Big Brother 17 Week 3 POV Results “Jeff is the male Audrey”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Summary of Events

Austin and Vanessa one the HOH’s. Austin nominations were Meg and Jason. Vanessa’s nominations were James and JohnnMac. JonnyMac thorws the Battle of the block competition securing Meg/jason’s win. Austin was dethroned leaving Vanessa as the Head of household for the week.

The Power of Veto players where picked Vanessa, James, Johnny Mac, Audrey, Austin, Shelli and the Veto Host was Becky. Most of Vanessa’s Alliance want Jeff out this week but She’s leaning more towards James..

Power of Veto Winner is Johnnymac

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 17-21-46-910_jpg

5:21pm Vanessa is accusing him of throwing the POV to JOhnnyMAc
Vanessa starts to cry.
Austin – I was conflicted there’s a lot of f*** things going on
Vanessa says she told him specifically if it comes down to him and JOhnnyMac it’s best for them to get the power. He agreed to this.
Asutin – I did not throw it when I was against James.
Vanessa says it was Clear that Austin could have won the competition.
Austin claims the competition wasn’t that f***g easy admits he did go slow with JonnyMac.
Vanessa – I need just one person to count on
Austin – I went three fucking times in a row
Vanessa doesn’t want them to fight says they have to be happy for JonnyMac

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 17-21-21-907_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 17-26-24-067_jpg

5:30pm James and JohnnyMac talking about the POV

James – Once Audrey was knocked out I didn’t worry about it lets all have fun”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 17-22-01-905_jpg
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 17-41-18-441_jpg

5:35pm HOH Vanessa and Asutin
Talking about putting up Jackie. Vanessa says if she pout up Jackie Jeff is going to go nuts so she should just put up Jeff. Austin says Jeff or Jackie have to go up. Vanessa says Shelli told her Jeff was rally the people downstairs to threaten Vanessa to put up Jeff.
Vanessa says it will look bad if she tells everyone Audrey is the target then in 24 hours it’s someone else.
Vanessa – If I Do this for Jeff Do I even need a reason
Austin says they can tell Jeff he’s talking here, there and everywhere.

Vanessa – why don’t I put Audrey up.. I swore to her so it make me feel extremely bad I do have enough ammo
Austin says they need to talk this through with other people in their group. Vanessa says other people’s opinions are tainted by their personal ambitions.
Vanessa says they can run it through Audrey ‘She’s good at figuring this out”
Austin – Yeah

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 17-51-57-737_jpg

5:49pm HOH Vanessa and Austin

Vanessa says she could bring Jeff up tell him she wants James to go and he’s going up as the pawn. the logic is Jeff is James best friend so she need to take out a vote for James.
Austin points out that Jame alone is annoying but Jeff and James are funny. If Jeff leaves, James’ personality will rub people the wrong way. Adds that Jeff is the male Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 18-01-40-638_jpg

5:58pm Bedroom Meg and Jason
talking about the twins. They agree it’s obvious now there’s no doubt in their minds. Meg wonders what they should do. Jason says they have to put her up and get her out. Adds if they take her and the twin out of the game they might gain back a person evicted like Da. Jason seems convinced the house will vote her out.
Meg and Jason both noticed that Jackie doesn’t believe in the twins. He suspect they have an arrangement. Meg thinks Jackie just doesn’t want to look stupid incase they’re wrong.
Meg says they should put Liz up against Clay, “I would do it”
Jason thinks they have enough votes. Jason counts Jeff/james as a votes sounds like they assume Audrey goes home)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 18-03-52-910_jpg

6:03pm Becky and Austin Storage room
Talking light game.

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Feaking duh…John. Borrrrrring. At least Jeff or James will go. Good riddance.


Why are you hating on John so much?


John is building quite the resume. Even if people are throwing it to him, it takes some balls to volunteer and not for sure know your fate. He is gambling with his Big Brother life and luckily it has worked in his favor. That being said, I like Jmac and I am always nervous when he is on the block, so to me he is bringing a certain level of excitement. I hope he goes far and I hope Vanessa puts Jeff up.


Isn’t it better for JohnnyMac to have gotten the Veto? Less blood on Austin’s hands now that he doesn’t have to use it.


Fuckin Austin man hahahaha

(Jeff better go up)


Vanessa should realize backdooring Jeff is better for her game now she already told people she was going to do it if she wouldn’t of used veto he would have found out she thought about it and went after her anyway


JohnnyMAC is Veto KING


…because people keep throwing it.


Look like Jeff is getting backdoor this week


There are two options for Vanessa:
Option 1: put up Jeff, ready for the battle with the other side because of her lie about her target (when she cannot compete, depending on Liz, Clay , Austin, Shelli and Steve). If her side does not win HOH next week, she will likely to be on the block. And she will never gain any trust from the other side of the house. The house will be divided from now on. She will expose her alliance.
Option 2: put up Audrey, continue to play low until jury then make the move. Everyone will be happy and forget about her next week.

Which direction will she choose? play low or ready for battle.
JohnMac is deserved to be my favorite. He saved himself 3 times on the block. He made history in BB. I guess JohnMac should have a lot of fun to play all the comps so far.


Vanessa should have gone with Option 2. Now because of her massive ego, Vanessa could possibly loose John, Becky, and Jackie b/c they’re not stupid and will figure out they were kept in the dark. Audrey was given too much info and its only a matter of time before she leaks it. Once Becky, John and Jackie find out Audrey had inside intel and was aligned with Van/Austin/Clay and Shelli before they were—trouble. Also, why make an enemy of Meg who’s radar you were never on? Austin threw the veto b/c he’s a chicken. Clay has yet to win ANYTHING and Shelli has her own agenda. As for Steve—-??? So I don’t know how safe she should feel next week.


Hate to say this but it sounds like Vanessa is whimping out. She needs to suck it up and just put Jeff up. Let the chips fall where they may.


This is exactly what I was thinking, that now she’s afraid to follow through and while I get why, it’s frustrating. She’s one of the few that I thought wouldn’t be afraid to draw blood and seriously, Jeff has got to go.


vanessa is the one who told austin that if he (austin) wins it he will have to use it on johnnymac because that is what he (and they) promised. austin throwing it (if he actually did) means that austin doesn’t have to show that play, johnny is off the block either way.

i figured jm would win the veto, he seems to be a veto machine. i think that is why he doesn’t object to going on the block and throwing the bob lol.

in any case, it is vanessa who is wimping out about what they all agreed on this time. shelli wimped out on putting up and taking out audrey, now vanessa is taking out the one person no one cares stays or goes when she has a golden opportunity to take out one of two highly desired targets? If she didn’t want to offend anyone, doesn’t it make more sense to take out Jeff not james?

B-bad owl

People keep saying that JohnnyMac isn’t playing that great of a game because he is always the pawn. I mean who volunteers to be nominated? Only someone that has figured out that by being nominated he has 2 chances to save himself and that if he is nominated then he isn’t the backdoor plan. (I think Clay has figured this out also. He has asked twice to be nominated) With BoB, the back door is the only door, and JM knows how to manipulate that to his advantage.


Difference between him and clay is when clay said it the hohs said no because he isn’t expendable like Johnny is to their alliance at first I thought he wanted to look weak but by winning vetos he’s showing he’s not so if he does end up staying on the block next week he could easily leave

another name

did I misunderstand the end of the post? did vanessa and Austin just decide to ask Audrey if they should replacement nom jeff or Audrey?
if so… really?

another name

and realistically, good for john for winning another veto. downside: if he does it again the suspicion that he is making side deals and throwing bob comps will make him a target.


Hahahaha Thought they had it made.


I know! That came out like gang busters and now they’re gonna run things by Audrey. A little amusing I must say!


Put Jeff up put Jeff up put Jeff up

Butters Mom

Johnny Mac is a threat… they better open their eyes and realize they need to be on his team if they want to stay in this game! Vanessa needs to be in an alliance with Johnny Mac, Shelly, Steve and Becky. Those are my favorites so far.


No I do not want John to align with Vanessa. Vanessa will only use him and dump him. Vanessa will not take John to final 2. Vanessa is not good in any way for John. Vanessa cannot protect John because she only can control her puppets Austin and Shelli, I want John to go alone, playing honest game, keeping wining comps with confidence, gaining people’s trust and having fun. I do not want John to stress out with Vanessa’s plan.


Shit just got real for Vanessa. She better tread carefully or she might be public enemy número uno next week.



Why does he volunteer everytime to throw the BoB? Because he wants to rack up those POVs LOLOLOL

Vanessa and Austin are cracking and if Jeff goes like he should this will be King J MACs game for the taking. Alliances are breaking everywhere and James, Jason, Meg, and Jackie will all be FAs (free agents)

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC !!!!!!

Johnnie Mac

He didn’t volunteer for the first one they ask him and as he didn’t have a lot of choice he said sure. Steve told them no and he still rode the block too.

Walt Kowalski

“King J Mac” are you f’ing serious, Jester is more like it. He’s just missing the cap with bells on it. He’s a good guy, but he is milquetoast, nothing more. He has zero influence on what is going on. If he recruits Becky, Meg & Jason and leads a group I might change my tune. If things stay status quo for him, he could win a whole bunch of BOTB & POV’s and he will remain a Jester, until he has some say so, NOPE!

Zack Attack Take Over

Grow some balls Vanessa! Wtf?! Put up Jeff. Everyone talks a good game then when the time comes everyone is afraid?! It’s big brother! Play the game!


People may dislike James but at least he stood his ground when it came to doing what he promised. The house wanted Jace back doored James said he do it he did it


Johnnie Mac is a God!

Talkie talkie talkie on Friday now the great Nessa gotta do the dirty work poor muffin! This is where the other side learns they’re lower on the totem pole than Audrey. Welcome to the BB jungle. Funny thing is they’re now the underdogs without numbers. Barring Nessa getting more spineless and putting up Jackie what she got left? Jason and Meg safe. Jeff up versus James. Who other than these 3 they have left? Jackie makes 4 at best. Lets say Jeff goes James makes 3 no 4th. They need HOH comps to start with. Then peel off some HG’s from the Nessa side. Up hill for sure as it looks like the “underdogs” are not likely to make jury. One side of the house wiped our again TY AG(moron) for BOB you complete idiot!

Expect someone to ask Johnnie to stay on the block. Wonder who gets that backhanded task? Johnnie this time evaluate the request no more pawn stars. They are telling you something by inference sir! God cannot step in every time oh great one….. Only cats have 9 lives dentist have 4K student loan payments.

.PS ……Nessa you troll Austin is allowed to do what’s best for his game too you selfish spineless douchebag!


Right up until your PS I was a thumbs up for you and then….thumbs down….what is it with you and strong female players?

Jake K.

Who cares about anything else…JOHNNYMAC WON VETO!!!!


It is better for Vanessa’s game to put up Audrey instead of Jeff, at the moment the only target on her is with Jeff, she is getting the trust of the majority of the house which will be cut off once she keep Aud safe. The other side of the house hates Steve and is completely focused on getting him out, the twins are also the ones next in their radar and not her. If she saves Aud this time, the moment that the opposing side gets power, she will definitely be the target number one, hate her or not but Audrey has really strong convincing skills and will cut Vanessa off the minute her back is against the wall.


Every word spot on only difference with me I’ve had Audrey plan A all week for an easy HOH and house trust plus 5. The only thing is Audrey could burn Nessa if she finds out the votes flipped.

Butters Mom

Vanessa is counting on no one believing anything Audrey says… she has lost her credibility and no one trusts her because she lies too much.


She’s counting on everyone not believing Audrey when she herself is fooled by Aud saying that she wasn’t the vote for Day. Vannesa is choosing to sink or swim with Audrey, which is good tv because she is showing some guts, is it a smart move? With people such as clay in the mix, I wouldn’t 100% count on it. Clay will throw her under the bus the minute the other side gains power in order to protect himself. Vanessa is basically betting on her alliance to win the next competition and people who relies on ‘competition’ in comparison to ‘positioning’ are more likely in trouble to get booted out, especially this early on the game.
If she gets Aud out, she could fly under the radar and reach the jury safely with the numbers on her side. Jeff is proven to be volatile and is already targeting Jason, a solid member on his “side”. Shelli and Clay also burned some bridges the week before by getting day out. Basically she is painting unnecessary target on herself for Audrey thinking she will be a meat shield for her but Bruno in BBCAN3 shows that even a huge meat shield in front could backfire.


But it will be Audrey’s lips moving . She’s been known to lie. She dug her own grave . All the intel and no one to believe her. Pants on fire!


Okay I went on the site but not until 10:15, did I miss it?


Refreshed and looked at the comments, looks like I missed it.


Put Liz up and kill two birds with one stone!


Austin just showed Vanessa she can’t trust him if he threw the pov. She should discount anything he suggests to her. She should put up Jeff and back out. No directing the house vote. Let those two campaign it out. When asked by “the house” tell them it’s their vote.
Johnny needs to win hoh next week so we can get an inkling of where he stands.


This post is going to be something every update….. Hey Aud how about going on the block at the POV ceremony? Oh the water works are flowing, get out the crying towel. Aud responds sure Van can’t have you in a jam all the other side needs is 1 team of 2 to flip and James stays……. All a girl needs is beauty sleep, makeup and a seat on the block eviction night.
What a stupid idea ask Audrey. Yeh that Van’s a BB genius. It is the gutless way out for her if she can hold all the votes.. Jason, Meg, Jeff and I’ll add in Jackie. 11 votes they need 2 to save James and send Audrey home. Any 2 folks grow a pair Audrey could go.
Nessa gotta put up Jeff or break her word to Jackie unless she is done with Audrey. As I said this HOH was gonna get messy. Should have been Audrey from the start.


Austin would love to get Jeff ( his biggest Nemesis) out of the house so he can have the gals to himself. Austin is such a jealous male, I don’t get t his most of the time, he is a grown man right?


Just wondering how Vanessa lost her backbone so quick!???!


I don’t know why Vanessa wanted the hoh this week. I’ve said many times, Austin isn’t to bright but he had it right in agreeing not to be hoh this week. Maybe hoh winners shouldn’t get their letter/treats until they are the official winners, this may also stop giving up the hoh power.

Vanessa just needs to put up Audrey and lay low. One rule in bb don’t lie unless you have to. Vanessa promised to many people to many things She would be doing Austin’s dirty work, right? Is Jeff targeting her? Vanessa needs to maintain stronger alliances with becky, Jackie and meg.


Let Vanessa rag on Austin all she wants. He apparently went 3 times in a row. Why didn’t SHE win the damn comp if she is so friggin smart. She has screwed up royally during this HOH, and gone completely against what she and Austin agreed on before he gave her the sole HOH title. They had agreed on Jeff, and she was all for it till he bowed out, then completely changed it around to be what was better for HER instead of the alliance. Clay and Shelli want Jeff gone, Liz wants him gone, Austin wants him gone. Vanessa is the only hold out. Now she blames him because he didn’t win it for her. She has gone off the rails this whole week and wants him to fix it for her.


Hmmm, all very true. Vanessa was emerging as my favorite, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe she’s just having a freak out moment and will figure it out. Guess we’ll have to see what she does with the replacement nom.


WOW!! That was spot on!! It’s like you ripped it right out of my brain.

if Vanessa

if Vanessa doesn’t put up Audrey, she risks making the mistake Janelle made in BB7(all stars). you can’t tell that many people one thing then do another this early, you risk losing all those on the fence

the only way to make the best move is to go after the biggest target(jeff), why is he immune to being looked as a threat. he came in with someone he met outside the BB house, that should be enough for you to nix that immediately. if she doesn’t put up Audrey or Jeff, she is going to tank her game. the problem is, she told Audrey waaaaaaay too much information, and if she nominates Audrey and somehow Audrey goes out the door it wouldn’t surprise me if she sinks Vanessa with her.

basically. nominate jeff and show some spine.


Yes Johnny mac the best player of the season. POV KING he is the best. If he makes it jury he would be my america favorite houseguest if he cannot make final 2. He has the best strategy and still everyone does see him as threat when he won 3 comps. Vanessa is going make waves this week I love it. She is in trouble the only way she could be safe from this week is putting audrey the house wants. Remember when Derrick nominates Devin that made less waves and appreciate derrick more that is how she should do it. I know she will have more target on her than audrey. Austin threw on purpose so that one of the nominees get out so that if there is drama she will be out first than him or liz. If jeff stays vanessa will be on top her hit list than audrey good luck vanessa. It was not a necessary hoh this week for her oh well. Honestly I hate the sleeper cell alliance with liz.


I don’t get why Vanessa’s is angry at Austin for losing the P.O.V. Why would he get blood on his hands. If he won and kept the nominations the same then he would be blamed for Audrey not going up. If he would of saved John, Vanessa still would be the one who had to make the choice who would go up.Did she want Austin to take the fall instead of her. I think what she was asking of him was pretty selfish!


Put Jeff up. Shelli bailed on Audrey last week, and now she’s gone back to invisible. Blood on the hands is very overrrated


heard you on the interview you knocked it out good job man.

hello kitty


BB 17

If Vanessa puts up jeff she just lost half of the house trust. She made too many promises plus clay and shelli are not on her side entirely and she gave audrey way too much info that can be used against her


The Vanessa haters are funny. U notice they real quiet when she blasting holes in their favs. Will be quiet again soon.

You gotta be great to get the hate!

Nessa has made this show worth watching this season. Look how the haters n trolls are here. That means they watching. Enjoy a good season for once. I know I am. Thank you Nessa!


I love johnny mac he is underestimated he won three comps and pov king.


I love that vanessa messed up her game but will see how she escapes she is smart. Probably will tell that liz has twin to get out of be the target, but that will still bring not trust. Austin threw it he knew vanessa will get trouble my getting the replacement nom. If she puts up jackie, jackie might go home. She is in jam and the only way to calm the house is to put audrey. By the way next hoh might be the eggs where they need to stack it together or slippery slop comp like last year with caleb won where need to be in teams. It would be a team comp for next hoh.


So put up Audrey, rally your side to keep her and watch the fireworks. On top of that, throw the hoh to Audrey and see where she truly draws the lines when she has power. Talk about a ratings bonanza! Yes, we don’t like her but we don’t hate her like we hated Frankie. Under this scenario, though, Steve would really need to man up and play.


Becky and Jackie should form an alliance. #TeamTits


Becky and Jackie should form an alliance. #TeamTits


Is it just me or is Austin getting creepier by the moment? I think he wants all these women in his alliance just so he can hit on them. He’s so full of himself and overrated. I know he’s has many fans—I don’t know why.

Jay A

If Meg follows through that statement she made with Jason then she will be my new fav haha