Jeff about Vanessa – lying piece of sh1t.. emotionally unstable weak little piece of sh1t


POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 19-31-45-968_jpg

7:30pm Jeff and Clay
Jeff continues to campaign says the only person he’s close to beside Jackie is Clay.. Goes on about never going against Clay and Shelli.. He’s trustworthy, he’s built a relationship with Clay that is more valuable so early in the game. Jeff will roll with Clay and leave Meg and Jason .
(Jeff is repeating the same reasons he’s not going to turn Clay’s vote but giving it a good shot. Heck even I am feeling a tiny bit sorry for him)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 19-46-24-025_jpg

Alcohol 12 beers 3 bottles of wine
Shelli seems the most intoxicated

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 20-10-43-844_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 20-11-46-643_jpg

A very short Dare game.

Audrey dares Meg to kiss James Animated gif
James dares Clay to Kiss Shelli. Shelli says they are going to save their first kiss for off camera. Animated gif

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 20-14-01-145_jpg

8:13pm Bathroom Jackie and Jeff
Jackie says Vanessa thinks Audrey is america’s player
Jeff is pissed says if he stays in this game he’s going after Vanessa. Goes on about how she could have put Audrey up but she put him up instead.
Jeff says she should have said “Why didn’t you pull the trigger when everyone was telling you this”
Jackie says she was saying that, “Shelli was in the bed with her”
Jeff – you know she made a promise to me she wasn’t goign to backdoo rme ”
Jackie – If
Jeff I know IF

Jeff – She’s a lying piece of sh1t.. She’s just as crazy as the other person .. fuc*k her.. Sorry you’re a weak player.. you’re emotionally unstable weak little piece of sh1t (About Vanessa)
Jackie says Vanessa told her she thinks Jeff is going home unless people are lying to her.

8:20pm Shelli, Audrey, Jason and Meg
Doing their musical. Animated Gif

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 20-38-12-804_jpg

8:39pm HOH Austin and VAnessa
Austin and Liz are making a special dinner and he wants to dress up the HOH so they can have it there.
VAnessa is worried Jeff is fighting to stay. Austin doesn’t think so tells her Jeff is done he’s just pouting now. Austin wants them to consider James as a guy they can bring in to replace Audrey
Austin says James swears that Becky will vote for him.
Austin – James is a good ally he’s a straight shooter.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 20-44-50-341_jpg

8:43pm Meg is trying to convince Jeff to hang out with the rest of the houseguests
Jeff doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of ‘Fake idiots”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 20-48-09-773_jpg

8:47pm Steve and James
Steve says if James will keep him safe for 2 weeks he’ll have steve votes.
They Shake.
Steve says Jeff never campaigned to him they had a personal conversation.
Steve and James start to chat about the game. Steve says he’s struggling with the social part says he has trouble reading people and reacting.
James give him some pointers tells him to be himself.
James – 50% social, 20% trust the rest is crazy stuff to get you through the game
James adds that Steve needs to give a bit of information to build trust. Steve says that’s a fine line Da and Jeff were evicted because they told too much.
James says he’s got Austin, Liz vote. He knows Jeff has JohnnyMAc and Jackie possibly Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 21-00-56-724_jpg
9:00pm HOH Clay, Vanessa and Shelli
Clay goes over his conversation with Jeff. says Jeff thinks he has Becky and Steve’s vote and he doesn’t. Clay says he hasn’t told Jeff about his vote yet. Vanessa wants to know what he’s waiting for
Clay – I’m 90% sure I’m voting out Jeff
Vanessa – why aren’t you 100%
Clay – Obviously I have to talk to her
Vanessa – I didn’t want to put Jeff you y’all wanted me to put Jeff up Austin wanted to put Jeff up.. you absolutely have to vote Jeff out.. I made a enemy if you don’t i’ll be motherf****g pissed.
Vanessa adds her trust will be blown if they don’t vote out Jeff.
Shelli wants to clear up that Austin was the one that wanted Jeff up they were just supporting their team.
Clay says Jeff brings up some good points
Shelli – he lied right to our face that night
Austin joins them tells them Clay was throwing them under the bus. Jeff would tell him they can’t trust Clay and they have to get out Shelli.
Vanessa- I was HOH and he was making that argument to me
Shelli getting pissed now raising her voice

9:11pm Jackie and Jeff in the bathroom

Jeff – if they keep me it’s going to be a f*** bloodbath
Jackie says they should want to keep a strong player in the game especially early on
Jeff calls Vanessa a pathological liar and a piece of sh1t ‘She’s almost worse than Audrey”
Jackie says they (Shelli/Vanessa) were talking sh1t about Audrey upstairs then downstairs they are all friendly with her
Jeff – they are fake f***r

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 21-15-27-318_jpg

9:18pm Liz and Austin have their Date

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 21-39-57-921_jpg

9:26pm -9:42pm Shelli and Clay
Shelli wants him to confirm that he’s going to vote out Jeff saying 90% in front of Vanessa makes her not want to trust him.
Meg joins them says she trust Jeff more than James but trust them both. Clay tells her Jeff was toying around with the idea of splitting up him and Shelli.
Shelli – which one cause more drama
Meg – Everything is around Jeff right now
Clay now says Jeff told him Jason, James and meg were teh ones that weer planning on taking out Shelli and Clay. Jeff also said they were trying to recruit him, “Jason was the head of the snake saying we’re the power couple”
Meg says that Jason had a conversation with her that Jason respect them and wants to work with them.
Shelli thinks she’s Jason’s target because she sent da’vonne home
Meg – Shelli, you were never brought up .. I would be absolutely blindsided if he won HOH and put you up.
Meg – Game wise James is smarter for me.
Clay – you voting for James to stay
Meg – that’s what my gut is saying

9:55pm the date between Liz and Austin continues

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 22-03-33-606_jpg

9:52pm Jackie and Shelli cabana room
Jackie says she wants to talk about Jeff. Shelli says Jeff has never come to her for a vote.
Shellie tells her she’s heard from multiple people that Jeff was entertaining the thought of getting him out
Feeds switch to..
9:55pm bathroom CLay tells VAnessa he doesn’t know what he meant by 90% (Clay said to her and Shelli he was 90% sure he’s voting out Jeff. both shelli and Vanessa were pissed at this)
VAnessa says she would never have put Jeff up if she didn’t think she had support of her team.
Clay says he doesn’t know why he said 90 tells her beside Shelli she’s his closest to him.
Vanessa tells him straight up Jeff doesn’t have his back.
Vanessa tells him he’s not going to find someone like her and Shelli in this game.

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Jake K.

Ahhhhh Jeff…..I see you have a way with words


Watching Clay being led around by the nose by his Mom (Shelli) is getting very old (no pun intended) very fast. He doesn’t seem to get at all that she’s choosing all of their alliances (largely based on what’s best for her) and he’ll be the target. He’s not that bright, but he’s infinitely more likable than her. She’s not doing him any favors.


Wow, by the way she is playing, you would think she is trying to win the money for herself. (note the sarcasm)

Butters Mom

Clay straight up said that if it came down to between he and Shelly he would want to go and let her stay. He isnt there for the money.

O Please

They’re ALL there for the money. He’s playing the game. He just isn’t playing very smart. Anybody who would give up all that money for someone they hardly know is plain stupid. He is 23 and enjoying himself with a woman he’s attracted to. It’s not like they’re getting married. LOL


I’m thinking some of these guys are looking for more than the money. Some are looking for a bit of reality fame, exposure, or a boost on their career.
Jackie’s career will be elevated, maybe Austin’s, Audrey’s definitely, Clay’s career is in infant stage so it’ll help him. Liz/Julia were cast for a twin show which was canceled and that’s how they ended up here. This is Jeff’s second show so he’s obviously trying to get something started. James said he’d try for another reality show. With a cast this young, most are thinking more about the exposure than the money.

Butters Mom

I agree…. they probably are not getting married. I dont think Shelly is even in to him that much. I was just stating what he had said.


Its about time we see a Woman take control of her own game!


I’m truly curious what Production says to get the HGs to do what they say. Maybe a couple 100 bucks each time successful?

Not starting conspiracies, well maybe I am, but Shelli and Clay are talking about the DR wanting them to save Jeff. Then the feeds cut. Now Clay trying to slip this in discretely. Hmmm

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


Production maybe nudging the house to evict James, for the drama.

hey hey hey goodbye

Jeff is a narcissistic sexist meat-head with a high school bully complex and probably a small package to match his small brain. Any girl 1/2 a mind and a bit of confidence can smell the desprete on him (a combo smell of axe body spray and halitosis).


Same thing could be said about Austin.


It will only allow me one thumbs up so im adding them here!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????jeff is awful????????????????


Amiright… Or was Becky just giving Jeff a goodbye handy?

the coreys

Lol what?


with all the side deals that everyone has of not putting each other up for a week or 2, I guess no one is going up next week. Maybe when waking up the houseguests on Thursday, they should play Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” just to f##k with people.(mainly Vanessa and Austin)


This 90% thing is never, never, never going to go away.

Brad H

Vanessa is such an idiot for questioning Clay to his face. Did she forget her HOH reign is over now? She acts like she has all the power still this week, but she has none. I can tell Clay is getting more & more annoyed with her. I thought she was going to be a great, strategic game player, but she can be the most irrational, drama queen ever sometimes. Now I can’t wait to see how she acts when she gets nominated.

Butters Mom

My opinion of her has 90% changed from the beginning of the week until now. I’d say Im pretty much over her.


Vanessa is being all the things Da was evicted for. Aggressive and confrontational. It’ll be interesting to see if she’s so easily targeted for eviction because of it.


Evel Dick said that Production does try to get them to change their votes.


Its not the questioning, its how she is doing it. She treats these people like little children. Who the hell does she think she is to talk to people the way she does. She spoke that way to Austin as well. I agree, her HOH is over now, and Clay is an idiot to stand there and take it. I think there is more to it at this point as well. She knows that she cannot trust Shelli/Clay fully again, and has it in her head she cannot trust Audrey because she thinks she is AP.

Biff Tannen

Emotionally unstable weak little piece of sh1t was my nickname in high school.

Twistin' for the win

Vanessa acts like her wrath is a force to be reckoned with. Bitch, sit the eff down somewhere…your reign is over. You have no power here! I thought she was gonna be my season fav. She quickly and categorically changed my mind almost right after she won HOH. So over her.

Former Vanessa Fan

I totally agree. Just as soon as I started to support her and see her as a strategic player, she became HOH and let me down. Maybe Johnny will be my new favorite, at least he can win a veto. He’s bound to win HOH soon as I think he could make it an interesting week. Vanessa really just made bad move after bad move this week. Did she really think she would be judged for putting up Audrey? It’s a game, you aren’t sending her to the slaughter. The backlash from previous seasons really affects the game now because people don’t want to even PLAY THE GAME for fear of being scrutinized by the public. Thanks a lot Aaryn! -____-

another name

i’m not trying to be a big vanessa supporter, but i’m of two minds on her hoh and the current calling out of clay for his 90% comment.
on the one hand, she’s gone overboard on attempting to get justification for all of her actions. realistically she could have stroked jeff’s ego by saying he’s a strong player in the game that has told her he’s in a large alliance that she’s not a part of, and that’s too much of a threat not to nominate him. done. no Audrey justification, no planned argument. just the facts.
everyone in her alliance has at one point or another, since pov, said that there is a possibility of a close vote. with a member of her alliance wavering, should she call him out?
if she doesn’t call him out now, she can’t call him out if he votes for jeff, because he can say I told you I wasn’t voting to evict him for sure. if she calls him out now , she can get him back on side, or have justification for making a move against him in the future. She’s already said she trusts shelli more than clay previously. seeing that she has tried to justify her every move, it makes complete sense that she would confront clay.
i’m more bewildered why clay would say it than why vanessa would confront him. after it came to light that jeff was hanging shelli and clay out to dry, he sat in the hoh with the rest of his alliance in complete agreement that they had to get rid of jeff. i’m starting to think it isn’t so much shelli, but that he can be led around by the nose by anyone he spends more than fifteen minutes talking to.
when considering the success or failure of an hoh, I think the criteria becomes was their target successfully evicted, and did they end up with more enemies after their hoh than before their hoh.
first criteria won’t be known until tomorrow.
second criteria: I think the same people that had her on their radar before the hoh are the same ones that would vote to evict her moving forward.


Vanessa makes no sense when she talks about being pissed. I really wanted her to be my season fave but her pressure tactics post Jeff set up aren’t impressing me. I am not sure if she is trying to play hard to prove herself to her poker fans or what? Is she worried about her edit?

The 90% should have been at most a playful punch comment with friendly begging…Clay is kind of a puppet.

But if production tries to keep Jeff it will be the grossest season…Jeff and Jackie, production will slant everything to them. Ugh. What’s the point of watching.

Former Vanessa Fan

I’m only hoping Jeff stays because I feel that he will be more vindictive if he does indeed stay. The way Vanessa and Austin orchestrated that fight was just so classless. They really do need someone on their heels.


I wonder how Jackie would be voting if it got back to her about what Jeff told a couple of the guys, that she was easy and that he had had her. I mean he has to know that by doing that in the house he basically told all of world that.


I’ll admit that I am hoping for a close vote. It makes it so much more intere, unlike the last couple seasons where_ people were to scared to think/vote for themselves. I hope Jeff goes. He annoys the crap out of me.


I hope Jeff stays it be funny to watch him and Austin go at it

Butters Mom

For me it comes down to me liking Austin LESS than Jeff. I want someone in there to get out Austin. That guy is so weird. I really don’t want him to win. Im not sure James will go after Austin since he made that 2 week deal. The twins are not even playing the game and Im not interested in seeing a showmance involving Austin with anyone.


God I hate admitting it but Shelli is actually playing a pretty decent game. No one is targeting her and she’ll always be able to use Clay as a shield