Vanessa – “I need him (Jeff) to do something really stupid these next two days” (Given)

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 18-13-06-326_jpg

6:13pm Clay, Shelli and Becky
Becky saying she doesn’t talk any game with jackie. Tells them nobody in the house talk game with her.
Becky knew the other side of the house wanted her out week one. She’s never talked game to Jeff. He’s always coming to her talking about the twins.
Shelli asks if Jeff is someone she could see taking out.
Jackie says she’s she’s not with anyone so she doesn’t have targets it would just be her leading the charge.
Becky – I like JohnnyMac we don’t talk excessive.. we’re on the outside.. we don’t spread the gossip we don’t constantly talk game.
Becky says Vanessa seems like a trustworthy person. She’s not sure how close Vanesa is with Austin and Liz.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 18-32-34-314_jpg

6:23pm HOH Vanessa and Audrey
Audrey “how long do we continue the charade that people avoid me”
VAnessa says pretty soon it’s all coming out. She’s pissed at Austin for not trying as hard as he could have.
Audrey – I don’t think there’s a logical reason to put Jeff up.. It sounds like he pulled an oprah and give everyone the same deal.
VAnessa – Austin wants Jeff up more than anyone
Audrey – tell him it’s not personal her target is james

Audrey – do we then vote James out
Vanessa – I do think Jeff is the bigger threat
Vanessa says Jeff has two strategic alliances where both of them are strong in competitions.

Audrey says she feels defeated on a human level, she walks in a room and no one will talk to her.
Vanessa – you kidding me this should make you feel good.
Vanessa tells her she’s the best person in the house for strategy she needs to figure out a reason for them to put up Jeff to minimize the blood on her hands.
(Vanessa is essentially using Audrey as a mentat it’s hilarious)
Vanessa asks where the votes will sit if it’s James and Jeff on the block.
Audrey counts the votes – Audrey, Austin, Clay, Shelli, liz, Steve and maybe Johnn
Vanessa is begging her “I need something good.. I need a plan help me come up with it”
Audrey – I’m going to take the blame for this
Vanessa – they are going to hate me to for this.. roll the dice.. ohh well there is some risk we’re doing our best to minimize it
Audrey says she feels like JAce people avoid her. She cannot start anymore fights

JohnnyMac comes in Vanessa asks him to leave they have to think about things and make a tough decision.

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6:44pm Shelli, Vanessa and Audrey
Audrey saying her main target is Jason. If she wins HOH she’ll put up two weak people Meg for sure.
Audrey starts to list off all the things Jason has been saying. “He called steve homophobic, he called becky a racist, he’s talked shit about every single person in this house and blamed it on me.. saying I voted to keep Da like why the f*** would I keep her” (LOL)
Vanessa tells them they have to come up with a reason to not put Audrey up and a reason to put Jeff up .
Audrey says the obvious reason to put Jeff up is to take a vote away from James.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 18-48-24-930_jpg

6:48pm Bathroom Julia and Austin
Austin saying he wasn’t trying to screw her up.. he was going slow and Vanessa knows that. Complains that he had a lot of things going on in his head at the time .He’s scared of showing he’s strong in competitions
Julia – You did so good
Austin – Thank you

6:54pm HOH Austin, Audrey, Vanessa and Shelli
Austin saying that while he was in the storage room early Becky slipped up and told him JAckie is in a group of people.
Austin says he trust Becky she is looking for people to trust.
Austin says Jeff has said a lot of thing to a lot of different people they can use those as reason for putting Jeff up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 18-59-23-522_jpg

Clay and James come in Audrey quickly runs to the HOH bathroom to hide.
Vanessa asks him what’s the outfit he’s wearing.
Clay – It’s normal outfit
James – I’m going to find me a cute outfit to
The guys leave. Audrey comes out of hiding..
Vanessa whistles for her.

Audrey – “After this week can we not avoid me.. I’m getting lonely I don’t want to feel like Jace”
Vanessa – you’re never getting backdoored
Shelli – you have a team here
Vanessa – I’m trying to make it work without it being obvious we’re working together
Vanessa says next week they’ll have a “we’ll make a political campaign next week no more pariah”
Audrey – OK

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 19-13-30-842_jpg
7:03pm HOH Sheli and Vanessa
Shelli saying she talked to Becky and she’s nervous about Jeff because he wants to get her out next week. Becky is wanting to find a group to work with.
Shelli fills her in that Becky feels good about JohnnyMac and Vanessa
Shelli thinks Becky is being truthful.
Shelli says the votes Vanessa can count on to get Jeff out are, Shelli, Austin, Clay, Becky, Steve. Liz (Julia)
James will be left with Jason and Meg.
VAnessa – I have something huge to tell you… Have you noticed anything about Clay.. I think he’s a twin.. I would bet a large sum of money
Vanessa – the hair is different..
Shelli – there are differences on his face .. when did you decide to tell me this.
They go off and a tangent speculating hes a twin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 19-28-48-069_jpg
7:27pm Jeff and Clay
Jeff says this liz (Julia) is the one that liked Jace and she likes Austin more than the other liz.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 19-32-56-047_jpg
7:35pm HOH Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa – It’s going to be a blood bath for me
Shelli says her and Clay have Vanessa’s back she never has to question that.
Vanessa says what Austin did in the POV rocked her trust with him.
Vanessa admit she threw the POV to Audrey. She didn’t try her 100%.
Shelli brings up some concerns she has with Becky. Points out that Becky has told her, Clay and Vanessa all the same story. Vanessa doesn’t think it was her fault
Shelli is worried Becky is working with Jeff. Vanessa doesn’t thinks so. She thinks Becky is making a legitimate attempt to get in with their side.

Vanessa says to get Jeff “A really big smoking gun.. I need him to do something really stupid these next two days.
Vanessa suggests she should make Jame think she’s Suspicious of him. Jeff will find out and freak out.
Shelli thinks she needs to lay low right now and make people think it’s Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 19-43-14-379_jpg

7:41pm Austin and Julia
Austin thinks if Jeff goes up he might have to go. Julia tells him they can work with Jeff James they can’t. Austin “hey… It should probably be james” Julia says James should go first.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-02-17-080_jpg

7:58pm Chess…

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-02-51-078_jpg

8:00pm Jeff and James
Jeff – Dude you’re going to be fine this week bro
James – Hey I feel good.. I just hope she doesn’t put someone up that conflicts with our group.. Shelli or Clay .. something crazy…
James – Supposed to be a easy week.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-16-17-238_jpg

8:13pm Austin, Clay and Audrey
Austin says Vanessa was pissed about him not winning the POV. He thinks it was good for them leaves Austin and Clay open to grab the outside people. He brign sup how conflicted he was but did what was best.
Austin – they are all going to fall.. once Jeff leaves it’ll be a domino effect.. POW POW POW POW.
They agree the other side will have a collective F*** you then they will start turning on each other.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-18-37-815_jpg

8:18pm Storage room Austin and Becky
Austin’s wonder if Jackie likes him because he’s getting mixed signals and he doesn’t want to be rude and make her uncomfortable. If she is interested he’ll continue flirting.
Austin – I’m being pretty authentic
Becky points out he has a girl friend he needs to address that with Jackie.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 20-23-34-377_jpg

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Seriously Austin wants to know if Jackie is interested in him as well????? Both Vanessa and Becky have reminded him and said “hey uh you have a girlfriend”.

judds granny

somebody stole my chickens


Your chickens are giving me mixed signals


Austin sounds like he’s passing notes in Junior High. “Jackie do you like me circle yes or no”

Hermione Cumberbatch

Austin is just a “Steve” that bulked up and grew his hair long…that gave him confidence..but didn’t really change anything..he’s still a dork lookin for girls to like him.


Ok,It’s been a little hard to acknowledge this truth;Austin is one fucking high schooler trapped in a 30 year old’s body.


For such a sharp person and strategic player, I’m hella put off by Vanessa trusting anything that comes out of Audrey’s mouth AND actually relying on her for advice on what moves to make in the game. Girl, stop. Just stop. She of all people should know Audrey is full of shit! Did she forget that Audrey threw her ass under the bus w/ the other HGs by spreading a game-threatening lie?!! Did Da’Vonne not expose that lie to Vanessa during the confrontational blowout with Audrey where everyone was present?!! And that’s just one example out of one hundred on why she can’t trust Audrey. Ugh, watching them on the live feeds just gave me bad gas. I can’t. I’m out.


Yes Day did expose this but this “brilliant” player did not believe her. Everyone says how smart she is but…. She can’t see through Audrey’s lies. The one person who could is gone. I can’t wait to see her loyalty to Audrey come back to bite her. That’s what happens when you play with snakes. Also I am beginning to think they do not want to vote her out because she is transgender. What else could it be? She isn’t a good player. She lies just to lie.


A lil story for you. Turtle is relaxing in a pond. Turtle hears … hey you turtle, yeh you turtle I need a favor. The snake comes slithering to the edge of the pond. Can you help me by giving me a ride on your back across the pond? The turtle thinks then says ok. When they get to the other side the turtle starts to die at the “hands” of the snake. Before the turtle takes it’s last breath he asks why oh why? The snake answers I’m a snake it’s what I do.
Vanessa and Audrey hope you HG’s aren’t turtle. Eventually the snakes will do battle in a perfect BB world…. hope it’s epic! 🙂


Vanessa believes her own press and considers these people less than her in strategic sense. This is not card game, as for Day, let’s face it if she was not a black female, she’d still be there. She called Audrey out and exposed her lies, but they got her out. Day figured out the twin twist Liz/Julia. She told Meg she was destinied to be the go to pawn, and she is. Day could have help one these folks get further, but they could not get pass her race or they are just so self centered. As for Audrey, AG & CBS are not about to allow the transgendered person be put up or backdoored, it’s whats trending thanks to Bruce Caitlyn Jenner or Caitlyn Bruce Jenner.

Big Jacket

I like Van and she is my favorite…but her being pissed about Austin throwing it? Really? She was the first one that said that if one of them won POV then they would have to save JohnnyMac. This just made it that much more easier for Van to nominate Audrey “as per her original intention” throughout the week.

So, now that Van is mad at Austin and tells everyone, as we poker fans say, that is a ‘BIG TELL’ that she never intended to get rid of Audrey, and THAT’S WHY nominating Jeff is going to show the blood on her hands.

Captain Crunch

Austin acts like he’s never been around girls before, he couldn’t get Liz so now he’s trying to get Jackie, yet he has a gf smh.

Also Vanessa is a hypocrite she got mad at Austin cause she thought he threw the pov comp but admits she threw it to Audrey. Now Vanessa is saying she needs a reason to put Jeff up… no she doesn’t she’s the HOH she can put up whoever she wants without a reason she’s acting scared.

Butters Mom

Someone has let the mist fly in that house…


Vanessa is stupid. She doesn’t want to put Jeff up, she wants to get James out. Now she is the one who is going to be a liar, {Shelli should be in that boat as well} Austin wants Jeff out because of the girls, he feels they will all belong to him. Vanessa will be gone if the other side wins. She is playing stupid!!! She should be asking why Austin did what he did, then take it from there. She could make a deal with Jeff.


Austin (who I actually generally like) seems so desparate when it comes to girls (especially for someone with a girlfriend). It’s weird. How he gets all whiny and jealous about Jeff and can be so needy with Lizulia and Jackie… makes him seem so weak like he’s going to be an emotional wreck as the game goes on.


The craziest thing is that Shelli and Vanessa actually believe Audrey’s innocent. It’s not even a case of dragging her through because people won’t vote for her. Audrey sucks, she’s not lying for strategic reasons, it’s straight up lying for no reason at all and for some crazy reason it’s benefiting her.

GeekSquad McGee

Audrey is like the Joker. It’s like all she wants to do is cause chaos for no reason at all.


It seems like these houseguests believe that everyone in the house has a twin


I’ve been an Austin and Vanessa fan since the season started. I really thought Austin had a lot of potential in this game after reading about him online and I’ve patiently hung in while he’s played a (flawed but) lowkey game. I know he and Vanessa agreed that he would try to make some progress with Jackie, but I’m beginning to think his ego has taken over and it really has become about him wanting to be the best-liked player in the game instead of the best player in the game. As far as Vanessa, I’ve been excited about the way she’s amped up her game, but she too seems to be liking the power that being HOH brings – namely, that everyone wants to talk to her and listens to her. With JM pulling himself off the block, she either puts up Audrey or deals with the consequences, no matter who else she chooses to put up, because she already told the other side of the house that Audrey was her target. I personally don’t want to see Audrey go up right now, I want to see Jeff go up. But the tears over the fact that Austin ‘threw the POV to JM’ confused me. She knew if Austin won the POV that he would have to take JM down. I’m really hoping the two of them pull it together in the next couple of days…*sigh*…

Butters Mom

Vanessa is proving herself to not be such a great read of people actually. She messes up when she lets emotions get involved… or when production serves her koolaid in her DR’s.


Austin should’ve told Vanessa, when I told you I had a lot going on in my head I meant the other one! I was too busy wondering if Jackie really likes me cause if so I think James should stay and Jeff should go. I’ll help you win the pot if you help me win Jackie!

Ted Marie

Vanessa is trying to find a good reason to put Jeff up and is asking everyone in her group to help her come up with something good—-Uhhh—it’s pretty simple. He came into the house with his partner Jackie from The Amazing Race–the other reality show he was just on & she can just say he has had his fifteen minutes and it’s time to get steppin! It’s not that hard. I wish she would calm down for a minute and think about this on her own and quit going to Audrey for help. It’s going to be her demise if she doesn’t get it together and I started out liking her and cheering for her the most out of the girls.


Calling super star Vanessa where are you? Clay is a twin….. the twit is a BB moron. ROFL Heavy lifting and dirty work ahead and you looking for an excuse? On Friday you had no problem lil muffin! I believe I’ve mentioned the consequences all along now genius is trying to figure out HOH 101.
Is the greatest ever actually going forward with Audrey long term? OMW what a silly girl. Audrey would never take her to the end. Say what you like about the 2nd biggest douche in the house Audrey is not stupid. She can’t beat Nessa f2 so Nessa never gets a sniff when lining up with Audrey long term. Thought Clay and Shelli a little smarter too. This will bite someone in the behind.
Looks like she is ditching Austin who got her the 1st friends in the house, She’s a snake our lil muffin. All because he wouldn’t throw his game under the bus for douchebag Nessa. She’ll pee off more HG’s soon enough. I’ll predict 2-3 weeks from now there is the potential to alienate over 1/2 the remaining house. She’s a very selfish person but that’s the nature of poker players. As a human condition in the BB house that doesn’t speak well for her social game…………..
For the 1st time this season …. BB is a SOCIAL game!!! I said it you know I said it. 🙂

ATM I’d be concerned about Shelli/Clay. Clay has some social on the other side but these guys are basically picking 1 side thanks to the Shelli HOH. Strong early position and my gut tells me they can turn on a dime with numbers. These 2 have flip the house potential later on written all over them. I think the flip will be a big part of the middle game this season. Audrey around long enough you know she’ll be game. There are followers like Steve and Becky to carry along. Floaters are voters after all. Sounds like bad news for the twins and Austin. One of Meg, Jason, James might get a ride I’m not sure any have enough social to bridge the gap. Though Vanessa did torch her Meg relationship so maybe to get out Van week she’s a vote later on if she is around.
Whose HOH next…. assuming Jeff goes not James for the moment. There side wins I expect the snakes to convince them to go after Austin and the twins. In fact I think they have more to worry about next week than anyone else unless HOH themselves.
Jury 7 or 9 if anyone knows? 9 and James/Jeff survivor plus Meg and Jason may all make jury. Twins and Austin do not. I see the Austin eviction looking like this. He is convinced to go up as a pawn(give JM a break). He never comes down and gets evicted before or after the twins. No double for awhile as I see Jury starting no earlier than August 1. AG gotta save those dollars on jury house rental. 16th =3, 23=4 and 30=5 Then a double the 6th of August if that’s a Thursday. If it’s 7 maybe an instant thrown in 1 of the next 2 weeks. BOB and instants(no backdoor) is a vicious event if it occurs! Target never makes the block.
Jeff up at POV ceremony regardless of the chatter. I think he’s a slight favourite to stay as he has some marginal relationships James doesn’t. It’s not Nessa but Clay/Shelli that will push someone out the door Thursday.


I think this will be the last week of BOB. They will switch it to the fan favourite MVP twist tho. LOL


Most of you watch the game and take things only on a surface level. Nessa talking to someone asking questions and listening to their take on things…and u idiots right away..”oh see vanessa knows nada and is now listening to Audrey and Audrey is running the game”

Calm the fuck down. She has this on lock. And is laying the groundwork for some big battles later which is what u say u want. To some of you no matter what she does she does you blast her. Fine.. thats your deal. Have fun. I’ll enjoy the best season in years that Nessa is making that way.


i agree, vanessa is talking, and crying to people since day won, to lay her groundwork. she may not know what that is, but she is trying. I just wish she can over come her short memory span, those 70s activities are catching up with her


Next year’s big brother twist should be the twin twist except they’re all twins. It would be so funny!


It’s really sad that CBS is exploiting Audrey like this. Audrey is a really sick man, and she is very insecure. For those that may call me a bigot, transgenderism is still considered a mental illness. For the record, I do believe that homosexuality isn’t a choice in most instances. That being said, Audrey is a different story. Also, the painfully obvious coordination of major media to push this issue is dumbfounding. Bruce Jenner, Audrey, I am Jazz…quit shoving it in our faces!


Oh by the way trust me Austin does not have a gf outside the house. He said it for the same reason some guys wear fake wedding bands. This guy wants a showmance so bad he clearly has never had a long term relationship in his life. Now he is convinced Jeff And Jackie are married in real world cuz Jackie doesnt want his desperate ass either. Who cares Austin. I swear everything out of his mouth is pure useless drivel.


Vanessa was my favorite, now I’m not sure what she is doing. I think one of two things or a combination of both. 1. The house is getting to her and she is making bad decisions like trusting Audrey, thinking that Clay is twin. 2. She is already thinking about who she wants to put in jury, if final 2 is her and Audrey then she wins hands down, nobody will vote for Audrey. She knows at some point she will need to breakup Shelli/Clay, maybe planting the idea in Shelli’s mind that Clay is a twin is a way to start a rift between the two.


I’m so annoyed right now. Lately most of these people are turning out to be a bunch of pusses. First Vanessa has to find a reason to put Jeff up, and now since Liz thinks James should go first, Austins awkward ass decides it’s more important for James to go over Jeff. Seriously, what the f? Have a mind of your own you whipped little bitch. And just when I was starting to like this group, looks like I’m gonna be needing to pick someone else. Ugh, just put Jeff up and get his disgusting self absorbed ass out of there! At this point I want James to stay because I think he will be true to his word and go after audrey next week.


Vanessa should put meg up, then Bye Bye James and no blood on her hand

Brad H

Meg is safe this week… She won BOB so she can’t go on the block


Hey, this is one of the best seasons. I am used to waiting until half way through the season for people to come out and get real blood on their hands and have the lines drawn. I think Shelli handled her hoh way better. Really wish Vanessa didn’t take the hoh this early. Austin wants her to do his dirty work. She should just go with Audrey. Her and Shelli together would be awesome, they have their minds on the game. Austin seems to be playing with his little head and clay is so unaware of what’s going on.

Twistin' for the win

I’m sorry…I think that for now I’m going to have to bail on my “Vanessa for the win!” position. Aligning herself with Audrey when she KNOWS this girl can’t be trusted is just plain stupid. As for putting Jeff up, why the hell is she panicking about it? She’s the HOH and the whole point of that is to make whatever decision you want. I HATE dumb, scared game play. Also, for someone who wants to keep her connection with Steve a secret, him being up in the HOH for over an hour is a good way to so it. She’s a disappointment.


I want to know what is up with the finger nail polish on Austin I hope he gets evicted soon I can’t stand his game play. if I was Liz and Julie I would be creeped out. This is gotta be one of the worst Big Brothers groups I’ve watched so far the twins thing is stupid all they do is stay in the room. They should call BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK BIG BROTHER HOH ROOM Because thats all they ever are is in the HOH RMS BORING Next year get better players PLEASE


I want Austin gone pronto! This dude does not want to play the game he has been lucky to have been selected,but rather hook up with girls who don’t want his needy, pathetic,loser self! You come in with a girlfriend & next minute losing your mind about girls & getting caught up in feelings when nobody has said they wanted you. Apparently he is on the show to hook up & get social media followers. He has even said he had reasons to be here on BB. Seriously Van needs to boot Austin & bring in Becky. She is smart, logical & can win comps. Austin is a psycho who will cost Van the game. Seriously despise this dude & can’t wait for him to see what a loser,cry baby, people think he truly is. Kick rocks Austin-Please go home!