Topaz “his d1ck was shriveled and tiny because he was in the shower”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: Tom & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


12:15AM Pool Topaz and Gary
Gary wonders how Liza can say she has such a wonderful life when she works at a tanning Salon. They don’t see a person making much money at that jon. Topaz and Gary come to the conclusion that Liza works as a escort. Gary says that Emmett thinks he’s a joke. Topaz doesn’t think so she tells him to just leave it alone. Tom walks outside for a minute. Gary says that Tom’s image is sinking fast. They are sure the video of what Tom did is all over the internet. Gary is wondering that maybe he’s slipped up a couple times and he’s all over the internets.

Jillian joins them and they start talking about Topaz and Liza. They start rehashing the days events.. lots of laughing at what happened. Gary: “Shits goin crazy.. seeing d!cks, Topaz is yelling and Suzeette is still eating Chili in the bedroom”

Topaz says that LIza smiles when she’s nervous. the entire time during the altercation today she had a giant smile on her face. Topaz goes on to explain that during the Nominations she noticed Liza smiling a lot when she went up. Ever since Topaz has noticed it. Gary: ‘I think she’s an escort”. They give Jillian a rundown of what they think Tom was doing in the house game wise. Tom was using Liza to get to the “girls” and the “Gays” because those were the two groups that he had trouble reaching. Gary is worried that Liza is going to be tough to get out of the house if Tom goes this week, he wonders if the house will start believing her bullshit.
Jillian gets up to go to bed. Topaz tells her she plans on apologizing to people tomorrow for the outbursts.

Gary is nervous that they are losing people to vote out Tom. Topaz doesn’t think there are nearly enough votes to save Tom, she can only think of 2 people. Gary says they only have Emmett and Talla the rest of the house will vote to evict Tom. They briefly wonder if more people will start because they see Tom as down and out.
Gary complains that the water is cold in teh pool and his d1ck is all shriveled up.
Topaz: “That poor Alec.. his d1ck was shriveled and tiny because he was in the shower”
Gary: “We’ve all seen that thing in the track pants when he’s s$mi h*rd we know he’s packing some heat”


12:15AM Storage Room Alec and Tom

Tom: “I was hurt that I got the knife in the back by you guys”
Tom says Liza was lying to him, she tells him that she is going but then he goes around the house and finds out she’s campaigning against him and that the vote is against him. Tom: “I cannot even sleep beside her”

Alec: “She doesn’t have the votes”

Tom: “Jillian just told me.. “ Tom rambles on about what he’s hearing in the house, he thinks he’s going and he’s confused, “I’m so stressed out”

Tom: “I want to keep the quattro going.. Emmett told me everyone is lying to my face.. I’m going home on Thursday and need to separate myself from Liza.. Emmett told me I have to go to everyone and tell them that I had no Idea about the things Liza was doing..”

Tom: “Emmett has thrown in the towel with me he told me he’s still voting to keep me but he thinks if I leave he’ll be better off.. What the F*** man.. all I did was win HOH and tried to get Suzette out”

Alec: “All you need to do is convince Gary… I’ve heard 4-5 people say they are voting based on what the HOH wants.

Emmett Joins them

Alec says that pissing Topaz off isn’t going to help Tom’s situation..

Emmett: ‘we kinda gave up on yo man.. “
Alec: “Don’t worry man you have me, Emmett, Jillian, Peter, Talla and Aj that all you need”
Tom: “I don’t know if I have them man”
Alec: “We’ll talk to them”
Tom: “You think it’s going to be 6-3”
Alec: “I can’t control Topaz.. don’t believe Liza.. she’s lying up and down”
Emmett: “I don’t know the vote could go either way”
Alec: “Why do you think everyone is flipping on you.. This is good for us.. the blow up”
Alec: “The best thing you can do right now is not run around make deals and let Liza kill herself”


Tom: “I’m not giving Gary a F**** blowj*b to stay in this house”
They all giggle.
Alec tells him to stop freaking out and know that he is not going anywhere he’s got the votes to stay.

Alec: “Who is telling you these rumors that you are going home”
Alec says he was genuinely upset by Tom showing everyone his weiner but he is saying to people to not factor what Tom did into their game decisions.

Tom wonders why he’s in such a unsafe spot when he thought his boys had his back. Tom would vote Liza out now. Emmett chimes in that before Tom would not have and that was the problem. Tom: “If you guys came to be before like we are now I would have”

Alec reminds Tom that Liza is the most hated person in the house not Tom.

Tom tells them that Peter talks to Liza every day.. Liza says they are close.

Tom says that Peter told him that he wasn’t onboard with this move and that got him thinking and stewing. Tom adds If peter isn’t down with Quattro and he’s on the block what the hell is going on.


12:50M Living Room Emmett and Alec

Alec thought Tom was feeling bad about what he said. Alec: “I was going to say you know what Tom it’s water under the bridge.. he comes right up to me.. says yo man i’m nervous about the game man.. I don’t know what to do.. ”

Emmett: ‘i told him straight up look man I don’t care if you go home.. the way you’ve been acting”
Alec: “You should not be doing that it’s not in our best interests”

Emmett tells him if Liza goes home this week they have no threats next week.
Alec: “Doesn’t matter.. the biggest threat to us is Tom.. if you are allied with someone you don’t trust”

Emmett wants to keep Tom. Alec is pissed at Emmett for telling Tom he’s going home. Alec is also pissed because Tom hasn’t apologized yet.

Emmett: “I’m with you.. it’s your call”
Alec: “It’s not my f*** call it’s the teams call.. ”


1:16AM Tom Alone in the Living Room




1:20pm HOH Alec, Topaz and Gary Alec crying for being exposed in front of the camera.


1:42Am bathroom Andrew and Tom Tom is telling Andrew his sad story about how he was on top of the world last week now he’s on the block, his bro’s don’t have his back and the girl he was chilling with is spreading lies. Andrew’s knees give me nightmares.


2:17AM Tom is alone in the Bathroom and of course Topaz and Gary are up making food and drinking pop
They chat about the “Cute” boys in the house. Gary thinks Andrew is cute in a old man way. Topaz and Gary both agree that Peter is cute.
Tom joins them briefly to make a protein shake.

2:32pm HOH Topaz and Gary
Gary loves Suzette but hated her at first
Gary loved Andrew at first but now he annoys him
Gary loved talla at first now he doesn’t
Gary about Andrew: “His legs look crazy… looks like something is going to crawl out of those holes”
Topaz: “looking at those legs make my eggs look itchy”
Gary: “He’s got prescription ointment for those leg now”
Topz: “Both legs look f**ked up”
Gary: ‘They’re F*** up”

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Andrew’s knees could use a GD POWERSHIFT.


Everyone is soo hippo critical in this house. They blame people for doing one thing, whilst doing that exact thing to other people. No decency or integrity left. I wish they would stop claiming they’re honest when the whole game is based on lying.


I missed what happened to Andrew’s knees?! He looks like he got bit by some giant spider!


He put calamine lotion on his wound (an open cut) and it got infected as a result


Ok so I understand Alec’s devastation at how being exposed could possibly affect his profession, but please stop crying because I can’t help but cringe each time he wallows in self piety.


You’re acting like he’s been crying for months (which he has every right to but whatever). It’s been HOURS since it happened and he’s probably processing it and thinking about the worst case scenario. He doesn’t know if there are gifs floating around or if he’ll basically lose everything he’s been working towards. So what if he cries, let him. I mean come on, imagine being completely violated like that in front of the world.


No you DON’T understand. He felt violated and humiliated- especially since he knew Tom did it out of spite. Real men DO cry, for your information.
PS: I hope you were trying to say self pity not self piety as piety is a virtue that can mean religious devotion, spirituality, or a combination of both. #justsaying


I can’t understand his concern with his image when he admitted to “bending the rules” in comps and will continue to bend (let’s face it, BREAK) the rules until he gets caught! How will that affect his reputation and credibility


I know, and he walks around in his underwear and feels up topaz. its big brother, everything is being recorded. deal with it.


Andrew’s knees are NASTY!! What is taking so long for the docs to see that he needs something for them….As gary would say “Gross. Gross-gross-gross-gross-gross”!


LOL, an EMT already looked at it and he was given polysporin as well as a medicated wash. I hope he got some kind of antibiotic to go with those though, ’cause his wounds look infected, for real!


Geez, that will give me nightmares too. What the heck happened to him?


Andrew’s and Peter’s knees are both screwed up because they were playing a game on the rug. its rug burn


LOL, He made the mistake of putting calamine lotion on them (a BIG no-no) which got them inflamed as result


Oh, it was calamine lotion. I thought it was from that pancake Have-not comp and was wondering what kind of grossness was in the pancake batter. Either way those knees are gross, I hope they heal soon because they make me itchy just looking at them.


I am not a tom fan and what he did was really jeuvineille but how many times does he have to appoligies to alec all i keep hearing from alec is that all tom wants to do is talk game and he hasn’t even appoligied. Really because i am pretty sure he has about 4 or 5 times.

Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo

You are correct. I have never seen a man cry so much because of his exposed wee wee. Heck, he walks around in that sweat pants (without underwear) with his little wee wee flopping around all over the place.


Well Alec told everyone he didn’t want to talk about it (the incident) and so ppl told Tom not to talk about it with Alec (cuz Tom was going to apologize and was told to wait a day or something). So what does Alec want? … Oh these people (shakes head)


I’m very excited for the potential Tom-Liza showdown tomorrow. It could make for great TV. Or it could be a fart in the wind.

God, if there was ever a week for a POWERSHIFT, this is it. The tension between Tom and Liza next week would make for even better TV, but, hey, at least we got to keep Suzette, who I’m not even 100% sure knows which show she’s on.


I think the boys would be stupid to get rid of him gary and topez are on to alec and they are going to need tom to deal with that. Also as far as i can see before tom was on the block he never targeted them i think if they lose tom they will be in trouble.


Say what? Do not be deceived, Tom is only playing for Tom NOT the bromance alliance. Besides I want Gary, Topaz and Alec to go far! TEAM GTA FTW! :D


Does anyone else think Alec could be faking the tears and how upset he is?


what happened to Andrew’s knees anyways? and where can I see Alec’s little penis he is so ashamed of? LOL

Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo

You are truly a Quack (Quack-Quack) you state that “Tom should have shown his own d!!ck if he doesn’t think it was such a big deal. Jerk!” Yet you want to know where can I see Alec’s little penis he is so ashamed of? LOL (Your LOL is phoney! Don’t say that you were just joking, I bet you really want to see it)


Tom should have shown his own d!!ck if he doesn’t think it was such a big deal. Jerk!

ALso I don’t know how anyone can like Peter. He is LOUD and thinks he knows it all when all he is …is ANNOYING as F#ck!! can’t wait for him to go home! He better not win this game. lol


Most interesting relationship –

AJ & The Invisibles
Liza & her inner psychopath
Peter and the happy childhood he never had
Gary & Zo & Gerald
The usual boy/girl stuff
Topaz & Gary
Peter & Alec
Tom & Emmett


Thanks for thumbs but really – what do you think?
I think Tom & Emmett.
Pete/Alec is a” business partnership”.
Girl/boy is what it is.
T & E have a depth of bond and trust, conflict and self interest that makes it hard to support each other and hard not to.
I mean, at this stage, could you see their Storage room scene between Alec/Topaz? Em & Jill? Peter & Liza? Tom & Liza?
It’s fascinating.


i’m going to say topaz/gary just because topaz is with alec, yet she’s really close to gary and eventually a choice has to be made. even though alec says he’ll drop topaz, i’m not so sure now. i wonder when alec will start to get worried about her relationship with gary.


ignore my question cause those answers weren’t there before about Andrew’s knees. LOL


I hate Topaz, I think getting rid of Tom is a big mistake. I don’t like Liza but it would be interesting to see if she wins anyone back over.


Also how many times does Tom have to apologize before Alec hears it? Tom was in tears when he realized how upset that Alec was (apparently) He even offered to take off all his closes and run around the house naked. I am surprised with how low Alec’s pants sit on his hips that they aren’t falling down by himself. Plus I think it is a bit late for him to start worrying about his image since from day 1 he has been hooked up to Topaz. I liked Peter but if he is getting taken in by Liza he is not as smart as he thinks he is.


I fail to see how hooking up withTopaz affects his image.

Andrew’s knees are so infected!


I love how “rape culture” ( has permeated the comments section – judging Alec by how he dresses, like he shouldn’t be upset with the way he wears his clothes. Sound familiar? These are the attitudes that the football players and townsfolk of Steubenville have used to victim blame and justify their attempts to sweep it under the rug. Would you respond the same way if one of the female contestants had been similarly exposed without consent? How would you feel if you were violated in a similar fashion?