Vanessa “DUDE! I’m HOH right now?! ARE YOU TRIPPING!! You’re going to f**king say that right now!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 04-26-08-263

4:25am – 5am Austin asks James if he can talk to him. He tells James that he has been hearing Jeff throwing my under the bus. I want to save you. I don’t want you to go. James says I don’t want to go either. After the Jace sh*t I told you, you were good with me. Austin says I am hearing from multiple people that Jeff is telling people not to trust me. Why?! I’ve been telling people to talk to him, you can trust him. James says the only thing I’ve heard from him is about the weights thing. I would appreciate it if you can tell Vanessa that you and I are good and I will not target you or her next week. Austin says my target this week was Audrey but I need to trust someone. James says just watch your back with him. I think he might be coming after you next week. Austin then goes and tells Vanessa. She tells him to go confront him in the bathroom. Austin asks Jeff dude have you been throwing me under the bus. I just talked to James and he told me in no uncertain terms watch your back with Jeff. Jeff says obviously James is trying to save himself. His back is against the wall. Jeff says the only person that is skeptical of you is James. Austin says why is my name getting thrown under the bus. Jeff says James thinks you are running this HOH. Austin tells Jeff that he said we need to get Shelli out of the picture. Jeff says I never said that. Austin says who’s lying. I feel like ive been played like a fool. Austin says I just want to know what is true and what’s not true. Jeff says this is what’s true no one is dragging your name through the mud. Vanessa asks have you ever said Austin is a target for you? Jeff says no he’s not a target for me.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 04-36-39-247

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Vanessa asks have you said that you can’t work with Shelli and Clay as a couple? You literally said it to me in the HOH yesterday. I said it to me, I will put my hand on the bible right now. I asked you .. you were going to pull me into a meeting about an alliance and your answer was that you didn’t want to do it because it involved Shelli. Shelli and Clay can’t be trusted together. Jeff says you wanted me to come into your alliance. Vanessa says what did you just say!!! DUDE! I am HOH right now?! ARE YOU TRIPPING!! You are going to f**king say that right now!? YOu must me f**king silly! You just said my alliance! Buddy!! You told me you were going to pull me into into an alliance. Don’t you DARE imply it was my idea! Jeff says and I never had the meeting with you correct?! Vanessa says right and that’s why I asked you why you never came to me and you said because don’t trust Shelli and Clay together. That’s it you’re a liar!!! Vanessa goes up to the HOH room and reiterates the fight with Audrey. Vanessa then goes down to the kitchen. Vanessa tells James that she really respects the way he handled their conversation and he is now good with her. Vanessa says that Jeff is her target and wants him gone. Vanessa then reiterates the fight with Jeff to the others in the kitchen. Vanessa then pulls Jackie up to the HOH room and tells her everything.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 04-45-53-448

4:40am Bathroom – Jeff says I told Vanessa that I couldn’t trust working with you together because I didn’t want to work with her. But I have your back. Bro you have to trust me on that. Right now we have two cowards starting things because they can’t pull the trigger on Audrey. Shelli tells Jeff that this has nothing to do with Audrey. Jeff says I had to come up with lies so that she would back off and leave me alone. Clay says that information is irrelevant… you saying you can’t trust us. You didn’t need to do that. I put a whole lot of trust in you. Jeff says I didn’t want them to find out about our alliance. Jeff says I’ve never given you a reason not to trust me. Clay says you have right now. Jeff asks what am I supposed to do blow up our alliance. Shelli says no. I’ve had your back since the beginning. I’m the reason why he trusts you. Jeff says how do I tell her without blowing up our alliance. I did lie to her. Jeff says that talk with Austin was a lie. It never happened. Shelli says you have said that you want to get rid of Austin. Jeff says yeah I did up until the podcast. Then were were good. Clay says you just told me in the cabana room that you wanted him out. Jeff says yeah because I just learned he was throwing James under the bus. Jeff says I am not trying to make multiple alliances. Shelli says you have multiple alliances. You’ve just said the four of us and what about James, Meg and Jason. Jeff says we don’t have an alliance ..just an understanding that we won’t go after each other.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 05-06-26-951

5:10am HOH room – Vanessa says how about what he did to me! That might be the worst move in big brother history!!! Take the HOH who has an open spot for nomination right now and then accuse me of trying to start an alliance that you tried to create!! Smart move! WHAT!?!!? Austin says that Jeff is trying to back peddle right now with Clay and Shelli. Vanessa says that won’t work. Austin says I hope not! Austin says why is he talking to Shelli and Clay right now. He should be talking to you the HOH right now! Vanessa says his bridge has been burned with me. Jackie says I have been on the other end of gnarly fights with him yelling at me so I know what that feels like. Austin says how can you trust someone who lies all the time. Vanessa talks about how much she respects the way James handled his conversation with her. It’s not looking good for Jeff right now. You think Audrey is bad! I think Jeff is the male Audrey.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 05-15-46-305

5:20am – 5:35am In the cabana room – Jeff continues to talk to Clay and Shelli. Jeff tells then we just need to get everything out in the open so that we can trust each other. Shelli says when that group didn’t trust you I sat in this room and told them they could trust you. I walked in here and saw you and felt I could trust you. Clay says you have to understand that hits us hard. Jeff says I am a man of my word and I gave Clay my word I would have his back day 1. Clay says this game I trust Shelli enough that I don’t make a decision without her. I come to you with everything. And I don’t see it being reciprocated. Jeff says there has been nothing brought up about you at all. There’s nothing to bring to your attention. It’s common knowledge that you’re a power couple. People in this house will spread whatever. There has been a lot of things said from one person. There is a mastermind here and dude it’s Audrey. Any time there’s been someone to break up she does it. Their HOH is not about Audrey. Austin has been running that sh*t. Now I have to have a conversation with each of them. Two people are in HOH that have an agenda that don’t match ours. James or I are going to leave and it is going to create a weak atmosphere.

5:50am – 6am In the kitchen – Vanessa asks you have something to say? Jeff says yeah I do. Vanessa says yeah I bet you do! Jeff says I had my talk with them and I just feel like you kind of attacked me. Vanessa says I don’t know what you said but I’m sure it was just as much lies as what you said when I was there. Jeff says no I said what she (Vanessa) said was 100% true. Vanessa asks what it a lie what you said in there? Yes or no? Jeff says yes. Jeff says Austin just came to me with a bunch of information and I felt attacked. Vanessa says so you lied. Jeff says no. Vanessa asks so you did lie or you didn’t lie!? If you don’t admit that was a lie I will not talk to you! Jeff says fine it was a lie! Vanessa says that’s what I thought! Jeff says you were right all across the boards. Vanessa says if this is your version of apologizing .. then you have much more work to do. Vanessa leaves and heads up to the HOH. Maybe James can give you some tips because that guy is much more a man and can stand up and admit when he makes a mistake. Jeff says I would like to talk to you later. Vanessa goes into the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 05-58-24-018

6:05am – 6:35am Backyard – Jeff tells Jason and Meg someone is f**king me right now! Jason says yeah Vanessa and Austin. Jeff says basically guys he is the problem that I have is that I think she is going to put me up. Jason and Meg both say based on that argument.. yeah! Jeff says none of it involved Vanessa. Jeff says they completely f**ked any kind of trust I had with Clay and Shelli. AHHHhh. that f**king d!ck! Jeff says I told SHelli and Clay ..the absolute certainty is that I am not targeting you. You have no concerns with me at all. Someone is stirring stuff up. They’re trying to make me look like the d!ckhead because they don’t know who to put up. How can we deflect this and get Audrey back in the spotlight. Jason says I don’t know. I think if we say anything it will just put more of a spotlight on you. You need to get the proof of the the pudding. Meg says now Audrey is going to slide right through. Jason says we’re going to be sitting with her in jury. They tell Jeff he has a lot of damage control now. Everything Vanessa said was true.. but how was I supposed to say I didn’t want to be in an alliance with the HOH. Jeff says this is Audrey 101 and now I’m going to have to campaign against James. Jeff says I just want to scream. Jeff says I don’t think this is anything I said or did its all part of a bigger plan. Jeff says I knew they were going to put up me or Clay or somebody. I just feel like this is way more than Vanessa. Jason says Vanessa has no idea what is going on in this house. Jason says lets go to bed before there’s a party.

6:40am All the house guests are now sleeping..

7:30am The house gusests have a Gronk Hot tub party. After it ends the house guests head back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 09-49-48-365

11am The house guests are still sleeping. No wake up call yet.

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Don’t back peddle now Jeff, front peddle and tell the truth about what you said!!!!! I can’t stand him!!!!


Bang…lmmfao. Jeff dead. Now what Nessa haters? Oh “she so dumb”. Such “a bad player”. She didnt even have to shoot Jeff. She so skillfully made him shoot himself. All the convos u thought she was weak asking questions and feeling people seeing where they at by asking them what to do. Bang u bitches…Nessa owns. U mad or nah? LMMFAO! Come on haters is it me or Nessa u hate? Don’t hurt your thumb pressing that thumbs down…haha. U mad. I WIN!


Did you miss the convo Shelli and Clay had about her? They think Vanessa is slightly unstable. Austin was also terrified about confronting Jeff. By outing Shelli , Clay and Austin, she will no longer have access to info from the other side. She will also not have 100% trust from her alliance members. They don’t like all this drama she’s’ causing.
Also that fight was not at all believable between Vanessa and Jeff. What’s worse, Audrey knows about it. Jeff is already questioning the timing of the argument. While it seems Vanessa may have shifted the target to Shelli and Clay she still is going to have blood on her hands. Jackie said to Vanessa, “You are going to at least talk to Jeff. You gave Audrey a chance.” That tells me , Jackie is not buying this sudden decision to put Jeff on the block for lying about something so petty when the whole house wanted Audrey gone, someone who also lied to Vanessa previously. Vanessa kept saying her mind was all made up to backdoor Audrey, yet it was clear she was looking for another target BEFORE the Jeff explosion. Her reaction appears EMOTIONAL and CONFRONTATIONAL which are very bad things in this season’s BB House. Isn’t that why Day was evicted b/c ‘supposedly’ Shelli and others were concerned about people being confronted/ambushed like Audrey was??
Vanessa is nothing but a hypocrite with at least 3-4 alliances at the moment , which is exactly what Jeff was doing. And who knows what havoc the twins she’s been protecting for the last week are going to bring. I get the feeling they are just using her and don’t really like her b/c she barley listens to them when they are having strategy convos. Vanessa thinks she’s so smart—-NOT smart at all.


Vanessa’s plans are just too damn convoluted. It’s going to be hard for everyone to keep everything straight. This Jeff fight is a prime example. She involved SO many people and there are so many things going on. If I were part of it I would be very worried. Vanessa looks like a WRECK. A shady, untrustworthy wreck.

She’s also being super obvious about this Jeff thin. The timing has clearly raised suspicions. Now she needs to keep all of these people quiet to avoid anyone getting a whiff of what is going on. It’s going to blow up. I totally hate Jeff and I’m happy to see him go but there is going to be a lot of blow-back all aimed at Vanessa once this week is up.


Never noticed Jeff on TV


Wow, just when I thought Vanessa couldn’t get any dumber, she made a liar out of me. She is being played, and played hard by Austin. Austin does not have her back. Austin is after a Hare and for some reason he thinks Jeff is competition for him.. {Good Grief the men in this house and their egos,} One of their biggest mistakes is going to be letting the twins into the house. The other keeping Shelli and Clay together. {Shelli is using Clay, what a smuck} The women seem to have all of the brains this year, and the men are just plain idiots. I can’t believe the things that come out of their mouths, have you noticed how the men say something and the women look at them and are thinking “really, that just came out of your mouth”. The women in the house really have no interest in these men, and who can blame them. I wish BB would of put some men with brains in this house.


Vanessa went from my #1 early yesterday to someone I consider to be completely NUTS. Maybe they doubled her meds or didn’t give her any, but that was not a normal person. Wouldn’t shut up for 9 hours. Thinking/talking 100mph. Paranoid like she snorted cocaine. She’s convinced Clay is a twin. She’s getting too close to Audrey and believes too much of what she says. Day was correct. There are people in the house who are afraid to take Audrey out because of who she is. Vanessa specifically said that last night, especially since she herself is now a lesbian. Wow. I watched a crazy person last night. Went to sleep at 5:30am (eastern). Gained a lot of respect for Jason, as everything he told her was correct and exactly what she needed to hear. It wasn’t enough. So James lied to her one time. I bet everyone there lied to her one time and Audrey lies to everyone every day. Vanessa will not last long if she’s going to act like that.


Vanessa lied to DaVonne twice, promising that she would not vote for her to leave.


The real question is did you listen to the conversation? Shelli and Clay also said they trust Van 100% and know Van would never throw them under the bus and THEY will never throw Van under the bus. You are as bad as news stations taking one statement and running with it ignoring everything else that was says that contradicts the story you are trying to run with.


Its not just one statement. Its several statements , looks and body language. Shelli also said that “all that was accomplished by that was putting a target on her and Clays back”. When Austin went into the room to tell Shelli and Clay about the plan, the look on all their farces(Shelli , Clay and Austin) was pretty telling. This whole ‘lets ambush Jeff’ plan was not what they wanted. While they appear to be supporting it now there is no way IMO they can continue to trust her 100% now that they realize how sloppy, emotional and messy her game is.
Also loose the snarky tone and personal attack. People are entitled to their opinion. Agree or disagree, no need to be childish.


For someone who considers herself a great strategist, she’s not thinking long term. She’s letting the HOH power go to her head,but it’s planting seeds that will allow other HGs,including her ‘alliance’ members to have her sitting right there in that nomination chair.

It would’ve been easier if she just went ahead and put Jeff up and BSed the reason instead of manufacturing drama that included multiple other people. Sometimes the simplest path is the best path.Now the whole situation is messy and will be her undoing,especially since she has no clue where real loyalties lie in these multi-tiered,tenous/secretive alliances.

The only things I’m certain of thus far are 1. Audrey will not be leaving the BB house any time soon and 2. Clay and Shelli will sell anybody down the river to protect themselves, including Vanessa.


“I win”. How pathetic; how old are you, 10?


No need to be a d1ck about it.


Are you back again freefrom?
Just when I think your lingo can’t be anymore childish and juvenile, you prove me wrong again!
Who still says: ‘haters’ – ‘lmmfao’ – ‘LOL’ – and still abbreviates you as U ??
A lot of us have been loyal to this website and to Simon and Dawg for many years,
so you are way out of line telling any of us to go away, when in fact it should be you departing.
And please, feel “free” to bring your Millennial self entitled, punk-a$$ attitude along with you…

Doran Martell

Oh let the man have his fun. And I don’t think he was literally telling you to go away. Just don’t let it upset you


Yeah, Jeff looks even worse now but not telling the truth… his lies are so transparent lol


I also love how James sold his “buddy” out when Nessa had him by the balls. Watch as the rest of what Jeff thinks is the “house” ie..Meg, Jason, Jackie, Becky…turns on him.

Nessa thanks for the entertainment! Haters quiet. LOL!


Vanessa cannot control her HOH. She lets her HOH get to her. She does not think for her game. She thinks too much for Austin’s game. Now people know she is trying to save Audrey. From now on, if her side does not win HOH, she will go on the block. She is from staying low not on people’s radar to being a bully with her HOH, exposing herself as an enemy. Now Shelli and clay cannot even align with her because the other will suspect that. Audrey is still sitting pretty, watching Vanessa doing the dirty work for her. The other side saw that but Vanessa. What benefits Audrey can bring to the table to Vanessa? Disappointed and failed HOH. Vanessa created a blood bath this week for her game but not for other people’s game.


They won’t consider Vanessa as a target, they think that Austin and Audrey are manipulating her and feeding her bullshit. They would go after Austin, Audrey, and the twins before her.


Oh wow!!! This is so good. I need popcorn. I’m loving this. Best season so far. Vanessa is unbelivable. I surely thought she would blow up her game if she went against the house by not nominating Audrey. She used reverse psychology to start doubt and that created an avalanche of fireworks. Jeff fell into the quicksand. Now she would look justified in not putting up Audrey. Great game play to watch. I hope she can make it until the end. I definately can’t wait until she put shelli and Clay out of the game….they won’t know what hit them. They better watch her play book and strike before she does, because once it’s down to them eating their own….that will be golden to see them scramble to avoid her offence. This game is her poker match. Add 500K to her millions. Simon and Dawg you guys are the best! Play by play, word for word….great job on capturing everything for us. I may have a dumb question. If I sign up for feeds through your site, will the $5.99 monthly fee automatically stop after September? I’m just wanting to make sure because I have had other auto debits in the past from other companies that continued beyond for some reason. I had to put in dispute with my bank to stop it or close the debit card. Just for my FYI. Thanks for the hard work.


BB6, BB10, and BB11 are still better imo because let’s face it, it’s going to be very hard to top those seasons, but so far this season definitely one of the most top notch seasons we’ve had in awhile. Especially compared to the crappy past 2 U.S. seasons we’ve had.


Looks like van might be able to wash that blood off her hands lol

GeekSquad McGee

They did Jeff pretty dirty this morning. That was hard to watch.


Reading about the fight, it seemed so obviously planned… did it come off any more realistic as you watched it? Jeff is right on when he sets he was set up bc they don’t want to put Audrey up. Oh well, loving the drama.

GeekSquad McGee

It was blatantly staged. First Clay and Shelli are confronting Jeff, then Austin comes in and starts ripping on him, then Vanessa comes in…

But they’re all so dumb, they can’t figure out what it means. They still don’t realize they’re all in an alliance together and think that Austin and Vanessa have twisted Shlay’s mind and turned them against Jeff. They also think that either Austin or Audrey are the mastermind’s for the some reason.

All the clues are there but they just can’t put it all together.


I know that Shay’s new alliance does not include Jeff, but I thought Clay could have offered up James and protected Jeff ay least some what. If the shoe was on the other foot, Shelli would have found a way to protect, to the extent that she could, a player (e.g. Audrey) that had been loyal to her. Obviously, Audrey’s loyalty is a fungible concept to say the least. Clay let Jeff fall on his sword for over an hour. I know Clay had to get on Jeff in front of Shelli to show your girl that you have her back but the BB execution of Jeff’s game by Clay was hard to watch.


Interesting move on Vanessa’s part. Make it look like Jeff started the fight to justify putting him up and forcing Jason and Meg to choose one to go. lol She is going to have to play hard to stay later though. She knows Austin will throw comps to keep himself out of line of fire and that Audrey will lie like a mofo to start trouble. She knows Shellie and Clay have each other’s backs. Might like to see her team up with Jeff and blindside Austin right out of the house before he knows what him. Won’t happen…..but I would love it.


Next week, If the other side wins HOH, Audrey will come and tell the other side Vanessa and Austin planned creating this drama last week to get Jeff out to weaken their side and there is not a plan to put up Audrey. Vanessa and Austin will get in trouble. Clay and Shelli will distance themselves from Vanessa and Austin if the other side wins HOH. Clay, Shelli and Audrey are sitting pretty in a good spot for going to next week if they do not win HOH.




Vanessa might forget Audrey knows a lot of information about Vanessa’s group. As long as the other side wins HOH, these information will be leak. At that time, it is too late for Vanessa to fix it. Audrey will get far in this game because she knows too much information that can benefit her.


Love it! I thought Venessa had sorta painted herself into a corner but she came out swinging this morning. Jeff didn’t know what hit him. Great stuff.


Omg Vanessa started a “fight” with Jeff to give her a solid reason to nominate him for eviction even though a majority of the house was voting him out anyway!!!! Greatest BB player ever!!!! You guys need to get a grip. Vanessa is a good player, but three weeks into the game and so many people calling her one of the best? Stop. I know BB 15 and BB 16 were awful so we haven’t seen good gameplay in quite some time, but please let’s slow down the Vanessa worshipping a little please?This week she has been a bit of a control freak and a blabber mouth, BUT if she can go back to being under the radar after this week she’ll be okay. Anyway she has a long way to go to make the final two, let’s just relax a little. Please!


And Jeff is out of here! Now this is a satisfying pre jury boot.


Well Jeff’s gone now. Honestly great move by V, she’s definitely playing this up as an excuse to nominate him which is exactly what she needed since she never intended on nomination Audrey. Plus Meg Jason and Jackie can’t even blame her for it, they’re going to blame Audrey and Austin. Great move.


Oh look, audry 2.0 finally got caught at approximately the same time the real audrey got caught last time, and he got caught by the HOH which is worse lol. on a side note, this Big brother takeover thing is a ginormous flop thus far, how very disappointing.

i wouldve liked to see a takeover where one of the house guests can automatically takeover an HOH from the other 2 HOHs, now THAT wouldve been good TV. CBS needs to step it up.


Whats with most of the houseguests name starting with J? I know its random but I thought there might be somthing to it….maybe producers had a good alliance name picked out and put alot of ppl with Js in thier name so they had a better chance of it happening. Jace, jackie, jeff, james, jason, johnny, julia…am I missing someone? Anyways I got more conspiracies then Day.


This is all needless drama for the cameras. James will be evicted.


Jeff, James, Jason, and Meg had a vibe for the last few day she didn’t want to put up Audrey now they know for sure she’s not.

not a fan of Jeff but I’m bumping Migos Wishy Washy for him damn he got played smh Wishy Washy

Eric CA

This is how the other side is going to blow up. James and Jeff are going to turn on each other. By the end of the week of campaigning between those two their side of the house will be fractured. Jackie and Jeff will be exposed as a team. Jeff and James pervy ways will become will ruin both their games.
All Vanessa has to say is that she couldn’t take how disgusting those two are and that it is disrespectful to women. There should be repercussions for talking like that around women. What are the other women going to say??? seriously. By the end of this week Vanessa will be safe, the surging guy will be scrambling. Jason, Johnny Mac and Becky will become a new force in the house and Meg and Jackie will be working with them.

The House dynamic will have changed completely.


I hope that is the line Vanessa takes (disrespectfulness to women). I think this is the best way for Vanessa to rationalize things – as you say, it’s a legitimate, “fair” reason to want either of them gone, something the other HGs will “buy”, rather than thinking it’s “only” strategic.


Yes, she will come out of this OK, but at the sacrifice of Austin, Shelli and Clay. She should have just put the guy up and out of there instead of all these theatrics because she didn’t have the balls to do it on her own. That is weak!!! Austin, Shelli and Clay are now in the front and her hiding behind them, her and her new bestie Audrey.


I guess we now know what kind of meds Messa is getting from the DR. She might be a little neurotic aka Bat Sh*t Crazy


Yeah u right haters…Derrick was a much more exciting player. U guys think Nessa sucks? Why don’t u turn off this season and go watch BB 16 and let us all enjoy the best season in forever without your pathetic attempts to cut on and spin to negative EVERY single thing Nessa does.

Seems u glued to your computer and TV so she must have u obsessed and u enjoying hating her. So u win too! We all win! This season is bad ass!


Derek WON last season! Let’s wait to see if she makes it past the halfway mark before we crown her. She is blowing it. Audrey should be gone or at least Shellie or Clay. Great decision making this week. Whatever


Last year all yththe house guests cared about was how they looked on TV. NOBODY had a strategy, thats why it was so easy for derek to bring up a name and that would be the target. I’d like to see how he’d do if he was in this years cast….I think Da would have figured him out the 1st week.


You are right, the first 3 weeks of this season has been more exciting than all of last season. Usually we don’t see all this much drama or any big power moves until much later in the season.


Agreed. Whether you love or hate the HGs this season,they are actually way more engaged in the BB game than the whole cast from last season, who focused more on social media following and lust for fame. This group has managed to fit way more entertainment value in just three weeks than the whole cast from BB16.

These guys (BB17) came to play, and that’s exactly what they are giving us.

Hey dawg

Hey dawg how do we get the feeds in Canada i tried and it says canada can’t get them is that true?


You need a VPN and american express gift card.

another name

It’s been pretty noticeable that Jeff has been playing the game in a similar fashion to Audrey. it’s been noted on here multiple times.
the fact that Austin and Vanessa capitalized on Jeff being Jeff and running his mouth too much… a little obvious but good for them.
Jeff’s response to Clay and Shelli : i’m not in an alliance with them (James, Jason, Meg) we just have an agreement not to put each other on the block. ummmm that agreement doesn’t help Clay and Shelli (they aren’t included in the agreement) therefore that isn’t going to help patching things up with Clay and Shelli. Add he’s been outed for saying he wanted Shelli out of the game? yeesh.
Jeff’s problem: he’s been too vocal about naming his targets, and too vocal about creating new targets before the original targets are gone. He’s said he wants Austin out, Vanessa out, Shelli out, Steve out, Audrey out, Becky out, Jason out, Liz out, hell he’s even mentioned getting rid of Jackie… and each time to multiple people. who’s the voting pool? Everyone that will be comparing notes this week. Should be a slam dunk… and yet.
That said… Liz / Julia (whoever is there right now) seems to want James gone more than Jeff. Audrey has a history of voting against the house (just for sh!ts and giggles to create a target besides herself in the game). Jason and Meg may think Jeff brings more to the table than James: through Jeff you access Jackie and thereby Becky, and then possibly John (in their minds, thinking those three are free unaligned votes). I’m thinking Jeff is going to try to become Steve’s new best friend.
I don’t think the outcome of Jeff being evicted is a sure thing. When Vanessa publicly said James owned up to everything he did, she may have given his allies pause to say James isn’t going to have their back moving forward, he’ll sell them out.
One of the two will be evicted. Not a big fan of either of them, so I don’t consider it a big loss either way. Not a gambler, but i’m pretty even money right now.

Freakie Gran dee sucks

I like Vanessa but I am wondering if her talent of reading people will show her the line of shit Audrey is feeding her……she is so flabbergasted by someone daring to lie to her. Welcome to Big Brother……

Eric CA

vanessa knows Audrey is full of crap… but Audrey has less people than Steve. Vanesa also knows everybody thinks Audrey is full of crap and has been burned by Audrey to the point it is easy to turn it around. Audrey is more a tool that Vanessa is willing to use. Audrey is an easy sacrafise in the game. There are actual bigger targets in the gam for her and her team. Jef and James… Then Jackie, then she might to do a house cleaning after the twins enter as a pair… get Liz out and keep Julia without losing Julia or Austin, then sh need to get out Clay and keep Austin, the get out Meg. Audrey is easy she will be taken out by someone trying to score house points. If she get the House down to Austin, Julia, Jason, Becky, Johnny Mac, Steve and Shelli… she is in a great place to win this thing.
All of those are great Final Two’s for Vanessa… and a great group for jury.


Jeff………Hey Dude! ”What a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to decieve.”

judds granny

did you watch the national cornhole championship on espn? pretty exciting




Wake these mofos up, I wanna see some more drama…


This season is actually pretty good, even though I don’t have any clear cut fave.

April in Paris

Vanessa always wears shades when she plays poker, can’t win without them. Says a lot.


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Thanks Shayne Glad you like the site!

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All of this bs that vanessa is puliing (not putting audrey up) will bite vanessa on the ass when audrey the pycho socio-path back stabs her next week.

Jesus N' Nem

After watching last night, I seriously think my Dog & Girlfriend are in an alliance to backdoor me out of my house…. Paranoia is indeed contagious!!!

Men in Black...

It’s not paranoia if it’s true.

P.S. watch out for the neighbors cat, he’s sketchy and might be a twin.

Jesus 'N Nem

Awww. Dang..


Hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle.


I have a feeling that Clay and Shelly are going to abandon their alliance next week if the other side gets the power. Out of all the people in their alliance, they will be the least loyal to their group.


I would love to see a “twist” where the tv in hoh had sound for a couple of hours. Hoh could hear what was being said about everybody. Serious sh*t stirring drama would erupt. Especially if Audrey happened to be hoh at the time. No one would believe that she heard what she claimed. Lol…..good tv.


Vanessa is my fav but not sure how she will be after her HOH. IMO she made too many deals with way too many people in a rush. Her need to orchestrate a dramatic reason putting up Jeff and the having to involve so many people to do so will probably come out. She should have used her suspicion of a TAR twist and ties to Jackie be the reason for putting him up and say she was leaving it up to the house to decide.. After he was on the block she would then have a couple of days to bring up the other stuff as her reason for wanting the house to vote Jeff out letting outsiders think she was just now being made aware of it all.

The Abdi

Vanessa isn’t as good as I thought she was.


Didn’t Vanessa ask Austin to start something with Jeff so she’d have a reason to put him up? Sounds like he didn’t want to so she did it herself. If I were hoh next week I’d put Vanessa and clay & Austin and Shelli. The other side has to see this they are just getting picked off. Be interesting to see how this plays out when we are half way through the season. Everyone has to know you’re chances go way up when your pair goes home. If I were Shelli or Vanessa …. i’d be hoping that clay or Austin go before them, they become less of a target. Right now Shelli and Clay are the “power couple” but Shelli is smart by playing it in the middle, right now she knows in this time of the game they are an assets.