Big Brother 17 – OBB Power Rankings Week 3


The Sleeper Cell alliance has been in the driving seat for the past 2 HOH’s this shows in their score as most of the moves are being done by them. Jason and Meg are slowly getting into talking game, James and Steve are making progress socially. Still this Game is very much driven by Shelli, Clay, Audrey, Austin and Vanessa

The Biggest drop we saw this week is with Jeff and Vanessa. Jeff had his game blown up by Vanessa and Austin but in the process they they took some collateral damage. Jeff being Jeff naturally made things worse.
Vanessa overplayed her HOH and really made a mess of a situation. I get what she was trying to do and it was solid plan but the execution fell flat. She went crazy actually..

The biggest increase was Steve and Shelli. Steve, has an alliance that he can trust and we’re starting to see his value as a strategizer with a logical head. His social game is improving tremendously but it’s still a mess. You’re label continues to be the creeper.
Shelli, You’re playing a much better game than people are giving you credit. Socially you are very intune with the house and comfortable laying your strategy with you boy toy for the coming weeks.

As always the criteria is at the bottom. Feel free to provide your own ranking or changes to what I did in the comments below.

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** Last weeks value in parentheses () if different than this week **








4 (3)




    Socially able to weave amongst the sides of the house. You’re a target yes but    only by very few. Clay will go before you. You control Clay +1







In Freaks and Geeks alliance, shown sound strategy and are slowly getting into your groove socially. Still seen as an easy target or a waste of a HOH it could go either way.







   Much like Shelli you're able to socially weave through all side of the house. Not a big     target anymore. Your banter with Audrey is hilarious





0 (-1)


Y You’re up on the list as potential targets for the opposite side of the house.



2 (0)


0 (+1)

10 (8)

You’re still a big target but not nearly as big as last week. Slowly rebuilding your game.





+1 (0)

10 (9)

Having to listen to Vanessa explaining why she’s putting up Jeff 300000  times gives  you a  +1



3 (4)


-2 (0)


Started strong trying to think of the best way to get Jeff out while minimizing the amount of blood on your hands. -2 overthinking/overplaying and being CRAZY during  your  HOH







Still holding your game together but your involvement with getting Jeff out has put a target on you, -1 obsessing about Liz  

Liz (Julia)


3 (2)

3 (2)



You have a tough game to play lucky for you your alliance is strong and protecting you.






9 (8)

You’re working your way up from target number one to someone to target number 3.. Although crude your kind and likable. social game improving  







You're trying to mingle with the other side but ultimately your game is in shambles. Still you're not a big target.







You are participating in the BB17 live feeds







If you win HOH you’ll cause some big waves I’m certain. Until then zzzZzzzz  “Like Oh My God.. Like ugh”





0 (+2)


Dude Bro.. Bro Dude.. Your game kaput brah

Our scoring criteris is as follows
There’s three main categories, Entertainment value, Social Skillz and Strategy/game with each category ranging from 1-5 with a 0 value being used for exceptional cases. A bonus category is also added worth 3 points for those special scenarios that don’t fit the 3 main categories.

1/3 – Entertainment
0- You’re not entertaining – I turn the feeds off when you’re on
1- Offensive, Rude, unlikable are some words that could describe your behaviour on the feeds
2- Maybe you’re laying too low. Right now everyone on OBB is joking about not knowing your name
3- Neutral
4- You’re a likable person and showing it on the feeds
5- You’re making these feeds Very fun to watch

1/3 – Social game
0 – Your social game is non existent go back to blogging in a basement
1 – Most of the house dislikes you. You’ll see yourself a target soon
2- You’re building some relationships but not enough to keep your ass safe if you or our close few friends don’t win a comp
3- Neutral
4- You’re building a lot of relationships but also some enemies
5- Most if not all the house likes you. Nobody has thrown your name out there as a target yet

1/3 – Strategy
0- Strategy .. HUH? what does that mean
1- You have a short term plan that will get you by the next 20 minutes
2- Your plan is to to make it to Jury to get the stipend
3- Neutral
4-You have a Short term or Long term plan and a couple ideas plans on how to execute it
5- You have a clear plan for the short or long term and a clear plan to execute

+/- 1-3 points can be awarded to players that has done something incredibly awesome or stupid. Maybe they turned their game around after being universally hated or squandered away a strategic asset because they couldn’t keep their mouths shut..

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20 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 – OBB Power Rankings Week 3

  1. I would agree with all of it. Hoping Vanessa rebounds from this hoh quickly. She has to ease up on the paranoia a tad bit lol

  2. I suspect the “site” like Austin what means this 4 for entertainment…BIG LOOOL He´s annoying and everyone in general deslike…where is the fun i miss?

  3. I’ve never noticed this before…cool…spot on almost!
    do you do this every week? Dunno how I missed it…bbcan3 did you do it for too?

  4. Being HOH breeds paranoia. ie America’s player and everyone having a twin. Let’s hope moving back downstairs with the others and a few meds will get Vanessa’s head back on straight. Austin needs to think more about $500,000 and less about being Liz’s hero that she doesn’t really want. Shlay’s biggest enemy is their relationship. The others will show more of their own true colors and inner demons once they win HOH. Jeff, bruh, dude, you’ve got so many connections and manipulating on such a high complex level that you beat Jace. But not Audrey. Or Steve. Or Jackie. Well played, bruh…

    1. So true. Vanessa definitely let paranoia derail her game this week, and Austin’s constant need for Liz’s attention was embarrassing. The two of them pretty much ruined a week they had in the bag. Lol, the best was Jeff telling Clay that stuff about manipulating on a complex high level when he was campaigning. Great strategy brah. Good riddance you sleezeball.

  5. One houseguest one quote:

    Shelli: Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
    Abraham Lincoln

    Steve: “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
    Sun Tzu

    Johnny Mac: “The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.”
    George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

    James: “If you claim to be a real friend then be real in your soul. If you claim to be fake then be an enemy instead.”
    Santosh Kalwar

    Meg: If you’re confused about what to do,
    it’s a sign that your enemy is winning.”
    Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

    Vanessa: “To have a traitor for an ally is to have an enemy in waiting”
    Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Dart

    Clay: “The good enemy accompanies you on the journey,
    but you will never reach your destination with him.”
    Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

    Jason: “Never slay your enemies!
    Take advantage of them all!”
    Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

  6. Heres to hoping for a GRONK …”Nobody leaves my parties on my week!” and have a double next week!
    Who would prefer that tonite? Imagine the feeds after?

  7. I think I always skipped before cuz just wanted the vids! Not anymore….how do I find ur week 1 and 2 ranks? (Quicker…is there page #’s?)

  8. I like Shelli for final 3. As long as she doesn’t get emotional or have any outburst she has a nice long game ahead of her.

  9. hg A and hg B are sitting in a room. Hg A makes a sour face and whispers what do you think about hg C? hg B says I don’t know, do you think C is trustworthy? Hg A says yeah I think so.
    five minutes later hg A is running to Hg C to say a secret discussion has occurred about C’s trustworthiness: A had C’s back, but watch out because things aren’t looking good.
    repeat the same scenario with every houseguest.
    as of week four, i’m hoping more develops beyond a repetitive broken telephone strategy. i’m hopeful.
    btw… i’m really hating the edit of the third eviction episode so far. worst patchwork revision I’ve seen yet. the d/r moments are especially difficult to stomach.

  10. Shelli and clay will get axed way before you think. If jason and the floaters don’t target them first…..Vanessa and Austin will keep them around as bigger targets for a while then Axe them right in the back. They have no idea about playing this game. While she may be able to interact socially which is suspect in itself….they are clueless as to acting like a pair will be their downfall. And big tough clay is weak in competitions. Can’t win a physical and has no chance of a mental comp win.

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