Jeff – “because of the lesbian, the gay, the transgender stuff she’s not going to put her up”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 14-59-24-843_jpg

2:51pm HOH Jeff and Vanessa

Tells him he’s been talking with everyone and it’s impossible for him to be loyal to everyone.
Vanessa – “You have to be selective who you give your loyalty to”
Jeff says Week one he had just as big of a shot going home as Jace.
Vanessa after what you did down there .. yes you are my number one target.. I don’t need friends like that .. Theres a limit and you crossed it

Vanessa – you made a poor decision in regards to me.,. I’m not going to mislead you it’s pretty much clear as day what I have to do at this point..
Vanessa says Jackie is his number one advocate she’s sticking by him.

Jeff – With all that happened. just so you can understand my reasoning.. this game does cause people to have paranoia
Vanessa- totally

Jeff – “I never once .. I always gave audrey the benefit of the doubt.. Audrey knows 100% her staying in this house has a lot to do with Clay, shelli and myself … maybe other people want to drag her around but that’s not my intentions.. “

Jeff – I was excited about you and I potentially working together..
He adds it wasn’t until Vanessa started talking to clay the having the same conversation she was having with him. Jeff thought Vanessa was playing him and Clay.

Vanessa brings up what Jeff was doing last night.
Jeff says he felt hurt and slapped in the face.

Jeff – My games is at your mercy.. I want you to know Jeff’s not a bad guy
Jeff explains trying to get people to convince VAnessa to put Audrey up. Jeff says he’s been team Austin. “I’ve been basically telling him I want Vanessa to not be a target”
Jeff explains he wanted to work with Vanessa and he thought Vanessa not putting Audrey up would hurt her game. Goes on and on about how much he trusts Austin.
Jeff – I’ve been very team Austin and I wanted to be team Vanessa too until I heard about Clay that scared me

Vanessa will never trust Audrey again.
“I have zero evidence that she’s personally wronged me and I have zero evidence that she’s ever been caught in an actual lie .. as a gay person who cares about wanting someone who’s transgender to do well in the game for reason bigger than the game what they mean on a bigger platform.. That matters to me”
Vanessa tells him not to Blame Audrey, blame her for doing her due diligence.
“or you can blame yourself for paranoia and jumping the gun and putting a target on yourself that wasn’t there”
Jeff – right
Vanessa – “I’m not a dumb girl.. you got that.. you attempted to throw me under the bus for something you did.. you know that’s wrong everyone outside this house knows it’s wrong”
Jeff – I never created an alliance.. am I working with people.. YES ,… but did I Jeff personally create an alliance absolutely not
Jeff won’t tell her the people he’s working with.
Jeff says Austin was a huge target for him but not now.
Jeff – Austin now is one of the people I trust most in the house

Vanessa says she won’t be able to build trust with Jeff she would be a idiot if she did.
She tells him there was no plan to target Jeff prior to late last night, “No one ever said anything about you.. until what you did downstairs.. “
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 15-37-32-471_jpg
Jeff – The only reason I did it i had to protect a situation that was about to blow up
He was protecting people he works with.
Vanessa – I get why you did it but at the end of the day, The math is I can’t trust you in this game right now you threw me under the bus in a public way..

Jeff tells her at the end of the day she has to be able to answer who will protect Vanessa Jeff or Audrey
Vanessa – Audrey at this moment isn’t gunning for me.. and after what you did you just might be
Jeff – absolutely not

Vanessa – Stop lying.. there’s no need for it.. we both know it wasn’t your back against the wall you tried to save your ass by throwing me under the bus and I heard about it.
Vanessa – you go campaign do what you have to do.. my hands are tied in this situation
Jeff – there’s a good chance I’m going to continue playing in this game.. it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens..

Jeff says it’s not going to be unanimous
Jeff says he still thinks she’s a trustworthy person in the game and he hopes he can rebuild trust, “I would love for another opportunity if it’s something you feel will benefit your game play”

Vanessa – it will take quite a bit to get to that point.. it’s going to take a lot to recover from last night .. It could happen.. it could happen
Vanessa – I’m not rooting against you .. I don’t do that.. will we regain trust.. there’s work that needs to be done

You are one of the few people with Austin that I can trust.. the people I’m with I can’t trust.. I have a great feeling about you and Austin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 15-38-43-937_jpg
3:37pm Jeff and Jackie
Jackie – how do you feel
Jeff – Umm because of the Lesbian, the gay, the transgender stuff she’s not going to out her (Audrey) up.. She doesn’t even want her hand on that. I knew this was going to be a issues.. So Basically 99% sure I’m going up.. so this might be my last week here.. we’ll see..
Jeff – we saw this one coming it’s not a complete shock
Jackie- if you go up it’s not good
yeah I know it’s not good.. the thing is at the end of the day… UHHHH her wanting to create an alliance with me.. i should have just went with it that put a huge target on me.

Jackie – that sucks
Jeff – she’s not going to put up Audrey.. she basically told me she’s putting me up
Jackie – I can’t believe it..
Jeff – here’s the question can I beat James in a campaign
JAckie – everyone saying it’s not looking good.. you have my vote
Jeff – are people talking about votes
They’re unsure about Meg and Jason’s vote.
They think Clay and Shelli will vote against Jeff. Jackie brings up talking to Shelli in the bathroom asns she said it’s not looking good.
Jeff says he was trying his best to work up emotions during the conversation

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 15-47-20-522_jpg

3:46pm HOH Austin, Shelli and Vanessa
Going over the numbers to evict Jeff.
Steve, Austin, liz, Shelli, Clay, Becky, Meg,

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 15-48-00-998_jpg

3:49pm Jeff, Meg, Jackie, Jason
Jeff explains the reasons Vanessa was giving him for Audrey to not go up and Jeff to go up.
Jeff brings up her saying “As a gay person I cannot pull the trigger”
Jason – I’m a gay person I don’t have a problem with that..
Meg – that’s the problem with the rold
Jason says it’s a hot button topic right now in 3 years nobody will care.
Meg says the house is pissed that Audrey isn’t going up this week
Jackie – she needs to talk to us
Jef – I’m not asking you guys to save me I need to campaign against james..
Meg – I don’t even want her in the house this week
Jeff thinks this was teh game plan all along
JAson doesn’t think so he thinks it was Jam all along but James tugged on her heartstrings.. he apologized said he’s here for his daughter

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 16-00-23-594_jpg

Gronk Party Starts
Like all pool parties this one was a flop

[envira-gallery id=”120919″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 16-19-48-673_jpg

4:18pm Austin and Jeff backyard working out
Jeff – A lot of things you came at me dude
Austin – you weren’t targeting me at all
Jeff – I never mentioned your name
They move to they move to the Cabana room too hot outside.
Jeff says ever since they started the podcasts he’s been pro Austin. Austin says that’s the favorite thing he’s done in the house.
(Goes over many of the points he told Vanessa above)
Jeff warns that Audrey is spending a lot of time with Vanessa and it’s been noticed it’s put a lot of doubt in people’s mind.
Austin says he’s not liking Audrey spending so much time in the HOH. He’s moved his stuff downstairs he doesn’t want part of it. Claims if he was HOH Audrey would be going home this week.
Jeff – Dude Bro..

Jeff says Vanessa has lost all credibility for not putting Audrey up
Austin – Dude I wasn’t game for this
Jeff says he’s positive Vanessa is going to put him up. Thinks Vanessa is making a mistake the entire house is going to be pissed. Adds that Vanessa had a easy HOH take out the person everyone wants out.

Jeff – Dude.. I told you my agenda, my line up .. Dude if I leave this house dude a lot of people have that line up to
Jeff – Dude.. she thinks if she puts up Audrey the votes aren’t there.
Jeff – Dude.. Vanessa was looking for ANYONE else.. any reason to put someone up.. Austin I do like you as a guy man..
Austin – I like you to

Jeff – I can’t tell you who I’m working with
Austin – hopefully you can tell me by the end of the week
Jeff – yeah
Austin asks if he has the votes.
Jeff says he does with Austin
Jeff – the people I run around with are not the people I’m working with..
Austin plays it up that he cannot control Vanessa’s decision

Jeff now claiming that Vanessa and Austin’g names have been pulled in to his side. They don’t want liz because of the twins.
Jeff adds that Vanessa thinks Audrey is a scapegoat that is why she’s not going up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 16-34-42-921_jpg
4:34pm Meg and Jason
Meg – can’t wait for the twins to come in
Jason – oh yeah that will be a thrill.. can’t wait to jam it in these hoes faces

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 16-46-26-988_jpg

4:43pm Austin telling him he doesn’t want Jeff to leave. The house won’t be fun without him and Austin wants to have fun.
Jeff – Basically Vanessa is sending me home or James home because she’s being out manipulated by Audrey
Austin wants to know about the alliance’s on Jeff side. shits hitting the fan and he needs to be safe next week.
Jeff asks him about Audrey spending so much time with Vanessa in the HOH.
Ausitn – She’s moved in I’ve moved out
Jeff apologizes not giving him the answers Austin wanted last night.
Austin says Vanessa’s head is deep into the game.

Jeff – the thing is Dude.. was that all orchestrated last night dude
Austin – if it was I got played dude
Austin thinks all the domino’s fell.
Jeff – look at actions more than words.. I’ll fill you in a little bit more
Jeff – Dude I have some serious damage control Vanessa wants me gone.. for reasons that are not valid.. Vanessa needs to know the house wants Audrey to go.
Jeff – I have Austin, Clay and Shelli

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After Jeff goes, I want to see Jason on the block and out of there.
He is sooo annoying and bitchy, It was cute for a hot second but
I can see him turning into a nasty vicious bully.


Oh please! Don’t think of him as another Frankie!


I wish every bully in this world were like Jason. Give a break!


I never said he was a Frankie, but you will see the nasty side of Jason come out
trust me 🙂

Jeff is a fkboi

Unforunately Jeff is right… They’re all scared America is going to hate them for putting a Transgender up. She’s in the game like the rest of them. Someone has to man-up or woman-up or Audrey is going to win.


Since Jeff was the more strategic threat, after Jeff goes, Audrey will most likely be targeted. It has been fun watching Austin and Jeff be nice to each other while waiting for the opportunity to do the other in.


Audrey is floating to the jury house, no doubt about it. Remember this..


Day called it and others have been saying it for a while but people didn’t want to believe it to be true. A lot of people think Vanessa is going to win but once again day is right Audrey will win because no one will nominate or vote her out because she’s transgender and I think BB wants it that way. BB and CBS are afraid of the backlash if she gets voted out. Especially after so many hiuseguests are now talking about it, if Audrey gets nominated or evicted the LBGT community will be writing them saying it was because of her being who she is that got her voted out regardless of its true or not. Nan has always had gay people on the show, are you telling me this is the first time a transgender has applied???? NO, but because it’s a hot topic issue right now, BB and CBS want to be in on the discussion!

Eric CA

Jeff is wrong, he earned his goodbye and so did James. To tell they truth they have both been caught in multiples lies, they made the fatal mistake that a ton of male houseguests have made over the years… they treated the Big Brother House like it is a Frat House and got crude, neither does dishes or cleans (A note for men entering the Big Brother House, women like men that do dishes and will clean the bathroom… just saying it earns you points.), they said sexist things… not to mention they kicked everybody under the bus so hard I am surprised that they don’t all have tire track tattoo’s. For god’s sake he bragged that he banged his strongest allie in the house from one side of the planet to the other… he’s gross. Lets not forget James Yeast Infection Story… eeeewww.
Those two actually have done more dirty in that house than Mamma Day, Jace and Audrey… Audrey is just socially awkward on a lot of levels so it is more noticeable. He even lied with Vanessa then later contradicted that lie with another lie.

I want to see those two on the block. I want to see what they do to each other.


Both Jeff & James deserve to be up there for their scum bag ways, acting like pigs, never cleaning up much,being very disgusting, lying etc. But here is the thing: Vanessa using that lame excuse as to why she can’t nominate Audrey based on being transgender is foul & disgusting! This game has had plenty of gay people on BB but because Audrey is first transgender let’s hand her over a check? Hell no! Audrey(game Audrey) is ratchet, manipulative, lying, methodical, pathological etc. The objective is to take people out till there is one winner. This includes Audrey because she signed up. Vanessa wants Jeff out cool,but let’s not use being transgender as a pass to not put her up!


Or man-woman up


That sort of stupid nasty joke is exactly why a transgendered person should get at least one freaking perk out of life. You have to put up with SO MUCH CRAP that hey, if Vanessa wants to help a fellow LGBT out, good for her. I have no problem with Audrey getting a benefit in the game…don’t cry “that’s unfair” until you walk down the streets of NYC getting harassed every single day. That’s not fair either.

On the other hand, Audrey is a pathological liar, unbalanced, awkward…she as an individual is awful. It makes perfect sense why Vanessa would keep Audrey as a meatshield. To do so, she has to find a different reason, so she uses the LGBT thing as her excuse. And all you people who fear LGBT buy into that excuse right away instead of seeing it as the deflection it really is, because it’s your big fear in life: that someone different from you might get some advantages you don’t have.


Oh please! If there was another black person in the house and they helped Day out because they are both black…all hell would break loose. Why do people accept the gay/transgender community to play the sympathy/gay card but crucify people of color when they do it? In most cases, the racist allegations are legit but it makes “certain people” uncomfortable to acknowledge that racism still exists.


Vanessa’s endless moral preening is getting very old very quickly. Wasn’t she saying to Austin (just the other night) I need to find a pretense to put Jeff on the block? Unfortunately, the only people in the house capable of seeing through her self serving rationalizations (Steve and Audrey and possibly Austin) are benefiting from the nonsense and venom she’s spewing with such great energy and Machiavelian efficiency. I suppose I would admire her game play if I didn’t find her so personally vile.


I really want Audrey to win HOH – I have no idea what she’d do!


Ugh! This week cant go by fast enough. Bye bye bro dude dude bro


Dude, I know, right?!?!


Nessa is the first person to mention she won’t put Audrey up because of the LGT thing and that is unfortunate. Even though Audrey comes off as a total psycho and pathological liar she hasn’t pushed the transgender agenda or guilt anyone and I commend her for that.

I don’t believe anyone but Nessa has issues with the Transgender thing and I felt Day came off petty and ignorant when she made the comment to Julie. Most of these HGs just want to play and from what I’ve seen Nessa is the 1st HG to mention that. Let’s not forget she has been overly emotional in the house so she probably doesn’t have that killer instinct in her.

Also Jason needs to go strictly for the amount of time he says bitch and whore. It’s obnoxious and irritating. Just once could BB find a gay guy that doesn’t fit the stereotype?

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


Lol, it’s the same thing as Frankie mentioning that Ariana is his sister last year at the point where all of the houseguests are targeting him. He used that to ‘differentiate’ himself over the house guests and made himself look ‘cooler’. This is the same case Audrey announcing that she is the “first transgendered person to enter big brother house” during the first day. By mentioning that people are immediately curious as to who she is and what her back story is.


I think Vanessa was blowing sh1t up Jeff’s ass about the transgender thing. I think if she needs to get rid of Audrey she will. This is just an excuse to help send Jeff a packin’.

Dr seuss

Of course in our politically correct society we now are apprehensive to. Offend the transgender community. This is a game!!! It shouldn’t matter what color u are or who u want to have sex with. ESPN is giving Bruce Jenner an award for becoming the woman he is. What the hell does that have to do with sports. Again no one thinks much of Meg. Because she’s just a beautiful nice straight woman doesn’t yell or scream wag her finger or behind. I guess u guys want the oddballs to win. In that case I guess Jason Audrey and Austin will be left standing.


You’re wrong….. Shelli also made reference to NOT being ‘the one’ to put up Audrey due to the transgender issue…. it was seen over the live feeds.


What did Jeff do to Vanessa? Jeff is a tool dude and it is funny listening to him lie to Austin.


It has nothing to do with what audrey is. There are bigger targets than her. She is not a threat people think she is

lemom balls

It’s a game! Everyone is a target at some point.. But she is a liar and not trustworthy cause of those lies.. I have no idea how anyone could Aline themselves with someone like that nor why somwonw likw that is still there creating a bad vibe.


Jason is hilarious. Hes the only one out of the whole house that actually makes me laugh. Some others are definitely lacking in the personality department. I don’t believe for a second Vanessas making her decisions based on the LGBT thing…she already knew she wanted Jeff out and she was grasping for reasons that would not piss people off. I don’t think Audrey is still in the house because shes transgender…shes there strictly because shes a target and theres bigger fish to fry at the moment


DudeBro I DudeBro Think DudeBro Jeff DudeBro Needs DudeBro To DudeBro Get DudeBro His DudeBro Ass DudeBro Bounced.


Dude, dude


If Vanessa thinks Audrey won’t harm her due to the LGBT thing….she’s got another one coming. It’s not like Audrey cares that Jason and Vanessa are homosexual. I hope that Audrey would vote with Vanessa if the gay code is protecting her…. but does Audrey care?

She tried to create a crack between Vanessa and Austin already in a convo with him. Super sneaky and subtle. Bleh.

I am gay and I totally get what Jason is saying. It’s just a big issue because of Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner on a social media level in the recent years and CBS wants to capitalize on that. I get that no one wants to out an obvious minority before the Twin Twist is up. But man, the Audrey tiptoeing while she’s playing so hard makes no sense. It’s really frustrating because everyone was nice to her before the Day blowup.

Eric CA

I agree… as another gay man, I think it has become a very sticky situation in the LGBT Community since Tranny became a slur and Tranny/ She-Mail Gate from RuPauls Drag Race… when former contestants talked about the “You’ve got She Mail” as being Transphobic.
Laverne Cox is brilliant and she talks about really what matters but former Drag Race Contestant Carmen Carrere made it into a huge issue….On a personal level I am more offended that Caitlyn Jenner is getting a Profile in Courage Award. So yes there are a lot of Gays and Lesbians that would be afraid of looking Transphobic. As I recall Jasons main targets are Clay and Shelli and not Audrey. If Jason was HoH he might target Clay and Shelli not Audrey.

For me personally Audrey is a waste of an eviction and she should have just said I am putting you two up against each other because you are disgusting.


I thought Meg and Jason were smarter, but WTF?! Why are they talking to Clay/Shelli? Did they forget that they backstabbed Da’vonne?


They can’t isolate themselves either on Week 3. Also Meg can still jump around, she’s likeable, same for Jason … And I think he’s the type who wants to last with Clay/Shelli a few more weeks then cut him/her and say “this was for Day”.

I don’t think Meg really cared about Day that much anyway. It was week 2.


Um ….maybe because this is a house and everyone talks to everyone…..



Austin/Clay/Jason/Meg just had a chat and they are talking game. A few days of go Jason also said something around the lines of, “I don’t want to ruin my loyalty with Clay/Shelli.” I just don’t know why he’s going after Audrey first before Clay/Shelli.


What’s the point of this lame party Takeover???


Jeff is such a douchebag. 10 years from now he will be driving in a Trans Am wearing a tank top.

Jeff cant play all sides. At least Vanessa is putting all her chips on the table.


Ha! Ha! I could see that!


I am partially hoping for an ” Odd Couple” HOH pairing next: Johnny and Audrey; there would be a lot of comedy to watch on the feeds and, if only for 1 week, Johnny would not be a pawn.


That would be interesting and funny to watch.

Brad H

I would LOVE to see an odd couple pairing in the next HOH!! I want to see 2 people win HOH who are completely against each other for once with this stupid twist. I like the Sixth Sense alliance (except Shay), but I like chaos a lot more.


Jeff tells Jackie that Vanessa tried to pull him into a alliance. This after he was up crying to Vanessa and admitting that he totally lied about that and begging her forgiveness.

Heres a hint Jeff…once u are busted for lies and begging for your life. Stop lying!

I love that you all hate Nessa. It makes it more fun to come here as she owns this game and walkin’ ever closer and closer to the win! I love Nessa haters!:)

Jeff is RIGHT

Guess what? Jeff is right. Welcome to the new “tolerant” society. Comply or be vilified! Accept of our lifestyle or be destroyed in your business and personal life!


I’m not against transgenders but the second I saw one would be in this game I knew this would be a problem… Audrey will most likely make it very deep into this game my guess around the 7 range before anyone really goes for her. It is unfortunate that people will not go after her because of this


And I thought Da was crazy when she said that in her exit interview…..


Since the POV isn’t until tomorrow why didn’t Vanessa wait to do all this tonight instead of last night? Would have given Jeff less time to scramble and he might have even hung himself worse trying to get others nominated since he knew John would take himself off.


Side comment, but Vanessa seems to be quite famous, over many years in Vegas. She has had her name and face up on posters/promos.

Day is a poker dealer and didn’t know her (WTF, so she just clocks in and out and doesn’t actually follow the industry). Jackie performed in Vegas and doesn’t seem to know her (I can see how a dancer wouldn’t care). She really lucked out. Did CBS screen for her?

So poker stars really aren’t that eye catching in Vegas? Or is it just Vanessa?

The Matrix Online

Johnny mac is bobcat the comic,,meg is taylor swicth,james is judge ito from oj case,jason is pee wee herman,,,,austin is samson from the bible,,,steve is bill gates,jeff is joey fotane the singer,,,julie chen is ming na,,,munez is warren buffet,,audrey is rupaul,,,vannessa russo is a poker maniac gambler,,,liz is a woman inmate,,jackie is a runaway mexican going over the border to get in america like on my name earl tv show,,,clay is zac morris from save by the bell,jace is a illumanti templar knight,,black woman was there token black like on shows,,,the show getting big ratings but whom getting it on smack there no amanda and mcrae no candice and howard,,,these folks dont cook on here nore play pool,,they dont play cards,,they dont smoke nore seem to drink,,,they nothing like bb15 and bb16….why dont they have big brother allstar in usa like they do in uk they did once in the usa…allstar bigbrother and celeb bigbrother usa this be the stuff…u got pay to get pop channel everyone its 10 bucks month and you got pay 7 bucks for internet feed for this month or pay i think 20 bucks get whole thing…she are chose better folks like few drunks,few homeless people,drug addict,,stripper,outwork celeb,gay,lesbian,transexual,and some people of color dont ya eyes hurt if you see all whites on tv….ya all like chocolate candy over white chocolate unless its vannila and cocounut…..these folks dont know how play bb also they going after each other so early everyone knows everything everyone are snitches on here…no one seem have each back there no team seem like …they dont play or run or anything as others….i wonder do they have seperate towels i thought i heard meg said she has a rash using same rags as the others..they dont wash cloths nore clean dishes…you see them all laying down so much they seem tired ….many are saying this is the lame bb of the world so lame like when singers said word girl on pbs was so lame that show was good show had action…anyone going try out for next year and on the uk and canada ones,,they have them allover the world brazil-australia

B-bad owl

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what?

B-bad owl

Dude! Omg bro. Oh man, did you see that? I’m telling you dude, it’s real. Bro, listen to me, it’s true. Man, dude, you know it is bro. I’m a total bakeflake that watched Cheech and Chong too many times. You keep a knockin’ but you can’t come in! Bro, dude, I’m so screwed.

Bunny Slipper

So a gay, a transgender, and a lesbian walk into a bar…and the punchline is,
Who cares! Jeff is just grasping at straws trying to figure out why Vanessa doesn’t like him. Here’s a hint, you are a giant leaking sewage pipe, and no one likes that.


Uh no, Van actually TOLD him that.

Game of thrones

Are people already forgetting that becky was going to backdoor audrey last week.Audrey time will come and she will go.Day just said that because she was mad that she got outplayed.There are bigger threats in the house right now more than Audrey.


Becky earned some points for wanting the plan to target Audrey, but she was also more than happy (cheering, in fact) to get kicked out as HOH so Shelli would do the cut. I think Becky is more than capable of taking Audrey during another HOH run, but she may not do it and go for Vanessa, Jackie, or even Austin as a cop out. She is really difficult to read because she moves in between being sure and then totally backing off. I think Becky, John, Steve would be an interesting trio more than Shelli/Clay/Vanessa but they have nothing in common to generate trust.

I wish they will get rid of BOB after week 5 and maybe they can at least do a week of that as Takeover. I am sure Julie will say it’s a super upsetting Takeover to the audience of course.


I said the same thing!!!!! Becky is competitive, logical, didn’t make too many waves,JonnyMac is able to throw comps,win & take himself off block, win vetos, keeps his mouth shut & doesn’t piss people off,Steve is knowledgeable about BB, watches people(creepy & socially awkward yes) & takes things in, loyal, honest & capable of winning comps. Nobody would suspect them as a group. Would like to see variety & watch the greedy inside group fall flat on their faces!


you watch old Big Brother, even all stars, and there are punishments all the time. if people get good stuff(PARTIES) it often came with someone stuck in a room for 24 hours, shaving their head, or on slop for 60 days.

I want more punishments. I want them on army cots for a week, I want them struggling. I think its become far too easy to live in the Big Brother house.


Seriously it’s the most idiotic & asinine thing I ever heard of. Gay players have been in BB since the days of Bucky so let’s stop the bs. I am disgusted to even think people would play that card or give in based on that theory. This has nothing to do with gay, lesbians, transgender…it’s a game seriously wow! Everyone is there to be taken out & only one winner left standing. Should Audrey be given the check since she is first transgender on BB? Insane to use that logic to not put her up. Pisses me off!

LBGT Immunity

I think Vanessa just planted that grenade to see if Jeff would yank on the pin a few times. There’s only one way he can play that and it is wrongly.


LMFAO – First of all, if no one nominates Audrey because they don’t want to be the first to put her on the block or are scared of sending her out the door because she is Transgendered and are afraid of the backlash so be it. They are screwing their own games. What a bunch of fictional hyperbole bull crap I have ever heard of in my entire life. Just because house guests say it doesn’t make it true! IT just means they are terrible players.
Secondly Vanessa is a horrible player. She hasn’t listened to anyone in that game on who to put on the block. Come to think of it not one HoH has listened to any of the house on who to put up this early in the game. So I will look to HoH’s later in the game that win before choosing a front runner. They will at least be sitting back watching the house seeing the dynamics of of what everyone wants. Watch out for Steve, Becky and John each have won something at some point and also been taken for granted and left in the dark with no alliances! Those are my Dark Horses!


I hate that this has to be a conversation… her not being nominated or evicted because of her transgender identity. The LGBT community will not be outraged if she does get the boot because unless someone specifically says that they are targeting her for that reason and that reason only. It’s such a disservice to the community to treat her like a wounded animal that needs protection. Audrey is a grown adult and should have to live up to the consequences of her game play just like every person in that house!


Just curious, do you guys have the words: dude and bro, hot-keyed to save typing?


Can anybody name person on BB that is not a liar