Veto Ceremony Results! “Whoever helps me I am going to be forever indebted”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 13-19-33-693
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12:05pm – 1:05pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto ceremony. As the winner of the power of veto competition Johnny used the veto to remove himself from the block. Vanessa then nominated Jeff as the replacement nominee. As it stands, Jeff is going to need a miracle to escape eviction this coming Thursday.

Jeff says the lie was about .. she tried to say that I wanted to.. A long time ago she came to me on the hammock about working with people. I told her I would come to her later.. and I never did that. She looks at it like I initiated the alliance talk. She’s annoying dude! She’s f**king annoying! You know I love you dude. James says I’m just sad I’m up against you. Jeff says I am tired of having wet dreams in this house. I looked down and wondered did I pee my pants? Clay says I don’t get random bones but I do get wet dreams in here. Jeff says she just said that James and I are bigger threats to her game. Meg says this week is going to be so hard. The way that I look at it and I was trying to work my way into an alliance that big I probably wouldn’t attack like she did. But whatever everyone has their own strategy. She is just trying to justify. She says she doesn’t want to send home an innocent person but at the end of the day that’s exactly what she’s doing. Jackie says that wasn’t a good speech for her to go up and say stuff like that. Meg asks who do you think you have? Jeff says I don’t know who I have yet. I haven’t really campaigned yet. Better question is who does James have? It comes down to who people would rather keep in the game me or James. The thing is they ruined some trust before putting me up. Meg says that she thinks people are torn and to not draw lines I think they’ll not go against the house. Jackie says I don’t like how she sad that speech in front of everyone because it makes you look like the bad guy.

Vanessa tells Johnny I didn’t want to come off too mean. I truly believe its better if he goes. I am very aware that having Audrey in the house is dangerous. Everyone knows not to trust her. Jeff is dangerous. Vanessa says that Jeff only told the truth because I was HOH. That shows a lack of integrity. Johnny says he didn’t throw my name under the bus but if someone comes to me and says he does I will change my mind. Vanessa says I hope that doesn’t happen so that he at least has 1 vote for him.

Jeff tells Austin for your game dude …its better to have me here. Because everyone is looking at you like you were involved. Jeff says that I told Liz that day in the storage room when she was crying.. that I would help her and I did. So she owes me now. I’m going to ask her if she will do it for me. I don’t know how much I can fight for Liz but I can fight for you. Dude just think about it. Austin says I will think about it just keep reporting back to me because if things are flipping I need to know. Jeff says I have You, Jackie, Johnny Mac… for sure. Jason and Meg are torn. I will probably have Becky. I will have Clay and Shelli. Austin says well you’re over the top you already have 6. It just sucks that Audrey is just scooting by. Jeff says dude the only thing that pisses me off is that she doesn’t want to send an innocent person home .. its just so hypocritical. Jeff says whoever helps me I am going to be forever indebted. And if I get past this I will probably be here for awhile. Jeff says you, Liz and Vanessa are all going to be targeted next week. Austin says that’s what I was thinking. And its not that I want to go where the numbers are.. I want to go where its best for me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 13-29-17-546

1:35pm In the havenot room – Shelli tells Clay that Steve is the mole for her (Audrey). When she was in bed he kept going to her. We really need to stay on the good side of both of them. Clay says Jason came to me in the bathroom and said that he thinks we can trust James more. Meg was thinking no one can beat James at the end. Everyone could beat Jeff because of what he’s done. Shelli says that makes me think that Jeff and Meg have talked about that. Shelli says that Vanessa isn’t happy that Austin is making it look like he had nothing to do with it. Clay says Austin isn’t ride or die. Jackie joins them. Shelli says I feel really bad for you. Clay asks who do you think helped your game the most? Jackie says Jeff. I am going to vote that way regardless. I have to. Shelli says James will understand. Jackie says James is a great guy. Jackie says one of us to win HOH. If two of us win ..we can go guns blazing.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 13-37-07-000

1:55pm – 2:30pm HOH room – Vanessa, Johnny, Julia are talking. Audrey joins them. Vanessa says I don’t want to be the reason why anyone is on the block. At the end of the day I had to pick him! But I had the most compelling reasons. Never saw it coming but then there is was. If that man blames anyone but himself than he is sorely self diluting.

Audrey says I am still playing innocent. I take accountability for the things that I did do and I’ve talk to and apologized to those people. I think he’s ruthless in his campaign. I think its totally hypocritical. I’ve been discredited because of all the events that have occurred. Vanessa says I am officially taking 4 days to relax. Masks, pedicures, tanning, working out. I feel like the last 4 days I’ve aged 10 years. Vanessa talks about how she understands and thinks Jeff did the thinks he did because he went into survival mode. Vanessa tells Audrey about how Jeff threw Audrey’s name under the bus as to who she can’t trust. He wasn’t telling me anything that I didn’t already know. I know that I can’t fully trust you. We worked our issues out. Part of me knows that I need to sit back and let people do what they want to do. Vanessa says everything he paints you as …he is! The way he manipulates people is crazy. I am just on to him. I know what he is capable of. James is about to take a big image hit. Audrey says that the most serial killers are Cancers. They’re the worst. Vanessa says if he convinces them. Audrey says my mind would be blown. Jackie has said she knows he wouldn’t take her to final 2. Audrey says some times he looks at her like there is a relationship there. Vanessa says he gave me the reason and I think people understand why.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 13-54-24-198

2:30pm In the bedroom – James, Meg talk about how Jeff and a wet dream today. Meg says he had to change his pants. James tells Austin that Jeff splodged on Meg. Jeff joins them and she tells him that he stained the sheets. Jeff jumps in bed with her again and asks what would you do if I had been wearing underwear and you woke up and it was all over you. Meg says EWWWW!! Jeff asks Liz when can I have my second shot?! Meg already got my first shot. James says she really did. Jeff then jumps on Liz. Jeff says I’ve been backed up for weeks.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 14-34-21-985

2:50pm Backyard – Austin is talking to Jason about how he is still trying to figure out who to trust. Jason says the main thing I don’t trust about Jeff is that I think him and Jackie are here for more than what they’re saying. They’re not just here because they’re two beautiful people from the amazing race. There are a lot of beautiful people they could have picked from the amazing race. Jason says I’ve already made up my mind what I’m going to do but I’m not telling anyone. Austin says Jeff’s already said he isn’t going to be campaigning till Wednesday. Vanessa joins them. She tells Jason that she hope she will let her tell her what really went down because it should concern everyone.

2:50pm – 3:05pm Audrey tells Shelli that she doesn’t feel like she can trust Vanessa. Audrey says that Vanessa claims she is fixing my (Audrey) image but I doesn’t see it. Audrey says in my gut, I feel like Vanessa has made a deal on the side with Jason and I think she has also talked with Meg. Audrey says my other concern is that it is going to look more suspicious if Becky and Jackie come into power and they want to put me up or backdoor me. I think if you only then come out of the wood work it will look suspicious and harder for you to campaign for me in that moment. Maybe it would be better for you to subtly hint at it with them now. Shelli says I’ve been looking out for you all a long. Audrey says you said to him that he is the male Audrey. Shelli says I did not tell him that. I said that to Vanessa and Clay behind closed doors and then now all of a sudden everyone is calling him that. Audrey asks who told you that I wanted to split you and Clay up because I never told you that. It’s not Vanessa right. Shelli says no she thinks we’re a team. It could have been .. I don’t want to say it was Jeff.. I don’t remember who it was. Audrey says what’s important to me is getting out the person that is making stuff up. Audrey says I want to work with you and go to the final 3 with you and Clay. But Clay hasn’t gone to bat for me like I did for him in the beginning. He’s made it very evident that you’re his priority. I feel like you have looked out for me and I feel indebted to you. Shelli says you don’t need to be indebted to me .. just know that I’m loyal to you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 14-45-44-993

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Bye Jeff!!!!


Goodbye Jeff
Good riddance

I survived last seasons BB

Jeff….You can campaign all You want…You are going home and You know it

I survived last seasons BB

If Austin was smart IMO he would make a power move now and try to align himself with Shelli/Clay, Twins, and bring in Johnny and work to actually save Jeff. Throw Vanessa under the bus make it look like it was mostly her idea and take the target off of his back another week. I think James is way more of a game threat than Jeff also. I just have a feeling Vanessa is going to turn on them or bring them more trouble as the game wears on.


nah, getting put jeff is the better move. he’s a pair with jackie. though i agree the other players in the house need to watch out for the pairs of shelli/clay and liz/julia.


If Austin was smart IMO he would make a power move now and try to align himself with Shelli/Clay, Twins, and bring in Johnny and work to actually save Jeff. Throw Vanessa under the bus make it look like it was mostly her idea and take the target off of his back another week. I think James is way more of a game threat than Jeff also. I just have a feeling Vanessa is going to turn on them or bring them more trouble as the game wears on.


Austin should save Jeff?? It was practically his idea to take out Jeff this entire week. At first Vanessa wanted James out to create less waves. Now Austin gets his main target out AND gets none of the blame AND gets to play for HOH. The only way this week could have gone any better for him would have been a diary room threesome with the twins. And u think he should flip???


Yeah Austin put too much in to flip now. Jeff just needs to exit stage left!!!

Eric CA

That would never work… mostly because it involves Jeff…. The most disloyal person in the house and the one who has worked wicked hard to get out Austin. It also involves another worm in the house Clay who would sell out LiZ/ Julia, Austin and Vanessa… Then Vanessa would sell ll of them out… way too much dirty in that. It would onlt work if they could bring in Vanessa… and I do not see that working.


Simon, sorry to bother you but did you renewal the stats including bb16. I send it to email and the old stats still the same. I’ll send a new stats after finale.


I wish Jeff will have the votes to stay over James. Jeff has Johnny back and will take Johnny to final 2. Jeff does not deserve to go home. Austin admitted last night to Vanessa he wants to take out Shelli and Clay if he wins HOH next time. That means Jeff does not lie about it. Vanessa lied again at the POV ceremony to paint Jeff as a liar. I do not like bully villain Vanessa in this game. I wish Karma will bite her in the ass by keeping Audrey.


Don’t care if Jeff goes but despise Vanessa using fake reason to evict Jeff. Own it if you have the balls to put someone up. Using the pathetic excuse that you trust Audrey over Jeff & the transgender card to save her..really? She will feel the backlash inside & out(viewers) the house. I really liked her but recent events made me lose some respect for her.


I think Vanessa is already laying the groundwork for who she wants in jury, also leaving her options open as to who she will work with in the future, and creating a valid reason for why she evicted Jeff. As long as Vanessa keeps saying that she evicted Jeff because he is a liar then Jeff becomes a liar and after Thursday there will be no one in the house to challenge that opinion. If Austin wants to get rid of Shelli/Clay or if JohnnyMac wants to get rid of Shelli/Clay because they put him up as a pawn then that’s OK with Vanessa as long as Clay is the one leaving. At some point she may want to dump Austin and replace him with Shelli. Audrey is Vanessa shield, she will cut her loose if needed, if not then Audrey may be in final two with Vanessa.


JOHNNYMAC, better win that HoH so you get your revenge on people who put you up as a pawn.

Guy From Canada

Johnny Mac isn’t in a position to win yet. He is great to ride the middle so long as the BOTB stays in play. Winning HOH is detrimental to the way he is playing his game until Jury.

Bill Dann

At what point do the HG realize the main target should be Liz/Julia? If they both are in the game they will be tough to get out as the numbers decline. Why would you allow another player into the game?


The reality is, the twins are a non factor. Most of them have seen this game played enough to know that SOMEONE is going to get a chance to come back into the house. If the twins get to come together, then that is a known quantity, and it isnt Jace, Da, Jeff (probably) or the other two who get evicted.

Most of the players who have an end game think they can get the twins out, both of them. So why rush it when stronger people are available.


There is zero chance of Da or Jace coming back into the game. Julie revealed WAY too much info to both of them during their exit interviews.

If Liz is evicted they will probably only do 1 double eviction, or bring back 2 from the jury.


And the twins don’t really know how to play.. I like them, but they aren’t really good at comps. I’d much rather have 2 Liz’s then Jeff , jace , or da.


That’s if Austin was smart lol !!! He’s not and he is a rather pathetic piece of shit…he was aligned with Jeff….but oh so pathetic crying about liz not sleeping upstairs with him the other day….such a pathetic wimp.
I want Jeff to find out the truth about Austin and Clay like today!


Jeff might of been done dirty by this whole setup thing, but he really hasn’t helped his case at all. The dude has zero loyalty. No fun time with the twins in jury for him now.

I survived last seasons BB

“Jeff says I am tired of having wet dreams in this house.”

Umm…I think they caught something like that on one of the cameras..You rank PervBoy


It’s ok for clay to say it?


Nope! Him included. Do they forget people are watching? Ok, stuff like that’s normal but keep it to yourself why don’t ya!?!!!


Wow no surprise! But I think it could be close as to who goes home, with Jeff being the likelier one.


Well, I really am not a fan of Jeff, {I think he has a caveman mentality} I don’t like what Vanessa did. Hopefully karma will smack her in the face. {I don’t understand why people like her, the only thing I can come up with, she is a professional card player…big deal. She is two-faced, and her lies are every bit as damaging as Audrey’s.}
Which I sure it will, LOL, she has Austin as her ally, and he is a creep, {he wants Jeff out so he can have all of the girls, and I am pretty sure that none of the girls are interested in those 2}
I wonder if the house realizes how dangerous JohnnyMac is??? I think he is a real player and is just waiting to get past this BOB nonsense before he shows his hand. I am so excited that him and Becky are going to team up, they will both go far. I do wish he would stop throwing the comps. it is not going to help him, and that group is not his friend.
Meg, James,, Jason, JohnnyMac, Becky, Jackie, need to win the BOB, they put up Austin and Vanessa, with Shelli and Clay, then you will see some scrambling. {Don’t put up Audrey or Steve} Use the twin as a replacement. They need to break up that group, that group has a big ego with no respect for anyone else.


If Jeff masturbated in bed with Julia and got her clothes nasty he is a complete pig and that is reason enough to get him out. How proud his mother must be.


Ava please tell me that’s not true….anyone! Really???? OMG!!!!!!


Clay said he’s having them too


TMZ had the video of it up on their site. Sure it is on Youtube by now too.


Yeah really! And talking about having wet dreams, some things you should keep to yourself!!!


Jeff is dirty and disgusting.
Clay eats like a pig.
Vanessa needs a long nap.
Who’s Jackie?


Jeff is disgusting!


Vanessa was my fav and I’m currently still rooting for her, but she’s making harder everyday!
This is BB, there is no justification needed.

I don’t like Jeff, but I kind of want him to rally cuz it will fn crazy next week and there will be a power struggle


Vanessa needs a nap.


Vanessa, I hope you realize, at the end of the day, your green granny doily has to go!

Nelson Muntz


Sarah's weed stash

The way I see it… As soon as Jeff leaves, Jason and Meg need to pull in Johnny, Becky, Jackie, James and even Audrey and say: “Look, we’re clearly the misfits in this house, we need to actually come together and rake down the other side.” Otherwise Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, Clay, Steve, Liz and Julia are going to steamroll through the game. However, I am afraid these houseguests don’t understand the way we do as outsiders.

ok CBS

don’t you dare save him with a non eviction week. don’t even think about it….

time for jeff to go. frankly he had no idea what he was doing in the game of Big Brother. I wish they had cast someone who was familiar with the format


Do you guys like this season so far?

Thumbs up = Yes

Thumbs down = No


Ive been picked the last 4 big brother winners (Can&Us). This year was trickier. I picked Vanessa because I liked her initial strategy and I thought her and Austin would work well together. But man was I wrong! The problem is they both won HOH and fed off each others ego and power tripped themselves into thinking Jeff is a huge target. Jeff? The guy who forgot there was 2 HOHs… And thought james was one of them….And the totally missed the point to Johnnys “Crown” story…That Jeff?
If 1 of them won HOH with someone else it would have worked alot better. Then they wouldnt be standing out like targets. Built an alliance or saftey with someone from the otherside. But nope. The messed up this week and it will cost them. Funny then tellin Johnny Mac about alliance hes tryin to create and shit hes sayin. When its Johnny Mac doing the same thing….well I guess im team Johnny now.


The edits made Jeff look like an idiot, but his social game is scary good. Even when he says douchey things, he smiles and makes a joke out of it – so the girls forgive him. He’s been “bro-ing” and dude-ing the guys like they’re all hogging together at the same frat. He’s dangerous, and needs to go ASAP.


I’d hate to be the one to wash Jeffs sheets! Gross!!!


Ha – at this point they’ll just burn them


Yeah no doubt! If he’s like this at this age, I’d hate to think what he was like going thru puberty!


Even the fire doesn’t deserve that kind of torture. lol


Milanta? Piss off Austin…pathetic…only wants Jeff out because of the attentions of girls…plain and simple! 
Every time Austin says Milanta…it’s after a lie…can’t they see that?

Walt Kowalski

Dude bro douchebag wanted Austin gone for the exact same reason.

Doran Martell

Damn jeffro, you thought you were so cool. No bro, dude, it’s not one big party after all


If Jeff and James could both stay somehow . ..don’t
Yaz all think would be entertaining as hell? I only like J mac so I don’t care if Jeff stays rite now…just wanna see some great feeds!


Thursday can’t get here fast enough! So ready for a change up! The drama this week burned out fast and now it looks like it’s curtain call for Jeff. With that said tho, I’d love to see what he does the next few days.


Did ya’ll read about Clays house been broken into the other day? Lots stolen…I guess his family doesn’t want him to know rite now


Jeff you are not going to be saved…you are a bigger threat then James and a loud mouth. 3 backdoor’s and it’s only the beginning of the season wow….guess front dooring someone is becoming something of the past!


Last week wasn’t a back door.


Non-HOH Vanessa is cool.


Nessa is so hated here…I love it! When she wins the game can you all say how much it “irks” you that Nessa won? Thanks!

If you hate Nessa so much that you are hoping the pathetic loser Jeff who speaks and acts toward women in the house the way he does…if you do then I’m sorry you bordering on being as pathetic as he is.

Give me all the thumbs down you want. I truly feel that!

It’s a game yes but Jeff’s behavior towards women is UNACCEPTABLE! That isn’t game. That is fact!


She’s not gonna win.


It is possible to dislike both Vanessa and Jeff. Jeff is the right person to get out, but she is overplaying her game.


Can we please get rid of Jeff this week so that we don’t have to read about his gross behavior and comments anymore? No class from that man (notice I didn’t say gentleman) !!


What I have been reading on other sites and here, that most people agree this season is better then the past few seasons. The problem everyone is having, is choosing a personal favourite. No one is really standing out !

Guy From Canada

Johnny Mac has won me over. Love to cheer for the underdog, and he is playing positionally well in the game with some aggressive comp wins for POV so far.


Bout time! Seems like it took her forever to put a replacement up!




Its seems everyone is underestimating johnny mac he won 2 vetos. I hope johnny mac wins hoh but I think he might to avenge jeff by getting vanessa or audrey. I wonder if jason has a chance of winning hoh. Next hoh will be either a team up hoh like last year with eggs/balls or slip slide comp or before/after about gronk’s party. I do not want to see austin, shelli, clay, liz to win hoh. I cannot believe audrey play the game too fast and still manages to survive I wonder if she makes it jury all star in my books.


Audrey tells Shelli that she doesn’t feel like she can trust Vanessa. What!? She just kept you off the block and didn’t back door you and risked her whole HOH just to keep you safe? Audrey is bat sh*t crazy. I hope Becky wins HOH next week and kicks her out the door.

another name

imo, Jeff doesn’t deserve sympathy for being called out. Everything he was accused of was completely true. He was being sloppy and walked right into the confrontation. Sure, they planned to confront him to justify making him a target. they were absolutely opportunistic. He jumped in, almost as if he was part of the plan to begin with. Was he planning to target Vanessa and members of her alliance? yes. they beat him to the punch. oh well.
I can’t say i’m impressed with the hg’s that keep saying let’s go up in force and make Vanessa do what we want. it’s been said daily. Jason, Meg, Jeff, James and Jackie have all said it. it isn’t the bullying mob rule context that fail to impress (though that is exactly the intent of doing such a thing). It’s the foolishness of making it clear to the hoh that the group is for all intent and purpose an alliance that the hoh isn’t part of that makes me roll my eyes. If the hoh isn’t a member of the alliance, chances are the alliance is the target, and logically, if she isn’t a member of the alliance, she is a target of the alliance. So, going en masse to the hoh to exert their will is a definitive act of drawing battle lines. draw battle lines when your alliance has control of the hoh, it’s stupid to do when your alliance isn’t hoh.
I don’t think Vanessa has masterminded her hoh well, but she’s getting the job done. A person that isn’t aligned with her is going home. I don’t think she’s bullied Jeff: she called him out ,he jumped in with both feet, and he got the worse of the deal. Everyone that will target Vanessa after this week would have targeted her anyway. If she’d nominated Audrey, she’d still be a target, simply because she’s not a member of their alliance.


Im all for the very small part of the house (Jason, James, and Meg). I wish Da’vonne could have been part of it, but these 2 need to win HoH next week. Take out Clay/Shelli or Liz/Austin or Vanessa.

Eric CA

Audrey 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 OMG WTF Ungrateful B***h. Granted I am not a fan at all of that lying Twit. This is what happens when you go o bat for the wrong person… that two faced self centered little hag, kicking Vanessa whose game if would be in a much sweeter place if she had jut backdoor that two faced Cow. My god… talking about people lying about her… the sucky part is it is true… she has screwed over everyone that has helped her. I don’t like Jeff and James… but I severely despise that F’ed up (Word I would have said a year ago but it is no longer politically because it is used to describe a type of fetish movies featuring transgenders but is now called a hurtful slur even though it has never been used in a violent altercation or been intentionally used against a transgender person in a mocking fashion.)… she is a B***H… just venting about that two faced cow.