Big Brother Canada Spoilers: EVICTION / HOH Results!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada Live Eviction April 4, 2013 Gary vs Topaz
Big Brother Canada Live EVICTION Episode: April 4th, 2013 @ 10pm ET/PT

On the block for eviction tonight are: Emerald “Topaz” Brady and Gary Levy.

PREDICTION: GARY is evicted. Both Topaz and Gary have been very calm this week as each of them figure they are staying. We will see quite the reaction from Gary if he is evicted this evening. The house dynamic will change if Gary is evicted tonight as he brings a lot of excitement and personality to the house.

For the “Shield” Alliance to be safe this next week, Alec or Peter need to win tonight’s Head Of Household competition. Peter has been cautioned he is being viewed as a floater, so it will be interesting to see if he tries to win tonight.

As there have been a lot of Quiz & Physical Competitions lately, it is likely that tonight’s competition will be an endurance.

Who do you think will win tonight’s HOH Competition?

SOCIAL Media Spoilers: Gary was evicted by a vote of 5 – 0. Tonight’s HOH Competition is an endurance. Next week is another Double Eviction.

Actual Results:

Jillian votes to evict: GARY
Alec votes to evict: GARY
Emmett votes to evict: GARY
Peter votes to evict: GARY
Talla votes to evict: GARY

As tonight’s vote is an odd number of house guests voting Andrew will not need to break a tie vote.

By a vote of 5 to 0 GARY is the 8th house guest evicted from the Big Brother Canada House!


As it’s an endurance HOH competition we will find out who wins on the live feeds when they are turned back on. From the looks of it, this competition could go all night..

11:10pm The live feeds are still showing the Hush Hush screen..

big brother canada live feeds endurance episode april 4 2013

Big Brother canada april 4 1135pm

11:32pm – 11:55pm The live feeds come back and everyone is in the bathroom wanting to shower. Andrew hugs Jillian and tells her congratulations. JILLIAN WON THE ENDURANCE HOH. Topaz and Alec are in a shower together. Talla wonders if there will be a competition tomorrow. Peter says yeah it will be a have/havenot or luxury competition tomorrow. Andrew says 8 people gone, 7 remain. Alec tells Topaz that she is safe. He tells her that he talked to Jillian and says that she wants Andrew out. Emmett, Jillian, Andrew, Talla and Peter head into the bed room. They are all freezing cold. Big Brother tells the house guests that they are restricted to the bedroom wing of the house. Andrew and Peter talk about how Gary got evicted by a 5-0 vote and he didn’t even realize he was going home. Meanwhile back in the bathroom Alec high fives Jillian.

Big Brother canada april 4 1136pm

11:55pm – 12:05am In the havenot room Alec is trying to warm up Topaz. Meanwhile in the bedroom: Andrew says well she (Jillian) is the queen of endurance! She’s got a bit of stamina in her. Jillian says that she feels like she earned that one, that one was sh!tty for sure. She says that she was so cold and her teeth were chattering. I am a cold wimp. Peter says no you are not, you just proved that for staying up there for 3 hours! Andrew says if Jillian gets the HOH I guess she will be sleeping up there alone tonight, since Emmett is a havenot for at least another day. Andrew comments on how Jillian almost fell off at one point. They talk about how their arm or hand had to be touching the poll. Andrew comments on how they weren’t allowed to turn around facing the wall either. Andrew says that he gave Emmett a hug after and Emmett told him not to stop hugging him because he was so warm. Andrew says that it was a bit awkward because Emmett has a huge package. Talla says AWKWARD! Andrew says what it is giant, haven’t you seen him walking to the bathroom in his shorts …it looks like he is smuggling a kilo of cocaine down there.

Video is uploading:

12:05am – 12:20am In the havenot room. Topaz is telling Alec how during the HOH competition Jillian and her both didn’t want to drop. They talked about offering each other safety but neither was ready to drop yet. She says that they then offered to keep each others partner safe as well (Topaz wouldn’t nominate Emmett or Jillian if she won and Jillian wouldn’t nominate Alec or Topaz if she won.). Topaz says that she asked Jillian who she would nominate and she says that she said she would put Talla and Andrew up on the block. Alec tells Topaz thank you for making a deal to save him as well. Meanwhile in the bedroom: Andrew comments to Peter alone in the bedroom that Jillian must have made a deal with Topaz for her to drop. Peter agrees. Andrew says yeah and obviously Emmett is safe too. Peter says yeah so that leaves four potential nominees. They talk about how Alec and Topaz are super close now all of a sudden. Andrew asks Peter if that break up was fake, because that would be a d!ck move! Peter says he has no idea and if so then he was lying to me too. Talla joins them again and starts talking about it smelling like farts. She starts dancing for them.

Videos of these conversations will be posted here:

12:20am Big Brother switches the live feeds the hush hush screen… Jillian might be getting her HOH room.

LINK TO Watch the live stream of tonight’s episode: HERE

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148 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Spoilers: EVICTION / HOH Results!

      1. Do you think its endurance like the lumberjack comp, or more something like running back and forth with a cup of water?

        I imagine the feeds will be out most of the night depending on how long the comp goes. I will keep checking in to see if we have a winner.

        1. Might be a classic moving wall with angle/lean and ice cold water comp. If this was US I’d actually put money on it. We could have fill a vessel with a teaspoon of water as you basically suggested.

      2. Being from the West Coast myself (born in Nanaimo, raised and living in Alberta), I too feel like a bit of a traitor. ;) Talla’s involvement in the Beast Coast Alliance makes me feel a bit better, tho. :)

    1. Peter should go home. He’s done nothing in the game but shout in the DR about how good at the game he is. I guess if you say it a lot, people will start to believe you? He’s easily the most annoying and fakest player in the house. It appears as though Peter never had to throw any comps, he could have played his hardest every time and still not won. His talking with his hands, shouting, and pointing to Liza’s band, just awful. Liza let him rub her leg, now he’s in love. I suspect someone close to him goes around thumbing down posts that are negative about him. Why? I don’t know, they never reply, only thumbs down.
      To a Peter fan, I challenge you, for once to explain why you are a fan. His underdog status went away when he started the fake confidence and bragging. You are not Hulk Hogan.

      1. Peter has played a great game thus far in my opinion. He’s not on the top of anyones target list, he’s being portrayed as a floater because he WANTS people to think that, so that he’s not an immediate threat to anyone. He didn’t win any competitions because he didn’t have to, he’s managed to stay of the block so why should he make himself look like a threat? Look at Dan he didn’t win his first competition till week 6, and it’s only week 5 so far. When the time comes for him to win a competition he will win, trust me. If he doesn’t and falls flat on his face and goes out that door, then I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong. Peter has set himself up nicely in the house, his one mistake was probably keeping Andrew in the house. But even if the shield is targeted Alec would be the first to go since people see him as more of a threat. My money has been on Peter since the beginning of this game, and that’s not gonna change.

      1. Im also from Vancouver rooting for Beast Cost. I naturally wanted to like all the people from Vancouver but abandoned them all by week 3. Peter, Alec, and Topaz have got to go. Hopefully we see the house divide and some real drama .

  1. Don’t play often, but have signed up for BBC Slice TV Play Along. I had made nominee choices to win points based on Topaz being HOH. Then BBC switches things up…Andrew becomes HOH and my selections are deemed WRONG, hence no points. Canada has always been behind in programming, game shows, etc…guess they have not progressed much. This BB game is being played by production…NOT the house guests. Very disappointed.

    1. The live show is pre-taped so unless this is a real endurance comp (Something we haven’t seen in the US since BB8) it probably will be over soon after the show airs..

      The US does show the endurance comps on the feeds..

  2. the guys have been dominating the competition one of these ladies has to win(((((((((((((((((( not topaz,,, that would be some shit i dont want her win and she does))))

    1. I agree. I hope that Andrew can convince her that with the shield she will always be third but with him she can at least be a pair. It is just all up in the air right now. Yikes! I’m stressed out! lol

    1. I’m American, and I’d trade Julie Chen for her straight up. Julie Chen is all awkward pauses, and she is blatant about her favorites. Plus I hate how smarmy she is, especially considering she’s only on TV because she married Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS.

      1. Don’t follow this stuff but thought she was married to Maury Pauvich of daytime talk fame. I’m not a celeb watcher so who knows. I know the other guy mentioned tjhough :)

  3. YES!! It was a tough task to stay off this beautiful site all day, but I did it!! So Glitter is Gonzo!! No Surprise. Listening to Arisa was so brutal tonight!! Man!! She really stunk tonight. My guess is Topaz or Alec is going home next week. Let’s see what happens… Nite nite

    1. Same here, it took a lot of strength to stay away from OBB because I don’t want spoilers on Thursday. Damnt why does Slice show the eviction episode at 10pm, that means I’m on OBB at 11, that’s too long to wait!
      Anyways I want the alliance Andrew is on to win HOH, it’s the Beast Coast, right? Getting sick of Peter thinking he runs the game. I just don’t see where he runs the game.

      It will be a very good week if Alec and Peter are on the block this week.

    1. God I hopeso. And it would be even better if she nominates Alec and Peter so they realize they are not really in control of the game.

  4. Arisa just committed the worst offence a host can commit!!! She actually gave a personal opinion on 1 of the houesguest!!! Absolutely unacceptable!!! She clearly does not like Alec.. That was just horrible!! If there is a God she will be gone come next season. I’m so disgusted with her as a host!

  5. I have a weird suspicion that someone random (and undeserving) is gonna end up winning this season i.e. Jillian, Talla or Peter (man this guy is getting a great edit and being made out to be a mastermind when he’s out of the loop most of the time).

  6. OK WTF is going on? Alec clearly trying to cheat again. Emmit sitting down how can that be allowed within the rules? The Wall is standing endurance sitting takes away alot of the endurance part of the challenge. Is production really this terrible? I like Emmit but come on folks!

    Talla or Jillian FTW IMO……

  7. Can someone tell me why Emmett is sitting during the HOH competition and everyone else is standing, I dont get why thats allowed they should all have to stand.
    Also whats up with BBCAN and no goodbye messages to the ousted houseguest. Gary didnt get his goodbye messages.

    1. I think they probably ran out of time for the goodbye msgs so it wasn’t added to the broadcast they probably did have them i believe all the hgs make one for both hgs leaving. As for emmitt all arrissa said is you have to hold on she didn’t say you had to stand just most of them found it more comfortable at that point to stand. Sitting will be a greater strain on your arms but emmitt probably feels he has a better chance sitting because it is more comfortable for him. If he wasn’t allowed arrissa would have said at the begining you have to stand and she would have made emmitt get up like she told alec he couldn’t use his jacket as a rope.

  8. Would it kill them to turn on the feeds? The show’s over. I know it’s been 5 minutes but I’m impatient and I want to see if people are still standing. The ledge looked wide enough to keep it going for a while.

      1. Effing Shaw. Like, seriously.

        Canadians are forever getting swindled. Of course Shaw can do this, they own everything.

  9. Simon/Dawg, I know you will keep us up to date about when Live Feeds are back on for you guys. Do you have a “best guess?” Later tonight? Tomorrow? They wouldn’t keep them down until Sunday, would they?

    1. we haven’t heard anything yet.. I would be shocked if they blocked it until Sunday. My best guess would be tonight sometime probably within the next hour.

  10. If Emmett wins I dont think it is fair. He should have been told to stand up like the rest of the house guests. He is sitting down which makes it easier to hold on and his legs wont get tired like everyone elses. He must not have learnt from the first time he got caught cheating. And did Alec honestly think he was going to get away with trying to tie himself onto the rails? And what is it with Talla and the screaming……a child does that. I think Jillian may be the HOH. She seems to be very calm and centered……..

    1. I was thinking the same thing but Arissa clearly saw him sitting down and never told him to stand up. Another case of BB production not being clear with the instructions. Watch Emmett win it and then Production say “You’re disqualified because you were sitting down” Whatever. They saw him and never told him to stand up so I guess it’s allowed

    2. What alec was doing was cheating he was using his shirt to take the pressure off his hands which would give him an unfair advantage but what emmitt did isn’t the rules arrissa said was that you had to hold on and the last hgs will win she didn’t say you had to stand as long as emmitt holds on he is still in. It is not cheating she never said you had to stand just hold on

    3. This comp is hard on the arms and not the legs. He has no chance either way.
      the winner’s gonna be Talla, Topaz, Jill or Peter. Alec and Emmett need to drop, no point on trying.

    4. I think the key thing in this HOH is holding on the the rail with your hands it doesn’t matter whether they are sitting or standing as long as they’re holding on.

    1. Maybe because in the tree truck comp jillian held on to that for the win so if she can hold onto a tree trunck and wrap your arms around it and stay on i don’t see her letting go on this unless she gets dizzy becasue i am guessing that thing may move.

    2. official statement from Big Brother Canada

      The live feeds won’t be back on for a while. Sorry, no ETA at this point.

      maybe I need to make a fresh pot of coffee

  11. Even the “Panty Shield’s” moms are creepy: Alec’s mom wants a pedicure from Ricardo? Mother/son inappropriate weirdness. Peter’s mom says that’s the first time she ever saw him touch a girl’s leg: DUH! Your mom’s not usually supposed to be in the same room when you’re ‘touching’ a girl. Mom/son weirdness.

  12. What’s the point of even having the feeds if they’re never on? I get they’re free and I shouldn’t be whining but seriously..

  13. Arisa sure let Canada know Gary was one of her favorites tonight. I am from the West and I am hoping Beastcoast wins , can not stand Alec, Peter, or Topaz. Arisa had to tell Alec before the comp start he could not do what he was with that extra jacket around the rail and tied to his wrist. I hope Jillian or Talla win tonight and I hope Talla stays with Andrew and E/J.

    Alec or Peter need to go home this coming week and if the is a double eviction Topaz or Alec can go. I hope the feeds come back up tonight.

    1. Sharaanne, you’re right about Arisa. With Gary’s eviction, I thought she was about to declare it a “National Night Of Mourning” throughout Canada! She clearly loves Gary. But I also sense that Arisa’s mood usually matches what I think Production’s mood is. I do give BBCA Production big credit tonight. Gary was the *major* personality in the BB house. Like I said yesterday, until I saw him talking on stage with Arisa, I still thought an “11th-hour Gary life raft” was possible. They were *clearly* tempted. But, with the twist last week, and a double eviction for next week, Production thankfully let the HGs decide who left, and gave us a rare, for BBCA, “normal” BB week (or, as Ann calls them, a “blah-blah” week.) Ann, every single week of BB can’t be “epic”, or it just wouldn’t be BB! It does have a proven format. Please go “halfway” with us BB purists, classy lady! You can “ping your BB drama meter” again next week! :)

  14. i have a good feeling peter is going to win this one. Yes emmett is sitting but he’s an idiot for going shirtless, he’ll freeze and jump/fall off

    1. Of all the people up there peter will be the last person to win it my money is still on jill or talla. As for emmitt sitting as long as he holds on he is good but i think him sitting and holding will put more strain on his arms but we will see. In the tree truck comp jill and talla were the last two standing and that one seemed harder then this one.

  15. It’ll come down to Jillian, Talla and Petter. I really really really hope that Jillian wins this HOH so that they can send Alec’s fake ass to jury house! I’ve had it, I can’t stand him anymore!

    1. FRom what I heard topaz and Jillian were the last two on the comp and they made a deal.

      I think it’s safe to say at least one of the shield will be gone this time next week.

      1. In hind sight Jillian MAY NOT honor that deal b/c she certainly didn’t with Aneal.

        BUT it may prove to work out nicely for The Shield b/c would Jill put up both Peter & Alec or just one of them? If she only puts up one & either wins POV they can both be safe. Odds are she’ll only put up one or it will be all out war & I’m not sure Jill/Emmett want to take that chance so I think she’ll put up Andrew & Peter as the 2nd up with a view to back door Alec. AND of course Alec will go gang busters to get the POV & then remove Peter guaranteeing both their safety.

        The big thing is next Thursday is a double eviction so likely a quiz that & if Alec manages to stay this week he’ll win & put up (likely) Emm/Jill or at least one of them vs Talla & then possibly back door Emmett. Could get pretty interesting.

        This week including the noms, POV, dbl evict in my estimation will determine who wins. If Alec leaves Peter is likely a goner (BUT he could easily win next Thurs & take out Emmett) but if Andrew goes next Thurs will hurt the Beast Coast.

        What is interesting is where Talla/Topaz will fall out of this whole thing as it’s likely Topaz will learn this week what Alec’s TRUE thoughts are courtesy of Andrew, Talla & Jillbot/Emm. Should still be some fireworks in the house.

        Ultimately I wouldn’t even be adverse to seeing Andrew or Alec leave this week & then see Emmett follow. I have to say I’m really hoping for Topaz to win a full HOH & get out Alec though as it would be the best karma!

        As for Jillbot winning HOH I’m not surprised since she does a lot of Yoga which provides her with overall strength that serves well in endurance comps. My bet is the 3 girls were likely the last 3 standing & Talla knowing she was safe with either side dropped b/c then she wouldn’t have to get any blood on her hands & would still be able to compete next week.

      2. Ok so based on the above Topaz & Jill were the last 2 standing (GO TOPAZ, good for her I had a feeling she was stronger than she let on) & they made a deal that whoever won WOULD NOT nominate each other OR their partner (Emmett/Alec). What I don’t know is whether that included POV.

        If Jill was honest with Topaz than it’s Talla & Andrew on the block & you can bet your ass that Peter, Topaz & Alec will go hard core to win POV so they can get Andrew out.

        Guess we will find out this week how true to her word Jill is. I just can’t imagine she wouldn’t go after Alec or Peter.

  16. Topaz and Alec are going on the block! If Jillian is smart, she’ll put Pete and Alec, cuz Peter can win the POV and remove Alec from the block. She can’t risk that!

    It’s time for Alec to go, he doesn’t even like Topaz neither does his mom! He’s just using her, he’s gotta go! The feeds are so boring already, you can tell that Glitter’s gone.

  17. HOH came down between Topaz and Jillian. I think Topaz and Jillian made a deal. Honestly I think this week it’s either Alec or Peter going.

  18. From what info i found it looks like that topez and jillian were the final 2 and they made a deal (i don’t think jill was ever going after her any way). it also said after the comp that alec had a conversation with jillian that she was on board with getting andrew out I am guessing she was telling him what he needed to hear. For her game it is better for her to take alec out because i don’t see her going after andrew right now.

    1. She did make a deal with Jillian, she said Talla threw the HOH comp because she thought that Topaz would win it. It’s probably why Alec’s kissing her ass, he’s so pathetic! Hopefully, Jillian is smart enough to put Alec and Peter on block, then evict Alec. Peter isn’t winning anything, he’s such a loud floater!

      1. LOUD FLOATER Hahahah! That’s by far the best description I’ve seen of him! :)
        A loud floater is the embodiment of a useless player. He’s a floater that isn’t even following the basic rule of floating…
        I really hope to see Jillian put him AND Alec up and to see the expression on their faces :)

  19. OMG…. that would be AMAZING if Topaz made a deal with Jillian before Jillian got HOH!! Jillian is really good with keeping her word with this kind of thing, at least for one round… this means that Alec and Peter will go up!!! I can’t wait to watch to see what they’ll try to do to turn things around, I think they will really try some devious things, which will make things interesting… but I really think that if Alec get’s put up, unless he wins POV, he’s gonna be evicted…. woo hoo I can’t wait for this upcoming week! If Topaz can make it through this week, and Alec is gone, all of a sudden, Peter and Topaz have to re-strategize. I think Topaz will be with Talla, whereas Peter… will be vulnerable..

    1. I’m all for Beast Coast, but to be fair, Jillian’s track record isn’t as rosy as you say:
      She promised Aneal 3 times she wouldn’t put him up, then she did.
      She promised Danielle that she would only be the pawn, and Danielle went home. OK, that changed after Jillian had made the promise, but still, the “deals she made” didn’t exactly work out for those she made the deals with ;)

    2. except topez and jillian deal wasn’t just for themselves there deal was that if topez dropped then jillian wouldn’t put topez or alec up and in return if topez wins next week she won’t put up jillian or emmitt. We will see if she honours it but jillian might try and keep both deals with beast coast and alec/topez and take peter out and use talla as a pawn. If it is true talla dropped so topez could win then she wasn’t sticking to the beast coast allience.

  20. I honestly can’t see her not going after alec and peter for her game it is the only thing that makes sense game wise. This is the best move for emmitt though this way he doesn’t have to burn any bridges with the sheild.

      1. It’ll be interesting. We’re definitely at that point in the game where someone is going to have to get backstabbed. She’s not getting a Shield vote as it stands now, so she might as well put up one of Alec/Peter/Topaz, and if POV is used, use whomever she doesn’t put up as the replacement. She shouldn’t worry about getting blood on her hands b/c, like I said, she won’t have their jury vote anyway.

        IMO, her target should be Alec, and she shouldn’t think twice about it b/c there might not be another chance to get rid of him. She might also kill two birds with one stone and pi$$ Topaz off so much that she blows up and burns a bridge or two–especially with Talla. It’s really a no-lose HoH for Jillian if she plays it right.

    1. I think she’ll honor the noms (because they are now in jury & if she doesn’t it looks REALLY BAD) what I don’t know is whether they discussed POV as well b/c Jill could easily nom Talla/Andrew & then backdoor Alec or Peter BUT only if Emmett, Jill, Andrew or Talla win POV & only one person will sit out of POV this week. Watch it be Alec that would be crazy if he can’t play & they back door him.

      Also; if Jill honors the noms she told Topaz of Talla/Andrew this will provide ample room for Peter/Alec/Topaz to get Talla on their side b/c she will doubt Emmett/Jill if they put her on the block.

  21. Hard to say if Jillian and Emmett are going to keep their word to Andrew or if Jillian is going to keep her word to Topaz. She can go with the shield and put Andrew/Talla up or go with the Beast Coast and put up Alec/Peter. Break up the shield PLEASE!!

    1. I have a feeling she is going to try and take out peter she might use talla as a pawn peter would still go unless alec could turn emmitt which i doubt. That way she can keep both deals. If she uses talla as a pawn the most it is a tie and jillian breaks it I think peter could be in trouble

    2. I found a few scoops from joker’s update

      jillian asked Emmett if he thinks Alec and Peter would have put them up. Emmett says probably. Jillian says she will not break her word to Topaz. She doesn’t want to look like a villain. She said she’s leaning toward putting up Alec and Peter.

      She also mentions that Talla’s behavior during the comp showed that she’s loyal to them. She said she does not want to lose her trust. Emmitt says to talk to peter before she does anything.

      I thought that topez deal with jill was for both her and alec very confused

  22. Sweet! :)
    Happy Jillian won :) Good timing to have the “pirate ship” endurance comp. I was a bit worried for Beast Coast when I saw Peter wearing a hoodie and Jill and Talla just the minimum in a comp that was clearly going to get cold… Emmett wasn’t ever a contestant to win this type of comp, so him being shirtless didn’t bother me. (Maybe they told him he could sit because of his injured foot?)
    I hope Jillian puts up Alec AND Peter. I wonder what deal she made with Topaz: if it’s just “keep me safe”, then fine. If it’s “keep me and Alec safe”, then we’ll see what happens…
    Really funny to see how oblivious the self-proclaimed megabrains Peter and Alec are to their predicament! :)

  23. To be honest i think jillian and emmitt are at a cross roads her nominations will tell which allience she wants to be true to. She has deals with alot of people she has a final 4 deal with andrew,talla and emmitt or she can stick to her deal with topez and alec and hope they keep there word. She might try and keep both alliences and take peter out with somebody as a pawn.She is going to have to break her word with someone i am guessing emmitt is going to want her to go after alec but jillian has a mind of her own at this point i have no idea.

  24. I’m glad talla didn’t win because if she did then she would be screwed as next week is a double eviction but she will probably go next week but I hope Jillian isn’t sticking to the deal she made with topaz because at one point topaz wanted to go after her and I just hope plus talla get to play in the double eviction because it will be mental..

  25. Is anyone else having trouble viewing the conversation between Topaz & Alec? It says the video you requested is not available… Can someone re-post it please. Thanks

  26. Depends on whether or not Jillian swore on anything significant to get that deal with Topaz. It’s possible she may be forced to go after Andrew – if that was part of the deal – even if she definitely would rather not.

  27. Ok I’m officially sick of Alec
    Always talking about survivor, talking smack about topaz,cheating….I think he’s actually losing his mind.

    I just hope jillian can think for herself.

  28. Andrew is so pervy he gives me the willies. Talking about Emmett’s basket. I mean come I seriously doubt he is as straight as he says. That being said I sure hope he finds a doll or something to direct some of that PERV towards.
    I really do hope Jillian wants him gone this coming week.

    On another note everyone talking about disliking Arisa as a host for BB. I can take her or leave her. I do agree she isn’t very fluent when she talks, but I also notice that when she talks to the houseguets Live it almost seems like they cant hear very good. I think they still need to iron out some of the kinks from this season. i would have loved to see Cheryl Hickey from ET Canada as the host for BBCAN. She is very good at talking and also can hold the spotlight while hosting. What do you guys think about Cheryl? She probably be 10x better than Arisa.

  29. Jillian said she would keep her word to Topaz because she wants her to know that she actually can trust her but she’s thinking about putting Alec on the block! Homegirl knows what she’s doing!

  30. What is Jill saying to Emmett (it’s the only way to know for sure what she’ll do). Is she going to honor her deal with Topaz or was she lying?

    I kind of feel for Jill b/c if she doesn’t do what she said then she’ll lose jury votes if she is up against someone in F2 who hasn’t lied. I’m hoping they didn’t discuss POV & then she can still back door someone (i.e. Alec)

    1. I think from what she is saying she is going to half honour it she will not put topez up but she wants to put up alec and peter up.Emmitt suggested she talks to pete first but she is running out of candates she doesn’t want to break her trust with talla because she trusts her and obviously she is not going to put emmitt up which leaves only peter,alec and andrew. She is pretty upset about alec lying about him and topez so she doean’t trust him as of now it does look like one of the sheild is going home either way she is going to make an enemy but they were going to go after them anyways.

  31. Does anyone know if peter intentionally threw that competition too, I just remember him saying he’s selective about winning.

    I can’t stand his delusions.


  32. Since Jillian won the endurance HoH, the beast coast is apparently safe, However, as Jillian made a deal with Topaz for the win and promised not to put her up for elimination or her fakemance Alec either, it will be interesting to see if she follows through. I think she will keep Topaz safe as agreed, but will go against her word and put up Alec and probably Peter as well.Funny to see Alec shmoozing all over Topaz now and thanking her for making a deal to save him as well as herself! Well, we’ll see… but I bet Alec goes up anyway! Peter looks glum … the light has definitely dawned.

    I was sad that no goodbyes to Gary were shown! For shame… that was a huge production oversight!

  33. “HUH says Emmett won hoh. I thought it was Jillian… This time only four HG can vote. The hoh only needs two people to vote their way as the hoh will be the tie breaker. They Jillian/Emmett need Andrew to stick with them…

  34. We all know what will happen if Jill only puts Peter up and not Alec: the POV will be the “insert whatever Alec is unbeatable at” competition.

  35. I agree Andrew is PERVY! I noticed that since day one!! He gives me the creeps,, hope he is gone soon. Miss Gary though, and I hope Topaz backstabs Alec the way he did to her

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