Nomination Ceremony Results! “I’m sick of it. The New York girl is coming out!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 11-57-44-921
10:10am – 11:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds return – Vanessa has nominated James & Johnny Mac. Austin has nominated Meg & Jason. The target is James or Jeff, not Audrey. Although they’re trying to make everyone think that Audrey is the target with Steve as the backup which is a lie. Johnny Mac has once again agreed to throw the Battle of the Block to keep Vanessa as HOH and dethrone Austin.

11:45am – 12pm Up in the HOH room – Vanessa is talking to Audrey. Vanessa says I warned James and Jason they might go up. Audrey is crying she says I am just tired of people making stuff up. Vanessa says they’re scared of you because you’re brilliant. Vanessa tells Audrey to spend as little time up here as possible. They are going to hate me when I do this. I am going to take the fall for it when I put up Jeff. Vanessa says if you breath one word of this at all.. Audrey says I will not. Vanessa says if you want me to remain HOH you can’t say at thing. Vanessa says I want to get back to the way we were pre-blow up. Is there anyway you can get close to John and Becky. Audrey says Becky will not say anything to me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 11-56-06-762

Meg tells Jason that she is sick of it. The new york girl is coming out! Meg pulls Austin into the cabana room with Jason. Austin says the original plan was Audrey or Steve. Hopefully now I can get Steve to use the veto if he wins it. The plan is Audrey or Steve as the back up plan. I really didn’t want to put up either of you. Vanessa is on board with getting Audrey out and she wants to be the one to do it. Austin says if I stay HOH and win veto I am taking one of you off. Meg says I am freaking out and no one knows what this week is going to bring. Meg says I’m now know as pawn girl. Jason says now everyone is going to know that me, James, Meg and Johnny are know as the pawns. Jason says next week you will see who was feeding you bullsh*t. Meg says I don’t think you’re seen as the target in the house and I’m not taking it that way. Jason says we just feel like the bottom of the totem pole. Austin says the plan is Audrey with Steve as the backup plan if Audrey wins veto. Austin says I am rooting for you! Jason says it doesn’t look like that when you put us the two weakest people in here against the two strongest people in here. Austin says that’s not what I intended. Jason says I had no idea what your poem meant either. Austin says that was more for the camera. Austin says I am going to do whatever I can to make sure one of you doesn’t go home. Meg says we’re going to play a clean game this week. Austin says after the BOB we will talk.. tell me whats going on down here. Austin says I just don’t know when I’m getting played or not. Everyone is saying so much. I don’t know who to believe. Jason says the people that are doing that are willing to throw their own grandmother under the bus. Don’t buy their bullsh*t!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 11-54-03-328

12:10pm In the bathroom – Jeff tells James that plan A is Audrey, plan B is Steve, Plan C and D is you or Jason. Jeff says I am thinking next week I might just volunteer to go up on the block. But when people see you go up they’re more likely to put you up again and again. Jeff says they don’t want to put up super pawns though because they’re more likely to win and dethrone the HOH.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 12-04-29-918

12:15pm – 12:35pm HOH room – Johnny Mac talks to Vanessa. She asks are you still cool with it. Johnny says its going to be hard to throw it against these people. Vanessa says if you can, you can, if you can’t, you can’t .. just don’t bullsh*t me and say you tried if you didn’t because I’ve promised you something really big. Johnny says I’ll throw it but it will be really bad. Vanessa says they (Jason and Meg) don’t want to lose it. Vanessa says you’re never going home. I have the votes. Lock sealed, delivered. A, B, C or D I have a plan. Audrey is the main target. I have a very big target other than her if she wins the veto and it isn’t anyone that would affect your game. Johnny says I will throw it. Does he (Austin) know? I need to know who knows. Vanessa says Austin knows and I told him I promised you safety past jury. Vanessa says if anyone says any word against you I will tell you. Johnny says I appreciate that. Austin comes up. He says they’re so on board down there. Johnny says it might be tough to make it look like me and James lose. Austin says anything that you have to do to lose it. Fake an injury. Have a brain fart all the way through. Austin says Meg and Jason want to win. James is going to be gunning though it will be tough. And don’t worry how it will look we have the numbers. Johnny asks does anyone else know I’m throwing it. Vanessa says me, Austin, Shelli and Clay. Vanessa says there is no one else that I knew would do it and leave me enough votes. Austin says you’re the man Johnny. Vanessa says our word is solid. Till one week into jury I will not nominate you, backdoor you or vote against you. Johnny says its like you’re saying eventually they’re going to run out of targets. Vanessa says I think Steve is a good person and he talks highly of you. Johnny asks he’s someone I should trust. Vanessa says yes. Vanessa says if you can throw this comp then we’re good and then just go out and win the pov. If you win the pov then Audrey goes up against James. Johnny says it makes sense, I get it. Johnny says I’m going to try and stay in the dentist room to avoid talking to people. Vanessa says our side is more trustworthy. We don’t make fake alliances and then stab people in the back like what they did to Jace. I would love to personally work with you and Becky. Vanessa says for veto you should pick Austin. Shelli or Clay. The only thing I am unsure about is how close Clay is to James. Johnny says yeah I would pick Austin. Vanessa says and Austin hates James for what he did to Jace.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 12-38-30-452

12:50pm – 1:10pm Up in the HOH room – Liz says that Meg is made. Austin says she is mad because she thinks Shelli and Clay are in our ear. Vanessa says that Johnny is going to try and throw it but it will be hard. Vanessa tells Liz that she told only me, Austin, Shelli and Clay know about him throwing it. What we tell you is only because we’re together. Liz talks about how how Jeff was questioning how I live with. Vanessa says just know we are going to backdoor his (Jeff) a$$. He said he thinks I’m America’s Player. Austin says that’s his backup plan. Liz says oh, why didn’t I think of that. Austin and Vanessa prep Liz on how to respond if someone confronts her or asks her about being a twin. Liz says I need to deflect it and say I can’t believe you guys believe this. This is totally an America’s player task. You just made someone 5K richer. Liz says I can’t believe he cornered me again. Liz says I just really hope its not Jason and Meg left up on the block because I don’t want them to go yet. Liz worries that Steve might tell someone about her being a twin. Vanessa says he won’t he is tight lipped. I read people really well. Liz says just so you know I will not tell anyone if it comes out it wasn’t me. Vanessa says that Clay actually offered to go up in Johnny’s place. Part of me worried that he realized that James was my target and wanted to go up next to him to make sure they win the BOB. Liz says I’m going to win HOH next week and that’s that. Austin says Clay and Shelli need to win HOH again. Clay needs to step up. Vanessa says or Johnny Mac, or Audrey because we just saved her. Austin says what are the odds that you and I would have won HOH together. Vanessa calculates it and says its .4% chance. Austin says and then add in that we’re in an alliance.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 12-53-06-473

1:15pm Shelli says that Vanessa is the one with the blood on her hands. We’re going to have to protect her next week. Here is the thing with the BOB every plan is to backdoor someone. If they win HOH, they’ll backdoor me and I’ll only have one chance to get off. Clay says we have a lot of people on our side. Shelli and Clay head up to the HOH room. Vanessa tells Liz before Shelli and Clay come up that Liz can’t let anything about the Steve deal slip. Vanessa says that Jason is not alone he has the person that was the second vote. It was probably Audrey. I do trust Jason but I think he has loyalties that are about us. Liz heads downstairs. Austin and Vanessa talk about their alliances Sleeper Cell, Freaks and Geeks, etc. Shelli joins them.

1:25pm In the storage room – Johnny talks to Becky. I have things that I can’t tell you. Just like you tell me there are things you can’t tell me. There is stuff that is going to happen this week just don’t freak out. It might look like its not in our favour but you’re not going up. There’s a bigger plan. You can freak out .. just don’t freak out. That’s all I can tell you. Becky says okay.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 13-24-31-568

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Amelia the proud Canadian

Poor Johnn.


Poor John????…he agreed to this shit…


Did he really have a choice? I’m sure he doesn’t feel like he did. What if he said no? He’d probably still be on the block only now people may actually be pissed at him for saying no.

Dee Dee

I have lost all respect for John. If he thinks they have his back, he is crazy. Vanessa told Day she was going to give her her vote. She totally lied to Day. Pretty sure she is lying to gullible John.


I have lost all respect for John. Vanessa told day she had her vote. Van is lying to John. She will dispose of him.


At this point I want Vanessa to remain the HOH, James wins veto, Jeff goes up as the replacement. Votes needed to stay is six, James, Meg, Jason, Jackie are a solid four in keeping Jeff; Austin, Liz, Becky, Steve are a solid four to keep JMac. Clay leans on saving Jeff, Shelli on saving Jmac, Audrey will then be the deciding vote for this week and it will be so funny if she decides to save Jeff (which is strangely is the smartest move for her to pass by next week safe yet again). This HOH will then definitely blow up in Vanessa’s face.


It certainly could turn out that way, but let’s hope it doesn’t. I’m one who would like Jeff gone. If I can’t have Audrey gone, Jeff will do certainly do!


This season started with such promise but it appears battle of the block is just a way for production to save 5 people a week.

You think I’m interested to see shelli and clay and liz with austin goto final 4 without even sweating since they are all safe every damn week.


I could not agree more. Austin is clueless & had different motives for being on this show. Liz/Julia are clueless plus Austin is allowing Vanessa to run this HOH because he rather flirt with Jackie &Twins. Ken & Barbie(Shelley & Clay) are a ride or die duo & strong competitors who will easily toss aside anyone for each other. Just want to see things get flipped. Plus the Have Nots are not truly have nots due to Gronks rule of takeover, how is that fair seriously…just annoyed & venting but totally agree with ya!


Doesn’t it always seem to go this way; one side is dominant for a good part of the game. We can only hope the power shifts soon so the game goes from predictable to exciting!


Anyone who is paired up with Meg is bound to lose. Why didn’t they put Audrey up with Meg instead of Jason?! Man I hate to see Jason go home if their plan to backdoor Jeff doesn’t go through!


I hope Jeff dumb ass goes home this week.


ugh. so stupid to put up john. becky/meg/jackie/jason would have been the perfect noms as they all have pawn images and would absolutely get taken off the block if you sell the backdoor audrey/steve story well enough (while actually plotting to backdoor james/jeff).


John is the only one that would throw the BOB. He has already proven it once. He agreed himself into a corner, and now has no choice but to smile and agree. I think all the pawns need to rally against the rest… Soon a pawn will go home, and I think it John will be the first one to go!


If I were John, I would tell people that I would throw the BOTB if, and ONLY if, they agree to return the favor. Maybe they would be less willing to ask someone if they know it comes with a price-tag.


Hopefully Jeff goes home this week. Sometimes I find myself forgetting he is here. I don’t have the feeds so maybe that’s why.


Ok now I’m confused which is getting backdoored Jeff or Audrey?


I think the primary target is Jeff secondary is james


What’s Vanessa plan if Meg and Jason will the Battle of the block and Jeff wins Veto and saves James if he plays… Can’t put up Meg or Jason again…so now what???…Steve???… Audrey???…


my guess is maybe audrey and try to deflect the target? though jackie would be a possibility if they want to be aggressive.


First of all there is only a 3/11 chance he will be picked. Second of all I don’t see him trying to win veto. He has separate alliances with both James and Johnny and if he wins veto he will have to pick one, ruining his alliance with the other. Jeff thinks he is running the house so I think he feels pretty safe right now. The downside of this scenario is Van will be HOH and this may cause Jeff to rethink and try to save himself. Hopefully though he is buying the BS Van is selling him.


That would take a lot of things lining up – I’d be more worried about Production throwing a Coup D’Etat into the works.


I hope Jeff goes home. Sick and tired of his big mouth.


I am not emotionally invested this year like I was last year. I literally got sick and didn’t go to work a time or two. I hardly watch the shows. I watch some feed on POP TV but always come back here to get the real deal and what people think of the house guest.

I can do it anymore they worked my nerves for 16 years I cant!


last year was a snooze. donny (and maybe by association jocasta and nicole) was the only contestant worth rooting for and he was dead man walking the entire season. i’m way more into this year than last.


and I just don’t get this take. Donny was a nice guy, who didn’t really play the game much. he sat around and said nice things and the audience ate it up.

I personally prefer a Zach ATTACK. far more entertaining to watch on television, and 1000x more entertaining on the feeds.

we need more Zach Rance in our Big Brother lives, well, now that boogie is too old



Hence my name: Still Love Zack Attack…


So sick of Jeff! He really thinks he’s sade playing both sides. Telling James that he and Jason are plans C and D is quite comical considering he is plan A. I smell a blindside coming on for Jeff bc he’s not smart enough to see what’s really up.


i noticed in After Dark, shortly after Liz comes back from switching with Julia, Clay in HOH room confirming he will have her back and like the other try to dissuade people from thinking she is two people.

not even 10 minutes later, he is downstairs changing, and telling Jeff that they just did the twin switch.

i am on board with Austin/Vanessa backdooring Jeff, looking forward to it, simply because Jeff is too stupid to know that sincerely working with Austin would be good for his game. instead he spends his time undermining and targeting Austin. same as Day would do, makes bad choices, then wonders what happened.

on eviction, i liked that Julie asks Day so, hey, you think instead of telling the entire house about the twins maybe you should have kept it to yourself and used it to make a deal? oh, no, she says (so we all know, yup, you do not deserve to stay in the house)

lol at Audrey 2nd week in a row voting against the house, and denies it. like, uh, you know we know right? like who are you trying to pin it on?


Watch it again. She said she WOULD have talked to Liz/Julia earlier, admitting that was a mistake. What she said ‘no’ to was: “Would you have changed your game play overall?, and she said, “No, because that’s just me” and to that I say, fair enough. She got a raw deal when compared to other ‘do nothing but sun tan’ players, i.e., Jackie.


Ya okey Meg sure your going to start bringing it now hahaha #pawngirl


Meg will be the pawn for as long as she continue playing the giggly,bubbly school girl. Winning competitions is the only way to avoid the block for certain HGs.


Meg is the new Jenn City I’m telling you guys haha



I love it when a plan gets blown up.

So let’s say the first part of Vanessa’s “bomb” works. JohnnyMac and James lose the BOB, Austin is dethroned, and Meg and Jason are safe.

So what happens if Jeff wins veto and pulls down James?

Does Vanessa really throw Audrey up there as the renom (that would be the smart move). She’s in a bind in that situation, because she won’t nominate Steve, Austin, Liz/Julia, Clay, Shelli. Which leaves JohnnyMac against Jackie, Becky or Audrey.

Maybe she weakens Jeff by putting up Jackie, but then she’s got Jeff coming after her.

Hypothetical situation, but could make for a fascinating week, even if Jeff can’t keep his trap shut and James is super creepy.


Also, a Jeff vs. JohnnyMac vote would be extremely tight, with Shelli and Audrey the swing votes.

Austin, Liz, Becky and Steve voting to evict Jeff.

Jason, James, Meg, Jackie and Clay voting to evict John.

Audrey would probably evict Jeff, but I can see Shelli staying with Clay to keep Jeff in the house (bigger target theory).


Don’t worry folks. Plan won’t work. Jeff will get the votes of all the hoes if he does go up. You see the way they eyeball him. He got those hoes on lockdown.


We all know you are a troll but sure do wish you would stop referring to the girls as hoes! You need to be blocked just for supporting that moron Jeff. Who by the way couldn’t even “lock down” the girl he came into the house with. Like Jeff just keep jerking yourself off Your girlfriend Palmula must be so proud of you.


I call them hoes ’cause that’s what they is. If they was nurses, I’d call them nurses. They hoes.


Based on that ignorant response it is clear your teachers would also be so proud of you. Not worth wasting anymore time on. Hopefully your boy is voted off this week and you also fade away. Set up a go-fund -me account to buy yourself a couple of book to read while your blow up doll is at the steam cleaners. You may learn a thing or two even if by accident. Peace!


Your mom is here with me and she said to stop referring them as hoes… oh wait, she also said she won’t be home tonight so to throw a pizza pop in the microwave for supper.

Nancee Luv

Lmao Jeff really believes that I bet!


I haven’t read all of “Lockdown’s” comments, but I think there’s some irony going on here. Don’t take it seriously…although I could do without the ‘hoes’ designation under any circumstances.


Sorry about that everyone, you see… I was abandoned in the trash of a convenience store just after birth. A nice couple from the local trailer park found me while they were scavenging for food and brought me back to the park. From there I was brought up in a typical trailer park lifestyle but was also fed dog scraps (once the dogs were finished with the scraps… so I guess it would have been the dog scrap’s scraps. ) and forced to turn tricks once I was able to free myself from the trailer park life. Sometimes this all comes out in the comments, I lash out because I think sometimes I would have been better off if I was that prom night abortion.


Really, I bet Karma is coming for them…..let see how it feels Clay & Shelli be in the hot seat.

Zack Attack take over please

Are all these houseguest blabber mouths or what? None of them can keep their mouths shut! The alliances suck everyone knows everything and there is no loyalty at all.

I love Johnny Mac the muppet but he needs to quit being a damn pawn!


JMac needs to win HOH; I don’t understand why he threw it…if he did. Surely, he thought he might go up as a pawn again.


Damn Big Brother really needs to get rid of the Battle of the Block. It’s turned into people throwing the comp and keeping people safe and just nominating pawns/and the same people every week. Clay/Shelli/Jeff/Jackie/Becky/John are just awful. I liked John and Becky but they are just pawns not wanting to play the game. I really wished the alliance of James/Audrey/Davonne/Jason couldve ran the game this summer.


I really don’t get Johnny’s plan. Laying low means don’t draw attention to yourself by throwing a BOB. Sometimes it’s very obvious.


New York Girl is coming out? that would be a nice change. The only thing this girl has done since coming in the game is run for Miss Popularity with the men in her alliance. Oh yeah, she also threw the Veto comp the other day. Maybe if she did something to show she actually was playing…….


I like how everyone is Pro JohnnyMac cause he’s just a “nice guy” yet he’s not even playing the game but floating…i thought people hated floaters and that’s why girls are always shamed


I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I honestly don’t see everyone’s infatuation with Vanessa. Is she smart? Absolutely. Is she seemingly “under the radar” for now? I guess. But honestly I’m beginning to see a little HOH-itis get to her head, she’s promising she can keep John safe until jury? I’m sorry but if I’m JohnnyMAC I’m trying to win the BOB, her word shouldn’t really mean that much to him when it comes down to his own safety. Vanessa can’t possibly keep everyone safe like she continues to promise to Johnny and Liz/Julia. She better be careful because if she gets too much blood on her hands this week, she will most definitely be on people’s radars next week.


She means safe with her alliance. Which is the strongest alliance in the house.


Exactly, it’s only week three and you don’t care who you piss off?! Don’t get me wrong, though, I will love it if her plan for Jeff works out.

People are calling her the Derrick 2.0. But derrick would have never put his neck out on the line like this.

Better Than Last Year

Really gotta hand it to Vanessa…..she’s three moves ahead of anyone else. She’s aligned with Austin, Shelli, Clay…that’s 2 against 2 when it comes down to it so….she links into the twins, Johnny Mac & Steve. So, when the time comes to drop it on Shelli/Clay…..voila…she’s still got the twins, Johnny Mac, Steve & Austin. She can win easily against any of them. I can see why she won all that money playing poker.

Go Vanessa !!

Brad H

This is going to be the ultimate blindside!!! Jeff isn’t even going to see this coming lmao that’s what he gets for being so paranoid when Austin had his back 100% until he heard Jeff was coming after him once Audrey was gone. This is why you don’t play all sides of the house.


I really hate the Battle of the Block especially when somebody agrees to throw it


That is why BOB winners need to be rewarded somehow … this will have a lot of people trying to win the prize. I thought it worked great for BBC. As soon as Godfrey heard there was a prize he was up for the win.

Brad H

I can’t wait for Shellie & Clay to feel the block. It better happen sooner than later… Like next week would be great!


I hope John and James will pull this one off and win battle of the block. I also hope Jeff will win the POV and take off Meg. Then Jeff, Jackie, John, James, Meg and Becky vote to save Jason. I hope Austin and Vanessa’s plan is backfired. I am sick of people keeping putting John up for their advantage. Now John is on the block every week to benefit their game. If Vanessa and Austin have a ball then put your target up. If they want to make a move, then don’t be a coward. Vanessa and Austin are cowards using John as a shield for them and bully him to choose on their side. I am sick of bullies in this game. I hope Vanessa and Austin will be evicted soon.


HaHaHa!! Dawg is more popular in the Poll than Jackie and Jeff


I love how Audrey, of all people, is tired of people making things up. Not like she’s been doing that the majority of the game, or anything.


I can’t help but wonder if there will be a twist this week that shakes up the whole throwing the bob thing going on. Like opposite day, if you lost you now win! lol


They really need to just stop with the BOTB altogether or do something to shake things up. As it stands now each week we see the same sad gameplay for BOTB where someone throws it. There is no competition or challenge in that, and as far as Im concerned thats not playing the game. I still don’t believe BOTB was a fan favorite.


I’d much prefer the Botb be more like champions. In other words the HoH would pick people and the HoH of the winners stay’s HoH and the people who were on the block come off. The losers of the Botb still stay on the block. HoH’s would be less likely to suggest their pawn throw the comp. Maybe that’s Gronk’s twist. He did say he likes winners.


They ought to offer some reward to the BOTB winners each week besides just getting off the block like. An extra $1000 each would probably get some of them to volunteer each week to go up.


Oh Meg you are so scary. Oooooo, oh no not a New Yorker. No ones gives a sh*t about New York. You are in LA honey.

Next Week Takeover

Zach Rance style. Have Nots? you get fruit loops.

Loser of a comp has to wear a pink hat all summer.

sadly, would be more entertaining than Kathy Griffin’s half ### phone booth “jokes”


I have to say this…I have been watching BB since the very first show with doctor Dru and america voting and all that jazz, and there have been some great casts, but the last couple of years…not too hot. I watched the first three seasons of BB Canada, and all I can say is BB Canada is so much better than BB America, that it’s almost unfair to compare the two. The players “PLAY” the game…cut throat…the twists are so much better and TRULY do affect outcomes in a way that Forces even would be floaters to get their a** and play. Also the way that CANADA is incorporated into the game…if the show ever starts looking lame, Canada steps in with a big game changer that once again makes EVERYONE play to survive. I am trying to give this season a chance to develop, but the BOB is horrible…hope it never rears it’s ugly head again after this season…Well I will try to reserve judgement for a minute more, but this looks like another snoozer season guys…By the way, BB needs to cast more that the token one black or one asian or one hispanic…come on guys, let the show reflect the growing diversity of our country…still a fan…for now…

Dr seuss

Agree that Kathy griffin is a big waste of space Not funny. Crude. Loud. No talent don’t understand why she gets work. A real embarressment to women. She must work cheap or have a connection like the BB host. Hate looking at her or hearing her voice