“90%, he had the audacity, CLAY It’s not funny for me.. 90%.. 90%.. you must have meant 190%”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 22-28-28-098_jpg
10:19pm HOH Vanessa, Liz and Austin
Vanessa warns them that you can hear everything in the HOH from the chessboard.
Vanessa begins the rant about Clay saying he’s 90% sure he’s voting Jeff.
Vanessa – he had the audacity to tell me he’s 90% voting Jeff out .. 90% are you f****g
Austin – what’s his reason
Vanessa – He’s friends with Jeff
Vanessa says Shelli and Clay told her that they didn’t want Jeff up they were just following the HOH. Vanessa can’t believe this says it was 1/3 their idea.
Vanessa says if they are going to f****g cross her she knows way too much about their game she’ll out them all. She knows everything about their game.
Vanessa – 1 part of 6 was me the rest was my team
Austin asks what game is he playing if all week he’s wanting Jeff out.
Vanessa thinks it wasn’t the same Clay, maybe it’s a twin (ohh shit)
Austin – ah f***
Vanessa thinks Clay is trying to spin it like he wasn’t part of the plan all week and just jumped on board at the last minute.
Vanessa – 90% … 90%… you must have meant 190%

Austin says they are all drunk downstairs points out that James, Meg, Jason,Becky are in a room Audrey, Clay, Shelli, JAckie are in a room it’s obvious their working together
Austin says this week Clay and Shelli haven’t shown them as good allies.

Production calls Audrey, Shelli, Clay and Jackie out for talking about their Diary room sessions. (See 3 images below)
Austin – If I win HOH I might flip this whole f*** thing put Shelli and Clay up .. make a whole new alliance, James is ready to make an alliance
Austin thinks Production calling that group out is production telling them that’s a group working together

Vanessa says they (Clay/Shelli) are pulling Jackie in because she’s the perfect second placer
Austin – She’s the quintessential second placers
Vanessa says she caught Clay in a lie, He told her Shelli, him and JAckie were talking in the hammock room and he left out Audrey.
VAnessa – That’s like me going up to Shelli and saying she’s 90% sure she’ll vote out Da but she’s 10% sure she’ll flip the house
Vanessa says she had a talk with Clay says it ended with Clay with his f**** tail between his legs. He confirmed 100% and gave me her a hug.
Steve joins them. Vanessa fills him in on the 90%
Vanessa – ”You’re f***g me you were 2000% a few days ago”
Audrey comes up. Liz says production called her out twice what was that about
Audrey – oh they were asking .. did you do goodbyes
Vanessa says she’s not in the best mood
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 22-35-38-315_jpg
Steve asks them if they want a beachball (LOL) he starts throwing the beach ball around
Austin tells him to stop it’s not the best time
Audrey – Social cues
Steve – why everyone loves beach ball
Steve leaves.
Audrey asks if something is wrong
Vanessa fills her in on 90%
Audrey – what does he mean 90%
Vanessa goes on a rant…
Audrey – I was getting a weird vibe from him today
[envira-gallery id=”121715″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 22-43-19-787_jpg

Shelli comes up. Tells them not to worry Clay is voting out Jeff.
Austin says Clay was the one coming to him saying lets get Jeff out, “He gave me the idea”
Shelli – Clay told you that
Austin – Yes
Shelli – “Don’t be worried he’s not voting Jeff to stay here”
Vanessa hopes Shelli would understand why she’s so upset she would have felt the same way last week .
Shelli says she was upset when clay said 90% asks Vanessa if she heard what she was saying at the time.
Vanessa – “I was seeing black I don’t know what you were saying”
Shelli says Clay is still good friends with Jeff
Audrey wonder why Jeff is throwing them under the bus
Shelli goes to get Clay
While she’s gone they all agree Shelli is good she’ll vote out Jeff.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 22-33-08-943_jpg

10:32pm Jeff, Jason and Meg
Jason’s going to vote with his gut “I’ve made up my mind everyone else can do whatever they want and let the cards fall were they may”
Jeff wants him to know he wasn’t ignoring him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 22-44-57-786_jpg

10:40pm Storage room Jeff and Jackie
Jackie tells him he needs to talk to Shelli. JAckie doesn’t know where shelli and Clay will vote, isn’t confident. Jeff doesn’t think it’s worth his time then. Jackie scolds him says he should have talked to Shelli from the beginning like she told him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 22-55-42-879_jpg

10:51pm HOH Clay, VAnessa, Shelli, Liz, Austin
Vanessa wants to make sure they are all 1000% on board with what the plan has been all week “CLay?”
Clay – mmmmhmm
Shelli leaves to talk to Jeff, says the 6 of them together is sketchy she looks at clay asn says, “They’re concerned you gave 90%”
Vanessa start ranting asks him what percent he is
Clay – 1000000000%
VAnessa – I just don’t know why you said it

Clay – there’s no concern.. I don’t know why I said 90
Austin – was he making you feel bad
Clay – ya.. i guess.. I don’t want him here.. I’m not keeping him here.
Vanessa – you believe me, 10000%
Clay – Yes
Vanessa – you can’t scare me 20 hours before a vote
Vanessa is freaking out.. thinks he’s laughing at all this.
Vanessa – It’s funny for you but I’m not laughing I’m almost crying I’m scared
Clay – I’m not laughing
Vanessa – it’s not funny for me
Clay – I don’t think it’s funny
Vanessa – Cause It’s not funny for me.. It looks like you think this is funny
Clay tells her it’s not funny
Vanessa – or maybe you haven’t seen me angry ,and i’m telling you it’s not funny for me.. .
tells him to look how good of a manipulator Jeff is he’s got Clay to 90% from 40000%
Austin says if Jeff stays tomorrow he’s flipping all the couches
Clay – he’s not staying even Jackie knows he’s going

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 23-39-40-843_jpg

10:53pm Jeff and Shelli
Jeff – I know we’re in an alliance..
Jeff says he doesn’t know where Clay and her stand he knows he has A Jackie and JohnnyMAc’s vote
Shelli – I’ll be 100% honest with you.. my feelings on the whole matter are..
Jeff saying that James wants Clay and Shelli split up more than he does it doesn’t benefit his game the two of them leaving.
Jeff tells her if her and Clay keep her it will be the best game move they could make.
Jeff – I know it sounds stupid but the reason Jackie is upset she needs me in this game.
Jeff tells her if they keep him it’ll be him and Jackie with her and Clay and they will do battle. He’s not going to sneak around behind closed doors anymore.
Jeff tells her the game is still early they have a relationship with him already. Jeff says their alliance is like a machine and it’s got a bad part it’s easier for them to fix the bad part then to go out and find a replacement.
Jeff says he’s sorry he knows he messed up he feels it was unfair for Jackie. Jeff starts to cry (We don’t see his face but hear the sniffling )
Shelli hugs him says it sucks.
Shelli says she’s going to talk to clay
Jeff – let me know if you guys will take the piece and fix it
Jeff – please talk to Jackie.. she’s upset… It’s all my fault

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 23-11-13-661_jpg

11:07pm HOH Vanessa and Clay

Vanessa says she was so furious at what he said “I was boiling”
VAnessa – I’m telling you I trust you as much as I trust Shelly
Clay says he doesn’t know why he said that
Clay start telling her about Audrey wanting Clay out for SHelli and Jeff wanting Shelli out for Clay.
Between you and I she’s not good for any of our games
Vanessa says If that other side wins Power they have to run the most persuasive campaign to get her up
Shelli joins them.
Jeff keeps going on hoe irritated he is about Audrey.
Shelli starts giving them a recap of the conversation with Jeff , “He used my name a lot.. I know that’s a sales tactic.. He owned up to a few things”
Shelli says it sucks she likes him on a personal level but for the game it’s too late

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 23-52-54-394_jpg
11:50pm Jeff and Jackie
Jeff recaps his conversation with Shelli , She told him he’s cute, Says she couldn’t have put it any better, and said she’s going to talk it over with clay.
Jeff – if I make it past this week I’m not afraid of anything I’ve seen the exit door
Jeff and JAckie are convince that everything this week was planned by Vanessa and Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 00-03-03-441_jpg

12:02am HOH Clay, Vanessa and Shelli

Shelli saying Audrey keeps telling her that during double eviction people always take out the couples. Shelli wonders if this is a plan of the house. Vanessa thinks the house should make a plan to get Audrey out next
Feeds cut when they come back Audrey is with them. She talking about the Diary room getting in her head. Feeds cut.. when they come back
Audrey is talking about something happening tomorrow and getting her out. Feeds cut.. when they come back Shelli asking her if it was people in the room.
Audrey – no.. maybe it’s the wine
Vanessa is going to go confirm with Steve.
Audrey says Steve has a routine like a “Shuttle” he lurks around. Vanessa leaves.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 00-14-17-155_jpg

12:13am Jeff and Becky
Jeff says Austin is starting so many rumours about him. Jeff says James is campaigning to Steve right now even after he told Jeff he wouldn’t campaign
Jeff about Austin – He’s such a jealous f****r to.. he’s just weird.. dude I don’t want to get into this you’re older than Jackie and dude whats about the girlfriend back home
Jeff says Clay wants to keep him but Shelli doesn’t , “He runs the show”
Jeff – Meg I have no idea where her heads at
Jeff doesn’t know if Shelli and Clay are buying his argument, “I gotta figure out where the hell Shelli and Clay do all their talking”
Becky – the old hammock room

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 00-22-24-519_jpg

12:21am HOH bathroom Shelli, VAnessa and Audrey
Audrey’s main target is Jason, She will put up Steve and Meg and have Steve throw the BOB. She will tell Steve look honestly I’ll be doing what the house wants by targeting you. If he throws the BOB he won’t be the target. Audrey also thinks about getting Becky out.
Vanessa thinks Jason is the much better target tells her Jason has said he’s coming after Audrey if he wins HOH. Adds that Becky is a fringe player that has no numbers. Becky’s numbers are their side of the house.

Audrey says James does not want to be HOH so if he wins it he want to be dethroned. Audrey suggested to James he put her and Becky up. Becky will never throw a competition so they can win the BOB. (She’s thinking there is big chance of her getting backdoored)

Shelli complains that she’s waiting for the feeds to stop showing the HOH so she can shower.
Audrey – “Yeah get naked we’re all girls here”
they start to disperse.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 00-33-58-533_jpg

12:33am Vanessa and James
Vanessa says Jeff had a lot of people shaky with their votes. Jeff campaigned hard. She tells him she won’t put him on the block of backdoor him if she wins HOH in 2 weeks as long as he doesn’t put her up if he wins HOH next week
James agrees.
James knows Jeff was campaigning secretly

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the coreys

Anyone not in the 5 person alliance pick up on the fact that they are being picked off yet?

The last few seasons have been “vote put who the house wants or face backlash” and it doesn’t make for a good season.

It needs to stop

so basically

if steve enters a room without a prop, he is creeping and trying to be a rat.

if he brings a prop and tries to enter that way, they just get a weird vibe and want him gone anyway

steve just can’t win there. his best hope is the big personalities keep taking each other out, and he and J-Mac can continue to slide hopefully without an HOH. if either wins an HOH they will be immediately targeted the following week. its like Dr Will, Evel Dick and many others have said in different words. HOH room is vanity, its not necessary to your game and far too many people sit in that room during their HOH “reign” and sink themselves. Vanessa needs to spend half as much time in that HOH room

Captain Crunch

Vanessa ego is out of control since she’s hoh, 90% is better than 50%, cant wait till she’s no longer hoh and have to come down off her high horse.


All these poker player types are absolutely bat shit crazy! Thats why BB likes them so much. Most new age players are narcissists that are very smart in numbers. Like who else will risk $100, 000 on pocket nines? A lunatic, that’s who! After this hoh, Vanessa will be on tilt. She already looks like she was picked up in tent city.


Way to put your foot in your mouth Clay.

Bunny Slipper

Alrighty then, the mega paranoia starts! Yay!


LMAO AUDREY IS DUMB!! STEVE THROW THE BOB?? Best joke I’ve seen in a while ????????????

GeekSquad McGee

Vanessa, calm down, okay? Your pills?

Roll Tide

Vanessa seems to be losing it. How can she demand that people vote the way she wants? She gets so mad, she is extremely unreasonable.
Why do the house guest have to vote 100% with the HOH? Just not right.
What is up with Austin? Thinking if he gets all the men out all the girls would flock to him? The only guys that have a girl are Clay and Austin. Nuts just nuts!


So james has promised Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Shelli, Steve, Becky, Clay safety if he wins HOH tomorrow. That leaves him with Audrey, Jackie, Jason, Meg and JMac as potential nominees. LOL. I do hope he wins and puts up one of Vanessa or Austin and see how they react, for sure that person will cause some drama. :))))
Still hoping for Jackie and Jason HOH, the house needs some shake up. Two weeks of one side in control is getting a bit boring.


They need to do away with the BOB it’s made it too easy for large groups to control the game with more people safe from the block each week used to be more of a fight to win comps to stay now they plan ahead on who will throw what, anyways more boring now that everyone must vote with the house or else. Also Vanessa/austin have gone power mad they think they can control everything but chaos theory states you can never have total control and personally anyone who thinks they do have that control is a fool especially if your a psycho man who wants your own personal harem or a poker chick who needs less ADHD meds because they don’t seem to be working for her.


Again, if they were going to keep the BotB, they should have made it like the nominated people were the HoH’s champions. The noms win and they come off the block but their HoH stays HoH. The losing side stays on the block. The reasoning is the nominating HoH can’t promise to protect you if you throw it because they’d not be HoH anymore. Maybe a twist where one of the losers swaps with the losing HoH and now the losing HoH is on the block with one of his noms.

Christine is a whore

…Speaking of EvelDick…I miss him.


Oh NOW Lets tell everyone that our next target should be Audrey incase our side doesnt win. Sure that’s Been The plan for a while now, nobody seems to follow it. Lets keep it that way, and maybe take out Austin he so annoying.

Twistin' for the win

When Austin said it was Clay’s idea to put Jeff up, Shelly immediately said no… it was YOUR idea Austin! Austin said “oh… I was confused.” Nice try ya big ape. Vanessa and Austin are certifiable.

free folk

“Vanessa thinks the house should make a plan to get Audrey out next”….LOL. it’s been the plan,YOUR side keeps f*** it up but now you want the peasants to do it, I sincerely hope it bites ya in the butt and Audrey continues to drive you to crazy town…at least I’m 90% sure.


Vanessa has flown over the cuckoos nest! Seems she is going to have a breakdown if they don’t do what she says.
When did the show become about the players have to do what the HOH wants or you will be the target for the next week? Why do people actually throw the BOB? Throw HOH so someone in the 5 alliance can win? What the heck has happened to our show? It is a tho Vanessa and Austin think they are the final two. If that is productions plan, please let us know so we can quit watching. It is not good when the same side stays in power.
On BB Australia the houseguest nominate the houseguest for eviction. The public votes on who goes home. It is a surprise every week. The houseguest are not allowed to talk about who they evicted. They get a nomination point if they do. We seem to lack surprises here because everybody votes with the house. The battle of the block is fixed. Just not as good as it used to be.
BTW Vanessa cannot stand to be lied to, yet she lies all the time. Double standard?

Member of the Ant Farm

I too get offended when they react to lies in such a way. They are all doing it and it’s part of the game. No lie is bigger than the next so get off your high horse about it. As for BB Australia…with the public vote, I think it would be too easy for production to keep their favs in the show without having to give any proof as to the actual voting!!


Vanessa is completely off the rails this week.

Being HoH does not have to be this hard. Make your noms, keep your mouth shut and your ears open. She put a huge target on her back this week for no advantage whatsoever.

April in Paris

What is up with all the percentage rates with Vanessa? Use 100% there is no such thing as going over percentage like anyone saying “I give 110% to everything I do”, omg no wonder you are into gambling-you know to bulls**t odds. I hope they take you out soon, best case is you and Audrey on the block together-lets see how long you protect her then….
J-Mac for the win!!!!!