“I’ve been manipulating people on a high complex level.. DUDE BRAH” -Jeff

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 17-05-07-053_jpg
5:05pm HOh Becky and Vanessa
Vanessa says Jeff is saying he’s got a third vote.
Becky says she’s worried that Jeff might use his words and gain a couple votes. She tells Vanessa the third vote isn’t her.
Becky is planning on avoiding Jeff, points out that Jackie hasn’t been campaigning at all for Jeff. THey wonder why JohnnyMAC is so loyal to jeff. Becky is surprised with john she didn’t know he was so close to Jeff.
Becky mentions if things were close with the vote Jackie would know she’s been with Jeff a lot these last few days. Becky thinks Jackie would have come to her for a vote. She hasn’t yet. The fact she hasn’t makes Becky think she knows there’s no chance.
Vanessa starts in on her America’s player paranoia..
Jackie comes up to use the bathroom but Becky is in there. Jackie says she’ll come back later and leaves.
Becky – Audrey is working her way back in
Vanessa starts in on the speculation that Audrey is America’s players.
(Ugh so sick of this America’s player paranoia)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 17-19-02-758_jpg
5:16pm Johnymac and Jeff
Jmac saying people aren’t really telling him much because they knows he’s voting to keep Jeff. He adds that people really like James, Jmac isn’t feeling the chances are good.
JohnnyMac says Clay and Shelli probably aren’t voting to keep him
They hug it out

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 17-24-18-075_jpg

5:21pm JohnnyMAC, Jeff and Steve
Jeff “Dude I think you’re right about the Clay and Shelli thing I don’t think they are voting for me..
Johnnymac – It’s a vibe
Jeff says all the people he thought were voting for him aren’t, not even Austin.
Jeff – ya dude I’m like really nervous.. the people I had thought had my back really don’t.. I need to figure things out figure who I can get on my side
JM says maybe clay and Shelli are and not just telling him they holding their cards close.
Jeff leaves..
Steve whispers that Jeff is probably going to leave.
JM – Jeff just talked to much.. in general.. I don’t think he’s a bad guy
Steve agrees says nobody in the house is a bad person

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 17-46-13-151_jpg

5:40pm HOH Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa says Audrey mentioned Sleeper cell in front of Liz. Vanessa start in on Audrey being America’s player.. (UGH) .
Clay joins them.
Vanessa – did you hear Jeff has this third vote..
Clay – Austin mentioned that briefly
Vanessa – Austin swears Jeff has a third vote but he (Jeff) can’t say who
Vanessa goes over her theories about Audrey being America’s player (UGH^2)
Clay – we’ve been saying she’s America’s player
Vanessa says they want to work with her but she doesn’t control her own vote it’s going to make it tough
Shelli – We can’t count on her
Clay loves Audrey as a person says their banter is like brother and sister but in the game he’s nervous about her.
Clay is going to work on Jeff and try to find what votes he thinks he has.
Shelli thinks Audrey had a mission to get her and Clay to kiss and start that rumour about the girls alliance.
They agree last week Audrey got a mission to save Da.
Clay saying they have to cut her loose.
Shelli now say she is being persuaded by production to keep Jeff.
Feeds cut
When they come back they are talking about James not campaigning.

Shelli asks if anyone moving forward would see clay as a big threat.
Vanessa – I believe your name has only came up twice..
Vanessa says Austin told her it’s very important for Clay to stay in the game because they are the last big guys
Shelli points out that’s the same as saying he want’s Clay as the target so he’s not the target.
Vanessa – Two big guys two blonde girls
Shelli – Two old ladies
They laugh and high five
Vanessa says Jason told her there’s a power couple in the house they need to take out and he wasn’t talking about Austin and Liz
Vanessa says her instinct is telling her Audrey might be a concern.
Jackie comes in

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 17-49-21-822_jpg

5:48pm Audrey and James
Jeff told Audrey and Shelli that James approached him and told him what Austin said about Jeff having 6 votes and campaigning against James.
Audrey – You need to be on Austin’s good side because him and liz are two votes.. going into next week you don’t want them on your bad side.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 17-56-05-743_jpg

5:55pm Austin and James
Austin says he’s 99% sure Audrey is America’s player.
James tells him Jeff is going around being crazy tonight.
James says he has Meg, Becky and Jason 100%
Austin tells him he’s got his and liz vote. Suggest he still go to Liz and ask for her vote.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 18-16-29-052_jpg

6:09pm Bathroom Liz and Austin
Counting votes
Becky, Meg, Jason, Austin, Liz, Steve are their six votes.
Austin – good without Clay and Shelli
Austin says he likes James if it wasn’t for Jace they would be allied with James. “Jace f***d us”
Liz says Jace had never seen Big Brother he watched it for the first time in sequester.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 18-26-20-831_jpg

6:17pm HOH Shelli, Clay, Vanessa
(JAckie in the shower)
Austin says James talked to him and said He’s got Becky, Jason and Meg.
Austin adds that James knows he doesn’t have Johnnymac and Jackie’s vote.
Vanessa – get James to go to Steve and confirm he’ll keep james.
Vanessa thinks this will confirm that Audrey is America’s player because she would be the mystery Third Vote.
Austin says Jeff is constantly lying to his face.
Audrey comes up..
Audrey says Jeff told her if he leaves the only person she can trust is Shelli.
Austin – he told me clay
Vanessa tells Audrey she mentioned Sleeper Cell in front of Liz, “Remember she’s not in sleeper cell”
Austin says she hasn’t brought it up to him if she does he’ll deflect it.
Austin says jeff is going around saying he backstabbed him. Austin says he’s not backstabbing Jeff he’s front stabbing him what jeff did to him was backstabbing
Austin and Clay leave. Shelli tells them she’s waiting for more people to get up and start doing things so she can go into the bathroom and change out her extensions. She doesn’t want it on the live feeds.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 18-27-44-798_jpg

6:31pm James and Liz
James says she’s got his word if he wins HOH next week she won’t be nominated, as long as she give him a vote this week.
James mentions he told Austin Vanessa, Liz and Him are all safe from him. Liz says he’s got her vote. (Austin already told him that)
Austin and Clay join them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 18-46-30-662_jpg

6:42pm HOH Vanessa and Shelli (Jackie in the shower)
They think Audrey is trying to get Shelli to turn on VAnessa and VAnessa to turn on Shelli. Jackie comes out of the shower says she’s planning on being a havenots next week she hasn’t yet.
Jackie says she was up until 6am last night. They ask her what she’s doing that late. She just hangs out and talks with whoever is up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 18-50-15-676_jpg

6:47pm Jeff and Clay
Jeff says austin is running his name through the mud. Jeff had a conversation with Meg and she told him a bunch of things that Austin is saying.
Jeff – why does he want me out so bad bro
Clay tells him to be quiet and not confront Austin because it will blow up.
Jeff says Steve and Becky have confirmed votes for him along with JohnnyMAC and JAckie.
Clay asks when Steve told him that.
Jeff says it was last night. Add that Steve and Becky are not 100% but it looks good.
Jeff says this liz will vote for him she’s terrified of Austin. The other liz won’t vote for him. Jeff brings up Austin dropping Jace. Jeff adds the blow up that one night with Austin and Vanessa was staged.
Jeff – I’m telling you bro he threatened me bro it was weird bro
Jeff retells last night when Austin walked in on Jeff and Liz under the covers. Jeff’s retell paints the incident a lot different than what happened.
Jeff says if he stays this week they can work with Steve.
Clay – it’s too late in this game to re start and build new relationships
Clay says Jeff played too hard too fast “If you stay you have to change your game”
Clay thinks he would have played the same if he didn’t have Shelli.
Jeff says he had no one there to tell him to stop talking to people.
Clay asks him to admit that at one point Jeff was trying to split Shelli and Clay up
Jeff – It never came from me first.. IN fact Jason originated the idea.
Jeff says Jason, Meg and James are working together and they asked him to join.
Jeff – they are terrified of you and Shelli
Jeff – I’ve been manipulating people on a high complex level
Jeff Dude I made mistake mane and I’m sorry about them.. why start fresh
Jeff says they can have one on one chats “Dude”
Jeff goes on about Audrey’s mistakes being worse than his mistakes
Clay says she never endorsed the idea of getting him out.
Jeff tells him its best for Clay’s game to keep him.
Jeff – From my math it’s you and shelli is what I need.
Clay says he’ll talk to Shelli they hug and leave.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 19-30-02-443_jpg

7:09pm Jason and Meg
They agree Austin is a bigger threat than Audrey. They also want Steve gone before Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 19-15-02-328_jpg

7:10pm They get booze
3 bottles of wine and 12 beers

(this is highly unusual on the night before eviction.. but it’s still early)

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Dude, Bruh, DUDE DUDE DUDE, Bruhhh .

STFU Jeff!

B-bad owl

Had a couple of points I wanted to make as I began reading, but then saw the pictures of Vanessa with the black makeup around her eyes that seemed to be bulging out of her head and started laughing so hard I forgot what I was going to say.

B-bad owl

Now I remember what I was going to say. Giving them booze the night before an eviction, and a fair amount at that means 1 thing. Production is hoping for fireworks tonight. Maybe if we are really lucky, Austin will catch Jeff and Liz flirting/touching each other and flip out. He and Jeff will get into a big argument with Jeff’s face getting continually redder and Austin looking more and more like Charles Manson (happy coincidence on the part of production for my personal comedic entertainment).
While this is going on, Liz disappears. Later both Austin and Jeff find Liz straddling Steve on the hammock. Both hands under his shirt and her tongue down his throat.
I can at least HOPE for what would be the most entertaining night in Big Brother history.

Real Talk

Who is this Jackie bitch?


Seems to be a homeless girl that pops in for the free food on occasion.


Just watched tonight’s episode. Vanessa is a crazy biii-aaaatch!!


I mean her argument with Jeff was totally contrived… she was waiting for any excuse to nominate him at that point… but the episode did leave out key parts of that conversation. Supposedly the thing that pissed Vanessa off the most “I cannot believe you just said that blah blah” was that Jeff said Vanessa was trying to start an alliance with him. That never happened (I forget if this did or not but Vanessa claims Jeff was the one trying to pull her into an alliance). So because Jeff told that lie about Vanessa in front of everyone, she was given a good enough excuse to put him up.


i’m curious if audrey could use the speculation she’s america’s player to her advantage. probably not, and just goes to show that that twist kinda screwed people in seasons since if they decide to vote against the house.

Real Talk

Not to be off topic from the U.S. version, but BBCAN3 was indeed very underwhelming especially after coming from the masterpiece that was BBCAN2.


usually the bbcan hoh got their fav alcohol. might be a 6pk or bottle of vodka on bbcan i mean

Lemon balls..

The booze is weird.
In war the enemy pulls finger nails to make them talk.
Austin na painted finger nails should be first


I find it funny Vanessa, Austin get so mad when other people lie yet they have been lying about Audrey the nom all week.


“Shelli now say she is being persuaded by production to keep Jeff. Feeds cut”

This is huge and frustrating considering how much of a slick dudebro pig Jeff is. Did this really happen? Is there more?


Production understands the demographics of their audience. They know women dream of being with Jeff and men dream of being him. He’s broing his way to the money and making the panties of America’s wives, mothers and girlfriends moist in the process.


I spit out my drink reading this and can assure you my panties have stayed dry. Ew.

The only reason I’d want Jeff to stay is because it’s funny when he gets Austin all riled up about Liz.


Are you serious??!! Jeff is not THAT attractive. You must be related to him to say something like this. I am dying laughing at this comment. I see more guys than women on here talking about Jeff like he’s Channing Tatum or something.


I’m going for the idea it was meant in jest. At least one could hope..

I’ve no desire to be like Jeff.


I agree..!! I don’t find Jeff attractive at ALL. If fact, I think every man in the house is more attractive than Jeff. He has chipmunk cheeks and a weird body. I guess I should not say that, it’s kinda mean. But it is true.


Shelli said BB wants to keep Jeff. The only thing I can figure out, Jeff is more entertaining then James, and they figure Austin and Jeff will go head to head. {They are thinking of their ratings}
Actually I am hoping. that being there were “NO Havenots”, maybe there will be no evictions, could you imagine the scramblings,


Would production want Jeff for the “forced” romance triangle? That’s the only thing I can imagine he could bring to the table. They seem to want more mileage out of the storyline they crafted. Look at tonight’s episode–they really built up Austin getting rid of Jeff to protect the twins. No mention of Vanessa forcing Austin to force Jeff into a fight. No mention of Jeff talking too much and getting caught in a substantial lie (what they showed was nothing).
I wish they showed more game and less fluff. My favorite BB moment was when Kaiser told the other side he was gunning for the chief.

of course

of course production wants to save the guy they hand picked from another show. name recognition, plain and simple. it disappoints me because I hate when someone totally deserving of an exit gets saved. he has earned this eviction.


Been gone for awhile & surprised to see that Shelli seems to be playing a fairly good game. She is much more perceptive than I thought she would be. Just proves once again that appearances can be deceiving. Luved it when she said that Clay & Austin needed to stay because they are “the big guys” & thus bigger targets. But it is frustrating that “production” tried to persuade her to keep Jeff – WTF – makes me want to just stop watching if “production” is really calling all the shots. Also think that Jason is spot on. He totally can read people & should go far. And Audrey – she is gonna slide right into the finals – Even Jason & Meg want Steve gone before Audrey! Poor Steve – (and everyone else).


Not crazy about Jeff, but him leaving will leave a big void in the house.


J-Mac killed it tonight. multiple very funny DR moments. definitely rooting for him to get a strong ally.


Watching the show on TV is getting boring after reading what’s REALLY going on in the house. They edit the hell out of that show. The only reason the argument between Vanessa and Jeff made sense to me is because I’ve been reading about the live feeds.


I just wish Vanessa would decide who it is she wants to align with. She has thrown stuff out there about all of them this week. And telling JACKIE of all people that Audrey might be AP is just plain crazy. Did she not think she would go back to JEFF and tell him? I can see planting that seed around the house after he is gone, but why now? She has planted the seed about Austin/Liz, Clay/Shelli, and now Audrey. She has used Austin like a little puppet this week. She has him running here and there all over the house, and telling him also that Liz is really into him, encouraging him to try and further their relationship. She apparently wants Shelli/Clay out, and now Audrey as well. She will have no one left to play with soon. Just do not understand? Can anyone enlighten me on what she is trying to do?

Butters Mom

She’s making the dangerous players turn on each other leaving her to play with the loners. Its strategy but it is annoying.


production will probably do a “no eviction” courtesy Gronk.
I am always suspectful when CBS moves people from show to show.

Courtesy of Gronk

Heard that Vanessa told Jaquie that Audrey could be Americas player and Jaqui told Jeff. They should bring this information to Audrey and try and get her to vote and keep Jeff. Audrey has some info on Vanessa and her alliance that she could get the other side to target Vanessa, but they might not believe her. I’m sure Vanessa is spreading this rumour to put the target on Audrey and deflect it from herself.


I want Jeff to go in Liz an Austin hoh


Wishful thinking… Shelli said that to make them think she is not voting Jeff out, because he is no threat to her, but James is a bigger one. Production wasnt involved at all and she took control of Vanessa’s hoh… Yes, wishful or delusional.

another name

it’s been a pretty boring campaign trail this week. Thursday’s eviction show probably still has about 8 or 9 minutes of free space. they’ve already indirectly tried to rig d/r comments to make it look like people are undecided (shelli being prompted to consider keeping jeff). now what to do… I know, give them alcohol the night before eviction to see if there will be a major blow up that will lead to last minute crunch campaigning. how often are they given alcohol the night before an eviction… almost never. if they can’t influence them one way to make it look like there was a power struggle to stay, they’ll influence them another.


I agree..!! I don’t find Jeff attractive at ALL. If fact, I think every man in the house is more attractive than Jeff. He has chipmunk cheeks and a weird body. I guess I should not say that, it’s kinda mean. But it is true.