Veto Players Picked! “We could not have asked the gods for a more perfect line up!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 12-07-09-043

11:50am – 12:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the house guests to pick players for the power of veto competition.

Power of Veto Competition Players: Vanessa, James, Johnny Mac, Audrey, Austin, Shelli
Veto Host: BECKY

12:05pm In the kitchen – James is annoyed that he picked Audrey’s name in the veto pick.

In the bedroom – Johnny tells Jeff I didn’t want to pick anyone from the group. I didn’t want it to be obvious. Austin is the only one I thought I could pick. Jeff says no its good. Johnny says Austin said he’s going to throw it too.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 12-12-47-187

12:15pm – 12:30pm Up in the HOH room – Austin says how did that happen. Now they need to set us up with a competition that she can win. All three of us! Even if James wins its perfect. Vanessa says Johnny Mac can’t think that we want Audrey to win it. You, Me, Shelli and Audrey. Shelli joins them. Vanessa says I almost laughed when James pulled Aurey’s name. Shelli says if she (Audrey) wins everyone is safe. We’re golden. Worst is if James wins, second is if Johnny Mac wins. Best case Audrey wins. Shelli says I cannot win the veto. Austin says no you would use it on Johnny Mac. Ideal situation is Audrey wins. They wonder if it might be a prize veto. Vanessa says the game is more important than 5K. They talk about how it is a perfect line up. Vanessa says we could not have asked the gods for a more perfect line up. Shelli asks what should I tell people if the ask me what you said to do. Vanessa says tell them I told you to win it. Johnny comes up and says I’m ready to go hard in the yard! Vanessa says 1000% you are not going home. Austin says we will use it on you. It was a great draw. Johnny leaves. Vanessa tells Austin if you win you almost have to use it on Johnny because he picked you. Vanessa asks what if its a knock out comp what do we do. Austin says you pick Audrey but then lose to her. You can manipulate the outcome. I’m a wrestler that’s what I do. Vanessa says we literally just got a royal flush! That’s insane I can’t believe it! Austin talks about how perfect it will be to be able to blind side Jeff.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 12-21-50-950

12:30pm Clay comes up to the HOH room and says that couldn’t have gone any better. Vanessa says that she literally almost started laughing when James pulled Audrey’s name. If she wins that would be perfect. Then we keep the noms the same. Vanessa best to worst case: Audrey wins, Austin wins, I win, Shelli wins, Johnny Mac wins, James wins. Vanessa says that sleeper cell has cast a spell over the whole house and little do they know when they wake up one of their own will be gone! Clay says that’s awesome!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 12-32-30-671

In the storage room – Austin and Jeff talk. Austin says what if its a prize comp. Jeff asks would you throw it for 10K. Austin says yeah. Jeff asks did Johnny Mac ask you to throw it? Austin says no, he just asked if he could pick me. Jeff says he asked me if I would throw it if he picked me. Does he like being on the block? Austin says he likes just rocking out on the block. They head to the kitchen. Jeff says I don’t think Johnny Mac will win today. I think you’re going to win today James. You were so lost and confused yesterday. Jeff comments to Clay, James, Austin that he thinks there was a swapperaroo. Jeff tells Clay and Jason this one is different. This one is mean, you can’t change mean. Jason says now that they think we’re on to them they’re going to switch more and more and more.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 12-54-12-793
1pm HOH room – Vanessa fills Julia in on how yesterday Liz was wearing Jason’s leopard hat. Just in case he asks you. Vanessa tells Julia to stay away from Jason because he is on to you. Julia says that she has a cold sore. Vanessa asks if she is taking anything to make it go away faster. Julia says she out of it. Vanessa says its because you’re so stressed. Austin comes up and tells them that he knows you guys switched. They talk about how Julia should show off the mole on her back. He’s looking for it and it’ll make him less suspicious if he sees it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 12-53-10-533

Audrey asks what’s the plan if Johnny Mac wins? Vanessa says If he comes off I could put up Jeff. I will never put you up. Audrey asks are you sure Jeff is the right person to put up. Vanessa says Anyone else I put up could go home. Audrey says so for sure if I use it, don’t use it. Vanessa says I don’t want any more blood on my hands. If I can avoid it that would be nice. Vanessa says if James wins then 100% Jeff is going up. Vanessa tells Audrey to go get Meg so they can clear the air and get to the bottom of the rumor. Meg said that you (Audrey) said I was trying to flip the house. Vanessa tells Audrey if you can clear this up for me so that I can trust you even more. Audrey goes to get Meg. Audrey says I just want to clear something up because I think theres been a misunderstanding. I never said that Austin, Vanessa, .. Meg says you said Austin, Vanessa, Liz and Becky. Meg says I feel like you did because otherwise I would never have gone up to those people to campaign. Audrey says I never said those names. Meg says Becky I didn’t think I had to worry about her until you said her name. Audrey says I told you to step up your social game. Vanessa says may the problem is that you (Audrey) said it MIGHT happen and Meg you thought she said it IS happening. Meg starts crying and says I don’t know how else I would have come up with those names. I don’t know what else to say. Audrey says I did not tell you who. Meg says you did!! Vanessa tells Meg I’m really not mad. I just really wanted to get to the bottom of this. Audrey starts crying and says I know in my heart what I did and didn’t say.. I am sick and tired of people taking my words and twisting them. Meg leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 13-18-16-888
1:25pm In the kitchen – Jeff talks about Liz possibly switching in and out. He says that he wants to talk to Jason to see if its better for us for her to be in here or not. Jeff says maybe we should stop investigating it. This week its Audrey and next week we step up how annoying Steve is. They call Johnny Mac over and talks about how one has a crown on her front teeth. Jeff asks if he looked at the one here today. Johnny says he hasn’t been able to because she’s been keeping her mouth closed. Jeff says that Jason needs to let the Day thing go. Jeff says Steve has to, has to go! He creeped Liz out big time last night. He was jumping on her in bed and tickling her. Meg comes through the kitchen and says she’s lying, she’s lying again! Meg heads to the bedroom and tells Jason about the confrontation with Audrey in the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 13-29-29-252

1:30pm Shelli, Meg, Jeff, Clay, Jason and James

Meg is pissed about her conversation in the HOH with Vanessa and Audrey. Says she was called a liar she’s worried Audrey isn’t going up.
Jeff is worried that Vanessa doesn’t have it in her to pull the trigger. Jeff says Austin was telling him that VAnessa doesn’t want to be HOH she doesn’t want to make a move.

Meg – I haven’t had a girl fight like that for a long time
Jeff – God she’s terrible
Vanessa – I’m telling you right now VAnessa is trying to get out of it (Backdooring Audrey)
Jeff – I told you guys
James – Why is everyone so chicken shit to pull the trigger
Meg says Audrey was telling vanessa it was Jeff, Clay and Jason that knew about Da’vonne flipping the house.
James I’m telling ya she‘s gotta go guys (Audrey)

Jeff and James say Liz has switched this morning.
Jeff “This one hasn’t said a peep to me.. yesterday she was straddling me”
Jason – this is cruella

Jeff wonders if they have to be aggressive with VAnessa. Jeff, james and Jason suggest they march up to the HOH and give her an ultimatum to get Audrey nominated.

Meg starts complaining about Audrey and her conversation/fight in the HOH.
Meg – She cannot win. James jokes “I’m tempted to get disqualified Kick her out the rink or something”Jason says Audrey is America’s player she got a task to save Da. Jason tells them that it was Audrey that voted to keep Da’Vonne. Da told him Audrey went up to her and tried to made a deal the night before eviction. Audrey comes in lays down..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 13-33-44-733

1:30pm – 1:50pm HOH room – Vanessa and Audrey continue to talk. Audrey says I didn’t use names. I told her she needed to check in with the people outside her alliance. Vanessa asks what do you think of her energy right there? Audrey says she was defensive. And only started to cry as soon as I called out the group. She’s a theatre student. Vanessa says her energy was even off to me. I could not have been more diplomatic. Vanessa reiterates the conversation to Austin. Meg was crying and I didn’t really understand why. Austin says a reaction when you’re lying. Austin asks what was the end of that conversation. Vanessa says its very possible they’re both telling the truth. Liz says its kind of like a misunderstanding. Vanessa says what I don’t like is that Meg took it personally. Vanessa wonders if James threw the BOB for Meg. So that he could be the hero. He thinks Audrey’s going up and home anyways. That was not the James I’ve seen before. Vanessa says no that I just did that with Meg she probably hates me. I’m sure I blew up my game with her. Vanessa plans to call James out about how he said Audrey was the one that Jace was the one that was targeting him and thats why he decided to put him up. Once I do that it will be the perfect smoking gun to not have to put up Audrey because I will have caught him in a lie and a good explanation as to what Meg came to me with. Audrey heads down stairs. Austin tells them that Jeff knows about the scar on her arm and now its gone. He knows that she switched out this morning. She also had no idea James cut Clay’s hair. Austin says they think they can’t confront her because of season 5 rules. So they’re never going to confront her. Their plan is that a week before jury they will eliminate her. Vanessa says we just need to protect her that week. Austin says that Jeff doesn’t want to do it but that Jason will. Austin fills Julia in on the things the others are look for as evidence they’re switching.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 13-37-54-579

1:55pm HOH room – Austin and Julia are talking. Austin is filling her in on more information she’s missed. Austin says I honestly don’t want to win this. I’m obviously not going to let the wrong people win it. I want Audrey to win it so that Jeff keeps trusting me and giving me information.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 14-04-24-005

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John is so useless in this game suck a waste of space. Hall love him know but just wait when your fav is sitting next to him u betta hope he done at though for some else !!! It would be fun to see if Audrey wins it


Johnny Mac will never be sitting next to my favorite because Johnny Mac IS my favorite

Eric CA

He might if he is the surprise twin… LOL. Johnny is holding back till the jury stage… watch out he is the smiling Ninja.


Well your fav is becoming floater material.


I wish he were more in control. Right now he is a pawn in every aspect of the game. C’mon JMac! You can be better than this!!!


It must be a tough situation for JMAC but he’s playing it the best that he can be played. He’s not viewed as a target but he’s not really “in” one of the main alliances. The thing about seasons with BOTB is that once you’re seen as a pawn and you have no real loyalties to anyone, it’s an easy out to put you as a pawn. But once he gets past the beginning of the the season where all the hot heads/egos get voted out early, he’ll have a chance to pick it up.


I AGREE. WHY DOES ANYONE LIKE HIM? He’s so fricking annoying and he talks like he’s has diarrhea


if audrey wins it she isn’t going to use it. that is the kind of player she is, plus vanessa will tell her to not use it, when everyone else is thinking that vanessa wanted to backdoor Jeff, she will have an excuse to blame audrey for not using the POV so she couldn’t, and instead they have to vote out her number one target james.

that’s why for her opinion 2nd worse is if johnny wins it because she will have to put up a replacement and she doesn’t want to be seen not putting up jeff.


I could see Audrey using it just for giggles.


Yeah… then Audrey would tell everyone it didn’t happen… and they would totally believe her… 😀

Ariana Grande stinks!

Week 3 Three Favs and the peops voted… Vanessa!!!!
What is wrong with you people? #sick


Ariana, you have a lot of nerve posting shit here. Heard you are banned by Dunkin Donuts, too, for life. Stop tonguing donuts and move to Mexico where Donald Trump will give you a free bus ticket.
PS : take Frankie with you


LOL and take that fat lard Chris Christie as well.

Ariana Grande stinks!

No no no! I was ALWAYS dissing the talentless midget with dildos in the background — while “you” were among millions singing her dreadful tunes. And yes, I ‘hated’ her 33 year old brother on BB16.

The fugly Vanessa is a HORRIBLE humanoid. You’ll come to that conclusion yourself. Just give it so,e time you Donut! 😉


Redgrave–++. Frankie says Hi. Love and kisses !!!


Ariana Grande isn’t Mexican you dumbfuck, and we don’t want her either.


I cannot deal with how boring and humorless she is. Ugh!


Does Vanessa know this game or is she that good in manipulation? Letting Austin know if by some chance he wins the veto , ‘he has to use it on Johnny Mac’ because Johnny drew his name!!!!
Where is that written or ever been used before? For Christ’s Sake, Austin name was drawn anonymously.

Tam Naz

He had house guest choice and picked Austin

Butters Mom

I think Johnny Mac might have drawn house guests choice and picked Austin.


It was probably houseguest’s choice

The name game

It was probably houseguest choice and JMac chose Austin. Austin isn’t required to use the veto but it’ll definitely hurt Van and Austin’s game to not use it in that case. They would have lied to John and so many in the house to get rid of James. They’d be targets by most of the house at that point.


Bbfox, what the hell did you post? English your second language?

Eric CA

They should use it on Johnny Mac. If their goal is to get Jeff or James out and break down the other side of the house and cause fractures in their alliances… put Jeff and James up against each other… James lies and Jeff is the male Audrey… they will tear it all apart and bomb the house with so many targets it will be ridiculous.
As long as Vanessa, Steve, Austin, Liz/Julia, Shelli and Clay stay together they are all safe.

Doran Martell

Agree. Would love to see Jeff and james on the block together. Those two are unbearable.


Audrey needs to win the POV and stir some crap up….. remove james from the block…. Jeff would likely go up beside John….. Than Audrey, James, Jason,Meg,Jackie make a alliance and draw beckie or steve or both into the alliance…vote John out…. Go after the other side of the house…. doing this would probley keep Audrey safe for a few more weeks and would turn the house upside down….would make feeds worth watching.


That’s why Audry is great … You never know what she will do … most often the opposite of what she should do.
There is no way that Becky or Steve would vote out John over James or Jeff
Vanessa needs to get her brain straight and realize the Jeff is a much bigger threat in the house than James


Go Johnny Mac go.


Ausdum says he has a high IQ which should lay to rest the notion that IQ tests are a measure of intelligence.


I could see that Audrey pulls james down and force vanessa to put up jeff allowing jeff side to go attack vanessa for doing this. Honestly steve and johnny Mac needs to kick out vanessa she could win this game


Amazing to see so many people that like the new Bullies in the House, Vanessa and Austin….. Do people that vote here even watch the show?


Yeah, it is called Head of Household for a reason. You run shit, you want the power, win it!! haha


Vanessa always looks rough and rugged, i wonder what she did during the 70s


Maybe ask her parents that. She was born in ’83.


I love Johnny Mac but I kind of hope James wins the veto and JMac goes home. Too much competition throwing and doing other people’s dirty work.


Long time a go i told Vanessa and Austin are two idiots and the two most shady people in the house. And i said this week Austin and Vanessa fans have much to explain lol im glad im not wrong at all


Im realy disapointed with the fans favoritos in this site #Shame


Vanessa worried about Audrey save. What a idiot you hugly bitch


Did Eric from Ca. say “Jeff is eye candy” lmmfao.

Either way this goes down this week..Jeff walkin’ out door or James it will be gold viewing to all of us to watch Jeff’s world come crashing down all around him. Perhaps it will be even more gold if James gets axed first to watch Jeff scramble like a little bitch the next week.

Can we start contemplating Jeff getting booed as he walks out to talk to Julie? Or are LAPD there to handcuff this sick pathetic loser at life?

Will be gold viewing the next couple of weeks. We win!