Tom about Alec “He’s walking around like a playboy with his shirt off flashing his a$$”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


9:41pm Backyard Liza and Peter

Liaz thinks the perception versus the reality is switched with Peter and Alec. Liza thinks that Alec could be the nerdy quiet person and Peter is the outgoing guy with the confident swagger.
Liza: “Alex is fragile.. I don’t think you are breakable.. I don’t think you would have cried last night”
LIza: “Last night they played Rihanna love in a hopeless place and Tom winked at me.. Oh Tom..”
Liza: “3 out of the first 4 are from Toronto.. they don’t even have to fly us home.. maybe that was part of the plan save money on the budget”
Liza: “F**** Gary, Topaz and Aj are all that’s left from Toronto”


10:03AM Bathroom Tom, AJ and Jillian AJ is cleaning the shower stalls glass. He’s never done it before Tom and Jillian are giving him pointers.


10:24AM Liza and Suzette in the Kitchen

Liza telling Suzette that Alec and Topaz told Tom if he’s forbidden to be seen around Liza until the Thursday. If they catch Tom and Liza they will evict him.
Liza: “Can you believe them.. Topaz and Alec”
Suzette: “oh my that is too much”
Liza: “they won’t even let me spend the last few days together”
Suzette: “Ohh that’s not right”
Gary enters the kitchen, liza goes up to use the HOH bathroom..
10:30AM Big Brother: “Houseguests please go to the backyard”
Tom joins Gary in the kitchen
Gary is cooking first before he heads to the backyard most the other hosueguests are still outside waiting for production. Tom tells him he’s not sleeping with Liza anymore. Tom says he’s talked to over with Alec he thinks everything will be alright between them.

Gary: “They’re people that still hate you for what you did”
Tom: “I know Topaz does”
Tom heads outside.. Big Brother gives them another warning. Gary: ‘Big Brother I need 2 seconds”


10:35AM Hammock Emmett and Jillian
Emmett tells her he really wants Liza to go home. Asks Jillian what her take is. Jillian cannot trust Liza or Tom, She thinks if Liza wins HOH she might go up as a pawn. Emmett doesn’t trust Tom 100%.
Emmett: “My legs are getting smaller..Sh!t”
Jillian: “Me two Emmett… and I love my legs”
Jillian tells Emmett that she knows how to fight a coyote because at the schools she teaches there is a huge coyote problem. She explains that you grab their front legs and pull them apart because coyotes have very weak sternums.

10:55AM Tom and Emmett

Tom says in the middle of the night he told Liza he can’t be close to her inside this house.. Tom: “I said Liza you need to wake up in your own bed”

Emmett: “Just make sure everything you do make is as sincere as you possibly can.. it’s the only way to win people back”
Tom: “I only have a couple days”. Tom says he never really liked Topaz from day one he thinks she’s a sleeper.
Emmett: “You have to mend things with Topaz.. if Topaz wants you to stay she’ll convince Gary”
Tom: “Peter won’t vote for me.. he’s stabbing the alliance” Emmett thinks he has the votes he just needs to really play it smart.
Emmett leaves Talla Joins Tom

Tom says Alec walks around around like a playboy, he never thought Alec would get so upset about happened. “He’s walking around like a playboy with his shirt off flashing his a$$.. ”
Talla: “You talked to Topaz:”
Tom: “ya I still fu**** hate her “
Tom thinks Alec, Topaz, Suzette and peter will vote to keep Liza he’s getting confident that he has Talla, Jillian, Emmett, AJ and Andrew.

Talla says Emmett has become so close to Alec now. Talla wonders why the two showmances haven’t gotten people worried. Talla adds that Gary is talking about Liza poisoning him when it was Alec adn Topaz that ended up poisoning his HOH.
Talla: “Emmett did you wrong and he knows he did you wrong.. if you stay you still have me and AJ”
Talla says that Jillian is not even playing the game, she does whatever Emmett says. Talla: ‘you have to stay this week” Tom: “I know babe… i’m trying to lay low babe.. I know all the truth about what she did Babe .. how can I site around her babe” (LOL Tom ends every sentence with Babe now )

Tom tells Talla he would not vote against Emmett and if he had POV he would save Emmett. Tom would vote out Jillian though. Talla says she really feels bad for Liza so does Tom. Liza: “If I win HOH on Thursday let me do what I want to do.. ” TOm: “I won’t vote out Emmett” Talla: “I know.. there plenty more fish in this game”
Tom says if he stays he’ll throw the HOH comp to Talla.

(Video uploading)


11:15AM Have nots Alec and Emmett

Emmett is telling him Tom is better to stay than Liza because if Liza stays in the house she will be targeting the showmances whereas Tom will Target Gary. Jillian joins them..
Alec says if they leave Tom there is the suzette factor who they suspect is coming after them. Alec argument is regardless of who stays they have a person coming after them.

They have a argument about Liza’s targets. Jillian thinks Alec and Emmett will go up with Topaz being the replacement nominee. Alec thinks it’ll be him and Topaz up with Emmett being the replacement nominee.

Alec: “Either way the entire house wants Tom and Liza out”
Alec thinks if Talla wins HOH she’ll put up Liza. Emmett doesn’t think so. (Emmett is correct)

Alec tells them not to worry Topaz and Alec will keep them safe. Emmett: “What if two of us are on the block” Alec: “then we’ll save one of you”

Emmett and Jillian are really worried about Liza. Emmett asks Alec if Peter can talk Liza out of hating him so much. Alec thinks so he tells them Peter is really close with Liza.

Alec: “Look we’re safe with everyone else.. and they are all going after Liza… I just don’t like Tom”
Jillian wonders if Double eviction is this week they could get Tom and Liza out. Alec doesn’t think this week is double eviction but if it was they could get them both out.

They start speculating about the Diamond Power of Veto. Jillian thinks if it’s out there Gary has it. They briefly mention Big Brother 12, Jillian calls Matt the “Brain guy” says he won the DPOV. Alec never watched that season too closely.

(Video uploading)


12:05PM Have nots Room Suzette, Topaz and Alec Alec talking about his wiener being exposed and how it wasn’t right. Alec claims that after Tom did it he was walking out the bathroom and went to high-5 Andrew. Topaz says that she lost it on Liza yesterday. Topaz had heard that Liza said “instead of getting evicted from the house she would rather punch topaz in the face and leave”

Alec thinks the doors in the shower should be locked so something like that would never happen again. Suzette asks if Tom’s apologized. Alec: “not really.. kinda.. he says I always walk around with my shirt off..” Suzette: “it’s hot in here”. Alec says he got a little emotional and he feels like he overreacted a bit. Alec: “The one thing I didn’t want to do is jeopardize my position… My family was watching ”

Suzette: “I think it was cute that you were really upset.. nobody would hold itr against you for what did cause it truly was disrespectful”

Alec says when tom was doing all those mean things to Suzette “They” were kinda on Tom’s side and he feels sorry about that. Suzette says respect a bunch of times..

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I think Tom and Emmett love each other more than they love their “girls” in this house. UGH I want to like Emmett but I won’t if Tom doesn’t walk out f this house this week! (not that I like Liza I can’t stand her, but if they are smart Tom has to leave NOW!!)


Does anyone else think that Alec was playing Tom about the showergate incident? Sure, I believe that nobody wants their genitals all over the internet, but Alec was over the top upset about it. I think he was trying to make Tom look like a crass bully, and Tom being Tom, he did a stupid thing and gave Alec a perfect reason to make him look bad to the rest. Alec comes off looking like a nice and modest guy who didn’t do anything to deserve it, and Tom comes off looking like a douchebag that exposed him and made him cry. Alec is a pretty smart guy and he knows about personality types and what winds them up. When he was crying I thought of how Dan acted when he got out of solitary. There is so much flip flopping going on I don’t know who will actually leave on Thursday. To me it doesn’t really matter which one goes, it’s double eviction time and it’s going to get fun. I give big thumbs up to Topaz for confronting Tom and telling him that it was a house decision and that at least she isn’t denying it and being fake like everyone else. That really messed with Tom’s mind. Poor King Tom! He went from ruling the roost to being on the block next to his queen, and now the guys are telling him to stay away from her or he will be gone. I wish I had caught it all live, seems whenever something good happens I am working, but thanks to Simon and Dawg I can go back and watch what I missed. You guys rock!


I agree most guys will get over this in five minutes but he has played this up and seems over the top also he keeps going on and on about tom appoligizing to him but the guy has like five times so i am not getting it. I think alec is trying to use this to put one more nail in toms coffin As far as tom is concerned the guys would be better with tom rather then liza or they need to bring in a fourth person they can trust because this is what happened to the horseman. Peter should be careful how far he goes for liza it could back fire on him


Nice, blame the victim


This big brother is just confusing, I can’t get an idea on who’s in an alliance and who’s not. Aside from Gary/Topaz, Alec/Peter, Tom/Emmet there’s no clear division between the house.


I have to say i don’t know who is better to go i think tom was really dumb and i think that he isn’t as on to liza as he played last night he is just saying it to save himself. I think emmitt is one of those people that once he trust you he trust you and i think he genuinely likes tom and wants badly to believe him. I think emmitt is one of those people that are very likeable and when tom is gone alot more people will want him around like gary i think gary wants tom gone so he will have emmitt on his side. I think peter is a question mark i not entirely sure where is loyalties are at this point liza won’t help his game and people are starting to caught on to him and alec. I am not sure tom could be playing them all to stay. I thought it was funny that talla was accusing jillian of following emmitt and not playing the game what exactly has she done? except float from side to side and she should be more causions of tom he already throw her under the bus to emmitt, jill and alec about her plans to come after them.


BB Canada’s very own Powerhouse alliance: Talla, Suzette and AJ. LOL!


Not so farfetched with a leader…Gary & Topaz? Gary and Emmett? Andrew & Liza? LOL – the possibilities!


Alec/Peter/Topaz so confident they can prune the house on their schedule!
I want one of them gone after DE!
Alec – “we’ll save one of you” – right – the weak one! Not you Emmett!
Tom – re: Peter – “he’s stabbing the alliance” – you listen Emmett!

Emmett’s in a bad place without Tom, with or without a crippled Liza staying.


i dont think alec is over reacting or playing tom….that is traumatizing ….be to be violated and exposed for a joke?…first of all tom….who has made several sexual comments about condoms, sex, and frequents gay bars for cheap drinks and cheaper drinks if he takes his shirt off….and when getting a pedicure he tells alec to put a shirt on…then he doesnt cuddle with liza which is weird the other guys are all over their women, so tom is a very confused man and he also said to liza he was going to play the ‘dont f*ck with me’ game….and started to hide other house guests belongings….when tom was told to take pictures he went in to the bathroom and took a picture of topas showering….then his hostility towards suzette is scary..he is angry and holds on to grudges , with a mean intentions… watch after bbc is over he will let his mean mouth fly and make mean comments about every one in the house….. i measure that hostility to alec’s emotional breakdown ….hockey mentality, teasing or whatever the justification maybe i dont care it is called perversion….humiliation…..toms behavior to suzette now alec is not playing the game….


Finally, someone with a brain! Trish, you took the words right out of my mouth. I mean, When a person violates another person with the sole intent of humiliating them… that just makes the individual a horrible pathetic excuse of a human being. Besides, what type of straight guy has a problem with another guy walking around with his shirt off? I am so over Tom and his perversions- I just want him out of the house #goodriddence!


Last night when Topaz dragged Gary out of his bath to tell him about the shower incident, Gary said “He’s gay”

lol it takes one to know one


its in emmett best interest for tom to stay if tom goes emmett jillian up on the blocks … if tom stays he is always a target people just dont get that … getting ridd of liza makes peter weak because all he would have is alec who is loyal to topaz ……….. andrew is going to make it far in this game he isnt on anyone’s radar except for tom …… i want topaz alec up on the blocks


I don’t know if i agree with all that i think emmitt will always be a target regardless but i also think the house likes him more with tom gone. Emmitt is a strong player and he has been hanging out with andrew and aj alot so emmitt might replace tom with someone else. Regardless of tom telling talla that he won’t put emmitt up and he won’t vote him out i am not so sure that emmitt should trust tom especially if what alec said it true. Peter liza isn’t going to help his game anymore she has become a liability and i don’t see peter sticking his neck out that far peter is smart but i do think his first loyalty is to alec and to emmitt to some degree but liza is lost cause the whole house hates her so i believe who ever wins will put her up if only to protect themselfs next (or that week depending if it is a double eviction). Peter won’t sacrifice his allience to alec and emmitt for her he won’t get far without those two. As far as andrew for him to go far he needs to connect to some of the more powerful players which is probably why he is hanging out with jill and emmitt more because once this whole tom and liza thing is over he will be the next target for some people if he doesn’t. The fall out between tom and emmitt caused emmitt to be more social and he is very likeable and open the door to different connections


talla is no different from Liza, she is now playing both sides. she should seek an english class and speech therapy when she goes home


The diference between the two is motive. Talla does not even know what game she is playing, that is why she keeps floating from one alliance to another (her IQ is probably a score of 90); whereas Liza knows the game and just overplayed it (she went hardcore wayyy too early in the game)


Yeah Talla is really going hard right now. She is actually putting herself in a good position to go up on the block.


I almost feel like I need to take the next few weeks off of work just so I can work full time on figuring out what the heck is happening in that friggin house! It is so confusing!

Is Peter really true to the quatro or is he secretly working with Liza?
Is there still even a quatro?
Do Emmett and Gary really intend to work together?
Why is Talla completely trash talking Emmett? What did he ever do to her?
Why is Jilllian annoying me so much?
Was Alec playing up this whole shower thing?
What the heck is wrong with Andrew’s knees?

And who the heck is going home on Thursday??!

I am so confused.


Thanks Simon! Love the zombie rot reference lol

Do you watch the live feeds all day??

Pretty Trickster

How do you guys pull this off? I mean working and stuff, I thought you were trying out for the show this season ;)


hahahaha…”zombie rot”


Pete & Alec are intriguing.
I think if either one is false about making F2 together, they’ll have to watch each other like hawks to see who’ll try stabbing the other first to take a floater instead.


talla has tried to fool everyone with her dumb questions and tries to be naive….meanwhile she lap danced (then worries if her mom will see it) and basically leading on the men in the house with her skimpy clothes, letting andew finger comb her hair, and high drama behavior….then in the after dark show she has the biggest opinion and swears and swears and i conclude she is the biggest player in this game….


I wonder how often Tom used a similar line to defend his actions before getting on the show: “Dude, if she didn’t want me to put it in her she shouldn’t have dressed so slutty. It’s not my fault she passed out from drinking too much.” A homophobe, a racist, & a rapist? Would anyone seriously be surprised? What a class act.


I wouldn’t go that far. Calling someone a racist and a rapist is pretty serious. He said himself in his introduction that he did not like gay people which is on him but I would be careful calling someone a rapist or a racist. You don’t know him outside of what you see on tv. We really don’t know any of these people.


We don’t know who Tom really is as a person, but from what we have seen… I just HAVE to agree with you and say that he IS all of the above! Above all don’t forget perverted- Tom is a sexually repressed, hateful pervert


It seems clear to me that Alec’s reaction was genuine. He was genuinely upset and it would not have exploded in the way that it did if Tom didn’t blab and brag to everyone about what he did. However, I do think that now the game continues, so Alec is now using this to his advantage to try and ensure that Tom goes. I think this happens often. Things happen, people react genuinely but then they are forced to think about how this will be implicated in the game. The thing that annoys me is that even though Tom’s reaction last night seemed genuine (he felt bad about what he did), he is so self-centred and egotistic that he instantly turned it back on him, trying to get people to feel bad for him, to the point where Alec even spoke with him. Tom is definitely someone I would avoid in the real world.


Anyone else laugh when Jillian said she knows how to deal with Coyotees by “pulling their front legs apart”?

All I could imagine in my head was the thought of the coyotee eating Jillians head off as she tried to do that move…. lol


i hate peter’s DR sessions. annoying as hell. he’s 2 completely different people.


I think the DR is Peters real personality except for when he is with Liza. I think she could really take him for a ride if she wanted.