Liz – “Just another day at the office.. dude you have no idea how F****g happy I am. “

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-03-47-438_jpg

7:02pm Austin and Liz
Talking about who the fourth vote was. Austin says Becky, JohnnyMAc, JAckie, and Audrey. They Believe Steve threw the HOH. Liz is glad Austin didn’t win the HOH it reducing the target on him and allows him to play in the next HOH competition.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-12-57-235_jpg

7:13pm Audrey and Jason
Jason is pretty sure there is a twin and Liz will come after him. Audrey says she doesn’t know anything about the twins.
Jason thinks the votes were Steve, Becky, Jackie and JOHNNNYMAC.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-19-12-345_jpg

7:18pm They welcome Vanessa down with the peasants

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-21-30-559_jpg

7:19pm James and Meg storage room
James saying he did not expect 4 votes he thinks it was Audrey, Jackie and JohnnyMac
Meg thinks it was Becky
James – that would be crazy Becky played me, played me like a fiddle
James doesn’t think it was Becky.
Meg says Jeff was telling her he had three votes locked in he was looking for 2 swings
James knows it was Audrey that voted to evict him.
James doesn’t think it was Clay or Shelli splitting why would they turn on one vote.
James – Steve promised me

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-24-12-561_jpg

7:21pm Bathroom Austin and Clay
Austin says it was Johnnymac and Becky with america being the fourth vote (Audrey)
Austin wishes Audrey could wink at them that she’ america’s players, “Fucking sucks.. he (Jeff) was looking for that swing near the end”
Production over the overhead speakers “Clay please put on the microphone”
Austin – Shut up
Austin – we have the power we’re good this week and now we all get to play next week
Clay – who’s the biggest threat
Austin – we have to tackle those 4 votes…
Clay – Jason
Austin – Jason .. he’s targeting Liz
Austin – we got this game dude

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-25-14-556_jpg

7:24pm Clay and Shelli
Clay saying Audrey is America’s player she has to be
Trying to figure out who the fourth votes

[envira-gallery id=”121904″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-31-42-734_jpg

7:31pm Austin, Vanessa and Liz
Vanessa – I have a lot of Ideas.. I know about the vote I’m almost positive Don’t make any decisions
Vanessa wants to have meeting with her and Austin once she gets her room
Liz – dude you have no idea how F****g happy I am
Vanessa – so happy
Liz says the reason she yelled so loud she was Thinking ‘That’s for you Julia”
Liz brings up the book “The Secret” how she was visualizing winning it and it happened. Liz thought when it was a quiz compe that she wasn’t going to win it “I’m done I’m done I’m done I’m Done”
Liz – just another day at the office..
Vanessa wanted to jump across the yard
Austin – I wanted to carry you around the yard
Vanessa says the vote was ‘Concerning”
Audrey brings up talking to Jason saying it was Steve and Becky.
Vanessa – Could be I don’t think it’s the most likely
Liz – at least he’s gone
Vanessa – “It’s disconcerting people lied to my face” (I’m 90% sure they did)
Austin brings up how close the vote really ways apparently Jeff scrambled right before the vote (When the feeds were out) and he almost got the votes. Austin says he almost convinced him ‘He’s that good”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 19-52-28-434_jpg

7:52pm Austin and Jackie
Austin thinks it was America that game Jeff the vote
Jackie says America always votesd against teh house .. they head to the Cabana room
Austin knows Jeff was mad at him these last few days, It Was a tough spot “I wasn’t voting alone”
Jackie – absolutely ..
Austin – you were the same situation i Was with Jace .. everyone expect you to vote for him
Jackie – not only vote for him Be there for him
Austin – I don’t know what will happen this week I will try to keep you safe. .. I don’t want anything to happen to you
Jackie – Why say she;…
Austin – I hope not
Jackie – Shelli is going to put me up… I am going to be one of them ..
Austin – No I don’t’ know anything about that .. clay has a better ear with them
Austin – these last couple days were kinda awkward
Austin tells her he’s going to be up in the HOH listening “I want to talk to you and Keep you in the loop”
Jackie – I’ll keep you in the loop as well”
Jackie – at least he went down with a fight … he knew deep down..
Jackie wasn’t going to risk her game for him but she’s going to be there for him as a friends.
Austin says he worked things out with Jeff and he hopes at the end Jeff doesn’;t hold it against him.
Jackie asks him if he knows what is going on. Austin doesn’t know doesn’t think they are going after Jackie. He thinks at the very worse she’ll be used as a pawn but he hopes not.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 20-13-37-396_jpg

8:11pm Born to be Pawns

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 20-14-59-719_jpg

Vanessa says her instinct is telling her the vote was Audrey and Becky or Audrey and Steve.
Audrey joins them says it was Steve and Becky
Audrey – I don’t see Meg and Jason not voting together
Audrey – Vanessa … Vanessa I think if you ask them one on one you’ll be able to tell.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 20-20-56-001_jpg

8:20pm Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa says her gut is saying it was Becky.
Vanessa says she can see the pulse in people necks and can tells when they are lying. When she talked to Steve he was nervous.

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How come does Vanessa still in power mode? Is her HOH over? Why does she still open her mouth. She is acting like a queen now. Everyone cannot lie to her face, only her can lie to other people. what game is she playing? Vanessa does not know Liz might get annoyed by her creepy psycho issue about the fact she tries to find out the vote for Jeff. Vanessa is so volatile and cannot get power off her head. what will she do if she finds out about the vote? Liz is HOH. Jeff is gone and Vanessa cannot get over the votes. Vanessa expected everyone voted as she told them to. Such a bully. I do not know how much power Vanessa and Austin get into their heads this week. the creepy psycho Austin will sleep in the HOH room with Liz if she stays HOH. I hope this week will turn out to be good.

Pink Floyd the Barber

I agree that Vanessa is coming across as a bullying lunatic. Her reign of terror should be over, but she’s already told Liz not to make any decisions until she (Vanessa) can talk to her in the HOH room. Plus she’s going to grill the HGs until she can discover who didn’t vote the way she told them to. WTF! (Liz gets a gold star for voting as she saw fit; well done!)
As long as I’m on a rant, what’s with the two musclemen? Shelli reprimanding Clay with regularity and Vanessa berating Austin, and both of the “tough” guys rolling over on their backs in submission. How could any woman find that attractive? Apparently that’s how Shelli likes her men, and Vanessa; well, she’s just a mess! Can you hear me screaming?


The game Vanessa is playing is called Big Brother and in that game when you have influence over someone you use it to your advantage.


The votes indicate that someone is lying. Wanting to know who lied about a vote, especially when there is a strong chance that its someone youre in an alliance with, is pretty important in this game.


Just another boring HOH and I bet Audrey’s going to have another week in the Big Brother house. They’ll probably try to evict Jason which will be another weak move.


This is the only BB season that I watched, where the power couple isn’t even seen as a threat, but allies. Like come on people wake up!!! They will take eachother not you.


Anyone think Liz pulled a Topaz and voted for the wrong person?


I hope they don’t put up Johnny Mac
If they ask you John to throw another BOTB


I’m hoping JMac looks them in the eye and says I’ve done what you asked twice and since you think it’s so easy for someone to throw the BOTB why can’t you guys do it? Why can’t Vanessa, Clay or Austin throw it?

If they give him some b.s. about it he should say okay and then WIN IT!


Johnny better wisen up because each time he’s throwing a BoB comp, he’s screwing over another HGs that connected to him. That will make him untrustworthy because it’s obvious when he does it. At some point the Team Vanessa won’t be in power (let’s hope it’s soon) then what will he do? While his throwing the comps builds good will with Vanessa’s team, it certainly does nothing for his image with other HGs. He’s painting himself into a corner.


Is there no takeover this week? I was really hoping we could finally have Frankie Grande takeover the house! I mean, I hate him, but the competitions would be great. HOH could be licking donuts. BOB could be the contestants saying that they hate America. POV could be a competition to see who could give the best insincere apology.

Twin Peaks

Is Liz going to backdoor Austin? Her vote for Jeff makes me wonder if she is looking to jump ship.

skin flake

I would LOVE to see Liz put Austin on the block. It would be a great way to get rid of the creep. He would go bat sh*t crazy and be so insecure. He’s probably crazy enough to blame Steve and demand a wrestling match to win Liz’s affection.


What’s interesting is it appears as those the twins each have a very different take on the game. Can’t wait to see what happens…


In a perfect world she would put up Austin and Vanessa. Poor strategy but great entertainment.


Look like Steve will get in trouble this week with the psycho Vanessa. The psycho will cut Steve’s throat. Steve will the second victim after Jeff. How dare does Steve lie to the psycho Vanessa?


Well, Steve did respond to Liz’s love you with one of his own while Austin was in the bed with her. Production seems to be setting him up to be the Caleb except with all the girls.


Damn that alliance is on fire right now
And I’m happy Liz won, but I’m over Shelli and her crest white strips…

But I also wanted a power struggle this week.

Guy From Canada

Im sorry, but after this week I am on team Johnny Mac ride or die. I know he won’t make it past jury, but hell he is the most entertaining on the show edited, and is playing a pretty solid on the feeds I’ve seen so far as a positional floater.


I bet it was Liz or Steve who got four votes!!!


I’m 90% hoping they pin the 2 votes on Shelly and Clay. Just to make the house implode!

Brad H

Jackie could easily say the 4 votes were from Her, John, Shelli, & Clay because Jeff was in a 5 person alliance with all of them! Why would anyone think she is lying?? She could mention everything those 5 talked about when Shelli was HOH & I guarantee people would believe her. When the quiet person talks, people listen.

Geez Louise

BB takeover please be a HOH do-over… PLEASE?


Especially since last week’s was pointless. I think they were hoping for some crazy from people but it fizzled. Cynical me says production is waiting to reveal the twist in order to generate the production desired outcome.


So happy Liz/Julia is HOH!!!

I hope Shelli gets dethroned!!!

Nonon Jakuzure

Wow, Austin is a jealous creeper. It’s not even his girl, and likely won’t be.
I glad Jeff went home….. I do not like him.
Vanessa got so mad when Austin didn’t win the VETO. Uhh news flash sweetheart, you could have won it yourself! Trying to get the blood on someone else…smh
I keep forgetting Jackie is even there
I’m so over Clay and his shotouts


how about let America takeover
my ideals
1 we get to vote for what type of hoh pov we want
2 we get to give the hoh a special power after bob
3 we could save one person form being nom
4 we get to vote who we want out the two noms on the block only

Butters Mom

Americas vote = production interference.. no good.


Production interference= Always Happens each season…. so it doesn’t matter.

Guy From Canada

That isn’t far from what has happened in the past. In BBCAN2 the first 5 alliance got broken up because Canada was given HOH, we picked the noms and the replacement noms. Same casting company for both franchaise, but I am not sure on production.


So lamo … Liz’s vote got the paranoia on defcon 5. Bonus she’s HOH for now and can continue the frenzy and witch hunt for the 4th quote. Let the games begin


Steve flipping his vote and lying about it to a proffesional poker player, he is trouble this week. His whole body is one big tell that he is lying.


Hopefully he’s smart enough to portray his nervousness not as a tell of him lying but as a response to the confrontation. I’m not hopeful though.


What if for just one week they let America vote who to evict. But they only let the HGs know that the eviction night. Mind blowing

Judas is creepy

Austin/Judas is a major creeper! The dude needs to get a grip and quit being so controlling.

The doctor

Austin is not just creepy and overly possessive he is the slimiest contestant ever on this show. Ther is absolutely nothing I like about him put a shirt on shave and get a haircut or even better just leave


would be interesting if Liz put up Austin and Vanessa….after the last week of trying to figure out every possible game move, it would be a shocker


Best scenario this week would be Shelly gets dethroned, Liz backdoors Austin.

"Nessie" the loch ness monster

Vanessa please chill out. You are giving me a bad name. SMH!!!!

Dude brah

I wonder if Liz/Julia were told by the DR to vote for Jeff to keep things interesting?

Beast Mode Cowpie

I doubt it. If so then they played the wrong goodbye message (Liz/Julia telling Jeff they voted to evict). I think it was a late decision on their part and production was caught off guard.


Shocking audrey is blamed. Just get her out already if you believe that.
Stupid liz, i hate you now.


I was actually shocked that Liz and Steve voted to evict James, the way this whole week went you would think the vote wouldn’t be close at all. Couldn’t stand Jeff, but he fought to the very end and nearly worked enough magic to stay in the game (which would’ve been some amazing drama) he also gracefully exited the house and had a pleasant interview with Julie (without saying dude or bro) glad he wasn’t a sore loser, definitely left the house with class.

No one is ever going to guess that Liz was the other vote (unless she tells one of them) so it seems that she isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit in this game. Hopefully she can bring that to her HOH reign, and not allow Vanessa, Austin, Clay, and Shelli run her HOH. Depending on what Liz/Julia does, this week will either be really boring or really fun, regardless we will be hearing about the two “mysterious” votes this WHOLE week. Brace yourselves.


I think Liz just had a last minute ditz attack. They had already filmed their goodbye tape saying they wanted Jeff out, plus she has been strongly protected by Vanessa. Either that or she had a big crush on Jeff. I’m going with the ditz attack, she’s not the most mature person there.


Vanessa’s paranoid has reached to a different level. I thought she has a good read of people but it turns out to be false and lame. Just give Vanessa a few more week, her head might be exploded.


Up with Johnnie better be worried. Shelli pretty strong person for Vanessa to control the HOH. I think Shelli/Clay will want control. Nessa wants Liz obviously. A couple days of Audrey next out will be forgotten already. Jason or James and less likely Meg that sides getting steamrolled IMHO.
Only a witch hunt for the 4 votes can save those 3. Wonder who Liz voted for? 😛

True Story

Why did Liz vote to save Jeff??? Makes no sense to me.
I’m glad she and Shelli won HOH just because I’m really hoping to see both twins enter the game…. 2 evictions to go!


Liz thought she could control Jeff through flirting, better than she could control Austin. She was wrong. Jeff was going to blow up the twins game. However, with that in mind, the way she voted was actually a smart game move. Now everyone is on a witch hunt for the 4th voter, no one suspects Liz, so the heat is no longer on her and her twin. The twins won’t be safe for long though. Austin and Vanessa are loose cannons, and the chances are strong they will mess up things for the twins during the twins HOH. The only hope for the twins this week is allowing themselves to be dethroned so Shelli will take the heat for whoever is evicted during this HOH. If the twins remain in power, they will put a target on themselves, and Jason will start trying to “out” the fact that Liz has a twin again.


Liz did not realize that Austin was sooo controlling and does not want to be under soo much pressure by him which is understandable, as he seems very strange. Jeff may have had her believe he had the votes, which he almost did.


Austin’s priorities are so fucked up. Cheating on BB is NEVER acceptable in my eyes. His girlfriend, or ex must be so embarassed. Get his head back in the game.


Do you actually believe that Austin has/had a girlfriend back home??
Did you also believe all of Caleb’s ridiculous stories last year??


Pretty sure Austin does not have a girlfriend.
1. He is too clingy, always rubbing on Liz.
2. Extreme jealousy if Liz looks at or talks to one of the guys.
3. Never talks about his girlfriend. Even Christine talked about her hubby while Loving under the covers.


Vanessa is nuts. Steve is always nervous when confronted about the game. Nervous is not a tell with Steve. He just needs to calm down and deny…deny…deny…they’ll go back to thinking Becky.

the coreys

Great. Another week with the same 5 putting up the same 4 and the house not realizing thst the top 5 has already been decided. Bull crap

Brad H

How awesome would it be if Liz completely blindsided Austin this week?! I’ll stop dreaming lol but it would be so perfect because he thinks he can control her. On a positive note, at least Shelli & Clay have to get blood on their hands this week.

I am annoyed w/ the edit

why was Jeff so freaking hilarious when we got him uncensored w/ Julie, but they couldn’t get a decent DR out of the guy? couldn’t ask him about how creepy Austin was and make it into a DR session for the ages?

it frustrates me when I see someone’s exit interview and go “oh…if THAT person was shown on TV I could have actually been OK with the person” it annoys me. he is a dude, bro guy…but I don’t think they did him any favors with the lack of quality DR time. loved his reaction to Steve. not a single person has steve figured out other than J-Mac.

Delta 231

How about Liz growing a pair and telling the guy she doesn’t have feelings for him?


Yah, ask Amber how that worked out for her!

Delta 231

Maybe if the other side of the house did something besides throw comps and then bitch about getting put on the block it would be more interesting. There was no frustration at all when they got the answer wrong. They don,t seem to want it at all. So until they decide to do something, the other side will continue to pick them off one by one.


Them blaming Becky and Audrey makes me mad. And I’m not even a fan of Audrey! I understand Liz is playing the game but they had their chance to get Audrey out multiple times with legitimate reasons. Poor Becky will probably go up for no reason.

another name

I’ve been thinking about liz voting to keep jeff.
I have a weird theory…
the vote wasn’t about keeping jeff, i’m convinced she thought the vote would be 8-3. it was a vote to stir up paranoia. her sister enters after five evictions. the twin secret is common knowledge. that creates a huge target.
how do you deflect a huge target? make someone else look worse.
by voting for jeff to stay everyone is wondering who the big liar is.
Austin, vanessa, clay and shelli think liz is completely loyal because they have been covering her ass for two weeks.
she voted to evict james knowing that her paranoid alliance and the rest of the house would go on a witch hunt this week. she didn’t know she would get hoh. or that so many people would throw hoh on the first question. come on. really? that was taking a dive before the first punch was thrown. how many dancers were there? and four or five people got it wrong? way to be subtle guys.
Liz believed jeff would go home. liz voted for jeff to make the house get crazy and go after someone else.
I don’t believe she will go after Austin until her sister is in the house. She doesn’t want to break her core alliance, she’s using their paranoia against them to misdirect everyone until her sister is in the house.
If shelli weren’t the other hoh i’m betting clay would be right up there with Audrey becky and steve as prime suspect.
Hey, it’s either that or production ‘convinced’ her to play along.


Can’t stand to look at vanessa and her crazy eyes!


Maybe if Jason would get into the game and play to win and stop sleeping all day he might have a chance


The problem I see is that there really is only one side of the house. Shelli/Clay, Vanessa, Austin, Liz/Julia, and Steve are it. Everyone else is just waiting. Some of them are waiting to get into the alliance, jury, or who knows what. I don’t see them thinking about creating a core group and making a move. James and Jason realize they are targets but aren’t looking to gather any numbers. They wait until they are on the block, which was Day’s and nearly James’ problem.
Johnnie Mac, Becky, Meg, James, Jackie and Jason could counter the others. They need to realize they are on the outside and alone they are done. They need each other to survive.


So far all Jason is good for his being the BB archivist. Nobody cares about all the facts of previous seasons if he’s not using that knowledge to his advantage in the game.


are these fools still thinking Audrey is “americas player”. i think production is the one feeding them that, why else would they think this….