you. It’s the best senario for getting Emmit out. Don’t over think and plan a backdoor either. That means Jillian and maybe who? Can’t be Topaz so she has to nominate Emmit or Andrew. Emmit up and he plays veto with Jillian. Not the best news as only 1 can potentially get off the block. Leave Emmit off he plays and wins Jillian off then what. Talla isn’t capable of thinking this through. Topaz will say E/J and Andrew will say A/P. Know idea who’s up if she’s HOH. Messy week ahead.


I don’t see topez much of a threat to jill or emmitt I think the next pov will be endurance my money is on jill or emmitt. I kinda like jillian i think she is playing a really good game she has a great social game and she is good in comps and she has won an hoh where emmitt hasn’t so i don’t see how she is riding anyone’s coat tails. As for talla i think her loyalties are with andrew it has been for weeks every convo she has with the boys she tells them i don’t see her turning on him and siding with alec,peter or topez regardless of wha they think for most of the game they ignored her andrew was always there so i doubt she would turn on him now.They just think she is a weak link they can use because i don’t think they know that andrew,aj and talla were in an allience. They have figured out emmits deal with andrew but they haven’t figured out that talla is a part of it. If she won hoh it would be interesting.


I think the determining factor for whose side Talla is on is the new HOH on Thursday. If she plays her cards right she could fly under the radar into the final 3.


Anyone know what that white thing is at the side of the Jacuzzi that looks like a playstation or game toggle Is it a vibrator? That’s my guess.


My prediction for the next HOH is an endurance competition that will be suited for a girl to win.


Last time they did that one which i don’t think they will topez was one of the first to fall it came down to talla and jillian.


Someone please answer a question Is Topaz lieing about Gary to Alec??


I think the next twist should be that each house guest is allowed half an hour on a computer or phone to talk to one person (family member?) who is allowed to tell them WHATEVER they want. The house would blow up and go CRAZY. All secrets could be exposed and people would find out what liars others are. Total game-changer, and it would liven things up from this boring, predictable game.


I can’t see Gary staying.
So Topaz only has Alec (and whoever he says he has).
So, what’s she gonna do with all those waking hours with Gary gone?
If she tried to make a new alliance, who would trust that she wasn’t Alec/Peters puppet?

Who can offer Talla the better deal to come over?
Alec/Peter/Topaz or Jill/Emmett and stooge-buddy Andrew?
Honestly, I think Talla will decide day by day and hour by hour and maybe that’s not such a bad approach for her, given the situation.

The most boring HOHs would be
Jill noms Talla/Topaz, PoV not played, tie & Jill evicts Topaz or
Topaz noms Andrew/Talla, PoV not played, tie & Topaz evicts Andrew.

I don’t think either scenario is likely.
The only way I see Talla/Topaz up together is an attempt to backdoor someone else.
I think hiding time is over.


Alec, alec,alec…I find he just made possibly his worst mistake today. Why talk about BD Emmett or taking out Andrew…NOW? Wait until you see who wins HOH before you start throwing your original alliance under the bus and scheming on how to get them out. All I know, is if Talla, Emmett or Jillian wins HOH…Nominees are gonna be between Peter, Alec and Topaz.

I personally would put up Peter and Alec. Get Alec out, he’s the only one of them 3 who’s a comp threat. Hopefully Peter throws the next HOH and that becomes his, or Alec’s, demise. Talla may be a wildcard but I still don’t think she would side with AP and nominate EJ if she won HOH. Besides we can’t forget that she heard Topaz’s thoughts the other day.

Gary may like glitter but he needs to check himself into a detox center and finally a rehab for his makeup addiction. I get it, you wanna powder your face but come on, does he really think live feeders wanna watch him put on make-up for about half of everyday (feels like I’m making an understatement saying only half the day but meh!).

I’m honestly rooting for Emmett and Andrew, as you can tell from my previous posts but I still wouldn’t mind a shake-up in the house.

PS : This post not brought to you by Chevrolet!


alec is talking about people scrambling but it’s really him that has lost it


His worst mistake was not taking Andrew when he had the chance.


is topaz already good with alec???

not cool


Not cool, indeed!
Girl, watching that emotional rollercoaster those two keep riding is so tiring, I swear.
Topaz would so… redeem herself if she puts Peter and Alec on the block, if she wins the HoH comp.(but I don’t see that happening)


The good thing about what’s happening in the house is everyone (except Jillian) is in game mode! Today has been interesting for sure. Alec, Gary, Topaz and Talla have looked each other in the eyes and straight out lied! Thank You! Gloves have now come off and Peter sounds like he finally took the car out of neutral and he’s ready to drive. We’ve finally reached the point where there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. My only negative observation today is Gary and his dumb speech about trying to cook up something for next week!! Ummmm… Here’s a thought Genius…. Worry about Eviction first then if your still around come up with a plan for next week. How are u on the block and your talking as if you already HOH for next week???? Bad Gameplay


[quote]Andrew is interested in her and if there was no Emmett I think he would be trying really hard to get with her, obviously, but I feel like Jill is sending him some mixed signals. You know how Andrew flirts with all the girls kind of in his creepy way? I feel like Jill encourages it, especially when Emmett is not around. I noticed this yesterday a bit and now today I’m seeing it more. She’s being all flirty, touching him and leaning in close to him in the kitchen. I don’t think its just her nature to be flirty or anything because she’s not like that with Alec or anyone else. Its just an observation I’ve made[/quote]

Well duh… Andrew is hoh, not sure how long you have followed BB but everyone kisses whoever is hoh’s butt.
And even if she is, this is a social game and its not like she is rubbing up on Andrew type of flirting, it s harmless.
Jill is a good player, and she is playing a good social game staying out of trouble, she is honest and loyal to Emmet and that is the type of loyalty that makes it far in BB. You just wait until there is another endurance hoh comp, i promise you Jill will win. Emmet is going to win this game and Jill & his relationship is a big reason why.


So Topaz is lying to Alec, right? Emmett never admitted to gary about the final three deal? This is all BS?


What’s with the vast majority of black folks not knowing how to swim?